Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on November 4, 1941 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 4, 1941
Page 3
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NAUGATUQK; DAILY. NEWS, Ay. ..NOVEMBER. 4, 1941 lWTORK TODAY New Offensive By Germans Reported (ouo.3Sti { [ •Vy" I; thnn ,-Yoj'kr fs'ov, 4— ( UP)— Wore ..2,800,000 .voters decide today to 1 re-olftct ."Muyor" Flprollo '< 'I/aOtwrd/n for n third lurrn or HUP',5, Plant him with William. O'bsvyor, yUio.-r.Murcler,,. .Inc.," prosecutor, ..In *ft.n "emotional 1 ; election which hud yj»ur»t -pui'ly. barrier' lioro -UH- riovor ,.. Uuhrtila wu« generally favorrtd. > \VIUFumUh Uhudb'urno, hla cam- iwuuiKbr, Haiti ho would win plurnllly' of . ; 4pO,000 votes, a K.; Murphy, Q'Dsvyor'H quru- vPM#n.,rn{uw#cr ( predicted O'Owyor pp(j a plurality of 207.000 ' ft J/>wt>.iild Jyotoa MooHOvelt, the highest VVomlell I<, Willkio, lioail ' of 'the Republican .endorsed La Uuardla, who Is on •'the-'flupuhlloan ticket, also 18 candidate of Llio Ar Labor,"'Glty• Fuaion and United PjiPttoH, Thomas, {<;, Uowey, He- clfiUi'loV- attorney of* New -CYork 'oourily ' fMahiuUtan)" and, like *p'OWyur, , ^ "tfiokulH-buslcr," hud ,.$fmpnlgnu v d -for him. - '/06v, •Ho'rljort -II. Lohmun,' a Dornp- ,; \Vfiorn • La' Otiardla 'hiupported •i'o-oloolloh Iti 10- y ib; Jamey A, lyy, -formor poHtrnaster general /UtyriicpniUo, national 'ehairrnan, ;^«n(J.'K(Kv«rd 'J,.'Plyiui, pi'^ont Demo-' ; :g}^tlo rjatlonal (jhulrinan, -supported /eri dldtrlot; ultbrn'ey of King's (nrooklyn)-i 1 who broke up ... ^.-.-.^-'iV '• oi'Kunl'AOd -ring of vJWngHtoi'-murdero'ra, Ho was elected ;to : th"at offfoo by tho Brooklyn- pom- .jtiorntlo organl/atlon and 'wa's . Its w<j 11 - (t s.'tli rt t;',-' o't';' "Tu ff i '-' HdJIJn loday'rtvoontest. '.'•-. o.wtfro 1 throo other oandldatoH :• —•. Ooorgo W.. Ua.rtman, p'a,rty; Max SeliaolUman,' party;-and JarnCH i\. Can-, antl-\yar party, Am — .wuro..,,numorouy oilier olTlve! /luvplve.d-^'e'ity oounoljoi'H,' dlatrlc jAt^ohioy.M,_, shbi'lfT.s, . r.dtfls.lbrji,-' 1 rihc —aucr'.i'otii 1 .. prp|)OHed'. ; sUto Ihroo oounly.-'ro- , proi)0.miionH,.hul-all 'Wore, »ub- ., ^uucjd to..t(io .nH\yoraU}'' raop.. : £.li\ 'l/ru. ruoo for. No^ 'York .'uo'tinty "'"U;li>t Attorney,; Prank • S. Wqijftn, '(?py .'alclioy-Avafl ,a«Hur.ud ,of oleollon fchq -oah(lldaU'). of ;tho ('n, _ ^LaUor,. .Fu^fph' 'and nre'p(ir«,tpry'. ko v ,'rUimlng,.;f,oV r next yoar.and HC.Cking 'the, prc9.l(l6nUul lionVlimtioii Gurtin-'HH .saying- that the British fimpiro. WUH; holding discussions -of "Immense Importance," .•apparently In regard to ,/apan." ' •'. Tho ,/apanoso, .with some..80,000 possible, -drive on 'Thailand or. -the Burma road, Insisted that'the cabinet Of Prwnlcr.General IJidoki T.oJO, would pursue "independent action" in regard to the Axis. But there \yas Increasing. pro.sHiiro from .Tokyo newspapers -for .a final decision ;pn whether Japan would resort to'1'orgc In an atlompl, Lo break-out of the American.British economic enolr.elo- , campaign \i\ Its days; reached improoode, n tod f V nornioiiy' ( ,;-sv1th' \ LeU'man aikl w^ln'ifU. OUaudfa^vasii (l a])tiHl,V(J aikl m to ibrd b lo "; a hf I v-K«r h>y • --on 1 1 1 ng - hi i n m-Vqad' 1 . j&f allegbd ' at.taoky ; up"on .f«^q.OUffr-\p!rCa'fiW'^ d/Jf 'havfri« ohnrkod iioh-',- Wltii I'tHxlng'/.'-tha , 'liourVf ami'- . ohargoi;! that La Ouardla • .inent designed .to frustrate any.fu-i turo military expansion by the Japanese. , • Still (another Mold of battle .appeared likely in Finnish waters its a result Q|' Helsinki's apparent refusal to negotiate'on a'Russian peace offer despite urging'by the ynltfid The American request that Klnln'nd nego.tlate or risk losing the i'rlend- shlf) of Washington was m'at by sji- UMOU In Helsinki, but a Na'/l spokesman 'in Berlin'eharacterlxed It'as ,"an arrogant demand by the Washington ghetto •gangsters." 1 The spokesman said'that Europe's answer would ba a 'refusal to permit tho Unltod Slates .to Interfere and Insult It, .and dispatches 'from den, indicated that Oernuin prossurc would prevent "Klufoirid from, taking any action even If the,Helsinki goy- (iiorjt desired. . The result, it was believed in ..London, might be an early-declaration, of-war by Britain against. Finland, 'Hungary, and; Rumania, as requested by the f s6v{cts. r ' These diplomatic. 'blows, and 'pouh- ler.'blows wore as'important In the worldwide plc'ture of war' as the reports from the fronts; but the lAttantlu oou(Ile! continued to push the struggle .closer to American •shores, •. :\, .-.•,. • . Horlfn 'reported that Gorman sub 7 •rnurlnos and airplanes 'operating 'against enemy forces from, tho At- jlrthllo to the Black-'Sea and In the Mcdlter'ranoan had: Stink' 11. ships tolal'llnp r^OOO tons and one destroyer In the Atlantic, all l ; orpedoed, , . -, ' • . Damaged three other. ships and ono : destroyoi 1 , all. torpedoed. three of their most famous U-boat .commanders, Including the youthful Commander GuenLher Pricn, ^vho carried out. one of- the boldest exploits of the .war by sneaking into .the,"Britlsh. baso at Scapa Plow and torpedoing the'battleship Royal Oak. On the-land i'ront in the Crimea, the Germans ;sald .that the Russian forces were defeated by the continuous Attacks of the Luftwaffe and by.a new system of teamwork •In which strong panxer units crashed through the enemy lines and then worked in close-cooperation with fleets of •Junkers transport planes to destroy Soviet rear bases and communications.' 'Feodosiya, on the south coast o the. peninsula, was taken and th German units .pushed Lo within 0 miles of the narrow Kercbensk strait leading to the Caucasus oi fields and offering "a road by wliic,.! the city of Rostov might-be flanked Jf the strait can be crossed. Thesf oparations, Berlin claimed, already had sealed .the. fate of the Russiai 0 lack-sea fleet. The Russians made no definite report-in regard to the Crimea fighting, but claimed successes on the central front defending Moscow. Red army reinforcements, estimated aL 200,000 and apparently brought from Siberia, were reported by the Moscow radio to liavo aided In turning back to days !of heuv.y . assault by 'the Germans on strategic railroad sector around Hula, 100 in lies south of the Russian capital. . ' . The Russian that the Soviets the enciriy all •'nhl : -'"''••••'/^*- -IT 1 i—'••• '"' • TT " T 1 he Lall America Heeds i.**'> SujiU throe sh.ips of 20,000:tons off. Scotland, ajl air bombed; ; Sunk or damaged one sl.j.lp off tjic Shotland Islands, air bombed. 'Sunk o'r damaged 30 Ilussl-an'ships In the FUack Sea. in two. days .of aerial 'attacks on Soviet : forces' at- to oArr'y out a'tio'tl'rer. "Dun- ovadOailon" "of .•'. :thc 'Grimdu. of /tliosc. 1 we're described .-as trar\sppr.ts.);•;•; '.;\ . •' ' ..'•' Sunk'a British .'subiharlno-' in tho McdUerraiioah.' .((..'lalniod 'by Rome';) •.At i .,l'ho\sa f rirc 1 tlfiib/ ..^6-'- Germans fqrm'ally. abkuowled'gpd ' the .'loss vof communique said continued to light, enemy all along, the front, lisi- ing. various isolated battles In which Uio Germans suffered loss of men and • mechanized material. Repealed German attempts J-p ...strike across the tS'ara river wore reported throw! . back, Berlin still- maintained ofi'icia 'silence in regard to Lhe Mpsco\s .front, while London suggested' thai HI Her was gambling with his "last reserves in ah' effort 'to break through before the heavy snow's threaten to Immobilize bis panzer 'units. . _ News from tho Moscow sector', however, was' delayed and unusually meager, giving only a vague picture of operations • but Indicating that the Russians were holding their groiind. WAGE CONTRACT J. C. Raytkwic h Armistice Marshal (Cnntinued from Page One) morial. Music will, be furnished by tbq NaugaLuck High school band. Commanders of the di-fferent Veterans' organizations in the borough / •TABLfSHKO I Iff UK I Mrs. .IH. who "\vaj5 The Red Cross nurse Is the symbol: of/the, 1941 American Red Cross Roll Call poster, appealing to all men and women to join their local Chapters Curing the annual Roll -Call. Bradshavv Crandell, distinguished poster rtlst. painted the .poster and Frances 'Fedderii is the model. svhiph'• is Tiddfsh'. f ( or thief,..'.'-." - T ': Iva'-Oimrdia, --while lie tying' 1 a cabbage In' a Brook lyji. n.wrkbt, 'had -jornparpd"O'Dwyer's hoad/to --I't. < * Bui '-L\\. CHwrdla's - main; •. talking ils. -"honest' 1 acim'inlslratlon' "_• co'n- miiQd," pr : 'to ; rdluni 'to' -tho • m'al~ of Tammany Hall.. • INNEW HAVEN Haven', Conn.,, Nov. 'i\.— (UP.). '.-^-A '"new \Va'ge: conLr/icl.' signed by 'ILh'e Uni'Lqd : v Glock•'•'-Workers Union >'{C;IQHmd in.e : New.Haven Clock Co. •tddfiy provhJGd'a'n hourly WHSC in- crQnac of. five'.-cch L's for. .more than' '4800/employe's in ' Lwd- planLs. TliOv, contract;, -uhdor -.ncgol/itiLlon. for 'Uvo months., .'will bo .'effcdUvo .tn\ill : '.Doc/lSi,' 1M2'. It .followed a strike of'several, weeks al tho coni- 'pnny'.plants ; horc and at Ouilfbrd'. ' TORMAYOR TODAY HILDA Little Hilda, now two years o!d, has a brighter, safer childhood than '''her grandmother enjoyed, ";.' .Today, Hilda's doctor can guard her steps against many! of the pitfalls of earlier generations of children..', Modern nutrition, .with its knowledge of. vitamins, minerals'and other food-essentials, gives her; a better chance of having a sturdy-body, • v . The advertisements in .this newspaper v havq also played a .part in '• v sittoothing'Hilda'^path; ,Dad read one and bought/insurance to protect her future, Every day'Mother reads "of wholesome foods to help. Hilda grow,",'; crisp, new frocks to set off her dancing eyes , V, simple, reliable items for the medicine chest when^Hilda stubs her toe; Yes/ the advertisements are a big help in raising a family. They save shopping steps, They inform you of reliable products and help your; doUara piake ends meet. Read them regularly, Boston,. Nov.. /i.—(UP)— A r|uai;tor- mil-ion balloted fnr ,mayor f.bday after a sizzling 'campaign ancl.'-K!.-, .otlier "Massachusotts cities also : .hekl elections.- ... • ,-V Socking 1 n- soepnd four-year tci'iri-. at 20,000 'a .'year, -,'}()-yc;i.r'-qId mayor Maurico.-.i. 'I'obJn (ID) of Boston had as his', chief ...opponent fSG-yoar-old -lames M, Qurloy (D), former thrce- tline -'mayor and one-time govei'jior of Massao'huscl,i,s,' The other crindirlaLcs'in 'tho. four- slclerl,'- ' rio'n-partisan '• cont'e'st-.'were. former',Mayor .Malcolm W. Nicho/s (ft); rind . Joseph ; Loc .(D), School Gommitteeman.' duel'\Social .Reformer. •'. • .'. . / ." '.. - '."'•''•' . All four claimed vie- toi-y; 'I3ql.h • tlio Jiidopondont-Domo- oratl.c, Boston, Post .and ';the nopuh- Hcan Bosto?]' : l-lcrald. predicted Tob- In's' roe'fccl/io/i by a .substan'I.Ja.l' plurality. NQ. newspaper, foresaw, victory for any other., candidate. l ? .'ilr -SyeaUiei'; and' iiitorost sl,irrod ; by a torrid campaign- promised :'to. bring out-fifr [lei-• cent or moi'o of. 1 tho ;-J7Q,777 registered vote. It was Lcc's-.-flr'sl,' mny'oral battle; Tobln's soponcf, Nichols' fourth, and Cui'ley's- s/'xth; Tobfii. bnsod his campaign on his fpur-yb'ar record of "tleoont. and lionorablp"..government while Gt.n'!cv\" assorted'that the issue was "to oiid the: rul.o of tlio'banlc- liifc r 'fi'iiLcrnlty and restore tho fe r ov-' crnmont to .the people! of tho city.", Escaped Balloon ; Has Been Repaired . :Cnmp Davis, N. C., iS'ov: /i—.CUP)— AuLlroriLies' al,. this ba'rrnge. hallo'on cenLei 1 'announced- ; f.oday M 'barrage balloon which ' os- 1 a r vve(jk rigo.aiul sailed .free 1 for cM lipurs. hcoii repaij'cd; and \vould be put into Lhe. air. again Lorn ori'ow, • . : ; _ The'balloon, Lhe oldesl; in service here,.'; received '"throe large 'lear«r in t'he .fop. ft/id small tears, in Lhe bol.lon'i", d.uring .iLs flight a'lid; sulj- .soquonl. landing, Gapt. S. ..Icl'C Barno. I, Ic, .Camp; Davis public relations officer; said.' he ' balloon • \vas one' of t.w.o whioh escaped from handling crews a I; Gump-. Davis Lhe niorjiing of Gel, 27, t.he '.safety..device on, one. baljopn functioned properly, bringing it down in a swamp .near New Horn, N'. G., six hours aliei 1 if, broke away. ' ' C. HAYTKWICII William J. Lalor a nurse in Franco, will net as aid/, to tho marshal. A pin toon of police will also march. Behind them wii be the color bearers and guard with gold star mothers riding in autos. The /Iring squad and reserve o cers will follow. In. the rear \\ be the Veteran organizations and auxiliary units, including Polish veterans and .auxiliary. In the second division wiH ho tho Sons of (lie Legion, Girl and Boy Scouts. A I, the Wai 1 Memorial, opening prnyor will IDC given by thn HOY Arthur K. Lewis, rector of St. Michaels' Church Episcopal Church. 15(1 waI'd Gcrbcr will, read Uie American Legion prayer. "America" will be played by Lho High school band. A Boy Scout will place a wreath at the* foot of the War Memorial. Wai-den Lco".,J. Brophy will read the roll of honor which contains the names of those who died in the service and since have been claimed by death. 'The firing squad will llro it. salute and Buglar .Austin Phillips will sound Lops/ The band will p'l;i.y the Stf.ii' Spangled Uanner wil.h the flag then being, raised l.o full mast. The closing prayer will be given, by llev. Edward H. Mnnec, pastor of the Congregational church. The council, will announce later the principal speaker. Schools oi' the borough will be closed Armistice day, it was an-i no u need 'by Supt:~ Harold L 1 . Chit- Meet your social obliga tions with 44 Sampeck^ social clothes that grace you and the occasion, $24-75 —In "Prep Shop"*-~second floor. Midnight blue, double - breasted Tux suit at $24.75—as long- as our present stock lasts^—the price will probably be $30.00 later—but we won't cross that bridge until we come to it. Tails, too—more formal—$33.75. Accessories—hats to shoes. SILENT GLOW Oil Burners D. Thurston's Sons Ice Co. RUBBER AVENUE Tel, 2269 New Military Tank Plant To Be Built CAST HIS VOTE AT HYDE PARK Members- of ihc Veterans' council requesL all. ex-servico men wlio. possibly '' can, ; 16 march in Ihc parade and aLLendlhe exorcises, The-council consists o'f Mr. Hinckley, John K. OsLroski, -'Thomas Neary, George Lewis, 'John Simmons, Frederick Troslj'Rilj Theodore Aldrich, Hobert Kelsey and VValtur Long. U. S. RELATIONS WITH FINLAND MAY SOON BE COOLED Washington, Nov. /i—(UP)—The Defense Plan I, Corp. today agreed Lo finance Lhe consl.rucLion of a new milit.ary tank plant al Lho cosl, of ^r^TS^^i/j a I Flint, Mich. II, will be operated by Lhe Fjsher 13ody division of General Motors Comp. The new planl- al. "Flinl, was believed Lo be purl of a program re cenLly announced by Prcsidcn Hooscvcll, -wilh an olijecl.ivc of a I leasl, doubling Lhe present rnie oi Lank producl.ion by nalion's in- dusl.i'ics. 01 her defense Dnancing inc)uded t an. increase] from ^l^J^O.OOO to. $12,.; •i78,2'J.'} in agreemenL wil.h Bridge- porl Brass Co., for new fadlilies al' il.s Indianapolis jilanl, which pro- 1 duees -ordnance equipnienL; . .- ; Great Fall River Fire Viewed (Continued from Page One); ,y, another; from • pobr : maintenance of .ec|uipnieiU. Place d man at the head, of,your plant fire' potcction—a man with .ability,, aii- Uioril.y and time, H;e will need all three to do the nece.snry job -of. estabiisiiing.skfe pi-ocedure for em- ployes and, having full charge of dclaUs'' 1 affect"fU'io plants' fire, safely; Good :watch ser.vieo Js*nn -cs- senl.'ial '-safeguard; ; Alert, ..'capable wntjphmen-;fully • Instructed in- what.' to do, ;s h o'u 1 d; m a ic'c;, freq u en t r o i j n ds, but'Triost'.inijiortant/ls ; that they he given'- enoL'igh.;' to inspect'" 'each room' "as . they p'as;s" : :>thrqugh, "it ".uni-1 that • tiiey know whati to : do..if lliey discover"a Ilr'c.'"' ' •'; . .,' r'.wour.d-', suggest ";thai. the ; loc/il factorics'-'liavo- a : lire ;depar(,ifient'';:of their' an ..-up-to-date ' fire alarhi system.. The..,telephone •arrangement- is; not very,' satisfactory in ease of fire. Tho flrc;alarm 'boxes arc '.;too. far '.froni.various - (lepai;t : 7 ments to. give an alarm/ in/ian gcncy. : A delayed a 1 arm could 'easily.; cause n; serious, catastrbplry sirnilaL 1 to the i)ro at Pall : Kiver, Mass.. •.' ,. 11 is -;-thc - du ty : ' of -each and • every employ :';.of each factory to..notify their-••foremen." of any condition which they-mny como contact with'.so i,t may .be climlnaj;^ cd before ,it. 'Is.- too .Jala!; Eyory. flro- is clifferent .a'ncl-.!good ; Mudgcment- -i^ needed in, deciding quickly'\vlVat'-' '"' do "when'.' fire •rg.. i d[sc'p\ercfJi .It; is - a ways "'safer \vhen '.in' doub t, to.' gl ve.« the alarnvat'-'bnccU- ..-.'' " " "' ''"' . • ,. ' C/ity' Directories ; ^ • ^r London ;was.. th.e;^flrist. cit^^.to • pub'- : s lish. 'a.,,city ,'directory-^in' ,i677,^^{hiE^ first one in this country/was/in^.N^w^. :-.db'but;I : -I-fydo Park, N; Y., Nov.. 4—(UP)— : president .Roosevelt cast his vote 'lo•day iiv a township and county cIce- i'tion, -;whilo the exiled Princess-, of • the^Nothorlands, .lu.iiana, look'ed 'on j-witb- ; ih!:ei'est. • •.-.•• .,''••-.., ';.: As Fi'anklin D. . Hooseveil;, Hyde ;Park' fai-mci' and tax payei;, the president identified himself to .polling clerks.-and- cast .his vote in'the green •curtained-' voting machine booth iit.:H':yO a. in. An"pxile from hor' ; own'land since its. conquest, Princess .Juliana look 'ccl'dn.with, obvious.curiosity as Mr Kpqscvelt voted."and was to, 'the .polling booth, by Mrs. • fiOO'RCVClt. ."•A\ few minutes bcf'orc motoring to,.the.,town hall Lo cast his vote ..however, Mr. Hoosevclt was- work- Lhcychief.executive of ;a 'nation engaged- in limited "shooting war" in the ; North Atlantic. I3y, tclc- 'phone • fronV ..Washington, he- received- the last..minutc navy department reports/detailing the torpedoing of: the , U.' 'S. S., Salinas, ' tanker, off Iceland,.. and 'her -subsequent arrival-in port. : • .'. ; Although: IS-lr.' Rbosuvelt",was .in- .fpi'jned! ,of all. details' available' to •the'. : navy,- his. secretary William ; D. Hassct.t;-said''he would have no ''comment. ', - ' , ";' - - ; '; •'. Tiio; .which Mr. ;Roose- yetl participated was strictly;local. Although 'he had thrown • his? pres- ••tigc behind Mayor .Fio'rello H,. La GuarcHa of New York, for re-elcc- tion : -;\vith ; \.; a ^.strong cndoi'sement disregarded,, party lines," he : "n : bt' pfti;ticipal.c Jn;. the Ne\v rh'ay oral'election. - '' ; : '-• •Mike ;l-7 • Masqucrado,, ; to -,be. ovenin's, November's- to\ bc ; welL*^ttendei,I, of tickets, al-: iPtiu). Tou(:.angeau, ichair- JTpVlQJTalri has : nrraiVged }a r ; am; of en tertq i iim en t and: Music AVJ 11 : be -furnished: orchestra.- .; At>out^84>.per cent ot .the , world •procluc'tiou of /grapes' goes- into, wine 'pro^ductiph..'.,, ,In.; this . country; only per cent.of the. grape; har- fo'r; this purpose,^ -:.: Washington, Nov. 7i—(UP)— Diplomats today anticipated nn early cool-ing of the traditionally friendly relations between tho United States and Finland" and, possibly, further retaliatory action ' against Germany for its refusal to .acknowledge this country's claim for damages sustained in the sinking'of the American merchantman Robin -Mop) 1 , Speculation was inspired by two announcements of the Slate Depart, mcnt: L Secretary, of. State Cordcll Hull in a statement summarinin g the United States attitude toward Pinland, made clear..that, unless Kill- land m.'ikcs peace with the Soviet friendship, 2. Tho department 'made public, an exchange of notes .with Hans Thornsen,. German" Charge' d'Affaire's, hi which Germany declined even to answer a note asking $2,007,092 for damages sustained by Americans in the Robin Moor '.sinking, May 21. Mull's, statement -aroused non-Jn- 'torvcntionist Senators. Sen..' 13 on no tf, G, Glnrk, D., Mo., described his warning to Kjnjand "a perfectly disgraceful, thing" and 'added, that "the people' who are now making bundles for Britain are those that made bundles .for' Kinlami" during: the j039 Finnish-Soviet war. Senator Gornlcl P.. Nyc, R., .N. D.. said ;it was'"a terrible reflection on our diplomacy and American thinking. 1 ' .' '\ ' '. ; '• - ' The .Robin -Mo.'or correspondence aroused-keen'" speculation also, duo to the: fact, thai it; lerminated Sept. 2G and.;wasAvithhclr.l fronr the public until now.. Some observers believed this:'was'done because the. United States plans •somc j new step- against Germany. The correspondence showed that: On June 20 ; ,then."acting secretary of state Sumner Weles gave Thornsen; a copy of' President Roosevelt's message to Congress denouncing, the Robin Moor .sinking by a submarine in : mid-ocean as an act -of "piracy" to send to 'his' government'. On June 24 Thomsen • informed NVe.JJcs he- would; not even transmit the message;.; 1 to his government. .. On Sept.'i'9/'Hull offered, to accept from-G.ermany; '$2^)07,092 in U. S,' currency in .full; settlement of dam- iges If, ieildererJ- before Dec, in. On Sept.'.-28.:Thomson replied that ermany'did" not; Intend to ; make y reply to v that. .'. , • Diploniats said: they believed, the/ German action was . \VIthout prece- clc'ri I, an d th a t, -if Germa ny - wci-e in-: tent .on. maintaining some, semblance ' of dfpiomatic relations with this county,.-.the note''".waulrl hnve been, answerde,. even with a rejection. ' ' •-• . ., Snowflnlvc Biscuits Hnisin Hrcnd I ) uni|)l<in nnd iVIinco I Apple and Has))l)ei'r Turnovaj's Ho m an Apple Ca Kuhn's City Bakery MAPLE ST. TEL. — FOR SALE — Brick Building and lot on Woodbine Street, Suitable for-. Small Manufacturing 1 Business Naugatuck Insurance Agency, Inc. Koom 9 Neary Bldg'. Phone 2080 Great Oak Farm OXtfOim IIOAD MILK — CREAM — BUTTERMILK CHOCOLATE MILK POULTRY Daily Delivery to All Parts of Naugutuck Telephone/5049 ' The saving's instinct manifested by our grandparents may be responsible for some of the comforts and advantages we have today. With many of them the home was acquired by thrift and economy, the children educated and given a start in life. N a u g- a t u c k S ay ings Bank IMMEDIATE DELIVERY 1942 FORDS — NEW . 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