Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on November 4, 1941 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 4, 1941
Page 2
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NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS < NO VEMiBER ; 4^ 194| WONT HELP US, CLAPPER SAYS By HAYMOW) CLAPPNll Washington, Nov. 4.—Kvon if Con- gre.MH refused to repeal the Neutrality Act restrictions, tho danger of our escaping further embroiling Incidents would bo remold. Standing on the Neutrality Act will not guarantee safety. We could get safety lor our ships only by calling them In and chaining them to port. Germany has rejected this govern, merit's demand for nearly $,'1,000,000 In damages for tho sinking of the Uoi)ln Moor, which WJIH sunk In the south Atl-antlc, far from the war vso'no, Tllf- I.iOhigh, another ship un- dor tho American Hag, was sunk in tho narno area. A third was sunk In tho Rod Sen., Two other Amerlcan- owiuxl shlpH, uiuUsr the flag of Panama, were sunk In the south Atlantic, one of them over toward Mr a/, 11, These 'uiclderita all occurred under tho Neutrality Act. Tho location of tho sinkings shows how far nlleld naval warfare Is reaching, partly, perhaps, because of tho Increased rango of newer submarines, x x x In a search for greater safety, the Hafcty that everyone wishes could bo •uohl.ovofl, the America Klrst Committee has adopted resolutions urging withdrawal of American .forces , from Iceland. Hut that would not he enough to Insure safety. More tlrft'Hti'o withdrawals would bo ncccs- wiry. Tho only way to koop American ships out of danger woukl be to tie thorn up In port, Or possibly they could cruise up and down the coasts. If wo did that, wo still would find It noeoyyary to get foreign ships to do our hauling. IBocauso wo must <To u' good deal of hauling now for tho Defense program. Leave out tiki to Hrltaln or to hUHsl'a. Stick to tho one question of Defense production. We can't go ahead without ooonn tradlc to bring In materials. Actually tho Neutrality Act ro- Btriotlons somewhat hnrnpor this effort—perhaps not seriously as yet. TUit if Japan should go toward Ihe I'Jast Indies and create a war HOMO there, what would Amorl'eu r'lrsl, , vccornrnend thonV It would have two choices. Wo could go aflor the iriftlorlals. anyway at tho risk of shooting troubk>. Or wo could live off our moderate stockpiles lor a few months and then shut down as materials gave out. Uemcunber our JndiiHtry has been geared to a flosv of' these supplies and Is neither richly stockpiled no.r ready to swing Into heavy oryaU production. X X X In tho Senate last weak, Cireen of Uhodo Island rotnlled some of tho dlftloultlos this government Is having In hauling neoossmry muloi'lnls, A supply of chrome, which I un, tiers land amounts to about yr>,noo f,on« ( Is -at Port Said, Kgypt, We GrtrTt got Amoi'itmn shlpy In bocniiso of tho Neutrality Act and wo have boon unable lo got foreign-dag ships to pick up tho cargo. A supply of ooi'k, vory much wanted by 0PM, IM waiting at Casablanca bocauno American ships cannot go In there under tho Neutrality Act. Amoi'lonn-flag ships carrying loaso- K»nd muturlulH to tho Near K«.sl aro handicapped on voyages around Africa by not being able, to put Into Capo Town for commercial Cargo. Tfuiy can't carry war materials to Australia although they need to go there- and haul back wool and ores. Sorrio Isolationist .senators Imvo Dnon pleading with tho Marltlino Soda I and Personal ATTENDS WEDDING Mrs, James 10, Sweeney of avenue attended the wedding Saturday of Miss lilll'/.afoeth. Uutton Platt ol' New Haven to Woodscm Archibald Calno of New Orleans, La., ftt'tlic Dwlght Place church. HKTUKNS FHOAI HOSPITAL Mrs. Anthony Mulone of Qulnn .street luiy returned from St. Mury's hospital, Wulfirbury, svhere she Ims hecn a patient i'or the past l'e\v sveeks. VISIT IN DOVEH, N. II. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Grant of Mill- vlllo avenue 'have returned t'i;om Dover, N. If,, where they visited relatives for a lew days. "Five Bishop, Chinese Mary Ann Brothers CHH,l>flEN'& < PICTUHES EX!I!RITEI> lectures drawn In connection with National Book Week by pupils of the second grade of Central Avenue school are being exhibited at the Children's library and were co/i- trlbulied by tho'rolloNvlt\g- children: LIGHT VOTE IN CONpLEOiNS REPORTED TODAY Hartford, Conn., Nov. 4—(UP)—A light volo was reported generally today us voters In Gohnectlcut'& four largest cities ballotted I'oi mayors, eounellinen and other minor city officials, lloporls from Hartford,'New Haven, Wuterbury and Bridgeport Indicated one of the lightest votes on record. Party workers, howuvei wore scurrying about, under instructions from their leaders to poll as many voters as possible. Democrats were confident of retaining Hartford, rs f ow Haven and Wti, tor bury, but the 're-election of Socialist Mayor'Jasper MoLovy for a llfth term'at'Bridgeport was oon- codecl o.n all sides. Mayor Thomas J. Spolluoy was bellovud ass u wed of u four Hi term at Hartford; Mayor John' W. Murphy appeared likely'to win a sixth term at i\cw liavGri; and Mayor Vincent ,1. Scully probably will, be re-elected to a second term at 'Wu- terbury. The general apathy was ascribed to 'Urn International situation, and tho resultant "boom" in the four cities, all of which are heavy 1 'ma'nu- fadturltig, centers. .'Clio SQ-callcci' "smjjll lown :>lco- tldns In other 'parts of'tho stale were hold a month ago, with llu- publlcans ''picking' up three oV lour towns.;' V;, f ." . , .''.', • All siclos : agi'6p(l. toddy's elections were purely'local 1 'affairs and that state or national trends could not bo do to rm i nod by tho vote, by ___ v Wil- llum Brush, Donald Foiled', Shirley Tuekuy, Barbara Kolsoy, Ronald Tucker, Dolores Rcoio, Carl Oslrom, antl "Nothing At All" by Gag, Barbara Kelsoy, Shirley Tuofcoy, Vora •Johnson, Jidith Lewis, Anita Marlino. ANNOUNCE IUHTH Mr. and Mrs. Jo.scph Bncklnghain of Bristol terrace. announce the birth of a daughter at St. Mary's Hospital, Waterbury, Monday, Movem ber 3, William F. Fitxgerald, prominent North Main street funeral director, is reported infilling (hie progress in his recovery from a broken fog, suffered here recently. Mr. Klt/faT raid's leg was fractured in two places. He is reported as able to gel, about St. Mary's Hospital, where lie is a patient, now, by the use of a-wlicc eualr.. A . ] ': r ; • •„ MAN CONFESSES TO SLAYING OF 5-YEAR-OLD BOY Cobina and Fte Soldier-Hu V - GROCERY FIRMS FINED TODAY Socially-prominent Cobina-Wright, Jr, 1 ';'and'her husband, Corp. Palmer, Beaudette, look over some of their -wedding; gifts,.in.their suite in the Waldorf-Astoria,. Cobina'i'who has beenvquite busy- recently- in Holly^. wood making; pictures, married ,the w^ .New York. He must return to Fort Benninjr, Ga.; 8he^is|returniner ,to,,the;film capitaL i i i Chrysler and Plymouth 'G,M, ; 0, Trucks 'J. C. Raytkwich Jr, Tires - Aocossories Repairing Commission Lo send ships out for cargoes needed by tliol'r constituents. One of them is clamoring for llio Mar/l.imo ConnnKsHion to hrlng In bones from Ondia, needed for the glue works of u constituent. XXX What depresses nil of us, I suppose, Is that us we look. at the situation which is ot.osing. In on us, Lhero soems' to bo 'no escape. Gom- pietu Isolation Is rendered impost bio by the needs of Amoriean industry, It' i'or no other reason. If we saw no menace in a HltJ-or. vlutory, and wore ready to scrap our Defense program, then we might get by wilh IsloaUon, But Wo know this is impossible. That throws us up against Mic hard nllornntivo of staying out on tho high seas so that we can bring tn what wo must have. And IL Is n. hard alternative because It moans M'ves lost. If Iho British antl ourselves don't come to some understanding Lhat will make these supplies available to all nations after 'tho war, we will have learned llttto from tho costly lessons of this century, ' Morrison, 111., Nov. /i-(lJP)—Loo Jordan, 23, ox-eon vict, confessed early today to razor blade mur. dor of a five-year-old boy. The boy, Wan-en Snydcr, son', of a coal distributor at nearby Fulton, had boon missing since yesterday noon. When ho failed Lo return it nightfall, his father, I3arl G. Sny- dcr, notHlod .'police, who organized searching party. One of a troop of Boy Scouts discovered Ills body In I hick undor- >rush in a vacant l-ot on the north jdgu of Fulton, Mississippi Hivor own of 2,;")00. Sheriff Roy fjrook said Jordan was UM'estcd when It was discoveced hat he had boon l.ho last jjorson oen wi'l-h boy. Crook called -Joj'dan "u sex loi'on." Tho boy's throat was slushed with safety imor blade, the Sheriff aid. •Jordan denied, his guilt for four ours unlU ho was confronted-with plow) of broken pejiuil, authorities said. Tho bi-t of ponoil It.'id hocn found beside the boy's body where ft ha.d fallen from thn si-ayer's. pookot. Jordan's pocket, polloo found other pluco wliluh fll.|.ed Llio found at the scene of the crimi "That jji'oko the case, 11 the Sh said. "Ho confessed and now •very remorseful about tho whole thing. 11 .Jordan, described by Crook as a "mudium-slHod, good looking fol- l-ow," arlml'ttoil luring Hio boy into the vacant lot about J:;JO p. ni. Ho killed tho child "ho was afraid ho would loll on him," Crook said. Tho Sheriff said Jordan had boon released last summer from the Iowa State .Ponltnoltary at Anamosa after serving part of a. nve-yoar term for attempterl breaking and entering. He was «c(/uiltftd Jasl, October 2.f of a rape'charge al- Morrl'soji. Jordan had boon employed by the Rich Manufacturing Company at Clinton, .Iowa, which lios across the, Mississippi River. BEACON FALLS BASEMErfflF NEW CflURCHilO BE .It an- onc Beacon Palls, Nov. '4—R.e'v.,Jeromc Cook, pastor of St. Michael's -church annduiiocd at the ?:aeeUng of the AKar society, held last, evening at the home of Mrs.'.John Duiilun, that the basement of the new church on- Maj)le avenue, will be. completed-by Christmas, sufficiently for the,.mass to be celebrated there on Christinas morning. Other important .details concerning the construction of the new edifice were made knowir Lo the members. .Plans to raise funds for the nevs church are being made by-members of I.I 10 society. The ncjxt meeting of the-'- sociutj 1 will be held at the home of Mrs. George Uriinm" all Pinesljridgo on JJ.ecember'ii. A I, that Mine hew niem- bei'.s"will be received. Tho. committee for lust evening'.for tlic social lime which followed included Mrs'. IJonlan-, Mrs. George- Beach, Mrs. IVuLIi Peterson and. Mrs; Frank Wood, ii\r Tiir crM'UTT 1 ' IN THE SENATE Ladies' Aid Supper TWO PIECES OF LAND SOLD HERE That odd ploou of Ihul n buyer 11' you (Icd medium, Furniture iiso tho Ciltissi- Benlty records at the off loo of Town Clerk Raymond J. St. John revealed today thn I. -the estate of Marry Hotchklss has sold to Hurry ,/,, and Mary J. Sabia, two parcels of land on Hotchklss -sti-oct. Business in the real' estate field here is again showing a pick up after a lull during the past several weeks. ».+ »—.- * . All plans have been completed for tho tho annual supper of the Ladies 1 Aid society of the United church which will be served on Thursday evening at the -parlors of' tho church from 0:30 o'clock, until all those attending have been taken' care of. The, committee 1 has- ar- -anged a menu headed'by a chicken' supper with all Oxings. . A fancy work table will, bo on display with many useful -articles to be on sale. Those having donations I'or the table can present them- any time from now up to the day of tho sale. Washingtoii, Nov. /i—(UP)— The name of Son, Fi'aiuiis T. M'aloncy, D Conn., was added today ' Lo thos senators opposing tho Adminisln (.ion's proposal- to authome Amej Joan -ships' to enter'belUgoreiit"poi'ts The non-intervontl.onist bloc c\ pocted another recruit during ' th ay in Son. Henry Cabot Lodge, R Mass., who is scheduled y to. make loor speech. ' Adniinistj'ation strategists,' how jyor, sl.'ifl counted about f). 1 ] vote 'or the bill to a possible. W agains t, if all senators vol.e. Tlio oppo i'tion cTaimod that ciipugli arc stil undecided to- make defeat .of the measure possible. • .Loaders said that with scvora senators on the sick list and-others out of town, tho outlook for the final- vote was about, fid to Maioney's nmioimcomciii was made un'der dramatic ciroumstanccs.. He ap'peai'od Lo have been virtually 'taunted into it by Chairman Tom CoimaJiy, ID., Tex., of l,ho Senate For- clgn ,.1'lolntions Committee.'". Connolly had.kept the galleries in laughter frequently during a scries of verbal, duels wi.l.h some of the outstanding isolationist^... Pounding his .d.csk. nnd rjeniandin'g that- they, /•^'h'nw New ITavcn, Conn., Nov. \. — (UP) —Fines "totaling 93J,500 worn listed today against six wholesale grocery firms, the Connection I. Food Council, and. eight individuals who pleaded :nolo, contcnclorc on charges of. combining lo. flx food prices In U. S. District Go.urt last night.' Judge .Garr.o 11 C. Hincks niicd l.Jie group' immediately after the plea's \verc made, Those lined included: .. Connoctlcu.t Food Council, $5000. Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co, '$5,000, Naugatuck Valley Wholesale Grocery Co. of Watcrbnry, $1500. . Hnrtforri Market, $1f>00, .Wll'llnm Shore, Inc., Walcrbury, JjUGOO. Roberts, Stoolc and Dolnn Co., Hartford, -$Jr>00. John F. Reardon, Food Council Secretary, ,?i500. Douglas Mackoachic, former director' of purchases for Ihe New England division of toll Atlanlic A •Pacific 1 Tea Co., $1500. John- L. .MacNoil, vice-president, Klrst National Stores, $1500. Chester D. Williams, buyer for First National Stores, $1500. Tho in {is A. O'Dea, manager of the Naugl'auck Valley Wholesale Grocery Co., $1000, . . Herman .]. .Dolan, . vice-president of Roberts, Stccic and Dolan, $1500. William Shore, president of William ..Shore,, Inc.', .$1000. Lester Schwartx, -superintendent of William Shore,. Inc., $1000. .Charges against Everybody's Market, Hartford, were nolle pressed. 1,0 whether the bomber was'..operating in Mic. Atlantic pair6.1 and 'whether, it was brought down by "enemy 'action," by mechanical 'defect, or by weather or other "net of God." Since President Roosevelt's shoot- oil-sight orders apply, to the air, arm as well as surface units, . some speculation ranged lo the extremo that the bomber might have 'fhlten victim to the anti-aircraft lire of a U-boat or surface raider, it plight have been tracking. According. t<v- th_e?',Nt.Uon»V;-»e- isourc^s committee;, .\incmploymient during the depression 1 "cost" the nation. $200,000,000,000, which included idle men and machine!. Clnssiflinl Hesulls . Relieve misery, as most mothers do. Bub the throat, chest and back with ^_ t - _,, time-tested W VAPORUB After Your Bowling Stop at ROBINSON'S DINER OPEN ALJ\ NIGHT Booths — Ladies' Rest Room Entrance... The Kennedy Stove CLEARANCE S ALE O F ; ! DMC DUE TO EXISTING CONDITIONS THERE WILL BE NO MORE CMC CROCHET OR, EMBROIDERY COTTONS FOR SOME TIME TO, COME; ; Wfe THEREFORE ARE 'CLOSING; OUT OUR ENTIRE STOCK, ABOUT IQO-DpZ. WHITE DMC CROCHET '' ' Australian Seaweed for Fihcr. A special kind of seaweed, Posl- donla australin, will provide a valuable kind of cellulose fiber, accord, ing to the Australian Council for Scientific and 'Industrial Research. Uriel's ' ," The Christian Endeavor society of tho United church will hold an autumn party on Friday evening tit f.ho parlors. The social 'commit'tee will make further plans. The. committee consists of .Juiiq Wilcox, Betty Jane Mill and Franklyn Allen. The mooting of tho Children of Mary.society of'St. Michael's church, will bo hold on next Tuesday, Nov. .1:1, at the homo of the president,' Miss Irene Rybinski on • Church .street at,7;30 o'clock. A social time will follow. . That odd piece of fhid n buyer ii! you fied medium. ; , I'urnHui'o, use the Classi- r Honored for Aid to • ' and thai means your .., t estate will need more cash • Tho problem ol providing cash to moot esiate taxes Becomes more 'acute as lax rates mount To guard against the forced »cdo' of estate assets to raiso this cash, consider a Liie Insurance Trust/ The surance provides the cash, the' Trust pro vides^ the machinery for malcirig the cash available to meefidxoi'^/jbur^c>j^ assets. May we explain? In- ing valuable ATIONALBAN sa y' 'ji ow n;i«.n y' sh i ps y o j wnn t sunk..'—,Jiow;.Mnany, lives you want, lost'"..' bGforc;:i,lie. Uni ted States. cou'lcj .10 said to have cause .for war. He coulfl not get an answer that satisfied liiin Troin Senators Burton s. Wheeler, D., Mont.; Bennett, G,' :;iaj ; ]{, D-., Mo., or Robert A, Taft,_B, f 3hio. Finally Malonoy got to his eel. ''How many more sinkings would 'ou-. suggest before we should dc- 'ilarp. vvar—now answer that, 11 ho said, "Yns, I'll answoi.- that," said Con^ naily. "We should talce action when 'tho ' people of .America .become so .aroused that they make, clear tp .the Senate and the House that they de-; sire ."action. .Now,' how about you?" MaJjDiwy, who had not announqcd ills /position,- seemed- stung by the chal'lcngc. He cnided ConnnHy. for i'ntroducing,-a. "Gilbert nnd Sullivan atmosphere 1 .' In. the debate and added: •'.'. ......'.-;. "J. ; am jio.l,, deserting llho policy of anviing merchant ships,, the original rcfju.cst tire,,President made",, of us, hut ib'c'yoridi.'thal, point I run at this .time* unwilling to.go....We arc facing, a d.lj/'flcult. (Je'eisi'on.. J have pi-ayecl ofl-cu.during^ the last few weeks for guidance. As I see the present pro-, :posal,it'.leavos.:nothing, fgr us but to- prepare.; tb-;\voto a -little later for war. ThereTs'no other, choice. "There is. such a tiling as going., too far-arid- going' too fast," Maloncy was so .obviously under a strain, that his Words had a sob- oi-i'ng effect .on. the -gaHcrles which, a few minutes before had been: laughing/ heartily. al-..thc .quips..Coil- ; nally..aiHK-W'hcclcr threw back and brth. •'•'"'•' ''-••• .;",';'"•. Tn ft- 1 sa ir !••'- tl i e speech was,' •' 'm'os t • 97. May Have Been Lost, Navy Reports (Continued from Page One) ' the pos- up in. Jluvana Harbor February jfi, J8i)S, killing 200 men. The Navy did not publish the names of. the, 88 missing enlisted 'men. it- had published the names ,'of the seven ofllccrs last Friday. But it did publish the names of the known dead: W. W. Morrell, Ard_ :more, Tenn., Dreman Jst class, whose body,was recovered .from the sea,, and D. n. Qlmstead, Glean, N. V., m'oman 2nd class, who was rescued-but died Sunday of his injuries—and of the M rescued. Eight of these were injured. ...Telegrams woro-sent, to the next of kjn..'of. the known dead and of the rescued. 'H was understood that telegrams were also being .sen 1. l.o the .next of kin of the missing, saying thatJiUle hope oould be held out foiv them. ..-•-, '. The department IvcpL ofllcials of its press..section and .reporters. «il, ^hC;,N;ivy 'building until 1 after mid- ilgh.t, apparently, postponing fn.lai..announceinont as long as siblc. ... The' ; , a'miqunccmenL disclosed that Jio-.'Jleub.c.iv James/carried a crew of.':142, men,, 22'- more than MIC .usual complejnent' of a ship of her. class. Jip; cautions wbj-ding of S r avy'R," James,annduncempnt .ndlcatej:!. that the missing men vbuid.. ,'n'ot /be declared/dead until hc.i.r/.JDo'.dips had, been recovered or iclc/i'f;'; i-jnio,-' liad . passed. to make ;.iy/ ho'pc'fthat ^they. survive foolish. The Reuben .Tunics was .scnL to 'tlic bottom last Thursday night. The department apparently waited .early today, Iioping that some, if •nol.aH, .of l.he 95 missing had liccn picked, up by. ships in the convoy the Reuben James was protecting, .which would report when they reached a place,, where they could -use (Jieir radios safely. This did not materialize, though the possibility, •that some lingers. The missing include Uio Reuben, James' commanding' officer . and the six other officers. If none : , of the missing, men are, heard .from'again, the American toll: of the sea war stands at J27. Seven Americans,,perished on Lor-: pcdoecl American-owned merchant: ships. Eleven naval men were killed by ;Uio ; torpedo that. crashed through; the side of the destroyer Kcarny on' October 47. The Navy still- has not revealed- how the. rescue's were effected, nor has it. told any • details' of the attack,. It. was: presumed, however, •thai, the Reuben James sank quickly •since, old-type destroyer with much thinner armor, plate thnn 'that carried by-inoro modern war- •sbips. She was 21 years old 1 and 'of..-LJie.same class as. Uio 50 destroyers ..traded lo Great -Britain a year 4 BALLS for $1.00, - | 1 BMBROXQERY. COTTONS - Reg. 8c—5c, or 6 f or 25c 1 TATTING, COTTONS-r-Regv lOc Ball, 8c, or 4 Balls g • '' " ' A ' "Wf ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' —' — •• • • TO1* s^C* fii I BUY EARLY AND ENOUGH TO FINISH THE i Classified vert is ing To Rent TO KENT— Furnished room nt. <47 Ward street. Telephone 26V.),, • Jl-i-dy. TO lUCNT—Kor men only, single or double room,, ail conveniences, oil heal, and conl.Inuo'us liol, water. Telephone -'j7:3G. ll-'i-<J5. Lost LOST the TO HISNT—Furnished' room, able for two people. Inquire Central avenue. 1J- suil- at 57 TO HUNT— One or ^ rooms,'furnished- or unfurnished, single, double or couple. Home .privileges, but no service. Must be reliable. Call between Monday evening and Wednesday morning- only,, ,at UO City Hill slrccl., Union City.^and would have '"decisive .. inasniucli. as.- the. sinking,occurred effect.' 1 ..ttVg. •• •*. :-.;-.- -,'-.- •»."• ...... ;- ; - f ut. ,nigh|v 4hp ; gcjiernl . impression is. •The,..:,iMalQncy.-Gonnally . exchange that jn ; 'the}, resulting, -confusion— vyas'Hm?, high 'spot; of yesf.erday/s clebalic, • which' included-'"four 'blltcr .speeches.:/ • ".• . ' -'• . '• ' "•'••-' .'Sen'.'. WuHcr F. .George, p., G.a.'-^ Neutrality 'isi an""uiil,chablQ n ' concept i'or the. Un'iJ,ed, ( ' iSat'qs; '.911 I ho r^iicl-leapo,.- l-fiw'! threw Uiat. ~cpn- : copt "rigli't: out Hhc. wihclow.".' Pas- ".sagc 'of;.'the poncli'ng bill "does not inv.olve an- -AlSF; 'that can; come, only on •iri^pu'trtgli'V declaration of. (lbn'l,'fbpi; ybui;seJf:^ : •'.. , . Son! Ohnn-Qurncy;, Ncutrali'ty Aol/whsa'disastrous cont- .pr,omt c se.X;.\vj|.;h ; Hitler, ., '.It: not : ..only ; proJqn$ejff/'Ui'c' wajv^but 1 helped, start for' outright-, repeal with merchant,ships 'and..of.hcr wnr- :crafl,' : i ; n. the,,' convoy- ; scattering.-. for, saf I e.l}^r Tr f u r.j,|i or,, rescues.', wo u I d - . b 6 •;extremejy-; 'difil'cuit. f< -....' .' -,'.. . ; E] ( ey cri. ji a yal, : ipiTl an d •/• on 1 i s ted > and_.,an, A rm y, .ofltcej 1 .were /ki J led In.; : ,l,he,;,ci;nsh .'/of^/lJie JVavy ', patrol /bomber. ;,No .dctajjs wc;.'c given of ; IJi Is, jtragedy. Th e, jvJav-y. Depar. t'me.n t .amiouncemenlfsaid the plane, li.arl been- missing ; since mid.mornlng .Sunday ancL.IJiaMha...wreckage and the••; bodies • .•liaye- now . been,/found, at a place urispcclflecL. " The secrecy'i-e.ldlng the- dotajls- of' the. cr.asli ' stirred speciulalJdn 'as AN ALL STA.R EVBKT ALBERT'S OCTOBER OPPORTUNITY SALE.!' A whole house full of furniture for only $385. Yes,'a JM2 Bengal Range is included in. addition to the Kitchen Scl,, melal cabi.nel, rug, silver set, dishes, . Living Boom Set, rug, lamps, end' tables, coffee table, Bedroom Set, boudoir chair, Ip'cd lamps, rug, spring and mat-. Ij'css. Small down payments. . . '. 'due and one-half .years to pay the balance. Call 4-3144 for "Coxirtesy Auto." We will bring you to our store and take you home. No ol>' Hgation on your part. Open any evening.for special evening appointment. Hank Hook • No. -3964. on- sayings department of ^ (lie National Bank, bus' J)oeu' ; lost. Any person having clalnls on snld book is called upon; -to; to present, the same to tho-'b'anlc within l.wo monibs - or -llhc same, book will lie declared cnnccllo'l and extinguished and a new 6no> issued in lieu thereof. pa(0,rl'--hl' Naugal'uck, Conn:, November "4, M>'^ ': ' r Wanted \VANTI5n—A furnLshcU room . In Naugatnck by American.' young. Imly. (Jnnlrally located. Addross Box/'O" in cure, of, The News. . ; AjNTISfo.'— Wpjnnn for atid general housework m. Catholic rectory, out of town.-Address. Box "A" co News Offloc, VS, Custom Tailor, shortened, GO cents ;,drosse tcned 30 conls, Top coats and overcoats $iG.50 up. Phone. 4057, 147 Soutli Main street, Naugatuck. ' For Sale FOR SAMS— Nine piece, dining suite, excellent Will ..sell reasonable. . Goodyear avenue, imihp'pany conciftlon. FOK SAL15— 193 1 4 Chevrolet couclf fki good condillpn. Qill :395i.\ , ALBERT'S Waterbury Bst. 1911 Open Wed.,& Sat. Eves." J0-20-2wks LATE MODEL CARS Will Soon Kc Scarce 1fl/iJ Deluxe Ford Lincoln Sedan, Lincoln Sedan .Mercury Sedan Lincoln Sedan Dodffc 1-Ton Panel 1-Ton Express 1 -Ton. Slake:.. All Godd.'-Ruys FOK SALtS— A 5 hurhnr >?iny ;Por- fecUon oi'I stove In good' condf- tfbn. Also wine press anrr Saticr- kraut cutter: Call 3600 for- fur.lMr information. •• " Iiv3d 7 3 IIJ.'W 1D.T7 JfJ'iO 1fMO THE NAUGATIJOK FUEl Co. FORD —' MKRGURY ( of; thq ^ T outi\al; ; t^;;Act and: an end lo -"h'ni-r"\OfVv.- irieasures.,'.!'•*.,. ' ^ n't tlon ^ '.'.: "ciuarnni.ine p":" ID 1 edgecl I.h c. n n- : leading fn- ,Pr,;Julian.Morgenstcrn J (left),..prqsident of HeJ?roy,.Umon» College,of/- Giricinnati;-at ceremonies'in New York, presents' th(r honorary degree I of.;E|octpR of. iHebrcw Letters ^to.Pau} Baerwald, honorary-chairman of' the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee^major..!!. S. ageijcy : .•;•;'for relief of Jewi5h>ictims''o^war and'Nazi^efee" ' a IT. \ Oldest, DompUc Dojf ' fc Carvings^iff'Egyptian tomfo'sup- port thV^theory' that the t Sal ( uki or .PeisiahJ^gazelle hound^is the oldest known"*'admestic 'dog.' '' Funeral Home : '"-:'," ;.-.»-•/-.?»..., .,-. .. .^ ^ - ••/••• PERSONAL SERVICE 22 PARK PLACE - Telephone '4510 — Opening 1 -Evening's, — Metal Ceiling's ^Gutters, Lenders, ,T~inn)JD0, v Roofing nnd Fjirnincc Work. ; JAMES BAKER Telephone 2555 . 26 Bradley St. Nnutfoiuok, ' •"•-• ' >S HS—Onc rcn Isl crcd • • berg buck goat, . Appjy., WJliani - Kroclel, , MiilyJllo or call -5154 for appointment, ., , . FOtt SAIJS— 1 ::Cnini|y, (J ro6m7liouso on Highland u venue', 2-car- garage', ^/7QO also, : 2 family iO.'-i ; o07h •house- on M/iy streeL, ^500'. John Mealy, ii8 . Ghurcli street- ' teles .. phone 5031/ . '-; . " ; .v ; :r, -^ ' pressed': dally . jjrom- Gel- yours for.-Hallowe'eii ScliIUlgeiVs C5(lor. .Mill on illayen. J'.oail,/: Ais0;custanr A' 5, burner foc,Ufqn' oil, s.dpvq -in „'. ... ., tlon/ -WJnc x press" ahih sauerkraut cutler/ Cull 3600 for fur Pier' ; information. For Vour ConirorJ, nii'd Stop at, .the' CKNTRA;r y SIIOP- or ))hone 2980 To niciit. G Onk KEAUTY appoiut- SPECIAL MENTAL OFFEK New §3.00 per mo.—$5.00:2 months ROSE & MORTON; liic^ 41 Leaven worth, St r ';'• -i!3i Watorhury — » rooin house, ,a)l; hnprovomcnls. 'Lot. 150. Must be spirt!,.Asking room one family house on-. llJ'c/, 4 - Ave. Vacant.;, aj/.,,prosQnt. Priced very- -rcasohable. A.' Shop- 1,_- -24331 - stroct; A 13-room 3-famiiy -hb o\v h'ouso Insomnia Victlmi According to 1,500,000 people in from insomnia. y.- % :«nd^'-l3-frbom '- 2-famnv on Mcftdow street, $12,000; room'3-famlly houso 'on^OarrbH street, $7,800. A 7-room ,1-famJty ' 'on/ the bcifr" ,nearly England J 1ftifflF street or .Tel, 3458.

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