Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 23, 1941 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 23, 1941
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WARDEN BROPHY URGES LOCAL CITIZENS TO SUPPORT THE RED CROSS The Weather Light Rains, Warmer Tonight, V FOtt VICTORY Vol. XLVI, No, 359 NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS,; TUESDAY, DECEMBER 23, 1941 Price Three Cents NAUGATUCK STORES ARE OPEN EVERY NIGHT UNTIL CHRISTMAS — SHOP EVENINGS UNTIL 9 O'CLOCK ROOSEVELT, CHURCHILL HOLDING CONFERENCE Are Expected To Set Up Inter-Allied War Council BRITISH PREMIER ARRIVED OUT OF MIST OF SECRECY One Result Of Talks May B.e Nomination Of Supreme Gommander-in. Chief HY LYl (United f'rc.HH .{UP)—The by ,M C. WILSON Staff (!i n, hoc. £ tfrout scope of Iho uhlll conversations* for unified conduct of tho war was nmplwslml today with u White llouso disclosure that tin 1 HHHsti I'i'Imo MlnlH- ter brought a party of 80 Uiolmlual exports and officials' with him. White House SncroUu-y SUM't^n T'l'Jarly said that Sir Gorald Camp- boll, Director of Hi'lHsh I'nus ro- Uillous lu UilH ccumtry, woidd make public the iwmv ol! the unllro pur- Honiiol of Iho Prime Minister's parly, "some 80 In mmibor." 'I liny Included Lord juwverbrook, Urlllsh supply Hilulslor. • , ' Also with thn purly I'row f/omlon WUH W, Averdl llarrlnian, 1/nllnrl I,end-house., "oxniulllor" who slatlon'o<l in UrUfvln. Artei- driving lo Iho White House with tho 1'roMldont last nltflil fi'orn u ouai'Uy till 1 'Hold, Gliurohlll dined with tlio Chlol' tOxocullvo and thoy nat up until I a.m. In llm I'rusl- clonl's oval study discussing Uiclr uiutal probloms, Karly said. The. president and tlio Prime Minister wore, expected to have, mi- othor oonlV'ronc.o Hoirm tlino this afternoon. The Hrtllsh olllolals who will {mrtlulpato In llu with tbnm will bo decided upon Churchill, Marly said. Tim principal conl'nroiiws attended by Mr. floosovull und C.liuiT.hlll probably will b 0 lu-.ld In thn oxoou- live wins' nl> L|I O While House, Karly naid. Ho also disclosed that Mr. volt lulkcil-by telephone yoslortlay with Canadian Prime Minister \V. L. Muckon/.io' KlnK. who will Jnin Iho Inlor-Allled discussions hero. Tho NVIillo UOUHO bud nu details on whon King would arrive, how- two r, Marly said thai tho arrival nf Churchill In Washington was "wimple — with no eweinonli's, no honors." Mr. Uuusevelt drove tliroui;!! the doop wlntor dusk to u wmrhy air Moid and awaltod tho arrival of Iho I'rlmo Minister's plane. Tho Held was lloodllKhtcul for a few inoin- unts to pormlt Iho plane to land, thon Lbo lights wore promptly shut off. Churchill will accompany Mr. lumsovell to ohuroh on Christmas l) v uy. but Karly docllned to idvo the name of the cluircb or tin.- hour of his attendance. Thoy arc ox pooled to sol, up- an Intor-nllied war council and there was speculation w hctbei- Hud, mov<> \yould be followed, ultimately, by nomination of a supremo t'ownmn- der-ln-chlol 1 . Hut soomei.l lo be good ground to believe dial Iho leiisl which will come from Iho Potomac- Hide conference of the. leaders or the Kngllsh spunking peoples, would be a unification of command In various I healers ol' war. l/'iulor any such division or n-. Mpunslblllty, United Stub's military and naval officers would got tho lough and (uixardous Job of licking Iho.axis lu the Pad do and Ihe Kur Kast. Hut the llral Job out there Is lo hold our own—ours and Croat HrlIain's—and none hero mlulml/os the Iremendous nature of Uuit as- ytgnmcnl. Churchill arrived In Washington by air taul night out or a misl of apuoulallon and secrecy, lit- u»n. London l)cc, .I'i, Ho was mol at a wen Hi or und, luirdshlps lie Ihe year, Jtc I'anll, Today YOUM i.NK\VSH()Y In iimklnu up your huducl on tlu- amount you can contribute to local, siule. mid mitloiml ciim- paliins In our nation's (l(jhl the, i\tr/.I forces — jtust rememhtM' to place a C.hristmn.s i'(Miieml)runcc nshle Tor YOUH MOWSIIOY. He Is on I he job every liny In the year, In I'nlr and slormy despite lite many diirlnn Is rultlii'ul to n he Is assist Inj; his (jdvcrnment — and yours — hy scll- hifj Savings UoiKi.s and Slumps wilhout uompiMiNiillon, LOCALSCHOOL PUPILS PURCHASED $261 IN "SEALS" Salem Heads List With Remarkable Total Sale of 71,45 Harold K, Clltlttonden. HU per in ten- dent of schools of tlio, borough, un- noiuujocl today tha', MUulonUt In. th,e •Hovoral schooUs, including St. 'Fran- oiH 1 . Parochial school, purchased iH2()l,28 In Chrlamns Seals to aid the Hod flt-oss in Its light against tuberculosis, " " - , ' ' ' . ,' Mr. .GhltU'iulen's report follows: Soldiers Will Get Any Gifts Mailed Washington, Dec. 2a— (UP)— The War department urged friends and I'clulfves of soldiers today not to hesitate to mall them Christmas presents because they tire not certain where the soldiers are now. ",/ust send Ihop acknge to the last known army address and it will be transferred to the post whore the soldiers since have been trans- furred," the department announced, CONTRIBUTE $477 TO FUND TODAY Total of $881 Realized Here On. Emergency War Fund In Two Days High School Ha ten i School Central Avumic Rubber Avoiuic Ouk.'Stroot Hop Brook Prospect Street (rl'OVOSlClO St. Francis 2H.7M> 21).'10 I M.50 :17.00 JM.KO 8.00 213.00 (Continued on l'ti»o Eight) Meetings Tonight and Tomorrow Daughters of St. George's Llborl)' Knights of Columbus Salem I, DROKMDRU 'i Magnolia Knonrnpmcn Inboll Woman's Kollof holary Club Sons of Union CHRISTMAS DAY SERVICES AT SALEM LUTHERAN Tho services at tho Salem Lutheran church on Christmas day, will star I at r^.'fO a.m. Thn program is as follows: .Prelude -.-• "Aiwels From Tho lU'iilins of filory" Uloholson Herbert Bohlin Prouosslonal Hymn — "Silent NM'ght, 'Holy' Night" Cirubor Combined Choirs Hymn #>:l-2 (Psalmen 55:1-2) (All standing a) Altar Service. b) Kyrie—C'.lorlu in hlxuolsls—"All glory ho to cod on high" .c) IMio Salutation tl) Tlio Collect c) Tho Kplstlo Text: (Isaiah 0:2-7) f) Hymn 27:1-1 (Psalmen r)H:.M) g) Tho Cospel Text; (Luko 2:l-liO) li)Tho Apostles 1 Creed Anthem — "When The Sun Had Sunk To Rest" Traditional — arr. KnlghI—Combined Choirs Announcements (Offering 1 rccclvoyl at* tho close of the service) Anlhom — "Behold I Bring You flood Tiding*" Oiobel — Combined Choirs , .,, .... . The Sermon— "Immaruiel (uospol TON I: Matt. I-IS-2/0. Wm. H. Kroiul- borg, pastor. Hymn, IW:l-'i. Hymn -W:l-i dolmen -i^.l-. Altar Service: a) Prayer b) Henodleiunus—Benediction Threefold Amen. pnstludo Offertory— 11 als", Oullmunl. and Pol on- SOCIAL and PERSONAL \n- <4«.n!t' a MO ^, hospital, um HIHTII fr». Mowurd Slason llio lJl«'t!» at St, Watcrbury, Conn. of of "stanleVanci »Uly Becker.who at- (nnrl Vlift LllUO CU'OVO SCllOOl -111 LOllg Km are Hpoiullns the holidays !v b lleir niothor, Mrs. lOsther ncSoi of ^ Meadow street. ;, VACATION . , vibVrt llol'mborg, a student at University, is sponding Iho '" 088 wittl ll . -AHorl - W. of- - sll> Announcement of additional contributions today by Norman Wood, treasurer of live National• Emcrgcnoy War l (1 und in t\augatuck, more than doubled the total listed' in the Daily News yesterday, the amount subscribed to. date being $881.00. The contri'buLions range today from $:1 to $.100, with three local citizens each subscribing $JOO. '. Contributions, largo or smaM, \vill bo grateful.'.y 'received/ and appreciated and all 'will bo. acknowledged through the , News.- ' Youngster's ' who. wish to do .their 'hit/ in 'sup,|>orl,iog.-4ho • Rod /Cross. ..and:,,'lLs ; many hurnani.larlan- actl.vltios;Kire*ln- yllcd J.o Cbntr.llHitc^ : Th'c s'mall-.con- tributions frp'rn the, ..hundroda, ,of. children In will., 'groatly/ assist in raising tlio boi'o'ugh's cfuot'li of ,^,000 iii ".the ! f?nO,000;oOO drive proclai'mcd by President ftooscvolt': Today's contributions follosv: Previously'acknowledged H. A. Dalby . .lohn .O'Donncll, Sr. . Mary Tavares Richard ,1. Wcrslg. . Prank . Keeling- •lacob Keeling Lilli-o K. Wurtonbory. . Mrs.. P, A. Johnson ' Mrs. ,7. iOnamait August Xongotti Mr. Guy 11. Sloan Mrs. iVcba M. Sloan Mrs, Sloan Mrs. Rose Koxon Mr. R. V. Murphy Charles Wliltoomb • Ucrtel V. Olson Anna S, Hovoy I'Moroncc J. Palmer 13. N. Wllmpl, ' " Mrs. C. Koehler K. Johnson Oustaf .lolmson Mr. and Mrs. Petei Lucy ID. iiainpson John '13. Caskey Dr. Tnrbcll- M.en's -m bio Class,- Lin i led Ralph Tucker ' . Beacon Valley Grange Mrs. Anna Alcxlnski Hortha Nnl-iisch Marie McOuii'o Kricnd Jull'a D. NauraHi Mr, and Mrs. Albert 'Moli'mi Michael Sundas ' • Mr. John Dalkus Mr. S. Whltelcy Mary Shea ICdlth and freno Kostor Tva M. Saffran Mr. and -Mrs. G. Goodrich Arthur Swanson N Vats on Jones ; . Mr. and Mrs. Holmes Mr, and Mrs, John S. Lopos Donatus ICimaitin Mi', and Mrs. !'"rcdorlck 1-Tynn Friend Mr. and Mrs. John iS'aney J, Schmuck John H. Sch muck Prances D. Burns Jessie h 1 . DeShong Red Cross Needs Large Sums Of Money Now Warden Leo J. Broph.y issiied>m proclamation today calling upon every ci'tizen. of the borough to dp, their -utmost to give financial aid to the local chapter of th'e AmVribaivRcd, Cross and the national council 1 of the organization, in its'effort to meet its war-time public •service obligations In o'ur mi'ghty,-bailie for freedom, justice and for the very survival of our •nation. The Warden's proclamation follows.: .'.'.' ':••;., 'A ^flQGUAMATlOtt ,, •-,'.'.. WHEREAS Lhe. 'people of ..the United ; States -and their armed forces, following a dii'ect. iindunpj'ovokccl attack'by an alien power, have centered .with clotormlii|£ti ! pn,-upon a state of Avar,; and WH13 RIDAS expansion' ''o'fc ''our:' Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard, and of. our war industries, will proceed upon a scale- unprecedented-In-our history; hi if I WHIOR1DAS American citizens, arc suffering great injury and property loss from air attack "and arc in., need of direct and irnrnti- dJate help ;• and , , ; •'.'' '•'•' ' . WHEREAS further preparations.must be made to protect Amer-. lean cities and American populations from unnecessary suffering during afr attack or disastercauspd by sabotage; and W1IE1/UCAS the American Red. 5 Gross is the. only organization in our land' equipped and, ready, •fliist; to'de welfare assistance to the men who. are defending .our country, at home and overseas, through the .services of Red Cross. Field Directors, volunteers, and blood .donors; second,. Lo assist i American evacuees from danger zones; third, to further equip our .communities with trained Rod Cross Motor Corps, Canteen Corps, Niir.sos Aide Corps, First Aid units, and other vital- rescue corps .instrumental in saving human life; fourth, to bolster the .strength'of the nation and thc^natlpn's war .effort by such .services, as. Accident; Pro vcnti on, Disaster Relief, Rome Nursing .and Public Health 'Nursing;- fifth,- t.o/train our young jKiOple in the paths of".service : and good' 1 .citizenship ' through -the medium of .the Junior .Red. Ciioss''anrjX/:-';..;.- '• ' • . WHIDREAS such a program as outlined 'above will necessitate the-expenditure of-large, sum's < or-mqnoy : . . • THEREFORE, I, I.J30- J-. BROPHY, 1 .WA[, : ID!3N .QH 1 -TUB -BOROUGH OR NAUGATUCK, call upon the 'iTicmbcrs of our community to give through -our' local ..Red Cross:. .Gh.ap.tei^thoIr.'.goiKJrousj .and unstinted' support to the American: Red .Cross- : IDmergency Wai: Fund.-of $50,-as, outlined/ -in 1 ProsUlent!-! iVposoYclt/s'-' .recent/ proclamation. country acliieve Ms llnal>.victb.ry,- ; ;b,u-t;'.al,sp.'.\yi).i..'acl;-6ur 1 ;..ita= \vat'-timo public s^-vlc'e-'obligations;, ar .in meeting.-ita = \vat'-timo public s^-vlc'e obligations; and I fui'ther. proclaim that >y'our -contri'butions.i tO'^this :fund • will, represent your tangible •share in our mighty battlQV'f.oi 1 ", 'freedom, for justice-, and- for the very, survival of'our nation.' 1 . Qulmi.. Church 2 H. Sch muck j i .1 2 :100 .10 5 2 JO fj .'2 2 ? 2 j 9 .10 2 <2 o 3 •J Supply In Many Communi- . ties Depleted Within Last Two Weeks. -' Total today Total to date $477 $881' WHITE HOUSE STAFF MEMBERS • Washington, Dee.-2'J—(UP)—Pi'cs]^ dent and Mrs. Roosevelt; -meeting with Wbitoc'House, staff today for tlie annual presentation ofr Christ-' inns gifts, distrHmtqd a 1 'photograph of themselves -bearing their autographs. ; • ' ' :.; " • The photograph, selccled^perspnal-' ly by Mr. I^DQSGvolt, .wns^madd; Jjy Ooorgo Skaddings, n prns,s nnws l.ogrnphcr. Pustofllces and. banks, nqt only.-.-In Naugatuck, .but' in a- majority.;bf .the communities in the state and', riatl.on have disposed of their, oh I.ire tilIb 1.1- rnent of-^25. Defense , Sayings .Bonds and the lOc Savings Stamps. , ;. • The demand, since .IIic ..United States' was forced 'to declare., war on Japan and her Naxl allies, has •far exceeded' expectations '.and the government printing department is working night and day to njeet the requirements of Tjatriotio c'itixcns .who wish to aid our government in supplying our m.ilitary, naval, and all 1 forces with all necessary inate r rials to make and accomplish the decisive defeat of all nations opposed to democracy, . ' " ir.rank T; Green, {postrnaster at Naugatuek, stated today that he had been advised' by. the government postal authorities : additional bonds and stamps would be_.mnilDd- within a few days. Naugatuck citizens desiring to purchase the bonds and stamps may l-eavo their orders at the local post .office." Receipts will, be given- to. the purchasers now and delivery of the bonds will be made i-mmediately, upon their arrival in the borough. ' ' ' ' AID WAR • Cancelled stamps- are' being • re- coivccl by Miss Jessie F.-. pcSh.o.ngA I i b rar i a n..' o f , th c 'Howard ^Wh.i^c- more.. Memorial library,. ;,TJiGse s ta m ps wi I be ' sh 1 P peel; b.y - th o,' \Va- terbury Wclleslcy club Ho., a:' Ne\y. York '.''British relief -agetitty,;..-•• -wh.o' • will then'transport them^^ to..England. wliprp l -4hcy.'.\vlll be ! turnedv;;,iiitp; moncy"'•:•: '•• . \ ; ' "'.''. : - •:•. : ' .-',7 - •"•'• : Children who, are vin .ho.sp.itals of "air raids'; 'will- be .helped; PERMITEES URGED niroiM'r'OC 1 nir'HT BUSINESS RIGHT ; .Local restauranteurs and/ tavern •owners should .take warning from a notice issued, recently by. E. ,,J. •'Gpni.lT, secretai^y of the Restaurant Liquor Dispensers .association of : 'Cpnnect'lquL In his'" statement Mr. Coniff. \varned these, proprietors that "prohibition resulted from"' the last war" and. urged them to "project yourself -'by protecting your, 'country" because "the- future of •yo'ur Ijusjncss depends upon how you conduct it toda-y." Re^oniniendations niadc by Gp'hit'f are: , .. '•"Do not allow strangers to ;tcjrni>HJ \yith men in uniform.. mL'iiibui 1 " 1 that there arc Jlfth umnists in. America, too, ' 1L M\'ke certain that no one in ii'orni becomes intoxicated in your pJace' of business. "Keep your eyes. .and. .cars . open for information ' of value to your government/. ... - - • "if an-yone in your place of business acts, -in ;a suspicious "manner by word or deed, notify 'the association, or the police. ! -VBuy' defense bonds and advise your customers to do the same." . Mr. .fra- He- ool- un- ON^HEGREEr V4'he' i.'JtJil/>nnua| Cliyistmns Carol Program 'will 1 :be given tqnight from. I lie; - balcon.y : oi'" SaJeni School from $p-Hjp. : .-8j(X):..o'clock.;:Thc follONying sjnger's "from : "' Grade S . of Salem School will/he featured: Irene Kur- ii.tis, IBelly. Culver, Tillie Gaspari Peggy -Baldwin,' Maureen Daly, H'en- 'ijqlUi pldakbwski,. Eleanor Ocm.ckc, iMprence.',' ilelcn Lakis,/Bar- >arfi; Mcuso'i:,' Mary/'-.O'ponnpll, Lor-. \ t i,ifi[ Mahgine, and/^Roscmarie Man- /^Tlie'ii.Brass'i-.Qju^rteL'-.\vjjl;; alis'o; ])lay Jam i I i a r.' cai; d 1 s; -. •XTh e t r u "m p e ic r s /arc Danipl;,'DenicRe, 'Miles .Berry,':i-I/irrV '' -'Haf^Co'rd," 'Cdriii'v' tJcK: iS-tKCUl?)^ Mrs\'" ; E^-ivIade]inepJojVnsori^ two-car accidonl n'l early Sunday, . „ ,-. and NVendpll Bacon. Jt/has- b.e'eri/a custom since; 1029 to aye/: Glir js tm as- : carols sung, 'and fpla^ed - 'from . . th c • Sa I cm Spii oo 1 "B al - '•bph'y. •;.•/- Those; .:who: -are doing ' their/ ''n, Church s tree I,; ori have enjoyed these as man' wh; , ire main in/lheir.- cars, during ,the\ca'.i'bVvstnging: ;near the Coinrnuhity -,\ •;:'..-'-•'.. y-^TirrvTV-'r;:^-. 1 ; •;: ^ . •• •:<..!;• •<.'.-;•;.• •.7--.-.-----.- •• .<•• ' Defenders Of Luzon And Hong Kong Are Putting Up Hard Fight Against Strong Attacks By Japs DOORWAY PRIZE AWARDED TO MRS. GEORGE CRONIN Mrs, Paul Johnson and Mrs, H, H, G-orton Winners in Other Divisions Mrs. George Gronin, of 50 Rook- well Avcniie, was awarded -first prize in Lhe Doorway Decoration Competition sponsorcrl by the garden cleparimonl, of Lho Nniigatuck Woman's club today. The second prize was awarded Lo ; Mrs. M. II. Long of 20 Dayl.on Bond ami. Mrs. George'Painter, of Hi. Quinn sirecl,, received the third prize. In/the/competition for Doors Mrs. Paul Johnson, .of .Dayton Boad was awarded first prize, Miss Helen Whitlock of. 157 .High,-, street received the second award and Mrs. L. H. Corliss • of 10 Park Aycnim, was 1 delected.- as the - winder of the; I, hi re!', prize. ;. : • • •In .the M,liii;d.-division which Avas 'for' unusual decoration' the; first prize was juvar.ded ; to' Mrs. JT. H. '•Gbrt'bn, 107 Cliff,street, second prize went 'to Mrs. ' J.ohn Wrinn, 170 Ward street and Mrs, Norman Carlson,- (iD5 North ' Cliui'ch street,-was awarded the third prize. The judges in the' contest were Mrs. John' A. Coo, Jr., Miss Edith Sellcw and Miss Mildred 13. Harmon, all members of teh ; Garden club of the Water.bury, .Women's club. - Judging . of the many homes. was started at j.O:,'iO o'clock and the judges ' were taken, about the borough by Mrs. Wiliam ,1. Noble, Jr. who was named by the local club to'transport the Judges. 'Koiowing the awarding of prizes the judges and other competil.ion officials were guests at a luncheon at, the home of Mrs. George Cronin of Rockwell Avenue, Mrs. Cronin was assisted as hostess by Mrs. J. A. H. Peterson of"Millvlllo Avenue. NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR SMITH DEATH Many Mechanics Respond To Appeal Hartford, Conn., Deo. 23. State Employment Service Director JVlnj. Leonard J. Muloney said today that nearly a score of electricians and airplane mechanics in Connecticut had responded to • a. government appeal for men to work at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The workers, he said, would be interviewed, by representatives of the U. S, Civil Service Commission to determine their qualifications. MANY CHILDREN ATTEND PARTY IN PYTHJAN HALL Tile Junior NVomiin's Club entertained the children of the Senior Club at a Christmas party Monday afternoon in the Pythian hall. Gifts wore-'.-.distributed- ahd ; refreshments served.'.' The children present .were: ISdiiji Pearson, Marilyn Carlson,. Bill •Or.uuer, Fred"Gruner, -Bobby Swanson, Gerald 'Anderson, Patty Anderson; Barbara Anderson, Clara-Beiir- -endl, Bu'ddy -KoMoMv 'Billy Malik, Kevit Hanlon, Ethel Hayes, .Billy Hayes, Valerie. Gales,' Bobby .Paul, ICallierine" Kissane, "iOli/.aboth Robinson, Gale Anderson, Bobby Olson, Dougblas Olson. Phillip Thompson, Shirley Fuler, Darlene Nelson, Susan Hughes, Frederick Daly, Eleanor Stevenson,- Patty Long, David Long,- Virginia' Schlosser, William Fowler, Betty Fowler, George Cro- ,nin, Helen Donovan, Betty Ki.sanc, .Maureen Daly, Dorothy Ann Pceker. Donald Peeker, Annabelle Richard. Morlenson, Fern and Hicky Olson. Smith. Carlson BOARD FAILS TO ACT ON METERS PIDARL HARBOR! l>cwrencc Koenig, of 235 Millicenl avenue, Buffalo, N. Y'., who "was lield on 'a -technical charge- fol- Jowing the death of Ernest M. Smith,'80,..of Naugatuck, on.S r ovem- her 5th, when tho aged resident of Union City received fatal -Injuries when he was struck-by an automobile freight trailer driven, by Koenig, was exonerated in a finding Hied with the clerk of. the Superior court in Watcrbury yesterday by Coroner Wiliam B. Hennessey. • > / The 'accident occurred; at GrJfj p. in. on the"Waterbury-Union City road." iSvldcnce .produced showed that Mr. Smith-was' crossing the highway at the time of the accident and narrowly escaped being struck by another car which, was wrecked in an attempt to avoid hitting him. The. frcigh't trailer was immediately behind the other .car, and 'its driver, Mr. Koenig, did 'not Imve time to sec Mr. Smith,, who was sitting in;'the road after being, thrown off his balance in avoiding being hit by.'ihc. llrst car. The -trailer struck Mr. Smith and he died immediately from his injuries. TREASURY BALANCE WashingLqn;:'Dec 23-(UP)-Gov-, •ei'hment-expenses-: ,and receipts for- the current fiscal year-through Dec. 20;'compared'wlih a. •year ago:. . —Tins YEAR~£ < 7 r —LAST: YEARr- Expenscs ' ".'.'. $IO,7i8,/i,33,007.7p-- *: §.'r,821,218',725.52 Dcfciise Spenrfinn / : 7,59 J ,501,G87.G7.. J,GJ^G ; iO,325.!35 Receipts J.OSo^GO.STG^G:>V '• .: 2,842,223,3.^.09 • Net DcficfL n - r -G.G2/j;GG0.03Jyr-V. :;',", . 1,051,325,280.'t5 2,100,302/1*1.24 ^ -(j. i The special meeting- of the Hoard of Warden and Burgesses scheduled for last, evening in the borough court room to take action on the installation of parking meters in "Naugoluck again postponed for lack of a quorum. Warden Leo .1. Bro- *phy 'stilted-, today that, it, would bo impossible to secure a quorum this week owing to the holiday season but, that be would endeavor to assemble the en tire board enrly next week. Action on the matter 'must be taken before January 1st to insure- immediate delivery .and in- •stallation of the meters, Mr. Brophy said. POLISHWOMEN COMPLETE QUOTA OF SWEATERS Mrs. Mary Oranica. chairman of the Polish Italic! 1 Committee in Union City, announces that their quota of knitted sweaters and other articles of clothing, prepared.for the, Polish soldiers- in Canada . for the Chris!niftS' holidays, has been completed. Those assisting in the work are the following: Louise X/dleski, Red wig Radomski, Winifred Smigelski, Jane Smigelski, Hedwig Granka, AJbina Kogut, Mrs. Joseph' Sok'oloskJ, Mrs. Teolll Kncx- kowski, Wnnda KJoinis, Mrs. Honi-y Zmijeski, Mrs: Joseph Polakowski and Mrs. Geo. Kogut and Mrs. Mary Granica. . 11,8^0,708.7.'} Washington, c Dcc. 2:3— CUP;— The Navy.department, announced today thai, the Japanese had , effected a landing on Wake island this morning: The announcemel was made in Navy Cpmmuique No.; JGi', summari/.- iiig'tho naval;situntibh-])nsed on ro- porls up lo 9 a, m,, EST, Filipino Soldiers Are Also Fighting Fiercely Against the Invaders AMERICAN TANKS AND ARTILLERY BLAST JAPANESE and British forces took in Far Eastern combut The Fighting In The Philippines Is The Hardest Of The War BY .JOE ALEX MOB HIS (Uniled Press Foreign Editor) American the honors today. The American nnd Filipino defender's of Luzon, key island of tlio Philipincs, .had the advantage in heavy fighting against a mnjor Japanese and held out /Irmly atop Lingbayen Gulf.- Even the outnumbered, hcroio British garrison at Hong Kong reported "local successes" against the Japanese and; Held; out firmly atop' rock-hewn torts on Mia peaks of. the lilUeJslan.J.; A United Press staff correspondent reached the lighting lines in Ihe Lingbycn- area and telephoned the llrst bnUlo description from a point only a ifunrter of n mile from where the %h't/ng WHS raging. He revealed that seasoned American - ,-uifJ Filipino troops ;iro lighting on terms apparently' oven or better ,•)£<•!ins(. the Japanese crforl, to put <SO,000 l.o 100,000 men ashore on. Lux.on. American tanks and artillery blasted a .)nj3anese position. The .Japanese appeared, he said, to he aldctl by soneone with an intimate knowledge of local terrain, possibly Japanese nationals Jong'resident in the Philippines. The Japanese air force was at- Icmpting to provide strong cover for the landing aUcmpl, attacking the area in which fighting was In progress-and also the American air hijses to Hie rcnr. The attacks-wcV'j not offccMyo, ..despatches indicated. A war department communique u.f, Washington indicated, howevc?', that the .Japanese arc making powerful efforts to sl.rcngl.hcn their landing parties hut that U. S. forces had "some initial successes." Dutch Naval aircraft came to the aid of Ihe Americans on the Davao front on th'e southerly Philippines island of Mindanao. The. Dutcii reported that, a 10,000-l.on Japanese lanker was stink in an attack on Japanese shipping Hi Davao harbor. Tokyo, in a propaganda broa.dcnsi; claimed that Japanese forces arc In fu'll control'of: Davao. A Hong Kong despatch from United Press, staff correspondent George E. Baxter, the llrsl. "direct word from the beleaguered garrison in seven days, reported thai British,, forces still were lighting determinedly. Ottawa learned that Brigfl L. K. Laxvson, Commander of> the C%\a- dian uJiiLs at Hong Kong, «ind Col. Pal. Hennessy of the Military Ad-: ministrative sl^iff nl Hong Kong have bo.en kiled in action .and thai, Canadian forces have suffered "very heavy'* 1 casualUcs in the last-dilch battle. The small Hong JCong garrison of. .Canadian,.Indian and British troops, reinforced by civilians, was holding "strong points on moutainous Hong Kong island, chiefly in the southern und southern parts of the Islad. Baxter's despatches made plain lhat the British are selling their lives dearly al, Hong Kong nnd-ex- acting the highest, possible toll in (Continued on Page Seven) ^SHOPPING DAY* to Christmas Also GIVE U.S.DefenseSavtiigs BONDS and . STAMPS' 4 at STORES >BANK% V POST; OFFICES-.^ I '" '

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