The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 25, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 25, 1931
Page 2
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PAGE TWO: BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Society Calendar Monday Mrs. Ira Gray will lead the study of the Woman's Missionary Society In the First Methodist church. The Woman's Council of the First Christian church will have nn all day meeting at the home of Mrs. P. S. Wlnford. The Missionary Society of the Second linpllst church will meet with Mrs. Sam Overtoil. Tuesday Mrs. George Mulr is hostess to tlie Tuesday Luncheon club. .Mrs. H. S. Carman Is having the New Tuesday cub. Wednesday Mrs. Rilcy B. Jones Is entertaining the New Wednesday club. Thursday Mrs. Harry W. Haines is hostess to the Mld-Wcck Bridge cluU. Thp Young MJitrons club Ls meeting with Mrs. C. E. Atkinson. Mrs. W. M. McKenzle will have the Thursday Luncheon club. The Jewish Ladies Aid Society will meet with Mrs. Roland Wol• fort. Satnrday Tlierc will be a story hour for children at the library at 10:30 o'clock. Rain and Smarter! Mrs/'.Warner. Hawkins 'Woman's Club Mrs. Warner Hawkins, for years prominent In club activities of tho city, was elected president of the Woman's club In its annual election meeting yesterday. Other officers named were: Mrs. George M. Lee, vice president; • Mrs.'R. G- Laiuje, secretary; Mrs. Howard B. Proctor, corresponding secretary; Mrs. J. E. Critu, treas- , nrer; Mrs. Samuel F. Norrls, reporter; Mrs. C. E. Criggcr, hlstor- iali; Mrs. E. F. lilomeycr, fercda- tion .secretary; Mrs. Sue K. Mason, registrar. Miss Cora Lee Coiomnn Is; the retiring president. Two new members, Mrs. C. W Cochran and Mrs. F. B. Joyiicr, were,,voted-Into the club. 'Rcpbfts showed that the club hjsl expanded in the past year wiih the music, junior music and literary departments functioning •wjtfi regular monthly meetings supplementing the usunl business meetings of the general clubs. The cSjMulivc board has also met rnpnthly for luncheon meetings. following .the reiwri of the treasurer, i\frs. E. M. Terry, which stjSSed much work done financially, n vote of appreciation . was taken for.all who,have .contribut- cd.,donatlbns.of any-,iind 'to' thii club-In the ])«*4| mw™> "--> Kalian Music" Studied'.' " jlfrs. George M. Lee was. leader of i the program in the'music department of tlie Woman's club yes- ter.c$y which followed the montli- ly.ibaisiness mceling of the general club'; Using as her theme "Ilulian Music'.', she presented several selections from well known operas and folt. music of Italy. Mrs. W. L. Horner and Mrs Bernard Gooch, who were hostesses, served sandwiches, cake and coffee. <_•• • * • Giitn Party. Mrs. A. Atkitrs of Paragould. who Is.spending a week with her son Harry Atkins, and Mrs. Atkins isaY-the- guest of honor at a parlj given yesterday afternoon by Mrs Ateins and Mrs. Jim Burns, daughter oi the guest of honor. ppirea and snowballs made prel ty. decorations for the living room After games and contests strawberry short cake was served will coffee to these guests: MesdamtL R.'R. Hill, J. c. Harnlsh, C. G Hires, Htarkcy. Mae Grcer, j c Burns. C. R. Waters, Q. G. Salib and', P. N. Luttrell. CaTDlhmvHIe Christian Endeavors To Attend Tea Here Tbe young people of Ihe Chris tiah Endeavor society of the Firs Presbyterian church of Caruthcrs vllle, Mo, wilt be guests of (he lo cat Presbyterian church tomorro\ evening lor a tea at 5:30 o'clock. Following Ihe entertainment th Caruthersville group will conditc the devotional of the regular Sun day'evening program. ... Miss Mabel Simon, chairman o the^ social committee of the loca Endeavors, will be assisted by sev era!-women of the church in ar ranging for the affair. * * * Have Picnic and A Slumber P;rty Miss- Orine Hutchins 'and Fran Luc.keit entertained eight couple with a picnic supper and slumbo party last evening. After enjoy ins : j» picnic at Big LaX e tlie girl w-ent to Manila where Miss Huich ins-resides an the Frank Luckc !°°£.. nis (Wls to his home a Dell L for the night. Both groups enjoyed delicious breakfasts this morning. Tlie guestjs were: Misses Mar tha; = RejvioWs, Lillian Brtscoc Grjcc and Alberta Elliott, Jess Lee..,England, Tisha Smith, Elizs bcUl Martin, Aileen Field an u Bcrtiard Jaggcrs, Woodrow Fishtr Ben Hall, Bob Shirley, Fred Fleo- rnan, J. W. Gibbs and J. H. Carpe liter, of Paragould. ^''- * • • Rook Club Meets t - — . Tte Sas Nak Ra Rook club was entertained by Mrs. Bob Copeland 5'Kterday afternoon when she al. so. had as her guests Mesr.ames K H. gitahct], M. C. Denlcy, Ivy Crawford and H R. Schmuck. The', attractive decorations ere- Bits of News Mostly Personal Mrs. Louise Crane Hylcr has re- urncd to Memphis niter spending wo weeks in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Crime. Miss Nellie Johns, who attends University ut Juekson, Tenn., is spending the week-end wllh her <aicnts, Mr. and Mrs. N. Johns she was accompanied here ycster- iny by Miss Margaret McDearman ol Luxora, who also goes there and who came home for thet weekend. Mrs. B. A. Bugg, Mrs. Dozle Mick and Mrs. G. G, Ballba have returned from several days In Memphis Mrs. C, J. Crane has returned rom Brownsvlllv, Tcnn., 'where the spent a week with her sister vno is critically 111. Miss Pauline Lang has reliirncd from St.'Louis where she spent a week buying lor the Fashion Shop The Rev. E. K. I.ulimer, who recently lett lor a month's rest lollowlng a nervous breakdown, now at Augustus, Ga., where he Is improving. j Mrs. u. G. Lnnge, who .has been ill, is now better. Charles A. Stubbs and hts mo- .her, Mrs. C. L. Stubbs, were called .o Missouri yesterday by the serious illness 01 Mrs. Stubb's mother Mr. and Mrs. Harry Atkins have BB their guest, for a week Mr. At- Xlns 1 mother, Mrs. A. Atkins, o: Puragould. , ill. and Mrs. Rush Holllpeter arc going to Memphis today to inccl Mrs. Holllpeter's mother Mrs. M. T. Olils, of Paris,' Tcniv ivho 'is coming t obe with her mo tlier, Mrs. Nannie. Sawyer of Os ceolu, who is critically ill. Judge G. E. Keck and his cour stenographer, diaries Partlow, wll BO to Marlon Monday lor the clr cult, court term. Mrs. Bclvu Martin, ol. -Lilt! Rock, is here and ut Osceoltt 1 be cause of the illness of. Mrs- Nan me Sawyer. Mrs. \V. M. Taylor and sorn other members of her family wll go to Lexington, Tenn., today t ue with Mrs. Jonn M. Tuylor, mo Uier in law ol Mrs. W. M. Taylor who broke her hip m a fall Tnurs uay. Mrs. Tuylor, who Is S7 year 01 age, is resting fairly well. Mi-, and Mrs. t, .W. Walters, o Little Rock with friends. . llY JOASi SAV6V t • fl NEA Service Writer The spring theme of contrast is raised to a deluxe edition in Ihl ic-w outnt that, when the sun shines brightly, still prepares for rain by raving a tiny umbrella pact anil parcel of the ensemble. Not that the parasol can't be used for sunshine. That's just one rick of Ilic new mode to allow a lady a prelection ngalnst the sun's wring—or anybody else's—when she wishes it. If yen belong In that category of the elite, the minority of ultra mart folk, Ihis costume will intrigue you. Firsl, there's a while crepe frock that is belted slickly with black patent leather wiih whll Ic crystal buckle. Then there's a flatteringly cut coat with soft collar line of soft black woolen. One of the new lilllc sailor hats lops It, this one with n femininely soft crown ol white crcchcied cotton and the brim black milan. The purse and pumps arc black, the purse with a cut crystal handle. Tlie cherry on lop of the sunilac Is the abbreviated French umbrella with crystal perfume stopper handle, n cute little trille that is as useful as it is smart. ' i- Round Lake. News Gladys Bynum, Jewell Toild an Leon Thompson attended praye services at Clear Lake, Suncia night. Mrs. M. C. Ralph Is 111 this wccl Mrs. Sam Eaton and son, Geu visited Mrs. w. J. Todd, wcdncs day. Mrs. Charlie Robinson and Mr Leon Vincent visited Mrs. W. Todd, Friday. Mrs. Maltic Bynum and daugl ter, Miss Gladys were gucsls Mrs. Milton Daniels, Monday. Mr. Charlie Robinson and so j Frank, have returned I'rom poin i Illinois where they have bee isiting relatives. Miss Jewel Todd visited MI .ladys Estcs, Monday, lioyce Wcoldridge and Glad lymiiii attended the show at Bl. :ieville, Saturday. Mrs. Hester Wagner was a bu less visitor at Blythcvillc, Sa relay. BY WM. K. McKEXXKV Secretary American llriilfo League When using the quantitative showing of tricks only bids of one of a suit vary according to the ]»- sition of the bidder. First and second hands open with two quick tricks and four probable tricks. Third hand Is required to hold two and one-halt quick Irlcks. Fourth baixl should hold at least three quick tricks and be in a iiosition to ;top Ihe opponents from going game. All original bids of more than one of a suit, in (his system are made with the same strength in all four positions, with ixissibiy one exception: that i s . when fourth hand and holding nothing but six probable (ricks, all in one minor, it is belter to pass, as opening with either on or two may prove rather disastrous if opponents arrive at a gnmc- going declaration in either major. .Original SuiTniils"«rt~Tivo ' The most Important thing to remember when uslnir (Vie quantitative showing of tricks sy.-Ucm is that no two bid is a forcing bid except when the two-club artificial bid is being used. The requirements under Klis system for original two bids arc very definite. You must bold at least three high car;l tricks and three other probable tricks Bids of one of a suit deny the holding of more than two quick tricks inc! three more probable tricks, or Ive in all. Bids of two of a suit assure your partner three quick rleks, and that your hand will produce six tricks in the sull named or even if parlncr shifts to no truiiii. or another suit. Original Suit Bids of Three Under this system, original bid. of three in a suit are mode whenever you are desirous of having parlncr assist your bid when hold ing as little as one probable Irlck Your three bid should guarrvnle partner that you hold at least cigh probable tricks' and are long ii Partner docs not have tc have normal trump support in or dcr to assist. Original Suit Bids of Four An original bid of four of a ma jor should only be made yoi are practically certain of pom game in your own hand or ncct only the assistance of a quern or jack from partner to produce th 10 tricks. Minor bids of four are made as they must assure p;m:u that you lee! confident of inking 1 tricks in the suit nanied. Original bids of five of a mi no suit are made only with hands < (.lining 11 probable tricks. White we have shown urhjinr suit bids of four of a major and fu of a minor. It must be rcmcmbcrc that users'Of this system also us Ihe artificial.two-club bid. and the will more often bid two clubs whic otcd even more attention when it is a forcing bid, rather than imme wes barrier: ;r,-. itey Coiiic from dlalcly bid for game in dihcr "" " major or a minor suit. This iwo- . Inc hostess' own flower garden, Roses. tulips, spirca and red honeysuckle .were arranged in pretty bouquets. The refreshments were strawberry short cake and. coJIee. NEW ORLEANS, lUl') — A frroi f New Orleans civic and slate o iclals are inspecting Western sii »rls from Texas lo California. A. L. Shusban, president of I "Sew • Orleans l.cvcc Board, Jol <lorer, chief engineer, and J. I'homus, board member, comprise he group which is studying various types of landing fields inprc- and water airport to be built, hero, parstion for tho plans for the laud SATURDAY, Al'UIL 25, (<J31 I,AKK STREET METHODIST CHURCH W. J. Lelioy, Pastor Sunday school, 9:45 A. M. Morning worship, 11 A. M. Subct: 'Tulllng The Case Through" Evening Service. 7:45 P. M. Subct: "The Oood Things God Pits ilo Our Lives". Epworlh League, 8:45 P. M. This will be the first time Ihe astor has occupied the pulpit since is Illness. Delegates to Ihe dislrlct con- ercncc in Jouesboro Wedncsda. re asked lo be prepared wllh ecessary reports. WEEKLY SUNDAY SCIWOL LESSON == HOAV To Pray ASSEMBLY 'OF COD South Lilly Street R. A. Work, Pastor Sunday school, 9:45 A. M., N. W 'ranlham, superintendent. Church, 11 A. M. and 7:45 P. M Christ Ambassadors, 2:30 P. M. Prayer Meeting Monday morning o'clock and Tuesday and Fri ay nights, 7:30 o'clock. All arc cordially invited. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Jornrr Walnut and Eighth Street Alfred S. Harwell, Pastor Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. U V. Mullins', General Superintend il. Preaching services at 11 a. m nd 7:45 p. in. The pastor will speak at th lornlng'hour on:' "The Chrlstlai nil His Life." The Rev. - Mark Salmon, "Th Vandcring Jew," will speak at th •veiling hour. Baptismal service t close of worship. All B. Y. p. Us meet at G:25 p. i. Miss Luna Wilhelm, Director. The goal for all the Unions is W. Let's put it over. Deacons' meeting Tuesday eve- ling at 7:30. Let every deacon e present. j • . Sunday school officers and cachers meet Wednesday everting t seven o'clock. Prayer service Wednesday eve- ling nt 7:45. Let us have not less nan ICO present. Choir rcf.earsal Thursday at 1:30 p. m Mrs. Paul L. Tipton, Lcad- This is the last Sunday in tlio month. Don't fall to pay your church pledge up to date if possible. Tile pastor is sending a report of our Sunday school, B. Y. P. U. and prayer meeting attendance to the Advance each week. L'ct's do credit lo ourselves- The International Uniform Sunday School Lesson for April M. How to fray. Luke 18:1-11. • • » BY WM. E. GH.ItOV, I). 1). Editor of The Conerrrguliunalist Jc-sus has given us many lessons In prayer. Ore»test of all, has come down to us, the ugeless, ever vital, Lord's Prayer, In which all who arc conscious of the deepest need voice tlwir aspirations to God and enter Into the communion that that great prayer has established. Jesus has taughl us, also, how to pray in his example. It is instructive to remember that at the time when his iwpularity scorned Greatest, and his earthly success assured, he went into the mountain and continued all night in prayer. Prayer was not merely nn inciil-iu of troubled and anxious limes. It was a discipline of life to bring him near to God and to train him in obedience to the Father's will. Therefore, Jesus felt the need of prayer quite as much when multitudes were thronging him with zealous adulation as when liiu tide of human enlhusiaMii had mined and he was passing through tH? tragic experiences of c;etliicmaiie and the lone way to Calvary. But the full teaching ol Jesus concerning prayer is not found SECOND BAPTIST CHURCH J. L. Ncwsom, Pastor Sunday School 9:45 a. m. W. M. Blaylock, Supt. Morning subject "The Four Faced Man." 11:00 a. m. B. Y. P. U. 6:30. Evening subject: Covenants." 7:30 p. m Mrs. Leslie Moore's Sunday school class will have charge of .he program Sunday morning. to come and You are welcome worship will us. IMLGHIM: LUTHERAN H. J. Kleindiensl, Pastor Sunday school and Bible class, 9:15 a. in. Divine worship, 10 a. in. Sermon subject: "Our Joy in the Lord." Services arc held at the St. Stephen Episcopal church. v : All are welcomed. • Head Courier News want ads. FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH E. K. Iiutimcr, Minister Sunday school, 0:45 a. m. Communion and program, 11 a. m. Christian Endeavor societies, C:45 p. m. There will be no evening service. These numbers will be given in tils morning program as arranged by the choir: Song, No. 274; Invocation, E. M. Terry; Song, No. 248; Communion; Song, No. 101; Prayer, P. S- Winford; Solo, Miss Martha Matthews; Story, Miss Marie Moon; Special, No. 288, Choir; Piano Solo, Miss Virginia Terry; Song, No. 2GG, closing; Dismissal. M. T. Moon. The program will be featured with the story "The First Judas" told by Miss Marie Moon and n. solo by Miss Martha Matthews of Manila. The public is cordially invited. either in a model or in an example. Along with these is the full record of Ihe life of Jesus, with the teach ing concerning prayer direct or implied that we find in many incidents and utterances. Here in our lesson in the form of a parable Is one of the profound passages in which Jesus leads us with him to explore the depths of prayer and its meaning. First of all is the parable of tha importunate widow and the unrighteous Judge—the judge who hears the woman's Injustice nol because he is a just man but because tiie woman, is so Importunate in her pleading. It is a strange parable which seems at first only to confirm one of the greatest ami commonest fallacies concernins prayer manifest both ill Ihe theory and in practice- namely, the fallacy that God hears us for our much pleading, and may be dragonert into doing things for us that he would not lio otherwise provided we arc sufficiently per- sstent and determined in our requests. As amatier of fact, the teaching ol the parable'Is just the opposite of that In praying to God, tlw righteous and perfect Father, we are not approaching an unjust judge or a being w'ho is capable of being persuaded by blandishments of flattery. The teaching of the parable is, on the contrary, that if an eaithly judge who is unjust will effect justice because of persistent pleading, how much more will a Heavenly Father who is righteous and. full of lovo fur his children give to them, If they seek aright, the things that are for their good. There is, also, tile implication that even the greatest blessings come to us only as there is aspiration for (hem and receptivity of soul. We receive through prayer blessings Ihat are by Iheir very nature excluded from the prayerless and unresponsive heart. The second parable strikes more deeply into the spirit of prayer, and, incidentally, does very much to enforce the interpretations of the first parable which we have expressed. In the parable ol the Pharisee and the- Publican, we have it set before us very explicitly that Text: Luke 18:1-14 "• ,'..'.'•" And he spake a parable unto them to this end, that m:n ought-' always to pray, and not to faint. Saying, There was in a city a juciee, which fccred not G»l, neither"'", regarded man: And there was a widow in that city, and shu came unto him, sa>> ,:•' ing, Avenge me of mine adversary. : • > • And lie would not for a while: but- afterward he said within fiiin: r:; self, Though I fear not God, nor regard man, '.". Yet because this widow troubleth me, I will avenge her, le;l by, V her continual coming she weary me. •• .... And the Lord said, Hear what the unjust judge taith. " ''•'"'-'' And shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry Uay and niglir unto-him, though he bear long with them? '.j!| I tell you that hs will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless-when.' the Son ol man comclh, shall he find faith on the earth? /: = ;: And he spake this pavab'.e unto certain which trustc.1 in Uirirt-"''- selves that they were righteous, and despised others. " Two men went up into the temple to pray; the one a Pharisee,, and the other a publican. '. -. The Pharisee stood and prayed thiis with himself, God, 1 thank' ' (lice. Urn I am no', as other men are, extortioners, unjust, adulfcr- "' crs, or ever, as this publican. I fast twice in the week, I give tithes of all thai I poss;ss. And the publican, standing afar oil, would not lift up to much as ' Ills eyes unto heaven, but smote upon his breast, saying, God be' merciful to me a sinner. \ I tell you, this man went down to his house justified rather tiiaii the other; for every one that cxaltctli himself shall be abased; and .. he that humbieih himself si'.r.-l l;c exalted. i the true ar.d effective prayer is not i always be the case. The msn who that of tfc man who approaches! approaches God in humanity leaves God \sith .^elf-assurance and with hus soul open to divine in/lunnc^ - Medics' Queen club conventtlon was explained in one of our «rcvi«is articles an'' !« Ths lovely smile of Clara Eiving. above, of McGchce. Ark., flashed over the footlights «!-,,.;-] students of the School of Mertxir.,' at the University of Missouri s;,i • FIRST OHUItCH OF NA/ARENK Vine :iiut Second Streets A. T. .McAnally, Pastor Sunday school, 9:45 a. m. Elliott Cobb. superintendent. 11 a. m.. Harmon Holt, assistant pastor. Sermon subject: "Results of a Life With God " Tlie N. Y. 1>. S. will hold services at Shady drove at 3 p.m. N.Y .P. S meets atC:45 p. in. Evening service, 7:45 o'clock, by (he assistant pastor. The young jwople have just closed a revival with 15 conversions to the church. the confidi-Lice Ihat he is worthy of all Ihat the Almighty can bestow. and bk'ssing, wh?rcas the man who conies in prayer with the consci- The true spirit of prayer is lound . ousi:ess of his own worthiness, rather in the publican, whom tile j thanking God for what he is, and Pharisee despised, wiio lias only one request to make of God that he is not as other mc:i are, inevitably shuts springs from a sense 6f his own; off from becoming the- mnn that.-, sinfulness and unworthiness. Gcxl would have him to be. The record is that lt:c man, who- To learn to pray in the spirit of smole upon his breast crying "God j u le pelican is not as easy as it- be mercitul to me a tinner," went j se em.s. but the man who truly down lo his house justified r.ilher i j, aras t i le \ v£ton has found the than tiie other. Surely that must teertt of the art of life. FIRST METHODIST CHURCH Main and Sornth Streets P. <J. lioric. Pastor Worship and Sermon, 11 A. M. and 8 P. M. Morning service broadcast over KLCN. Sunday School, 0:43 A. M. Junior, Hy and Senior Leagues, 7 P. M. « Dislrlct mcetlne; of the Woman's Missionary Socicly all day Tucs-i day. I Prayer Meeting Wednesday, study of Evangelism in the Sunday school, at 7:30 P. M. Choir rehearsal, Wednesday. 8:15 P. M. Enrollment of members from May 1st to May llth. The Board of Stewards, Sunday ^ School workers, leaders of the Epworth League, and the officers of the Woman's Missionary Society arc called to meet at the church at 7:30 P. M.. May 1st., at which time C. K. Wilkcrson will explain the new program of Christian Education. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE CIIUHCII "Probation after Death" is the subject of the Lesson-Sermon to be read In the Christian Science service Sunday at the Hotel Noble. The Golden Text Is, "The Lord knowcth tho days of the upright: and their inheritance shall be forever" (Psalms 37:181. The. Lesson-Sermon will also include passages from the Christian Scienoe textbook. "Scicmr Wild Health wiih Key to the Scriplurcs." by Jlary Baker Eddy, ond of which reads, "Error brings Its own self- destruction both here and hereafter, for mortal mind creates Us own physical conditions. Death wi occur on the next plane of cxist- ncc as on this, until the spiritual understanding of Life is reached Then, r.r.d not until then, will it be demonstrated that 'the second dcalh halh no power'". KlItST riJKSIlVTKKIAN CIIUUCH .Marsh M. Callaway, Minister . Sabbath School. 9:45 a. in. Morning worship. 11:00 a. m. The subject of the sermon will be "Christian Liberties." Evening Worship, 7:45 p m. Th: pastor win begin a scries of sermons on the live stories of the Bible. Tlie subject for this hour will be "A Period Love Garden Wrecked." The ycung people of the city are especially invited to llicse services. The Christian Endeavors will they w Minister's. Daughter Weds j ' District, conference First a part of this quantitative showing | crt ^hrlr^ "Anatomical of tricks system. ---•— -• "•-senior at College. . 1K1. NEA Service,!,,,) | *« chosen ,ueen o, the rev,, I Church, .lonesboro, at!) A. M., April Golden Cross Banquet at the 7:30 P. M., April 30th, be guests to the young people of tho First Presbyterian church of Canilhcrsvlllc to a tea. The Car- tilliersville young jwople will have charge of the devotional. The local young iKople vill be lead In their part of the program by John Atc- Dowcll, president, Courier News Want Ads Pay. Resplendent in the costume of the ancicul Kiinaarian aristocracy was Count Bi-la Hailik wncn he married Ihe daughter of Ihe. Hungarian • Minister to the- U. S. r.r.d all Washington society turned out for the ceremony. The b:ide Alice Szechenyi. daughter of M:ni:*ter Count Lara'.o Szccl-.enyi, ana the above photo shows her with the briilc^rcci-n as they retuincd fro;u the church. ST. LOUIS. (UD— Tr.e house whore Col. Chnrlc.i L:r,;lbo'.'nli lived while an dlur.ail pilot, will b: destroyed to make ~u"K\ [or a p.ivk- A vecir.s in the second flocr of 11:: i:jn-.e structure. MATERNITY HOSPITAl^-For im. fortunate girls: secluded, private. in? lot a;:d Slower 3arr.;n at tl'.p ! rates reasonable. Per Infornnliot: municipal airport. Lindbergh 1 write Kail mount Hospital, 4311 East other air mail fliers lived in rent-' 27th, Kansas City, Missouri.

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