Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 20, 1941 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 20, 1941
Page 2
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Page Six NEWS SATURDAY Purple Knights Win From Glastonbury Local Quintette Add An- cfcher Game -By Score Of 47-37 (I'.y WALTKR t'LOSKl) The NuiiKHtuuk Purpln K . NVOU- second straight basketball contest on IAVO conseiuitlvu | ntghlH defeating MM.' (ilaslonbury | Owls /i7-.'fl at lln.» V. M. C, A. last night before fi small crowd. In the preliminary the Shamrocks rolled over tltn Hullol A. (.1. frfKHi. Tho Purple Knights wiuv. "Iml." from thn opening play us (inrllnskl, Stornlak and I'urntr combined their efforts lo give thn loeuls a. lii«fi lend at tho (junrlnr. In llm senond r.anH> tho Olastonhiiry Invaders showed fiMllly rii 1 their own us D'/,laclyk dropp'ml y^vcral hrllllanl shots to hrhiK tilt! scon- lo itt-17 although' the KnlKhl-s si III led. Tin' Isyo -tuams pltiyocl on even h-rms In 1110 third iH'i'iml as lite Knights continued lo It-ad HiVS!). In I'" 1 Ilnal porlod baskets by n/apltcki. Swlrski and T, Wurjuck wave tho Knights ll oommandlriK lead anil the I'urple.- inou won Kolntf away, Once (twain One Cxaplleki led tho Knights offensively with M points while fid Sternluk also starred with U markers, D/ladyk and ^wei-l stood old Tor (Hastonbui'y \vllh 15 and 12 resper. Lively. The Purple Knights play Unnor- row in Merlden opposing the PI?-*: tors ol 1 the Silver Lilly. The scores: • Kniiihls SOME SCORES IN GAMES OF BASKETBALL (My Unltotl Press) Konlham r>!.>, William and Mary ( , J 7, West Virginia ('.:», Maryland ,'J(i. imliana 'Teachers -'iD, Slippijry Rook 48. Noln.! Hame -\(\, Michigan W. Oreat l,uki:s Naval Station iVi, IM'irdno M. Southern California f>:5, Santa I',. K. I (larlinsk! If U. human . Oxapllrkl i'f Swlrskl .... Sternlak e. . T, Wnr.|Hi'-k K. Warjui'.k l' 1 (UTur rg .. ola Is (JliusloMhury Fuller .-, ij _ v ,_, ; :iVVV ..j O/Taylor , iOllloU o Swoot ,,,>.... h/ladyk rt' f,. Taylor II' Totals H, K. P. 1 f) « :t I U -'0 0 0 Oil 0 0 0 /I /I 12 o » 15 2 0 4 n o i-.7 Moaning of Safari Safari, aa used In East Africa, moans a Joiu-ncy or caravan, especially a hunllnfi expedition. The •vorcl la an Id to bo from (ho Arabic, Washington Stale ('•:>. Missouri y:.J. Stanford /i.'.J, University of San Fresno State ;Vi, Ghlco Slate W. Williuim.'tte at. Idaho Southern :itf. Idaho 51, KasUirn \\'aslu'ngl,on .'W. Urlgliam Voting TJI, Montana State Wyoming -'i7. Montana .Ti. \\'asliington VH, Kansas State :j:i. \Vaslihnrn 51, Tarklo 'M, Fort Nays State -'i,'{. Colorado Mines a I. Warrenhurg 'H. St. lieneilicl.'s ;j~. (iotlege Kmporki Mi, Ottawa ^'i. Springlli'ld Teachers IJ7, friends . >• i, Mrury -t.'i, Peru i.:\eb.) Tcac-hcrs MM. MaryvlHo Teauhbrs ;.!S, Missouri Mines ^ l .>. Panhandle Aggies L!7, North western Okla Stale •'!•>. Southeastern Okla. Teacliei-s 2'.), Stephen K. Austin ', J 'i, Texas (U, Texas Tech Mi. Texas Christian '\'l. St.. Mary's -'iO. Ni-w Mexico Mines Ifo, Colorado college Ml. Western Slate MO, Colorado Slate VU. New Mexico 51, Kaslenr New Mexico i(>. • CJreeloy Stal.(! Mf>, New Mexico A. & M. Sords' Review of the Year -JANUARY •'/ . - i '•-, •£&v<ir' a ^ m 4^10,0.00 LoS s corse-OF a On Th Ghlcfmo, Dec, 20—(UP)—The Now York Giants cumn to Chicago today to (.'hulhuigo the Hoars for tho world's professional football championship at Wrigloy Field tomor- \v. . Tho orlds-markers heavily favored Uio lU'urs lo rntaln tho crown they row. S VERY COSTLY Now York. Doc.'aO-(U-P) — 1,00. llondy. vice president and treasurer of tin 1 Now York Giants Baseball club, so-ld today that the olub's ex- Icnsivr. rebuililing'program w-IH vcp- rusoiiL noaT'ly ,15500,000 in cash before Ilio'l ( .)'i2 major league .season opens. Houdy snid tbo Giants have already spent J?UOO,000 In cash i'or new plny.'M-s including Hank Lclber. loh'nny Mi/e, and- t'.ill Werbor from othor'National league c'ubs while dollars were aslo dealt, ou lot- rookies -Cot\uie liyan from /'^ lai ^; Have liiabo I \!t MCI IU Vk ' <./\- * i VM i i » .«• ...,.-,.-. ____^_——— •————————~———^—^—— 7fhankful-Be Merry-~&e Happy-Because You Live in America ... nwn.vfi.vrn'ft."*v"v.vwrvs<x"'t• • '•^»f n ""•'<'&' w vf w»*W«OtlW!l Wfiat the War Dog Will Wear C. I. 0. Five To Test Its Strength Tonight Latest innovation in'dogwear-makes its debut, at the Los Kennel Club Dog Show in Los Angolcs. Carl Spitz, trainer, shows the equipment, which consists of a harness pact, housing radio receiving equipment and headphones. With the equipment, the dog can be con.'.... " trolled within a radius of three mi'es on the battlefield. 2:00 p. in. WBRY—01' Men and Books WA13G1—Press News \vcm-your Songs w.iLh Jean- Merrill WlilAl^-rWTlG—Golden. .Melodies . W'\TH—To be announced 2:90 p. in. ' WBRY-\VABC— Brush Greek Pol-lies WATK—Bornlc C'ummii.igs' Oroli. WWAF-WT1G—WtuLcha- Know, Joe? WO R—Hay Kinnyc's Orcli. WATH—Berni.c Cummins 1 Orch. u;00 p. in. WBHY-WABG—Columbia's Country' .Journal .. . .-. * WOH—Mystery Miill' "'••'. \VBAF-\VTJC—Defense and Your Dollar WA'I'R—Mo Par land Twins' Oroli. ,'}:30 {?. in. W13RY-WABC—SalmLs Cy.rjl and Methodius Seminary WATn—MnriKai'land Twins 1 Orch. Wia-VF-WTlC—Campus Capers 4:00 p. nu WBR Y'-WA 13C—Meadpwbroolc MaLlnec wiLli Johnny Long WOH—News WliJAP-WTlC—News; A Christmas.; • Toast; ' . WATR—Andy .laooJDson's Orch. 4:15 p. in. W BR Y-W A B C—N e w s WOH—Alvino Bey's Oroh. W ISA 1?- WT i C—Week e n d \Vb i m sy WOH-WATR—B I'll o Baron's Orch. {i:00 D. in. W13 RY-W A B G—C1 eve Ian d Sy m p h o uy. W K A I* 1 - WT i C—Ca i>ii c 11 u 'Choir WJZ~01enn Miller's Serenade WIGC—News; Music WOR-WATR—Univcrsil,y Life 5:110 p. in. WJ3AP-WTIC— DoC'Lovs At Work \VOR--Anchors Awclgli WATR—Vaugh-n Monroe's Orch, KV13N1NO PROO.RAMS -,. .. '....•• (J:00 ; p. ni. WI3BY-WA13G—Calli'iig Pan America XViSAr* 1 —Vihyl-hmaircs \V,|X—News; Hits-of the Day • W OR—Uncle. Don . - . \VT1C—News; Went,!icr WlGC-WATH—Novvs. ' 6:80 p. in. WBRY-WARC—Elmer Davis, W0'n—-Navys ' -: \ •;. '; ... ' : . ^Viii.At' 1 —Religion.-in- the. News -- \V,)Z—lAim'antl.-Ahn'pr. •" . ; . W*ice—-News; Music, -,;„. .\VT1C—Co jiic- On'••'and.' Dance; " • WATl^—Prelude' : lo- SLardom^ .: - ; y WBR Y-^V13C—The',' World; Today,:; : WE A F-t-T' li i'cc Sons Tr i o '•:-.• ,'-. ^V,j^__li]d,ward Tomlinson, NcNvs 1 - ".\YOiR 1 —Here?s , Morgan •WTin—Medicnl Talk • ^ . :....' • 7:00 p."m. . .'. AVBRYrWABC—Peopl-e's Platform.. WI3AF—To.i be announced \ WJ^-WlGOr-Mcssagc of Israel .'WOR—Sports - . . YVTIG—Grand Ole Opry WATR—Designed for . Dancing,. .WBaY-WABC—American Festivai "\VBAP—Emma OLcro, soprano \V^Z—Li'ttle Old Hollywood • > •. N VT]G-~Thrce Ring Time WOR-WATR—Confidentially 1 ours ;, -.:; o-.-;,-••:-•;-- 8 : 0 0 !?.• "I- -'-•-.'• . WBRY—r'Spins and.'Needles./, W13 A F-WTLC—K n i ckc r b o cker P lay- house . . '•', , - .•.••>..}-:•'• -; ; . :i • WJZ—B.oy-' Meets; Band AyABC—Guy ,Lpmbardo's • Band AVOli—Green'HorneV;';.;,,^.^ WATR— 1 CaIifornia--4S'l6lodies—'--.—~ S:30, p. m. WBAP-WTIG—Ti-ulli or Consequences ' /_ _..— New Haven, OIK-,. 20.---)oo Gntlin, flashy' centi;r Iru man, joined the Now ' llnvisn ftiiKl(\s tod;i.y. n.-placin^ .the soi.-ioi.iRly injured Marcel. Trorn- bluy, 1,'hns giving the Battle JBirds full slron^lh Tor Ihoir Americnn. llpckuy league clash with the .Springllold Indians al the Arena 'Sunday night. ' •Trem'bl.-iy sul'l'orod a, possihlo fracture of the, skull in 'a game with the Indianapolis Capitols at, Indianapolis on Thursday night, and Js oo.nfined Lo an Indianapolis hospital. Gatlin will move in at, right wing, and Norman Burns will remain at center. Pla-ying-coach Earl Robinson', will have some fanny line juggling to do, and he fully realizes that he must prnsenl; Lho three foc?r combinations po«siblc to cope wiUi tho "powerful Spring-field club. Edrtie Shore will see service on the'blue line for l.hc Indians Sunday- nigbt, and that will be the signal, for some rugged buttling. Shore didn't play in the H-l defeat 1.1 KJ Indians suffered hero at the hands of'the Eagles early -fn tho season. . •*~»T*' ANGOTT DEFEATS LEW JENKINS IN Cops as Bellhops Because the largest hotel in Burlington; N. J.,- has no night clerk, policemen 'do bell hop duties for the. hotel after midnight, and. it ,is •ok.Qh'with Capt. George W. Bov/ley. v'lii 'addition, to= acting as a bellhop, "the" copper's : ulso deliver messages, after r.telegraph offices are closed. ','It'is-all a matter of courtesy," the 'captam ' says, "and is something that every small town policeman should be required to do." W.IX-WJ.CC— Bishop and The Gar \VABC—Hobby bobby WOE—Tho Song Spinners WATR—California Melodies ():()() p. m. WI3RY-VVAI3C—Your Hit Pai-ade WiS-\K-WTIC—Nati'onal Burn Dance W,l"ji-WlCC—Spin .and Wi-n WOR-NA 7 A^R— r|1 ' lcnllC '' ° r l ' ilc All> I):JJO p. m. - ;Wi )X—Frank Black Presents !J:45 p. m. WI3RV—Dance Orcli, \v\-BC-BaUie of the Boroughs' •10:00 |). in. W IDA F-WT1 G—Sp o i 1 ts. No wsreel vv i j. x _i.] C misphcre Revue WOR-WlGC-WATn-Gcclric-Koslor • • •:,-. . -10:1:") 'p.. in. 1 AVI3RV-WABC—Wendell, Willkie, "The Fight" I ? br'Freedom .M.T.V irAv.TlC—Joe Gnllicllio's. Oi'ch: ' •'-.•'.- ..-.' '-.v. ioioO- p.- . . AVB HY-Vs^ABG— 01 &i • Gqcli I o, Songs ' - . , :\V.JZ— Sam my Kaye's Orch. /,.. : - •''-••••..•:. ; lOi/i/i -p. ">• -.-.••" - \V13^Y-.\N y ABG— News . "' ; ; m ". • •.. . : Wpj^Ramona ; .and. The Tune ... - "'"..T.wisterS' •'•'•; "•• WJCG-WATR— Donn. D.ovay, Tenor ;: V '-. '••••'11:00-. j). m. • : Y-W '\B.C— Bask e thai I Summary >••<:.• W^VTR—News • '-' 11:15.. i>. m. L—Hnrry..lames' Orch. -voJ^-Claude Thornhill's Orch. •^Vo'B^-Jim'my Dorsey's. Orcli. WFSAF-^-Wcep River Boys W OR-i-Garl. Holt's Orch. wicC-WATRr-Musi'c; Weather .-.;..• ',':.:••• ., '11:30- p. m. • : . WBRY-\VAB.C-^Ha!'ry Jo mes 1 : Orch WA13C—Harry .-Tames 1 Orch. \VEAF-WTiG—Rivei-boat Revels . WJZ-WTCG—Va) 01-nmn's. Orch. -.WOR-WATR—Radio Rodeo ;-,.'. -'•*•• '•••' '.;<%.nn. m r! -I .. !^,Ii t ' . '..» WBR.Y-WABG— News ; Blue Baron. WEAF-NVTIC— News ; Music. of the • : ::Amcricas ./ ' AVJ'Z-WIGC— News ; Henry Busse s Orch, _ \YOR-Johnpy Long's Orcli, WATR— Sign' Off ' ____ By JACK CUDDY U. P. Skiff Correspondent New Yoi'K, Dec. 20-(UP)-S?.ni- my. Angptt, n dnrlv-haircd, Ijull- sho'uldercd. Italian from Wnslimg- lon Pa., was undisputed king pi tho'lightweights today and hoped-to revive the. glorious days of Benny l.connrd, Tony Canx-oneri, and Lhe other, gi-eal ISO-pound champions of t.tie.-'p'asl. .'•'••'' ' • Angol-t, rccognlsscd as lighlwcighl king by the National Boxing association,' became the complete ruler of his division by taking a unanimous JO-round decision last, night from Lew Jenkins, scrawny hollow- o Y Pcl Texas who wftS' the Now.\orR SUto- Athletic Commission's champion. ' ., 1 A crowd of 11,343 paid 926,81\, to see the last title bout of the year in Madison Square Garden, and most of them left the. big arena hooking Jenkins because of his. pa- Uictic showing.. Angott, constantly t,hc aggressor, won every.round, ex- ; cept two on the United Press score- • card, losing one on a low blow. The slam-bang Pennsylvania!! made 1 .,a, punching, bag of '.lenKins. and provided all the thrills with his total ( offense;. . ' • I •II, was the easiest light I ever j had, 11 Angott said, "and 1 think 1 | might have kayoed him if my corner hadn't constantly cautioned- me to watch out for. Jenkins' dangerous punch." . . 'Angott's ascension to the lightweight throne marked the third. N. 13. A. champion to whip a New York state titlchokiejr. this year, thus clarifying all but one- title wrangle—In IJie featherweight division where Chalky .Wright and Pittsburgh Jack Wilson have .rival claims; The two N. B. A. champions who triumphed over New York claimant's were Gus Lesnevich of o light heavyweights, and Tony Zale of the middleweight^. Promoter Mike Jacobs' immediate plans for Ajigotb are to try to "get him to defend his title against Allie Stalx of Newark, \ybo hammpred out an impressive 8-round decision ovcL 1 . Petey Scnlxo of.New York .in lash night's somi-flnal. Jenkins, -who, despite. Iris'feeble effort, showed ; improycmciU. over his two previous'appe'arances.'in the Garden,- hopes, -to... obt.-iiii.. a- ; , return match but. he isn't .likely; to. get.';.another shot in the Garden.•'unless."Jic. can .stage; an'.lmpj' comeback Campaign .clsewheue.: The fansV'.w.lro rqmcmbcr. •' Jeiikin's. as '- a •.: "littlc Dem'pseV't' ; in • the v: days: ..when'-'-he b las'i,ccl;-^.h e. : ligh twejg)it, • (3Ja,(.lem;V .off Lou :, Ambers' brow, M'ay,' ;i'9/iO, have soured; on, him. because of his numerous, dismal appearances ;as a so-called' champion. :,-,.,Only once• during .,last . nigh.t's '.'fjattlp; did Jenkins^ who weighed, 133, hm.'t Angott, :who .canie in a : -lialf . pound. lieaylcivTliat. ^v'as -in, the.. 8th "•L'ound. when he; staggpred the Penn- sylvanlan .twice/with,, to .the head. But,. Angoit shook off : the ;p'unches : :quickly/ and-; bored; iiv. to -. take .the play.; . !..' ;. '...'v ; . ',.•;-.. ; ' Angott lost,.one ..olher. .round,> to . the .T.exa n^-tli c, n i n tli;' \yh e n,' • Referee iArtkur:- SusskingVa^ardeci;,'tlie ro.und Aq. Jenkins: because'.offea;' low 1 blow. Susskind called; a,'"foui'-;,on; 'Jenkins 'for • a; low;; blb>y : ;.ihV,tSe.-;\vi : Uh .";'and 'warihed : him for ijiiillng.' hi the 7th and for hitting oii the break 'in ; the 10th. . . . ; : 'Today's Sports Parade (Reg. U. S. Pat. Off.) !\v HAUKY KKIIOUSON (.United Pi-ess Sports Editor; o— ~ o New York, Doc. '20—(UP).— If sometime during the night I should be stricken by a witch's? curse and awaken to liml mysi-lf a member of the New York Oi;uils football team, 1 would observe tomorrow, the V 21st day of December, i'.i'il, by making the following moves: A. Climbing into the nearest suit of armor. 8. Executing a half gainer into a pool of ether. C, Burrowing into the deepest vault in Ft. Knox, Ky. These maneuvers might, appear a bit complicated and even somewhat painful, but if carried through lhat would give me the lasting satisfaction of knowing I had disqualified myself as a participant in an impending disaster which will make. Ouster's stand in the Little Big Horn look like a smashing triumph. For lomorrnw Ihe New York foot- hall Giants must elimb smack into the cage with the most, fearsome group of individuals ever collected on the same gridiron on the same day. Meaning by that, of course, the m c a —or are they mere men?—who comprise the Chicago Bears. It is reported by reliable parties tbat the Bears are .just a nice, clean bunch of fun-loving fellows who don't come equipped with horns, fangs or claws. They have no prison records and they've never been caught boiling small children in- rubbing linament or slinking hoi- needles under Ihoir rivals 1 thumbnails. , Be that as it may, quite a number of folks have different ideas. Many of thorn wouldn't bo surprised at all to find the Bears lining up tomorrow with Jack the llippor at right tackle, Frankenstein's nephews at- the'guards slots, tho Werewolf of London at fullback and the Borglas Pere Iflt Sis, serving up the T forma- ll0 \Vhcthcr the Giants themselves share these forebodings, 1 really don't know. Stout Steve Owen, their guardian, has been whistling bravely through the dark days of this week and he has guaranteed that, bis charges will show up in Uilea- go for the game even if he ha* to chain thorn together like so many daisies and lead them on the Held in. blinkers. Offhand, the Giants have about as much chance of winning this game as the Nobel Peace Foundation has of declaring a dividend, The only bets being covered in New > ^ oik today center on the numbei of Giants expected to leave the game under their own power, «m trie, highest estimate I have he. d so far. was the square root of ^; The Giants aren't nil In one piece even now, before the 6«'™v> v $ such a relatively harmless bunch of fellows as the Brooklyn Dod^J handed seven :bf them one-day IMP*. to surgery, clinics a few week,, bo, and.,.the breaks ^d guises jvo bean slower lo heal than rein .ions between. Ethiopia- and J lal > may decide to set up on opci table beside the bench. That might be a, wise movn In J2 games Chicago has rolled up «•' points to 101, which melts down to an average of 3fi to 13 per ?»"*•/" for first downs, yards finned and passes completed, tho Accountanl* Local 43G In Chicago has had >c ots on the march for wccKs no*. The union claims only astronomu.s can deal with, such Jlfiures. Against this array of hoys who are nine feet tall, weight <nu pounds and run the 100 ynnh,• «» seven seconds, the Ginnls can lino\v only the proverbial punt and pr.>- er. 'T hope they have "ncovcie-d something now in both dcpnii- ments or the -Hclns, Ihe Gulfs and the Danowskis of today " » resting peacefully tomorrow spots marked- by X. TO HELP vo*' 61(7 ThuL odd; piece of furniture niI0ht find a buyei' if you use the Classified medium. MUMSKUU* DEAR. NOAH^ IF A MAM S A &UUL- TO FIGHT NOT A COUUDN'T HE. DO HAVE. BECAUSE: PL-ANTEIP IN H-H.Ct.WOOP Play Two Games With Local High' School Team at the •"Y" The Grcyhouds will play ihoir l.hird game this wool; when they tackle tao strong CIO quintet coaoh- cd by Johnny Farrar. It will bo a bard fought battle as each loam is after tho other's seal)). The high 'school has chalked up three wins \vhiio CIO lias recorded a \'iclory over St. Anthony in their only game. The Jlrsl. game of the gr,l-i doubleheador will commence at 7:.'K) p. m. botAveen the reserves of tho respective teams with \arsity game following at, l>:00 p. in. After'-' ibis game the Oarncl. will have ' a week's rest before I he Alumni homecoming game which is on the 27th and another similar rest before pnrlicipat.ins in their first Valley league contest, against Warren Harding of liridgeport, on the 3rd of .January, Tonight's probable lineup for Ihe Garnet, will be Frankle Furs and Buddy Dunn at. forwards. Buck HeiJy at the center post, ami with Pong Thurslon and BildJe Mnriano handling the guard assignments. TENNIS STARS COME TO ARENA N 7 cw Haven, Dec. 20.— Tho four greatest professional tennis players in the world— Kred Perry, Bobby Biggs, Don Budge and Frank Kovac's— will graoo, the Arena court on Wednesday night, January 8, In. an- 'ot;bor doubles and singles sols of t.he nationwide round robin tournament. ' Budge, in 1040 the United Stales professional singles and doubles champion, and for three successive years the first ranking player . in the country, will meet Perry, present; U. S. pro singles and doubles champion, -1n one of the three matches. • -.*"• '• . Kovacs, runner-up in the U. S. singles last- summer, and known as the "Magnificent Screwball of Iho. Court, 11 ,\vJH. malcb rackets with Bobby Riggs, who has. neon ranked among. i.he..flrsl ten in this, country since 1930| In another singles match, The doubles— (hial contest of the night— will show Budge and Perry, against, Kovacs and Riggs. HKfKHTWITH BOBBY BRHTON Miami; Fla., Dec. 20—(UP)—Wol- terwe)*g)!t' Champion Freddie Coch- ranc o'f'lSlIxahclh, N. Jl, made his first start, since .joining the navy scvcrnT weeks ago and scored a-JO- round split decision over Bobby Britton, son of former well.erweight Champion ,Jack Britton, in nn over- the-.weighl, bout; last night. Gochrnne, who weighod 143, started fast but, fnded in the Insl. four rounds under 13ritton\s blistering body attack. WAR IN EUROPE A YEAR AGO, DEC. 20,1940 By United Press Tho British Admiralty announced that the Mediterranean fleet had penetrated the Adriatic and heavily sheMed the. Italian supply base , of Val.ona..on the Albanian coast. Greek troops captured JO Albanian villages. President BooscvcR. announced, plans to create nn : Office-of Kmer- Kcncy Managemonl. with full responsibility for jial.tonal defense prb- duction under William S. Knudscn as diroclor.-; Sir Ronald Cross, British minister of shipping,•.•declared that only the United States could, supply onuogh merchant tonnage to keep the British war effort, at. full' speed. «. t- +• German Shepherd Dogs It takes about 18 months to train a dog for police work. The New York city police department has six German shepherd dogs assigned to patrol a certain precinct. DUFFY'S Restaurant Water Street DAILY DINNERS and LUNCHES 7 SANDWICHES OF ALL KINDS A SPECIALTY Full Liquor Licence/.- ^

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