The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg,  on November 26, 1937 · Page 4
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The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, · Page 4

Winnipeg, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, November 26, 1937
Page 4
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PAGE 4 THE WINNIPEG EVENING TRIBUNE Late T. B. Roberton Awarded Literary Achievement Prize; Tweedsmuir Raps 'Moderns' (By The CinUUll PrtM) OpORONTO, Nov. 26. The Governor - General's annual literary awards were presented for the flrst time by Lord Tweedsmuir at Canadian Poetry night, aponsored by the Canadian Poetry Magazine. xne medal for general literary CAMERA CLUB MAKES ITS MONTHLY AWARDS Awards in the Manitoba Camera Club picture contest for November have been announced. In the senior class, prizes were awarded as follows: .1, K. V. Caton; 2, E. V. Caton; 3, J. M. Duncan; honorable mention. W. Leach. H. Lane, H. M. Melstead. Intermediate class: 1. Mrs. W. A. McKim; 2, P. F. Morgan: 3. Mrs. W. A. McKim: honorable mention, Miss V. Leadlay, Mrs. W. A. McKim. Junior: 1. C. K. Tallin; 2, II. Severson; 3, F. S. Pearce; honor - able mention, C K. Tallin, C. Dingle and F S. Pearce. SEEKS HUSBAND Marl Uytterhaegan. a Belgian woman, came up to the Traveler1 Aid desk at the C.P.R. station Thursday morning to ask help In locating her husband, Prosper Uytterhaegan, who came out from Bel - glum In the spring and has not been heard of since. He went to a farm at Gladmar, Sask. Hit wife has since heard that the farm has been rented for five years. Anyone knowing hit whereabouts is asked to communicate with the Y.W.C.A. or the Traveler' Aid at the station. 1 City Meat AND SAUSAGE CO. ll'CIS MAIN STM1T HONI 91 04. Meats Peultry Sausage Him Baeen This eriteraTlee, after enly bain a few yeare in bullneee, hat davel - aped Inte an of the leadln butchar ataraa In Winnipeg. WHAT'S THSj PtSAtONf XTAA SPECIAL WHILK THIV LAST Special fram f .SO 10.30 Perk Shouldere, lb 12 Lain af Park, lb 15 Turkey, lb 12 ollln Fewle, lb 11 Baaf DHppIni, lb. 7 f Shertenlnf, lb 10 Lag af Spring Lamb, lb.. IS Store Open s).30 We Deliver PORK CHOICB ONLY Loin of Park, lb. 19 20 Lai af Park, lb 1919 Should. Park, lb. 12ts14c l6 Lain Chop., lb It 22 Spar niba 2 25 Qarlle lO 17 25 Brunawlck Llvar Sauaaga, lb 2S 2S Llvar Sauaaga, farm, all., lb. 2 Blood Sauaaga, farm, atl., lb. 256 Blood A Tongua Sauaaga, lb. 29 Ham Sauaaga, lb 17 Salomy, dry, lb. S0 Mattwurat, Oarman atyla, lb. 30 Brunawlck Taa Sauaaga, lb.. 30 Summar Sauaaga, lb . 25 Walneri, lb.... lg 2 " 25 Prankfurtara, lb 10 Htm Bologna, lb 12 Balagna, lb 1 9 Pure Pork Sauaaga, lb 25 Cooked Ham, lb 3S - 40 Ctwpped Suet, lb 10 POULTRY FRESH KILLED Turkeya, lb 17 22 25 0. lb IS 20 Rat. Chicken, lb. 1 20 25 Boll. Fewle. lb.. 141S 20 Due", lb 1 20 Park, Baaf Sausage, lb. 1015 Chuck Roatt, lb 7 9 Hip Raaat, lb 10 12 Prima Rib Roatt, 12 14 IS Breakfatt Bacon, lb. 22 nl up Back Bacon, lb 30 Leg of Vaal, lb 10 - 16 Flllat af Vaal. lb 12 - 20( Vaal Steak, lb... 12 1 20 La of Lamb, lb 12 20 Shauldar Lamb, lb 712 I Baaf Dripping, lb g Butter, Jit Orada, lb.... JO Shortanlng, lb 11 I (la extra for delivery) Store Located Betwetn Alexander and Logan an Eaat Slda It Will Pay You to Rtad Our Weekly Ada on Thla Papa 4 alC HEALTH DDCAUFACTC ffA. ffi mm achievement went to the late T. B. Roberton for his newspaper writing In Winnipeg. Bertram Brooker, Toronto, was awarded the medal for fiction for hi novel, "Think of the Earth." The Seranu prize for poetry, given shortly before her death by Mrs. M. M. Howard, of Toronto, was presented by Lady Tweedsmuir to Prof. George Herbert Clarke, Kingston, Ont. Six Canadian poet gave readings from their work. They were: Katherlne Hale, Sir Charle G. D. Roberts, Wilson MacDonald, E. J. Pratt, Prof. Clarke and Nathaniel Benson. Speaking on the "Return to Masterplerei," Lord Tweedsmuir undertook to put Shakespeare Into the speech of s Hollywood film. He defined poetry as "the best word In the best order," and the greatest poetry as "the only pos sible words In the only possible order." He had alway regarded the song In Shakespeare' plays a tha high - water mark of lyrical beauty. "Their content I simple obvious, If you like; their mulc I far from elaborate. But attempt to put them In any other form, and they will be elthei ridiculous or banal." He took, a example, the long which begin: "O mlstres mine, where ire you roaming? O, stay and hear! Your true love's coming." The debased Hollywood version, according to Lord Tweedimuir, would be: Huh; sweetie, where you get - tip to? Your big boy's her and pettin' you, And he' the guy that rings the bell. Say, kid, quit hikin' and sit nice, For shakln' feet don't cut no Ice The goopiest mut can tell. WESLEY PLAYERS PRESENT SERIES OF ONE - ACTERS One of the most ambitious one - act play programs ever attempted by the Wesley College Dramatic society won the approval of a large audience Thursday evening in the United Colleges convocation hall. Flrt on the program was "The Cup of Tea," with the following cast, Norine smith, Peggy iounz, James Dow and Leslie Thompson. Bea Lawson directed, while Norma Dow and Helen Thompson were In charge of properties. Most moving wu "Love on the Dole," directed by Dorothy Newman. The cast comprised Jim Dykes, Robert Moyse, Marjorie Colpitts. Marie Grave, John Pink, Peggy Donnelly, Beth Ferguson and Joyce Griffin, May Isfleld was In charge of properties. A mystery,, 'The Diitant Drum," wa notable for excellent sound effect, lighting and timing. The cast comprised Lillian Sohn. Bill McKay, Rosa McDIarmld, Nancy Smellie and Len Bateman. Bill McKay directed and Genevieve Norman wa property manager. The fourth play. "The Green Monkey," was an enjoyable farce, with honors shared by the whole cast of Beatrice Rogers, Rhoda Moorehouse, L ' 1 1 1 a n Johnson, Morten Parker, Ross Falrbalrn and Jack Shaver. Morten Parker was director and Ray Thoreaon stage manager. 1 MORE ENERGY VALUE THAN 2 eggs; In the Christmas Shopping Guide of today's Classified Section, five names, taken at random, are hidden amongst the advertisements. Look carefully, and. if you 'in yaur name, call it The Tribune an receive a pair of guatt tickets. FREE TICKETS for a Great Show Madeleine Carroll Francis Lederer iaj "IT'S ALL YOUEIS" with Mischa Auf - Craca Bradley THE GARRICK Chinese 5,AN j kNANKINA J KASHINGJr y , JvZZSy HAkKjCrWfST ' V W c J iw fYENCMOW jfCMUNOKINa J NANHAj, CcHJU4A I ARRowt indicatII .i.Uicii4 - - f T' , A FLANKINO ATTACK f CMANGSMA "$A DWVt TOWARD 9 Ttft RlTOftV HtLO &Y JAPANESE HOW Japan' mighty military steadily onward to engulf 1 2T V KOREA d - 623,000 iquar mile of Chinese territory, and thundered close to Nanking, th capital, is shown on the two detailed maps above. Plainly marked axe th four Inland towns of Chungking, Hankow, Changsha and Loyang. to which fleeing officials distributed various agencle of the central government, and CULBERTSON On CONTRACT Mr. Culbertion Is conducting, through this column, an interna - tionaltional examination of bridge players. Rat yourself by subtracting from 100 the points for each wrong answer. Yesterday - question was: Question 45: You are East, defending against a four heart contract, reached on thi bidding: South West North East 1? Pass 2? 2A, t? Pass . Pass Pass Your hand and dummy arc as follows: North (dummy) A 5 2 ? Q 10 8 4 0 7 3 A642 East 4k A Q 9 8 7 3 2 0 K Q 9 5 K 10 West leads the spade lack. What card do you. East, playT Answer: You should play the nine of spades, or at any rat should fail to play the ace or queen. Your partner' lead of the jack showed that he had fewer than four spades, since with that number he would have led fourth best. Declarer' king, therefore, cannot be blank. There is no reason to luppose that partner' Jack 1 wa a singleton. If you play the ace on the Jack declarer, who very likely stsrted with the K - 10 - small, will have a finessing position against your queen and. thus, will lose only one spade trick instead of two. This Is simply an example of economy of honors. (Two points demerit for playing ace or queen of spades to the first trick). TODAY'S QUESTION Question 46: Rubber bridge. You are South, not vulnerable. Opponents are vulnerable. The bidding has proceeded: West North East South Pass Pan 1? T You, South, hold: AA108 ?KJ108 C.J43 ,AK9 What call do you make over East's one heart bid? TODAY'S HAND South, dealer. ' Both sides vulnerable. North A 10 8 5 4 ? Q 10 6 3 1 0 3 J 9 5 West A K 9 East A J C7 A 9 8 5 4 V J 7 AAKQ 10 643 O H 5 2 A K 7 8 3 2 Soulh A Q 7 6 3 2 V K ' 0 A A Q 10 S 4 The bidding: South West North 1A 3 N.T. Pass 4 40 4 East Pass Pass Pass Pass West's first overeall was, of course, an effort to steal the game by camouflage methods. The defeat of the four - spade contract was a triumph for partnership confidence. West opened the diamond king and, when his partner played the deuce, West had such perfect faith In East's Judgment that he did not ven consider continuing with diamonds. He knew that East was a enreful player who thought before ho followed suit Hence, that diamond deuce wa. not merely a casual follow - sult card, but a distinct warning. More than that, it conveyed the Idea that East could stand a shift, of lead. With sublime faith. West shifted at the second trick to hi low heart East won. and declarer later had to concede trick to both of West' black king. Obvlouslv, any other lead at the second trick would have been fatal. Sir Robert Finlayton Appointed to Command British Army in Egypt LONDON. Nov. 26. Lieut. - General Sir Robert Finlayson, colonel - commandant of the Royal Artillery, ha been appointed General Officer Commanding British troops In Egypt, the war office announced Thursday. Sir Robert will succeed Lieut. - General Mr George Weir In the appointment which la effective April 12. CHILD FATALLY SCALDED STREETSVILLE, Ont, Nov. 2G. Lenore Evans, two - year - old girl, died In hospital from scalds received when she fell Into a tub of boiling water. i Government Scattering Inland MANCHUKUO machine moved approximately JM Hollywood Today Twelve Screen Characters Are Single Artist - Actor By HAROLD HEFFERNAN ley Ceaetd Wire te The Tribune! HOLLYWOOD, Nov. 2$ Sitting in one chair at a corner desk In the cartoon department at th M. - O. - M. studio are 12 famous screen zharacters, but all the visitor actually sees Is a single person dark, quiet, slim young - man who combines and represent them all. class with Shearer, Plckford and Bennett CapyrliM, 1117. by tha North Amarlcan Nawapapar AMtanca, Inc. Cayda Sing Word To tl Due' Tun M 11 a A linl im Vlrglnto Gayda, confidant of II Dues and edi - tor of II Gior - s nale d'ltalla. N e wspapermen . 1 know hi edl - v torlal reflect the official Fas - a - V cist viewpoint Gayda a MINERS JOIN C.I.O. HILLCREST, Alta, Nov. 28. Workers in the Hillcrest collieries have won recognition as members of the United Mine Workers of America, district 18, unit of the John L. Lewis' C.I.O. A new agreement affecting 2S0 pit workers, was signed Wednesdsy by company and union representatives. Kg man in Italy, Vf' even more I than Premier f This dozen - in - on phenomenon is Pinto Colvln. whose vsried ac complishments Include cartooning, writing, song composing, acung and the playing of various Instruments. His Job is to think up Ideas for cartoon comedies but It doesn't endvthere. After Colvln gets his idess in shspe, he tskes up a pen and draws them out. Then, when those chores are completed, he treks Into the recording roira and helps give his brainchildren voice. For six years with Walt Disney, his voice was the voice of Pluto the Pup; Goofy, the third practical little pig in Three Little Pigs, the grasshopper in The Grasshopper and th Ants, and others. He authorized the song, Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf and, also, The World Owes Me a Living. Nowadays, he's thinking up ideas for his animated comic strip based on The Captain and the Kids. ' a Colvln, whose experiences range from playing clarinet In a circus band to mining in Colorado, is anxious to shed most of his venality and settle down to scenario writing. "I'm typed just like any other worker in Hollywood," he laid, "but I'm tired of being the oyster's hiccup, the lovesick wailing cf a hare - lipped sea - gull, a pig's grunt, or a silly laff. I want to devote my time entirely to writing cartoon scenarios, but what chance have I got? None! They get s'vick for some stilly noise effect A PACKAGE OF SWANS DOWN, MR. BROWN. YES SWANS Y7 JANE, THIS MARVELLOUS I THINK IT'S BEST YOU'VE IS N CAKE, THE MADE. BRAND If . SOMETHING THERE'5 CALUMET WITH SI V WAN T JAPS MASS, 70 WARSHIPS AT KIANQYIN TO BATTER 6LOCKADE. SEA where non - combatant fled as the Japanese guns raged nearer. Japanese warships blasted at a blockade In th river at Klsngyin, hoping to open the way for a naval attack and threatening to encircle Chinese troop north of Lake Tat. Meanwhile, another wing of the green - clad troops struck at th southern end of the lake In a flank movement, a shown by the map's arrows. In the north the Japanese armies were advancing. and they, think of me at once. I'm going to try, but I don't think the Hollywood type racket can be beaten in my case." a The U.S. government deprived Norma Shearer of the distinction of being known as the richest motion picture actress in Hollywood. By cutting in half th 14,469,013 estate of her late husband. Irving Thalberg, vice - president and production manager of M. - G. - M., through state and federal taxes, Miss Shearer left Mary Plckford In the financial leadership role with a reported $3,000,000 fortune, accumulated through her many year of screen popularity as America's sweetheart. Miss Shearer, with her residae of 12,244,000, easily rates second place, with other wealthy ladle of the celluloid drama running rather far behind. Constance Bennett, whose seven - figure fortune was amassed more from the. money Phil Plant settled on her at the time of their divorce than from actual film earnings, Is conceded third place. Mae West, Carole Lombard and Claudette Colbert are among the INDtEPy MRS. BAXTER. OH, SPECIAL TODAY - A FREE TIN OF - BAKING POWDER, EVERY PACKAGE OF I've HEARD OF C A I IIUCT Specials for Saturday, Novombor 26th FRESH FRUITS AND VECETAILES Tomato - S;p..,r!Pbm: 15c Carrote. Turnlpe, Paranlpa, Cabbage, Sweat Potatoea Orangss r' - .r:' 35c CANADA DREAD Rick as Butter Sweet as a Nut UNWRArPED 4 v 2,11c v WEN FREE WITH EVERY 1 POUND PACKAGE OF UPTON'S TEA! Or NOW... ths supply it liRitti tm uaam hum tu Tut ml per lb. v7 m r a vn, DOWN. IT SHOULD BE, JOHN I USED ANEW BAKING COMBINATION. THE L 1 m, . IS IT aaa1iaBaesaaaSSr tic? IrvNTYfl Listen to highest paid of the current feminine stars, but taxes and "upkeep" expenditure hardly permit then to enter the tame bank account FRIDAY. NOV. 26, 1837 j PEACHES SOUP RAISINS t R. W. Ch. 2's Temafe, Cimpball's, l'a Amt. WlflfH 14c TIM 7c tm 21b. 25e f As a Gift from SWANS D0l7Af mTin CALUMET DAKItJG POWDER YOUR GUARANTEE t Calumet Is made hr the ntkea of Jell - O, BeWs ChocoUt. Minute Tapioca, Maxwell House Coffee, Grape - Nuts, Sugar - Crisp Cora Flake and ofher well - known foods you use in your botnt. This is your guarantee that Calumet is of highest quality; and thai you can buy and use it with confidence. MY WIFE SAYS EITHER CALUMET OR SWANS DOWN WILL IMPROVE YOUR BAKING - BUT USING BOTH WEANS PERFECT BAKING - AND CALUMET COSTS LE55 w ii'L t THAN THE BAKING YOU HAVE BE.EN USIN6. 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ShlrrlH's ASS0P.TBD FLAVORS 3 tor 25C B.ffMM Hi; Rlndleaa, Suar - 2rnr.5,b..33c ,, Claarbroek Creamery, 33c Coffea - :ipt.;'t - ln 39C Wl RISIRVI THI RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIIS 65c LJ J D - , - . reaS ch Tomatoe Cora Spaghetti Tomato Rollad OWl?ttfiTish53c PASTE UAX 1 POUND Cl POWDER, ORDINARY GLUTEN DELICATE CALUWET IS ONE OF THE LARGEST SELLING BAKING POWDERS IN THE WORLD ITS FIRST ACTION IS IN THE MIXING BOWL, WHEN IT MEETS THE LIQUID, ITS SECOND 13 IN THE OVEN, SET FREE BY H EAT...THIS DOUBLE - ACTION, MEANS EVEN,STEADY RAISING OF THE CAKE - SMOOTH, VELVETY TEXTURE... WITH CALUMET YOU USE ONLY ONE - HALF THE AMOUNT Of BAKING POWDER - AND IT COSTS LESS PERTIN. BRAND SAT. SPBCIAL, IJO te 1 p.m. Flllat Vaal, lb l( Rump Roaat Vaal, lb 134 Beneleei Vaal 3 Iba. 2S Vaal Chepi 2 2S Vaal ataak 2 'be. 2V Chump Roaat Veil, lb 2 Hip Roaat Beef, lb. 44 Sirloin Tip, lb, . 1 14g Sirloin or T - Bone Roaat, lb.. .11 B'eleia Beat A Kidney, 3 Iba. 2S Laga Pork, whole, lb xti Calf Haarti 1 lb. Baean Ibe. 9114 lb. Baean Inda, 1 Dos, e Cracked Boot. No Delivery www uuiiiciuo anoriemng ,.2 IPS. 29 Lamb A Mutton Stew, 3 Iba. 10 Laga Mutton, lb m Shldr. Vearllng Lamb, lb ft Shauldar Mutton, lb 4 Mutton Chop 3 iba. 25 Lamb Chap 2 25 8h, Spring Lamb, lb ( Lag Spring Lamb, lb 17 Pork Chop 2 I0. 15 Pork Butta, lb 9 Sweet Pickled Ox Tenguea, lb. 12 Baaf Dripping, lb 0 Ox Telle 3 ib. 25 Special law arleee en ajuartara of aeT, mnoe, 10. gjgi p rente, ib. Use Tribune Want Ads. Lartuca rlp M,rt at 2 far 15C . Caltry - S.. 2 .a.. 15c Appia - r;ir;.v5,b..25c Annies B - - - rr' 4 .b. 25c at Crap,fru!t ufp jJq nni Ms A awseT ruuu saw HANDY SZE az or OTTLI HOUSEHOLD La w W Na. 4, I', Cm 1Sa tin, r tin oac - n:P Jfc 'ii'V'Tr 3 ,m. 35c W1: 3 ,n. 35c - f:Tr.V. 3 n. 25C Juice ! 5C Oata 22c FLOUR MAPU LIAF 7', Each, 35c 24's, Ea., $1.15 Double - Acting ONLY I TEASPOONFULLTO A CUP OF FLOUR THAT IS ECONOMICAL - AND IT SAYS THATD0UBLE - ACTIONIS THE REASON CALUMET GIVES JBETTER,SURER RESULTS EVERY TINAE. ftM S CkE? BAKING POWDER HIT V

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