Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 18, 1941 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 18, 1941
Page 2
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•ifage Eight NAPjSATUCK DAILY NEWS;'THURSDAY. DECEMBER 18, 1941 •"-••••i^ ^— ' ' ' . . . '.••:•.• • N( • ' j Glastonbury Grads Play "Knights" Here Jf-ast Game To Be Expected At Local M Y" Tomorrow •; Night , i, \V'Uh now'lfi KhlglitH Fli'iduy Krt- PLOSKI) • tho local Imskotball season I'ull swing tho Purple wll hold the hoop spotlight cvouing ola.shiriK with the OJuHtonfoury Orwls at Iho Yv M,,C1, A., In another outHlaudlng Ko'rnc attraction. At 7:00 the Sham- rdoks .anil thu Huliot A. 11, svlll he foaturod In what IH oxpeulocl lo bu tho nttraotlon or UN own as Iho t^Rro toarrja are NaugalucU's loading Junior .(Way, will meuL In lliu pru- fl.ntlnacy. GluHlonbury Invaelos tho borough Booking HH sooontl win of thu your Over (,ho Knights as tho Orads. clc- fouled llio lUii'plormm at GlHHlon- btiry two wuokn ago. Tho Orarln in Uiul content hold Iho Knights tci IB points and' rucord books show that to bo tho lowoHl . total soorotl by any purple) and gold array In Ihruo yoApH of play. Tho samo tuam that (Moatod . t.iuj Knights thu last Llrnu wl.ll bo, intact 1'or Glastonhui-y arul will Include ICllot, ' Uernnr, Taylor, Loach and Faher. The Knights with a record of Ivyo wins and tin-no losses. Will be out lo rogain some lost prestige at the expense of tho Grads. Coach Cliff Swlrski drilled the. Purple charges twice this week and the Knights are conlklont of victory. Hay Lor nun howovor is not expected to bo in action as Iho star forward is still suffering . from an injury obtained at hrldguport last Sunday. - The possible starting- lineup -for the Knights may Ihul "Orky" 'Garlinski, Hubert MoDorrnoU,' Kd Stcr- itiak, Tod Warjack and '"Lefty" John l' 1 arrar ready for action at the opening whistle. Also expected .to- soo action for the Purplomen'bofore tho llnal play are Swidorski, Pond, J, Swlrskl, Stanley and Uudy S/c/slul, and frank Warjack, former Knight porforrnur .who Is home on any army fiylough. ; Tonight tho Knights travel to Bridgeport to oppose the Home Prldu Props and Sunday again take to tho road • opposing , tho Morldpn Hex tors at Silver City.' WANY PONDS ARE ;CLOSED TO WINTER ICE FISHING That odd piece of furniture might find a l>u,vor It' you tho Classified modhim. CHIPPENDALE, Made with Capehitrt F a r n s w o r t h^| £ £95 record changer. Torms as low as $3.00 por woek EQUIPMENT WATER HA'GEN CLUBS DAGS OALtS ZIPPER DAGS ..... .....$1.98 LUGGAGE OVERNIGHT $6.f5 to $16,95 - HAT 4 SHOE $10.95 * $26,95 WARORO8B f 10,75 tp WAFFLE BAKERS $595 te $795 |»OOTBALLS ARMY TANK THANSPORT PLANE KITCHEN CABINET high. TRAINS Mt«Hanlcal..,.,..T| H..M. Just a few of our many fine gifts. , We arb cooperating with the Government and nc new tlj-es or tubes will be sold until December 22. Jf your tires arc dangerously worn, we have ! T irestone-New- Trcacls . or we can put a Ncw-Trcacl on your smooth tires, Firestone New-Trends, at low cost, give up to 80% of the mileage built into the original tread. , _ with RtcharA <*"**: *l*ynr ctS p*ak. A/omflj/ evantoaa. N. B. C. Red Network o/ Wntlc**t«in, Co. Phono 2219 ' Hartford, Dec. .18,. 1041.—The State 'Boat-it of Fisheries and Game ari- that the following ponds will be closed.lo ice fishing during the j041-42 season: Beardsley Park Pond, Bridgeport Beaver Pond, Moridcn , Hoscok Lolte, Mkldlefleld Black Rock Pond, '\Vatcrtown Bolton Notch Pond, Bolton BreWHlcr Pond, Stratford >' Burr Pond, Torrington .- f Cedar Swamp. Pond, Bristol-Wol- :('50tt Cream Mill Pond, Cornwall "' Crystal Pond, Eastforcl-Woodstock : Day Pond, Colchester •' Freshwater Pond, 'Enfield ' l«'ulIon Park Pond, YVatorbury Gardner Lake, Salem Grecnfalls Reservoir, 'Voluntown Hull's Pond, Eastford ; Hatch Pond, Kent Holbrook Pond, 'Hebron Lily Pond, Thompson , Long Meuclow Pond, Midcllebury ; Man Hook Lake (Cranberry Pond), Granby , Mnshapaug Lake, Union \North Farms Reservoir, Wai ling- ford North Spectacle Pond, Kent ': Old Marsh Pond, Bristol-Plymouth Pataga.nset -Lake, >Kast Lymc . . Peat Works Pond, Merlden-Bcrlin Prchtise. Pond, Putnam Quassapaug Lake, Middlebury- Wooclbury Quonnlpaug- Lake, Guilford Rogers 'Lake—Old Lme and Lyme Ros'oliind Lake, Woodstock Samp Mortar Reservoir, Pali-Held Schoolhouse Pond, Thompson Stanley Quarter Pond, New Britain Stillwatcr Pond, Torrington Tankerhooscn 'Lake, Vcrnon ' Taunton Lake, Newtown '. • Wattles Pond (Wlnnomaug Lake), .•Water I own - West Hill Pond, New Hartford -.•Williams Pond, Lebanon ..Willimantic Reservoir, Bolton . .Winchester Lake, Winchester Wononscopoinuo Lake, Salisbury .Wood Croek Pond, Norfolk .In -tins following lakes'restricted ice fishing is permitted as indicated; 'Columbia Lake, Columbia.. Pishing ^permitted to January 1 'only. '•v^Shaw Luke or l.-faywai'd Lake, Eu's.1 :.Haddam. Ice . (Ishing • frorn January ,1'.-to January 31, inclusive. Lim- I.Vod to throe LIp-ups per licensee. Waumgurnbaug Lake, Coventry. •Kjshing on Tuesdays,.Thursdays and Sundays only. •' '.'•Special legal length and catch apply-on •'these Ihrce lakes arc announced on. the posters. SKATING SOON. AT THE ARENA .; Edward Baummer, head of the Garden .Arena 'skating rink ;on Field •street stated .-today, that there is already a fine coating of ice on the ,'pond at the local, resort, and if low temperatures, prevail here for •_ the next few days ..that..this .week- !cnd will sec good skating here. . Mr. Baummer has constructed a .large cabin for"skaters at the Arena, and a fireplace 'and a- large central he'ating unit will'"keep, this estub- . Hshmerit coinfor'Uifoie. ,in the coldest weather. • .The local skating rink head has purchased a large amplifying outfit so music may be ,enjoyed,- as In past years. NATION'S NEW APPROPRIATION BIILISSICNED for Health Girls Washington,. Dec. iS—(UP)—Pros* idont Roosevelt today signed Lhc i $10,000,000,000 supplement war appropriation bill. , -.. ' ! The measure 'carr'tccl $9,283,000,00.0 ip cash appropriations ami $794,000,Jn contractual authorisations. } It 'pro.yklos, jSuJl'Ici.enL. funds to piiroliase," ociuipm'cnL- 'for-' a 200,000,- CQO- man army and-critical .supplies for a 3,200,000-in an- finny.. It was passed by congress Monday. 'J7110 bill is the third largest ap- .pi^OpriaUdn in tlie nation's history, surpassed only by the year's fir si; war appropriation.;and a. World war army measure. .U carries .more than $.1,500,000,000 for- aid to America's allies In the war against the axis and pumps additional dollars into every phase cJT thcv ! nation's' war effort. It includes rnoiicy.--- to buy' tank's, guns, ships ancf; planes, for both .the. army and- navy'and to finance 'construction oT ciamvs and reservoirs. -,to. provide power L'or an .unprecedented industrial: expansion. On-, other' .Jfllces Hot- posted to Lhc contrary fishing is permitted through February .9. Th,C:usp of more \ than G tip-upg 'or simllair, devices in Jlshihg -through the ice i.i. prohibited. No such • d,e vices shall be used ..except between 0:00 a. m. and. 8:00 p. m, daily and must be 'personally attended. . A bug limit of 20 fish .is allowed .with not more than 10 ' pickerel or walleyed piko. These beautiful young ladies were selected'in New York In the competition for the "Swim for Health Week" girl. Left .to right arc Be* Stewart, who won: Laura Routb NAUGY HIGH WILL , 43RD DIVISION PLAY C. 1.0. TEAM O.wing to tlui 'holiday vacation period a(,'l,hc Junior Hcpubl-ic in Lilch- nold, \vhi-ch-slarf.s Friday, Lhe t,cam will noL play Naugal-uck High, licrc unLH lalci- in i,he .season, Coach PelQr J.' Pol'cy 'announced Loday. .The Foleymon will .play Iwo has- keLbalfgarncs Sal,urelay-niglU in Llic .Y, -M. 0. • A. gyinnn^iuin wiLIv Lhc CIO- 'loam: ol' t-he .United. SUiLos Ruli- hor'Company, , Tho fii-sl, game, \yill sLai'L at 7:30 ' p.m. and' the second will bo called a I. 8:45.. .' PGAHL 'ilAUIi.OR! TRY A CLASSIFIED AD IN THE :N13WS u TEMPLETON'S TEMPLETON'S, CORNER WATER-BURY You who have had a Templeton Christmas tree in the past know just what high quality trees we carry here each year. This season, as in the past, choice trees that will give everyone satisfaction, are in stock here by the thousands. No matter what kind or size of Christmas tree you have in mind, we ^rie confident that among the thousands here, you will find exactly what you want. Free delivery to Naugatuck patrons, of course. CHRISTMAS TREE PRICES 2 f oot— 40c 3 f oot— 50c 4 f oot— 70c 5 f oot— 90c WILL BE HONORED FOR SERVICES Camp .Blandihg,'Fla., Deo. 17—For their oulstan'ding..worlv in Llie rccenl. Carolina manouvqrs,' members of l.he /uJrd (Ncw-lDngland) Di'vision have-boon di3.sjgnal,cd. by l.hclr uniL comrnun.ders as '."distinguished -soldiers". and Av.ill be honored by mil 1- l,fti*y and . civic.-o/Jlcials eai'Jy nexl- mohl.h. " .. Although LhC' names of the sol-dicrs will not, bo'.cfi.scjosed until-.January 12| 'when the men will-bo honored, Major . Geiicrnl 0. ;\V. Griswold, Fourth Ai'rny' Corps commander, has already given orders- that recognition accorded the meti become part of their permanent Army Service records. .'.'.' V . , . iU'gimcn |.s. wi J J an\ingn th eir own program. 1 ? honoring their outstanding soldici's and special streamers will be llown from the guidon posts., of each soldier's company. The streamers, will-, be, inscribed : "Awarded' for OuLstdndhig Soldfor- ly Qualities' ^ Cnr_oHna Maneuvei's, .IJMi", and wMl bear the soldier's name. ' The ,City, of Jacksonville, Fla,, is arranging- :ari- 'elaborate program at which high, civic -officials will" honor the men ,and the -.soldiers will receive scroHs. Hepresenl.ati'ves of nl! civic clubs,' city and county ofllcials, miiitary and other dignitaries, will be- rcp.i'esenl.ed. The selection of each .individual has. been carefully made, based on genera] soldierly- qualifications which include the excellence of performance aird. close application' to duty, ' resourcefulness in the field, personnlity and .patriotic i'deals, persona) appOiirRnco and physical stamina. 6 foot— p.15 10 foot— $3-50 S foot—$1.75 12 foot—$4.25 Salary of Public Printer The 1 ".salary of the head of the Government Printing office at Washington* D. C., receive $10,000 a year • .—«. » » . Drastic Change In Army, Navy Hesds (Continued fron^ Page One) Headquarters For FLEXIBLE-FLYER 87!0hurch 81 OPEN EVENINGS - rORD ;— MERCURY - AIRLINE ACE ... AIRLINE PILOT .. AIRLINE PATROL AIRLINE PURSUIT AIRLINE JUNIOR $3,95. $4.50 $5.50, 6.50 SKIS * SKATES. •*- TOBOGGANS!p;;; : 'Etc. Dial 4080 — No Toll -Charge —^.Direct.Line To.Naugatuck Always avplace,«to^parki- . , . i.'intl upon his. return ._ Look a hand :in reorganixing air cle'ronsos on i.'ie ! basis of Jii.s'.sJ.ucly of N;rxj ah 1 ineUi- : ods, including csl.abli.shmonl; of in- l.crcepLo! 1 • cohimanijs. .'. Ho is a sf.auncl) advocate of Lhc heavy 1 fis an offensive, weapon.. Major General Frederick L. Mar- Lin, commander', of Lhc army nil- 'corps at Mawnii-, 'replaced • by V 13ni?.' Oen. 0. L. Tinker of, f.he. air corps, a veteran of service in l,he Philippines, .who'became a brigadier son- oi-fil only lasL year. The .seloclJon of Emmons. Lo command Lhe Hawaiian dnparl.m.enl, was regarded ns of signiflcnnco iJi view •of Lhe Vtisl and des.LrucLive cole already played: by air forces—even .against battleships;—i'n (,he batUe of Lhe Pacific 1 . 1 ' . . ' .. Military men said- Lhal, Lwo hard• fisted air' have Llie defense of Hawaii, in Lheir bands in Lhe combination of the Hu-yeni'-olJ Wmrnons and /Pinker, who is roLu'rn- ing to kv-jcene \yiLli which he is. fd- miJiar. .; " . .-• • The high command's stress, upon aerial defense had' been revealod pi'cviously in tile-naming' of arn afr officer to • command all. the ai'iny- forces in the Panama-Caribbean area, Major Genl Frank M. Andrews. Kimmel was insLructed , to turn over bis .'command to Vice-Admiral William S. Pye, commanrler- or Uie battle force and second in command of the Pacific neet.pcndinir Lint arrival of Niinitx. • Kimmel: reports, for "temporary .duty" to t)ie : 14th (Hawaiian) naval district. / , Emmons, already is' at Honolulu, having been Tclieved of his duties as chief of the air force command.' Tinker Is "proceeding" to Hawaii, it \yas announced, to replace Martin after giving up hi.s duties with the ^.thji'd; intercep.!,pr : .comniand: of the third air force at Drew Field, Fla. •TAlLlfHID It* YouVe got to invest a part of yourself in Christmas spirit to properly absorb the real spirit of Christmas. And once you get the real spirit of Christmas—there's no stopping you — you're bound to think of someone you can make happy. As a suggestion — browse around among- the good things on our main floor — gorgeous silk neckwear, $1.00 to $5.00 — wonderful shirts — choice fabrics, $2.00 to $3.50 — sturdy manish gloves, selected leather, $3.00 to $5.00. The removal or Kimmel. Shor ami Martin docs not carry any connotation o!' guilt Tor \vhnl huppenu'.l at Pearl Harbor on Doc. 7, It was suid, although I hoy, ;is l.lie ranleing commanders of the PnciJlc forces, were rcsponsil)lc for defense, and fire, the key n^rnvs in the prcsklen- tinl inquiry. Secretary of \V;tr Henry L. Stimson, in the r.nv.y's announcement, issued simultaneously with a navy announcement, said i,he changes w.erc. made ''in view of the preliminary i'eport of tlu; Soa-ci.ary of the Navy with, .yvliosu vie\v.s; as .to. 1-hc nnpreparedncss of the situation of Dec. 7 the secrolary of wur concurs." Furthermore, Slimson said, the 'shaken]) was decinctl necessary lo "expedite the reortfanixalion of J.h« nii; defense in the (Hawaiian) islands:". . . . The navy's announcement re-' fraineV] from any explanation for Kimmer.s removal as commahder- in-chief .of the Heel, . .' '•-... The presidential hoard of inquiry, headed by Supremo.' Court Justice' Owen J. Roherls, meets today in- its second sec ret se:fion. Whether tin-re will, he court- martial proceedings against any of the naval, army and air commanders who defended Hawaii on Dec. 7 depends upon its findings. . ' ' Whip CrtMun Pull's Princess I-ayoi' Cakos Chocolale Fiulne Hrownics P\unpkin Pies Danish Cnttonmif. Ihil.hM* HinflS Itoston Brown Urond Crispy Hyc Bread Devils i r «od Cakos Kuhn's City Bakery MAPLE ST. TEL. 3«78 — FOR SALE — Brick Building and lot on Woodbine Street, fc Suitable for Small Manufacturing Business Naugatuck Insurance Agency, Inc. Room 9 Neary Bldg. Phone 2080 Great Oak Farm OXKOUO UOAI) MILK —CREAM BUTTERMILK CHOCOLATE MILK POULTRY Daily Delivery to All- Parts of Naugatuck Telephone 5049 Intci Compounded i , This Bank has declared a semi-annual dividend to depositors .payable 'Janu ; ary 2nd, The rate will be 2 1-2 per cent per year on all amounts up to $5,000. • On amounts over $5,000 the rate will be slightly lower, Naugratuck S a v i n g s B an k The Old-Time "Mutual" 4f i «erv» ce These 1O ^ itlo n $P ^ j pt** t it Cool* 3- "' LookAtThis Winter Qui ck-Startin8 Special- R GHT! When we say PEP at a bargain, we mean just what we say.' Take a look at the ten important services listed at the left. 7'hcn look at the price below. Get this special bargain today! [You'll save money, time and trouble now and throughout the winter. Drive in today.' ened. 53.56—materials cxtrn. ^ This price covers work on Ford and Mercury or similar * cars. The Na 87 Church Street FORD — MERCURY Fuel Co. Tel. 22181 "LINCOLN

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