Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 7, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 7, 1942
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1 ' 1 ARDEN BROPHY AND < I* i > ' ' > f) VOTE TO PARKING The Weather [Fair and Much Colder Tonight, FOR viet'onv 1. XLVH No, 5 NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 7, 1942 Price Three BEACON FALLS T^TlATJV _ BRISTOL TI^A^ZZ^^^ — ^ATTS MILLS — POND HILL —~ STRAITSVILLE OMMITTEE NAMED TO GRANGE INSTALLATION •pe Location And Number Of Meters Left To 'heir Discretion COMMITTEE TO ONSULT MOODY ON NEW WATER RATES Klowtor Appointed For ipocial Election 'To' Be Held On January 20 l.y I10 IntiK discussed and delayed L mi Iho Installation of iwi'K- ,H,TS In Naugatuck came to a •it Hit- Ili'rit regular mooting ,' Hoard or Warden and IKir- l,s ot' the now year last nlghl In' U was voted lo Place the mo- In the horoiiKh. Only one bur, Anthony Tangi-edl, opposed ll ' Um< c of motor, tho mirnhcr to i-torl for »mrl their locution 1ml but waw lel'l .to nV H committee HP-. Warden Loo J. i*™^; Andruw- O'Toolc.; \VI1- rmmu.M, miclolpli Anderson, of Pollen John J. (Vormley and Warden. An InUu-esling doinon- lion of Ui« operation 01 Iho- was given to Hip hoard, Soph W. Nypron, William J., ,lOHt!i)h KonlMhea, Augus- bloro, Mr.s, Mary'T, Calno, in Kry/iKnsU!- afid.,M\o 'inoin- if iho Hoard -wore apiioltHod « Rtn-e to conMHll- with William • mMU-nM •manager .of the LU.™ Water C.o., and 'to ar.- wllh tho walor company and uhllc utilities commlHH on m ford for a hearing on Iho m- ln th(! water raton In iNiuiK- plaeed In elTeot hy tho ulll- t concern here ''o^'-ntly. H >™ H rntood llmt.<,'ltl'/,cnH ol tho ox would ho Klven an onpprtun- lo protest tho iHoroiiso beioro inibilc IHWth'H f'.omrnlHHlon hul hoarlnK W11M roroHtullod hy an simoement hy tho commission Hl o |ir«»«nt ruloH would ro- la operation until next Octo- lo hoard named George K. K|J||S ' 'ralor of Iho Ural ward, , amen (am in Iho Hooond ward and -t imhlln for tun third ,wnrd ,„,., Hpoelal election lo ho held ion January 20 to elect a HUC- f fr to Ifon, -I. .Joseph Smll as h'UHHinan I'rom the lU'th district ., n-n«i,n board also appointed flf toon al polluomon to do kuard duly il factories after thu presuiu hmont of (.lonii. Stato UuurtlH •Moved of thlH duly on ,lan- 17. IWERS HOME ON ILLSIDE AVENUE ORDERED RAZED if>n the recommendation or Kirn ilia I Michael K, Shea, Chief ol I'lru Department John J. Shorl- |iml Harold P, Maid win, prenl- for Ihe NaiiKatuek Ohamher of p •,<-. thu Hoard ol 1 Warden and '.M, at ItH regular monthly iliMt. night, voted to order ,.,I)K or the properly at the or Mlllvlllo and Hillside ave- • • • "-- late E «,„„»,; named proponents of [lion declared that the building pH'scinl condition and In faet tidltlon Hlnoc the death of Miss I'.s, wan it dlHtinet fire haxaril ,|H unsightly appearance NVUH n lient to the nolgliborhood niul tunmunlty. i ytruoture, In Its dilapidated IKon, sveH damaged by a /Ire on tVear's eve. Many local ollly.cnH re tjiat the uonl'lagratlon wan Imilt.of some oltUon or oltl'/.ens llonally Hettlng'.flre to it, (per notlee ol 1 tho board's will be wont Immediately to Phnlun, administrator of '«' estate. • ; , ' miltMCD TO i)EATli; |hon, Cionn., Jan.7.' — (UP)— -year-old William - l-Uirnm, Jr., urned to death late yesterday a gasoline lantern ho was K to nil exploded. The two- dsvelllng, whleh reeontly was feted, was destroyed in tho nt (Ire, . ' .' Verse Of The Marching Song Of The Marines lloslon, .!un, 7— (Ul»)— A v(M-so Iho I'. S. Miu'luti's march intf of "If Uir Army nwl Ihr-. Navy lOvrr look on .H««v«n'vS .scc.ncs, They will Uml Iho streets ai-ii liuarileil h,v The United Slates Marines." The verso was sunn appropriately ill. the Huston reernlllWf i>llli!« yeslei'day wl.HMi n now olH- cin- arrived — S(jt. Holund SI. Peler. PARENT-TEACHERS LEAGUE TO HEAR DR.ENGELMAN '' - i • i ' ' * The next' meeting of the Nauga- luek parcuU-'P'cmohfirs aHsoelatlon wll-ho'on Monday night in. the Gen- irii! Avenue; school at'8 o'clock. Thfi speaker will be' l')r. S. I?. lOngelman, president of the New Haven Teachers' -college, who. will have as his subject, ''The /readier IwO'okfl At Education," Dr. ICngelmah is well, known to 'teachers - throiighout- Lire -state.--and has a la'rgo accfuaihtaiioesiijp among Hie instructors in, Natiga- tuek's schools. - - ' ' 10 lee t ion of officers ,by .the' local P .T. A. will also take place on Monday evening. LOCAUTAUAN SOCIETY BUYS A $2,000 BOND "We Are Fighting For Security . . . Progress .Peace" The Christopher Oolomhb' societ composed of the foremost citi/cns of Naugatuck of Italian ancestry, has Joined the list of other patriotic I'nUcrrwl oi'g«"lxatlons in the borough ,hy purchasing United States bonds'. Charles' Traflcanti, president of the organi/utlon, announcerl today that the society had purchased bonds in Lho amount of $2,000 through the Naugatuok post office. All members of the Christopher Colombo society, which include old and young Italian residents of the borough, will be presented with a suitable gift when they enlc-.r the armed service of the United States. LEGALlcflON AGAINST 108 MILK DEALERS_ORDERED Hartford, Conn,, -Tan. 7.—(UP) -~ Slnlo -Milk administrator. Donald 0 Hnmmerbnrg today instructed A - tornoy Oo.nonil Francis A. Pal ottl lo. instltuto injunction proceedings uiialnst 108 Connecticut milk doal- nrs who hiivo failed to "nic -nooG sar.Y reports wilh.his clepnrtmenj. The reports were required under Connot'.tloul/s now milk : qpntrol act passed by the J.iMl general nsse.m- 1)1 Y ' ' llamrnarborg said monthly filing of Moalnr reports wn« vital to the udmlnlMtrution ol 1 the milk control ucl These 'reports also wore necessary, he said, to permit prompt payments to milk producers. Uiulor the law,- Injimctlvo proceedings was tno only means Ham- mnrhorg was given to enforce the aot, '. • ' ..... , . 4 » »• ' TREASUK>: bALANCE Washington, Jan. 7.—(UP)-Oov- ornmont uxpenses and receipts ioi the current fiscal your tbrough Jai fi,- compared with a W^^tn -THIS YIOAH- -LAST YEAR , . . •. .ICxpens«5i $.tl,009,OOD,On.:l;l' - ' $r) ) 3i8,810,C.OG.3 VVur SpontUiMf- 8,r.00,0(i/.,825.0(). d ,832,089,^7.8 Hoceipts x /, 278,077^2.0(1 .-2,078,389,580,4,' .-' • 'Not Donplt- 7,r,( l ,n ( 850,738.r)5 ' • 2,300,001,059.9: • T.nsli Ilalniicft. lG'.' r-.--l;807,G44,533;01 About $18^000,000,000 Will Be Spent In First Half Of 1942 And ,000 In New Fiscal Year fVpsidonl lto<»«?«vclt it.her :lo/(iet;entvU»e -Axis.- • -BclHivcl is shown- ., „ 'proijrcssfnnd foi>,,neacc," h«. tire President 'is Vice. President Henry ,lho, " •Old Fox" Of Luzon Is Fighting. Heroic And Thrilling. Battle . ALL-OUT ATTACK ; BY JAPS APPEARS '.( TO BE APPROACHING Although 'Greatly, 'Outnumbered, ' American.. Forces Make' JVIaryelous Showing By HARRISON SALISBURY : U.. P. Staff .Correspondent Washington; Jan. 7—.(U P)>—Gc'n Douglas 'Mao-Arthur; thu, '-'Old' Pox'-" of Luxon, fought t'oclay on(j->'of-l.hQ i most gallant' battles A inert ua.- haf»: t?eon since Glister's -lust stand, ;taut a vlrtuul' non-stop bornbarf.lment ol CorrGglclor :.fortress .indhiatcd ..that the hour of all-out-.lrtpancsu- assauU may bo approaching.-' A m or-1 ch n ' m 111 tn r y • 'm o n d o ITocJ thoir hat.s to -the heroic-MacArtliur. For one month ho- has fought -off ov'erwholmlng oricmy. power. He has booh outmiinbcrocl rour ..or five to ono by •Japanese' 'troops. -He• ; has fought on with no nope'-Y.qC.'. rcin r forcemenl-. Mo has fought -wlf.h only distant and unprcdictahla : fdr "support. :, - ' • ; ; V ' • But tofiny MncArthur and his mon still stand' fast' on., their.- .. plibsea IrAttlegroimd—a', inonn'taln- .sl;uddod, jurigle-strpw'n ••peninsula.. that) .Juts down'.to. Manila bay's Island bastion of'Gqi-roglclor; \. V '•''.;'"''••••• .-',:.''.. 'y. Gorrogidor -holds; llioTocus of ot- Lenllion. For four' cLays Japanese plimos haves oohcehti-ntod tlielr bombs on its rocky sides, and con- (jrel'o ' reinforced top. , .-They- tovc blasted unceasingly with forces -of nncl (SO boinbcrs despite the nia/- FOR IN FINAL SiAGES JNRADIOTALK 'Candddate For 'Congress Over WBRY fire- ql 1 •ahU-alrcriiCI/'feu.hs which Iviiown have ..lcrtouia ; ;f.l clown ... am! pq'sslbly a 50 ing arc 15 Japanese planes dozen .0tilers. . •, . -.. In this-incessant air, attack •there appeared to be' a clue to' 'Japan's strategic'intenii.ons. " . : ' . • '- The attacks appearcr.1 • to • be 'aimed. . protected Jj'fitteric,^ and • inllicting aiilTJolont' eaaual tics' among. its gai' : Tisbn 'to '-enable" the -.Tapanese- tq 'launch' a clire.ot' assault,, possibly: 'by parachiito -trobpsV- ', ' , : -.. '" As '-long as-'Gorregirlor -stands, -.Jap- an's' gains Tn; the Philippines, ; won at a- Heavy cost o'f mdri and 'material,, arc of' iitUe-vdluo.;'TlAC]'C^lias':;bocn, no hellof. in U/'S/.iTiMitary: circles: that -MacArUHir '•can; 'prolong 1 , ,-bis hero's stand indefinitely; '•'• '•••:•• '•<-•• v: • But-each clay's battle: is; -estlinatcd 'wo'rtli'-thc .'eciufvalent .ot.'a. /.dqxcn '.moi'o ••clivls'lons . to;j,hc.v ;Bdtisb, '.v- (Continued '.on' 1'age; Two);;- • as or Operetta ^Tlie Pirate»:Qf Pen^ahce rr : To Be Giveni On Jan; 29,/30 and :31 ; • The • final rehoa.'rsals 'are; continuing at .the-iNaugatiiclc- Jil'gli' .-School; on tli'eir. coming.-produ.c'tibii .of. the. great (.Jilb'er't and "Sulliyan buefe'ita, VTh'cj'.'- Pirates' .-bl' •'Pcir/,ci'u-ee;' 11 .Two year's 'ago the. music' students.-.of. the 1-1 i gh Sch o o 1' presuri ted" '.'Pi na;: ]-or.c" under. : thc direction' of. Mr.. Corliss and' Harry Benham. Mr.'Gpr- ••liss ; is' striving - : t'o" 'rna'ibtiiln the sume- hlsli- degree ,of excellence., in Lho 'I'ortlircbmlng. operetta that have characterizoti the'' others p'rdclucccl In 'years .past. ."L'ela.wala 11 . and. "The Viold'on' -Trail 11 were g-ly.en '..several ; ycars ago' by.: tire li'ib'lv' play-j 'ers. and. miiyicians.,.,. " • • • • '-' .Mi ss ' ill I can o r .S l.u 1.1, ari cl An cj r pw '•Ran 'are' both assisting in perfecting Lire '-acting nifd: dancing- ot',tv large group of pei'l'drmers; and- 'they be- -.lleve 'that a. finished', event will be. •given''on the. Opening night of Thursday, ..Jan. .-29th, 'continuing 'over Friday and .Saturday ' nights, .Jan. 30 'and..3 : l.Ht. -'There will be no resei'.ved s'pats i and .tickets, arc,now .'available' 'li-onr •aiiy, .high ,school. niusUi stur-l.ent. and -.from the'.High Scliooi ;ol'lloe.:,. '• „...'. .. . \- . . "•'Trie .leadlng^cliaracters are tal^en by ' tho fpilpwing. .s.tudents.:'..Anita .Sari'ra'n,' ^lilclwai'tl :-;sbhrulj-;.Willlam Sauiulers, James-i.Wcav.ihg,,.l?.r.ancis O'Toole, ' Pati'icia " : Robinson' P . Blin'or MaVloh.Wyatt, Mary.Jane •'Gorliss," oil th'c . r l)he iiigli school. .-orcTi.estra v; :oi'.- 23 selected play era ,w\\l v.Rlay ..ij-i-'Qi.-.inusi c •to. aoeon'i pan y •-• tlfe' produclfon;.,'. Mrs. SeyntouiV;!;. Zo'niv''w|ll. again Ipe/at '•the piano''asjiicbbmpaiTisl;./'v, ! / '., Tlie "oven t': ; ': 0f••' -'an.: i'.'-bpe'ratlc per^ .I'orinance •onc'c-,in- two', years; in "tlics 'higlr 'school ..always-;,!^ of ogreat interest :'| ( o. ,lhe'; -p'eopler-.-ot-.. tlie'. Bpr- bugt'i,, a'.iid•'•"•'it'.'.-'Is'"' expected.;' limit/ the duma nd • for - tl-oU'els h is "ydar-AvI 11 .bo nfi gr'ca 'as- Ifi vprclinary-.times. -Secure' your. tiekcts early, and: remem- b'or' l,lae- datcsv ,Jan.,^0, ,30 .anfl '31: Election-:us "'reprosentatlvc^ from" the 1 '.Fi f th" Congressiohhl 'District. wi th a :tal'K\f>o."h : i'«taMon WRRY- tonight at ',7 'p. ,m-.' Tire: Democratic .candidate is. 'expected"to"lay'befoi'e the people of - th e ' D i s ti'i c I, the p I a t f o r ni' upon wlViciv 'lic : • wilt',seek' ; Chcir approval .-in ' the : special election .January- 20.' :; •pol'lowing ' his radio' tii'llc Mr. ildnagai) w.i 11',, meet w i th the-;Demo- ''cjratjc '.town committee of Tbomas- '.toa and ;T6rrihgton in LiVelr,"respeo- i;ivc ; to\vns.-Tomoi-f-o'w night he, will "speak aii :: a.;iQlnfc:.mpcLing ' of --.the -^aclies'-aii'd. Men's -Democratic clubs !'in ; Derby. -.Mrs..!Chase Going' \Vood- •liouse will .'also speak; ' ; .. • ' • Mayor : Yinccnl ..Scully of Water- l.iu):.Vi' of:, tji.e Monngiin' for TJongress- committee .wil • speak on 'behalf'of Mr. M'onagan over Station -. W BRY ' Fr iilay': n i gh t- -a t 7 p; 'm'. '- "' iHircJril!, Marlon .WyaLt, Mary.Jane orliss, ' Kraiicis,• 1 Pat(,.,;'*riie:.; t olVoj.'us ti' tii'e stage : .cbnsls,ts;. 1 :Of:..^. ;: :;YOices rid -a •.Hca'to'ri. oh.o'.rus, ..Ql;.-/»0.;.voioes. he iiiu'li school..-orchestra 1 :ol'.- 23 •'•Wasliingtbn,J,Jan. .7--(,UP) : ,'. •'• 1 -i J. i «. lr . i'n (•»' /"'/-im m"/*l*l>n' n !»ffi«*^ Meo^day approved : a bill, providing fflembers.AVill-.aito^y : v .•• • .; /.; .:„ • ;fp 1:^11 aiT(1atpry|cla^i|ht : -sayi^ nln^go'SiY^ffi^ ".".'" . . V : • '...'• ,*.. -.. ••• _T _• • vi.-. ..•••(• 1,4;.= • .vi« " AP. ..rtiir f>-».i i fti'inla •.• !ir.i\At'n ntr t,o • 1,11 C ; \; jbiVn;; ,s \vi]!,-:.'o : petV Mpnagan his a'adio of Watei'bury campaign 'for '•VAt^a meeting' of- Beacon.;.'Valley •gi.'dnge^recently,. : J-lip. fqllo\ylng. officers 1 ' were • instailG.d-:- Oha'rlos Price, Sr., '• master ;•-•' Cha'rlcs-, -Measlier,- ,Sr., overseer;: Mrs.' Mary Richards; .lec- tur'ot-;' Mrs; Edith Broaderick; assis- 'UnrMe'cturer;.. steward*,, ; Franklin Bch'li^an'; assistant ..steward,.' .''John ••Campb^ Gladding;;•; treasurer, Mrs..-..Jjoi.oui} Benson";.s^creta,ry,, Mrs. ..Anoa:,-Belil- ^nianr^gat&eeper; T.orsten-Johnson; ceres';- -Mrs... M.ario ' Pi-i-ce;', immona, 1 Mrs. Mabel -Campbell; Flora, ..Mrs. : Enrmfi Moeckol.'lafl'y-assistant stew•'aid,'.' : Mrs;,. Mary Monyqtsk'i; 'juvenile ^matron,. .-Miss •• Marguerite -.Henry..; ' : piar,lsi, Rbbert.^Palmer;.rccordcL 1 for [ three years,' Mrs, AinV Bott., 1 ; •:" , • ,'piv Saturday evening the juvenile Officers wiU'b'c installed- at/ : S bl.ql'OQk ; -ln ; Grange -hall;' Charles Messner, .Jr., 1 will succeed Fra)iklih« ..13eh.)nian, ;Jr., as i; master!: Mrs.'-.Gboloy -of'/Prospect. 'wili'beHhc instatlirig blTicQ) 1 ;' .. .-. •'.%• • • -EGguldui..meeting, of,,.'Excelsior Pomolia ; ; : grangev' vyllVVbe^heUr -'tills , ovcning^ at v 8'.q v ojo;6k i.n".;p.xfqrd;r•.lu- ,The ^^a!'^^"'^' 0 ^-'-??' 1 : 0 ^ . „: t i. ' 'n^ 1 1'. ;.'.*rlA-Tr ' As/ni^i nrr\-l'n'.,'V\/rtlp!nl.'| 1 .. LOCal RED ARMY OFFENSIVE IS MOVING FORWARD In Far East Japanese Are Getting Nearer To Singa, pore ^ DEFENDERS STILL HOLDING QU^ IN THE PHILIPPINES .^iljegin- .; ;i . France is^conii' wiur,u-.B! !UVU . n i Vi'^20 davs afl er ; eiVactmon L; of ; tlVe- ^duVlTiat/diMBii.bpcause.^ ;j$^^ Chinese ,' Armies Smashed ; The Japanese Back From ;' Changsha .• ';••_ •'/•y--' ; /.'• • ' By aOl^MBX MORRIS • •'. United' Press Foreign 1 Editor ' Japanese', '•aJr. % -;ftiVd--.;.rn'e«harilzcd forces liammehed : at : American ; and British defenses ,gi]ardinfe/Singappre today .'.in 'what 'ni.ay "bc;a new pfiase of ' allTOut; 'as'sauJi>'qh; t.iicr lc'(iy:'nayal •ljasie.''1flne}T)^.^ .Nyei.^ report- ; eil ;.- irc^yy " \i u rj3 r.ogr^wa^ acknowl- eclged in'Malaya. . v ; ? ; :;•'/, '.'••'_• ';. A report— possibly : - designed., to get' information 1 regarding. American warships— was 'broadcast' 'Jiy the Japanese-controlled -'Saigon' radio that -unitey /States-: and'.: /Japanese warships* had engaged/ m-MUlc-GOO miles west of the Philippines, presumably in the Sulu sea. The report said an American." battleship' was suhlc and' another 'damaged and that a tiumhcr .j6j Japa.pese 'destroyers were damaged. Washington said it had no information 'to support. 'the Broadcast. . In the Philippines,' sev.ere lighting was. renewed by tho- enemy against American defense lines 'on the Ma- taan peninsula front/.with- Japanese bombing, planes .ia'galiv- fading the onslaught with '. new: attacks- on and rear .lines -and -a -raid -by 45 crai't on Gorregidor fortress. "Heavy lighting has been resumed with' the enemy nnc'reaslng pressure' at- all points," a War. department communique said, j _ , ....... ''Defending troops "arc continuing' their steady and valiant resistance." Several 1 . .Japanese' airplanes were hit by American anti-aircraft defenses' at Gorregidor; which the enemy is seeking to reach by driving down the east coast of the Bataan peninsula. , • .-' . The operations- in the Philippines were primarily' a delaying action against the Japanese in an Effort to hold back's broad offensive designed to^moyc' -through the Pacific islands, antl down -the Malaya peninsula , in '; an, envelopment of Singapore. : • : :;" : '.;''',<.'• '• ',. IBut/in Malaya, a' direct attack toward the\key naval base was making progress al which' * Singapore dispatches describeci ;as a "terrible price" in oyasual tie's. .'Japanese armored units pushed more, deeply into the British defense ..lines in their drive toward- 'Kuala. Lumpur, about 1S)0 miles from Singapore, it was officially acknowledged. . Hand-to-hand 'lighting in the Jungles- was described in dispatches to 'Singapore newspapers, -which also : said that the, Japanese were burning piles of their dead.' • : But the. British, operations were described as /a valiant rear guard action, indicating that' the enemy was using his- superior man power to press slowly forward; Dispatches from London also- reported that the British were .handicapped by failure to 'carry' out a .thorough scorched earth policy, as tliey withdrew. from north Malaya; and';; that: the. Japanese were using many -'.captured boats and other . facilities, to aid their drive, ; , The British apparently were p.u,l- ti ng up a tc'rri Ho '. flgh t ..for . th e key •communications and industrial to\v,n of Kuala" Lumpur, but; dispatches indicated that, the; 'strongest-, defense line would eventually; be formed somewhere -south of 'that point. A Tokyo .•broadcast'' claimed "t,hat the British had been .smashed/back toward /Johore province, on the road to Singapore; ,£ind,. that about 1,000 ' '.^:. (Gontinuecl / 6h^Page : Three) ., '. V WEATHER BUREAU PREDICTS DROP TO TEN BELOW ZERO Hcsidcnts or Niuiflftluck and surrounding comnnmilios were .shivering >i(iain,lo<liiy wlurn ;thc lempcratui'ft took nnoUier (lt',c»(l- o,d drop with imports of lenipera- ..Uires of .xci'o .in , the H.orniinh jii'oper and j»,s much as six. he- low in Iho/ qutlyjwi The •fjovcrnmont '\vcalhnr ; .l>u- j't'au announfeed'-lo^ay that fnr- thor drops in '. (r.mperudu'K arc anticipaled,- ns low as. 10 below /.ero. ^ • It Is Biggest Budget, Tax And Deficit Program Of All Time APPRECIATES COPY TAXES WILL BE RAISED 50 PER CENT IN 1942 FISCAL YEAR . . t Budget Message Waa Pre-; sented To Congress At Session Today '! . B.Y LY1;K (1 WILSON \ \ (United J'riws Staff CoiTespondcn ,) NVashhifjlon, Jan. ,7.—-(UP)—Pros- iricnl, H'DOSCveil.Moiled,Congas il,6,d;iy Nvitli 1 the- higtecsl,,- ))U(|gol, ; l,nx and doHoJI; ' progr/un -of nirvUm 1 /?, call i n ff • • i n • «i e - n ox f,, ; i 8 mon t|i»<f o r oxncDiljiure -dC- $77 J 000,ppO l o60 'jurgoly for arms nmt muniilohs • to sma^li the'Axis. ' . ' .•-..'/,, -'';••' t- I Apjn-qxJmalcly .$18,000,000,000.'. will l)c spent in the Jlrst,'six. months nf Mils -year,, \vilh . $00,006,000,000"bull- for the no.w nscJiil .ychv.- ' r i ' •Taxes tiVfi t,o btv. 'raised |,o {increase I ; rc:n,su.ry.,rcvonuc"hy-'56 -pfer cent, in the -im -llsea) .year wlildli- bfigins.l,hlB-,]uly 1. '• ' ' ',',":'..•.•].•', Another Nauga'tuck man . in the United States service to express his appreciation of the reception of % a •copy 'of The Dailcy News through the courtesy of • the MNaugntuck Rotary cluh is Private Richard ISnamnJt, who is stationed at Fort Knox, Ky. 'Mr. 15'namait's letter.'follows:. . .. .H . ! , . Fort Knox, Ky., January -'i, 1042. Mr. ID. J. Ahcrn, Naugatuck Paily News, Naugatuck, Conn. Dear Sir: ' ' ' . ' I have received two issues of |.hc •Naugatuck Daily News which 1 appreciate-'very much. Will -you please he' so kind as to, put my full address-on- the wrapper so that there will be no delay in receiving The News in the future. Thanking you very much, 1 am Yours truly, • Pvt. Richard JSnamalt. - . • . »*•»•• EDWARD BAUMMER IN ENDORSEMENT OF J. E. TALBOT Edward Baummer, 'prominent local Democrat, and who one -year ago was a candidate for Iho Democratic nomination for> warden, issued ' a statemcn!. today endorsing tln-i candidacy of Commissioner Joseph B. Talbot for Congressman from this district at the special election on January 20. Mr. Baummer -stated that Commissioner Talhot's record speaks for itsel-f and added-that-even the inost binned observer must admit that tlic candidate's legal training and long experience-with conditions in. public life, make him well fitted to lake his place in the Congress of the 'United States. • • Mr. Baummer. stated that Commissioner Talbot over the past many years has extended a. \ hand lo anyone, needing his assistance, and his counsel and advice, given without remuneration of publicity, have been an aid to hundreds in Naugatuck and elsewhere. Mr. Bnummer staled that hfc-hns been active in Commissioner Tal- boi.'s behalf in Waterhury, and slates that among many persons, usually considered solid Democrats, there is a steadily growing Sentiment for the eitj'ction to Congress of the, Naugatuck resident. PASTOH -'INJ!U«EI> Moriden, Conn., .Jan. 7, — (UP)— Rev. Frank Van Cleef, Jr., pastor of Congregational church, Winchester, suffered a possible fractured leg when the automobile he was dri,v- k ing collided with a truck here last night. iVJeriden " hospital attaches said his condition \vas good. • "PEARL' IIAlUtOR! R'oosavolt• /propos.erl • In his '. budgpt. ines.sage-presented to Congress jtp- day to spend ai)pi»oxImft|.eJy''$M,0(K) r 000,000,. to - collect' $27,000,000,000; to taxes and to raise..the naUonu) debt to.'?U0,400,000, Of the; Budgeted expenditures^ $53,000,000,000 would uo for war in that one year. Thai,,Includes $7,500,000,000 for'- lond-IoiiBc ai(l to tlic united-nntlonB, •• \ Non-war expenditures were h'ujl- ft-otiid at more than -?C,000,000,000 — $4, I J7,000,000 Jess than Mils year.; { In addition to Uic #53,000,000,000 figure budgeted for wiu\\goverh- nient corporations will spend a=nb|i-/ hudgijted ^.OOO.OOO.OOO' in the ! next; JlscnJ year, bringing tlie over-rill JJMS.war -cost to $5();o6o,000,OOQ. : i His proposals for • new .revenue levins aggregated ^),OQO,000,000 -In- clUdi'ng. nn. Intimation of temporary resorl, lo u general excise or salon tax. But tlie -President • told questioners that lie still was opposed to general, taxation and that "selective excise taxes" were ari far in that direction', as he would l)c prepared to go. Corporate and. .'ln» •dividual. Income, taxes 'and estate and'gift, levies on .wealth apparont.- *»ly will be. Increased steeply. For ihe 1043-fiscal year, he estimated ;i ti-easury deflcit of ,$35,500,000,00() which Is only .$6,500,000,000 less than the net cost of World War J .computed before war veterans' payments and Interest were added. Of the. ,$27,000,000,000 .oggrf 'patc tax revenue proposed- for tlie 1043 fiscal yeur, approximately .<v),r>00,000,000 Represents - social security tax income which . Is not computed as an -item tONvard re- tluction ' of the estimated .deJI'cit.I There is,nothing In any fiscal.his-/ l.ory to- which the 10/i3 United Slates budget readily is comparable., 'Mr! Hooscvelt-'reminded' ncwspapci^- men at yesterday's annual WhIl,e. House Seminar Mint it wnu- tlio IJiggesI- budget In' the history i«qC any nation at any time, IIo--8&ldj J(^' confronted the nation with the biggest production job in all history. A hint.of tho ftlxc of this-budget may be. gained by considering tlio 9J ,750,000,000. whicb, the treasury will pay in .the next,-fiscal year ^ais Interest, on the Rational debt,,anil comparing thai; sum with the ^734,000,000—mere .millions—which ' sufficed to ' pay : all government expenses In the fiscal year of 191C. ,. Organization lo spend the money 'this budget will' raise' will be i .a trtinicndous .job, : Mr, Roosevelt e»r that expenditures may reach, a volume of $5,000,000,000 a — $1,000,000,000 or more a .week—next year as against a bout, $2,000,000,000 a month .'at. present. . • $ . . , .; Mi*.- Roosevelt has cut .nbh-Up- fense spending for-the -next -fiscal year. But the overall reduction leaves the Total proposed cxpehdlr Lures for other tiian war. purpose's at Ihe sum of ' «0{W 1,000,000.- Tlie overall out amounted, to..$437/i6A,000;-' but excluding certain fixed charges' which' the President was powerless to reduce—and which, actually": In-; crease-—the-cuI was around ^l.OOQ,-, The outs; wore, made'in work relief, public works, various, aids' to (Continued ou

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