The Evening Post from New York, New York on August 27, 1825 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 27, 1825
Page 3
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0 T i T Cliar!(tc.n, 14 daya, in baHaU 2 pelsengerie I Spoke, 2h, off the Delaware, ship Alesenror, 57day from St Petersburg for Philadelphia. ... : S'vop James, Pratt,from?tJ'duleWwn,wUhr.:; - i aud moltawM, to T Kollogg. ' ' j Jt 'v Sloop Fame, Frambers, Brandy wine, with com mrU,&c - bound to Middlctown. ' ' Sloop Mochanic, Somers, from Richmond. 'Sloop Eliza, Hemingway, NHaren, 10 houra, with rum, to the master. "' 'BOSTON, Aug. 24. Arrived, brig Florida, Bourn, 41 day from Liverpool. Spoke, 24th ult. lat 5U au, long IS, brig ISimrod, ot Hath, from N, York. ..... , . At Quarantine, Telegraphed, brig Kanhawa, V . Oft Ulra from TriniUH ' - k PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 26. Arr. ahip Flo - rlan. Harrison, 4 dava from N York.' Brig Howard, Bright, (of NYork) 27 day from Madeira, with wine, to March & Benson, of New York.1 Sailed July 26, in co. with achr Eclipso. of Baltimore, for St. Thomas, and ahip Cesar, of London, for Calcutta ; hrig Fornax, Nye, of New Bedford, for Cadiz ; brig Huntress, Boyd, of Mew York, for Mogadon, and brig Hope's Delight,, of Boston, for Oporto, sailed 3 daya before. Left, sciir Romeo, Gray, of North Yarmouth, for NYork. neit day. Brig Clariwa, Piper, 62 dava fr Lisbon. Loft June 24th, ship St. Peter, Howland, of Boston, fir Rio Janeiro, 3 dayu, via Lavoa; I rig William Thatcher, Howland, of New Bedford, loading for Philadelphia. BALTIMORE, Aug. 25. Arr. achr Hound. Sotithconib, 9 dava from Havana. Tho frigate Constellation and sloop of war John Adams, were cruising off Havana, the officers and crow all in good health. I'astenger, Lt. M Inlosh, U. B. N CHARLESTON, Aug. 17. Arr. ship Mogul, Melius, NYork, 9 daya. Brig Rachel Si Sally, Anthony, Havana, C da. ALEXANDRIA. Aug. 23. Below, ahip Shenandoah, Rose, from Liverpool. Came into the Cape on the 20th, in company with ship Bel - vkfoK. Hob on. from Liverpool for Baltimore. Spoatf July 1.1. lat 4'J Ion 24. ship Florida, 1 4 days from N Yurk for Liverpool i 27th, lot: 4j, ahip Uesdemona, 11 daya trom do lor Havre; also npokeship Canton, from Antwerp for Havre. i . I OTICE. ltorinuUid,' A fewi the five following note of hand, v . Qeorgo A. Butt, dated 25th January, 1825, for iavs amce Marraret Warren, of Portland, dated Cist April, for 125 42. turna vinton, ot rortland, dated 21st April, 182$, for $141 06. - - , - v - Francis Choat, of Salem, dated 16th ApriL 1825, for U6 70 rand Ephraim Felt, of Salom, dated 23th ApriL 18. ,iwfwo uj. ju payable ux months alter date, to Herrintr, Mitcliell Si Co. and endorsed. A payment of said notes are atopped. they can be of no use except to the owner, and all persona am iiunwy cauiionea against receivuig them. JOHN MITCHELL, one of the late 271w firm of Herring. Mitchell it Co. " For SKr'attlvTV mvi Lvnz Branch?? - v . - v Tne steamboat LinntieUi, TljU ' Capt Peck. wUl leava FuU Jj - : - Pmra luii slip, E. U. on iloudiy wrz?" - f. moraine, at half peat 8 o - SAFETY BARQE Ltvk 7X5 PIULADEL - X clock, and returning leave Red Bank at o'clock r. jm. as tne boat will remain at ilea nana a - bout 4 hours passengura well have an opportune ... ine hichanim Lin, per safely barge MATILDA, in lo w of lite steam boat Gov. Woloatt. from New York Aa the boat will remain at Red Bank a - to N. Brunswick, in connection with the safety barge CHERRY ii FAIR STAR, in tow of the. ty of visiting Long I (ranch, and returning to the I steam boat Congress, from Trenton to riitladel - ctty the same day. . , ; 1 27 pliia, through ia one day, commence Running PAILY STEAM - BOAT LINE. Thesteamboat HUDSU.N Capt. Brooks, will leave the inr1! t - VV ' 1 u Jlfulnf Mi Man IMill MlUt. &hSEZgaAv morninu at 7 o'clock. for New - Haven; and the UNITED STATES, on Monday next at b A, M. a27 lt PENMANSHIP. Ma. Maclacrin rwpecU fully informs the citizeus of New York that his Writing School will re.ooen on Moiidav. the 5th September, at his - residence, No. 27 Warren - street. The classes will be arranged at different houra of the day and evening;, to suit the convonimice of the pupils. Tho ordinary coumo of inMruc - tion consists of 20 lessons, of 14 hours each. number ol pupils in a cmn limited to ten. Satisfactory improvement cuardiiteed. Everv variety of ornamentnl writing taught with the greateit facility. Terms and other particular maae Known on nppiicaiinn. a 'J7 m" IOR SALE. Da. HtiNTita No. 27 Chatnam . stwt, New York, ori'erti at private sale, the wnoie 01 nut medical euctncal establishment, con sisting of two (umurful mschinea, the one acylin - uor ovw Durieen inches diameter; the other a nl.ite tt'vcuiy - aix inches diameter. Also, a num ber of portablo machines, that are suitable for private families, with an extensive and elegant assortment 01 Mori no apparatus. Also, a rnedi cal Galvanic Buttery. r. . Uuringlhe winter Dr. Hunter will in struct studcnU in the science of Medical Electii city and the principle of Natural Philosophy pract'.cnity. ril i HUDSOJi RIVER UTEAM BOAT L.ViJ J - .'.Oafc. The clefiani steam boat TW CONSTELLATION, capt Pd - r R - G. Cruttendcn, will A.S3aab - LH leave the foot of Courtlandt Captain Sill, on Tuesday, at the same time and I atreet for Albanv to - morrow morn inf. (Sur.tlavl - M.I..,... . . " ' i iu o clock. . t or passage, apply to tlie Lapiam f r 1 rr UmON Lim: ALBANY. The steam boat WM '. OTMM ,;ll tKo fnnl J , 4.111, WIM It... . .ww. AfS?Jii!l!9yjof Courtlandt at. onMon - arfarseKSdav morninu next, 29th inst at 10 o'clock. Faro 43. a27 TIIC Public ar rexpoctlully informed that the Theatre will be rn - opeiiej on Mortdav,2l)ih ot'Adg., with tho comedy of the IIYrOCKlTE, ud the Mflo Drama of TERESE; or, the Or phan of Itinera. During Die rectms active prop rations have been ninau to produce with very great Splendour, i!ie new ynind Meln Dramatic Vale of t.nrliantim - 4JPLENDI1 O SETS Wm. W. Siiiai.ry. 4J Maiden lane has just received a aplnndid aseortmcnt of the above articles, which he offer for sale on the most advantageous terms, and bogs to solicit an early call, borne or the lea set contain ai many as 96 pincm, and will b found a very su perior article bom in patterns and ahapes. a 27 Ct rflRAPPAN'S FANCY STORE, No. 27 X Hniadwar. Rewivtvl this day, boxes con 'I iHimng the devil, fancy snuff boxes, elegant watch ice. a27 on board. a27 FOR ALBANY. The safety barge LADY CLINTON will be despatched for Albany, as usu al, this afternoon at 4 o'clock. a27 FOR XLWBURGII ANb POUGHKEEp. ; SIR. ' The very fast and very asv steam lioat dolivab ' Cant. Do Forest, will leave ""Whitehall doc at 1 a. m and foot of Murray street at 8 A. M. every Mon day, Wednesday and Friday, and leave Pough Keepsie at 8 A. M. lor New - York every rueaaay Thursday and Saturday, and touch each way at n.u" c. ,. - .1 I 1APF.IL .t'A.J.Oilfl roania run linnnr 1 M do jfvqjti iiw new sirara iw T .. j r 1 WV mvnimrr r.m s.1. A letter do I m. .Uiil.lvvc, vail wj fK'LjLVyfrrr mour, with the safely barge ttrSSrrBCt'Saa LADY CLIXTON,andthe new (team boat SWIr'TlSURE, Capt. Stocking, U .1. - c4 I 1 a I w tr.u nrvtiop. wmi uiu xiiKijT uar - n unu I nil Il..PO, -, win, until turther notice, be arranged a touows Ltave New - York. Monday, at 10 am luesrtuy, 4 pm Thursday, 10 m Friday, 4 ?x bniurday, 4 ra 2T0 do tea do ; 10CO do wrapping do ou groce playing card 15 cases spelling book 350 rooe lead pnncila for sale by Valkntink, Pitinoklu & Co. a27 115 Fly market. Tarry Town qnd $ing Sing if fair vtatTur t - ww . SafetybtrgeMATlLUA. This besuv.f - 1 oew bsrje will deoart on Sunday mor ning at 9 o'clock, in tow of tho steam boiit Govbxnor Wolcott, foi Tarry Town and Sing Sing ; and will remain at the laltei place a eumcimii time lo view tne new Statel Prison, Sic. and will return the sumo even ing. !Pas - e fitly cent each way. Dinner and tea orovided on board for those who Wish it Thebaat will leave pier No, 2 North River, foot ot lteaver lane. Ticket to tie naa ai J. s . Hillvci'a No. 4 South t.' No. 29 Washington st at Brown', H - C. Yatea' Lottery Ollice, Broad way, and on board the Uarge. a i atT FOR TA RRYTvlt N AND S1NQ bhXi. . (,! l ... . jnvnai,. . i ne eiecsiu nwin uoni - . WlLiL.lit.rl rt.1.1, Will rvQ?rp leave the foot of Courtlandt tiSSSfiiTaMtUotl, on Sunday mormnir, the 28th iiwt. at half patf 7 o'clock, for the above ulacea. utalhtr nermitltnt. She Will on her re - tum, leave Sinir Sim? at 4 o'clock, P. M. Fare eacu way au cent. ao m TO UNION GARDENl STATEN ISIJIND. The steam boat BELLO - NAi Capt. C. Vandorbilt, will leave Now York from the north aide of the Batte 7 - rnif Albany. Mondiiy, at 10 a m Tuesday, 3 r M Thursday, 10 AM Friday, 3 r MatutMy, 3 pm .. ... ....... lit, calico J nr., imij. )t , iiatx:r executed in suucr'mr stvle. Uiv wtitnlin". THE - UN ; or, tlu Orphan of Ptni. as perform J with unbounded spplsuMi. at tho The lm Roy. at, Cuvont Garden, London, upwards of IjO nights in tlie ei'son. During the ensuing season, two nights a week. Tuesdays and Fridays, will be appropriated fur the p'ft'orinaiiro of (Imi, on hu h i veninir's .1.. .1.1.. . j ..I c... ..T.. eipalmitnmieuu! talent in the country ; addition - I 1 mt i.i.' .if - is riijj.ini , anil vvvir tadi,iijii maJc lo mr.t the patronage of the public. The firt d'x - a night will be uii Friday next. tM . iLlAY r.VfcM.Mi, Auif. 29. 1325 niairmfyin'r ahavin" i;1aio from 3 to 6 indies in diametur, elegant gill earrings, fine accnted hair powdnr. On hand, thousand of ertinlr in the funcy line, loo numerous to mctitian in an advertise mi - lit, all of wliirh will lie sold on reasonable terms. - CALL AND SEE. a 27 For iasann apply on bour J. at the Cedar st wharf, in the mar of the City Hotel, or to W.C lU.Ur H.LU, 137 u aliiuton strwt; 27 HUDSON RIVER STEAM BOAT LINE. ':'Tte. The owner nf th steam R&?ttttrpV7 and CONSTELLATION, will (until further notice) run their boats between Now York and Albany, (stopping at the intermediate pl.cex) iu the following order, vii : FROM ,EW YORK. Sunday, 10 o'clock A. M. Monday, 5 P. M. Wednesday, 5 1 P. M. Thursday, 5 . P. M. Saturday,' 5 P. M. FROM ALU A NY. RDWAKE i'lLA Hocks ha received hv the lata a a veri' i;ilituiva awkirt - me'iiot is.nninjham and MiitUf'J staple Hard ware, Cutlery, plated were, buttons, saddlttry. larn - ) ami heavy lo'ida, well suitid to the Sunday, Tuesday, Wcdnviay, Friday, Saturday, The proprietor 9 o'cloc k, 10 10 10 10 A. M. A.M. A. M. A: M A. M. O by some moralist, that the sudden jiomcs. eion of wealth tends to subvert the belter fenling of the heart, and to destroy those principle which unite ine great family of mankind. This may be the ehVl on weak minds ; but it is in GEO. MORGAN'S opinion, that the atcp by step at tainment of riclies i more apt to excite pride, and eradicate the spirit of philantlirnphy by do grecs, thun when we are surprised, " with one blooming tirtue thick upon us," hy a comieten - cy for htu. lint it is often the lot of poor human nature to mistake the shade for the substance; and, in hastily pursuine happiness, to (natch at the reflection, and thus low the opportunity of Mining the reality. The ahadow of Forlunf t Ttmntt, situated on the grand eminenrWof Fiunk - lin So.vAaK, extends over the largest part of tlie city and her only nume residence may bo easily distinguished by the hand of Crmsus, which points directly lo the grand portal, or by inquiring for MORGAN, who mid, ullt. and viU nU the highest and principle prizes in the patl, prt - irnl.aiuljulurt lAiumti. and this is the (rue tub - ilain - (, on which hangs nniiadoirol'doulit. a 27 3t ry, foot of Markeltield st. n Sunday, 2Uth Aug (if fuir weather) at 1 1 o'clock A. M. and 3 o'clock P. M. for Union Garden, On Stalen Island, and return at 1 and 14 past 5 o'clock P. M. Fare each way 124 cent. The Uniiai Garden is situated near the bay, about half a Biile below the Hospital ; ha a commanding vidw over the whole har bour and adjacent country .around it ; i furnished with every kind orrefresbmonU, fcc: and upon the wholo it may be considiircd a cheap h healthful excursion. I a 26 2t O P. W. JOIIN3TO!I!E & CO', trad: f ul of Book and Stationary, will positively tek place on Tuesday tbe 13lh September oexL C - Uiiuih are uuw iay ir wvovvry uMnriMx - t - 190 W ater street, . aai lli M'LAUGHLIN & l!LAkL.i Aaction room No. 41 Maiden Lane, about mid way between Natwan and William atreet. Xhia Evening,1 At 8 o'clock, tho entire stock af Books, the pro perty of a. person retiring trom uusinun, and a general aseortment of stationary, ko. CaUlogueo - a I P M ' " ' ' " byw1ggins L PEAUHON. - Auotioi Room, 68 Willicin at. late Union Hotel ' , . Saturday Evening, A large eateloguo of Books, part of the stock of S. King, comprising 500 volumes of whool and claskicul book. Also in quantities, urn raitr no - vela lo be sold in loUto suit purchaser, together ; with standurd works in every department of lit - ; erature. The sale peremptorfi for cosh. 1 Tiieailav Fvonimr. " 1 :: Will be continued the sale of the same atock, hen will bo opened a number of case contain - ' ing the most valuable work. . ' Owing to unavoidable circumstances, the iraae sale advertised fur the 5th of September is post" poned until Monday,, tho 2feth of same niontb, when will be added the copper plslos and wood cuts of King's toys; also, a number of stereotypy plate and copper plate eiiirravinir for several valuAblo work, belonging to the estate of Solo mon Kinjr. vaiaingue will be inra aroeo to iner difforent cities in the Union on the 12th proximo. NOTICE. The Ex - change Trnnaporta. lion Line, will commence, forwtirding Merchandize t Suecie: Batrirane, ,tc. to Philadnluhia on Mon day next, 2:nh inst. at 6 o'clock, A. M by steam boat. ShipMr may re assured of every attention and expedition, for freight, apply to R. M. Si I. RUSSELL. 15 South street; or J. 11. HOA GLAND. Agent, 2) Washington at., who Mill rece;vn and forward a merdiandixe, ice. di - n ted to Ihnir care. , P. 8. In connexion wiUi the above, the Ex change Line Packets leave New York, Thursdaya and Saturdays, and riiiliuelphia, Wednesday and Fridays, for debenture and heavy goods. r or irciirlit, apply aa above. '.u nit Monday, 26th Sept next. To the frndr. W ill be sold to the tradt at pub - ' lio auction, the montcxtetiaivo collection of Book . ever offered in the Uaited States, tlie cash valu' exceeding upwards of f 100,000. Tbe Book are of best kind and forming tho greatest variety in every department of Iitoraturew Term will be of the mot liberal nature. " Private Sale.M ream fin letter paper, lost received from the Brandy wine mill t also, a rium - ' oer oi mannoid writer, a uneiui aruci ior copy ing letter, Kc 1 FORTUNE'S HOME FOR EVER, No. 139 Broadway, which office is ever true lo its motto. P. Canheld, resix'ctfully invite Ins ill not consider themselves! fr.euda and lottery adventurers generally to call 'LOOKINO - GUSS MANUFAC1VRINQ '. QOMPANVS SALE. , The Looking - gks Manufacturing Company give notice, thai their fall aal will take placo on Wednesday, the 7th Sept. next Comprising an assortment of 3,000 gilt framed Manila and Pier Glasses, of all warranlud first qoal.tia and latest pattern. THOMAS W. JONE8, Agent, a 8 lw 20 Wall - st. (up stairs.). Hi BOGGS. I HOMl'SON a. CO, " fall responait'le for any freight put on board unl rece pled ior. a. 7 will be prented. the sd,,,red(y of IZZ.IZ IZ, ' P.Wr u r c hit K. . - Sir John Lambert, Mr. Woodhull Dr. Car. will, (the HvpoerUo) Foot To c im '.nrti Willi the Melo Drama of T K II F.SE: cr. iht Orphan af Grnno. I) fit i itn a? tjiu'fer pail b. ami ptrftrmanre f t mm - nf ul qiin'trr p.iW 7 .'rwt. T'l" - !y "'li'lteajiear's erlrbraled p'ay of the MiT - hantof Venia tfhvlock. Mr. Hilton ; Por tia, Mrs. llitVrthv. her tint spnenraure lit two veva. lJetwen the play and larir, Iim UeV tin, la popil of Mr. Conway's.) will make her hist peraiiee in Vew York, in a Pat Saul. To con elude wth the farr of fo'iontof Water. Tlie ju dto ae rrapeclfully lufonned. that Ma. OXvVAY. i en;a(d for fow mghia and wnl shortly mad his speranr. TIm It'll OtlW will be or - m"d on Saturday Um 27th of August, wuere Kuatuo Tickeu can b obta.ned. OWAN GIN ActiERMAN GiJ(JDS. - 43 ri O Mcder' genjine llulland Swan Gin, there - nisinJer of the William's trgn 1 very superior old Cognac Gin 2u t'u pine Clay John Cspsr Hslback'a Steel Platil!a.Crrae.ilC.,Ui W Yuen's cotton Hose, rottun fringe ( ol d Si black tatlet RijIxius Suk Hoot rord. No. 1 - 2 cnl'd Galloon lxik.nj (lias Plate. t!ia (ilruee Heed and rominon glass beads Very surinr cut g!a beads S.Ia peli'ina, bo!.huil Si thread lac Men's and women' w - oKen hose Raw glovee, love r.hS. and shawl, fur slehv I KLD - liKHIIAKI), 27 4t 91 Greenwich st. t)'t lilt: RFJS'KFIT UK Mr. GAH.SF.H C1H A 1 11 VM TIICAI'RK. This Khmvi. Aug. 27, will preaeoted ti muairal dra - me ROB ROY. Rob Roy, Mr. Wallack Fnntia, Gamer Bailt Nirol Jarvie, L oerta D sa VetiK, Mr. P.urk Helen VCGnmr, l.'iiwi.tle AfW the Oria Mm. Wallark will Canoe a Scuir a I'm KniL Mr. (tamer w llwiif the ao - nfi f Y Sua of F - lvm. WiIimis) Tail, t - ruU aba ha i' Wa'Jare M t ; ana the duett of All' W U, inChavaeigr ih Mrs Buraw. 4.C Te eoocUde wiib Ut Frtf the SrvllL'D CHILD. Lrtt' rkW. Mr. BuiV U til tprn l O'ntrftr put K vf ptrfonunt I esMSftw tl 7 'r.'i. F.ttaniv and nvl bnl'.iant preparation are mak.n f..r tbe lA 40 lkt. immediately at his office and purchase some of the fortunate ticket he ha now for sale in the Lottery soon to bo drawn. Price of tirkeU f 6 each share in proportion. Capita! (25.00 1 10.000 bX96 15000. and all of which will no doubt be disposed of al No. 139, Broadway, this NORTH RIVER S TKAM - li OA f LINK. 0k - Vf X,lfk IrWItWUUU, Will .i - l . t ' . j uiVii(iuiAULru. i. . m i - uiiu:.ti!iT lurmftii w tnm aiiiiiiinii i alim I " .i j ia . .L tbe Ja h'tnl. rant. T. WiawalL at 111 nVI. - k n" '"u ' Puw" T"n u, I (vflsil ftriiM in 1 htm mmu an I I jilliraM nniM flraavinai onHundav morning. ,27 t ;Vr."7,T': wJi HHOUL hUiM) ST LAM BOAT .A'',l nr,i0ri.'WMl.rUkM).li(,(.Mi. 1 liemoetaipediliousro Jto 2j00, 10 of f 1U00, IH of fjOO, ic .Vc. rail - VS to Boston, via Providence; atov al all tunes if you would seeur tbe MCav tlie diatanre by land being I pilala" to be drawn on the) 20th of Scntrinber or . only 40 mile. TIm aieauil sooner. Order (not raid nromntlv attended to b.ialCONNK.CTlCUT.capt. Comstock, will de - if addressed ! P. CANHF.l.D. New York. a27 pan ior i rovidonce, hi Uay at 3 o'cl.rk. P 1 VCKLT BOOk LOa 1'. ...ored to l.av : ' ,na UU'TU V " ,vULJ,iJ, ?' 8 - L been taken by a jHckporkol at C. - tle Gar - Hunker, will leave New York for Providence . u.A n,. ' IL.. il - la.'wv jij ,.hilad,pni(lt by lh, .VJrVrrStein Boat and Safety SVfiL'S 4 .C Barge, ria New Brunswick Princeton and Trenton Tho safety barse Ma tilda, will leavo Pier No. 2, North Hiver. fool of Beaver lane, on Monday, Ihe2!)tli instant, at 6' - clock, A.M. in tow of the elegant steamboats GOV.WOLCOTT, and JOHN MARSHALL, alternataly until tlie st on m boat LEGISLATOR, takea her station in the Line and proceed to Brunsw ick Passengers take cuarhes to Trenton, there lake the steam boat CONGRESS, and her safety barf t'Hiaat and Fait Sta, and arrive the sains allernooii. Fare to Philadelphia in aafety bargo 13 50. Do do steam boat 3 0. For sei.ta, apply at the Exchaniie Line otSoe, No. 29 Wishinrtoii - slreet, or on board the boat, at the foot of Ik - aver lane. a2ri M. BERGEN, Aernt. TO LET, llielTiiee fire proof five sto - TllHllll. At 9 o'clock at their auction room, general assortment of Dry Goods. every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at I M. Passage lo Providence, f tf. Stage fart from I r loene to iwwion, 'i tfrj I A r'AYETI E CIRCL'., lurone - M. near Csaal - wreet. TlllSLM.MNO Aur(27.Uperfermr t connMira with(ird Eitn, by lea beaa - Wul Kor, arranged by Mr TatnaU. Coimc Hong, by Mr. EbtrbV FiafkWir. Hurtnanhip by Maatef Baron. lluwa' Art of HrMnaihip The bora apulet will dsola bircily. lUrOTnartsbipby Mr Yeanta h. WmwuI Btmd j the Peasant s Frolic, er LA r aitoo. la Tar. H.ifcnnbip by M'er La rnraat. Tbe relebralad Grerk ithiga wdl go through as rf.rnnoea. To ron - .uW wrthtbMrl Drama of the t LOAri( BEACON Ihttn tptn ol S I pft 6. a4 mtftrmunt fs hT."a V i Ll.Ti 7ii)V.S - The J frtlV C sr rei - !Ullr lulufined that le einetnntied ,4'nal Vinaee of Mr. Rthrts - in. th reirStatH A.rnt'jl. from the aSnva (iarde 1 i.tpooe - 1 unit; Seplen.'ief Jih. Tbia Intnrni. I li - m timely givm m otiW lost prrwnt al a d - Ui - y h.r in o,r - ort Ji.lf o"1lte.1njUii grand uthnm, pivviuu la Mr. It' knaving U ri'.v. Tli Vv Garden i e, - en evsry and U.llianl'v ilimtiiialrd with Ga light imI alien Lit by a f.M rale I'tnd nf Mk, luiiif of It'irhi ia, ave e'a"l r: "ntm,.tn ') rvM - . - T.r rr r: t. I 'ii r..k am i if - o ihm, a l or if m - a altoleaa I o.ll li,.io - Mivr. a ledy. atlii tna, a ho m arntinled with lb city arid ca ftM. (di irntr.r.f gonl r..itnnnj,. lion may a At as K D. at ties office of l.'te Di. ly Ad nif J T a Si riMt . ,k .... i ....i i.. ') WIlh'Hll at i M ERIC AN GOvHJS, tic. AO bale 4 4 j. V and J inch Hm n ttieetinp I.VI hair 27, 30 inch nd 7 - B brown Shirtings LJ an atiacawaolttlaida Jit do cf civet kaand stripe IS do gn bocking banc 33 bV k carai aahmgton, Ta wturkrt and oilier l.fks 7 rates sail. nets; 20 package calicoe I 13 do bliki einkern 2 blr US' rtolht and Parkrt coverlids I'JII bnie rnitming 71 I doirn mool hat 40 bale c 'lon yam. N) do batting 3 boir eottoiirards 20 b et !eorf smiioo 3 bnjea bvt webbing, nttinet warp Dearbirn m ance. lo weigh from 300 to 25UU I'j. on liberal lerr.t Fnr a by TALt OTT LYMAN'S, 77 64 Huotb. ivrar Pin st Milan HienL 0. 0. 0 Si I ; 51 do Medio Floret ta Paper. rtdc entirely of hneo ra.t ( do tin Utter do; 4. haVra blue fi brow a wrappinf do, the O ri.l.Lk'ArFH. - liWr, O aaMfled No Fir'UVffil'OOL, The sluu EDWARD. Howard, mas ter, being nearly loaded, will sail next era. t or frv ciit of 50 bales of Cotton, or na. ge, j''y on boar wed aid ot Darting slip, or lo KOOF.R s (JRACIF..CI I'm m. it'hooffrrforSolf. .ViO bale Upland and Alabama Cotton lias) tacks Liverpool Salt 3 barrel Wilmington Turpentine VI pipe iirandy '.tl do Mulr,r Win 2im) cs sm Champaign and Burgundy 50 do Claret a 27 WU MAlJl.llU, The fart udmi br ( MARTHA. caul. S. Iltlev, to sail 5lh Sanlsmber ntn btfbi iiciJil and two or three pjcngrr can be taken. Apply lo PARKER k ATTWOOD. 27 UJCnrnHrsstin. For NLH - UHLr A.W (One of I he Uiv of racket.) Tli aupenor copir faMened Ulr? ii. li a.m. iv. croarii, ma.tar, na romioeiir Book, very worn, had a pier) of red cotton cord wrapped around it, conlaming in note of the following uearriptions : one packs.'eof n'itnsl 17 principally 5', 10', 20' and 2 on the Merchant' Bank, N. Y togeiher with some other no tea on the different Banks in lite state, aa Albany, New burgh and Auburn Banka ; this package was riled m a slip of writing papar, on which was written - J. llovl," and the note of Merchant' Bank were marked on the comer of live back w ith lh letter " P" done Willi pen and ink. Among Um oilier note were three 20. and on $ 10 note on the Bank of live United Stale, the remainder were on lh different Itauk in th slat, and some on th Bank of Philadelphia, conaiating of i.A'Ji and I s, aVe. aurt one note on tlie ltnk of Upper Canada. Whoever will return Ui above, or if stolen, secure Uvs thief, slisll re - entT reward i4 Twenty Dollar for each. Mcr - rbtnta. Broker and olbers, are reqneatad to slop such note should l!vy be offctrd ; anv information will be Uunklully reoeived al 304 Water strrrU .New - York. . n2H 2t R. P. BAKER. 1 TASTED. hlvrmlh New York Soria - I 1 ly Lileary. The term must be very rea sontb!. Enquiro at No. M Nassan treul. op staira. ' to rt Stores, No 1!3. 195, and 197 Water jilreet, between Burling Ind Fulton slip Eini ire of CHARLES LAWTON. 53 Wall ax. or a252w JAMES BURLING. 173 Water st. A Journeyman Printer Wenied One who un J V derttnndt Job work . mav hear of a aituat ion by applyinrf to O. k R WAlTE. a23 I.OUND, a small sum of money wrapped in a . paper. The ownr may have it by raying MY MICHAEL HLNRY. Store No. b0 Broadway. 3 doors south of WaK - t. - UL.4MMARE. . Monday, At 10 o'clock at In auction room, wi'I be open ed and sold without rtnrrv for rash. 14 ca of London ila':o llmt glissware, eoiitivl ng of 41)0 ' dot. plain 1 - 2 pint Hint tumMrr 1IMJ do qnart . and pint nng'd doantrrst lUOdn Eng'ish hop ' wines. Also, in the same invoice, a ausntity of rut glass. The whole will be opened and sold. in lot in tun purchaaara, wall worthy u at mo tion of lh trad. Al 11 o'clock nreciely. 200 lb, beat red seal - ing wax, sold by order of lit executor of deceased person' estate. ( Wednesday, 3 firat rata billiard tabliw, complete. Al onrait iu7e An siientiv aswrtnient of ca binet furniture of every doamptinn, al tli lowest auction price. . Enquire al Uii ether. holeefl.tlrdUoVoei,tor,aidputuae1,.rlyedUking In. baa lb prmripaj part of bar rarvn VtEW - YORKl COMMMEUCl L ACADE igafa. win nave imimMiai ooayalrn t or it U 1 for ilv South Anwwran market, ree'd per slop V, ha flea, na r sal .y o - n H. D. E. R SEW ALU 71 Pmest mtuMiry of freicbi or !, apply on board J. w. hi .st.ix, li South U 1 J ah:l Mahnfany, 20 Ion lfwtod. - frxn bfig avouriia, frrxn Honduras, for al by t JOS. lHlll".. Nnulhtt. g1 ll. E iiXTrreis fr.1 I biladrlpli. VJi 1.4 safety MY, tfor young ldie and Gentlemen, I No. 157 RnMday. formerly Slnlenwerrk' Pano rama. 1 he utcritf re't'Tctrully srquaints his patron and the puhlir, that his School ia now open for th reception of pupils. The brsn. hr laujht arej Ui'mi mmprbinf an Engli - h educatiniv, loetlirt with plain and or - nanrrntal ndl work. Tbe wiwruvr U. RUS.xELl - rm. 0 '. "l TmV ' "" I lv anarke. Thicler. haa vr p - rt of bey rajra vnt sid. t,rf - ? n ",J lrmt uprtmenta ar n - i - J - . I j..ia ... - j ..l 1 LrU ditlinet. A (. arn m term, Kf may ba o'UinM at Hv fm tS advertisament. a 26 2t I IN EN b k SHEETINGS Fatntaio D li Paiaar, haa for Ml al hi Liar Mroat, No. 70 Maiden lane, a few doors below William - street, a roinplot assortment of tne follow uig cooils : 4 - 4 and 7 - H Irish linen oi ID mon approved bleariiaa, in whol and demi piece 5 - 4 Inli slireeiingt; fiua Flemish do Ruia do( 4 4 linen had licks Table d apns from 6 4 lo H - 4 Damatk tab! clollta od napkin Loci lawn in ix yard pier, - lnb and Raatia d.aperai brown linrne, tc which am offered for sal at Use lowest prico, by lh park f or piece. Straiu Boat and Packets furniahrd at aliort noltra. ai6 31 NO MCE. I lieco - partnenJi ubaialolor Itlinf between lis Dndersiyived, unoVr llvr firm ot lwreorei: Spendlo i Ititt day da - olved by mutual control. 1 in rnnrarn of live lata firm will be si llied by Tl. Lavrervee, jr. whoisuUiorid Tor that ntirpota tii(nnl THOMAS LAW Hl.Nf U Jun. WILLIAM tfl ENDLOVUfc UIHIDa 14 Ua J 4 txa Itinn M dt 3 4 blearhad d 16 do roll on yam H raws fin blue ra rd allinau, rutt reraiy d and U sV by JOHN NESMITII k CO. a W7 A 1 AlioG ANY 1 l.(GWtH)! 40.txlfcei Ij'' ' mml.le dsapalcn. 1TX or lo N. B. A lurbtrr will be in readme oowail No. 73 Sooth U U take goo.1 on board, K Iran, port Iht tame lo th hng m th stream. a 27 FVHNF.IfoHI.FINs. . j (One f tha line of I'araHt.) BY JOHN T.BOVDkCO. Turly, At lOo'cloi k al their anctiga room, 137 Broad - ' way, a lar and geurral aatertmtnt of ba. hold and kitchen furnitarn, eonwtinr o( board bureaMst card tab ea. pillar siijiiiw et dining, lea and brakfaat doiUdie' Work aad ' anting dot candl and wash stands) niS'icfan, curled maple. Si plain bedstesd ; fincy, win Wor, curlvd map and rise wood chair, lo. AUo, ingrained carpeting andiron ; Lo!( and langa wiiri aatreal lainnei ivory hand' km re and fork lio. LikawaM. plated ware, ron - tuig of candletlvrks; snotT' - r and trays; eauiors, tf. .11 ariralr Mie very elrgaM lea ud cot t French stiver. ( Ine rate ivory handl knivs li fork. Also, m No. 5 in lh easier ai! of IM Rev. Dr Matthew's church in Garden at Ea quire at to auctHtn room. ' BY JOifNTt. SKn.I.MXN Ji CO. 8lora corner of VN U aJ Water trl. No. 4 Pbenix bi aiding. Mofvisr. At D o'clock st their Action Ron, aunerb aasortovfnt of Hard ire. Cutlery, I' - ixy gocd. WaUbea, 1c Anionawnvrharsknir'foHi,ranrera, in. pocket sod two blid knivea, r - rt hera, I old Lnlrfh nd rouiiiinn rarors, bnttan ie. pola, elalca, lead Si '! pctiCl , iViiel atiuffcr sod braid trays and wa.Ura, nry and rk4 nnuba. rai.4 tro A.' hon', in li.iUatiita g'.xa S)iUi.'i, ot kel book and w ti t's sniff I tula of ario n pa'treirf, rrattt ot t'l.rvt, ten cadiea,loy wsIcIvta, i l'h Wlh & a.'iarii f twntk - ea, she bainurs Si knuea, sho aw la i. i - .ifU, 12 a 27 CI.BllAi CUMING. 10 Prarl st. O HOI. S, fit Ui aootivern nd aeticra markets O and for eiportation, fof rtl in lota to suit pilrlhatft,bv aitariaa, lamtuiiL in. i rtl" aI7 115 lv wia kel. fll . i r c in u . - i . .i - l Ammmm m ll' l .n nc. r imnani w 'p'T mi hit llyinrxon iron I otnpany, I of aa iy a a37 For frt bl or paavaga. apn lo JIMM W. RCSSLLU 73 South at. A Ixh'.M m altendanr) oppotil N. 73 SMlh street. a jn vi4a Tb4prt"bng iKU.riHN. A. At - . - li"11 ma - tef, ha much of bef rargn en - Next public eiamiuation will b m JAMI.S U. Ul lt.l. The suWruirf having porchaaed lh aim k oil wafsra, pound ir bull n4.", loboie,ii a row . M . . .1.." . . m I've 11 ruin, conswtmg ut annual evrty srivrir in IhasUnl dry food liua, requastsbis frvanCt 'id lh pul.Uo lo rail and etamrn Ilv goovla, aa Uiey will be sold Ult h nndar llieir tonuvt prwaa, TllOA L.VWR - .lUJui. 2 3l li M den lane. "irALUAilLr. U - - t t fed, and Will M'l aoon For freight or iatfa . t ... uk rti .1 i ppy to i. . ri r. - j rionin at. ay; W Ap T a2i 3i" I. (all a.olel .Vkm Iwie - inf I n ot re - tioiinendaUona, N'l 7 GnwtiHt al'eel. 4JH.P BALM.NA he roornettcf tint O o Irun l.iTeinw.l. are eeqt - - ld l i tend tb - pr mts on bori, si I'm tl whtr'.o to w uVnr.Vra. Ad nc - l permitted on Iheidh n o fni lo tl pi.N.r tt.n 11 Fl I IV I tRHNiUwlV,rl t 1 IOI l.M ai.. - Ou U,uv 1 L l bal At 1 1 o'rlo. k. opMtU IM t.w t. 4. doath tsrwt, liaj Hett l...!id bw .) jj1 Undol IruMj I' el 'i Jt.w. Terms ( sa ih. fi'Jt ll 1 ' M It V .li f H - Ji Ua ta" n . d Utnl.irti J J. l - eH IV d f b'l l'e.le - , fcxn L Wpool, and 14 t,W by lh rar. tv hO - .t:H:t.V GR XC1E.H IWit. 1 o'ere IjO pvit;.' lr !. o) r...i' W v and tHet, d Haantl an Vet "fS VaWtvfiat. tJP - M ( St. A. m v. II aurry a 4 I liin: dt. ( 4 fr - lt.k tsaaa, draS t'UU L,v - t I'.oiva, K - Liw Thread. li' n4 S iJe,aM J rftd C aU p t p.wer '. - lc.1 "ved par i artH., anJ f - r - by ij Kka. - . r, SLSsTia. PtnikaCIt Si (o. 115 Fly enarktl. I AMI' TOl'tv A rtnisnl uptl of patent LJ lamp lop fof f't lam pt f .1 aal by ... . . . . Aitartts. I tioh L it t o 77 I II Ft V, "tl'T N All.S auntun nun. ro s cut .lt, aat'd fiom 3 l i Ui.s day. oaatbV - B . t t k . iBYA'tnt ttiN t sT I It. . I. IV !., a, I. .ill. M.I, . M'W, ' WstetsT Jl ti K IiIhI. prime snd ntrftlitng , ll , t mteana liftifhy ... ... .... .. ..... . ...... iMll . " il.l.r. 1 . w I r i' OLAfsr. - J M 1 Hs land ng td l'4 taW It a I7 jin. iihij mi, . MDt'NTUS WIM - luil ' . . m M.wii'i M 'r a J7 J tJKl.l X l' XU" - Vi.icxNYMxrri - . M.tKfta'ebv a . - 7 i .Gin r.'trr.ui' v OVXll'.llIK GlSlll - ifn . JACk!H k " ' a 7 ' AVir.'A "x ni it ti f ta r GODDXIID. GU I I : HI I . X CAI'DIE" 1 '.' " Ten (' ' 't O.n. !! T i r M'eby iiiii)ll1H !! ' t r u i .. ;;rr.x'Niii.x i;o DX.t;. li i i 1t it.'' OtiULINS. (On of Ilv Lin of IVkela ) Tbe well known alup WILLIAM, Cpl. AniStrton, ran 11 lit bulk nf 50 bla. in ti - hl onda, if Htion mad. For fr'(hl ofpataaja, apptv JUl . HI M.l.U TJPouth l. A I rliter i m atien.lsiK reiH,i to No. 73 South street. a77 Tb fm sil.n bf.f TKAVr.l.LER. A rhetpa, rrtstirr, Will marl astir dea. paun. For f' a'l or paaa, apply loth mat - ler. an U'd l l"r K la :7 I MU k t;iUNN l.L IM Front l. .p rtVl.f W.H' - f f...Jkei,a I1" !" tS p KMI F.UOK. Th. , , - j , 1 S,'tet, mat'er, barn.t half nf her ar, - . i mi U'd 'd f flfrd. Will M.I m ilk ,ue k l' - .I'! J erbaUsxe it r - ;M or attga, bat - I.aii4iit fum'rd rc.miit'llmnt, pp!y oi - t.rd, brlaern l'i at. and Murray' wlisrf. XV M. WIHlL'X'Or. a - 7 70 Hooth H. inn VlURIJ vruv. iptket rlaia Irvel - ' - 1 i - J t . r . t II" pPw cw flip V.,M - I I N.J H VI tni a, nster. ,n sad With ' at' I lot frr.M aswae. itf rlrranl I . - v,in.!ttAK Sp'v on bnarJ. eael aa lUr - ! . jsovU O.MXl RXN.31H slip, I Impa. I a 'I SllK :7W i GUICofAUb.V0.7;r - Vr . 'x2l)(iu Tniu. . - - U. U. k S. I! J" L NO (OtfU r.i'J.H'.".l'; I , (Af r. Tka ftM rc. - fstlened a'vdrrp. " - ' A I ll ihi.iI. am, i. . ier 'J. 3.i lona Urtki. a U ((. and - a a la 'ft r'fA Wi'J be a readin la r i rt; tn a l na. rr ltr, e - y lo I - . . mi Wr4. al flnei t wKa'f. t la Jl l IH. SI HoHts. I I 'I V' - il - t r, XH'n n t o l.. - . 4 I ) I.. Ja t, Kotil.RH k CO. : tr."ti Academy. Ort'.rr. a 3w OONF.M OGA N A UiA I lO.CO.Ji rt.X. y Nutrr ia herehy riven, thai propoU will b received by lh praaidenl andmantceraiH aaid company, on tho 14th, I.Mh, and Ibth dsy rv - (itembr nrtl, Tor the bunding of twrlv Dam nJ lh same number oi woodon lirk, in Ilv nvrr Corteatogn i for ronalrucUng a lowing path along said mar, and for tha removal of hirk and other onatrvrtion lo live navigation of th am, (roin Uv ray of Irvraiter lo the ntet iUM)iirbanu, a duunce, by lb winding of lb nrr, of lt$ mil. Th dsnis will b an n vrc aboi.l Jfifl fnel long and a'ut 9 feel h gh. 1 h locks mil be l(XI fnel by tfi, sod III avertg lift ebut 1 feet I'eopmtala mil be recited sillier lor lb a hoi or ny part of Ine a - .rrk It ui rimlcd Dot i"io' fr building )v diint or ! ka m i or . tiipamed by draaui; and Tl'atialioe .:iw XIUHOLr.MAN,lNadent. Gio. I.. Vt. Nrvlary. !... 1. 1. r. A. "ik lr. a at INF. I D IRISH I.T.N E.N.h - 1 , nn'iea. JL.C m wsnl of lri - h lunrns era ra. iMvtlully lovitfd lo rail al I.e. A. (lutt s liith hnn tlxre. and rianMii a (aek; of autw rior An undra il l - tth linen thai Imi his iu r.eited Mn nmw, being a entirely tva stir uffnodtlo any ever im;orted to tlu cwinlrr ; k front Ilv tlr4irury bo o,nlity, raortc. n4 Vary iuiprov4 st) v ivT bvrarh and linnh. fen. 1 dera llm a very beautiful an I superior article ! rtwre a alurta. TW prira ta eualW at lo aa aajf other bum, which wdl b povrd oneia - M.oalnVt. ,N9 MtrOanbrta, a'Xi 4 ttor fion llroadaay. urn ( i.tta k 1 V ('. bat trd lba mnrnuxg V0 boa tryrH( ap H.'Jwna. Also, a d Ha very baaty i s.n I rtocb halin. p'm black (trn d Nsplea rlilk. h.l bilk Mil Hew. plain and aha 4 I tl - le, all of alvib wtU ba sud Jvetp al fci aMlea) Itna, rwoer nf w a. lr4. tn M dec, donnnora, l - orlet giaatea. drawing knirea. tieal and gil. rrtvru'srUam, Jrtt, steal Ai gut aaiai buckle and rlaap. f .it It Usad tr dro, lrt nd bnlltar ratirule, steal and vrvet purse, gilt broarhr nd brsatl fnna, le and l natch chain, seal k ksy, nitcb riboout, nl qa and ta lier.m,l. pert smery Pol and pomaiuia, trtianml TUm lull ltt.M . r.u J li Varilk.ttrd lmVltl 1SW r.l AX Wat IM1V - vrry vajuabl .v.lrumnta of lb above daarrip. rrl b.n.ktrtbulUm. wyandar tKia.euoti.Ung ol doaat'd plstadsndbfilan.teandubloo.. On Military or Land eurvaying Increment. c.tor rhaiv iiying rei. aawawa W.lhaiiKhArromlerkTleoi.i.d Levsl. ndned.rn. iron ind tte - 4 knill ng p, . I L' i. f t a k.M.ltu a . aJ aW a . a .1 a. . with rtn both in rasa. ' r rn o.m.f, t. - , ,,,o., ,p On ctuMewna .rtrui.iont, with 11, with wing .: a. rswy note, rominod arn. a N'Hiini fat uoiiiimgor treat end mtnulraiiy an ' "' - "" ii" "" inmU motion, and ilk 8urT. wtr - n rm. l.kin vik. h..r areHs, Twn aniall do. I "nt arttnent 01 rat wy on rarot, ewn - r. . .J u nBlna t. - ..i - ' I mon and srxnith eara. brat and iron rand . Tbren London Us p. w.ihnanvy sinka, elat.! do atd sonlttr k Ui. Pd glalliiiiiinUvra,tobe.lcedoerlhaeompta. tU rr iWr. pantiloon borkle rfr k "" ndwalladatnedflHthOu - sollboivawliivtnlad !!, pl.le and ttp d bJ binned of Mr. Row of UIUr. and aa d - "derrick, y - wrry - . Bnger ring d. bun inouia, wsia.'.g k.. ........ Alio, A frl srtmot "f oaars ra r,.tM(iii of Ike Mowing. "ul i I .r. ,1 1 1. . l ,varard me. iNm, l n J7. I lr H. I h E. D. PtnALUtiriaofl. acribed in tha Evening I'oal of th lh tnl. Two l ilota. mth 9 Chart for all Ilia Weal la diet, with tailing direction. lnviH irriiif tiii.nriin irwpm, . . . . - . , . , THo avlv. are of Ibn Vl a4 Jl be t l"4.: old 'ill leas than llvs sala .r,. if t - "l Pt. H Ai en lor auun, to ll.nir.H.Milu, a 'iC J1 1.17 X. alet si. do, JeJ uJt. as d. n - d klacaa in card W - 'AlTE'ctOFFU I. ll er of Fulton - ir f, .'J III woaa irrwl, well t M. l aitl Churrli. ndrnorf Mtn'm - lane and llmad w.y NF.XV.YORK rTATF. I.IIFHATI KE LOTTERY, Cla No. 4. for AV - w,ll pn.'l e - ly b drawn on tlv 3tKh of rVpteinW, and hniab d in lew tnmnlea. v.irir.ii. rain CA0O1 l..llsr I tl. tV.:ire il.isl Lollar I I.lir lO.lsal I Kill tea I .Vial alitr IWaide nation AH fc ItRAD. o ftrat avort'd ane. from 44. ( li J ill d da re d sjrk('ul Nt.ta.of i,d ane. from f.,f tW in l twl Jil i.f ltaiW of !. Ar r. idea an nonvetiea naieSer f a rm, rrTi'4,r Who'e 1 4 QMe II1 Halve 1 .Nlb eViKvei' i . .. . .. . i. TWkel.. HalvrH triers J I .pin.iev s - e atXVAITE'rt. , . f , ,, n f. H. lkdfr'"s'bCVr - P'',),in U prom y slircd i v Catkj a l.trvej ' " ""'v "7 P"' lea, at aooa a ilia. t3ti)t pae.b a 21 II. l. k F. HHF.WAI.U ; r,natl.aet. JOW i KlcrD I LAIDH - ii - 'ksjMlan' J rreMtn, ex. nij John Mnymuiui;iii"ikft - is inn fis J f " araiMMJjaLaaaJfc4 UY HAjGrRTV. Al sTEN 4. CO dir. Ai9a'. V al lif t wit.uroa,fTririal aa - orttitenl of Pry (i. TueuUv, r.ick'.idr. sit.r. Al 10 aVrvk ai lb r iH "s room, tl C nv rrad.t. 'AJ pacatfta of llm - U i Am. di ia great nelv. , HI .Mil. i n i J.ii mon. (plnrr comer t Xl d rnrlsilv - ,l 11 Mna til, ai t n'.Uk. at ilr auetion nvmn, a i aoortnienl of Ibilitb and French Dry (rood. Mondtr, Al II Vt"k In fowl of'loeirstnm. 100 piartn 4 J asm tviion U;, n.iUAu t LnU dnatd. ,41 'rrrar .Van 4 cta I bilUptonrgb ry muta sait dolks, tiY J. k rrii6.Ni. kTZ. " Mndsy, Al aVWk al lb anriien rnont, I Wrg aad a'dtioe awutiiweai ai 11'Krwi nvna. AWv nrarailr wt ai j gUndVua k Vlk lollta. a dJ ltr nd - n ratineraa, I d V'f m tateria auii of a new and eWg ant n j la. MfrJaetCUT, Al l'fl'k al tSaantivun rwnen,atl oe.thn etedit. 70 naea l rev (ewtda. la d bf lh) LW IjaiaMt. s.f i.k. I burmUy Dt KtyU IQoViork al lh.r srta ml n tn tlCi rndil, .') package fr iwi( - Hd rati n ii waoUen g.W. rc d k,v U vaitaum and Coenririfef a tV 'fn t tel lMaf f - m tit'ra ins - na im v. v. atee. a oSui. iturlm.1. ( 4 ' bf a.f.11 JWU.rt fx RNLT, lisi.wi1 . KXVr.N ll ' t li'ir - a.t H. D .P.M;WALU7irt I.N XHlHI.NWAKt ttnd l - be. J Vk p - a 4 e.fJ Lns - nd nd C.

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