Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 19, 1941 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, December 19, 1941
Page 1
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"7 '- V MAUGATUCKlDAlfeNiEWS,. FRIDAY, DECEMBERS; -1941 Three Honored By C. L. & P. iTionMnuocl from Page uumpueu-wjffii tretiHurer of tho UfUOllll'OrS ASMOolfttlon, Of cut ami: Is still u .tffrejojjtor. of that tri'f)tin . '••' '.'."' ' t; Yule- University.,-.Ho- later, received, n; (logfoo , in -mining- from Moduli I.) i;i University. AI'lor ,several years of mining-in Mexico iiml.Cluliroi'ulu, Mr; Campbell uri'<;pU'U ;i position as; manager of Mio Norwich fias & Kluclrlc uorn- p.'iny and lalrr as manager of the New London (las' &. Kk.'f;J,rio. company. as aii .exeuuti.yc.oL 1 Uip ; cprnpah^ In J1I30. w-iis '".ifwclu" vh;e-;president A, J. CAMPniaL UtVIN W. DAY •A. il. Cumphetl, v lee-president, was 1 lie eume lo Wjil.crhury in horn In California nrul was grad- manager of the- . United ^let-trie uuted ' from the? Sheflleld SnloiiUMu l.i.nlit & Wider company, predeces- sor of .The-;,GQnnectic.uL-...^ii?h.t and r-uwer uompiiny.- \\iK-ii tlie Connecticut Light and'Powcr company wns formed, : Mr, Campbell -coutiii-. ued and in charge of real."estate; " : : iMr. Campbe'll, who. is : iv, 'Thirlly- seeond .deifrQeV'MaHon, .is" married, has fi t ve 'cliildri:fn r 'and'"lives in'Water- tou'n. J • ••;•••. .. .•- • • Irvin \y..- Day, formerly a vic'e- .pi'osidunt'of the-company and now <i director*, was born in Dtica, Now York, in I8&i.. : ,llc -was.-edu'cated. hi tlitf Ulica jHihlic scliools nrifl. w;is graduated from Coi'nell University with liie degree of. Mechanical tin- ginoer 1 . \ Mr. Day was connected with several steamship, companies as ma- r'lno engineer for six years after, his .graduation. l^our.. of those years wei-e spent in duly at sea. Mr. Day enterc'-d the public utilities Held in .IfUii when lie became, assistant secretary of the United Clectric Lit^lit & Water company. In • MU-'i he was made" secretary and treasurer of that company and was appointed a vice-president of The Connecticut Li^ht and Powder company in 1017 when the companies• were mertfedr' : • • .He later liecame vice-president' in of operations, a' post he held until .tU.'JO, when lie became a. mem- , bqr of tlie executive committee of i the board of db-tH3tbrs-a-t-l,he-annuft! election. He is 'still a member of '.the hoard!' . . He is 'ah «ictiveVmem3yeiv.bT : .niany 'organizations which include '..the- . whidi .ho -Is a past president'', -the Hartford club,; the Adliibndaclc Leagu e eh.] b , th e'-r-Soci e ty Architects and Marine ''''Lite American InstituLc oL'"l31eC'l'i i iij'{il. ngineL-rs .iijitK th^/'A'inorlcan., Sb.uiety/ f Mechanical /Uligineicrs. iie'Usj'alsQ: of a p. ist; president .,o,l' division of tlip-. Light, Association.'; he Dhul vote fol lower! .rejections of threo : ,:amendmenl.s fhat ' would : liave- aH'ccted ,19 and -20 ye a r olds, The firs I, goffered 'by 'Son'! 'John : A.. the •House/ i] h c sainu'a^ liaL of. It 'was'clcd; 1 ^). to 33; .Thcj, > npxt, ; .suh;mil ted.hy Senator Tom •Conhaliy,: D:, 1 Tox^ : sought, to dc- \feir '-J9';aiyd:,50 i vuar ohls inUi'l older ' Boost Their Prices : Hartford;':/ Gonir., i The -tra'clitlbiial Mive hy - street-- bootblvicKs t'dclay Senate, House (groups Consider Draft •': Bjilia (Continued, from Page, One) : . J : niored clivisions.'.^nd parachute r.cgi-! ments. ' ..'''•'' . Tho aye limits, - set by-.the Senate bill would create a.resrji.'vohv.of inan-. .power for a potential army of .8,000,000 men, coin pa red. with (i.OOp.OOO. in the . House versions. - A. compromise between. 19 and 21 as 'the- lower age would ir.'ovhiu a potential force of.'.,7,000,000 .men. : . vy.',";..^ , The. 'House 'passed. i!.s.;,di'a/i.;^x- tcnsion by : ,a v.vpico'^, out record. The. two flissen ting'voles' in the Senate la's!; night came i'i:oi.ii' same. .sta.te™Cali.fornia'—cast 'by /was de. . teinpf tp>;inakcv : 20 'ihc minimum age . service; .-wi.i's-'defeatLHl, 47 lo- .34. ^ A;lth;qug!v^,I;lre; House voled 173 to 113: against "reducing- the minimum age J,o;,20, i.Ls leaders helreved fhat lovcl'-\vpL|lf.|..]3u aecepLablc as a- coin- in -view of the Senate ac"" boosted'right but the window. ; • The Boys' 1 BootblacK Association voted to. raise- the •price of-a-street sliine frqnv live ceii;ts to 10 cents De- cause of ; r;,Che.''rising price-of • materials, food,'clothing, and rents;, inc- associaUpn-'cqipprises 400- members. 1 ••- "•' •* ''.»-'!—•-. - -j . • ^•; Other . ..changes in the selective ser.yice. law-made by the Senate bill .included an. insurance amendment'-pay at least §55.000 to willows,.'ohl.ldron,..or dependent' parents-of., the men killed at Pearl.llar- ,bor-' and,.on .the des.froyers Kearney: •and'Reuben.-James i-ir- the Atlanli_c, , .Sponsored by Sen. Bennett Champ Ciai:k, p., Mo., the.' amendment pi'O- vidcs. insurnnce of. thnt amount for all men killed in .the- line, of duty, under' the terms of.the national-serv-; ice. i'JfQ^insuiia'nco-au't- of KMO. • \ st; •V.-..VA Patron•'Saint : EKDrothea who was martyred 'UepubHcan Setuitoi'^l^hviiiri. AY., Vfvphh T ';'r'i;' ^nde^'' Bi'ocletian,-' !was the 'iD'atroni son. and Denior6'alfi^v r Serih:tor M^tfoVi'^^'^ ' • WORKERS IN NAVY YARD ^•«^^:-: : :IiJ?rrr n JEWELS START PAYMENTS IN DIAMOND EAST MAIN ST. .••"/;" • Open';Ey>>y v .EychJn9, N: M-, Deo. .IO—(UP)— of Nnvy Frank Knox lo- rlay the .12,000 Portsmouth Navy Yard employees' for their olicr Lo \vork-\yit.lioul, pny, ; Sundax, but snid cxi.^ti'rig'sl.iil.ui.cs prevent the nc- ocptnncp -o.f such services. . A Lolegnvbi recced last-nigiu from Khox- hy Boar-Admiral John D. Wninwrlght, Odmmandunt, : sajtl: "This expression of pnlriotisnv is hi'ghJy commcnclahlc nndlis deeply appreci/itod; 'iioNvevcr, sujll gratull ? . OLIS service ciinnbt be accented under existing statutes. . . , "11 is tlip present policy of'tno Navy DopnH.iiT6nr.-l.lial. • • .. no more than six-day's .work per week-win ordinarily ; he required of any indi- vhlim) employee." • ' • ' SUMMER COURSE* PLANNED ATWESLEYAN Middlelown. Conn., luv.. J9—(UP)— Wosleyan- university \\-\\i institute-, a six-weeks summo/ course, Wartii this year, to enable students complete their regular four-yci course ahead of time because of the v/ar emergency, u NVa .s announced today.. The summer course, it was said, would ..enable, sludenls to complete their course in possibly three years.' This years graduation exercises .will be, held in May rather than in. June. The Wesleynn ad ion followed a similar move by Yale university authorities. PETITIONS CONSIDKHKl) Hartford, Conn., Dec. u.)—(UP)— The Public Utilities Commission today took under advisoment .the petitions .of the Gray-Lino, Bus' Co. and Trumbull Coach Linos lo operate on almost identical routes in Die town of Trumbull. ^i^, . $EVI5lt.$ RELATIONS '•'• Bogota, Colombia, Dec. .19—(UP)— Colombi'a^broke off diplomatic relations will} Germany and Italy today. Colombia will not, declare war on the her ever, Santos Axis powers except to protect own soil from aggression, diO\v- i |M}DO|STORE ^rplERSMUST ;;; FILE PAPERS • H«utfor<K'.;Conn., Doc. 19— (UP) — The'.iitatp, Uquor control comniissio.i \-ud today, it AVill renuirc every em- ploye in % Ui e slate's rtSOO linuor ~'^»v^ ;>nd l^vorns Jo Hie an artlda- •vit showing his citizenship status. rho. move was one of a series nlannori by the liquor commission to forestall possible leakage of na- l.ional defense, information in Uv- erns^.and other liijuor places. ; HUILUINX? Marffonl, Conn., Dec. 10— (UP)— The 'ilrsl. snnd-baggod building 'in- Hartfonl made its debut, today. An 'nsurance company, the Hartford Steam Boiler Inspect ion and insur- xncc Co., preparing against air raids, boarded up and sand-bagged its nine street level windows in the downtown Hartford business district. '". NO COMMENT Washington, n. C., Dec, 10— (UP)— President, Roosevelt shrugged his shouMers today when ho was asked it, a press conference whether there were any plans to relieve the heroic garrisons resisting .lapanoso attacks on Midway NVaktv Islands. Plans of. such a.'nature are strictly military secrets. ^i^m^^ ^••M r *^^** Ktt* L«i o\, >1 Fully Equipped 50 Del'd. Also Sold On Sear's Ensy .Pay Plan • Fully Equipped 0 Glass Covered Foodex • Roll Out Handi Bin 0 11.5 Sq. ft. Shelf Area 0 Roto-Seai Unit Covered; m,e*it storage tray i • ' ^U * * ' ito%k," r ' •• ^ • " .; (holds 9^ Ips.)a l< : i:eezjing:, com- partin en i; holds 8 Ibs. of fro'z- eu foods. 9-point control. 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