Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 22, 1941 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, December 22, 1941
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AMERICANS RESIST ATTACK ON $40 The Weather Increasing 'Cloudiness, Not So Cold Tonight, Vol. XLVI, No, 362 NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS, MONDAY, DECEMBER-22/1941 Price Three Cents NAUGATUCK STORKS ARE OPEN EVERY NIGH'^UNTIL CHRISTMAS — SHOP EVENINGS UNTIL 9 O'CLOCK NAUGATUCK CITIZENS RESPOND TO APPEAL Fund Of $22,000 Sought Here To Assure Defeat C; Nazi CARLISLE B, TUTTLE, RED CROSS CHAIRMAN, DIRECTS LOCAL DRIVE Norman Wood, At Naugatuck Savings Bank, Treasurer of Drive Tin? CHI/ens ol 1 NauKuluck, as UHiial, HIM-. KlvliiK ItH'lr hearty cooperation lo'uny and all patriot. tippuals in l.ho Hm-vlcc, of LtH'li' country, Htato ami oominunlly tor (Jiviii diily, Horvico and financial uiil umi today's report from Noniuui \u>od, treasurer of Uio National Km*" 1 *; 11 : oy War Kuiul, bail's out th" luci. convinolngly, . Pi-ullrnlnary offoi'lH to Hliirl In ( ,, ll(l(mlK n won, Parted on ' ol 1 thl« wook and today, w Sabbath Holiday, Mr, p Wootl ftn- nouriKOH cunlrlbulionH r> *<»><. 00 U,» I'urul In actually the I1i'»l «las P» The' war fund for omergoncy IH mi( | OP the direction oj UHJ Nauga- tllok Ohupter of- thn America. i He and 7,000 InttorH of ui'poa r o or the. -fund wo ma lor. -onlrlolH'-'6f'---Nrtii»rftuok- ant week '-, TUo appeal' camo Irom Uir- SH. Tuttle, fUudnmu. o the idful Hod r.rosH chapter ami I'HinK W Ku on, tiTUHUivi- of tin- clmpl«r. A fund of *fiO,(KM),000 lian hcnn mmcrl for tl.o nation and Nui.K- Utuok'H quota Is $W,000. -ori.inltloe.ln ohW of Die oy fund Is fully «»OKI» wml. 11 raot that our ulllxoMH him,,i, m , called upon for Hcvurul I'on- irlhulloiw riMM-ntly to aid in on national doroiwn jiml s kliulroil ot'M-anl'/atlonH and that UK mili-ll of OhrirttiiwM IH now uL hand wl on wo glory In tlu- fuel that we i-P.momber our rr.latlv.-s and irUuuls Nvlth token* of lovo and J'HIIUMU H • the Yulnlldo.- Hut -- tho Uidl'Hl States Is ul war ..... and If you all 1" ulvo vonr rrlmul or relative a FlhrlHtmas BUI that docs not coin,„„.(' In monetary value with Ihoso you' wave them In times whon your wiwos oi- salary were much Ions, Ihov will undr.rHlatul. They know Ihui you imvo given your (Inanclal HiippoYt to "Uncle Sain", and In many cases, as In the last world war,' you havo tflvon "until It all the evidence of unusual lty and Inm-aHi'il WUKOS and salaries due to tlio war In other countries buforo tho Unllod Stains was t'orml Into the War No, 2, lluu'o are still many ponplu In olose friends, who are not sending presents or even postal curds this year to you, lull, If Ilioy nro Am- orloans, and you know they arc, Just be reassured Iliat they have purchased government bunds, savings stamps and made Individual contributions to Hie Kovernmont in Mils emergency and Unit whon, the United Stales, with the assistance of PH allies- has eliminated the tin- r of world domination 1>V dlc- tatoi-s and Iholr countrymen wlio are forded to support, their umld- llons at the point of a junior fai'e tho possibillly of mass execution. and that whon Demoe.racy and Its principles, freedom of religion and speech and many olhor prlvlluges \vo havo enjoyed In "The Land of the Free" havo been onco again restored, cltlxens who have not been (GontluuoU on Pago Tliroo) Meetings Tonight and Tomorrow Englos Con to nn la I Lodge Ortvol Lodgo St. Krunols' Society. Tho Naugatuck Community band will moot tonight at 8 o'clock In the Music Shod on flhnrch street. Doughlor» of St. Oeorgo'jt Liberty fiOdgo Knlghls of Columbus Salorn l-odgo VOSTPONK MKKTIN(!' Tho regular weekly meeting of tho Thirty Club of Si, Francis' church Im.H boon postponed for this week owing 1 to the hollclay so»H.o'n. uooor'Ung to an unnouncemont marla today by Joseph Keating, president of UuMMuh. Tho next meeting will be hold In tho Knights of Columbus hall on January 7, Tire Rationing Boards For Gonn. Hartford, Conn., Dec. ^— (UP)— c.uv. Hurley announced today that rationing boards would be set up throughout tin; stair! .Jan. 5 to approve the pui'clmsus ol' new tiul.o- mobilf. tires and tubes. These boards will be under the control of lhu state defense, oounoll, and tires will be. allowed to commercial motorists who hold corUfl- (siUKS from tho boards. Tho governor intimated that the, sale of tires ;md lubes lo owners of pleasure curs would be drastically curtailed. EAGLESlARTY FOR KIDDIES WAS GREAT SUCCESS The annual Christmas party for Lhe kiddles ol' members of Naugatuck aorie, No. C/iO, fraternal Order or Kaglus. held yesterday uL'lernoon in Columbus hiill was u decided suo- (sosH with tho moru than' r>(!0 children attending thoroughly.enjoying the occasion.. They; participated In guinea ^during ...Uic....pui 1 .ly..; were, en- tertahiecl by the .MorLtin Brothers and I'aul Uuokrnlllor, who 'also ol'- llolatod oL'.,.cei'umoiiies, and reooivc-d the usual gifts provld- ud by the local.aerie at this, time. Joseph MoC'.uIrn wns chairman or the commithj.i> of arrqnguiiient.s. 27-OUNC1': WAUY UOHN lloston, Oec. S'i—(UP)—One of the smallest babius In Massachusetts Medical history wns reported In fair condition in a hospital Incubator today T1H.-27 - ounce baby girl was born. Saturday to Mrs. Marjorlc JewoU, M'i, ol' Quinoy, wire of a Hoston wooh woi-ker. The child wus being fed th rough a stomach Lube. SOCIAL and PERSONAL HOW) HOAIU) MK The mooting of the Board oi Warden and Burgesses, which was sole ulcd to be hold in the bor- ougl. uourt room last Friday evening, and was postponed due lo l». lack of a quorum, w II be held In the court room tonight at b n'Hoc'k The call of the meeting was foi' the discussion and possible action of the installation of parking meters in tho borough. C<A\l)LK LKJUT SIOHVlGIS ... •• • f'umblmul i-lioirs, under the direc- Hoi of iMlsH Mary K. OilUoson. wo re very well received at the UuHlle.igbl, service at the Uo.ig.-o- Kallonul L-.hurch last evening. I ho » o I " wa« assisted by Clara Chi UMU on violinist; .Warren n. Abe, m old P t!. Unwell, Mrs. A. Louis ! ^ oaders and Anne Austin Si iriev Kt-rnor, Lynn Walkoi- ami ,'luun nolrnberg as angels. IIOMIO THO.M SCHOOL Miss Vatricia Kollolt, a student at WVIesley college, Wellesley, Mass, : f« snt'iuing U»o Christmas recess h >a.-euts, Mr. and Mrs. Nor- Ullett of George street. Miss ll was recently named a member of I lie college choir. MUSPS Anne Bristol, daughter of vr, mil Mrs. Clarlton W. Bristol ol milsl e ave.uie and -Dorothy Mori urn. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. no McOollum of Mlllvllle aye- indents at Bradford Junior go tulforcl, Mass., are spend- Uio holldaysvUh their parents. fnmoi - ' son Ot ' homiiH K. Duffy of Meadow « ,bot s Homo from St. Bonavcn- for Lho Christmas vaoa- tlon. I'll /xrvrvn-*^""" q c Aldino ISngolhai-dl," a ircsh- 'iit uarnard college, New York |u with her parents, Miv.and 10. tingelhn'i'dt-of HI II- for several clays. . Mrs, John D. .Phala'n of ^fini'hiiry announce the birth of :XNn , nSitoV Ma>y Elloon, Saturday n V Mary's hospital; Watorbury. - Phclan was formerly,. Miss Stapleton of Naugatuok. Four Brothers Sworn Into the U. S. Navy Lieut, Comm, H, E. Curle'e of the Navy recruiting center in Philadelphia is,.ad'mimstering. the oath-to '. the four Ririon brothers, when.-they'joined the Navy, They are 'leiftf to. right :-y.Fred,-25| ; ^JEdvyard, 23; •, Perry 20: and James, 18. The parents of the recruits, Mr. and Mrs. Fred .Ririon, saw -the.bpya >swoim"in. . . ; / ': •': - : '- (Canlrdl Press) u. s. It' Has 'Alsq- 'Sent Several Japanese h Subs''To Bottom Of Pacific Ocean ENCOURAGING REPORT MADE BY SECRETARY KNOX There .Are Indications Of Enemy. 'Submarine Action Off East Coast 13 Y I-1VKRKTT....U-. HOLUI2S.. . (United Press' Staff -Correspondent,) 1 Washington,' Dec. 28~(UP)~An-' iiouiicemenL of s.hi({i.i.jg.6r dam-. iiging 'of at least, • 14' enemy sub- 1 marines in the Atlantic and several Japanese submarines- In the PacHIc was "good news" today Ua a. caj),- iUil. that Inid just received, navy department reports of enemy submarine acUviiy off botlf Lhe. Atlantic a lid Pi.ieillo coasts. . •. ; • The bag of nh Vs III mated total of U submarines in tho ALlanlic — undoubtedly Gorman or Italian— may have shattered an ."impaneling" Axis undersea offensive aimed at slicing the United States 1 vital supply, and convoy routes, Secretary of Navy Krank K'nox intimated. . . -, tie also said the' Navy had "of'foc- Uyuly. dealt with sevei-al Japanese submarines. " Ills statement outlined a new policy on reports of action 'agalnsL submarines! llereto.forc, there have l.»oen no announeenients oi' retaliatory moves 1 by the : U. S. Navy since President Uooscvclt;. sboot-on-sight the snakos." Henceforth, would give "general" summaries of Lho losses Inflicted. on' the enemy-. The enemy . losses ' revealed. Iry Knox covered the period since -the "shool-on-sighl." orders were issued^ on Sept, II. .litirliur the Navy Department's Communique No. 14 revealed that there wore indications of "enemy activity • off the cast; imported details of tbe S. S. ISmlcllo and the the S.S. -AGWI world California. coasU announcement, did .not ordered If. to Axis "ral.Ue- Kn.ox said, lie submarine coast," and, sinking of shelling of near lite K'nox's Identify the J/i submaiMnes believed to have been sunk or damasod du the 'Atlantic. 'Mo.s't 'of, them, .presumably -were German •undei'sca :raid- ors, although Italy has' 'boasted 'that, her .submarines are In action In Lhe North, ALIan'tic, .operating from Channel coast bases. • •. •: Naval .analysis believed, II? 6. .7a'p.- nnese submarines which- Knox : said had been "effectively -dealt ••"" in the Pacitlc may have been . s'cv-. oral of tbe 40 or 50 long-range subs which the Japanese, arc believed Lo have l,n- their fleet 'of 80 Lo 100 un- dorsea ; craft. ; The Navy "has .been' aware- for some Lime' l,hal : onqmy submarine' activity In Lhe near:'. American. w,a- ters was- .'Mmpending," -Knox'; said "The release of lnf.ormation: of attacks on our 'shipping, unaccom- (ContlnuGd oil Pago Eight) HASAeeEPTED 3-POINTPLAM Cranberry Crop For 1941 Large i:y;lc'f;op- .'foji.:' : j'941-. total-. - ed : .- ; 7- / i"li,200. •''barrels'.., co'mparedv w.jth. : l.bc. j.O/iO cropv.61." OSO.fjOit .barrels;' tlie ''doptri;tnicnf .of" ngi v i'cull,ura. reported today. •,--,-' . . .. -. ; \ -•" .'•production, -by'states whs "Mnssa- olnisetas,' 1 0.10,000 barrels; 'New Jci-- sey, H&OOQ; Wisconsin; yt);000; Washington,' SO.pqp.-ahcl'Oregon,. J0;200.- • WasbingLon/Dec. 2^—(UP)—Labpi- representatives, a I. tiie spocral. labois industry (iofi'fbrohce today-acccpledfn. •three-point -plan -.foi- • Lminten'upi'pd' .•pi-oducLion "of war mnUu-ials pt'Or-' posed by Son.-l31bc.H-'D'. Thomas,.R-V '.Utah, assistant moderator oi' ' ( Ule: confei'cnco ., , ... . ' ". * '•' The" labor spadesman . agroo'd ,to. 1,'hc plan as 'soon -ns' Thomas proposed.; , If, b.uI,, inanngeme;iI,/i-cppcsenl,al,iVcs; ' wil.liheld- commenI,/ j.ts;,s,: : ; ; ':!. No' slrikos or lock-oul.s .for the duration of l,tie.\yar. , ', •-,: •2. Peaceful settlcinonl--of all' labor 'disputes. 1 .......' • •• ,'•••'• 1 :j. Estnblisbrnent by PA'csi'dent .'Robscvell, oi 1 an agency to'adminis- '(.or a.program of un into erupted pro- duclion. , , ' , Thomns, in lijs -Q.rsl/ s La Lemon I. since opening of the conference lasl, Wcflnesday, told LbC'2/i- inanagcmcnL- and labor i-opresoiiLal-ives Lha-L President Rooseyell, and Lhe country expects a voluntary* agrcemonl; for fullest production of war materials. :: .+ » » •' REAR-ADMIRAL W. B, IS DEAD AT 86 Newport, n. T., Dec, 22-(UP)-Pu- ncral services will be- held Tuesday, for Bear-Admiral William .Banks. CapcrLon, 86, U. S. N...retired, Worjcl' war •corm''nandci:-in-cbicf ot. Lho .1 -V- cillc fleet, who died, yesterday: .'at, ; Newport,'Naval, Kpspi Lai after; .s along illness. Burial, will 'bc'Wodncsfr day'al, Arlington NaLionarcemeLcry. A native of Spring Mill .Tc.]n,,, M holcr'many citations frpnv;Lbe United States and South -American •ppunr. Iries for -"meritorious service^ vl?ai> Licularly Loward establish men Lv:oC ; fi;iendly. relations^ ampng.; ; /;Nyesie}:n. hemispliere nations. _.., / ; ; ^^ ' r -*-•• ROLE OF ST; NICK " .Tlic'/Saihli. Nicholas of Lhe poor Ayiil-vrfgaijix.vide the 'milky.-'why-this pomjn'g''Yu'leLidC season,• according l.o,:ChaJi:mair K../A; DaJby, of,, the local? '•SalyaLion Army commil.Lec. The A'pncrable ol(j gentleman in his red and ; "'Xvbite picLurcsque outfit will Lake"'Lime off 4 from' national de- fcri'sQ Lo ; fill Llie^sLockings of Lhe pooresL "children . of. Uio borougli. Such'., is-.. Lbe, : l'aJLb of Uio Salvation Aririy in "Llieiit LradiLionnl" role of 'LraiislaLinW ChjMsLnms lo' the".poor. '*GfcIFFpUp.' S. CASELEy e -fain \\ \ au : '.Gh ui s Lni as Ke 1 1.1 e o f ati;9}v'' Ai;niy ; ; w'i t,b;;. i Ls .. com- 'Uiknng- sleigh bell, will be placccl/on-the' streets of business ,districts l aUcnded.l}y'Mr. i Clifford S. 'Coselpy,! "Held ••• represen Latjvc of Lhe 'Sa 1 vtfirpn- ""Army ' -Public RelaLi ons DopiirLmen't;, and according to Lhe feel i rig Mil. 'Lhe air,' Mr. John Q. Pub- I j.c ; i s ready a ncL lia s ; h i s hand in . h is :nshlnfeLon, co - crhmenL' 'expenses' -and >i''occip'!.s foi. thb current llscal, year- J'bj:OMjSJi DG - oombQ'r JOtb, /compared; witli a /yeajj : ' ., .'e/Sa'lvaLion Army long' pted^llVe. . truth : as .given ' in Lhe { -worcls:^or Charles Dickens'. Cbrist- • mas. cliai'acter Tiny Tim, "It's: hard ?to bei.popiraL. (JJirislaiTas, 11 .therefore Ulie ^ -:"Sa'r^l!ion;^njy; has. again/.mo•forces- Lo .keep the n' Lbe faces $iO,G33i7i7;870;^ ! f^TO^ ••:•-. ••-.' , : Dcifcnse; Siicmlinm;^ - -;- p ^.oSo^O.pW:^/:,;::^-,!,^^^^!^^ •.':; '•-' •.'.-• v ^nbccipts! ' • •;;.;. ;jr- •^'•^• 1 :;• -:3,959i097;32J J8/-v:,:^: 2,82J;087 t p95:9| ••'.-. ., .•"•'• • ' ." Neil ..Deilcit ,- : ^:.v-Vv. ; .•''•;-fc7. ' Tiie -tecliniqua is, simple; The' pen- i 1 om : pted- by Lhe gives',/ t^ia : ;mpney, Tii.y.i', by;.-'yirtue .of Llie. pobr, know f p; spread tlial cheer m^ : Besu 1 L :'; The; h aok neyed ' ,v6f .GrchcsLra: Leader Ted :?V:-. is They Are Fighting With Tanks J •• • . •*•* ^^ And Heavy Artillery; Japanese Suffer Setbacks In Conflict MISS HASTINGS IN NEW HOME FOR PRESENT Her Home And Its Contents Destroyed By' Fire Yesterday Friends and neighbors of Miss Bertha Hastings, whoso homo on the Now Haven road in StraitsviMe, \vns destroyed by lire yesterday afternoon, havo arranged now liv ing quarters for l.ho' unfortunn,l.o woman in ! t,he' vicinity und shri may bo assured l,bni, her needs Nvil) be. amply in ken core of until she is rc- esLablishctl in a new h.omc. : Miss Hastings, whoso 1'albor died a few years ago, has occupied the dwelling alone with Uio'exception of her : dog. She has been_ nuilting Christmas.•-wraiths-/for. sale l.o ;tbe pas'slng.-mbl.orlsls on Ihe'.New-Haven-. Naugatuok . high>yai. .'fronting, 'her; 'i'i.hnve -"anclr'-Ayas::- isellJrig:- ^lleiv-wiiros: on opposite side of;the bigbw;.ay : nl; ."The Pines' wbpn: she.discovered •the."fire.'. Sb'o immedia.LeJy crossed the slrccl and opened lire door, reselling- hoi- clog. -The llnmcs quickly consumed the bul-kllng-nnd.its con- ten l,s, including 12'AvreaUis that, bad been prepared for' sale. BE DISCONTINUED New York, Dec. 22~(UP)—Arch- bisbop Francis. J. Spellman of New York, military vicar of Lbe United SLalcs armed forces, urged day that work stoppages in war producLion be avoided until l.he war is won. He spoke over-a nalJonwide radio hookup during a ceremony at which be blessed the the National Catholic Community Service clubhouse. "We shall not forget Lhe blood 'ill a I, has been split," he said, "but we shall forget Lhe irremediable, past and Lhe 15-month loss of our 20,000,000 man-days of defense effort, and Lhe J0,000 unproduced planes. We' shnll, forget, everything else but our honored dead t.nd peace w-.ith justice after victory.' 1 CONGRESS IS TAKE HOLIDAYS WasbingLon, Dec'; ',22.—(UP)—Congress' has all bul ! closed shop for tbe holidays. ' •' Most members of-both Senate nnd House have .left L.hc city. A greatly curtailed legislative.' program is planned for the next two weeks. : Thc Senate naval, affairs committee begins consideration, today of 'Lhe Navy's request for an -increase in Live authorised-/'strength, of ..its enlls.'lcd'. personnel, from 300,000 to 500,000 men—a- step toward a 1,000,- : 000-man navy. ;..'-. TbaL non-controversial, bill highlight activity ab : ; the ,ca,pitol this week where Senate and Mouse meetings will be routine.. The Senate meets briefly today and again-.-tomorrow. It, will recess Llicn-until Lbe Friday after Christmas and .meet every .three days 'thereafter until tb« new session of. 'Congress opens in> January. . The Hpuge.. meets Tuesday and will begin'.three-day' recesses over 'Llie'.'year-end -holidays/'"' , ;. • • —_^_—..+, » • •• STILL HOLDING OUT ; - 'London, Dec/ 22-(UP)—The Japanese siege of. Hong,Kong .continued wilJiouL lel-up today, but the Brit- garr.ison- s 1,111.'. hel.d,'= .one the mosl/ v iriLrepid^sLands 'Of the • Chelsea Woman Fatally Burned Springfield, Mass., Dec. 22— (UP) — Mrs. Cal.berino V. BnrUelt, -)7. ;« former resident of Chelsea, was burned Lo death l.odny while boating paragoric over a gnsburnor to I real, a l.oolJiacbe. Her husband and four dnugblers stifled the flames which had enveloped her. night clothes by wrapping her in blankets bul, she died soon after reaching a hospital, MIDNIGmliASS CHRISTMAS EVE A I. .12, midnight, Chrislmns eve, there will be ;i midniglit, Mass o«l- obmted at the Holy Saviour church, Union City. birChPislmns day, Masses will be at, 8 nnd 10:30, Mio last Mass being . On Friday, {5L Stephen's. Day, and Sal,uiM.lny, S.t: -lolni ; Uxe, Baptist, -Day,- Mfisses-Avill,. be . cel'el)j i a-led.;- al- 8 :30, iV has 'been announced by the pastor, Rev. Loin's Kacxarowski. ARMY AIR CORPS MEN CITED FOR BRAVERY TODAY \Janiln, Dec' 22— (UP)—LieuJ.. ;lnol« Dale-, 25, United States army air corps, walked away from bis general wil.h a glistening new medal for valor pinned to bis tunic- l.odny and expressed regret, that his buddy Lhe laLe Captain Colin Kelly, Jr., couldn't be Llicrc lo • receive his own distinguished service cross. 11 wns Kelly whose bomber sank the Japanese battleship Unrunn, and who losl. bis own life in saving his crew of six. Dale, a short, J)rond-shouldered Obionn, said be bad high respect •for Kelly's flying ability. Dnle— Orsl, hero of this war to receive l,hc D. S. C— stood before Gen. Douglas Mac^rth.uf- and a small group of officers ami newspapermen to receive bis medal. Unsmiling and serious, Dale made a strange contrast to i,hc grinning, brown-skinned Lieut. Jesus Yilla- mor of the Philippines air force who also was decorated for valor. Dale appeared relieved when Uic brief ceremonies were concluded. Ten oUicrs were cited Saturday Yor valor. MacArthur expressed "profound .sorrow"' thai, Kelly could not personally receive bis cross. Kelly died "without complaining and without flinching," be said. PLANNING FOR UNITED ACTION RESUMED TODAY Washington/Dec. 22— (UP)— President Roosevelt today continued pre: liminary'conferences for joint plan- ing of unity of action among the allied forces opposing the,axis, the White House announced. ' : Mr. Roosevelt scheduled three separate conferences this morning with Soviet Ambassador Maxim Litvinow, Chinese Ambassador Hu .Shin, and. Netherlands , Minister A. Loudon. ; ..Secretary Stephen ' T. 'Early said .the conference today and the president's meeting yesterday with the British ambassador, Lord Halifax, were in line with the White House statement Saturday which said liaison between British and Am- jOrJcan .military missions in Washington and London would cotinue "until the joint planning for unity of action can be extended- to Russia, China,, the .Netherlands rind other governments engaged in : the com' m'on cause of defeating the axis." General MacArthur Reports His Troops Are "More Than Holding Their GUNS SMASH ENEMY LANDING ATTEMPT AT ONE POINT Japanese Casualties May Be Heavy; Axis For.ce.s Retreat In Africa, Russia Hy ,1013 ALEX MORRIS U. P. Foreign Editor American battle forces fought with Limits and heavy iirlillery today to blast a heavy blow against • the Ucy Philippines island of Lu/.on. Japanese, troops, cslimixted nl, 80,000 to j00,000 men, swarmed along the coast of Lingayen gulf, J-T) to if)0 miles northwest of Manila, slrJU-. ing for a fool,l)0ld, from..which, to close, in on America's .prime.'.Far EaBtern' Bostibn of ;,Monilii, V .:^V.^: Tlic;\Tapjine^e; suiTeFod setbacHs .in, the'initial llgbting, Gen/ Doughis MacArthur, -United States, commander in the Far Kast; reported .that his troops—most of them veteran American and Filipino lighters— "more than hold their own" in the first day's'battle. At one point the big coastal guna of tbe Philippines defenses-smashed a landing attempt of -lopancse destroyers and transports. There wns no early estimate of .Japanese casualties, but they probably were heavy. The War Department. In Washington reported that l.ho .Japanese arrived off l.he Llngnyen gulf coast in a fleet of 80 transports, heavily protected by. warships and aircraft, and attempted to send men ashore in the vicinity of Agoo, The-Japanese employed J50-nmn barges, some of which succeeded in gaining a foothold. Apparently the Japanese moved tanks in on tho barges—probnbly light armored ma-. chines. American tanks in their initial combat of the war rumbled into aclion against the Japanese machines. ' ' McAr.l.bur said thai, there, appeared no doubt that tbe major Japanese assault: oir Luzon • now -has begun. The Japanese attack on Lingayen caused no surprise to the American ni-IO in the Philippines. It had long been anticipated that the Japanese would attempt to go ashore there since this region-is linked to Manola by a good roads network. Already in the llrst week of wnr one Japaiir esc landing attempt on the gulf.was*' ben ten off. ; . The Japanese accompanied >their landing endeavor by an" increase in general air activity over the. Philip— pines,, obviously seeking to'keep the U. S.'air force from interfering with their operations. There was no more news o nine Japanese /landing at Davao on the large southerly island of Mindinao. ' v ;: On the other Far• ISaslcrn war fronts there was little new. Hong Kong's gallant garrison continued its apparently hopeless, light against overwhelming Japanese attack. In .Malaya the British had fallen back to new defense lines about 300 miles north ..of. Singapore and reports circulated, without .official ' con'flrmal^bn • that reinforcements, have arrived. • There was no minimizing the seriousness of the Malayan'-situation In Singapore, however. The BHtisIi. said that the situation verged- on ' N • '•' (Continued, on Page Seven) . .. 2 SHOPPING DAYS to Christmas \" Also GIVE $ U.S.DefenseSavings BONDS and STAMPS at STORES • BANKS .POST.OFFICES ':

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