The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 29, 1952 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 29, 1952
Page 14
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FACE POUHTEEHT BLTTHLV1LLE (ARK.) COUTtTEK Dutch-Style Asparagus Is Hot-Weatker Treat Br CECILV BROWNSTOXK Associated Press Food Editor For your family's first asparagus trent of ttie season, serve this •keKckms vegetable in a mnln-cuorse ttlad. Here's one with A sa vor.v Duteh-sLyle dressing .using bason, vinegar, and su^nr. With hot buttered oloverle.if rolls, a hearty ries- •*rt and tea or coffe, this makes a yiost satisfying ]uncb or Mipprr. Thtre arc two school* of thought on cleanup asparagus One of them recommends washing the vegetable thoroughly and cooking n.s i*. The other recommend* iisuie n rnzor- like vegetable parer to remove Ihc ecatos rind thin outer covering on the bo(tom part of the .stalk-start- starting Just below the tip. Break or cut off pnoh stalk of BSpnragOR. as far down ns it snaps easily. A rieep skill/ 1 * with a (iorne- shaped coi-er fbiU fits tightly is perfect (or cooking (he whole stalks. Lay them flat in the pan, cover with nn inch ot boiling salted water, find boil gently just until tender-IO to 20 minute.*. When the MnJlcs can be pierced easily with n fork they're ready. Use kitchen tongs, If you have them, to remove the asparagus from the ixwklnp: wat^r;holci the middle of the stalks with the tongs and lift carefully EO as not to brc.ik t-he delicate tips. Asparagus may also be cut into one-inch lengths and cooked. In this case they'll need only 12 to 15 minutes of gentle boiling. Here are some good ways of serving asparagus after It's cooked. 1. Brown fine dry broad crumbs hi melted butter or margarine and sprinkle over the a-spnragus Just before serving. 2, Melt butter on top of the range or In a moderate oven, heating it just until it turns a golden brown; pour over the stalks. 3. Pew a cheese sauce over the •spftfflfiiiK, top with crisp bncon and «ttced hard-cook<Hi eegs and serve fcs a Iwncheon or supper ciifih. 4, For R fine salad chill the ftaHffi and arrange them on ronmine «. &ress with a tangy French or irHh a combination &f smir oreftm,. and pnp- rika. niTTCIf ASPARAGUS SAI^AD likgiwWtnts: 2 pounds fro,=h aspara- BUS, H potmd bB<x>n (cut into tiny aquares), 3 or 4 tnblespoons wine vinegar, 1 teaspoon sngar, snH and freshly gmmd pepi>er (to taste), k*berg lottucc, a hard-cooked eggs (sliced), 2 green onions. Method. Prepare and cook the vhole asparagus sjxnars nnMl tender; onllL Fry ttie b«wxm and stir rtnegtw, mwrar, snlt, and pepper into fche hot bacon fat. Arrange chilled aspara^U'; on Jetttice-Uned chop plat*, Cover with the sliced eggs. Savory Stuffed Pepper Delicious Every cook likes a new recipe for •tatted green* peppers. Here's a good one: SiiTory Stuffed Pepper* (Make* 4 gencrovx servJn<cs) Pour large green peppers, '4 cup shortening, 1 pound grwmd beef, 1 ' cup chopped onion, 1 quart soft, j breftd crumbs, V> cup chopped sweet \ fresh cucumbor pickles, 1 8-onnce 1 can tomalo Rauce. 2 teaspoons salt.j freshly ground pepppr. '-i nup grat- ' ed cherfdar chef«, If desired. SUce top from peppers; r emove weds, stem and membranes. In H saucepan of bolting water s.lmmer peppers for 5 minutes; drain. Tn a" skillet, melt shortening; add ground beef and onion; sntite until brown. Arid bread cnimbs; brown, stirrinc occasionally. Stir In pickles, tomato I sauce, salt and pepper. Fill partially; cooked peppers with mixture". 1 Sprinkle with prated cheese. If de- svrrd i-Jacn in a pan nf warm water. 'inch deep. Bake In moderate oven; '350 decrees F.) 40 minutes, or until ] done. : Sprinkle wJfh bacon and (in ply cut Rrren onions, Pour the hot dressing over and serve while warm. Makes 6 f^rvings. Dutch Potato Salad Hearty Sweef-ond-Sour Emphasis Marks Pennsylvania Dish Pennsylvania Dutch rnoklnu lias hrartines.1 with n s^cct nnri srur rmphnsis. Tnkc this rrx-lpe for ex- I ample 1 : JInl Dulch I'oluln f8 srrvlilgst Koiir .^IkrR haron, >: t i:up chnp- l)e<l oninn, \.* cup t-liopiipfl prrpii licpprr, 'i cup vlnesar (if dwircfl. dilute with 3 tablreprwjis ivnlrrj, 1 tpappoon s.Tlt, U tcrtsponn pppsipr, I icnsixran siiirar. 1 cat!, sllthlly tlral- cn, 1 nunrt hot. conkori, rubrri potatoes, '; ni|> chopped plmlrnto, 3 hftrd-conkPtl PR«S, rlircd. Cut bncnn Into strljw anrt pan- fry. Add (ininn wnti Rroon prppcr. Cook 3 minutes. Add vincsnr, salt, pepper, supar and beaten PUC. Cook slightly. Atlrl ciibert pntnln-n. pj- mle.nto. and hnrrt-e.roV.ed eRgs. Blend liclltty. Serve hnl. That comes from Sarn Hervev o[ Phllndclphla, food editor for Country Gentleman. Here nre two more from ihe same reHahlr, source: Salterkrant F\nrt Smokccl Pork S.^tiSAfre (about B servings) One pound smckeri country-style pork sausape, 1 qirnrt sauerkraut, 1 medium onion, sliced, ',4 green pepper, diced. Combine sauerkraut, onion, Rreen pepper nnd enough boiling water to cover. In a heavy sktllel or cns- Kerole.. Lay sausage over surface of kravit. Cover tightly. Bake !n n moderate oven (350 ilep. F.) or simmer on surface heat one hour. Schnitzel Beans (6 s*rvlnps) Four slices bncon, 3 medium onions, diced. 1 quart frraen or fresh string beans, % cup boiling water, 3 tomatoes, 1 teaspoon salt; f'i teaspoon popper. Cut bacon fine and pau-fry crisp and brown. Add onions and pan- fry golden. putRtriui; beans in small piece*, chop tomatoes. Arid beans, tomatoes, seasoninRs, and boillns watjir. Cook, covcrort. 15 to 30 minuter or imtU betinK are tender. A SUBSTITUll FOI MEAT Ham Cabobs Thrifty Dish Meat Combines Well with NoodUs High meat cr*ts make it necessary for homemakers to make thetr meal-"; go as fnr as possible. Ingenious meal planners have rnel the challenge of keeping their load budgets nmnliiK mnoothly and at the same lime keeping Iholr families happy with nniirtizing: rtlshen. They have devised many tasly n-nys nf stretching mtndf in casseroles nnd pies, as well as In combination a'Uh macaroni, rice, potatoes, and noucilf-s. One of the hftl (earns of this type Is ham cahobs on noodles. Noodles 4 ounces medium noodles I n,"art water 1 tnblespoon sail 2 tahtp.spnons margarine Brine the water to a boll; put In (he f-alt. Add the noodles slowly so that the water does not stop boil- \m. Cook five to sei-en minutes or follow package directions. Gently pour the noodles Into a colander to tirnin. Rinse with hot water; drntn. Scasrm with margarine. Arrange on a flat srrvlTie dish with ham ca- hoh.s. This makes [our to six servings. Ca tiabs lb. ham cut >l j inch thick 4 -sllfes pineapple 4 tablespoons marRarine Cut Ihe ham and pineapple into ibf'S. Allow tlirrc cubes of ham nnd two of pineapple for each caboh. Arrange the meat ami pineapple on' skewers. Pan fry In margarine until meat Is -.veil done. Arrange the ca- i;obs on the hot noodles in spike fashion. Mexican Fruit Pudding Is Good Even in Iowa They call this unusual dessert "Mexican /ruil pudding"—but It taste* equally good In Iowa or North Carolina. Combining a variety of delicious splcM with )u«- cioiiB fruits, (his dish from wiith of the border malcM « dessert that will be greeted with enthusiasm by your family. Mexican Fruit Pudding 3 cups water % ctjp brown sugar 1 Inches stick cinnamon 2 whole clove* 3 ullcex toast 2 tablespoons margcrtn* 1 banana, sliced 1 tart apple, sliced '/4 cup raistiu a i cup chopped peanuts 1 three-ounce package cream cheese, cubed H teaspoon almond extract Place wal*r, brown suEar. cinnamon, and cloves In a sauce pan and crxik until slrupy. Spread toast with marparlne and cut into half-inch cubes. Mix together bananas, apnle, raisins, peanuts, cream and cubed toast. Margarine a two-quart casserole generously. Pill with fruit i mixture. Remove stick cinnamon and cloves from sirup. Add almond '•xtract and pour sirup over pud- dinp. Cover and bake in a 350 decree oven .10-35 minutes. Serve hot or rclrf with thick cream. This recipe makes six servings. THURSDAY, MAY 29, 195J Ahout one-fourth of all cropland (n North Carolina la planted to ( corn. K's MEALTIME MAGIC! i jj> —• ** »• ©wioo^BACOM Good News I tie Uainty Cooking Fat -You can substitute any one of the RED CROSS MACARONI PRODUCTS and have even tastier, better meals! HUMKO 3^67 1 Lb. Corton... 23c 50 Lb. Stand. .... .$10.15 Gold Medal FREE iv with Cou p° n BEE|ROAST ,650 IVORY SOAP ,,,,3,.,220 I-can Shoulder p, 17 nr ~ PORK ROAST lb . 490 OXYDOL ^ 25b fresh Lean Vc |, n in s(irks ' r GROUND BEEF lb .590 OLEO 5, hs Md Ua^iwd l.ciin Klavor Kisl STEW ,,,330 CRACKERS S;190 * . I. .:..!• >»• .•,.. • 2i«,290 CAMAYSOAP ,,.,3 f ,, r 220 BEAH5 2,,.,49t '\t fays To Shop at- Mays' SUPER MARKET 421 South 21 it FOR LITTLE BUDGETS DUNCAN Graoefruil - 6 for 25c ""•^^^•"^•^^•^••"^^•^•^••"^^^^M^—..^^^^^^ LEMONS--doz. 23c JUMBO Cantaloupes - ea. 33c •^ CABBAGE - - ib. 6c LETTUCE - 2for29c U.S. CHOICE CHUCK Beef Roast - ib. 65c HEiL'S SLICED - - - ib. 39c LEAN TENDER STEAKS ib. 89c WHITING--ib 17k HAMS - - - ib 59c BLACK PEPP Cans TISSUE PAP Rolls 13' SUGAR Old Judge or Folger's COFFEE PEACHES No. 2 1/2 Can ORANGE JU 46 Or Can 19 Giant Size TREND Box 39

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