Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 19, 1941 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, December 19, 1941
Page 2
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NEWS, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 19, 1941 , , .. '.'.,..• ., . * ' Vfoody Herman Showing Now At State, Hartford Page Nine Another ouUiarulinf? slii today on L}, c stjigif of hf-uior, ihu-trorrl, anil IhroiiKh Saturday and show >Voocly £nn- I'or fh re* 1 day.-* "poarlnK, In person, i* Herman and his "hand «ys Tho Mini's," who sup^y tin.; iiiUHlf-al portion ol 1 this K'- Kimllo stage show, Wnotly lln-nutn "fid his Musical I'lmslcr* present a Kay, limnl'ul H!UK" 1'rollc, iValurin. 1 -' uu-Olyn Mrr-y, lovely soiiKstrcs.-; Frankly Carlson; Hllllc Ho^rs; an/I UK: "Four Chips." Hut ihal is only On Iho stage with Woody appear two of Hollywood's most famous son-en slurs, first—the R K. ,»., Lucille Hail, whom you saw giving such grand por- rnriiiane.'s MI such picture hits as, -honk \\hus Laughing," "Uance, liirl. Uaiicin," aiul »,\ Girl,'A Guy Mini A (Job. And then from llolly- wo"d is also appearing IJcsi Anmx, brilliant singing ami dancing star of "Kiilbnr Takes A Wire," "Street filrl." and "Four Jaclcs and' A niic-'ii." It was during t.ho (liming of "Too Many Cllrls," | (1 w hlch both Ihcsr artists appeared, llmt Dosl Arnax first met Lucille Bali. H was low at first sight, UIK i S J, K . O then Iliry have .joined their hearls and c;tri-"rs togellmr. They give a de- liKhii'ul performance, and you'll SHAME ON . _ faoonor or later ovary girl falls for somo man's 'lino 1 1 Rowdy Ro* to a femalo judgo who finds lt« fun to bo a snuggling fjall ohamo on you, your honor! UJfcS<f»;CiTSV-W.O. i .:t f .-.> l i EJ\vard Arnold nfvor did like lady Judges! RUSS6LL f IDG60P Metro- Goldwyn - Mayer's thoroughly enjoy, and bo thrilled every minute they are on the stage. Extra added attraction : on the bill, Is Gil Lamb, one of America's foremost comedians, who was the featured star*ot Al JT)1 son's .Broadway show, "Hold On To Your Hats." There are late stage shows Saturday and Sunday at JO p. rn. He-served seats are now on sale rot- giant New Year's' Eve. Midnite Two-Hour stage show. Apply manager's office, or .phone, HarLforcl 2 for reservations. NOW^TTHEGEM Adventure Films Now At Gem Theater The fascination which wild animals in their native habitat hold t'oi picture uiidlonces nevorj. has been more clearly demonstrated than In Frank Buck's "Jungle Cavalvacle, now showing at'the Ciern theater. If ye.stei'day'.s audience .may bo taken "as typical, this picture .has an appeal unlike that of any conventional Him production—whether it be comedy or society, gangster or fictional drama. Ad venture, strife a ml comedy run through this astonishing wild rmimiil picture, in which,'every thing is real and unrehearsed. Kacl once more proves more astonishing than llction—and there can be no doubt that Frank's Muck's "Jungle Cavalcade" is convincing. Anyone who witnesses the death struggles between the crocodile anc] black leopard, the python and the uian-eatlng royal ; Bengal tiger; anyone who sees the shots of "the elephant herd und the pathetic plight of the lost baby elephant; anyone, Indeed, who sees any part of the film roalixcs /that hero is stark, -actual jungle drama, . It is Impossible to convey these thrills in more words. It Is known that several of the sequences in this IlKO lUulio feature release were the result of weeks of patient waiting, ami they have demonstrated themselves to be well worth waiting for. \Vhon a girl is born to the social purple there is rarely much doubt as to her ultimate, destiny. But when a girl is born o if "the wrong side of the tracks, she faces a far more exciting future—that is if one considers the unpredictable more exciting than the predestined. And that, in the opinion of Co- hlna Wright, Jr., who is currently appearing in "Charlie i^han In Hio" with Sidney Tolcr-again ' as the Oriental slcutji at the Gem theater, Is what is missing in th« average debutante's life—unpredictability. Coblna .was born with her future all mapped out - for her. Special care, as a-,child, private nurses, ovornosses and tutors were all liors, lOven when the ' family fortune crumbled, friends were willing to help hor along until she be- uamo of age and found herself an llglble husband. . Dog Is beautiful, blonde Mary iltclh Jluflhes "Mm, murderer's murderer in Uiurlie Chan In Hio"? dim-lie Chan and'• JiKs-'-Wo. 2'-' son. sot;n» l.o think so, but oven lhi;y tire not sure. Sidney Tolcr m;ohi" porlmys the I'nmons Oi-ioiiLnl sleiil.ii, while Sen..Y.uii|j..has his customary role us Chun's son. On the same program is "Ifnmk lUick'.s'.Uinolc C aval cade." War Needs Money—YOURS This war calls for every ounce of epergy, every dime and dollar we can muster for ships—and planes—and guns. Hit the enemy with a. $25 Bond, Hurt him..with a- .$50. Bond. Help to blow- him 1 -skyV: high with a $100 or $1,000. Bond, Don't delay — every K o-iiir. counts. Buy United' i States: Defense Bonds and Stamps.;i TODAY. Great Comedy . , ; Is Lead Now vy^' At Loe.w's 'Poll PKAUL 1IA1U20K1 America's Luxury Timepiece! These Hamilton watches are as handsome as any- ever seenl Why not drop in soon you have always wanted! thing you have and select the model 4950- Cold-fill.d. ENDICOTT 17 jowoli, 10K n MYRON ; ; . . 17 |owelj. 10K natural $ 49 50 T4K natural or coral FEUCIA 17 [owols, 10K white or natural 17 |owolt, 10K while or nafural golcNflllod, Rosalind Russell, who hrts.-.'run .a wide gamut in her screen characterizations, now emerges • as r a''la'dy judge in " M-G-M's "Design" i'or Soandal," which opened last.anight at the Loew Poll theater. It is a ( ,rolc which, proves once and'for'all that/ as a comedienne Miss Russell';obm,es leading the l-iol.rywopd •'field. 'Teamed with Waiter Pidgeori',, ". in 1110 role o i' a m aga y. i n e ' p lip 16 gr a- pher who attempts to involve Rosalind in a scandal, .the actress :oncc again • demonstrates her flair for comedy timing and the ability to give a fresh'accent Lo- almost'any. siluiiUon. -.-!'. She has alr'alDle {'oil'''in Pldgeon. As Lhc-man who makes himself agreeable to , the lady judge only with the hope of- • unseating her from the bench, he makes bis "Jell 1 Sherman" not only likeable but completely believable, .• The complications begin when .JcIT's boss, Jnelson Blair (Edward Arnold), is divorced by his wife, Adcle (Mary Beth Hughes), who-is also alloted a monthly alimony ;of $4,000-1.1}' Judge Cornelia Pa'rkci,' (Miss- Russell). ,'JG.tT,. unfolds.,; a scheme by which be Ayill-en Cornelia in a . love''affair, upon a manicurisC .I'lMend . wiU^siie. the judge for alienation of-' offec : tions. By alt odds, • the .resulting, scandal should ' unseat Goniella; from 'the bench, offering Blair:a'n opportunity to appeal his case before a more "lenient judge, x.:;•>.; The plot works out" beautifully until Jeff himself falls -vlullnl v >to,,. the attractions of the woman; lip, Is : . supposed to attract, and his'resulting dilemma brings about some/hilariously situations. . .. ' . •.,. Arnold is excellently cast, : "as./,the, exasperating .husband; • and...'. oUie.i." outstanding portrayals are offered- by Leo Bowman, Jean Hogers^Giiy; Kibbee and Barbara Jo Allen; Better,' known to' her radio, fans. .as. ^Qg^. Vague. • . . •'.".' '.'. ''•, •. ' "/V-. A word must also be said,:?ib.p.u.t Miss Russell's' clothes,, created'.-.-by; M-O-M's new fashion v tiesjgricr,; loch. They're bound' to;'kc'cp the ladies interested. Ring bolls 1 Toot horns! 'Shout with glee! Celebrate New Year's JDve by having fun. Gala New Year's Eve midnight show and celebration Wednesday midnight, Dec. JUst, doors open at :M :30 p. m. Mickey Rooncy and Judy Garland In "Babes on Broadway" with a host of stars; and .the sweetest entertainment on earth. Seats now selUng at box office. Buy .now—don't wait., until the last minute. Make 1 your date now for the New Year's Eve.' mid- nlgb't show — Wednesday,, ^eccm-. ber'3ist, ' - '." '-.'' '• ; "" ROSS .... *57 75 * 19 (owelj, 14K nalurai or coral golcNflllod. LEXINGTON $ 46 75 * 17 Jewels, Cw«d In stalnleu »(••!. IUCY $ 559°* 17|owols. UKngtoral gold.flllod only. ! ' V .... *46 75 * 17 (osvols, 10K nolural gold-flllod only. * Prices Include Federal Tax SUSAN 17 ieweis. UK wHH» r natural or coral gold. Neary Building, Naugatuck, Conn, 1 ' \ . Sljcre Open Every Night Until Christmas! WEEK i Y 6 R MONTHLY HARTFORD DEC 19-20-21 THtBAND THAT KAYS THE BW HOLl YWOOD RESERVED SEATS7fo«/ON SALE-FOR YEAR'S^EVE M!OWITE;2 HOUR The Air Today 0:00 D. ni. WBRY-WABC— Bclwin C. Mill WEAlj 1 — SlrlcUy from Dixie WO— Une/e Don TTJ C~Nc\vs ; Wun f.h o "WA'MrWI.OG— N.ews. (J: 15. WBRY— On with p. in. the • Daiiuo w f p f q-w f cc;-,\v,i z—SP o r ts. WABC—Medda' Hopper's Hollywood WATR—Mystery Song Contest '._.: . 6:.'H) p. nu WBHY—iy'ows by I3-. GlirlsLy I2H;' WABC—Frank ParHei- ' WQR—News .WJDAb 1 —Desl Malban \VJ2~iVruBical Appetizer WICC-WTi.C—iS'ews ; Musical Ucn- dox.vous • -* • G:4;T p. m. W B n V-\VA 13 C—W o r 1 d T o d ay W ID A K—Here's Looking at You ' WOR—-T-Le.'re's Morgan .'W,I Z-\Y f rrd—r.qw'cl I Tli o m as WATR—MJ't's airitl Bits - : . - 7.-00 p. m. WBRS r ~Sha]l- We WalU? AV12AI.iVW.TJG—l^red Wai'ing ' WOR—Sports W,JZ r W.IGC—.'lean /Caval I WABfJ-^Amos 'n' Andy • WATR.7-PuJ-l.on- Lewis, Jr. s , r . .. 7:1;) [). in. , WB RY-WI5A K-WT1 G—News W.O R—G on (1 d en ti a 11 y Y o u rs W,JZ-WIGC—Radio Magic ', WABG—Lajiny Ross WICC—Down the Years WATR—Hubert Kregelch • WBRY-WABG—AI Peni-co's- Show -,. V : 7;ljp: p, in. ••. - WIDAF-WTrC—Grand Gentrai Station W.JZ—Glenn Miller's Orch. WBRY-WABC— Iviilc Smith. Hour \\MZ-WlGC-Edward Tomlinson WATR-WOR— Cal Tinney S:15 p. in. WOR — Tropical Serenade WiJZ'-WICC— xlose ' Bcthancourl's Orch. WATR— Willie House Press Confer ence S:80 p. m. WBAK-WTK^-Jnfopmalion, Please .WJ./-W1GC— Three Ring Time WATR— Green Hornet S:'«o p. m. WOR— Sports ' 9:00 )). in. WBRY-WABC— Playhouse WE A H 1 - WT1 G— Wa M -A Ti me WOR— Gabriel Meatier W.I X- W 1 CC—Oanpb us I.ers WATR— News; Duncing Discs WOR— Famous Fathers WATR— Dance Orch. - »:30 p. rn. \VBRY-Allen Roth's Orch. WI3AF-WTIC— .Unclo Walter's House W,l X-W 1 CCr-M ichael and ~ Kj tl.y WABG— First Nighler WATR-WOR— Russell Bennett's Notebook • . 10:00 p. m. WBRY— Lest We Forget WEAF-WT1C— Wings of Destiny WJX— Hochcsler Civil Orch. WABG— Shirley Temple Timn WATR-\yOR-WJCa-:B.oxi ; ng' Bou I,, 'Jenkins-Angotl, 10:80 p. in. WBRY-WABC^-Olga' Cbelhi ' WKAK-WTJG— "Clna's Part in the Present War Against Japan" WJ2 — News Here and Abroad J0:45 p. in. WBRY-WABC— News ' WJX— Ted Slccle's Orcb. WOR-WTlC^-Spollight Bands 11:00 p. -in. WBRY-WABC— Claude Thornhill Orch. WTI <;;- woR-\y i GG-WBA F-WJ z— News; Weather 11:15 p. m. W'^AF— Music .You Want WOR — Vaughan, Monroe's Orch. AVATR-WJGG— Spol.liglK, Bands U:30 p. in. WBRY— Jimmy Dorsey's Orch. WA13C— .lohnny Long's Oi-ch. WJZ-W1CG— Summy Kayo's Orch. WBAl'MVTlG— Unllml'ted Horizons WATR— News \\\t& i). in. •WOR— Claude Thornh ill's Orch, VN ; A TR -\\'J CC— Wen l,h e r 12:00 Midnlflht, WBRY-WABC— News; Harry James 1 Orch. WEAF-WTIC— News; Southern Riv- WOR— Benny Goodman's Orch. 'ers WJ^-WJCC— News; Jack Toagardcn's ' Orch. WATR— Sign Off. PISARL JIAHBOH! . . WEAF— Rhyme and Rhythm Club 1. 8:00. p/ in. . W13AbVW r lilG~Gonceri; Hour POLISH-AMERICAN ': : DANCE : at ST. STANLEY'S HALL SEYMOUIl SUNDAY, DEjGEMBER 21st, S p.m. VICTOH -KEMBRUSKI V.T)»c~ I)iHiin.inejLV .Hoy's".: Orchestra WELl nnd WATR "DOT," America's Greatest Girl Saxophonist SUNDAY — MONDAY — TUESDAY It's The Gayest...Most Spectacular Of Army< Musical Extravaganzas! Bringing: you perfect pair... ravishing loveliness and toe- tickling'rhythm I They're In tHl Army now; to bombard* you with great entertainment...! . with ROBERT BENCHLEY ^;^|<Oi»Nl:; HVBBAED ^K^SiOSA.-'M^ASSEN. '•'" •-' ^ ^S^QlErPDlRTEB r '\'\'l^vc^.:by-SAM.iJEL : -B.ISCHOFiF''.. A COiUM8IA PICTURE Hear the'new songs— ''Since I Klutd My Baby Goodbye" • "So Ne*r And.Yet So Far" • "Dream Danclnja" • "Shootln* Th« Works For Uncl* Sam" "TheWeddlnfl Ca*«.WaJk" "Th« Boofll* BarcaroUt" - ^ ;;' v ' TODAY and SATURDAY v ^DpUBLE TROUBLED and /'TWO IN A TAXI" Found in Bible Two hundred men once went to a dance to get themselves wives, and did so. A man added 15 years to his life by prayer. Another man was condemned to death for saying his | prayers. An army lost more than 99 per cent of its strength .one day, ] gained a great victory Uie next day, ' One man caused the defeat of the 1 whole army of which he was a part. The trees in the Garden of Eden envied a king. A great sermon was preached from a staircase. An eagle planted a tree. Forty-two thousand men lost their lives because they mispronounced a word. A prophet's life was saved by a colored man. Two men killed 20 in a fair fight. A man is described as fleeing from a bear and meeting a lion. A man committed suicide in order to kill his enemies. All of these and many other curious and interesting things are to be found in the Bible. 'antibodies' as immunising, agents. In somewhat\ similar fashion man can make use of the secretions of many external afflictions and some internal disorders by mixing them with distilled water and painting them on a briskly rubbed spot on the back to act as something akin to vaccination." ' Can Cure Own Ills Every man can be his own medicine chest, in the opinion of 3Dr. Charles-H. Wood, who addressed the National Chiropractic convention at the Los Angeles college of chiropractic recently. "The secretions of many diseases," he explained, "have within them the essentials to bring about cures. Animals, by licking their wounds, reintroduce into their bodies the germs which set up Sleeping; on Train Pullman berths arc made up so that the passenger's head points toward the front of the car. There is no advantage from this except that the head will not be bumped against the hard steel partition it there is a sudden start of the train. The direction of the head has nothing to do with sleep or circulation. TURKEY BINGO PARTY at ST. MARY'S CHURCH PARISH HALL FRIDAY, D330. 19, 1941 Play Starts at 8:15 o'clock 25 GAMES ADMISSION, $1.00—fm'hulhifl (ax. Includes All (iainos.. No K«tra Chsmjo. — l{ V f r i» s h in <> n f. s •— IAL PW/.FCS- <> /I DIFFERENT SITTER WINK! TRU-ADE is not carbonated. No gas! It's pasteurized for purity and vacuum-sealed for flavor. Contains real fruit juices — no artificial flavoring. TRU-ADE is delicious refreshment for the whole famity. Try it! WA.110NI) (.'INCKll ALK CO., INC GEM TODAY SATURDAY i ^*?r*SS fc-' ,,/ -^ \. ^s^rl ^ wr2 ,11 '•'W,'& ^:., m ped« |UFf ^ stamp*-' . •v.-MM^ " ^ ^^% rt% \ •\ •»'•' n \f r\ fe * K K O * y n A r\i/-v . SUPER-THRILL SHOW! ALSO CHARLIE CHAN TRAPS A j BfPPl, KJUER'S KIUEB!/ •$$ Chan^ SIDNEY TOLER 'erne/ Mary, Both Hughes • Cobina Y^r^gh^ Jr. -Ted North • Victor Jt>ry fxocuf/v* Pro</ucir, Sol M. Wurtx*l Directed byHarry lachman A 20lh Canfury-Fox PJctyr« ADDED—Hedda Hopper Short; and Color Cartoon . I

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