The Evening Post from New York, New York on September 6, 1825 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 6, 1825
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I. ; k mm 1TH i tgJ. ' mmj. mm - mmJt! ' mtgm - J " , ' , - - ' - i.TT'n 1 NUMBER 7225 TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, J 825. NO. 49 WILLIAM - STREET. i.ri ':w"rr m' w mm A bra TWENTY - FIVE DOLLARS REWAJID1 1 tkcn troai tlie stable of the subscriber, August the 31st, a 8111111 I sorrel horao, sbout 14 hands high, a utile roan on the buttocks, with a i white fuce and long switch tail, has 'a fine shoulder, and neck sets liinli with fine hips and .buttocks, stout limbs and large feet, trots square and canters handsome, carries iiis bead high and shows line, not surpassed by . hnm in America for beaut v and movement. has a small sot an his back, the left side chafed by the saddle, n jur the middle part of the pad, with new saddle Vid two while Births, bit and ber - inn bridle with martingale wilhout any curb - chain, the bridle of black leather, creased rains mid head - stall, somewhat worn. 1 he man cal led his name Sampson, and said ho lived in Al bany. He is a smallish sized man, about 20 years of age. The reward will be paid for the horse only. Any person taking up the horse and man, shall be liberally rewarded and all reasonable charges paid, by sending to the subscriber, 19 Roosevelt - t wr i V a rfTm urn i iak. street new xors. jivub v tu a bu: mS tf The steamboat NAUTI - T.TT9 nn V.ntnrkilf m ill jWiEStw rui 18 follows until fur - a2ilS!a5&thor notice : Loave Staten Island at 8 a. m. 1 r. m. 5j p. st. Lcavo Whitehall at 10 a. x. 3 r. u. C j r. u. Leave Whitehall every Thursday at 3 r. m. on an excursion to Sandy 1 look Bay. Passage each way cents, mo u GENERAL NOTICE. New - York State Soeiett of the Cincinnati. IT The members are requested to wear the usual budge c mourning lor thirty days, as i testimony o. Wpcct for the memory of their do reused President, Genial GHARLE3 COTES WORTH FINCKNEY, of South Carolina. By order of COI RICHARD VARICK. President. D. E. Dfwscimi, Secretary. a31 Ct KDAKRAH. suaoEoN - DBNTisT, respectfully informs the Ladies and Gentlemen of New York, that Ills OUice is opposite the Washington J tall, in Kcea - iueci, two uoorsirom Broadway No 40, where he will be happy to wait on them in the line of his profession. He inserts Artificial Teeth from one to a full sot: snd cleans, sepcr cii. pluga, andextracts Teeth, roots and stuinis of Teeth, with the greatest care and ease to the patient. He flatters himself that hislonir rxDcri - sacs of fifteen yoa:i Will entitle him to a share of public confidence. s 1 tt M"oNE V TO LOAN ON WirKlWGE. Willi a Siiotweix 4: Son, 47 Wall - street, procure money on mortgage on real estate in this city, in sums to sint applicants, jy 18 r i vTjou rn ey man "roi Of ATTers J Wsnted 20 Spinners, to whom steady employ will be ffiven at l 25 per day. Apply to TETER SCHERMERHON k SONS, 243 Water street. It. York, or at their roi walk, s 1 fit mmunr . . rvr r, - for curacoa: The fine fast tailing brig 1NDEPEND - STEAM NA V1QATION COMPANY, Tim nnar Steam Boat COMMERCE. Capt.Scy - 1 iiiENCE, Bartleit. roaster, will be dos mnnr. nritli the safety barare patched without delnv. Fnrfreicrht of 100 to 150 i2a LADY CLINTON.and the bis. apply to GOODHUE & CO. 45 South st. new steam boat SWIFTSURE. Cant. Stocking, with the safety barge LADY VAN RENSSELAER, will, until further notice, be arranged as i folio. - .'s s5 FOR SAIVP1TS AMD MORWALK. mi ,11 lilt c'V.Tyw Hi" sieam ooai junn fmg.will leave the foot of A' " Roosevelt st. on Tuesday, J,tavt New - York. Monday, at 10 am Tuesday, 4 pm 10 AM 4 Ml Thursday and Saturday of each Jialf post b o'clock, AM. until further notice. , h'J N" ' OT1CE. The Ex - chanze Transporta - I Saturday, 4 PM Leave Albany. Monday, at 10 am Tuesday, 3pm Thursday, 10 am Friday, 3 pm Saturday. 3 pm lion Line, will commence forwarding Merchandize t fepccie ; Baggage. ,tc. to Philadelphia on Monday next, 2Utb inst. at C o'clock, A. M. by steam boats. Shippers may rest assured of every attention and expedition. For freight, apply to R. m. I. KUJSnr.LL. 15 South street: or J. Ji. For naiwano aonlv on board, at the Cedar st. wharf, in the rear of the City Hotel, or to W.C. Hr,l.)r lLLI, 137 Washington sir.vt.; s j for CAMnnYETTrt). The steam boat BOLIVAR, capt. De Forest, will leave the foot of Murray st at 8 o'clock A. M. on Wed nesday, 7th instant, for Ilaverslraw and Pough - kteosie, touching at the different landing places, and will continue to run the same route on For HAVANA, A fine fast nailintr coDoercd. armed VESSEL, of 1700 bis. with comfortablo accommodations for passengers, will proceed immediately if sufficient freight offer. Apply to 2 HENRY A. COIT, CI South st. FOR NtlV ORLEANS, (First vessel.') The sunorior briir EUNICE, Bond, mosiur, having nearly all her curco on board and engaged, will sail in a few days. For freight or passage, apply to JUMiM 1.AIUL.AW, 10G Front street. Tbe brig is ii the stream off Finest, wharf. A lighter will be in waiting at Jones' wharf to transport poods to the vessel. 2 IVTESSRS. BRADY t ANDERSON have .LfX recommenced teaching at No. 21 Warren street, their course of instruction comprises tho Latin and Greek classics, the Mathematics, the French and Spanish languages, together with all the parts of an English education. As to capability and efficiency of method, refronre may be Mad to tho president and protewors ot Columbia college. s .i jit MKrf. MOUNT respectfully informs her friends and the public in eeneral, that she has in addition to her ready mode Linen Store, established the Dress and Corset making. Scve - ral apprentices wanted at 6 William st. s3 1 FTMIE Vacation of Mrs. Okill's school will ter minate on Monday 12th Bent, when she will recommence the duties of the institution, and be happy to have the regular attendance of hor pupus. .1 a 19 4W ii - i, . . . . i i mm win ixjniinue iu run mo sail iwanujinu, Agen - J vvasii.ngionsi., wno w d d p . . roturning on Tuesday, Will rorOICK miH hiruanl oil movxl.anrl ia ill. - . j , iv.iuui v.. "V". reeled to their care. ll.ursdy, and Saturday. , L P.S. In connexion with the above, the Ex - fEW DAILY LINE OF STAGES, change Line Pac.kots leave Now York, Thursdiiys From New - York to Buffalo, by the way of Ithaca FOR MOBILE. The bulk of 200 barrels can betaken in i the new bri YELLOW BIRD, if ap - plied lor immediately to the captain on hoard, at pier No. 11 Ell. or to eel I AllKLll K ATWOUU, 'i Uoeniics slip. and Sutnrdays, and Philadelphia, Wednesdays anu r ridays, tor debenture and heavy poods. ror trtight, apply as above. 'Jb lot EXCHANGE LINE for Philadelphia, by the Htenm Boat LEGISLATOR and Safety barge Ma tilda, tia New Brunswick Princeton and Tren ton, 1 lie elegant safety barge Matilda, a 1 mS and Geneva. rt Mm LINE will leave X New - York every day, Sundays excepted, and run ssrutdHsmUirniHi newarx, spring - field, Bottle - Hill, Morristown, Succasunny Plains, Newton, Milford, and Dundaif, 3 times a week FOR SAf'ANNA llEitabluhrd Line, The fustsailinir uockotship AUGI.'S - iTA, G White, niastir, having consider able part of her rariro eneai;od and going on board hi , r L..r i'i wiu uve quics ucspaicu. r or niusuue ui iruiiu or passago, apply on board, bolwecn Pine street and Murray's wharves, or to J w. n. wiuti.uck. Jr, than Dunn, master, will on WednVdity the 7th September, commence leaving Pier No. 2, North River, foot of Beaver lane, every day, (Sunday's excepted) at 6 o'clock, A. M. Willi passenger for Philadelphia, in tow of the steam boat LEGISLATOR, whirh has undergone a thorough repair, and is considered better and faster than everand proceed to N. Brunswick : from thence by coaches in the best order snd style to I ronton, thero take the steam boat CONGRESS, and her by the way of Chenange Point, and 3 times a week by the way of Montrose, to Owcgo, and trom tlierien daily bv tlm wavnf Itlmes and Ovid. . i J '. . '. . r...ll,. .U.. ....I 10 ucneva, wnere it iniorsecis a aauv lino m ivo - 1" thnxtor, Buffalo, Lcwiston, kc. Skats nmv be taken at J. Patten's. 71 Cort - landt street. New - York ; and at 1. 1. Roy'i Jersey city. JJ Fare through to Geneva, f 10. 1. 1. ROY. Jersey city, and F4 L. GODFREY. Acent.71 Cortlandtst 70 South st. fo'r frmVericmwru, Tim new pocket mhr. VIRGINIA Csnt. A. Joluisnn. burthen 117 tons, will Apply oo board at Dey st. wharf, or to 1 A ukr.K a2G 4: A.TTWOOD, . 22 Coenties slip. MISS JACKSON respectfully informs her patrons and the public, in general, that her DAY AND BOARDING SCHOOL for Younir Ladies, will recommence on Monday the 5th September next, at No. 10 Broad - st. Able and ex - peneuced teachers are employed, and every no cessary attention paid lo the improvement and morais oi nor pupus. ror lurthcr Information. she has the honourof referring the publio to the liev. j nos. M Auley, U. U. L. L. U. Ray. Gar diner Spring, u. Key. Win. W. Philips, A ftl. Kov. James m. niutthews, V. D. and Mr, Zachanuh Lewis, A. M. a 31 Gt milE REV. DR. BARRY's Academy, corner JL of CbamW and Church streets, is now open for tho reception of Students. A few more boarders can be taken into his family in addition to his present private pupils, llis number is n - mitsd lo 12 boys, to whom peculiar advantages are ottered, by private tuition and by strict at tentioti in forming their moral and religious chs rector. a 22 lin OTl'ERY TICKETS) for sale by 11. A. JJ T safely barge Chersy and FAia Star, and arrive Managj JPLENDID CAPS Rates & T.iiNToa will (YTEW - YORK CUMMMERCIAL ACADE Tl. u,.ll L r., 1..I L.I I W l'.?n,n.,U. Ulnlunvan ti. P.n. Juschr. WAVE. M. Howes, master, will be rams. The subscriber respectfully acquaint his on hoard tho l.nsU. ! - m. u;n .3 r,M n.,i,i.;n.t v.ii. ;,., .,ii. despatched on hcrrcgulsr day, Wednesday. 7lh patrons and the public, tbsl his School is now al the foot of Reaver lane. worked flounced Dresses, a new style and decid - ",l or or pk'o. having superior so - ocn lor me recopu.m ot pupus. inesameauernoon. 1 n Fare to Philadelphia in safety barge f 3 I O open tliis morning one box of Marmout Bob - Do do steam boats 2 50. binct Cans of the very richest description, with For seats, apply at the Exchange Lino oflico, 1 thread lace ed''es. Also, an assortment of hand - ENl'LKL and airy apartments, handsome. VT ly furu'uhed, and suitable fur two or three eutleracn, to let, (without board) at 64 Canal - Ktreet sW tf 1 1 EN Jirtl ral Journeymen Tailors are wsn" X ted immediatsly, at lit Broadway. a3 4t SAM1. WIIITMAR3II. TOY ii GIRL W AN TLD. - Wanted.a.u.aU J boy. to go on errands and wait at table. Also, a prl, to do the work ol a small family, Apply to RobL Ashlon, ICO Pearl street, up stairs, Fur HQSTON.SatnrHav lOi inil, Packet sloop LEANDER, G3 tons, capt. Porter Leavitt. For freight or pas sage, having good accommodations, apply to the TALMAN, 130 Broadway, formerly the Ml,Uo,l,rd"F'inl:,?.;,"r.t0 gets Office. all . PARKER k A ll WOOD, a a .Ji oeniicssup. FOR liOSTONUctpalth Line. se5 M. BERGEN. AsronU edly preferablo to any offered this season t and commodations, apply on board, east side Coenties will be sold at a suulf advance at C2 Maiden lane, one door from William st. 5 3t CHINA k ALABASTER ORNAMENTS - Tbe subscribers have received by late pack ets from Havre, in addition to their former slock, TLEGAN I FRENCH CLOTHS AN Ocas - an extensive auoitmcot of French China Vases, JJ smtss. sAMi - rt. wiiitmarsh. Draper and fruits rlower BaskeU, Alabaster Ornaments, I Tailor, No. I1G Broadway, opposite the City Ho - Artificial Flowers. Clock Shsdes, Tea ii Desert to has just received one case French Black Clutl J slip, or to s5 Srorroap,Tii. ston k Co. MJ Water street. tf?T Sets. AWo, one rscb sett mantle Ornaments, con - land Cassimers, superior to any in the market. anting of sn eight day Tune Piece wsrrantcd. and which will be made to erder in the first stylo. Al - fT. - r - i - FOR t RLIUU i0R CHARIER. Tho fsst eailmg copper fastened and coppered brig leader, Jones, mnster, burUion IctS tons, ramus bis is in readinrss to receivo cargo, and can have immediate des patch. I or terms, apply to the muter on botrd, "jORTER WANTED Wanted, u Tortcr in X a wholesale Commission Store, a steady active man. who is acquainted with the city and ran rend. Une m no can bring good recmnmenda tiuns may address R. D. at the oflice of the Dai ly Advertiser. a '11 . JL Young Lady aorustoined lo team the usu iL al braiM - hes Englndi. Needle Work. lie. wislies tocngaga berwlf as aasistanl teacher in a school. Enquire alt, tscffirr. si 6t GENTLEMAN ssJ tbk sonavthevoung - est 1 4 years old, weat board in arsmctabls and quiet family, where they raa have two bed - rooms and a parlour, which they will furnish themselves. A situation in Murray, Warren or Chamber street would bo preferred. Communications directed to M. 8. and left at the Tost Oftca, w A be attended lo. 1 1 w IwoOval Vases 4c Flowers with likenesses oftwo I so, one hundred and fifty doien Fancy CravaU, t PJw2jER.orUi inc inosi ceienraieo ineauicai periormers, w men comprising an extensive assortment or patterns ; I ii.;iifcuii.i.u.i.u, '' iney on - r wiuMiicir usual extensive assonmeiii hlly doten While, l iirnrrd. and plain dot one . . For Hale. Frnhl or Charier. of Cut I, lass, China k Earthenware wholesale k hundred and fifty pieces Spitalfield Handkerchiefs v9wV The fast sailing roppered and coppor retail on tlie most liberal terms. ofsnlended patients i seventy - five oiecea India fistened shin BRAGANZA. 4G2 tons. TIIOS. HEWITT k SON. I and Gorman dot twenty dntsfl Eno - lull and Ital - lrmmM sbu - irs esrirn. snd ban L arat tn m wilh. i ftA it i , - ! . - i , I , r . . . " .. I . . j iw ijuniy. op. smngw)n uaii.iian mac, iravatstone bunored ooienaut, nair, out delay. Apply to . . z. . - . . . .. - . I I r I c. I I 1 r . i . . , i . - w . w.(r 4 StllVANT W ANTED - Wantedtoeook. JIl wash and iron, a white woman wbo can be rtll recommended from bet lut p'.sre. App'y at fl Walker st. opposite St MalSrws Church. a20 CLLKK. W ANTED. Wanted in a'rsVaildry Soods store, an active young man, well sr. nuainird with the business. Apply al No. 277 jtrotowty, corner oti namner at, sri sOLtKsTw'ANTL'bVanted. 'ia a wboljl V - sals dry goods store, a person casMe of artmff in tha capacity ol salesman and bonk keeper. OnawhoanswsrstheabnvadeacTiption.with an andevoted rhiraevr. may learn of a situation by addrewinf C. W. at this auVa, w ilh refrn ncea. 2i I ? ANTED, a smart active lad irum fourtr f T Ij atxtatn years of age, lo attend the bar of a frst rate ftaUhmtit in this city. One bringing good rerommti(UtioM as U honesty ami subriety.may hr of a good and permanent situation by apylrinr at this nftVa. a3 3t 17ANTED,ky a persun ot rtwptctabiUly in - v f tending U rmnovatA Charleston, who adrrstandsbook keeptng by double entry, wnlee a handsome plain Hand, aod understaada btmism pterally. a silualioa in a resperubla msrranule btni. The best rsCrrtncsa will b given of ra. paMiiy and rharaner. A line addrM4 lo J.U U. and W al theofbra of Die E SWAN GIN & GERMAN GOODS 40 pipes Meder's superior I lolland Swan Gut. remain der of the William's cafjo, entitled lo debenture 211 tons pipeclay Floor oU cloth, and very superior oil cloth Cuttou hoseofvery superior quality Men aod women a woolen huae and gloves . Fine gold bead tapes, beggars lace Silvered looking glass pistes, alalia glasses Common glass beads, cut glass and seed beads Tatfuta ribbons, boot cords, cotton fringe ft ilk pollinet lscra, rsps aad thread Ucea 'JO caws moakets entitled to debenture 1 case love sha wis. for sale by e 341 ERED. GEB1IARD,91 Gjreenw k - Ii st. J' OH.N J. RfOKERS,'hss'jUst received 2 can very supennr fresh Italian violin, harp aud guitar strings 9 do do do do Eftgluh do do do do 2 d.wrn very fine Cremona violins i do Naples made Spanish guitars Flutes, clarinet, fiareotaa, drums, fif. - s and tMiglesofall kinds, of bisowemanuficture 3 pair very elegant Pans mad Concert lion w, in separate ease 1 dx iron bound vml.n boxes) 40 dm violin end violincrllo boars, assorted 1 invof of German and Frrnrh music, eat - sitting of a very rlmice collodion of piano, flute, violm, ke. La. by tho brst composers, which be offer fur sale, wholesale and retail, with his former assortment of first rat broad wood piano furtee and new music, kc at his Tiano trorte ware. w and muie store. H7 nmadaay. s3 if 1ST received and M sal by the suiwntwr and Kid Stocks; all of which areoflhe best qua ity, and will be sold by Die dozen or single fir csn. Persons al a distance, particularly thus of tbe trade, who may be in want of article in this line, will finu au extensive assortment constantly on band of the first quality only. s3 "I EST received, by the last arrival from Eng - al laad, one case of superior Trimming Braids, London make. Tbe colours and quality are good, being made expressly far lb trad. TTis abov for sale low. M. JEFFERYS. 287 Broadway, oppola Washington Hall. 3l F.ntranr 2nd door in Reed st. ROGERS k GRACIE, C4 Tin st. For Frneht or Chartir, 1 i h a tstersj m em. a vV Ida iiriiivr.uiA.r, i - spt. j. oiao idler. 1!C ton, will be ready lo receive a carvo in a few dava. ApdIv lo w 5 J. G RF.EN TEA RSO.X. 67 South st. ssBXSBsssssnsssssa . i i . - ' : J."' ?sj FR FUUGUrOHUMHTKR. Carolina and his dts - ntins Lretbren. 1 no Bailing urig jvr.f c L, iv l((ftl months old. iii Ions, will be ready to recaivg a cargo in a luw days. Apply In replant Ulanrbsrd on board, si Jona wbarf, I. II. or lo al PARKF.Rfc A IT WOOD. 21 Coenties slip, FESSr.LS, r, 1 , .r . v4S eeverai voaseis oi ironi ou to i jj ions 1. J.tiiHKn maw nld lilt Mff,ita amtiln ........... ..... ,...P... From llu Britith TravfUer,July2i. u JAonJighth is with real feeling of pain ana , disgust that we have to acknowledge that the ru? roours of yesterday, of this inhuman exhibition having tailed, were unfounded. ids ngni, or rainer me unresisieu lacemiioooi noble aod generous animal, did actually take place ol seven o'clock on Tuesday evening, at ' Warwick, and wo even Bull more onennvt ana cruel than we had anticipated, r . i i rr - 1 i ne thou was got op in an extensive enclosure, called the M Old Factory Yard,'! juat in tha tub' urua oi v arwick, on Ui road towards i onnamp - lon ; and the cage in which the fight took place stood in the centre of a hollow square, formed on , two siaes ny range or empty workenops, ina winuows ot wmcii were fitted up with plsouon - barrels as scats for the spectators t and. In tlie re . iiiBiiniig iwo, oy mo wnoie oi waster vomo - - well's wild colloclion," as ihcy have been on show for some days past, arranged in their respec tive aons ana travelling caniai'es. ,..',, V .. ri.. l.:il . .j.f . rr rrr - 1 1 ujju uiui wuis posiou sno circuiateu in ar . wick and the neighbourhood of Laajriinrton. swearing that Die ,M match" was made for 5,000 sovereigns but tins he was too monstrous for even rustic credulity to swallow., Tbe dog which were to exhibit were stated, ui the same puhlica lion, to be furnished by some person or persona Iwhom nobody had never beard of) residing at ,iverpoolj but a the "backers'" names wort Withheld, from motives of delicacy tha em mon belief was, that it was all a paaked affair, , ana mat no money was really doponding.. ' in me course oi trie morning, tiiese anunu were Ihown, for the foe of a shilling, at a publio house in Warwick, called the Green Drsgnn. x.igni naa neon Droiignt over originally j but, by a uiisiaae oi locking mem tip togolbefon Uia proceeding night, hey had fallen out among , thcmsolvos, and one had been killed entirely i a second escaping only with the lots of an ear, and . a portion of one check. Tha guardian of tho , beast boing rebuked fur this accident, declared ho could not have supposed they would haver fought each other king M all on the same aid six, however, still remained in condition. - , The price of admission demanded in the first Instance for lite fight seemed to have boen founded , oti lorn very gross miscalculation. Thrs gui naa were asked Tor seal at tbe windows in lb" first, second, and third floor of the tmetTup' manufactory two guinea for Mat on tin ' Boor of this building; one guinea for p' - stui roor distant point t and hair a standing room in the square. TL of I he cage when erected was rather i. sidanng Ust furious struggle whicli w. plaeo within it. It measured 16 foot niu. 10 feet high, the floor of it standing about a, from lb ground. The loo, a wall a llj sn ,' was composed mersly of iron ban, apparmtUy om eaco, between. but loo close for the lion to follow. 8nm doubts) were expressed about Ilia suflkisosy of this IssslV procaulion msroly barausa a number of iadtM, iv was uoaerstood, would be present but U la. diss in general eacaid that disgraca, for not . ingle female came and, at all avsnls, the attend ant bear - wards swore in the most solemn way that is la say, using a hundred imprecalion in atead of on thai Ilia sacuritr ui tha wbota received and for n!e by T. k J. SWORDS, Pai a doubt. Toward aArmoon lb delerm. No. P9 Pearl treet. a Bennon preached kefor nation a lo " iri.a aeemed a hill to abatat aod it we susprctad that, in the end, the la tor would Uke whatever pricea be oouM . i Tbe fad became pretty clear, ton, tbtt no rwl m air k, nor any ihinging aepmaehini lo one, we pending bcau th parlies IhcrrMmlvea. in their TVTEW - YORK 1 1 ercwes of the several department of this HIGH SCNOOL. - The ex - institution, will be resumed on Monday, the Pith of September, al 9 o'clock, A. M. Parents who sre desirous of untiring their sons lo 1'ie scats which may ho varmit, are ronnesrud lo make ai - plication on Uiat day, to either of the Principals. no uj'in The hrsncho taucht are thos comprising an Engliih education, together with plain and or - namenlal needle work. The room is law and remarkably pleasant and airy. Hie male and lomalo dojiarlmonts are en, lindv diatuu - t. . . J . . ... .... I I ..i i L - l . . r A Card or terms, kc. mny be otitainea at ma i" . uto imm Academy. Noxl public examination will U in Ve dogs might enter or escape bet JAMES B. QUICK. cademy. Noxl public October. a 'JO 3w EDINBURGH ENCYClAjPEDIA A per son having a set of Brewster's Edmburg Encyclopedia a far a published lo dispose of at a low rate, msy her of a purchaser, at - KAax& Ba) a a al eodiit i:ui.i.i.3 : un. I w Maiden isne. I1JLE SOCH.TV tO.NTROVERSY - Jut B tbe Bible Soriely of North Carolina. on Sunday, Dec. 12th. 1 I. by lb til Key. liisbop itavans - crofl. with an appendix. I nrelScont. Also, Irmuum. or an bumble attempt lo make a reconciliation beta sen toe liisrtop of Mortal Frice 6 pnn ted notice, did not eetJ any cimimslanosai saliilsrtnnlr. lindrr whirk Ilia rnnlut ran), I Amaer 1t Uie statement cnnUined eoasidaied a eooeludsd. Whaaler. Mr. MaLin in Pror - seor MiuJie'J'a printed Utter of tht I2ili ajeuU wbo had eetna dowa on Mundsv. anoliad February, by Bithoji RavonscrofU Trie ui iho local authoritie U etop the sxlubiUoa j but IS rents. se i tha Msvor. and site ward, as wa undVrtood. a VkGi'OSALS ia writing will be recaired an - 1 Msg strata of tbe name of Wade, declined Intsr - trr VMh eererai vosmis oi iroro ou to ijj ions a ..i W.Jam. ,s svsn i rvait. fur kuilJ.nir Isriu. on the rround IbaL undee 11 r. a artin'o 1. 1 ' 1 1 , . i i.., .. i iieuiqi n. ii l n i , .". i . i i . i . , I - y m - i - - . . - . - , X Linen aiore,w,U be found a l.rga a - ort.n,nt JTTIrT. L o7n UinVai iLVwif )rlry Room, eore, ceiling. Join and Preil act,M sM be take. belorsU art ol lru.hl.n.W,t.b!eforrUemen.'shuH,be - E?JnTrftj7 furrowing Isthing. plMlrnog. and coining lo eonsUnUng crneiti r had bean commuted. A in( mfsbne and bleach of iLe most . opener style i!li - h,f I1 r1! P".JiWe j 8U June,' Cl.urU. For lurUwi r ioformatioaap. gmUeoiaa, a Q.akw, who mido. near W ap. of linens imported Also, a lar aiJartmcnl of r fT '0 ifspplied lr by the rth ply lo Rev. John I srnan. So. 34 Sands street, wick, also wenl down to IM assmsgarwi, in per lnh sheeting at all price Tabte diapersi vf 4Sepl. the fsl saihog schr FLIGHT, M BrooklTn.oreit!ieroflheTriissorsideliarch. eoo.lo remonstrate with Mr. Wombwsllt bat n ..L ,.i it .i - i . . i' . i." n . j ' AiLLlilnna. Inrli deck. 9 months old. Leuu a N. IL Tha Satiuiatea lo La Pivra senaratslv. afainsl tha hop of letUn seals at " Tbrea Omi - pers t nspkws cambrics, kc kc whh will be sold on D very lowest terms, at No. 3 Maidra I Arte, first store fiom Broadway. 3 HXVANA VLGXrS. a;iliO CaUsna aad . Do Amjgo He3r,reraved pet Uig Ns - live, CspU Smitli. front Havana aUo. Itrl7i0 lo A my go and CaUna Srprs, lo be lamled .. - om toe boaner Catherin k Jan. CspU Aru first rate vesn - U Apply lo so AC A l"MIMIII. t oeulies slip, ROOM TO LET A U. k ronii tuu - d up lor a billiard room, enquire at 53 Nassau - street. 31 Iw I tinues l - offr lobiseoitomers a rhoic rollao. s33i ItiTlUxAaV Ut l EMlVrDr. jsmes llet,romrof Bmadway and Chamber street, Ihreo door from Wsshingfon Hall, eon. "A I'til A it. r. . ,. : : r. - rr i r""' : . : . .l . - j ik - i.! n M. per ""n,.V"".'.r "V ' - rri'"ne pui iiroaaway. war I s i - p w, saw sn wii. - r " I.'; f ll - dsy. Us dug who were l fight - war c - rsnso, vanou.uranareca.yea try lx am - eootuioeU unhand sell toe nrW awj ol r - '"; - 4 ease Saion thread and silk lco Cape, CapeaAtii, Ac. 9 di Ifanover or Nun's Isr 1 do blsck slk Velvet Riht.s 9 do black silk Velvet 2 do roTd do do 1 da Kerf d Rom 3 bake low priced Saxon (loth 3 rase cotton Frwgs, 3 do twilled Fhawl I do IUdprrU. BURCKLi: r.ROTIIF.RS, 1 2C IO Hannvrr sqnsr. yal. and for sale, wholesale and retail, al No. 5 Chatham Row. by Hit' JIIM.I II HI uita.M. f LriKETS. FOWLING I XIX. lOraseaMuakHs with bayonaU 5 case eleginl Fewlmg Pwcea a do I sncy lirad 1 ease Past work Com1 f. Is dies, wivlk a very rrrat vamtv of Frsnrh, German and F.g. Iih lUrdwaroand I'anrv Goods, mostly entitled ia denature. r sal by PHILIP I EYTI.xr.E. No. I rtKvnif atorr. ...... i'.j ,ii . W ... M M , I, . I. . . ...... . . . . MxrtvilhlmmedisUaltenUon all if W AXU.t I t.WP.t, ete 1 baxr Ibtead U a a'lsira - u' . "l - 1'. - li.'.Vi" ' LiT. U cm, 1 do faoasssi bloudea f I waiter. Apply at 100 Cliambere trU l 41 ANTFtaVs?S W3 aM A Pidv at N'Xlcii Broadway, beta ern Reed and Duan si. I 'aniedT ri'7 tl a 13 JSrssVTTrr. - .'. ' i i i J A. I, a card nl and acuvs vouoe wa If man, la Uke care of a cb.ld aPolvalSC L.I, ... . a'i ,a lloy front I4U 17 Tears of ar. rholeMl and retail Vr modi tare. 1. i.nquirs si ivi .iisioen isn. u T AN! 'ED. a girl of good rtmiarter and ilea " ey list.its, to attend cblldtsn. Apply PWIUl SITWl. oetant t.ul, t do th i sioall fauuly, a abort dis AUn,a TcKiikfien 14 I I ri oi a aora aod row. Arplf al iU)'HirltlM. upstair. a 5 1 TK 1 f i U VVA S V 1 .1 anted, a smart I I aiire young ma, as waiter la a family, epvlr al 74 IW.wJaey. m'i MArU)NSVANl VibTrsl Vs'aVnl roaitsntsoiplnrmrM i3 V givm tosna on, al tii PubUa Wotk of tha ( hrrmeolruf, neatjXsw Ihlrao - Metbtntra of this doarrp. smmi a aarwod u tear , Hew lr about the nilebsll street. WANTED. In a who! W ANTED. A H bouswork of a i ttnr froea Ikacitr A! I C years of s, lo isk 3 do cotton Frsngva 9 do do Storking, assorud 9 do do Socks do 9 do rhililrens' FtorVing 9 do linen thread do, aaaurted I do wooOen Shawl 3 do common Unco Tap 9 do fine do do 3 do fanry t!k Ribbons, fx lb loJ.a t Fouth American mat art 9 dofoulsrl lldkfs. 9 do fancy fWkets 9 do b - oking rs Plate 9 di Teya. I do imitation Coril Resits 1 cask pound BraU,oliUd to fufsaUby llKUTIIERs MF.LI.T, s5 Im 7iMfulrolne WATCHES. CUH KS, Jtr. - Komird l - y l.i. ..... . I i. . r lJir' Gold W W hes, vsnw ettro t,enl'Hrm's do do TfiiZ 1. 1 flTm. I ton o." pur and unadulterated Dnifs i: Chemi - ' ,r end eoin. ad th imb!. that sl.s lias opened II store ,n. h. - . - ... ... ... 1 1 RS. Ml 1 I'll FLU widow of iheUte Sam - a - hsad. of eoursa bu mediaUoa could bar ysry httl i banco of so cess. I Hie mrso tun. Us Bufortunsts lion lay m caravsn. by kunsslf, all day. In the front of lis eagein which be wa to be baited t rving Ui prcpiraUon for bis own ar.aoyanca with great Minpluty and apparent good kuirvonri aaj not at al d jb. - orr.lud by &e i;o:i.a cf the ruuoo perai wbo earn to look al aim. lalhrours On l - nd. a srnan jij TCrrd" II.Eti ANT J A I'ANER V DrraslKg Ctsrs J sortment of lb f - .llo.ujg JLU for tadir and rentlrmen Piste) warmer si'Sraboxe; bread basket Kmfs tray and eke - wagon lnktands lroboie can Jl boles t ah bnitia t sugar boxes In neats Trays, blk, red, k other eor. g - l J lordrr, &e. Also, japanned bote for oflko pspr, atlor - rtrvs, ke. of any mt, pstlrrn ur domptim Also, aa assnrtinriit of new tnUls ru tier? for sale by JOHN F.ARI.E, alltf 71 MVnUn. I LTTON 3 for Uie Snh or Sooth Amen. JL) csn market tiiay he had of any si;e. pattern or quality, at a very short nniico, by appliiag to JUII.H I.AIU.Iit ,'Msuien Isn, Havana rVrtr. as formerly. N. B. All order thankfully received and pane. luary attended to. all 3taw 4 IVTEW LIVERY STABLE. fc Rredsirt. 1 a few djors west from Wsdiinrtoa 1111 Hoeira sndCsmsfrs t let, and boorhl aid suld onCnmmi - JAMES BUTLER. N. B. Particular allsnlion Hidlo Uveryllor. sea, and llorsas Wrt f4 eale Jy II jtaalf X.l C fllANTRY. Importer k nvanifrturr It ori'wktBook,ladieRlirlos.i.c.rr. psrifully ini'orm bis frads and lb public, lhl p raatae. a rtioKo a. Cglit - W llaing not Sur k. u shot, lb most approved and t fl? f th - a e.mUt, li - l It patent Swaim' rolebratsd raoarea, M te? """Tf " con.taelly an band, warranted pouln. .3 Km """"f rM u r'XtaT ASK OF I.OIIMIANA. AT LW4)h k toiC .ibl .t,u E.NS. TUsinckbold'T in lb aboulk,, . i,, - , i.. r,.u u..... .,isn,t lnUution era hereby notified, that in Instalment J jwa i, mmit nd Cm j k Lp aasorttnaol of two.f,fJi or forty dollar aa sath sUra.wiH of ooi.kyi aad two wild earn i wiibavarsrty ho pavM en tU tfurd day of Jsnuary ivet V. t of other mln.Un fowirnara. Unt amnd UiS Hsok in Jw - lltresn,oC win btrsosivsd fof I ,ilu b urUof Iha miU atX. u arrounl of ssid Bmk. si the M'rc'iaaU lLtt at I tu, .Bimku - ru look el, and U Mew.Yerk. with tha addition of and a half Ud cootLLoai and were tss the enstoas witis prrteoU Pwdrr ofihe IWin, cr!ur wasmcoafinedi oUy In mr J'iM.lllMAtU,Calr. UMiikut UdfdiwiaBtiisTS, nsnkof luis.aiia. were very httl suited by tMtaijoctio Tbey NewU,Wso.iih Ji.Ty.iyM ealtjsnl mm ug. bswavar, and brsiy asd. appa - 1 A. tiF Mil IMNA - lb irMriit k rraUy.lHoaajartty oflbsbsHarranlbaboU aod J Dirrrtora of this InsUlotHiii ! WJsrd u4 brred on of Iwo sbawed a teach of Ibo a Divi.Vodof i'lprt rnU wn Cms iuuM of the I lurchrt rwat in the descant of figbtiaf d f Cspital paid into IUnk on or before lb srvsi.ik wb.di I Md I give an isKisMisospsoty mC diy of J - inwsry s aod a prorata Dtvidrnd all moui. Tbe avsrago Nreight of IhaaswkVh luoghl waafrora about ire and thirty la are aod nod : TattoisesJisU Tea Caddie. Tea ( best. Card k Fpertsrt C. , SouJ Rotea, Srgar Can - , ladM' Mororra Work Boies, and Hrolr, Gentlrmrn's travail' ling aod slisvmg Caara, with a variety of othrt t4wy artHlp. ro. 9 Mawtra lane, i.rar limed way. a 1 Isi 1 Ik L I I.M JN k l.l .... lor - ous A; toy. u,.. Br ,u r,.lnm krtw ll dam. No. 171 nros!way,a'(rviiir.irallMToi!i dr mf Jai.uarv aoJ iIm.'1 - jIii' - - I . - n T L 1 a ti I . ... ' . . ' . niww laWMinsrsi, lis ssnM, asrri Mpaj n iwinm,!, V4 I kmwH, and S - 4 k 4 - 4 Ini Hboriieg. and srrrral rair 4 - 4 Jrih lUoroa, vanoo bkaihr. of s.ipmnr fsbne. 9 3t r"oiMiN t,T.t i iraTcASsi Mrnisr 1 d Tl suWnSrr has rrornvrd by tlx Ists am. . . AU MJilarv Rutlm.. lo sn, o. a rmu.rrJ. ?" nnment M ....e ' 1 miprrtine tvooiim I lutlis and t sa,mr.d.rt irotii uir minviaritirrrs 1 iimi t.uuis ri,rfq irons Fmh Sirrer XVstrbns, Vow pticrd k superior OirsmeriralClorks ( MiHicai Hoir. tsnons atvV fur sV, lodl - BROTHERS MEI.I.T, llev 73 Maid Une. O Tn7fiG CO f 1 ONTsairaLTrsT. O ufsrlum The submbrrs bste rrceivrd ijnaaleefN very sarr.or eusiny pl itamisra I '.ik i v ..i .. . . v ij I rilno w'uKb l!ry kfTf ft safe en arma.nLjJ. mm mm ip m n.w ., w . nwin. ... . frHnibUlaiKloikNrKrr tUgUrm. II. k W. DlJ - Vni M), Fror JO la lOOm Mir Wa .aarrd of em. I 3M 5!J: PTsnata al th olbrr rMiVo(k n the Gulf1 sM.tKo. WM. . CHASE, J I 9wtXl 5,,r,, ct lrrKwa. 'Tiil"li:F All i.L.7lX",'' ,!TtT. 11 ui0Th.t.m..t. 1 bale Coortrfpsnra fjf alupa birt'et t baVee New task, dsrrastd. ara irrtUMi I. ..... Jfn ' T ' " I ' " - - w s - IV U rol IritAllllV.Vr LVLIH. i,c - 3 roa T.bhr X V!t.Wrk0b,tT,rrVt.Nlod I i 3 ia TaSbV Sad ltanf - is Catl i 3 bat abt sn4 colon red CoiaiirkaMrVd srr j rtu4 I psrmrot U the snWrtl, and riurs any t.umi anna Ils !. TLA1N, A4m oHitrstnr. 30 Chatham s. ln. I.. i.,v 1 RTHOUMCW I rU bLT: c t6 1 1 1 . a 1 k i S . i L ar,4 lOma'k U'ji il - U k Mfkm, 4 - toastiiafmia rommoe W Mrr ijai'.ly I and Imm & rtta bod I k. bt nsk 4 - 4 k 7 - 41 Ire kn, J - 4 sissrurc - B Umg lawn. 4 - 4 le 10 - 4 Isbt st r 4 k - rd rv i.mrmnt, al mf K somS. l - prrrrd - j. an . 14mm r 3 l.&C.PrYDAM.NTIMaMdrnlaa. 7K L S K bMd. - Il aaltTWum tikin. tjUti AfC il bua brwaallaiana HJftTtn - O tilled lo iWirntur. )ut rwrivod and lor eat by COFFIN fcWr.VMAN, 111 houtltst. 'ma - . a . . . . . a .vr hi it area a iiaita Sugar iisl Uie Colfra Rioa, in lirrrrs snd lis If tirrora. In lots I suit pnrrlissrr. ei (1ARPE1 !. An gnt ajtofimeni of J new pattern ingtsm fsrprtin, received bv th lstrl arrusls i sUs iiHirrm. hsarth ror. piaaa and Ishle covrr. Un aod billiard rlotb. for sal by U. ti T. M t Ul'tWI.l.U 31 stmt, Jnha st. k Ms,. Ira Isn. s'J3t it Sampbsi of eJrrani Jsosnrvrrr, r..iitnr aod otlssf r"d mad at lhirrt.rv,arsihiUt. ed at iho o(T.i, 74 Ms - lm li whrr dralm ar snUitcd la tnsprvt them, ht 3 iw jnil r.ARU mCtP$ K Hi tf..rra. sJ rs'J.Cir brrt (tussmrf IVt )kl do do Wint'f d I sjQ4o W bls dl VtMboiaifrtnscUcsa4M, 4. 4 k ( t3 lb old lili.r t orr - f. fr sslrb; JETIIRO MITCHI I.I. k CO. S4 '.VTtrvMsl. f.MViby ! if N. U k . C.R1SWOI.P. ff, Pomh t 1. R 1 1 1 E W A hi .. 1 tr7rm and bhda f !i bio a; printed rJfrJ r.asm'd and C. C. sr. a Bce'.s be JAMES Tl'Hr.Y. TM;ab. C . f. ',.,.,., i rDd.from W. '.r.v l.a.L.nLlDM,.IM.4mU. AUSlWTAIU.ft.4l l.thD t IRE. j rasksrsrd one, .No. . nd ik for saWby a27 II. II k H. B. FEW AU, Tl Ti . sO LA I T. Vledo. W rmatm sS I term. Wi VV Hg fros I marts A opart a, and Isrt, mhH will be pad lathe hiockbo'drr. at lhr( la a ful rrprraritUlivr, on or after the first ,mJt la As 'ul nal .t .. . t . n. . inxiinvrois pain uuo iia vor tl utn dsy lorly h one bed bran broerbt om that weighed mora thaa saity. bal be wm as om aavuat or otbf axduard H co - lrt. Tbtrub lootard rrr,,fioa darlmf filttl of Apid lst ars r.. rnlit.!, by lb rswlixti - nlrrmturt,'aao!d hyarareaeomved mUi to 3w, and tlia rirrr from Ms lo 12s, as orted, in small parka.. soiUtlv fur Ilia rrr rhant tailor ot wh'.nI irtWt h,rU bs otters f.sry Ih pftrks, en ! uuI UWtal lerina. Also ,r, by t; psrtsge 5 bVs pis. a b!k Boml'Sidt 3 do Iwill'd do do 6 raw COM , Ar IXJX T Lt rrpoi UtvTci! Ua very soprtior qsjity, sr. of si' I . pbrtr,al Murray' wharf, and (isejro, pf contained in tl t hartrr, lo any portion f tha l.x.i lliuuiiid. lv ontrt of Uio IbHird, Joseph sai utasion. RsiiV of luU.ana, I New (Iilris,'iill,l6j. N.B. Tle liriJrrwi p.o lis Sl. tnoifv. red 4iioui!y to, and tsnJ.r aa lb at Joo l'l. UPon lb to,.k fprord al V.At kr.Uhl m.ning, rally marked a cuoarr. se snoot thasii ofa'jaiontb.'oWkiiim. boang wuUmlis4 a bird rur - bke look I bal Wer socinplriy l kJ - H fvfmm - t,,t na - lUr af lUirtrr wf hi hsissu - Uwrnfor hrr oa a. A stwry s bl of lb Nw havlo. slfr( 1 1. J s la th ay of - giv od Isk, iio a bull eia wbo ttk.4 fum, t al IUnk M NtwYoik. will U rt:ai ii M i is ii.rl. tm b.tin Ihrourk lb tkroat, ... . .. ' . . L t ., 1 be a. I h vm ssi i oi iw (ti an y uirowo in snral U Is I' - l i aad it U,e areuoul uUur, OHIO, - ll - al V Wbataean Dovs and Kasrv4tst. wbsrfv am olfrM Ut sal by lit ssiWf ,b la b ctMtonsrr and Ihr lots Uswit SHirrhasor. Ilsraa s'sai lro at In soortrst siulK a CosMlanl so piy it ioamroi amti n; t oai ia warden a rood Irrma a tby raa W Um4 sj I - ,iy. App'Tto Jill I NO. lURK'HAHD. alllw i(.Mat.rr4il tVlro. RT Ct)il)S - HIA. SCOTCH, AM) TJ AllJ k BRADS iJ c4scut aiU,a It mti ..r ?0ddUsi's, de da SO do t - A'iJt fio dmwn wroagbl bad, de de jaH r'M sm lot tv TREDW CLUKIS5AM J. C. al fiU I H ,rrmi WtKiUAtwol lvit.offu.l aiood tm. na Wool, beg lb siwai of tbswa flotk, intm, mf j ! t m e' - Jef. fta u:t t1 mtncfartm.,itt ree'd fr. - aa tbtr .inii t.ft C ay I LHIUil.l l :;if uutiit. Pank on r afley 0 1st da; of CVtotr tx. ;i ot' Ifc torlr sod t fnf t"m ooipnv. 77 Wasbm.i'm st The! snood mosilbly d.vvltmd frtaotlblf Pf' - m t! capital tx a of this rempssy 're lb dsy, paysbt to t K'irr an Ii t rrwoislivoa on and aAr lb iN . Tiff Tmeort Hooks rr tlorfd I ') By l of H fV - fJ. Jmiim F - titATT. Pr. J troll M It MWA. rwv. 'J" - t bU s. bafla. UplMlSi aod '.siopr - a f ) da SlrWiti tiVwr. part orr4 assl.ty 10 da 4 d pMtsbat UkbaUarr tt r.m sxlw sod smm !urt.ns TJ fwo aim f tt rottm Nr r 1 d d fcrtraU d. faili.b 1 de de A d U a 1 taw tt ak'4 d'.", fior. irtfcs k. 2f) UlrldWprwUt44.tlAat',Wks,l. 4 da tr - siUt UtSattuiKs !M raw wfci,M, W4 Wxt 3 ts i UVl ad a 's at'd b Mt tia - rw.,r pt Ui SI 1 .1. Ct aaW by a? II Ai O.BRC.Nr,7 dils'. it ot aoiy nsn wr rnng, btiimi wxkm tiJ. inilil resU:y Imrm Sip, U4 I'p to a t boar of to dsy, ta titusj sv.tsrw was I.. u fvMttlrm'J than had artinpalad i n4dwf( wt ssitef tamed wawtfcrr.miHasrtd,. II nrf l th Um Wasild drWm mS. Al a attt pa servo. hwyr,ta lb svta - C ',Hn lmil l lo C) rttromaaf diSron i wer's b oeo pT7rt,oo tr 04 I' roiowng lb f fbC I'Mrvoi la th f t hi W omaavU fin o!td lU D'S.tllATU' Or ttrRT.l r.,''"'ll"'lv Tt t f''Mt l"''' o'irg"0 - l "l bi Jioiv4 am tl rand tt idrt b.i.j' rtl Um of rmnv. ,. k (. if 1 1' (o.UI b4r Nero Svd the tWJ Wul m.,4 r II ! rfsy r4 A f' M'.ky 'o dl' ' jeritUd I of .Vr. . . Wtj Tbet sV'g am at ra lo be !ipp.Vl tm i4 w nd b; " '' tsottn . h m. rttorrsi "J "o"" f4!J "ikl If ror ot any of Ibrm Urn U.1, bo or t lit If l . o. - t CtMiUy smlebtr4rt4blrn.daBif 4CW 4 ('" ,, ..,,,.,, MU oih. rsnig lKroJlt boallasrsJUal - MIIVtllH II t.tsrtDI.tX ItvkbimaaiJtwroiy I III t ItOt Kl R. ..Wf to r re Nr rt I lot tw o b alia Nr Twa. rT'.! M. 1 Iw ! lt Ik fiiM Uw. wo by s, a a bo ay CM.ktlV'iii lit klt,ub tao - ltWMBafre t) rrwMMneg Uroe sbsll a, stsru aj avgtoa litioi 17 sJa rav ttooa rdirtjfi a tra t t a - n t, ir.ia 4t rorv.rM l " rl V i joid MiMIIIIi(XVUir,HN,,V4. J ml.,0 nWty x x t iii n r - c.i,k U - 'Od ''S. " - t - r - 1 r4 f.4 It t IAR . e. TRiME " AlVr th tir"loi at tho etisVatrd a.,i tba rommtM Ultra dtg ar t '! aiotK l K h"tt roa, od bo fjorW a tm mmi, i a ' f i. , "Tbrd. U V KMd Vy dr. Ero J,a J.s4 W tiUa. iHrt. assMtoasW H - I tW . i ; - V. Tr. a r'a eV - d ixm C Capit a. 1

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