The Evening Post from New York, New York on February 10, 1825 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 10, 1825
Page 3
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U da Ths l4l vmTmf t a, N - m - ). Msa rosd m.m of D I m ki Mi' MlW ' vd af 1 i'Mtrg aao' M l.A I ratals lb I 0d SM' - d - - l )0 S mmmrUt - pay. o a r Air of Uw morning, in rsipect to she inannir m tn AuMifijTt Vastl Garden, - ths result gf the prnsderiUal election. It will be as tot derided H.MMfot Jackonn. t wu fur Adams, and three tunes tor Crawford. - By correcting the error of J the Advocate, ut tiis evenings paper, you wiu much oblin your1!, ke.r - - VBHSK' JIATHBONE, FITCH & CO. At an election'held at the office of the Jefferson Insurance Company, on Monday the 7th inst for Director for the ensuing year, the following gen tleman were unanimously cnosen 4 Clarkaon Crolius Richard Juker Peter Q.Hart Pavid Board Daniel Gassner ', Charles Porter William Baldwin . William P. Knapp Abm. M. Valentine Samuel M. Fitch John Guion . , John J. Reed.' Richard Raynor Charles K. Gardnor Johnll. Gifling David Seaman Stephen Barker WilliamS. Rosa Gilbert Memtt C. C. Cambrelctig David Brown Thomas Hyatt Jeremiah Loumsberry Isaac M. Hand Cornelius N. Sharpe Pierre Teller Nicholas Gouvemcur W. W. Tompkins James Turney J. P. Knapp. At eubsequent meeting of the Board of Di - rectors. Clabkhon Caoni's, Lsq. was unani mously elected President of the company. GILBERT MERR1TT, Secretary. Usf. O" For advertisements of valuable Ileal Es 4th page. T - : MARRIED. Last evening, by the Rev. Mr. Brientnell, Mr William Townsena nnexney, to rnta,aaug of tlie late Mr. John Michaels, all ol this cit This morning, of a few days illness, in bis 13rd vear. Mr. Robt Mingham. His friends end ac aiiaintancss, and those of Thomas FrioL are pur tieularlv natreeted to attend his funeral, from No, 87 Mulbery at; at 1 - 2 post 3 selock, to - morrow afternoon. ' This morning, after a short ilkiess, Anna Sands daughter of Austin L. Sands, aged three years. Yesterday morning, after a Tung and painful Ulnew, Mr. Benjamin Robertson, aged 22. Last evening, Mr. Daniel Baylcs, ship wright, an aged and very ruspcctable inhabitant of tlus city. In Norfolk county, Virginia, on the 15th of January, Samuel Boss, M. D. a native of Conn, in the 324 year 6f his aze. Much beloved and repertod by hie acquaintance, and in Uie hope of a blessed immortality heyonu the grave. sVseSrasd CLEARED, Ship Frances, Miller N Orleans J W Russell Marmioo, lluttleaton ljondondrrry MX'untock. Hawthorn It Co. Ju. Monroe, Kcmplon Trinidad de Cuba . KMalibran Brif Planter, Pease Trent, Borstow Financier, Joy Goo Washington, Rhodes SJir Ev - hange, Foster Wilmington . N Orleans Sihs Holmes N Orleans J Lawrence Savannah O Maurau Son, Stratton, Winthrop It Co. A Blake, J Sea man, a Kichards, and Wauwngbt acta George, for Boston, sailed same day. Spoke,20th nit lat28, long 86, ship Josephine, 16 days from N York for N Orleans. - Brie Wm Perm. Thomnarm. (of Me.) Fort Kov - al. Mart, 18 days, with molasses, to J B Murray & Son. Left, 20th ult Nathaniel, Gray, for N York via St Croix in 17 days : Alert, Clark, for I o, me.zu. . Brig Swiftsure. Melius, (of Boston.) FavaL 50 days, with wine b fruit, to J G Pearson. Left no Am. vessels. Brig Gov. Hopkins. Vickerv. Savannah. 11 ds. with cotton b rice, to the master, J Lawrence, G uain, u wragg, A Murray, Foster b Giraud, A Richards, and to order. 2 Dassenirers. Simkn. 26th ult lat 33, long 73,achr Harriet, of Stoning - ton, from Havana forPhilad. Brig Cygnet, Inperaoll. Marseilles. 51 davs. with wino, brandy, &c. to Jos Osbora. Bng Hiram, West, Plymouth, N C. 3 days fm the Bar, with cotton, naval stores, staves, &c to o reca, i red well il Thome, Henry b Beers, and J tr O Williams. Left brig Sampson, Hillyer, for Jamaica 16th inst. Schr Mary & Nancy, Brown, Mobile, 17 days, with cotton. 6c. to J W Russell. E Wsinwriirht and A. Richards. Left Jan. 20, brigs Heroine, ana Arge.ana shin Columbia, for N.York 25th Louisa, bprinor, Havre, do t Hone. Burns. New York, do ; Paulina, for Liverpool, 1st Feb ; schr uoiu nunier, Boston 00 ; Mary Ann, Chase, just arr 16 days from Tampico j Julia, MofTatt, for N York, ready. Below the Bar, ships Indus, loading lor N York; Schuylkill, for Havre. S9tn Courier, for Liverpool do t birr Concord. Thorn as, ashore on the Bar, supposed to have bilged taking out cargo. A Sp. ship, prize to a Colon. bias privateer, was ashore 4 miles above the Bar, brig Venus, from N York, and 2 ships and a schr not known. Sqhr Harmony, Carter, (of Bath,) Kingston Jam. 43 days, with coffee, pimento Sic. to W, Banks, F B & W F Cary, A C Piexotto, and Prime, Ward k Sands. Spoke, Jan 5, off Cape Antonio, U. S. ship Decoy. 11! th lat 24 29, long 81 J, schr Llita Ann, Davis, 24 days from Boston for Havana. Left Dee. 29, brig Tontine, Belts, from N York, inst arr with horses. Sailed in co, wun nng Agcnora, i nornber, tor in Orleans, and schr Wanton, of Hartford, for the leeward for a market. Schr Plandome, Williams, Washington, N. C. 4 days, with cotton k naval stores, to J G Pearson, k Tredwell k. Thorn. Arr at tho Bar, schr Alfred, N York ; Henry, Waring, do. 4th ; schr Jsrvis Brown k Co, St. Thomas. Sailed 5th. schr Tlienix, West Indies Mars, Martinique Eclipse, St. Bart, schra Ariel, and Minerva, and sloop Amn, sailed from the Bar 5th, for this port. Met going in, schr Florida, ofN. london, from Curacoa. It was reported that a Northern schr supposed to bo, Capt. Aims, for the W. In - dies, was ashore on Mrandt Island shoaL Schr Nancy, 8raall, (ofNcwburvportO Savannah, 6 days, with cotton, sugar, Let. to T lord, J Griswold, k 11 Thomas. Fsosenm. Mr. 8 1 ur ges. In the Gulf Stream, 6th inst saw brig MaU teawan, from New York. Schr Pilot, Waterman, fm Connecticut, bound to Norfolk and Rialimond. Arr at Havre, Doc 30, New. York. Prince, fm Wiiadi Massacnusetta, Abbott nUrleans. Arr at Havre, Jan. 3, La Solids, Charleston. Sailed from Marseilles, Dec 27th, brigs Bern, Warren, for Marsala ; Augusta, Rogers, N Orleans. An at Mobile, Jan. 14th, schr Ebxaboth, New - York ; 15th, Br. brig Hesper, Liverpool ; schrs Collector, me, riymouth and Matanxas j t ran Jt SB , 11 TTMIZ public is respectfully informed, that in X. eons celebrated chutz. or 1 grand roinantic'melo drarofc of Cherry and Fair star, will, Uua evening, do penormea tor ins msi time but three, prior to its being laid aside. THIS EVENING, Feb. 10, will be presented, Murphy's popular comedy, in 5 acts, of Beverly, Mr. SUnley Lady Keutiess, . miss A.eny After which the molo dramatic romance, called CHERRY AND FAIR STAR. Cherry, Miss Kelly Fair Star, jonnson Doon open at C o clock, and performance t commence precisely at ltalf past 6 o'clock. (ndday, Mr. Burroughs' neneni. THEATRE CHA THAM GARDE. THIS EVENING, Feb. 10, will be presented, the tnuredv of riZARRO. or The Death of Rolls. RoUa, . . Mr. Williams Cora, Mrs. Hughes To conclude with the musical farce of THE LADY & THE DEVIL. Doors open at C, and performance to commence at ha(f W 6 oVorL ndoy, Mr. Allen a benefit " ANTED, a Cook and a Chambermaid , also, a Lady's - maid who is willing to go into the country. Apply at 398 Broadway. te iu at TO LET. - ! I Jsw FOR PdRTO CABELLO. M The neat 2 story House, No. 23 Broad - 1 vt7 The staunch rast sailing schr ffcRSE - way, in complete order, having been i iVLilANCE,Towii6nd,rnait, wiilsad Uu - oughiy repaired the last summer, lower rooms I ou uie 15th inst for tire above port, having moat Ok - I. A.TOWNHEND. 47 South at for Londonderry and back to A. York. 1 . l . finvtwyn A A Hone arrayed or Stolen. A dark, Drown horse, belonging in inn fluusiiucr. wu muier luimn 1 r r - or broke loose from his stable, cor - The elegant new sliip GENERAL nm of Eldridire and Pumn streeU. a - - ri imAfl, capt Wm. Allen, will sail last Olonuay rugnu ne is ouna ot I or iiouuuuuciijr wu itw inn. sua raiurn ui - i nne eve : has twi wniis snou. one I reci lo new - s ore. am uas very convenient ae on his fore, and. one on his hind foot Any per - j commodationa for steerage passengers, being 90 son who will return said horse to his owner, 32 1 feet in length and 6 feet 10 inches in height be an.,, .im.! .t,.n ha Mtaaonablv rewarded 1 tween decks, rersons desirous to eniram nas - ,"'v"' ..., a. . r. I .i r - " - . t JUniv rt.L.ULii. i im in uie sieereKo ivr uiov lrionas eominir u New - York, can apply on board east side Old slip, or to JUibB mtiuKATti, f8 6t 75 South at F10 2t M WRITING SCHOOL. ISS TYLER returns her most grateful ac - :jvJVW DRESS. PETER L. VANDERVOORT offers for sale the following articles, recently received, all of the vory best quality wmte, roseandsky diuc aauns Wliite, black and col'd Barege b Gauiea, of every description Rich embroidered and Coronation silk Hose White Kid Gloves (Faconne Anglaise) very su - Camel's hair barege Scarfs perior Robhinnt I Ore oo08 The above are all calculated for fnll dress. ALSO An extensive assortment of Silesia Damask table cloths, from 2 to 12 yards in length of the richest patterns and quality, with napkins to match. Real Camel's Hair Shawls.aquare il long, blk, white t scarlet, very splendid. f 10 1 w Wet dimiters. T P. & O. W. LEE, will open at No. 90 Wil - 'BY MLAUGHLIN, WIGGLVTe7uT (Store No. 78 Maidert - lane.) ; - Valuable and scarce Books. ; . - ' Friday Evening, . .. At earlv candle lie - ht a Wire and valmM. ..i. lection of books, comprising many valuable and elegant works. Particulars to morrow, tala - loguea on rnday morning. Ml private sale. Vooon new novel. Lionel Lincoln, or the leaguer ot Boston. 2 vols, for tale cheap. for HAMBURG, The fast sailing baroue ELIZABETH, J. Parker, master t has three fourths of ner cargo engaged and going on board, and will moot with despatch. For froight or passage, apply on board, between Catherine end Market t. wharves, or to i 8 FISH & GR1NNELL. 136 Front st. ,14 returns ner most graieiui ac - .... . n:;i - .m inanaaof inn knowledgemenu to those families and ladies who "XT ".' "i r,ZrJZ7 f Also received this morning, have so liberally patronised her school, and re spectfully informs them and the public, that her fifth course of lessons, (which consists of rive different classes, No. 147, many of whom are married ladies,) will finish their lessons on Friday next. Her sixth course will commence on Monday, at No. 45 Chatham - street Ladies will be for LAUUIIIA. The superior, fast sailinir. armed brig POCAHONTAS, Johnson, master, will saU on Sunday next. For froight or passage, having superior accommodations, apply on ward, , earn siao uurung sup, or 10 U. II. IIUUKKTSON, fe7 105 Front street. ' f Yivrm vi ! ui v1 - , ... - I - r, - M vi uv. iir.iiiii. liam st. to - morrow morning, 1000 yards of The fine coppered sliip TRIDENT, J. finn R.A Tlimill - rm. (SOld Under the MSDeCUOn I Y.I ll;,.W,r.u,.n mUMtnr i nnm ft,. MSjaMsMsajsasT siiinuinviif w uvw suwaw IVI sea, and can take a few more passengers in both cabin and steerage. Apply on board noar Fulton market orto ISAAC WRIGHT & SON, J 31 corner of Cliff ti Beekman strts 1 bale of 12 k 1 3 - 4 Marseilles quilts 1 case of 6 - 8 10 - 4 table diapers 1 do 3 - 4 bird's eye do A lares assortments of plain muslins Rich Fancy Silk Goods on hand, at 90 William v I . . ft j t 1 1 . : i i . taught the plain running hand, and various orna - ainwss.. mental hand writings. Miss T. engages to ena - CJ TEEL ORNAMENTS. 50,000 Steel Orna - ble every scholar who conforms strictly to her di - O menu, suitable for Ball D", for salt by rections, to write an elegant hand in thirty lee - T. BUSS1NO, sons. Her friends and the public era invited to feJOjt 76 Wm. comer of Liberty st call upon her, between 9 o'clock in the morning TJOBERT J AFFRAY k CO. 158 Peari - st and the same hour in the evening t she will pro - XV have just received per packet sliip Canada, sent them specimens of improvement in her pu - fWmi Livirnool. the followinir irooda. wliich are 1 . il II A . 1 l . K. ' . " '" i pus, wnirn wui esimuusii ino suprnoriiy oi nor i now ready for salo For LA GUAYRA The superior fast sailing copper fasten' ed and coppered schooner DANDY Capt Boddily, will sail in a fow days for the above pon, nd can take ma bulk ot l to aw barrels, it applied for immediately, to G. DOUGLASS, jam wen comer mo sup ana nouin si. mode of tuition over thoae in general use. Terms 12 for tho whole course of lessons. N. B. Miss Tyler has also a clam of ladies from 7 to 9 in the evening, which she has room to add to the number of. She instructs Uie following branches, viz. Geography, English Grammar, Arithmetic, tic I crms made known on appu - cation at her school room. fe 10 6w London Line of Packet Shivs. The ship HUDSON. Capt Champlin, one of the above line of Dacketa. to sail on the 20th inxt. can yet ennze die bulk of 1000 bUln. on freight and can accommodate passengers with f ununited slate rooms. Apply to the commander on board Uie ship, at Pine st wharf, to JOHN GRISWOLD. C8 South st or riO FISH AC (KUVNELL, 136 Front st a w . x i r IT" ror rrexgntor snorter, tJU T1,e furt MiU"' 'AMEL' Tata, aas master, 117 tons buruicn, carries well. Apjily on board, at Pine street wharf, or to f 9 - . JOSEPH OSBORN.51 8outh st. 4 - 4 and 5 - 4 plain Bobbinet 4 - 4 - sprigged lace net Bobbinet Lares, in great variety Do. do Footings 700 white bobbinet Veils, all prices Mechlin Lace, Black silk do Printed Marseilles (uilUngs, Salteens k trillings. fl0 2w JUPS. 20 balee 1st sort Hops, last year a li trowlb, Tor sale by ft 10 O. O. k 8. HOWL A NT), 37 South st. THdRNE'S Office, 214 Broadway, oppoxiia 8t Paul's Church. Prises soon to be drawn : 130,000; 15,0001 4oflrJ,000 j 8000 5 of 5000 j sra . a tAf I40I1UW. I l.' . .I. . .L.l.l. r,n. . I t 1, Literature Lottery draw.on 6th April, tickets m, T? " ' . - i t rp V freight or Charter, A The substantialbrig FRANCIS, Lord, ' "'" - 186 tons burthen, sails fast and carries a large caigo. Apply to f 9 JOSEPH OSBORN, 51 South st. FOR SALE, The fast sailing copper faMencd schr. iWlLLIAM, 750 bis. burthen. Apply to DE FOREST k 80N, f93t 82 South st. BY J. k V. HONE & CO. At Private Safe. 25 bales Dorchester TkksV BY LAWRENCE k LUYSTERS. Tuesday, March 15, At 12 o'clock, at Uie T.C. House, that valuable and beautiful country residence of the late Richard Lawrence, Esq. deceased, and now in the poseesMon of his family, situate on U bank of the East River, at Hell Gata, opposite the pot, ana me omer curiosities ot Uie rrvtr, about 7 nulet Quoani trom Uie city of New - York. It contains aooui a acres or land, under very high colli ve. uuu, mna is enciosaa wiu good ana suDatantuu The house is built In the vnr K mmniw . (.1 teet front and 36 feet deep, contains 6 rooms with nre - piaces,iwo large spacious hails, with a kitchen and a work - house in the mr unH ! Mniftt. with every convenience. The surrouiiding ground is laid out with good lasts, ornamented with beautiful trees and alirubbery, and abounds with, fruit trees of various kinds. The garden contains about one acre of ground, is well laid out ana aoounas wun nne I nut On the premises are a house for Uie accommodation of a gardener, a' bam, a hovel, a carriage and waggon bouse, an icq nuuse, s none buioks nouss, ash bouse. CC. aii uie Duiiuuigs ana isnres are in perfect order. j nis suusuon is one oi uis most Interesting on the East River, and is in every respect calculated for a gentleman of taste and pleasure, either , as a temporary or permanent residence, hut' within about ono hour's ride of the city, and poe - ' sasaes great advantages in consequence of the fa - cility of communication with it, u a stage runs iwios a day to Uie city, and the steam - boat Lin - ' neus stops daily at the wharf at Hallett's cove, ' wuiui is moiiu one - uuru oi a mue. The terms and coodiUons will be mads known on tnedsy oi sale. VYI1X1AM LAWRENCE, . On the DremMss. Executors AUKIAN VAN SLUERON, Brooklyn. FOR SALE. The schr THOMAS COX,eapt Tike, ,96 toua, carries about 800 bbls. draws on ly .eel water, and sails well she is built of the and shares for sals by T. W.THORNE,214 Broadway. Orders post paid enclosing Um cash for a peck Deinerara JFDelspU'ms(Co Frrdencksburph MslaihMS era, Bamea, Boston ; 17th, brig Mary Ann, Chase, Rogers b Graoe 8t Ann's Bay, Jam. Cleared, 15th, slup Sclma, Alexandria Longbeld, Liverpool ; 17u, brig Maria, Prince, Hsvsna. BOSTON, Feb, 7. Arr brig Hope, Mann, fm Sumatra. Brig Herald, Watwman, from Smyrna. Brig Galaxy, I larding, from Mataniaa. Left 19th ult. bng Emma, from NYotk, just arrived. Bnr Favourite. Groier. 19 dsvs from Matin - us. Left, l ith ult brig Robert Cochran, Clark, Pilgrim, 8towman Betary, BueU 81 oop Java. Rodhitd AKK1YLL TM13 UI.SUU.. Brig Swiftsure, Melius, (of Boston.) Fsjal, 50 daya, with wins If fruit, to J. Greco Teenon. Left M American v easels. 8 loop Harriet Bollra. (of Roclx - tpr.') Charles - too. and 2 days from Newport with ties, cotton. le. to suAdrMs. Tut into Newport with loss of aik. ami iotAA with k. nCXnW. . Kr Cmnil. 7 dsvs from Pvnnh. for New York. WilhoattoBw - flsrhre. I Brif Bud, Wise, 55 dsys from Bahia. Ift. AHJUVCD LAST IVENLNQ. I3Ui Dao. ships Dul Tradsr. Fag, waiting Packs saup Hurry, Kswip, fwen lUvrs, Df. I ffil I Gaorgs Champhn, Datoo, dot Two 3iXh, (VA Um Land's End Jan 7.) with dry food. Caihannes, Bpoower. just arr frora Um Coast of &e. to F Depau, I Belt and M R Burke, owners, Ainra, ior rrovioevioa, unci engs trtderrk. uarreti. ror Awxanona, wading j lieivtdere, rain ki, Philad. una t Washington, Nome, waiting fre ght t Howard, Ames, from Boston, disc i Lx - chanre, Jenkins, onder saitursi tfayetta. Snow - doo, Havana m C few dan Cortew, Iluntrwa, from Afnra, rttmnrvf ; Two Brothera. dierharg - inf jerk berf AmeTxa, Booms just arr. I trig Mairte, Burnon, S days from Charleston. Schr I rankhn, I liggins, from st Martha, fv - hr AV - rt, Gornaro. 22 days from Havana. Schr Almira. Rtca, 31 dars from Ft Thomas. Spoke, 13th ult srhr Romp, Gardner, 8 days hence far Havana, im ins "ih k commrnc d which continued till Um 28lh. during whirh the A. was thrown on her beam ends three limra, rfr For BREMIJt, The staunch fast eailinf brif HOW V TaARD, J. G. M "Curdy, master, will meet I age, or single ticket will be attended lo if addi immediate despatch. For freight of a few tons ed as above. Present price of tickets. 16 fe 10 f I TEMPLE OF FOllTUNFiuu Broadway, M.' Wo. ROOF.R3 If CO. 90 Pins st. BK SHOiWELL, FOX iV CO. Friday, At 9 o'clock at their auction room, a tvneral as - sortroeiit of fresh Imported Dry Goods. BY BOOG8, THOMPSON ft CO. Friday, At 9 o'clock at ths auction room, a ronersl am. aortment of fresh Imported Dry Goods. light goods, or passage, apply on board Uie brig, near ino loot ol rme street or lo To 10 J. GRISWOLD. 68 8oulh st For AMSTERDAM. Tho fine, substantial, fast sailinf brie MARGARET, Capt Poor, baa J - 4ths of her cargo engagrd, and going oo board. For freight of 30 or 40 tons, apply to flO G. 0. 4c S. HOU LAND, 37 South st office. rice of tickets. F. OF FORI T. V. Mumford's New - York Stau Lottery 9 prites of f 10.000 3 JiWU i ym 17 1.000 20 500 SCHEME. 41 prites of f 200 51 100 51 CO 1734 li 11475 6 age. "WASHINGTON'S BIRTH - NIGHT BALL AB LL will be given, ou Uie 2ud instant, at the Park Theatre, in eommemoraUoo of Uie birth of Washington. Tickets, at 45 each, to admit gentlemen and two ladies, may be bad of silher ol the managers. IT Ths surplus prtceede to be given to lbs Washington Monumrni Fund. MA.lAbt.llS. Those prefbrrini to pay only Um difference be tween Um price of a parrel of 20 tickets and the P BowfosC Brurers It TeMierc, J TowUr, Rich - ardi It SuttU, J Manr. Duaaaquier b lmtilhon, F W 8tubrsnir, Curtis k Umh. W W Wool - sy, J Little it Co. Si Fl. M Farrouilh, Ds Khars k Moure. JCUrkft Son LSallrs, LLay. P 8alao, L P Ds Luu, rWard k Mondort, V frusoa, F k II H - ldon, C W it J R Smith, Lans it Lamsno. GaJUrd b CravUUi. P Lemaire, II Cary b Co BeytaoA, jr. I - h it GrrenelL Pi: J 8 Crary. F Varet it Boo, M VsIMierv J Megt. F CotuiMt Pkifs It Sou.llard. Hijer i: WVht. Cb I Do Welts. A Mahntta, 8 V Bouland. J C Ponngvr. A BaiUf, II Brnvaa, Philip k I'tvings, G Garssrho. O Wsoar. IU3 b Brwo,C Willy, aad BroOMta Malty. Pessesigora, Mrs CdVs and XlT 'tnfrlEKKKS,(Msrtinique) v m y i i)i iin uii dt inn innM irnr. i "'Mtiu ii h lL,..n m..i k.. o.n.1 - r least ssuu they can draw 20 whols tickets. 174 her cargo engaged, and wilt sail on Saturday M0'. 20 ,'4jr' '7 05 20 IS M 20 next For freight or paaag, having good accont - eighths, 516. modations, apply on board. Flymsrket wharf, or to rwt jm - WToleUkfU,6 j Halves, 3 6. MACKAN, 33 Burling slip. QbvMI 7J EifuUis. W. t, N.B. A competent person going Jo this vs - si O" CP P) icling Um ceJ for a perk - win lake charge of any Goods oo cooMfnttsart "ff wlUJnr? wJl Tl'J'if f, J0 I siiention, u addressed lo r. muM - nvnoi rW Mr Ywk Lottery OfiVo, SUO Uroadsfsv, tfT '""' - '" - (. , l,MrlyoppotelrMFrankhoHott. - WrMrelhe yii) i o aupmor, ism sai ii,endi: armed brig THI master, will sad to - Morrow, weather permittuig. Fm passage, bevmg very bandsooM accommoda tions, apply on board, at Murray a wharf, or to blLAS llOl.m.n, to Bo - ith street N. B. A steam boat will be smployed to tow the Trmt up to Dm city immediately on her arrival in the MiiaprH. fe 10 Tor AlKW4kLEiSS. riialMW. King Thomas Morns PbUip Huns Henry Brevoort David C. Coldrn John C. 8tsvena Henry Lynch Brig. MaJ. Wctmors Csptam 1'elfair W. Curtis Simons Lownda Jackaou I Jau tenant I'lmn Adiutsnl rvertsuo. F. W. klNG.Cbairman. B. arRTIS, rWretary. T 3 I2d ftAl.l. Thimmisus. IH.YDSUMK V. MUMFORD'S TLST rscoiv! from Paria an aartmnl New York Suts Lottery OnVo, 2U0 Broadsfsy, aJ Gold and SUver Tnmeiings for Uail B HAGOERTY, AUSTEN It CO. FRENCH GOODS, t. Monday, At 9 o'clock at their auction room, 50 packages French Ooode, just received by Um ships Henry and Desdemona, from Havre, comprising a choice assortment of fancy and staple articles. PACKAGE SALE, WsdiMsday, February 23. At 10 o'clock at their aucUon room, 150 pack - agn iiriiisn ury uooos, at D months credit At Prwatt Salt, I bale negro cloths. BY JOHN T. BOY b, it t'o. Tuesday, At 10 o'clock, at their auction room. No. 137 Broadway, largo assortment of furniture, eo. sting of bureaus, wsrdrohoa, woali stands, brd steads, sideboards, tables, choirs, erttoss, card la bins, pier and contra do. isdios work and wnUag do. portabls desks, foot bsnohes. musis stools, so fas, French bedsteads, mahogany and field do. cots, kc Also, looking glasan, deoaBtsrs. cham U"'', - '"J' , nearly Oppoate the Frankho Houo. - Where Ihe Drss. 2V ?W . wP,ul P"M l0000 bterslurs kiltery. 3d fa t) .Vrr0 elsMWM soldi aUo, rarnlal ptitea of I30J00. tv Drsssiw for saW by fati 131 I) EL A PIERRE, M Fulton street t r - y y i s umi or ino ine oi rarans.) The Nw York built copped, armed. end ( sa.ling ship FRANCES, MJIcr, master. daughter of Boston, aad 1 in ihs steerage. Sailed hifWd cargo, lost stem boat had Um long boat baa l - 3d of bcr cargo on board, and engagrd. is co with ship Francos, Adams, fre CherHoo I OT' w" ""'a ' "7 wp - wui sa aad bng Lucy Ana, for f onlaad. Ship Governor Tomaamo, for H Tara, put bock Use XM, Moay. aad roroivod rooaaaWabie damage ia fouir in a - runstth Paw Head. Spoke, Jan k on IheUtard, Br. Wig Gobi Weill. 2ri day from N York. 20th, au 7 too i sbip Oaktsa, 12 dsys Iron Uoo - loafar GJirtitAr. recast ship UosiUvwooa, Nsghal, froaa Havre, Jan. JU.wtihdry goo4a,ie.UCraasoMi Bojd. La Rev. Barard L Co. P ftrusooot Gadlard b Cmivi'Vsa, J U MsyM, J Dorand, F l ottioot UmUrl 4: PatterM. AtTWiot,JO Hsm. Biaachard, )lay IMWy. Wittwr k Mama. J (Whard. II i: U BarrUy, B Lupa. N J IWar. mutt, fnro aad loraad yards. Ac. rVhr Virgmia, Otis, from 8svannah, Sloop GUb, Kertdnrk.fmrn New York. Sloop I'ipreas. Bulklry.from New York. Sloop Dough ivy, iirown. I mm rw i ora. Sloop Georp W aahington, Hagflt fruta N. York. Daily Admtiwr, Conner, and Patriot I OfTirt. Beaton. I'rhruary 8. Ths bng Danube, Bradford, 106 dsvs from Cenlno fr IkMton, arrived al Gloorraier on Monday evanmg. AtLinun, 2Jd Ort. brigs Nil. F.Jo, dia - hargtng I Duxbury. Hakrll. bmwd to Manilla. No Am. vessris al Manilla SUiNt. Tourhed at AsretMSAn, and wu mfiwrned thai d on or before Sunday neat 13th uvdaot For remainder of fretghtor paaage,havmg a Urge and elegant oabm, apply oo board, at Pino street whan, or lo (s 10 JOHN W. RUSSr.LL, 73 South st. sr ,LW 0AHXV. I or baianro of fmrhl or paaags, apply oo board, eat side of llymarket wharf, or lo fe 10 J. YY. RLSSr.Un 73 South si. MR &.1 FASSAIL (Established LmO The faat sailing packet ship ALT.1'4. TA, Ooorgs W hile, maier, having part of bor 25.0U0, 10.OUO. 5U00, lOUQ, 500, kc. wars 1 tUvod of m htrmmt ci&w. fe 10 "4"1KCaT BAR(i!N - A property valued il. al f 10.000 M offrred for sals m this oty. Peculiar circumstance indues tho subscriber lo dispoM of it al a very low rate. A deposit of S w required of ovary one who frel dtapusnd lo bo - roms a purrhairr and Um title. of lbs eventual proprietor of il will bo made complete on lbs Mh of April neit when ho can, if be plsoass convert it into money, or Baak Stark, as may brat suit biapurpow. lorpartKuiara.WMiuifaf ILA. TALMAN, 1:3 BroaJwsy, optxiis City HaO. Vhrs are coosUntly M sals Faary Tvkste as us u st f 10 ft UktrNofkll AaeppucoJMS) kasUtWy J. bseoj mads Is tho loryoraUoo or Ums ti poigns glasses, soselmral diahea, tureens, butter boats, celery dishes, sporguea, castors, liquor stands, rich cul dishes, candioeticka, saulfrti Md Iraya, ivory handle knives and forks, shovels end totig, 1 Frooch cuius stove ooupieta, X pair tola, with duk.aVc. eomplets. Also. 2 very sUgaat piar taUas, and centra do to maim. , At 10 o'clock at the auction room, bv order of tho aheiul, a quantity of blacksmith s took. ploufbs, ic Al nrtralt mltjmmX iruwlut AmA m'.lt S EH ANNA COAL lots lo suit pur - Ua, suitable for pnvals pracucs. Inquire Likewise, one marble mantis pieor. AWi e am, 11 invcw of r Km, rMultna nOES I0ca('an4ioa ll - , I d - i psienl of Peoro and Pouchong, Pradas Kuchmg, ko do.,forMlby CIIARLFMSqilKI MjaGrahsm, whopurU.daU3onth2iU If I - " iari Hanover square I January, at las atcuon room. No. 137 Broad I ForsalsalauruosuatUMT.C. II. on XllXSaiunUy tho Ith wiaUnt by JAMFS Ml. I. IX S. I K, lhal wan and sub - taoiial Mill iws Mary anrh kouss, sitaaisd o. U Or - i sirrwt. lha sWfih bouva abovs Grand street The lot TU n.unch fa.t t LAURCL, ft V pWfd ig li - BY MHXH k MINTON. (Store corsor of Wall and Peer! streeta.) Saturday, Al t o'clock at their a set inn room, a ttnarvJ m m s - Bormaoi na irwmn imnnoo ory gross. ajbyiaj. The bousoialniitlui ihe modem at vie Life Ls of a I hum mrU Lit As. 35 Wi aad sa Dm Vast saeniwr, with Mdmg doors pan - Al lie'cl a, at lbs TonUno ConVs House, Um Irwo bet wsoa Um room, hmMs chimney pMrso, bis Wae of Um houM aad lot V Wall strawt kr.Lc In lbs rear of Ihe W, m gnod wood POWER it CO. ao.aosmuMysrisroraaaovieMa,wi onv.'i - j i v. rvao fat 3l MHul.a a PaS I.JlMn XT M1a Kafulk. I I WW " - mm ....... ..... 8JttV BUod. w LLev J Haod III) two ships and a bng. belonjing to Mr. Gray, of fmghl tnggod,wid sail oo baturday or it lor H DfU. MZn i7trT - rV k i 8 ( rarv rJorf.M,rMdao, there oulheWih Inbound reoi.mder.or r - f. bating baname aocom - F 11 iTKutocVrlVlK r - urnr - f - r - from IU - ''' J - WJ i P - . .t and aal lWIt Unr.oro - M,r.rtMfc Lamb, J Z r . ' W?l Wl7lTLl 0 Rauih at. Liiiuitr rt.ii ia - rr.ntiMurk GLOLCESTI.R,lrb.5.ArnvdrhrCiit Ull UAA, Jr. 70 South st fUrml C It I WbH Rb.raft M MT. "ac - o. vm Vineyard, for IV - tnn. Th. Fl - emboal Company al Savannah having 5 JT. ofLVVT SUT. i t! tibr Mmana. I lamlm. from Martinique, vm wads arranpmonts w,t Mc - sra. Dutiham n "7""T r7 0,Lt ,V th. Vu.srd. C.mpfld for mv,g and forwarding good. is r ranted it J maks vcrf ronvooietit plans t empty straw beds, lo bur efcavmga, lo depoaito dead bog, rati and doga,wturO would be perhaps suits u prvjodmal to baalUi, as to aVpoaiis Um dead uadr ground. The principal ot;rt, bow - ewr, virw by tho morors of th petition, M to ksv away all cooipotitora, as ssnaU grorora, and. u Um end, lo rvt a bay ma; art Umto, It wdl bs roMmber4 thai an aptUtraiioo was made for this ground last epnng, whKh Um f. or. poreUon very wMJy rvjwud aad I srs ao juM rraatM wby they should aot rsct it again. All persons oho are opposed U lbs ead grant of Um aid pioro of groood, ars rsustd lo at - Im lo It and to lake turn wwosurve wiliraul Fr - Uy. Al In nVUk a UlM Umi4huI ml V,.mml,.mm to I "iJETTill A. Mr MH Km rmwved, anid he consMting of burraoa, si Joboarda, wah stands, lUl L ra ruiU om fWwr abiihrTiV, te No, I wardrot, mahogany, fanry & Windsor chairs. U Wall stmt ooa door bt!jw WiUism stroei roer contra and rard Ulloa, la Jms' work aad wr.t - bra may bo bad awry artle m Um Stationery mg da, tea and dmmg do, mahngaay, usld and bos Aont Books Is any rotlsro rrvnrh bedvUads, awn staow, foot bsucbco, snado al UM ehortaat ooUo IlookWoJirg in all porta Me aWa. Uokmg gtawoa. lanrro, aVantora, HaUaotnoa. I tumloata, casmpaigo f 'aoaro, rlaraa. Sj, lich TO LET. I nil dwli. crlrv bowla. anutfrrs and trava. nl Two larps rouoM iioasrsti.M, giwo 1 dloUitka, ivory bandlod knivsoand fxia. shovoM lbs find of My I Um whuleof thssmmd utd lxif. ic, with stanv oiW arUcW suryaf UMSUtlding No.2 W'anstretfurnuhd Alv W doseej too whits Come cups aad sou sa lo usadsnoM rooms o iih raiding doors. Also, wrs, 4 duinr sotta wsll worthy lbs attention, of "XX. an otTxw on Um lar flonr. Fnauire of fJlw 1KTLRA. Mr.KI.ia.lJ WaUat. Urn k larda 7T VandrtVooct J rWoar - br Entrrprise, Mm.H. of MaibWiCad, from Augusta and I lamburgh. aU roods eVlay lo orsvenl d a. lbs pobl rdru.r. J!TVit V . . a . sTnl a NYnI hiprd by this Le.ron.gnedlo ih above kooM r Tbs name of Um wr.U - r m kft at Um as iVl?!"' )hl??A M)KTl.ANn.r,h.i - Amd. br.f Ort.vis. MlUaplaroa, w,SI bo rv,vod and for.anW 6c IsISi w'i "RuUmT T II SMd. JklV Uosk Cord0n,Trram. and i3ds,s from tiibraltar. fn - e of chares for mmn,, f,J TT61 lCKTrMVl13rt 'o.oo. Umn Br Wbiisi. J M'Civkan, JBlV - toot. The bng l.Uiaheth. Will.ama. was nol mj.irrd - r l)K .I.Vtt7fVA". X 11 o, bss romovod lo Um .New IWd.r.g ft. Hk W IVaArlJ J Clark it Hon I Curt. H V by drifting ap egainM lbs Nw FWnlge, aU went JiU The fa sailing prkr bng IIIHAM. 51 Wall - el. aaHy otpm.i. U w iViUnd. (W.; - .!. ir ii ivu'lLi.C Far - U sm on Thursday - thN.ninl,adHr Y - ,Wm, ma.trr.lo sad on Haiurdsy Um if AITI li. . - ..n4 - aurM, iu ni.i.nni i - ii! m.i . 11 Sunn I ilfwin I inn, " " "a, " p i jih ut r or lrifM or PSMr. orct so ooaro I UW at il.i .J l . not bo l RCht.F. llHUl llkHJi, afl for oaV,al ho 64 fuwstpM ThomW. ( ol. S TharvrT L aS - , P U - au. will pmUl ly f - .i - . . .i n IKntifl IkIM Ca.lVd k (JranU. II Fra - . Burckie IWh - .1' balmrn. rniaoa I 'ety. Ma.rl k Hons,! r lK,r - svi,r, 1. r s Uie, aad (1 1 Boyd. NJ - d mi ro. with bug l.u. y Ann, f l't'atd, and bMl JO Mbft tewk M S r.dw. rWmsffe. MN Yk. lilhi lota - from N Tor k l Locoma. H tl - 1 'b, neat day t bng Ma - axbusrtls, and lora, uort Ann. Now, da) sh.p iov. TmrVir.a, rfj - ainng. Sr k, l'b. 3. JC Nn - H.K o hr Mary JarM, bound lo Rn - Bwl Hu p rdeard, fUnah, 11 dara, tMtnm, f. Ordn. I)v k Co. lUka. Lav k Co. IWno k Jln, II TVmaaa. A tUtta!, and A l.imQ k C Sfka, b M. Uv . li. W :a, II, bng I Vwxta, I t - a N. Yk f CKarUs lb Ri li ir. Grat. as ktiuM. TWvtrara. 11 dirv ttk a4 - .U )tWbn, UUdaaeo. 'b W rsrite 14. for lUMoa lA. Jaa V W g , fUvaw. furl arv fVasai rortaaoMta, iliUnoJ aVh k - ed4 tl Um in a gaW Hfe. liWoixO, dai 1 1 . Hsuo. ym ,r. , aM - tg I Was k Yr. a, di iWwd. rtUdt HfK Itwlr. iwkg. Sra,lorattVW.kMga7.ocKr llo. dais froaa lUHjiMre tt t oran - a. Jao 11. M 11, U - Y i l lnf rs - W, nffalMO. 37 data Amwo llaaa. Tbe ab llsnwo. 'V Timjr - tj X i M'wnO,Wr' lhrvao. i - aig aW at o 1 4 l rvw w lMUMlb.aal W lUi StatKo OMsae .. Vy IWeoio l - snd I '"HI Tmo rJl - t.ll ltmtnf - ' UmimUm I k vjsxg la ti I'arx.'s fVr nMm of iWasta imtl vo Um fcarlUwoVo. ) - msm,?1 dra f'm M W. "b ti - a, u(WM, AT,.. k '. W D v' W. r TVr. 4 ytrwwx I Wr;M k gM o!T unld 1 1 1 A RLI1HTON, Frb, 2. - Arrnrd.ahipAna, .oi, frnro Mndoo,50 days from land's end, IbigHatah l ianros Msirna, M dtji fiuru ftmtaite. NORFOLK. Fh. 4 km.l.Wig llannahk FJnaVth. Km. rialiimore.r .New. York. I wrwro abe aa.k4 ult. bound lo taguira pol m tn dtrr, with Wax rj all the atanfhoM n th tarWord shW I all the stsrtxMrd boloarka l VolAWMta dWkl brt bowrf rH thru w a ti board i MtfiMl and nggiigt f rfvirptaaa. etsra and rggog. forsvard and forvt inaad. fol lotgaUanl yardfild for1m3snl msat aU rot aoav.wiihlben. - rwf Ibarrto attartMdt try Uuns off dk. aovUlmf 50 banaa of spra. aotyt awayi aJ Um oara srpt Ibo loo Mv bopnl aid roam V - mu, br.Jo otUr daina - Ul M Im t; - 'rk Htiant m Um r of Kid ri i was bote oo. Ur bsoss aad waiaal is UmI a.tMlmn M boors, rT S days had no. IW on bol Wosd sd raw - ad wk. Waa. IUaka.Mawaa.s'NYk.adou al fool Fhmerkrt barf, or to flQ3i 8TITHF.N PFCK. "777: ioirciiRi.i.8roN, tcli tfa - ksl lOiMMnpa.) ' The rVjant fat aaiUrg. cffondl ship ,M.W All 4 - it trano, matter, will sad on Saturday. 1 or rrtight or paagw. apply 00 b.Mrd.rat aide Uuilmg alip, or toO. MAI UA?t. ri'hrg al.p. 10 moot ono'oUoiiabW lo - omrirTxUtKn.i. al No. 13 flats atnwt tho Apply r A S f i . 1) an eapxtwofou. sioadf vun f f lo lake raro of an Hft Apy'v. wik pnrt rarwrninrodaUoiM of tharartst, at No. tta MuUball - dnrot ft at iK sLl f - .T TbeWaMof an old sstabhUMd Gro - I"KY UUOl j' 1 l - rry. wtoals ftorife soM romor Maiksll U hlo tjl UU AlUtrs Havana, nroon. Umlmg J f.4 MM by O. Mat RAN. 11 Rutting L..l r.. . qw nt taTOOQ fat'r. AUK I rMl - hr Cbail - r k J - a. IWwn, NYotk.Soaj. la M MdayUa.ol Caps May. (faea W ( fro Port ao Ftiwe, m 1 Uroa. Uoad lo NY va, Wam M moral cf bT a rlArnva.lpN iMra l r.Cro. ,i' Piva - raV 11 toy. to T - y h Cm tU'pH. MiWi(4, Ota. Tf a Pva. uahooaodto N Y r k. U g to. in a k - ay I ra a sta(e r.'. - t il UM evro,.ng of Um rfS Mf - r4 l 1 1 r. .vw nhi snd Looijardv stroHa, Uf' Vt wtUt a general aaoMimrnt of t.rocrrMa, apply as abovs to fl3l J. I. OANTJi. Oli l.HlOH II As A. A M.WAKlt J gOitM CaSana sofara, in bas and eaartse bocoa, just pwoiitd and ! aaM J A. k PON, III IVoadasy. sxst Cn ti. AW. a U'ff somowsii of tiaia, aV sotTgao, Ooa IwruM s, an naa. guanas, ano Mnia on M 1 and a fw thousand fins old oUadu'.au. snd to - eiMraV F 10 1NlTAT"lNl - oaslUrrodad 19 d t thrrad. f - rsnV y Ma Of . A fc tTfl0. IOC foort ot. Ol.UAh.i. 40 an llatano rWfs MaUit kJ U. ti. Ik It IKIlt LA1. trtt. - '4 111 rU iiA AI&. 4 r II. Y I P - X I l MaWo - W.f - roM lm of w to bwdord ikt ors lf aais tt (not bvgw, I IJ ,'kaa roaro4 a w4 Mm naa'a travels, no rWn S.ll" au a: - wbanoH. k 111 Y - 1) WW. ill MoUowa.3 do rw Hoaoy.Vu front rfiW rn!"i nora, s sm pj U. G.fc.t.noWLANIJ. fa II) 11 omh ttroM. Clif f IT, W If U.r. fnc - lill - Wags n - M alr fumid fcV U'J Po Wbao BooVWaMorlMtotrfV! tomW,foa ay Jtnintj Mrunsi i. cu. ft) aV711st l . - i. vO coaoa pvints vanowe 90 do snona snd worooaa rltno Woo do Work bowUiMto, C do raj.aa atr.pos ID alnrod tt.wiliso 5 do ai'.a stnpoi cotton and Utoa ivf ( do g - fad sod Ka taiand h - rtnga do ranttow era rata, a sow art M ( do ibork'd and Mnrod lu - 4 (xUanM i do onod and fld rwfaos C do UaaWnirod and bo sOxd W4 ad Sll3 Mvl - t. - na S do Vetona bndVnhrffa I do ob.ts snd pnttd oiUrga Vaioi rM and f - r.l lir.V.I. $ do groan Sod Md Wktng 1 J ds Woo. k and aM vrd (MHa I ats Shg - a n4 rmT"!! XI rtM 1 U14 rm n4 WaKM Ul '1 11 too llos and yo.'. - wM1r - dd''J MMioii . rod ewvitoj oaW bv . r. ftrvfikc't. 2Sv - S tir.A TfiiNvi oiH trUTfo. hovo Im4 ro'O.aod aor ot. l iJfmrmi, a im.oq.oioI of luoiW J T - I raoa Hoosmmn I 11 00 l d. 1 if "VoV.tR t c yoc c i r - il raoa rut'.laa, RnttannMS and rfp.Uai I do rroaa, I do fins brown boon 1 do tbrvad NdUrking or couliia 9 balm spr (ormaa cloths t r 11 im k poiid rUJMMM I d4 siik poorl mnU, 1 d aarwnvts 4 do slnrod naakavsM i r - alo oiagvniairiao! 1 9 do o Kilo aolrntporoa, 3 da UoS do 3 da b - Vk buoaatrta I ds rnroia prints 4 i fomiiate da 5 so MTowta 4 reo oWf ant rnbro, lan - ourd sod flviKo4 4 do bo4, 4 lri"o 3 d imitation Fnwh amUa 4 d do de I.an4krf Ixd 1 baW ) 9 3 snd 4 pnal Waukrta t ran (utlon oltia and ossfap 1 4 ot snot andbaU'Mnl Inntl Ws 9 da srwsro kmrto aVa loot iKil. k a,u,r.. 1 not' 1 rVgal sor.vo lrnV .!', l .i rlr Ca" BJ 5 k!.Je Vilpas lroro t'M J tors dard r - 'oo PI .VfJ Hi..llS.tV."''" rilAal.N y - Mrvd.r a(Vn s sotrkod : It J 13X V' m. J,., l4a. r d. Thoaaots rv.ani 4 to paJ - "7 ff - Ar'r t l"l Mako larox. f.9 faitu'w Alhalf paMlOe'cUk, CQ dot wk,U porroiain china rupa k naucefa, 2 Liverpool dming iS'U. Alos a aWe aarUnn4 of cobturt faraduro. ronosUng of UvWa, chairs, looking g'aora, car pHing. ko. BT A. CHVI'.VLR k CO. Ihoro 1ST Fulton atmrt. At riivalesnUtoaiiitr'unliaaora.alsr'oetotk of now and fKi.iraUl fonMiuro, tm Uling uf oardrsooa, aonetonea.btlorrooM. Ladissaorro - rvo. driiomg borvaus and tmWU srrta r!ua, Minooaroo, bur IK. rard and r a4 - 11 sotta ofdinmg lamina with p:ar snd dw fort, tf) Ore - ,in efaa, im of oh are now acd elegant rot' - , luab.asr'. d. fanrv gift and baii,r r C1 f rtahoga - . J.nil - a,.V r - " map'M bodateada. wilU V7 M w - kman.p,FriJi do. Aall'o' oaii4btan fs ndsra, assorted, ..iiUe - i al I bo lool aoitwopnora, 1 Un - g,! tariiila. ,iher Ud sod rnsiiroaoss supplMdto order. A. a b.t of grsoo YontMn wmdow Umda, Mtb suoibomsaarkat Am. a Urp aamrtiuool ut e'rfant tifl fractt ,!' ad pr touking gtaooM, kc ad of krsi 01U to orT - nd no arroniuaodaUng torano, and cam bs pot ia slopp ng MOt al Cm aiiortsot aotro op 'an a 1. l'foa. of 1. wo,v,tiMMxrrn. H4t ( al In fVoooo - kf. Nn. J a Ui,'4.r P.O. pmf.mi - roJl40Haf toUMl'ott v, - .t 4 fiiau .lrk, bv hw vl M If - oOoox ("". j at I aw. ftM XTrW' - tinLrASn CtiTTtlN. '.i UU" p.OM N.n .1VU (V'tr. Itn..$ fr , t. y ( nit - '. a4 1 1 uh I'm o'f. tt ? jiuilll ItiWM R.ff .m k ll'iil YJl - v.. M. o rto, 1 da ll - y. KH fMoaVsVy - Il fl if HoWtANtVltC'btt ,VioJm( i'ltnmg, md Ling TVOT1CE U lowr.In, list tbs capital ll statk of tho aUoie (osnoany as now aporo - - pnaUd, and UmI Uo ontp'oa ahKn tino id bo rurno4. Vv app.'tiP al tho eAV l - otojuia Anvn'aro, Tmm VroH. , . 11 WdoT of UM Cowr,lo4nn, ' rrNJ. AHMITAUn, I f JOHN ri.CK. MOl.AbM oa. aowt Vt H SMUl K.M AiU SS rili - roroj, 0H0 a Wn a Yot ird to lha ao1h, and aa ir g - d r'i ro a to thattrlao tn cspartif, nv mM gg uliuliafl kr sr i!r. ing al Ho. tl lodo strort toTtl (1 Lv"on7virM a" I Al rtio4 ( taa - Ut tnxnnh. pal SHrosHtarts rTbao.CoB,aadlog til W. Tar I sola by . 4 Vaoolymirost) , l.k O. KOOIRnkCtX W Tins rroaa.

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