Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 6, 1941 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 6, 1941
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Page JTwo .-.-.., _.,,,-.„., - - v 'v. '•'' A I"' -<•• --.V;.'...."i •••_.'••••>•• «#-."-} ^ *.•'•••."'''.I". •-'••;••; • ••:•'•!- />••, NAUGATIJCK:DAILY:N 6, 1941 Social and Personal IIRTUltNS FROM HOSPITAL John P. dubbins of imk street, •who IIUH been a imtlenl in SL.Mury's hospital, Waterbiiry, IIUH returned hoifiu. HA/AAH AT TKACHKHS' COM.KfiK Miss Ruth Filxpalrlck, daughl(!r ol 1 Mr, and Mrs. Mh-.hael Fil/palrlcK of I« SVost street Is a member the Art Club which Is planning annual Christmas ba/.aar to f plaf'.o on Wrdiu'Hilay evening, ! ombcr 10, a I. Teachers' (.lollege Gouueethait In Ni'W Britain. i\ Kinnn-; HMVI'M Ann AinuUi, four-year old lor- of Mr. and Mrs. Sanuic of Pond street tap dancers on Rovuo, which over WUUY at ing. IONICS' SOCIAL TOiNICNT Ihuiry ,1. .Freomnn, James B. Gl.b- l.mns, f/croy ,1. J^enrose, John Thurstun and William Hnukal. have ai'i'angf'fi uu oxcellent evening's' on- lertaiiinu-nt for those who attenc UK; Saturday night social at the XaiiKaluck Klks olub tonight. Re- freshmonls will bo served, dancing enjoyed and an entertainment program rendered, o —: • OBITUARY IK- nni 1 Murlonr (IniljU'li- Ainati ol 1 Klddi' wl tin will I"; hr 11 :l"j Sunday inorn- AT ST. RAP41AMI/S HOSPITAL Mrs. Marl In M. ('.orinh-y ol N<'^ Haven, formerly ol' N;iiigatiujk, «> putlnnl. at St. llaphad's hosplliil fi New Iliivcii, from wliiM-i! slm u rcccuL |S (lOMVUl- SUA'KH ANNIVMUSAUY Mr. and Mrs. riiimiard AndorHoii onl.or'l,ainod a mirnhni- of TrlcndH uiid rolallvoH uL Hn'lr home on NVjilinil- lanl, uvc.iilMK, Iho o,M-aslon Uio onliihruLlfMi of l!»oli- Jj)li« \voddlng annlvursary, Mr. and ftli'H. Andoi'rton wuro married on Novcm- hor aj), lyH'i In lUmoon l-'sUU !».v H |! V. Carl nostrum, roclor ol 1 Mm Sa UiMiurun churuh In iNuiiKatiiulc that llrno. ul , Mrs. J, I'. Smith ol 1 \Ya!.orlnir> Hpont ycslorday with Mrn. \V. II. F J uiil ot Oak Htrnol and uUrndi-il tho presonlatlon of MICJ inlnatn-l, "Ran- darm hamos," al llio looul MolJiodlsi. ohtiroh hall lust cvi-nlnK UH Mrs. Paul's guest. mcotliiK ol' the {.llutreli flelpei'M ot: St. Mlehaul'H Kiilnuogul ohiiroh will l>n held Wednesday, Doc, 10, at a o'clock In the parish house. There will he an entertainment, followed hy a Uhrlstmas lea. jmiTH OF SON A Bon, 'riioriuiH Alexander, Jr., was horn lo Mr. find Mrs. Thomas l.oin- porl, of (Illy Hill street, Union (.Jlty, at St. Mary's hospital, \Vaterhury, on li'rlday, Novomhe.r !i8. Funeral »r Airs, (iallufilu.'r Tho runcral of Mrs. Annie (Brady) r.allagher, wife of Charles Cialia- Klicr, who diod Wednesday nt Liu NVali-rhiiry hospital, was bold this morning at 0:30 LVom - tho. home of IH.T slsler, Mrs. Mary Itresvstor ol' Prospect Jind was largely aLl.ondod. A solemn high IIUIHS wiis oolobrnlml at 10 a.m. at SI, Mary's elm nil i by lU;v. Uobort Cbagon of the Blessed Saoramont clmi'di, Walorbury. Rev. Joseph Koehunas sorvod as deacon and Hev. Thomas (.irU'lln as sub- dear.on. Sololsls at tbe Mass worn Daniel Sweeney and Barbara M. Stone and I ho musical numbers incliif.lo.d "Pauls Angelleus." "Lead Kindly Light" and "Farewell" at tho recessional. St. Mary's Allar society was represented by Mrs. John Klssanc, Mrs. I'ldwurd Heilly, Mrs. Urnest Anderson and Miss Julia Uronimn. Hearers wort;; Kllswortli Noble, lUi'liurd Tuckey, llorbort Barnbart, Ktigi-nr u-'iNVU, John Kelly und'.Joseph Hrrwster. Inleriiiunt was in St. James cemetery with I'tuv, Kochunas conduct- lug Hie committal services. of K, Tho funeral of Kn/imor Oahriel- sUI, '21, of I0a Locust street, Union Gil.V, who was found dead in his nuomobilo at Long Meadow Thursday morning, was held this morn- Ing at 8:lf) o'clock J'rom tho Kit/.- Korald funei'al home, USO Norlh Main si reel, (Jniou '(lily, to SI, llodwlH'H uhure-h where a requiem Mass was c,clebraled at '.) o.'clook. Intermenl was in St. James 1 cemetery. ST.STAM.KY'SIIAr.I, HKYAIOUM SUNDAY, DI<;c;iailN;;u 7Mr-, H"l>. M, VHl'I'OU /MMIlltUSKl Druiunioi 1 Hoy's 11 Ortdiuslra \VICU ami \V.\TU iu "DOT," Aiuerluu'.s .sl. Olrl Many Truck Drivers On Strike Today New Haven, Conn., Doc, fi.—(UP) Approximately 450 drivers of tho Adley K.\press f.lo. In Massachusetts, CounVntlcut and lUmrlo Island wore on strike today. The, strikers are members ol' the teamsters, ohaitf- I'ciirs ami helpers union (Ah'L). Thu sl.riUe, was called last night over a question of "overloads," It was reported, and no question of wages or hours was Involved. • 4 « » Swordflsh Tho average length of a swordflsh is seven feet, nncl the weight is about 250 pounds, but specimens weighing from GOO to 800 pounds nro recorded. FAMOUS MEN ON PROGRAM DEC. 10 "How Should A Defented Germany Be Treated?" This subject will be :liscitssed next Wednesday ni'ght, Dc- uember 10,. in WTIG's public forum "Aii-ing All Opinions." Two men who .formerly hold important posls in the governments ot France and Germany and -who al present are living in the United States will present. their respective yfows. One is Andre Istcl, who up to ) signing of the Armistice was tin Ministry in Franco. The oilier is Dr. Financial' Advisor to the Reynaud Leopold lleinemann, formerly eco- lomlc advisor Lp the Gen I nil Aidinin- slrafl'on of the Gorman Federal Hail- roads, and consulLunL on all mallei's pertaining to transportation to the Herman General Staff, Andre islul, in addition to the po- ilion hit held with Ihu •B.eyimud idministratlon ( in France, participated in the negotiations of the 'Anglo- Drench agreement which, in Decem- jor, iWO, linked the two currencies :ind pooled the resources in raw naterials .of the two empires, Marly n ,kme( 19-U), he was sent on a Mission by llio French Premior lo ,he United Slates in an effort to achieve a s i in i I a r past with his country. Upon arriving he was nformed of the Armistice conditions iiu'I resigned his post with .the Drench government and look up his esidence i'n I he United Slates. Before the war, Istel had 'been n x'ivale hanker in France. Ho de- ivered many lectures that attracted ttenlion, namely a note on the. vorld depression written in :IMO iu vhich he Imtl incliealed the proh- bllily of universal revaluations of urrencies. . Istel started his career s an electrical engineer and-went :i such a capacity to British Golum- Ia, Ganada, where he laler became' Vouch Consular Agent at the age f 25. He returned lo France for he llrsl, world war, where he fought s n soldier, became liaison officer vilh the United Stales Army and. vas appointed in :U).18 secretary to he Interallied Aviation GomniiUee. Dr. Ileinomann has had n long ca- eor in the economic problems of lermany after the termination of vorhl war number one. When the ionium currency hrdko down in !>i?3, Or. lleinemann turned lo the tudy of economics and became widely known as an expert on Geruin Federal, Slate and Municipal udgels and on certain basl'o features f international monetarian and flnncial relations. As co-ordinator of transportation he played a decisive role in regulating the railways In pro-Hitler Germany. Bemuse of his opposition to the build- Ing of a country-wide system of motor-highways, Dr. lleinemann at Hie very beginning of the Hitler regime was removed from his positions, held for a while In concentration oamps and, after his property was conllscated, had to leave liernuiny. Dr. lleincinann was u collaborator of the 1'ate Gustavo SLrcseinann, and was widely known for his articles In the "Berliner, Tugeblalt" and in many of Germany's leading newspapers and periodicals. Dr. .lleinemann has .traveled extensively in Europe and has known many of its leading personalities of the pre-and Post-World War lira, irnong (hern Kaiser Wilhehn n, Lord llaldnne, Artslide Rrlund, Cardinal Moroior, Field Marshal von Hlnrlun- KEEPMORDSOF Hartford, Conn., Dec. G—Stale Labor Commissioner Cornelius J. JDanaher today issued an • order t'oi 1 a public hearing on proposed modifications of existing regulations in the cleaning and dyeing establishments, laundries and beauty shops under the state Minimum : Wage Law, to be. held in the House of i:\epresenlatives of the State Capl- •tol, December 23. - • •• ^ . • . • Mr. nanahcr said the hearing would consider a new. regulation which will require operators of these establishments lo keep daily "in and out" hour records oi' all em- ployes, either by time sheets or cards, and which would be the basis for mo consolidated weekly record ol' hours worked. At.-.tho present time, II, was pointed out;"some..coin- panies keep only a total ol.', daily hours,' instead oC an actual '.Mii aiicl out" record. All of those establishments arc already operating under ' minimum wage and maximum hour regulations established by .the labor •commissioner, and tho proposed liouring is'being called by tho conmiissione,r muter section S-'iSlfi, which empowers' tho. labor . commissioner to mako; rn.oi I i Hcu Lions of adminis^rati-yc rcgf; lilatious in establishments covered by orders. . •••• ; . i v. ;; - - The.:'l.iearing will-jstart,.at,,10:00 a, m. al/w'bich time laundry owners may be heard. Cleaning and dyeing establishments will be hcard-al 1:00 p. m.'-und beauty shop operators at Costs of. an Automobile .•'.•).;"Figures compiled by the bureau of'V labor, .statistics' .show that. ..the; average family. .spends .$8.7 a;-. year; lor the. pin-chase, operation' and maintenance of an automobile. The average income of the group surveyed was $1,515. Splendid News Film Now At Loew's Poll "Confirm or Deny," now playing, at Loew's Poll, is a motion picture of the men who. gather and report the'- news winch is headlined day by day/,, from war torn London in the new,S7 papers throughout the United States; It is a story of the,^exploits of ;Ani- erican oorrespondenls and the dan- hurg, WiJislon GhurcliiN and a num- her of tlie leading Members of Parliament .in England. After leaving Germany .in July, 1935, Dr. lleinemann studied for two years i'n England and in July, 1037, (\ainc to the United States. He Look oii't his first citizenship papers shortly after arriving here and has been devoting his time since to the Intensive study of American Economics. . Wednesday night's disillusion cigain ivill be under the supervision of Dr.- James L. McGonaughy, president of Wesleyan University, wlio will .act as moderator. The discussion w.i'll be held in the I'arge studio of .,WT1G, beginning at 7:30. Those, who.''desire to a 1.1(iiid may obtaiii tickets at the •studio oillce in the Travelers Building. AL SIMPLE NOW PLAYING Sunday — Monday — Tuesday A GOOD WOMAN. . A BAD WOMAN... .i He needed the love of both! Your most fchrilling emotional experience the theatre^., brought to you by three great stars . . . the director of "Gone With The Wind"! DON AMECHE JOAN BENNETT 20th AMERICA'S FOX'S STIRniNG SALUTE HKHOES OF FRONT LINE NEWS with RODDY McDOWALL s . JOHN LODER . RAYMOND WALBURN ARTHUR SHIELDS • ERIC BLORE OAY CJOHS — CiKJ(JLlNC{-.fil»LS SAILORS ON LEAVE .,, .. WILLIAM LUNDIGAN- SHIRLEY ROSS , Screen .flay by!. JOHN-.LEE , by'Robert Louis.Stovonjon • MAHIN . r Based on the 'Novel Directed by VICTOR FLEMING • '.,.. , .-. : , .. . /TODAY "Billy.?: 1 Conn in! u The Pittstpirgli gers niul hardships (.hose reporters face in gathering the war news for American readers us it happens in Groat Britain. It is a newspaper story which is different from previous .[llm ventures. It is full- of ad- •vnuture of . JJie Fourth Estate which ihe 'au'diencc has IJCCOJHG familiar with in the past .de.cade. Don-Ameohc heads the talent roster. ns' the-glib-lon£ucd, ovei'-power- ing boss of the London branch of "Consolidated Press, while Joan Bennett is seen in ;i role as the girl from the British ministry of information who lends tho romantic ele- men.L to the production. Co-feature with "Confirm or Deny" is another • .smash Jiil-, "sailors On Leave." This is a r'oclcing. rollickiiig comedy of the characteristically American "-and infectiously goorl-hu- rn'oi'c'd '"gobs'" who have a warm spot in the hearts .ol. 1 everyone. •This compl-cte double feature program en'ds tomorrow night. Slat-ting a three-day engagement on Monday at the Loew Poll is "Kathleen," in which Shirley Temple ctLirns to tho screen after an absence of more than two years. Those wlid- ; hay.u been" waiting to see what tijjri'e hasnlone to li : tt!e Shirloy will ibL.tjp disappointed.. She is her-same spirited self; the blonde, curls liavc turned to cliostnut brown, but; the smile is still there, the unerring abil- ty to project emotion is unchanged, ind the sp/irklo and. v vivao'iousness iliali .'made Sbh-rcy' one of, the jnost prominent llgui-es in tho entertain- nent worlrl is, if anything, given ulded stature. Appearing- with Aliss Temple, is an xcelient cast which includes such 'avoril,es;\as Herbert Marshall, Lo- •aine 13ay, Gail Patrrck aiul many oi.liers. •• : -;On tlui same program is Tho Perfect Snob;" with Lynn 13ari. Hold Back. The Dawn" Sunday,., At The Gem n Three of stars shine Dawn, citing romance Sunday at the Gem Hollywood's brightest '"Hold Back Ihc Paramount'* strange and ex- whieh. opens on dc in themselves of super- enlerlainmenl,, Add Director Mitchell and Producer Art.luu Jr., me n>n who ga vc Hornus -of pr the Picture's tened by.i no- lTi. mo lellb the justify the raves cnces. Lavishly tense drama is.l'i menls of hilarious -Hold Hack the Dawn story of what happens when a cynical, ' unscrupulous European ^ )l oi'-the-world attempts to cru&n uivr S hnmlgralion harriers by marrying an unsuspecting American girl. Most of the action is set in a coloi- border town, \\heie ui- has painted a screen wilh the humor, ro- -edY'oi' refugees from Martha Raye ,;. ; :.Is: Lead , Now At. . , . x State, Hartford v.A Rayb.-'oi'.Siinsliinc, straight from 'Hollywood, "is'now on the. singe .of lilic.SUibei Theatre, Hartford, It's the .niei'i'ioslc.'-Jn.'igli.test, and jolliest star \o.i\ the 'screen—the No. 1 feminine •funster, singing, clowning, and making "whoopee." Yes. that's right, you guessed it, It's Martha Raye. in person on the stage of the State Theatre, ll.-irtfonl. Martha Ra.yc, the famous stage, screen anil radio comedienne, brings you a rowdy, .fast and furious brand of comedy, -the kind of hilarious fun which has made her the film's funniest fernme. /Funnier on' the stage than on the ; 's'cu'Q'on, singing, jitterbugging, and vpi'efi.tintj; her own' "howlarious" jjrai'vrt of fun Tor which she is i'a- •mous- •..-'• • .,Martha is a show all by herself, but that's not al.1, on the same hill .with Ma'rtha Rayo is' radio's most versatile hand, Clyde Lucas and his celebrated 'orchestra, famous for their musical novelties and sweet swjng rh'ythms. Ulyde Lucas feat- •ures in'his band, .Lyn Lucas, novelty 1 'song-stylist; iSve. Knighl;, lovely songstress; Johnny Dc 1 . Yoogdt and .his A'iolin; Teddy Martin;. ; --Al Do •Gresent-and the "Four- to-u-Bur" Quartette. ' .. Several Lop - notch headliners are. added to tic stage show including Bros., who were dancing 'partners in "Mooji Over Brbw'ii with tion's newest comic sensations. vaudeville this gigan-- the Gondos- Betty Grablc's- thc picture hit, Miami" and Wfilly Ann 1.1,0 Amos, the na- ful Mexican rector Leisen picture 111 led wilh manco and tragedy Europe's holocaust. The dark-eyed Uoycr, oJ course, * the scoundrel with Olivia de l-layil- land as his \soliool teacher victim The radiant'Miss Coddorcl, armed with exotic glamour and all the wiles of the worldly wise, is Boyer s one-time dancing partner Her jealousy lights, tbe powder tram that touches off the picture's explosive climax. s . Director Leisen has made, use of a curious technique in "Hold Back.the Dawn, 11 playing himself in one "scene within a scene," and then flashing the picture back to Mexico from the Paramount studios where Ihc Initial action takes place, r riie •studio shots show Leisen actualy directing scenes for another of bis Paramount pictures, "1 Wanted Wings." In making "Hold Back the.Dawn Leisen had the good fortune to work with a cast of featured players of a calibre rarely assembled for a single picture. Walter Abel is east as a cynical U. S. immigration, inspector with o. heart of gold, a sense of humor and M.passion for bright neckties. Victor Franccn, famous French stage and screen star, makes bis LAT£W6£. S/iOW SAKSUN.°*IO/>M. HARTFORD SAT^SUN, DEC* 5*6*7 NEW YEAR'S EVE TICKETS. %ow- ON SALE SUNDAY MON-TUES Hollywood.ciebut as a refuges nesc. professor. Others'in the film are litlle Di] y Lce , curt. Bois, Rosemary DeCamp, Eric Peldary; Kva Puig, Mioheline Cheirel, Madeleine LeBeau and Mikhail Rasumny. *-*-*— "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" Sunday ... At The Alcazar Stars, thrills, drama, all' combine to make "Dr. .lekyli and Mr. Hyde" at the Alcazar I healer Sunday for three days, one of tbe season's most excilinir lllms. Spencer Tracy plays the dual title character. ' Ingrid Bergman is seen for the first, time as a "had girl 11 , and Lana Turner is cast as Tracy's fla::icee. It is Tracy's ik-linealion of the dual iK-rsomility of tho good Dr. Jekyll and the evil Mr. Hyde which again proves his artislry. He had no need of superttous horror make-up for Mr. llydo. Ml* change of facial expression achieved even" more than any make-up alone could have done. Mis< Turner deiinitely slops into the category of dramatic actresses as Beatrix lOmery. She injects a, spirited flavor to the role of the Victorian girl who is willins to defy convention for the love of her { Last Call I f f 0 f f f f f i 4 f * 4 f f t i f t Last Call FOR — Personalized CHRISTMAS CARDS Finest Showing Ever Davis & Nye, Inc. «0 HANK STMCET WATKRBUHY, - CONN. ^\VQeUic.a«:t and. mor,a than •'he'pvrecent eloyallon to. stardom.. More >superlatives, may .be used to describe the. .performance > oC Miss ingrid Bergman us Ivy Peterson, barroom entertainer ill-fated from the moment her path crosses •that of -Jek-ycll. Her scenes of-.terror before the,menacing Hyde will long be remembered. • , » * »••- ,. Use Bristle Brush Suede, buckskin and other nappy- finished leather shoes should b« brushed with a bristle brush. HELPS TO COLDS FATHER JOHN'S MEDICINE Jcinc is very rich in the es- ^scntial vitamins A and 1 v which arc needed to help v sist\vintercolds and cough; due to colds. Its wholesome 1 ingredients pure, nourish, ing, safe for all tho family. Four generations have proved its great value. After Your Bowling Stop at ROBINSON'S DINER OPEN ALL NIGHT Booths — Rest Room Ladies' Entrance £=3y^3Z3p3p^^ Only 16 Shopping: Days 'Til Christmas! ! ! STORE OPEN SATURDAY NI&HT UNTIL 9:00 $700 In Cash Prizes Given Away By Naugatuck Merchants Saturday Last Day of 1941 Gift Days in Naugatuck SHOP HERE SATURDAY The Kennedy Store ifeaa^aatea^^ • vrr Classified Advertising A iiair of blue ridinn panls, Thursday, between Rosenblatt's, Maple street, and Chuck's service station, South Main strijel, Kinder please call 4190. J2-5-<J'2x Wanted i .-n ••— WANTED—Married Man, port time, a. in. or p. in. to sell "Babee Ten das" $.18-$^, Car necessary. Write Baby Safety League, 2-M Highland Ave., Waterbury, Conn. J2-G-d2x. •\VAi\TEl) — I*' 11 l)0 - v - Apply Annenberg's Bowling Alleys, Church sired. HELP WANTED— MALE 12 -'"' 13 SHEET METAL MAN—Familiar..with Sheet Metal Work in connection with RooJlng, such as llashings, gutters, downspouts, skylights, etc C-ood soldering ability essential Central Connecticut. State age experience, rate. Address Box "H", The Naugatuck ^DalJy News. U-*-( o W\NTED—Vounjj man for full time work in loca! liquor store. Must be over 21 and have driver's license. Apply at Harry's Liquor Shop, 23 South Main street, Pop's Liquor Slore, 2i Churc) street, or 12-4-clG To Rent TO KENT — Two furnished rooms for light housekeeping. ..Private entrance, newly decorated, .reasonable. Tel. -'i087 or apply l-o Edward Williams, -M Cliff street, ., . 12-4.J3 TO HKNT — Furnished room, with heat, suitable for two persons. Call at 14 Park place after 6 p.m. or on Sundays. 12-5(12 For Sale TO KENT—A two-room furnished apartment, private bath and entrance, very desirable. Apply' i? Salem street. Telephone .'M37. . 12-.5-d3, •FOR SALE—Twelve hu'jjo IniHdina sites now available ori new development in center of Bethany. AU conveniences, within 300 yards of school and church. Restricted, Also, 35 acres and 3-room house, one mile.from Bethany airport. Good buy for quick purchaser. For appointment, call..!. W. Bowman, telephone 4G9G, Naugaluclc. 12-2-dG. FOIl SALE — Krimnta screened in crib. Call p. m. kiddie coop 3907 after 0 . . Buster .Kea{on..-0omedy l ' '. She^ Ojl • Mine" and Tom Trurab's iBrotlier-Colored'.Cartoon GOOD BUYS 1M!) .Mercury Sedan. •J!)37 Lincoln, Sfdnii- 11)39 Lincoln Scdim. 1IHO- Lincoln Sedan 1941 KQr.d'Su|)« 1 - ll)cluxo i.').'}7 Nash Sedan Dependable, .Curs Froju A Dependable Denier THE NAUGATUCK FUEl Co. PORDW- MERCURY LIKCOLN ._ Opening Evenings — SPECIAL IUSNTAL OFFER New KcminflLon Portables §3.00 per mo.— $5.00. 2 months ROSE & MORTON, Inc. 41 Lcavcmvorlh St. Phone 4-4134 Woterbur Ceilings Gutters, Leader^ Tinning, Hoofing and Furnace Work. . JAMES BAKER Telephone 2555 26 Bradley St. Naugatuek, Conn, FOR SALE—Ltti-ne. crib, color brown. Good condition. Price 910.00. Apply Misak Aorkian, 200High street, top floor. 12 " 1 ^' JFoiV SALK—Two fiunily house, 8 rooms, ,$3,200, 1.0 room house, $4200; G room 1-family house,$4500. Apply John J. Healy,• tcl. 5031. ,'ll-29dl2x OHiSALE—Six room hunfl«)o\v sun parlor. All improvements. Hot water hent.' Automatic 'water lieat- er. Oak..nnishefl. .Large lot For quick sale, price. only $4750; A, Shcpley,-. Tel. 2433. • '-- . '' - fninlly' In Al FOR SALE — 10 room, 2 house, all improvements. ..condition. Price.$4900. •; Heiicon Falls—12 room, 2 funnily. house, all Improvements. Steam-,, heat. In -good condition. Centrally located. Price only 94300. Shcp- ley. Tel. 2433. •••••• For Your • CojiiforL and Appearance. Slop at the CENTRAL BEAJJTY, SHOP or phone 2080 for appointment. 6 Oak Street. FOR SALE—A 10~-room 2-famiIy! house, location 'High street, $6,200., A 13-room 3-family house, Meadow street, S8,500. A G- room, i'-fa.n>-j ily and i3-room 2-family house, on Meadow street, $J2,OOQ. A..i4,W: room 3-family house on GarrplL street, $7,800. A T^room'1-jra.mUy, house and garage on the t>est\ street In town.,,$7 J 500.. If yo.u to J^uy, build or sell, .see Lab.riola, your, .realtor, 172 . High street or Tel. 3458. =•- <. •,>. SHOP

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