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The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, · Page 31

Winnipeg, Canada
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Saturday, November 27, 1937
Page 31
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SATURDAY, NOV. 27, 1937 A Letter From IRELAND ty HUGH CURRAN . , DubUn, Nov. 17, 1937. POLITICAL interest at the moment turn toward the County Mona - g han, where a by - tlectlon is due to take place shortly. The vacancy Is caused by the death of Edward rilce, of the Flanna Fall government party, who, with Dr. Ward of the same party, and James Dillon, Gis - gravt party, wai returned to represent that county In the Dall at the July election. , . . . , While the government party has 1 been able to return two of the tnree denuties In the oast it is known that Its strength would be severly tested If at the coming by - election there la a straight fight between its representative and another representing the Cosgrave and Independent parties. The late Mr. Rice wai a school teacher who took prominent part in the Republican movement and apent several years in prison. ANEW bill introduced in the Dall proposes to ameliorate the conditions of work and wagea of shop assistants in the Irish Free State. A wagea board will fix remuneration, and arrange for holidays with full pav every year, as well as weekly half holidays, hours of work, time off for meals, limitation of overtime to be worked and the extra remuneration to be paid. In the case of women employed in shops it is provided that seats shall be provided, and that theie may be used when such use does not interfece with their work. If carried into effect the new conditions will revolutionize the life of the shop assistant especially In the "smaller towns where heretofore the very worst conditions prevailed. AN unusual case of ecclesiasical discipline has Just been decided here by the ecclesiastical court of the Church of Ireland (Episcopal Protestant), when the Rev. S. R. S. Colquhoun, of St John's church, Sandymount, Dublin, was suspended for a term of six months. The charge against him was that he used certain ritualistic practices in his services, including candles, genuflections and celebration of "sung Mass." The Sandy - mount church has long been noted for Its High church tendencies, and About a year ago the same clergyman was brought before the court for practices of a similar nature. While there la no considerable support for High church practices in the Church of Ireland many of its members have been shocked at what is regarded as the severity of the sentence, partleularly as Rev. Mr. Colquhoun Is deprived of his stipend for the period. A fund has been started by a representative group of clergy and laymen to indemnify him against Joss. In a "temporary farewell" address from his pulpit the cleric spoke feelingly of his seven years' ministration in the parish, and expressed his gratitude to his parishioners for their consideration. All he desired for the next six months was the divine gift of charity. ; In the Criminal Law Amendment act passed In the Free State two years ago there is astringent provision against offences concerning public decency. The putting in force of this act recently at the seaside resort of Blackrock, County Louth, has given that rather obscure little place a widespread notoriety. A young man found kissing a girl in public was haled before the local justice and fine $1 for the offence. The girl who came from Glasgow waa subsequently charged and as she did not appear waa sentenced to a month in Jail, the Justice adding that the police need not go to any trouble to And her unless she came back to the place. The sentences have appeared to most people to have been more than adequate to meet a case of "simple kissing" in public, but it now appears that the circumstances were of a grosser nature than originally represented In the newspaper reports, and consequently there Is a disposition to agree that the local authorities did not exceed their jurisdiction. In order to preserve the good name of their areas especially dur - in the holiday season local vigil? ance committees have been appointed whose business is to report to police occurrences of this kind. It is an unpleasant Job and in the case referred to It Is to be doubted whether the amount of publicity that Blackrock received has not been to its disadvantage rather 'than otherwise. BY a curious coincidence proposals have baen put forward both In Dublin and Belfast for the holding of an exhibition in both cities in the year 1940. In neither case has any final decision been reached. The auggested Dublin scheme la in the nature of an exhibition of home products, and the obvious criticism of this is that these are sufficiently well - known to the people here to prove any attraction, and neither Industrially nor agriculturally are we likely to put up a display which would attract people from abroad. Moreover, the two annual shows sponsored each year by the Royal Dublin society the horse show in August and the spring show about Easter amply advertise home production. Another exhibition would only by a replica of these, and perhaps not so efficient. Consequently It Is not thought likely that this schema will be pressed. ' The Belfast project proposes to envisage the states of the Empire and for that reason is calculated to make a wider appeal.' It would Invite . representation from Great OIRICTION mo M. OH AUDITORIUM ' FRI., DEC HELEN JEPSON ea peaa, with BARTLETT ana ROBERTSON DUO - PIANIST aiti, ta st.71 Wlantpac Plana Oo. 1M. Ml. as K Britain, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia, and in this way serve a patriotic purpose by demonstrating the solidarity of the Dominions. In such a scheme both the British and the Northern Ire land governments could be expected to co - operate by making money grants. Even the Free State gov eminent which la still, though somewhat grudgingly, within the Commonwealth of Nations, might be Induced to see some advantage in associating Itself with the scheme. CIX members of the Civic Guard O (police force), heve been deeo raUd with Scott medals for acts of bravery in the years 1935 and 1936. One of these waa Guard Egan, of Dublin, who single - handed tackled four Republicans who were paint ing oDjecuonaoie slogans on the footpaths after midnight When he seized one, two others opened fire on him, and though severely wounaed, he held bis prisoner who was taken to the station. Guard Malone, of Cork, similarly arrested a man who produced a gun and hclci him in spite of efforts at rescue. Fjr descending a deep chasm at Glen - car County Leltrlm, and bringing up tne body ol a girl who had fallen thiough it Guard Joseph Scott was decorated. He was lowered into the chasm by means of a rope and was injured in the process. Guard M. Field, of CasUelsland, County Kerry, successfully tackled a lunatic armed with a slasher; Guard Barrett saved two men from drowning In the river JLee, at cork: and Guard Rowan res cued a child from drowning in the ergus, at Ennls. County Clare. The Scott medal waa founded on a gift of money presented to the Civic Guarda by an Irishman, Capt Scott who was a former head of the New York police force. ' IN BRIEF Micheal McDunphy, who has been assistant secretary to the executive council since the Free State was set up has been appointed secretary to the new president of Ireland, to be elected under the new constitution. Kerry beat Cavan in the re - play for the All - Ireland Gaelic cham pionship in football. In a previous maicn me result was a draw. . A committee of higher civil servants has been appointed to in vestigate the conditions under which migrants from Achlll and other parts of the west of Ireland are recruited for work In Great Britain. The object is to see whether scheme could be devised by which these people could be kept at home, The inquiry la a sequel to the deaths of ten migrants through fire on a farm in Scotland. In consequence of a olasme of foxes the Fermanagh County council has decided to pay reward of five shillings for each fox killed in the county. . - Patrick O'Donohue, barrister, has been appointed registrar of Friendly Societies in the Free State. A special committee is at present sitting to consider the salaries of Free State ministers. The committee Is asked to recommend whether the salaries are adequate, and also whether provision should be made by way of gratuity or pension for ministers who have served for a period of years. County Clare farmers have protested against any increase In salaries of ministers or other officials until the farming Industry has been given a chance of re - establishing Itself. An outbreak ol typhoid fever has occurred in Donegal Mental hospW tai. Patients affected were isolated. A new motor vessel was launched in Belfast for the British and Irish Steampacket company. She la intended for the passenger and goods service between Dublin and Liver pool. A general election will take place in Northern Ireland early in the coming year. An Association football matcn be tween Ireland and Norway re - stilted In a draw three goals each. ART GALLERY NOTES In the north gallery the originals of the paintings and drawings which Illustrate Nlven's book, Colour on the Canadian Rockies, are on view for a limited time. These fine water - colors by W. J. Phillips, R.C.A form an interest ing collection not only or. xne artistic qualities but on account of the subject matter. The Canadian Rockies, with lakes nestling in unexpected places, with stupendous peaks rising above vast areas of forest, with slowly changing glaciers and eternal anows, have a grandeur and majesty peculiarly their own, and to see these pictured is ever an enjoyable experience. Rushing waterfalls; peaceful, colorful lakes like O'Hara, Louise and Moraine; rolling uplands topped with distant peaks, are here found along with other scenes typical of this famous mountainous region. - The Winnipeg Sketch club annual show remains on view till the end of the month when It will be replaced by an exhibition. of contemporary French paintings, one of the important collections scheduled for December. The Sketch club show has already been seen by a large number of visitors. The educational activities of the Art Gallery continue apace. This week a group of school children from St Vital enjoyed a apecial visit and was conducted round various exhibitions with Instructive comment on "How to look at and appreciate pictures," by the curator. Mr. Musgrove also addressed the Camera club at a well attended meeting on "What is a Picture?" concluding his talk with a criticism of pictorial photographs submtted to him by members. A.J.M. JUDGE TALKS INDIAN TTMMINS. Ont Magistrate E. R. Tucker surprised hearers in Cochrane court when he conversed with an Indian complainant in his native tongue. The magistrate waa raised near an Indian camp. Fund Concer t il.C. k 'I GEORGE WAIGHT One of the many bright spots in the Amicus club concert for the Tribune Empty Stocking fund on Saturday, Dec. 5, will be the manner In which George Weight, well known local actor, presides as master of ceremonies. All the proceeds are for The Tribune Empty Stocking fund. GORDON BELL STUDENTS WILL PRESENT'PLAY Shakespeare's play, "The Mer chant of Venice," will be staged by scholars of Gordon Bell high school In the school auditorium Wednes day, Thursday and Friday, nights at 8 o'clock. This will be the sixth annual production of a Shakespearean play by Gordon Bell scholars. It will be staged under the drlection of G. E. Snider, W. A. Fyles and Mlas A. C. MacTavlsh. Taking part Jn tfct play will be Paul Fisher, Clayton Lee, Mervyn Card,. Tom Perley - Martln, Jim Winning, Jack Myles, Freeman Mc - Larty, Douglas Haig, Roy Part ridge, Bill Fee, John Copplnger, Ross White, Don Guest John Mc - Curdy, Harold Woods, Halldor Finnson, Harold Wright, Blair Fenton, Bill Mcllhagra. Jean Kins - , Patricia Chown, Dorothy Mclntoah, Eleanor Smith, Gwyrneth Stout Between acts the Gordon Bell orchestra, directed by Filmer Hub ble, will play the following selee tlons: VhtiM from til UnSnlahad Symptinnr.. Bchubart Thama from Sonata op. 23 Beethovaa Mlnuat from strlna Quartatta la D. Op. JO, No. a Kadpa Valaa fnta Con Board of Trade Program For Coming Week Monday Regular meetinz of safety bureau at 12.15 p.m. in St Charles hotel. Showing of safety nims oy w. Trevor levies. Chair man, E. P. Wlthrow. Tuesday Meeting of'x - enerai legislation committee at 12.15 p.m. in St Charles hotel. Consideration wiu be given proposal that city be given Increased control over its sinking fund. Membership committee in board room at 4 p.m. . Chairman, W. B. Mcuririck, . Wednesday Join? committee (civics andnancial bureaus) dealing with school board financing and expenditures will meet at 12.30 p.m. in Moore's restaurant Chairman, W. H. Crookes. Thursday Executive of the board mill meet at 12.15 p.m. In St Charles hotel. Chairman, C. E. Stockdill. Friday Regular meeting of civics bureau executive at 12.15 p.m. In Moore's restaurant, when among matters to be considered will be a discussion on New Zea land's economic recovery, which will be led by J. M. Thompson. Chairman, C A. Clendenlng. Young Man's Section Monday Membership advisory committee will meet in board room at 12.30 p.m. Chairman,' Ivan Mc Donald. Group "A," public speaking clan, will meet In The Tribune auditorium at 5.30 p.m. Members of section will join with the alumni of the university in a dinner to be held in the Hudson's Bay dining room at 6.15 p.m'. Wednesday Regular meeting of Actimist committee in board room at 12.30 p.m. to review material for December issue. Chairman, Malcolm Galston. Members of traffic safety committee have been invited by Chief George Smith to make an inspection visit of the various police departments at 12.30 p.m. Radio committee will meet In board room at 5.15 p.m. to review script for radio broadcast Weekly broadcast of the section over radio atation CJRC at 8.05 p.m. Commentator, Wilfred Worn - ersley. Section "B" of the public speaking class will meet In board room at 8.15 p.m. Frltfty Sub - executive committee will meet In secretary'a office at 12.30 p.m. TRANSPORT WORKERS FORM DIVISION OF ' RAIL BROTHERHOOD Following the announcement that the Canadian Brotherhood of Railway Employes would open its ranks to all transport workers, employes of. several Winnipeg cartage firms formed the Fort Garry division of the Automotive Transport section of the union at a meeting Sunday In Cadomin building. Further organization meetings will be held each Sunday. The Cut regular monthly meetings of the new union will be held Dec. 12 in tne Army and Navy Veterans' association clubrooms. LEARNING YOUNJ LONDON, Ont George Dowker, 16, of Goderich, made a solo flight at the airport here after 260 minutes' Instruction. Goderich has another youthful flier, Frank Vines, 16, who got his license whea 14. . THE WINNIPEG EVENING TRIBUNE BAND OF THE SEA CADETS TO GIVE BROADCAST The band , of the Winnipeg Sea Cadets, under the direction of W. A. Cramp, bandmaster lieutenant, will present a progam of music over CJRC Sunday afternon from 3 to 3:30 o'clock. In August of this year, the band. under the supervision of Lieutenant Commander W, Rooke. and Deputy - Bandmaster I. Mcintosh, took part In the successful harvest festival held at Devil's Lake, North Dakota. . ' v At present this boys' band has a total strength of 55 members. They rehearse twice a week, and not omy do tney receive valuable musical training, but are taught the value of punctuality, discipline. clean living and self control. This training has enabled many of these lads to obtain positions with the leading bands throughout Winnipeg, Canada and the United States. The object of the Navy League of Canada Is to occupy the time of the boys lh the acquirement of interesting and useful knowledge, at the same time keeping them off the streets and developing their character, so that they may become useful citizens. The program for Sunday after noon's broadcast la as follows: March The Black Horse Troop. Selection The Country Girl. March The Navigator. Tango A Mexican Elopement. Descriptive number Canadian Patrol. March Repass Band. Sunday Music KNOX UNITED Marnlne Introlt Lord rare am bar aot . .Mandalaaohn AMtum Holy art Thou Haitdal Ladlaa' Choir Urt una aras (Elijah) MandalaaohB Jumna Svvtnfo! d Stalnar Ivanlne Introlt M14 I at and at tha oor Wai for Davlaa Anthem Sun of my aoul Turnar Mala Choir O Thou wnoaa many fauna ma Chrtatua ear lat harm, by Bach Anuna Thraofold Danlah Organlat Mra. 1. V. Dlllabauih. Cbolrmuttr Mr, W. Davtdana Thorn job. ALL SAINTS' M jmlng Anthtm Ruwlaa CiaUkloa of tha Danartaa Arrenna Parrutt Voluntary Bonata la F minor, lat moramant Kbatabarfar Svanlne Nunc Dlmltlli atanfort la B flat Antham Bark tha gla aound .......... Wai ford Savlti Voluntary Praluda la O minor ... Mitt D. Saundr$ Tp Lecture in Mune Sri$ Miss Doris B. Saunders will deliver the final lecture in the aeries sponsored by the Winnipeg branch of the Manitoba Music Teachers' association, Thursday night, at 8.30 o'clock, in Lecture Theatre A at the University building, Broadway. Her topic will be "Music in Shakespeare."' It will b Illustrated by members of Winona Llghtcap's studio. Leonard T. Heaton will preside. TO GIVE LECTURE "Interpretation" will bethe sub' Ject of a lecture - recital by Nor man Wllks, English - toom plw'rt, at a meeting of the young men's section of the Men s Musical club tonight at 8.15 o'clock. Mr. Wllks will be the guest of honor at a supper at Moore a Mikado follow Ing the meeting. 19th Field Battery, R.C.A. The battery will parade on Monday, Nov. 19, In McGregor Armoury at 2000 hours. A large attendance is specially ordered, as this will be the last parade of the fall training season. Everyone with military equipment In his possession who has not signed the Issue ledger within six months will be required to do so. . Fort Garry Horse Regimental he a d quarters and "A" Squadron will parade at Minto Arlnouries em Wednesday evening, Dec. 1, at 2000 hours. Dress, khaki. ' - - a Royal Winnipeg Rifles Tha battalion will parade at Mtnto Armouries Tuesday, Nov. 30. at 2015 hours. Dress, drill order. R.C.N.V.R. The division of the R.C.N.V.R. will parade at divisional headquarters Wednesday, Dec. 1, at 2000 hours. Dress of the day, No. 2's, blue caps, jerseys and overcoats. Duty watch will parade at 1945 hours. ' Indoor shooting Monday, 'Nov. 29, at 1945 hours. Swimming st the Sherbrook pool Friday, Dec. 3, from 2200 to 2300 hours. Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders The battalion will parade at Minto Armouries on Wednesday, Dec. 1. staff parade, 1950 hours; fall - in, 2000 hours; dress, drill order. Winnipeg Grenadiers (M.G.) Battalion will parade at Minto Armouries Monday, Nov. 29, at 2000 hours. Dress, drill order khaki. Staff parade at 1950 hours. 2nd Amoured Car Regiment The regiment will parade on Monday, Nov. 29, at 2000 hours to 2200 hours. Winnipeg Light infantry (M.G.) The battalion will parade at McGregor Armoury on Thursday, Dec 2, at 2000 hours Dress, drill order. RETA M. CALLAN A.T.C.M. Presents Her Pupil sin a Graduation Recital Thuraday Evening. Dec. 2, 1.15 Y.W.C.A. CONCERT HALL 447 Ililce Ave. Military, .Notes To Sing Here , ..j.jL. , jit f 1 1 x A HELEN JEPSON Metropolitan Opera Co. soprano, Miss Jepson will be heard here Friday, in the Celebrity series in a Joint recital with Ethel Bartlett and Rae Robertson, duo pianists. MUSIC APPRECIATION SERIES CONCERTS TO COMMENCE DEC. 6 The first concert in the Music Appreciation Series sponsored by the music department or tne university of Manitoba will be given In the concert hall of the Winnipeg auditorium Monday, Dec. 6, at 8.30 o'clock. An historical survey of church music Roman Catholic, Greek Catholic, and Protestant will be given. All Saints' Anglican and Augustine United Church choirs will take part Program: Vlttoria, Byra, Tains, Martin Luther, Bach, S. S. Wesley, Crotch, Kallnnlloff, Tschalkowsky, G. Hoist, C Wood. Toronto Con$trvatory Official Wilt Prettnt DiplomaB to Student! At the Fort Garry hotel this af ternon at 3 o'clock Norman Wllks, well known pianist and executive officer of the Toronto Conserve tory of Music, will present certifi cates to successful candidates in the lower grades at the local ex aminations , of the Conservatory. He wll deliver an adreas on "How to Enjoy Music." On Monday night at the Fort Garry hotel he will apeak on "Music Study and Examinations" and will present the awards to suc cessful atudenta In the higher grades At both gatherlnga a program of musle will be given by students who gained highest marks in the examinations. DELICIOUS ! DELIGHTFUL ! ! DELECTABLE ! ! ! Cnada' National Btvtttga III I Canada I aw BnP" I . CO and OPERA SINGER AND PIANISTS , HERE MONDAY Helen Jepson, leading soprano of the Metropolitan Opera company; and Ethel Bartlett and Rae Robertson, rluo - planiats, will appear in a Joint recital, Friday, an the Famous Players series. Following Is the program: Arrival of tha Quaaa of Shaba rfron. "Bolomoa") Handal Arlal ShMa nay aafaly tar - , ny Brian Eaadala) araaa..,...sacn Fraluda la C major ...........Bach taxr, Bartlatt and Robartaon Andanta and Variations Sohnmann Hungarian Danca ..Brahma Bartlatt aril Bobartaon Un bai CM radramo (from "Uadama Butterfly"! , fucclnl Komm. wlr wandalln tuaamman In Mond - ar - haln Oorn - Hua Halmkahr vom faata Blach La Lat Ira (from tha opara, "tloaart") Hahn Vlllanalla daa patlta canarda Chubrlar La fllla aux chevaux da Un Canal Mlaa Japaon Ah, ton a lul (from "La Trarlata") Vardl Invocation Kramar Hay Dlddla Dlddla (from "Nuraary Rhymaa") Huihaa Lullaby ........ Samlnaky Rlnf Around tha Roaaa Ballinl Thy Swaat SlOflni Olmataad Mlaa Japaon Scharao (from "Mldaummarnlsht'i Draam") Mandaiaaohn (arr. by Phllltpp) Romanea Aranaky Study In Thtrda Salat - Saana (arr. bv Rlalarl tCaiafuana Lacuona sartiati ana nooaruon Robart Wallanhora 4 tha piano for Mlaa japaon. JUNIOR MUSIC CLUB PROGRAM The program at the meeting of the Junior Musical Club Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock at the Fort Garry hotel will be given by club prize winners. Following Is the program: Piano. Ecoaaalaa , .., Schubart A Malodla aehuman Irlah Danca Palls Swinataad Albarta M. Btawart (Prlia Wlnnar Orada 1 Unlrarally Bxamlnatlona 1J7) Violin Oraan Willow ,,. Baad Hornelpa from 'Watar lluale"..Haadal Alias Ooldatatn (Prlaa Wlnnar Orada 1 Unlva ratty Bxamlnatlona 1MT) Vocal Whara tha Baa Bucka Ama Ftppa's Sons .... William O. Hammond Boa Vuuala Piano I S Part Invantton No. 11 , Baen Sonata op. 10 No. 1 AJlafra, aiolto a Coa Brio Baathovan Joy from Mood Phaaaa .... York Bow an Joan Turnar (Wtnntr of Junior Mualcal Trophy Manitoba faatlval 117) Viv - al Shaphfrdi and Ifaldana Ixitll Autumn Itandalaaohn Hadfa Roaaa Srhunart A Chlld'a Prayar , Rootham Batty Bradahaw Violin Baroauaa Aranaxy Baphyr Hubay Stanlay Kowalchuk (Wlnnar of Junior Mualcal Trophy Manitoba Faathral 1S1A) Aooompanttta: Barnloa Kins. PSS7 Ban - nady, Paiay Wataoa Biliary, John Malayk ' The next radio program of the club will be given Friday, Dec 3, over CJRC. Concert Will Aid Fund Of Wnt Kildonan Church In aid of the fund to enlarge the choir loft of Kildonan United church, the Tranacona Concert Party will give an entertainment In the church Friday night at 8 1 SB mm aaaaaasaP wl ana - .atsmm 11 JV n w li LARGE GLASSES V (o) KIK (Manitoba) Limited, o'clock under the direction of Mrs. I Fred Evans. The following artists will appear: Miss Phyllis M. McKlbbin, songs and readings; male quartette, F. DeslleU, F. C. Cross, F. S. Carrltt and J. H. Cuthbert; Miss V. Barclay, soprano; Ralph Stelner, violinist; Joan Hay, juvenile dancer, and Main Brothers, guitarists. Mrs. F. Cross and Mrs. V. Barclay will be accompanists. RETA CALLAN'S PI PILS TO BE PRESENTED IN A GRADUATION RECITAL Puotls of Reta M. Callan will be heard In a graduation recital of' music Thursday night at the concert hall of the Y.W.C.A., Elllce ave., at 815 o'clock. . ' The assisting artist will be Jean Hembroff. - elocutionist, and the Etude Percussion band. , Presentation of diplomas from the Toronto Conservatory and the Music department of the University of Manitoba will be made by Miss Callan. Miss ' Hembroffs readings will Include a group of old fashioned numbers In costume, and a group of dialects, The percussion band numbers will Include a group of Mother Goose rhymes and ' the Etude Music Club's theme song. The Kindergarten class will be heard In "playtime" numbers; and the Coronation class will present a group of London scenes Graduate pupils who will take part In the program are: Joy Ash - ton, Joy Matthews, Lome Leltch, Barbara McPherson, Douglas Newton, Irene Glllingham. Dorothy White, Muriel Church, Catherine Neill. Other students taking part are: Rosemary Matthews, David Thompson, Stanley Lewarne, Ruth Lwarne, Douglaa Newtont Billy McEachern, Dorothy White. Naomi Hersom, Evelyn McPherson, Ruby Neill, Lome Leltch, Joyce GUling - nam, Sylvia Parker, Kenneth Johnston, Adeline Lang, Jean Dul - mage, Jean Bruce, Donna Mark - ham, Mildred Adama and Patricia ana Joyce Watklna ' i Annual Cone art To Bo Staged By Knot$th hraol SUtorhood Directed by W. Harry Zimmerman, the 14th annual concert of the Knetseth Israel Sisterhood will be staged at the Playhouse theatre, Sunday night at 8.30 o'clock. George C Wright will be master of ceremonies. Following is the program: Lowa'a Aeaordaoa Sand Novalty band alactlona. Mra. Bthal Lewa at tha plana. Dorothy Johnaton Charming aoprane t opa ratio and popular numbara. Acoompanlat, Baatrlea Reblnaoa. Danca DlvarttaaamaaU By pup! la of Sara Bakar Adalman. Aooompaolat, Miriam Donar. Norman Sarkan Touas violinist, to ataaalcal aataoUona. N. Wltman ComaaUaa, Baatrtoa Roblnaon and Farbaa Rankin In a novalty mualcal affthng. "Two Planoa." Al laraala Popular tenor, la popular aad folk aont aalaotlona. Acoompanlat, Blala laraala. Oladya and Maurloa In taalr mra danca craatlona. Baatrloa Roblnaon at tha piano. Manhattan Trio In axoaptlonal faats ef aerobatloa and hand balancing. Baatrlea Roblnaon at tha piano. Ood Ba,va tha King. 234 Pritchard Ave, Winnipeg Manucript in Ma tic . Composition Contest To Bt in By Doc. 1 Manuscripts for the original composition competition sponsored by the Wednesday Morning Musicals must be turned In to the secretary - treasurer, Mrs B. A. Goodman, 27 Anvers Apts., by December 1. - These manuscripts will be sent to Bernard Naylor, of Oxford, Eng., who will act as judge this year. A programme of the winning compositions will be presented late In March, The classes are as follows: Class 1, piano composition for piano solo, 10 prize given by Mrs. R. H. Bryce. Class 2, vocal comoositlna for solo voice, J10 prize given by Mrs. W. McG. Rait. Class 3, violin composition for solo violin, $10 prize given by Mrs. AlexMelvllle. Clan 4, vocal ensemble compositions for duet trio, madrigal or chorus, for any combination of voices, $10 prize given by Mrs. Stephen Samel z. Class 5, string ensemble for any number of strings, $10 prize given by Mrs. C K. Newcombe. . GUELPH, Ont While hunting on the Speed River, Ben Bott Guelph, shot a female mallard duck tagged by the UA biological survey. Piano, Violin, Sinjlnf, C!lo, Hsrmony, ttc. Practice Reems Available Intaraatln, Cauraa far Adult Betlnoart Shinn Conservatory of Music Alfrea) BUg. Pheae 1917 Winniptu,' Tho Musical City . Many ara tha oeaamoa that oan - p - atulatlona hava boan axtandad to winnipag from tha hlgbaat authori - tlaa for Ita atandard of musle." Thle aekrowladgad talant la raSaetad In tha and atnecrtty of our taachara togathar with tha oatlra of paranta to hava thalr ohUdraa ao - oompllihad In thla art. Tar our part wa ara glad to be ahla to plana rallahla mualcal In - , atrumanta at tha dlapoaal of botfe ttaohar and pupil. Chanaa tram Our Stack STIINWAY. MINIPIANO. STORY t CLARK, HAINIS. BTC. Canvanlant Tar ma Available - SEE THAT YOU GET YOUR FREE BOTTLE Folks ! A coupon for a free bottle of this delicious drink will be delivered to your home. USE IT! CASH IN AT YOUR LOCAL STORE and get "the drink of a lifetime."

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