The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana on September 21, 1927 · Page 36
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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 36

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 21, 1927
Page 36
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THE INDIANAPOLIS NEWS, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 21. 1BZ7. U3 : ABE MARTIN WANT good home; must be a bargain and costing not more than $6,000.00. v Have cash and other clear' property vith which to pay. To get'eonsideration full ' particulars must be given in first reply. titumn Poo IN COUNTY IS LOVER ibTre i Castleton Will Have Reduction ' of 2 Cents.' Gifts of Sterling Gifts of Fine China Box 9159, News 1928 LEVIES CERTIFIED ONLY ONE TAX RATE tiA1 ? 7 ill RW - awM - BEaBaaBE r c J" l.'n al I 111 1 U1S3 ETA LASTING SAYSt 1 x '.mi m a. . i r m m j tc. " f - i a - f - M wnridoni) rifta fro CraTt eoort Barter, ret J. P. liIULIxAXiLiY ' rim I' a' lr7 ... SM STATU LITE BLDG. : I Discard Taahday V ork iiAta m l CODEL LAUNDRY Onlr. eae taxing - anlt la Marion county will ( have a - reduction la Uxm next year. It was Urntd Tuesday when Harry Xvnn, county auditor, certified to the state tax board the 1I2S tax rataa for the various townships and towaa la the county. Caetlston will hare a rs - dnetloa of 1 cents, Bosch Grove, Contor towns hi pi. will romala the same and other towns will fcsrs ln - eroaaoa ranging: from 1 coats , to $1.05 oa each 110 of taxable prop - orty. i Only - one remonstrance tana far baa been filed. The Indiana Taxpayers,, A asocl s tloaN filed a rtmon - tranea against the Psrry township levy, wnere an increaaa ox 7 coats la la nrostect unless the stato board decides this lory is too high. Ro - monstraneea against tne tun levies may bo fllod at any tlmo before Sep tember Z. ouna mml Tho levies for 112 as certified by Qunn aro aafollowa: Zadisaspott, Grntsr twasbip......S3 18 laibaaapebs. Perry towaoaip ,. S SO larttssspolta, Wsrne toWbship...... S S7 loot potts. Wsrrea towasaip. ..... S 3Q InAaaspous. Wathtartoa township.. S 35 Beecn iimrrm, rraaaaa towasaip B n Orors. ferry Iatmw.. Dsrti Grove. Center township. Ceettetos o Rerenswood J Soatbport J 1 fpar Citr 1 Woodrulf Place - A. ? $3 . . . .... S 78 e X Si) a 1 a ! usaisr wwiuip .......... l ao S 68 1 77 Deestor township .. 77 Isvmet township J rnakha - ' - 1 Otf Parry towwhip Piao towaaatp 1 47 Wttfc4yt 1.11 lllllllp aM.. 1 Wsrrsa township ? Wsyao towasalp ' r Blcbwood ........ r fehooisrs Hlfl ..... ....... jo fcrtM Bill ............ X OO .Tka loTlsa mast ba apprOTod by tho stato board boforo thoy bocoj? f r ocUra. Hlf hwood. Ehootsr's HU1 and Spring; Hill, which haro tho low ost tax ratos, aro nowly lneorporatad towns la waaainsTvon inwmaiy. 1 FOR THIS ONE WEEK BuSterling Silveiv Flatware and Still Reixd Your Budget t . Through ih eourUty of the International SOrer Cota - pur wi art extending: to oar cMtomerm, f or tnls one ; week onlr. eholen of three Jorely trlinr silver flat - warn pdtterna purchaaabla on a 'budget' payment plan. : - : - - ; - . 1 j ' Select any oneof tfce 25 - pIeca teta, par 3X0 down and . dirida tha balance orer a period of eight months that s ;j the plan, .?v - ' - ' J.' - X i t'V;:, N. - ' - t ' : . - ; . : . f It brings tie1 possession, of solkf sllrer within areryone's DEfJlFIELD PANTHEON FOTXlNE r , $58.50 v $77.85 $90.00 . . Per Set ' . Per Set Per Set 9U x ; TiiiLsjnnDs . housb ' oi ; niLYvn and jqeixj It must bo 'specially pTatlfyln f haro a son at liberty, otou If he haan settled down. It seems like age since re heard o' anybuddy wtnnln In a walk. Little Stories of Daily Life TKAVRLI 'Attn RRSORTS. 'mlmjuo trip ' : - ' ; .. TO ' ! VILLE Sttnday. September 25 ' Tickets' fool la coaches only on trains shown Sr . - Cantral Standard Tlma Laarrlna; Indlanapolla w ' RETURNING 7.23 A.M. 7.10 P.M. 72 P.M. . J lot Broadway rtas,MslsUHis4l PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD tut "3Tet Me eh." Sa7a Crsndasa. Mr. and Mrs. Walther Llcber. of Indianapolis, aro the proud parents of a small son. Dick, who is a farorlte . of his grandfather and namesake. Richard Ueber. director of tho stato conservation dspart - ment. Likewise Dick holds his grandfather la a place of great admiration and affection. Some 'time aro Dick was playing about ln tho room as his grandfather and grandmother road. Mr. Lleber reclined In a large chair so that the top of his head, which contains few remaining hairs, showed from tho rear. After moiiir about behlad the chair la mystsry for some time young - Dick approached hla grandmother and ta 'tone of sincere enlightenment said: "Grandmother, how much little hair grandpa has. - Ba DM His Beat. A salesman went from farm to farm. - la Madison county demon - strating - and trying - to sell a new kind of churn. "Madam.' he explained to one housewife, "by using - this churn you can gst It per cent, more butter than from using' the one yoa hare." ' Then, noticing - that "her churn was fall, he offered to empty the contents into bis own and demonstrate for her. The transfer' was made and the salesman began churning. He churned and churned, bat the butter reuaad to "corns." Finally he turned to the woman and said: "Madam, X can not understand why I get no butter, but I'm afraid 111 haye to g - lTe up." V "Well." rejoined the woman, "1 had already churned that cream the best X could before you came. X just wanted to giro you a chance to show me the other IS per cent." LOCKS CLERKS IN ICE BOX x .t Wha Is more luxurious than a temptingly delicious luncheon served in a clean; appetiring way as you ride along coolyand comfortably in a spacious, easy chair? . , . ' The buffet service of the UNION TRACTION buffet - parlor, cars between Indianapolis and Ft, Wayne - is just another example of UNION TRAC - ' TION'S superior travel service. JCaJX Miln 4500 Bandit Gets See Eejmal isMit aTcd. Flashlar a reyoWer. - a lone bandit held up three employes In a grocery at 111 East Twenty - second street Tuesday and obtained MS. O." K. Cobb, 1S1S Burdtal parkway, manager; HarUnd Minhlck, SIS North Delaware street, and Truman Rags - dale, 1C2S North Now Jersey street, clsrks. were locked In the lee box by the robber. An amount of money almost equal to that lost In the robbery waa sired by the three men, who Von seeing the robber en - . Malikl - wtta. IK.T rtl A from tho easltr resistor. They wero not searched. Cemtraetevs Maehtaery. Sals rest. if lxsrs. hoists, derricks, compressors. Bock Equip' t Co., 1900 Northwestern. The Fountain One f the many lorely patterns to be had in America's finest china Lenox Wedding Gifts that are worthy messengers of your own very highest regards. Princess Patricia Both flat and hollowware Is to be had in this solid sUrer design by Gorham Name linking their own distinction for quality with that Charles Mayer and Company 29 - 31 W. Washington SL Established 1840 Thursday - Friday ' Saturday 'f ; Soft Water U l:ai3 - ?507 i i . i t1 Shades wisew are . or eessplete Baa of iZZm tTwllt iiiil sprbut leeam are the flaest yo vfer new sbUa. Rajer taees m hay. We have bath the this fall. , lea will htUh 1 . t m - a mim ta 1ms I iukf yeer hmmm fr - a aaw - m, - ? WB IirriTB TOU TO DROP XJf OCR COJIVICXIEJrT SKIS 9E. Wash. St. arrap - essat of jtovr is Mp actor ta adding to thetr beaaty. a Uettwte at (Ma MA in 0840 PEONY Planting Time Now t Many standard and choice varieties to select from. .fc Parkview Peony Gardens BEIxnont2363 West Riverside Parkway and Lafayette Road. SCHOOLS ASfP - OOttEOES. LEARN Evtslns Uv Sehscl n n n n n ofews skft. wth M f V " 7 Mtfc r II UWiiI Two - year standard l - m ?A VJ U legal course leads to iIC BL degree. Call or write (or eatslog - ua. BKX4AXCI BAKXISOX UtW 8CHOOL 11S1 CaaselMstei BU(. KI ler SS8T Retains Constant Air Pressuro ' ' J A Standard ; equipment In tires of all SAFETY STUTZ , CABS INCREASES TIRE MILEAGE Stops Most Punctures Instantly Jynx Service Station 1224 N. Capitol Are, MA ia 924 USE NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS Money Loaned ON iiArjoniiDc Ube'ral. Reliable, Confldenlla STATE LOAN OFFICE Lersl Rates Bonded Brokers EsUbUshed 25 Years 239 - 241 W. Wash. SL IB TRAVELS A.WU RESORT. If edtryaantheanaa Com ia Pacific's and Eaarare faadnatavPa taat of Iiia awfiolded ... rockinx rkkahas. geishssltke gyttewutsrHer - fiiea. opcKanting landscapes. Enjoy tVij t - mrl ejpericnce now I y epefair serfcerees Seatf lXmONTUSENXAXSHA .J lCAwVuIrleSt. SOt 1st Asa. ' 11 Oa say local S. K. I. I. Assat SEAT COVERS There's a Gates Seat Corer for jour ear at Terr pries lerel. Res I custom tailored seat cot - crs ia attractire patterns at prices yo like. Properly installed on your car in oar own shop. GATES Mfg. Co. 824 N. Meridian St. 1 TROUSERS m Golf Knickers W Tmr Vmm at 11 ThePantsStore l va W. Obla St. tJ Xtsr IIlia4a Nerve Tonic Stimulates exhaasted nerves with pleasant, healthy activity. DRCG9 DEPETOABtB - DRUGGISTS RKLLA - BLE Wet Wash sweet clean Hvory Ooap used exclusively C a Pound , Minimum ' I L Bundle ' clhe hory Soap EVEITY KIND OF CLEANING SERVICE IX. X xe PAIIITO : . Ready Mixed House Qf Paint, rsllon. ....... tpXo7y S. S; Rhodes & Son - 340 W. Wash. MA In X)890 LOANS - On Personal Property. - 'and - Diaaosds - ; '. :. EAST . TdUXS - V .V AMERICAN LOAN CO. ' S4t Baakare Traet mas '. U MA ta S9 tV ; . : II . . y - 1 n $3.50 $5 $6 Stetsons. $8.00 KRAUSE BROS - Court to Opposite Cs" J - Rooa Outfits. $349 4 - Room Outfits, $429 IDEAL FURNITURE CO. 141 W. WAHnHGTOS IT. OmesHo taa Kew tadlsaa Taeatst ...........ftfMft"tf - rt nir - Tr - r - rTTitrT - rsti tirrwirrri OVERSTUFFED With Velour Core ring ' Low Davenoort. h Wing Chair & KYI Fireside Chair fP Convenient Terms A Wonderful Jacquard Velour Suite for $170.50 All Suites Built to Our Special Order 317 E. Washinjrton St. A Furniture Store Since 1893 arpssssssassssisss""issj. . - .. . - f . fcraa - jj ... " ' I - ' rite. wiB be S.nJ lc m ' 10 A. M. aiiiis if H. I W. ea tas : "THX itim !. Is pm4 iisBHis f rAxczx wo. i r abxh. no. a - ii a saviS . i m. ar - - - - - m iAt nam a se Ds . Us I4QJ00 nm naniallMi tMrdmM f sinif r w - - i rfastisp pUt . i pi ps . si nJmisnkk. Htia pUaC T twe n srka sea tnmm. mm ssd two BtsaW wiH eapeart iXKO mm fcU fsr ekksr seraal see SWjOOO ea kM W rUa PSmlnMr bm 40 tm psjust ef ! ea tUwmwy sfl bus. rerfwtW! COLE MOTOR CAR COMPANY OfiSca. TM last Wsshlafttsa SC. INDfANATOUS. CtXXAMA I II II f . iC J i?5cinitall Co a - . AND V - .VySpeciaVSalc!. . k... Jtu. imnnViinr mi! sslllnr Wenulne band - made , - 7, - . huifnrlh, last thirty years. ; Now I jam selling more oriental rugs for less than ersr oefors. r - ; - V v T YT 1 Yrotall tmm to S1.2S5 - Choice. $330 V There are a number of very tine carpets to select from, in various . eotors and makes. Size 10x10 and Jesa, - - : T 9 T?fon frnm R9ft to S796 Choice. 219.50 - There Is a large assortments various makes in this lot to seleot from.. Slse txXl and less. - LOT 3 Retail from $380 to $590 Choice, $1C20 Many carpets Jn this lot to select trom. vsise 10x or f less. , LOT 4 Retail from $110 to $150 Choice, 39.53 , Three will furnish one room. ; Slse 7x4 and Jess. pienaia rugs for small - rooms. . - - - . - r rvr n T?til frnm Sfift in $90 Choice. $23.50 These are the very best regs that have ever been sold for this extremely, low price.., ? . ;Y - " ' ' : 139 North Meridian Street Board of Trade Buildins i. . Moesby, Importer, Direct freai Tabrla. rmle !!is js jiswJfc Jg '' "" ' ' "m'J SPARTAN LEA . civcto.thc rnovcsicnti THER SOLES are : of little feet that they - ju the thing for plas ' hardly know they have tic, tender little ibot - ; ehews on. . Thev keep ; .bories that muthave wandering little feet ;, barefoot i freedom " to out of trouble because - grow strong and they are, damp' proof , healthy. They are real and ilipproo.too. And leather thatal' " they protect lows the' feet ; AJ" : your pocket'. - to breathe V - :V.lwkaA.weU as butan entirely S) s& your children y different lea - lp:f health becauis ' ther that is so ' they'll outLxI : flexible, so in - X; : all ordinary stantly respon' X - leather coles. ; ;i GRATON iz Ktncm dbfPV; ; x Worcester, Mass. . ' " V : Moil quality department slorei and shoe ' : j sVirvna are now aellinri Soartan Soled ' shoes in various makes, styles and prices.. Gerwine Spartan Jjoks ; have spot of Gold tattooed into the leather. - Xou tfcs CoU Sp , Liot only lem recently miepted to that at Jvcjcnt many ;( Aores itury have Spartmn SoUd Shoes without t&is ider , J'' Ufication. The iealer't awrd, Kowrwr. aWU fotoS ynu . n. LeGfcher.':;"vn;::' s l s i; DOYIi MOTOR TIRE CO. 122 West New York mtolitihfcci USE NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS Street 1 c aaj : - , . - ' - ? i i Qive barefoot fizedc

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