Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 3, 1941 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 3, 1941
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BOROUGH BOARD LOCAL STORES TO BE OPEN METERS NIGHT FOR CHRISTMAS SHOPPING The Weather Cloudy Tonight, Thursday Mostly Cloudy, Warmer, Vol. XLVI, No, 342 Sfaitnaturk V **T A Paper For The — Home — Clean and Reliable NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS; WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 3, 1941 Price Three Cents COVERING- — BEACON FALLS BETHANY BRISTOL TERRACE COTTON HOLLOW - MIDDLE'BURY —— MILLVILLE PLATTS MILLS POND HILL STRAITSVILLE UPNION CITY FIRST AWARDS MADE IN GIFT DAYS EVENT Five Different Lines Of Business Havo Firsts In $700 Cash Prizes Event GREAT INTEREST AiS WEATHER HERE SHOWS IMPROVEMENT Official Stores Report Brisk Flurry Of Buying As Gift Days 'Sale Progresses $700 (uuifioiiH in cash pel/en {lift Days event, In proKi'os.M h'-rc «M this week, show a grout dlvci'HifUmtloii of stums and Indicate IIIUL CUHloillCM'rt III HUlUll 01' Illl'KO HtOlTM ImVe ltd Cf|lial cllfUICC Of winning l.licsi! cash awards. Fli'.sf, ooujions niwht ennui from rjliuok's I'YInndly Service Station. Sweeney's Art Store, Itrwnblutt'M Huwk-.y I (an I ware, tuul Mooro'H Market. '('ho full list of first, Miu'.owl nnd third riumbf'i's may be notud in the windows ol 1 dlllc.lal (lll'l huys stores The holder ol' any mimluT should (11(5 his tlnknt at tic- •UOI'O Wh<!l'« ll<! pro<!Ut'l.'d It, Ol 1 NVltll •fofwnft K. Smith at the NuuKUllinU Unity N'ows oflloe. (HIM, hays stores iTpoH/vd u line hasliiOHH day hero on Tuesday and It Is ('..xpocUtMl that with oloarlng and oo'ldor weather on tap thai, Clhrlst- inas shopping will hu heavier ouch day as this groat $700 'oash prisw Assailant Of Woman Is Sought Bridgeport, Conn., Due, 3—.(UP)-— Police today sought a man who assaulted Miss Mary Chirlco, 25, last nlglit as she was returning home, and -slugged nor HO hard shu suf- ,1'orod a fractured .Ittsv, multiplo lacerations oC tho face and scalp and a possible fractured skull. Mias Chirlco was able to give au- lliorltlos only a meager description of hoc assailant. Lead Fight on Infantile Paralysis C? • > / PRE-CHRISTMAS BAZAAR OPENS HERE TOMORROW "Bandana Dames 5 ' Minstrel Will Be Feature Attraction At Methodist Church Gift hays stores will bo open on Thursday and Saturday nights this vvook uuHl D o'olonk In order to offor additional hours for UlirlstiiiUM Hhop- plng, Korty of i\ A UKa tuck's kwlliitf a torus- Iti all Holds of morohaudls- IriK tiro banded toKcl.hoi 1 In this flll't Hays civ-nut that in Interest and Importance promises to surpass any hold here In many ywtrs. Kadi offlolal rilfl hays store Is rwullly Identified hy Ihy KI-OI-H and whlto .signs In Iho ston? whu.lowH, aiirl only by MhoppliiK in (h(;so o(U- flla! 1 Htore.H cao eiisl.ojnor.s !;ik'! [>,irl In tills grout ovent, whluh will m^kf duuiy iNaugMtuek IUUIIO.M hupplcr this yoar. Today, five .^o.(H) cash will bo awarded, on 'riiursday live $30,00 oa.sli i>rb,cH, on l''i'lday 11 vu 925,00 onali pri/cs, and on Saiurduy two $25 cash prl'/cs, a .^oO.OU oash prl/,o and tho major prl/.o of .? 100.00 111 CttMll, Olfl, Days .slows will ln« open Ihls week on Thursday and Saturday nlgltlM until S> o'clock and the award's (CorUlmied on P<ii?o Plvo) SUGGESTIONSO PICTURE BOOKS FOR CHILDREN The Htafl 1 of /.he local fJbrary bus submlttnd to th»> NVww a list of plfturo story hooks for young roadcrs which Is MN follows- Potor Ciiiui'ohmouso ...... AiiMtln ho Oood ......... Chalmorn L tho Make fs'olhlng At All ............... ( Mlko and (Us Nolghhors ....'Kinm They \\Vro Strong and Good lttlo Sail Hoat ....... ... Uuiakl Hloka, Dlcka and Girl Next Door .... Lindman Way Cor Ducklings Mc.Closkcy April's Kltton.M ........ Nowburrv Tho l/lttki Engine That Could Piper Snow Boloro Christmas ____ Tudor These books would make splendid Christmas gifts for little Lola. Anno Caroll Mooro has written this moHHago concerning SI. N'loholas and other Christmas travelers: ' "It is (lie raro properly of a fow books l.o hottomu ChrlstmaM Iravnl- or« knocking ul our doors pn Christmas Evo, bidding UM arlso and go forth onc.o, moro, seeking tho Child whurfivor (In may hn fouiifl . . , Thorr aru thos«; who think thoso magical books wore all written and Illustrated long ago. "SVlml hnH ChrlHlmnM to do with oontnni- poniry llfu?" asks on(; of tli'om. And the Throo Owls answer, Kvcry- thlng! . , . There's always room nt tho Tim for a new Christmas Ira- volnr. IIu has but to show his passport. and prove tho genuineness of his claim by picture, rhymo, story or play," Tho l->n.!-f.!brlslmas JJa/.anr at the Mnthotllst church will open tomorrow at l:Mn o'clock and will be continued on Prlda-y, starting at Liu .same hour. A splendid supper wil.l bo sorvcd from f> l.o 7 p.m. Thurs- dny by the Ladies. Aid Society, o tho dhuroh. Tlit! munu follows: lloast Krush Ham wltli Apple Sauce Mashed Potatoes Mashed Turnips Cabbage Snlntl Mot Biscuits Assorted PI OH -"*'"' Tea and Coffee One of the feature attractions at tho baxaar this year will bo un all-svoman min.strol show entitled "llandana Damus." uiulor tho dlroc- tion of Mrs. Halpli Floyd with Mrs. llaymonil W. Paul prosiding at tho piano. The mlriHtrol will perform both (jvonings. The admission prloe, iiuiludlng ta.vus, is 38o for adults and 2'2e for children, '['hu dining room committee comprises: Mrs. Marl VnlonUnu, oh:iir- man, Mrs. Claronco O'Moara, Mrs. Mary hovoll, Mrs. William Umlaut', Mrs, Kdmi Ciladdlng, Mrs. Chester Uossvortb, and Mrs, Kmorson Swcot, KltuhLMi Comnilttce: Mrs. Myi'tlo Donovan, chairman, Mrs. Craco Hiibboll. Mrs. Harriot Campboll, Mrs, John Huff, Mrs. Jossc Hudson. Mrs, llcrbrjrt Johnson, Mrs. Coorgc Hliunan. Mrs. l']dgar Wyutt, Mrs, Frank Valentino. Apron Mouth (Ladies' Aid Society) Mrs. Hurlxu't Johnson, chairman, Mrs. William Tilloy, Mrs. Thomas Walsh. Fancy Work Booth (Ladies' Aid Society) In charges of Mrs. Clarence O'Moara and Mrs, Harry llognrs. Bakery Sale (Ladles' Aid Sou July) Friday afternoon, In charge of Mrs, Chester Boswortb. Noah's ArU Booth—In charge ol Dr. A. C. Wentworth, ' Miseollanoous Booth (Fidelity Bible Class) — In charge of Mrs. William Umlauf and Mrs. Mary Lovoll. Candy and Cookie Booth (M)worth Limgup) ~ Mrs. William H. Booth, Counsellor. Bay Yarrlson, Prosidonl, Crab Bag (Sunday School) — m charge of Mrs. Alfred Cave and the boys of Mr. Barker's Class. Dolls and doll cradles, Chinese baskots, Mrs. Nosbit's "Mysterious Walnuts" and other fascinating Itoma, (John Wesley Bible Glass)— L. F. Noycrt, Prusldont. Tho Flower Lady (Mrs, b. o. Flsnlu'r) Boautiful Flowers will bu made before your eyes. Salted peanuts and thlrst-quonoh- urs (John Wesley Bible Class). On Friday overling will °ocur awarding of several very prt/os, which will »o S lvc " holders of stubs from tickets. The 1942 campaign of-science against infantile, paralysis, has been, launched: at 'the second annual 'medical the tyoard of trustees of the foundation; Dr..Don W.'.Guda.k'unst,, medical director of'the foundation 'an ji Lclg'hton McCarthy," Canadian Minister to th'o United' Sfcates'ia'nd member'of foundation's board of"trustees. • • , ' . - . . ; . ^ . • ( (Central Press') COMMITTEE FAVORS Supplemental Defense Measure Will Expand Army To 2,000,000 Men PROVIDES FOR EXPENDITURE $8,243,839,031 Navy Is Said To Be Getting Ready .For "Long'-Time War" Tabor Academy Is Naval Honor School HY MACK .lOllNSOiN (Unilod I'ross Stall'- Corn YuisliliiKton, I.IDO. 3 — (UP)—Th bousu appropriations committee today unproved an $8 1 2|t;j,839,08-l sup- defense appropriation bill whioli will provide money Tor expand in^ the army to 2,000,000' in on immediately -and raise this country's expenditures during this war to $(!7,MO,25'i.01K)~moro than twice the amount spent during the world the line .to books of Meetings Tonight and Tomorrow _—_ Congregational -Society Korosters of America Court Columbian Robcooa Lodge Shophords of Bethlehem notary Club Unity Amcrioan Legion Sons of American Legion American Hod Cross Improved Ordoi* of Rodman Svea Sveaborg Sociola Italo-Marchegiftna That odd plooo of .n .buyer if you •ft'crt medium; use the The bill, which carries funds for the Army,' Navy, lend-lonso administration, anil defense housing, highway, power and Hood control projects, probably will bo approved by the House this week. The. committee released at tlm same time secret, testimony on the new money bill by high Army and iS'avy oHlciuls, one of whom disclosed thai, the JS'uvy is getting ready, for. ti "long-time war." Pursuing Its announced purpose of spending what it Lukes to defeat the Axis, tho committee advised (Continued on Page Three) POLISH-AMERICAN CLUB ELECTIONS SUNDAY MORNING • The annual mooting, and election of oflleers. of, the '.ensuing-year • of the Union City ' Polish-American' Club, Inc., wlllbo held on Sunday morning, December 7 at 10 o'clock at 'Mm' club quarters; on Bridge street. Secretary. Francis V. Glrbow- ski announced today that each member,; must : be .present under penalty of a fine. Marion, Mass., Dec. 3—(UP)— Tabor academy, founded upon an endowment earned -by tho ancient whaling ships Hailing from nearby New Bedford, has been listed as'an honor naval school by Secretary of Navy Frank'Knox, 11 was'announced todny. The recognition, based .upon a congressional act, is granted to tbe few schools which combine sou-go- ing training'with college preparatory studies. The honor permits the school to nominate three candidates annually who compote'for appointments to the U. S. Naval academy. eONDITIONOF THOMAS KELLY IS "FAIRLY GOOD" Tiic condition- of- Thomas Kelly, <U of 'Field street, Nni/tfHtuiJk,. who was taken to the; Watcrbury hospital ynstorday following an acoidonli in which bo suffered 1 a fracUired skull while working. .in Brown's Mondows. Watorbui-y, .' for the Ncvv Haven railroad, was', •••reported.; as " .good! 1 : today by bosnltal 1 aul.hoi'jtios. . -.: Mr. Kelly was engaged- in driving. stakes at- the time of : accident" b u I, was. ; u nab 1 c to explain trio:. oauso -of the Injury only to. UTO' extent that lie was .struck on the bead by a small stool block, i-I e wa s a U e n'cl c d ' b y Dr. . H a r o 1 d l«\ Morrill' \vbo ordered bis removal to the hospital. ' TREASUK^ BALANCE Washington, Dec. ,.3;—(UP)— Goy-J er n men I, expenses and recoip ts ' for , tho current fiscal year througb Dec, i, compared with a year ago: -THIS YKAH— -^-liAST YEAK- Expenses "•'••-• , ; ;:1J 8,016,233:99 •• ^, 038,067,219^1 QH : Defense- Spciidiiijr ?2,992,780,458'.95. Net $0,079,81.7,425.0/1 §l\ . . Gnsh ; . Balhncp. ,?2,250,723,02fi.l2 91, ' • •••$2=210,716, 934 .75 •encil,; -• : ' , 166,525.58 H. A. DALBY STARTS FUND FOR MONKEY Harry A., Dulby, vice-president of tlVo .Niuifiatnclv Savings Huidc, folipwnd uj). bis sumiestjon made siivcnU wee U.s. a (jo Ihroiinb Hie columns 'ol' r Tho Daily News', 'thai a fund Iw slartc.d in Iho horonuJi to provifii 1 ;. iH'ofHu 1 food -and care for Iho rei'iifjen nionlvr.y tliat ba.s nindn. its nboilf. i'oi' several ni.onlbs in IJui c.oal pocket, at tlie Union Oily, .Conl Co. Mr.*-'Dnil»y •reiternt.oil his,al«r inciil^thal/it, was unfnii 1 for menu hers ' of Uie lirennan t'ainily til tho coal company to u'ssumcMho <jiiLir(y'i'esi>'l)ilM-y for (be-eave ol 1 "Fanny" • and Mint i(. \vns n p'ubllo dul.y to look- after the •miiint)] «un-MJ 11. could be eilbei 1 eapt"' 1 ft( ' !in( ' .-rViinovod to! Avnriiinr quiu'lors Tor the winter Or killed by nieniliers' oi' UK; Hiunaiie Society. • Mr.' Dal by slnrlecl. tlie fund wil.b 11 coiili'ibulioii of $2,00. The Newsi will- he pleased lo receive all donations, Im'jje 01- small, For the- ear« of the monkey, nnd has apnbirilcd . Cnrjeton W. Hrcnnnn lo , ollieia'le as ti-easnrer of the fund. Donalions may also he sent lo i\Jr. IJrcnnan and.wili he ac- knowlodfjed, dny hy day by; Th« Daily News. -o AXIS FORCES NOW APPEAR TO BE GAINING IN LIBYA Survey Of Central Sections Of Naugatuck To B e Taken By Warden And Committee JAPANESE GOVERNMENT MAINTAINS SILENCE Makes No Comment President Roosevelt's quest For Explanation- On Re BUT (SIGNIFICANT STATEMENTS ARE MADE BY PAPERS Express Fear French In Indo-China Cannot Preserve Order By ROBERT BELLA IRE (United Press Staff- Correspondent, Tokyo, Doc. .3—(UP)—The Japanese government maintained close silence today on President .RooseveHAs request, for an explanation of J»P: nnesc military concentrations % in • Kroncli Indo-Cliina, but- newspapers '.significantly expressed, fear that the ;Flinch.- : ;.l.Jici'p. ; ; Vere 1 ; -y'incnpaJJlo r ""o % l' ' maintaining order and said that .Thailand'was threatened by Britain. Newspapers hinted also that .la- pair had made economic dema'nds on riwTland, Shigcru Ku'riynma, director general ,pf the Japanese Ambassadorial 1 Olllpo in Hanoi, French" Tndo-Ghina, arrived here for important conferences with government olllciaJs ' i-c- garfling. the situation in Indo-China, "The government information bonrd said it had not been informed officially of President. Roosevelt's, request for information on Japanese military moves but it added that even if it,, had tho nature of the Japanese reply would not be divulged here, Tokyo, if, was sairl, would adhere to a policy of not issuing' information on tho Washington negotiation.^. Japan, the newspapers said, may be required f,o lend Imfo-China additional assislancc for the maintenance of peace and scour!Ly. SENATOlt PISPPISIVS PHEDICTION Washington, 0. C., Dec. 3—(UP) Sen.' Claude A, Popper, D. l^la., ardent supporter of administration polioy, predicted todny LhaL Japan •ind Frunce would begin" a huge ''pinoer movement" soon in an attempt to slow, down the flow of American war materials to Great Britain and Russia. "Aggressive action of the Vichy government, and Japan, acting in concert with and as pawn of Hitler, will be apparent in a few days," be said in an interview. "Japan and Vichy will be on Ibc march as Hitler's skirmish line t"o draw our nrc. Hitler,, in effect, is attempting to give us a war on two fronts, 11 His statement came ns well informed sources here believed that/ withdrawal of Japanese troops from French Indo-Cbina as well as from China was an essential preliminary Worker For World Peace Died Today Bridgcwater, Mass., Deo. 3—(UP) —Clyde G. Cob urn, ()'/, roadside candy vendor \vlio announced bis candidacy for president. oi % the, United.Stntes In '.IMG but dropped out to work on a world peace plan, died of pneumonia at bis borne today. A native of Troy, VI,, Coburn went to .Washington to campaign for the presidency on a pence platform but. turned to writing peace promotion letters (,o various world figures including Titler, Churchill, Chamberlain and Mussolini. He received replies from most, of them. Immediate Delivery If Purchased Before End of the Year INSTALLATION OF METERS AT NO COST TO THE TAXPAYERS Would Be In Operation For A Trial Period Of Six • Months BOARD TO PROVIDE FOR CHILDREN (Continued on Pago Kight) But The British-Still- Remain In Control Of Ed 0uda Sector REDS FIOHT OFF NAZIS They; ; Are Also Reported.Ad- vancing Westward in The Ukraine Counter-Offensive ;i ; By;'JOR -ALEX MORRIS (Unitprt •' -Press. Fore ign • Eel i tor.) •Tlie' U-bnd of battle for Libya appeared to ;be shifting to .the aclvan-: agio of the Axis—at least momen- ,rir"ily-rtoday and on the ..eastern ron L :lb p.:; R'ocl. A r m y rep o r ted ... -til at I,, vyrisx/lgbLing.•off-.-Llirco sLr.qng: Gcr- man-Vdrives toward Moscow. rnh : e.):Rqd--.Apm'y also was'reported dvaricl ng .w.estward in i ts Ukrai ne jountor-offensclve, according. , to (Continued'.on Page Eight),. DORIS ANDERSON 1 . i ' • GUEST AT SHOWER IN MILLVILLE Doris. Anderson, daughter and Mrs. Siefrid Andcr- Ansonla, was tbe guest Miss of Mr. son, of of honor at a greenback show-' cr at tbe. Millville library last Saturday evening. The affair was largely attended 'and Mrs. Frank 'Anderson and Miss Ann Anderson of Millville wore the hostesses. A buffet • iuncbeon' ; was served and dancing enjoyed. Miss Anderson will .be married on Saturday., December i3. toi Frank -Anderson, son of Mr.:,and Mrs: Frank.- Anderson of'MnivjJle. The ceremony will be. performed-, at:St.' Ptiul's Swedish cburch'ih;:Ansonia. , Miss Anderson; has also: been the guest of honor'-at:, sev.eral showers given : by her-..friends;in.Ansonia.' Wnrrlon Leo ,1. Bropby requested member's of I bo Bo/ird of W.irdon ami Burgesses and officials of tho street department last evening l.o m a k e recommendations L- the Board on proper and safe localities in Nfiugnluuk whore the children 3ould enjoy coasting this whiter. The matter 1 of ;i place for tbe ebil- Iren of Union City l.o enjoy the 5port 6 was brought before the board jy Burgess Wiilhun Ploski of the Phird W.-ijYj. Jle suggested that tbe Kigc amounts of snow carted by the street department employes •om the borough's thoroughfares uul dumped on the Union City Re- rcation Field could, at small' cost to the borough, bo dumped on "jrcenwood strcel., overlooking the •ecrcal-ion field, and with ])ropcr dlng- of the snow deposits, would irovJdo exceJJent sliding j'or tbe 'oungsters in that section. Warden Bropby said it is the duty of the Borough board to inform the people of Naugatuck when a hearing on tbe water meter bore will be held by tbe state public utilities commission, lie said he would see that tho people are warned of such a meeting in amp Jo time so that they can arrange to attend if they desire. N'e\v Voters' Sessions It was voted that the selectmen will sit Dec. JO from !) a.m. until 0 p.m. and Dec. 27 from 9 a.m. until 8 p.m. for the purpose of making voters for the special clcctioi Jan, 20. The Connecticut Light & Power Co. was granted permission to install a gas main in Marshall avequc. Property owners on Fair-child street, were granted permission to construct their own sanitary sewer and to connect it with the town system. A plan for a proposed street with sanitary sewer between, Olive and Gorman streets was referred to the street eornmitl.ce. Warden Brophy explained that this year contrary to other years there are not enough men employed by tbe welfare and street departments to shovel snow from the many town sidewalks, lie named .the street committee as a committee, to investigate the purchase of a small tractor and plow to do this work. Me pointed out that if the tractor is large enough it can be used to haul.a drag during the oiling period in the summer. He asked the committee to report within a week. Warden Brophy said there was ample funds . in the public welfare budget for the purchase of these articles of equipment which would run between $800 and $J,200. Warden BronJiy said thai that with the exception of this equipment tb^ town.was all prepared to handle the expected snowstorms. Curbs, gutters and sidewalks for Dunn avenue were approved. This work will be done as a WPA project in ithe spring. Classified Ads Brhif/ Results. A committee composed of Warden Leo''".I. Brophy, Chief of Police John .1. Gormley and First W;wl Burgesses.' Rudolph Anderson and Joseph L."Dinncnny will, within a few days, start a survey, of the^central sections of the borougJi preparatory to the possibility of an installation- of parkiug meters in Nau'gd-, tuck.'-The matter was discussed at the regular monthly meeting of the board of warden and burgesses last evening and the committee named. Immediate and favorable action on. the project will insure quick delivery of the-'meters--Warden Brophy informed the board but he said if .they-are,not ordered before January 1st 'heM>clievar> there ''would be considerable delay ii] obtaining them. , The meters would be. installed at no cost to the taxpayers Mr. Bropby stated. They will remain in operation for a six-months trial period and if at the end of the period do not prove satisfactory they will bo removed by tbe company controlling tbe machines at the company's expense. ,'While In operation 25 per cent of tho revenue obtained will bo added to the borough's income and tho remainder will go to the meter company. Some members of tbe board approved tbe, proposition while others expressed their opposition to the move. A special meeting of the hoard will be called when tbe survey is completed. Present plans call for installation.'of the meters on Division street, Church street, Park place, part of Maple and Water streets as well as. on Dart of South Main street. Other streets may be added to tbe list later. "LADIES NIGHT' AT CENTENNIAL LODGE FRIDAY The annual celebration of "Ladies' NighL" will be held on Friday evening of this week at. 8 o'clock in Odd Follows ball by Centennial lodge and all members of the lodge, their families and friends are hi- vitcd f,o attend. The Odd Fellows. Dramatic club, under the direction of Dr. Franklin Warren, will furnish Ibe entertainment program which will be followed by refreshments and dancing. Th'c committee In charge of the affair consists of Glaus M on sees, cbaii'innn, .lesse BarraU, 'Wilbur Turner, Dwighl, Downs, Edward Larson and OIney C. Trask. Invitations have been extended to district officers and members of their families and to members of lodges in nearby towns. WHEELER ACQUITTED Farmington, Me., Dec. 3—(UP)— A, .jury today quickly acquitted Fred 0. Wheeler, 50, Farmingtqiv calllo dealer, of a murder charge, in connection with the shooting, of Florence Bujwsoll, 20-year-old business college student, last ,June>7. ; 18 SHOPPING DAYS to Christmas Also GIVE U.S. DefenseSavings BONDS and STAMPS at STORES • BANKS POST OFFICES 12-3

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