Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 4, 1941 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 4, 1941
Page 2
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NAUGATITpK : DAILY NEWS^THURSDAY, 't^-r. -^%.»i r. •; DECEMBER 4, 1941 FRESH LAKES Youn« Tender Meaty FRESH ICE-PACKED CHICKENS FOR ^^ ^^ ROASTING ,, • » mm 4 to4K ib ib y jjc Avg. ' •• U FOB BROILING BB _ _ , 2K to 2K lb||) ^ /| C Avg. GENUINE SPRING LAMB TENDER SELECTED LEGS >b 28 • LAMB PATTIES ..... lb 25c • GOLDEN WEST Fresh Fowl Ttib Half for Rodstlnff—Small Fresh Pork Loins TtiNuicn, nt«Ai>i<: CUT Pork Chops "FyRST PUIXM" LEAN F'lUCSH Shoulders 1IONKY MUAND KKADY TO SEUVE to 'I lb Ik Avff, IM SOIJI), MII.K-FKD VEAL Rolleftes No Waste CHOICE HEAVY STEER BEEF ROASTS Lean Shoulder Boneless Rolled Chuck Fresh Ground CHOPPED STEAK lb For Boiling; LEAN RIB BEEF FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES- FANCY FLORIDA ORANGES 2 do* 45c LARGE FANCY FLORIDA GRAPEFRUIT . . .5 for 25c NATIVE MoelNTOSH APPLES 4 Ibs 23c FANCY EMPEROR GRAPES 2 Ibs 19c FRESH VIRGINIA GARDEN SPINACH ... 3 Ibs 25c GOLDEN RIPE BANANAS 4 Ibs 29c NATIVE BALDWIN APPLES 6 Ibs 25c GROCERY DEPT. Ma!frex TusUost of All Hot Cereals I'KO, FtiENCU'S i'eajn Salad LGE BTL, DIAMOND 1941 Crop Large Eureka Walnuts -I/B.- SKIONKU'S PUUK MAYONNAISE CHASE & SANUOKN'S TENDER LEAF TEA START THKSK CHILLY MOUNXNGS WITH WHEATENA WILSON'S "C'KKTIPIKD" DEVILED HAM IVILSON'S "CUUTIPIKD" BEEF STEW BLUK UIIUJON BKEF OK CHICKEN BOUILLON CUBES IJKAUDSLEY'S SHUEDDBD CODFISH CHOrTKI), VOU CHILDREN A LITTLE OLDER CLAPP'S FOODS CTLAPP'S 'STRAINED BABY FOODS SMITH'S DRIED PEA BEANS EVAPORATED "SEALECT" MILK NABISCO RITZ CRACKERS 43c Tins 10c Tins Jars Tins 12 oz. Jar Small or , 1 LKO I'kg Ultra Rcflnetl Clorox Tho Milk AmpHner BOSCO ^Lr For I'ots mid I'i\n.s Brillo Cleanser . ~ - Cigarettes ^ Old Dutch 2 for 15 C Avalon ^ 2 No-Rub Wax al .59C-37c for Waldorf Tissue Scott Tissue Scottowels A for HEINZ SOUPS GRANDMA'S ,, Pure Molasses Medium Tin C 2 Lge 9*5c Tins JU«J CLAPP'S —DRY— Cereal One Trial, Package Free with One JLarg-'c. Pkg 1 . WITH KILLING HER INSANE BROTHER Smith town; N. Y., Dec. 4—(UP)— Mrs. Refcliert, 28, a Lihy'sort- voiocd housewife; raced a murder trial today for putting hor insane brother, George Hornc, , li out of his misery" with a rifle she smuggled Into tho Kings Park slate hospital, but prosoouLors \vere not-expected lo ask the death penalty. Entirely composed,., she wris arraigned hero before Justice of the Peace Hoy O. Bradley late last night. "I would Jlke to. have a postponement for counsel-," she said. Her i-eciui'sl was .granLed, and the. hearing continued until Saturday. Mrs. Edith Home, 55, Llie mother of killer and victim, who saw hm daughter calmiy raise tho rifle and shoot until her son Tell; blood streaming from two wounds in his neck, was released. District Attorney Fred .1. Mimder of Suffolk-county said there was "no evidence, slie had previous knowledge of the'mur- der plan." . ' Mrs. ftcichort and Mrs. Homo called at the hospital to see Home, 20, yesterday. A former runner for a A'ew York bond house, he had beeiv tl)ore since September, 1940^. • and before that had been in another, mental institution two yenrs. Home had dementia praecox and It was almost impossible'to-com- municate with him. Hospital records analy/ed his cutse as hopeless. An attendant, Ferdinand' Bunco, led Home to the visitors' room and closed the'door, leaving him alone with liis motherland sister. •• This is what happened next; according to Mrs. Reichert: Mrs, Home -was trying to; talk to her demon ted son. Mrs, 'Belcher fe, who had a sawed-off, .automatic .22 caliber rifle under her coat, pulled it out, and, aiming at her brother, pulled the trigger. Tl>e gun snapped; She extracted the defective cart r ridge, cocked the rifle and 'fired four times, point-blank., at his throat. Two bullets struck-him; t\vo went wild. • • • ; ; . When Bunco, having heard the shots, ran into the room, she was BEAON FALLS PLAN TO Hartford, Conn., Dec. 4—(UP)— Thirteen north Atlantic states gave full support today to an emergency program to reduce traffic accidenls and I,;) tighten laws providing fbi penalties against violators. Administrative and prosecuting 6f- ncials of the states, concluding a one-day conference, voted adherence 'to a six-point program providing: Assignment of as many officers as possible to trafllc control,-with adoption, of uniform regulations; harsher treatment of- intoxicated drivers and pedestrians; extension of the use of chemical tests to dctor.mi-ne 'intoxication and the wider use of photographic evidence in determining responsibility for collisions. Designation of special traffic prosecutors; restriction of tendencies to reduce; .charges, grant unnecessarj continuances' in court trials, remission, of penalties and 'admission of irrelevant evidence. •••• Disposition" of oases only in opqn court; heavier .fines for repeated offenders; establishment, of special traffic sftcllpns of courts. JSxterjd/ng .the use of license suspensions and revocations to provide a check on acciden-ts and a follow- up enforcement program. Making available' all possible personnel and ecfu ip merit for enforcement, within the budgetary means of the states and 'municipalities.' •• llomova) of restrictions on the use of reliable .technical- and scl^ntiflb ovidoncc, and discarding unenforceable or inadequate tra/llc regulations.' . . The conference was told that the yearly monetary loss through traffic accidents would build 34 convoy warships and that moro-man-hour's wore lost through accidents than because of strikes. . EVENING IN BEACON FALLS Beacon Falls.Dec. G — The DcnVo- cratic party caucus for the purpose of electing delegates to the Congressional convention, of the Fifth district, will be held on Monday evening at the town hall at 7:'30 o'clock. The delegates 'who will be elected will attend the convention to be held at the city hall in Tor- rlngton, on Saturday, Dec. 20; at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, held for the purpose of .nominating a candidate for the office of represent ati to the congress of the United Stales to be voted for at a special eleclioi on Jan. 20, 1942. The . Republican caucus will be held on Monday evening, will bo held at 8 o'clock, at town hall. Parish i\o(e Confessions will be heard this evening for parishioners of , St. Michael's church. Tho mass tomorrow morning, will be celebrated at 7:15 o'clock. For the convenience of those who wish holy communion before the mass, Father Cook, will administer the sacrament at 7 'clock. The children of the parish arc all urged to wait until the mass at 7:15 o'clock. Snturdny LAST MINUTE EFFORT MADE TO OFFSTRIKE * ..(UP)—A slave off Bristol, Conn., Doc lasl-minule effort to strike of .150 employes of the Brfs- tpJ Brass Corp, on Thursday made today when officials of the mine, mill and smelter workers union (CIO) and the concern agreed ,-ilso but the standing, looking at the body, wHli the gun in her hands. Wordlessly she handed il; to him. She told Mun'der that she, bought the rifle a month ago arid had the' barrel sawed off, expressly to kill her brother. She told- her mother she needed it for defense work. Send'-YdV-'NEVy-bopWiBt; containing Dozens of bright ideas to-fmi^rbve your baking:'. 1 . .Address: Rumford RaJdnfl 'Powder;: Box W; Rumford. Rhode. Island. .Miss Anna Desfdcrio, daughter of Mrs. Peter Gaat.ano of Highland avenue, was married. on Satin-day, Nov. 29, l,o Charles LaHazn, son of Mr. and Mrs. Trillin LnMazn Of Ansonia. Tlie ceremony Look 'place nt SI.: Thomas' church, in Oxford, at 10 o'clock, wHli Rev. Jerome Cook, ofll'cialing. The af.hendants' were Miss Tina Desiclerio, and Miss Mary Dcsiderio, sisters ol' Llie bride, \vith George Balko of Ansonia, and Ghcsldr Dus- •jsnlv of Seymour attending the bridegroom. A reception took place at Pythian hall with over. 100 guests present. Following a wedding trip, the new- lywe'ds will make their home nt 577 South Main street, Ansonia. Briefs' Louis Mather,.soii of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Mather, of Maple, avenue, is n patient at the Waterbury hospital. . The condition of Frederick Koerber, Sr,, of North circle, who has bean ill at . his home the past month, remains unchanged. Beacon lodge, Knights of Pythias, will meet -this evening at Pythian hall at 8 o-'clock. TEMPLETON'S N' WATERBURY >--v'< < v'^ plenty, to enthuse over in the thou- sands of Christmas suggestions 1 that V i - i ' Tfempleton's has to offer. - The youngster'Sf, of course, have not been fbrgotten and in this complete section-, Toys that will please any child, and his dad as weil, are on display. Grift line selection at the moment is very cbmjplete, But is riot lialble to stay-that, way very long 1 . ; Hence, we sug-gest that y\>u bring- your Christmas Shopping List to^'Tiempleion'.'s just as soon as possible in ord'er to avoid disappointments later. ' . - ;V - J Carving Sets .,...,...,..,. $8,49. ujp J Steak Knife Sets- . ....;'/.. .$5»95; lip 5 Poultry Shears ,,, .\\._.\\l $2,25 : j Electric Broilers ...'... . ...... .'$8,95 { Electric Irons •'..'..';',-.;;,,.,,'. .$2,9S J Waffle and Sandwich Drills, . •.'.$8,95 J Electric Percblators-•'••£'.-"•• ... V, .$7,95' DoUs ;.-..,.. .. • - .;. ;29c up { Carriages ... .'. ... .' ... .. : $3;98 up.} ''."•.'.,'.. •- •' . • • - • • "•* Ver6cif>ed«s .....,;......., $4,98 lip J ••'•••' ; . • - • •. ' * Bicycles ;$45!00 up; . -:,.'• ( ., '..:.: '..;- ,.,-„ , ..j Lionel Electric Trains..... .$8.50 up ^ • • • • ••. .',•.••. ^ t Erector ^Scts, Games of I' : s31- kinds; etc. J Dial 4080 Toll Charge^- Direct Bi Always a place to .park To 1 Naugatuck CANT KEEP GRANDMA IN HER CHAIR She's as Lively as a Youngster- Now her Backache is better 4i\i{/vt*lvr »-\»irt » *\ i* *>*>*^/t OftCKfiCJlO «juiuiv^. ouco uicy discover that tJin r^ni ca },T °.tV lclr trou VJ° lii!i y b 0 tired kidi Ihp kidneys uro Nature's chief way of ic thn MO,*,. n c i d8 nnd WnatQ o ji o» f > most people pat to submit, differences to a panel of three, members of the U. S. conciliation service at Washington, Approval of the move, however, was awaited from Uie : internationaf ofHccrs of the union. The union and the firm, which is engaged on many national' defense orders, have been conferring for weeks without success on union demands for a union shop and flvo cents an hour increase. THE mUVVlIACK Tho tongue can bo controlled, The darkest deed be hidden; The heart can keep its secret, But thoughts oft come. unbidden. .,. permits . to remain in your blood it may causonmgmgbnckaoho, rheuianuJSi ls log pmaa, loss o f pup nnd oncrpv, gotSni mi nisbts, swelling, puffincss. uafc •3 " £££ houdnchcs find dins-mesa. Frequent or scanty •lOyenrs. They KJVO uippy relief n»U W JH hoh> tho lo miles of kidney tubes flush out noifion- OUB waato from your blood. Get Doa«5 Si II II II I I I I Thomas Bros, ii Iffi) MAPLE ST. Phono 5185 || Auto Body and " Fender Work ii - Auto Painting: - il 24 Hour || Wrecker Service STRATTON'S RESTAURANT 18 PAKK PLACK STEAKS.— SEAFOOD COCKTAIL BAR Store NAUGATUCK GIFT DAYS Today — Thursday Friday — Saturday Dec. 3, 4, 5, 6 $700.00 IN GASH ARIZES FREE TO CUSTOMERS AT OFFICIAL STORES hursdayNight Until 9:00 NAUGATUCK GIFT DAYS # Today — Thursday Friday — Saturday Dec. 3, 4, 5, 6 $700.00 IN CASH PRIZES „ DUE TO CUSTOMERS-AT OFFICIAL STORES Store Open Thursday Night Until 9:00 -Adam's Drug Store 2 CHURCH STREET TEL. 2680 A COMPLETE FAMILY LAUNDRY SERVICE Flat Work—Finished Work Soft Dry—Damp Wash Zoric Dry Cleaning PEERLESS LAUNDRY NORTH MAIN ST. Tel. 4232 Naugatuck-Made Footwear Serves You Better U. S. Rubber Company Naugatuck Footwear Division SUNDAY NIGHT —6 TO 10 O'CLOCK- BIG BOY AND HIS LITTLE BOYS A FINE DANCE BAND

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