Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on November 4, 1941 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
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Tuesday, November 4, 1941
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ANOTHER AMERICAN SHIP HAS BEEN TORPEDOED "FIRE PREVENTING ENTIRE YEAR---FIRE The Weather Increasing' ' Cloudiness, Wednesday Mostly Cloudy, ^^^^ Mv ^ HM ^^ MMM ^^ M ^ MHMMVMHH «^ta.MMr v *.*-^w«*iM _ ~ __^^^^^^^ l ^^^^^ m ^^*^^m •BIBMB"*"^**^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Vol. XLVI, No, 318 NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 1941 A Paper For The — Home — Clean and Reliable Price Three Cent, COVERING —BEACON FALLS BETHANY BRISTOL TERRACE - COTTON HOLLOW — MIDDLEBURY MILLVILLE PLATTS MILLS STRAITSVILLE UNION CITY GREAT FALL RIVER FIRE RUINS CHECKED Marshal Shea and Edward Weaving Inspected Fire- Swept Firestone Plant FIRE PROTECTION IS CONSIDERED ALL-OUT WORK Firo Hazards In Industry Are Now Considered 'Greater Than Ever 2x1—CillKAT KAM, I-MMK 1-Mro Marshal Mlelmol K. Shea. NaiiKa luck's dynamic anll-flro ouu- wu'loi 1 , ioday in an Interview with Tho News, had thu following to say in regard to (Ire prevention In genoral: "Klro Provontlon" wonl\ which wan hold early In October has PMHH- 0(1 and gone for another year, hut "I'Mro Preventing" must go on indefinitely. I«Mro Protection In I'aomi los working on hot'imse. or Non-Defense, (H un All-Oul-.lnb. A rwolory working on det'etiHO orders must give greater ultcuiUrm (o lt?t flro protection because Its production is precious, Us raw materials, machines, time and products. l»'l ru hoards are grim lor- owing l-o Its production being pushed to tiio limit-laxity in oiling nuieiiinos means rrinrn iiol bearings—overloading of old empirical, equipment, ovnns Hp'codod up HO >vontllutlon is Inadequate result In electrical hnwiulown* and more oluineo of explosive inixlure.s . forming and becoming ignited. It was my privilege, accompanied by Kdwaril Weaving, Hvo child' of UK; Naugaluck Chemical Co., to Inspect Iho ruins ol 1 llui I'MroHlono lUthbcr factory Uro at Kali lUver, Mass,, on Oct. aoih, 1 wrote, to the (h-c marshal or Kali illvor, Mass, and through his office wo were glvon pe.rmission lo Inspticl. Iho ruins. The assistant Uro chlul' took- us through the police guard at the factory and explained In detail llio action of llio factory workers and (h-omen during Iho lire. 'Wo spent several hours going through llio ruins of one of Iho most disastrous Hr"s in New lOngland. Tho delay In calling tho public fire department was considered Iho greatest mistake. The nearest niul proper entrance was no I opened Immediately and Iho apparatus tried to roach the burning building hy way of thu only guarded gate. Not being ramlllut 1 with this driveway their trucks blocked Uio entrance for awhile by falling lo make a sharp curve. Tho other trucks were obliged to smash looks nwl tear dosvn gates lo get in Tho location of surrounding buildings prevented tlie llrornon from actually fighting the burning, building i'or some time, Their (h-st l.ho\t*M vvu* to protoct exposed buildings \\lln water curtains, through tho use of heavy hoso streams and was I lie means of saving several other buildings. According to Iho Flro Undersvi-ll- ors. I'atl Illver I-Mre department Is rated only second to Now York I'Mre department, Wo wore greatly impressed by llio fire station and signal department, also llio equipment and Iho appearance of all tho ofll- oory and Hi-omen. They liandled Iho lire bolter than any other Uro department could have done under Iho same conditions. The way to prevent Ores Is to know how they start. One fouri.h of industry's (U-cs start from ev.-ryday (Continued on. Hiso Eight) Meetings Tonight and Tomorrow Ancient Orrloi 1 of lilhcn-nlans Shophonl l/otlgo NOVKMUBU 0 American Iioplon Congregational Society Foroslors of America Court. Unity Ooluml>lftn Ilehokuii Lodge Order Shepherds of Bethlehem llotary Club ftiKKTINtt NKiHT CHAN'OKI) Tho regular mooting of Kennedy circle, 0. of 1., will ho hold Friday ovonlng at 8 o'clock In Hibernian hall. Members arc advised to notice, tho change In Mooting night from Thursday -to Friday horoaflcr. All members arc urgod to'ho present, .Prominent Eagle WIUJAM I' 1 , K1CM.Y of ilohnson strool, i\o\v ICnfjIaiul or IJtuil/ei- for I he KrnliM-nal Oi'der of Kajjlcs, bus IHHMI tirillhilc.d with tho iinlioMtil innl.v of thu order uhoul 15 yours, EKS' DANCE NOVEMBER 19TH J. SI- .Icihn, cluiin'nan'.of the KikH' 'I'liariksgiving evo dance, Novdiuhor 10th, - reports that. all. plans are ne-aring completion and from Indications everything points to another aucoosst'ul. event of the ftil I program. Hobby Cluikins and ills orchestra, one of the foremost bunds In Mils vicinity, have boon engaged for the ommslon. This group of lino musicians not only know their "swing and sway" music hut individually uro entertainers of the lop class. A 1'ull course turkey dinner will be .served lo those attending. Dancing will commence ut ( J:00 p. nt. Assisting Chairman St. .John on this committee are John 111. Curtln, Udwnrd Hennessey, Joseph- Ulor- naokl, Andrew Holland, Leo 10. Dinneny, lOdward Atiriseh, 'William Francis Schlldgen, James Jnmes liuaty, James Lyons, of Hie. lodge ocicors, Reser- Tor lOlks and tlielr friends i>e made with the chairman or secretary, Udward C. Lingenhold, not later than Saturday, November lulh. Duly, Wriim, and all vft Lions should TO BE FORMED ffi-aiul Kxalled Ruler John S. Mc- 01 e Hand of the Klks lias requested oacih of tlie subordinate lodges Lo Initiate a class of candidates early In IM1. Naugalut'k lodge lias made plans to comply with his request and has designated the llrst meeting in Kebruary us the-dale for tho .Initiations. Since tills is also .Past Kxalt- ed Rulers' Xlghl In local lodge, this class will he named-In their honor. Thomas O'Connor lias been named as chairman of. this class,, with Iho privilege of appointing his own assistants. H Is safe to assume that it will be another banner event. SOCIAL and PERSONAL I'ATIKNT AT HOSPITAL John J. Holhorlnglon, Sr., of Galpin street Is a patient at St. Mtiry s hospital, Waloruury. MILS. MflAOH IMPROVING Improvement is reported in the condition of Mrs. ttdgar Leach of. Highland, avenue, who recently underwent an operation at SI. Mary s hospital, AVaterbury. UKTUll.N KIIOM'N. -II. Mr. -and Mrs. Anthony Slcln and .sons Uoboii and Jack of Homestead, uvonue liavo returned from Nashua, N. H,, where they spent, the past week-owl. . (Oonllnuod on Pago Two) Prisoner Chuckled Over Judge's Slip Sun Bernardino, Ctil., Nov. -'i—(UP.) —Alfred Horace Wells, 3.1, chuckled over the judge's slip e>r Lhc tongue when lie sentenced him to die ycs- Lot-day for killing three persons. Wo I Is, u hunchback, killed his half-brother, Haymond \\>.lis, 2/i, Mrs. I lay mo nd Wells, JO, and a friend of the couple, Hose Uostrcq, .17, because lie believed they hud been responsible Tor breaking up his'illicit relationship with Vlolel Wells, a half sisler. Wei Is. was amused when Superior Juiltfo Frank S\. Leonard sentenced him to die on each of three murder counts and added that the .sentences should be curried out consecutively. The .jiHitfu caught hlmSelf midway in tlie word "consecutively." DISTRICT GOV7 OF ROTARY MAKES VISIT TOMORROW Dr. Hnyph G. Jenkins, governor of Iho aOOlli notary district, will inako his official visit to Naugutuck Kotary nt, Its regular wockly mooting tit Sullivan's inn here' tomorrow.' DH. HAIJ'II C, JKNIUNS Among Lhc absentees from iocal llotary who made up their attendance last week was Clarence 1.0. Jonos who visited the St. Matthew's Rotary In Louisville, Ky. Governor Jenkins will have an i in po riant message for the Rotarians lomorow and It Is expected thnt Nauguluok will record another JOO per cunt meeting to greet Dr.- Jenkins. LOCAL HUNTERS ANTICIPATE A SUCCESSFUL YEAR Naugatuck hunters anticipate one of tlie most successful seasons In many years, judging --Groin' the number of hunting, licenses which have been issued 'by Town Clerk Raymond J. St. John. The local official . each season issues -about 2(30 -permits lo. local followers of -the great outdoor sport of hunting. However this season Lo date Mr. SI. John has issued permits lo. nearly 300 persons, an increase over previous .years of close to 20 per cent. •-.""'' '-.';.''-'' ! '. ' The large amount of money .which is. now circulating among .. '4hc w o r k i n g class in ay be . r os'p o n si b I c for some." of tills, increase';- but .It 1 ;- Is felt that tbo 'stocking -p C.;\vbods ;,b'y stale llsli and game aulhdrities, has made il possible for the. average hunlor to get his quota of birds, particularly pheasant, once in ti wliilo. '• _ _ ' . - . TREASURY BALANCE Washington, Nov.. v,_-(iJp)_.Goy- crnmont expenses .and- receipts for the current -fiscal .year' • through November i, eompared :willi a year ago:- - •' -,'''.::'v-." : ; ; : :.' ;' •; s .'.'• -THIS YEA«7- , —LAST VEAIl— F\nenses ' :.-•••-.•'. ; • • •-•'.. n,432.19- 93(5,100,490.72 . 'Expenses •' ; 455:14. ' Defense . 2 415,373,391,28 ' . . ' 1,835,303,100.57 , . Net Deficit .4 t 7iri,43S;W3i8B. - '- , - ,/;J,3pO,272,525.G2 : / Cn.sli -Hnlnnco ' 97 WHEN DESTROYER SANK Bodies Of Two 'Sailors Recovered; Little Hope For Missing Men ; TWELVE WERE KILLED WHEN BOMBER FELL No Details Of This Tragedy Have Been Given. By'Tie Navy Uy HICHAIU) (!. HOTTELET (United Pres.s Slt\(f CorrcsiJoiHlcn'O Washington, Nov. 4—(UP)— Ninety-seven otlleers and ' men 'oi' the Navy lost their lives when the destroyer Mculjcn James was torpedoed by a German submarine'last Thursday night, the Navy Department Indicated today;... "Of this'total, two sailors arc positively 'dead—their bodies have been recovered.- !The 'o'flier 95—inel-uding all seven pnicers bi- the\.ih;st Amor i : cnn war vessel lost in this war—ai'c rnl.ssirifj and the Navy said it-held "Illllo "hope" for the.rn.i , it was the Navy's 'third" casualt,\ list of this war. The second had been Issued only a 'few', hours 'be fore, an announccmcnL. that-a. naval patrol bomber had .crashed somewhere "in the Atlantic .ocean area' killing its 11 man crow and'an Army oOlcer who. was a .passenger. The llrst ' casualty list', 'had'Vbeo.ii'. . the .n a nibs': '[o f. the. .12; JU ll-bcl .'Avhe n : -:a\. G eiv- •ina'n torpedo ''.struck" iihe 1 . dcstro'yet Kea'i'hy ' October .17^ ,_ . ".'--. • Jf thb i'ndicated". lacubtin James casualty totffl—97 -dead—*r'emal.ns. the final' one, it will bo the''largest. American naval casualties resulting f r' o m' t h c Joss, of a single ship since the battleship Maine blew (Continued on.Page Two) : . MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT CASE In tho borough "court today, tho case of Donald W. Hyde of Park avo- nuc, charged with violation of the rules of the road, was nollcd. This arrest followed a motor vehicle ao. cldenl, in Millvillo on..November 1st, the other driver in the'crash being Mrs. Ruby -Bobble' of Rubber avenue. Mrs.'Bebblc was'-found not guilty of violation of the motor vehicle laws when arraigned today. • ~^, —:—.»..•.». — ~—^ — • KEDS CUTTING JOINREDCROSS 100 PER CENT A record response to Uic"-U. S.: Rubber Red ' Gross .campaign- -was, made yesterday when tljc.-Ked.s Gu-fc-, ting department 'siibscribey^lOO^ within an hour after ' coming to work. . Bmll Dubuc, foreman, turned -in $142.00, representing .'142 ' new Red Cross 'members; ' •<...-' : .- .''''"•''•''•'••"'•'>. •TJie progress of each department in the factory- is-,to be shown- on bulletin boards- .where pasteboard airplanes chart the daily returns. The caption ll l\ccp'.'.'eiTi.' fiying 1 ' •reminds -employes 'that." -all -planes should fly at the-100%';mark;>- .; • ON THE Five of the six policemen appointed -recently by the Board of Warden and. Burgesses arc now- on active' duty,", lopal police^ ''' ., Among '•"•those who" have).; .already seen 'service in thevbl-iiC: of;- the 'local; police' force ; are : ••Frank V ' Goggins,' Thomas Sqalieyv-^illlam.: ' Passeck, Michael Sharon, '-d'n/il'-'.A.ii thbny Ce- '' : ' ''••' . . : >The: : 'detbur : slgn^i n;'iUnitiri; : Cily has been 'the scerife :6f ? 'service^ for several/ of theVne\v" s mcmb'ei:sfof;;the Naugatuck p.olico.. dcpartmqnly^AVhilc ; •others', have, : .bech^Q.o.-ycrl'ng^ "b.e;at.s!! a t'' var'i oxis :.:h' burs'; i % th e- ; s' iibns; ; of \Lh Reported Improved .BtJ KG ESS GEO It C IS Fl£ t I-O VVS m- today, is. reported mnUinn. es.snfler » serious operation at St. Mary's hospital. IJiii-jjcss Fellow is; expected to• rel-urn to his home in about a week. Automobile accidents -arc on l,hc increase everywhere and Chief John G.ormley is determined to lessen some of .the ha/ards in Nuugatuclc. Speeding and the passing of stop signs are two violations uppermost in his mind at the present time. Ho staies'-'thut "All Safety Signs'Have A •Meaning" and he intends to sec Unit observance is made of these sighs. -The,chief is of the opinion that the- situation has readied aJpoint 'where the seriousness of the matter •can no longer be disregarded. -His interest'is for the driver and pedestrian alike, and he suggests that local people warn those coining from out of town that the local police will "oracle 'down 11 on all violations. ' • TRUCK BRINGS $50.00 FINE •A truck owned by the Naugatuck Valley Wholesale Company of AVa- lerlown avenue," Waterbury, was .stopped here Mondays by Trooper ChrJslian of the State; Police Department, and when put on .tho. seal-OS, at'Riverside'drive was found to have . been carry ing an o vcrl oad of .merchandise. . . -. T)Ve' ; case, was settled in the borough count here today, with the compahy.ipaying a fine of • $50.00- to have the"matter, cleared up. Overloading of trucks, is,, said to be the reason for the breakdown of roads, and is blamed for the,.various repairs that each year costs, the taxpayers of Connecticut thousands of dollars. . - ,. • Sta'te "Police -have -been active in guarding-against this. type, of -motor' vehi olc • .1 aw v i o'l^a t ors th r o u gh o u t, Iho state; '-','.'/ ...,.'''. ^Mrs.: Franklin, Hubbcll,; president, - / '!v^IURiCrPn 4 iion 1 ts: Clubr announced today that: ; a food sale will b'e^'held- Thursday at, Culver's : store. CJiurcii"street, ; om. 10:30 a.m. to 5. p-mV-MrsV^hpmas DonncUy is: chair- mW^f^tlic: committee in, charge of Uie^saley';' ; and':-her .assistants, are: |VIrs;^Edgar.-^,Wyatt,.. ; Mrs.;;"Stanley DJ bb lei;"' : 'Mrs. Wen del 1; Bnco n,; Mrs. George.'-Anderson, Mrs. Morris Fbl- VettrvMrsi-; ;Jbhn • Simmons' and Mrs, Naval Tanker Salinas Was Damaged Off Iceland on Night of Oct. 29-30 But Managed To Reach Port Safely GREAT NEW OFFENSIVE BY GERMANS REPORTED Said To Be Toward Caucasus Route for American •Supplies To Russia THERE ARE SIGNS , OF JAPANESE DRIVE AGAINST BURMA RD. Russians, Apparently, Are •On Offensive On Leningrad Front HY ,1015 ALEX MOKIUS (United Press Foreign News Editor) Adolf Hitler's armed forces were reported aiming n great new offensive toward the Caucasus route, for American supplies to Russia today and in the Far East, there were mounting -signs of- an • early .Japanese thrust . against. .(.Jie Burma .The O'er man's claimed .a sweep .by '•Panzer- and dive-bomber forces over the Crimea peninsula with, the capture' of Feodosiya, an advance to within perhaps 25 miles of the bomb-battered naval base of Sevastopol 'and within GO niiles v of the Kerchonsk! straits on a short cut to the Caucasus oil Holds. 'Russian sources estimated the Axis suffered 1)0,000 casualties, in the Crimea fighting. • - '.'•• Bui at the same Uroe, report's, via both Berlin and London said^fihal a new Axis advance was getting .under way in the Ukraine in an apparent attempt to. close -"a pincers on 'Rostov, seize;-the oil ;pipe Ijne essential to' Russian^ meGhantyed forces and cut the'main communications routes to Iran. Reports of' the. Ukraine lighting, relayed by Berlin and by London and 'MOSCOW broadcasts,, were -meager but indicated that the Germans were putting pressure on the new Red army defense line along the Donets and Don rivers in an effort to sweep past Rostov,- Ivan Maisky, Soviet ambassador in London, was quoted as saying that "there are trying days ahead . . but now more than .ever, >ye ...arc certain of ultimate victory."' ' v " ' The Russians-apparently still were on the offensive on the Leningrad front and reported-they had defeated a two-day attack on the Tula sector of the Moscow front 'after receiving an estimated 200,000 reinforcements from..the cast, but at sea the Germans claimed to have sunk or damaged a. total of 50 British and Russian vessels In Atlantic and Black sea battles. The Nazis said that their' planes were continually hammering Soviet forces' attempting 1 to escape a "new Black Sea Dunkirk" in the Crimea. In . the. Par , East,. Australian des- patches quoted Prime Minister Join? (Continued/on Page.-.Ei«hl) 1C. TO LEAft Joseph C. Raytkwich, Jr., has been appointed by. the' Naugatuck Veterans' 1 'Council to act , as , marshal of the parade, here Armjsticc Day morning, it. vy'ais announced: today by Theodore- S; Hinckley,' chairman. Mr. Hinckley. "also announced thai- Herbert J.phnsqn, a past commander of Naugatuck Post", American Legion, wi;ll act a$; inaster-pf-ceremonies at th e World- War ^Memorial : exercises in the public: park.. The exercises will foMow'the parade which starts from Pythian - Hall,' Church street, at '10 a.-m...':'-. .' • •.',.•...-' . The line- Qf : : march - will be south on Church street 1 to Rubber avenue, to - SVater street,, to. Maple street;; and" thence. 1 to th.e: War Mc- Eight) 'V. Has New Position former, local businessman, mid well known',1'esicJenl,. who has neeepled (,he (ii.stt'iet .saicsninn.slnp for tlii-s UM'rif.ory for Dinmoncl Ginjjei- Ale, Inc., of Wa(ei'l)in\y. DIST; DEPUTY OF ELKS COMES HERE NOV. 18 District Deputy G. 13. R. John J. Sullivan, Jr., will make bis official "Visitation to Naugatuck lodge of IClks on the evening of Tuesday, November JStb.'This will be sort of a "double header" night, for not. only will District Deputy Sullivan have an important message for the members from the Grand Exalted Ruler, but in addition, the balance of the."John M.- Freeman" class will J)C.'initiated. Many visiting brothers will be on- hand from New Haven, Torrington and Waterbury lodges and the members of "%7" will be out in full force to greet the District Deputy and'his suite and to pay a lilting tribute to the memory of Brother John Freeman. Elaborate plans are now under \yay- to fete the brothers attending anil the following committee will duplicate the "smogas- bprd" they put onMn July: Clayton Davis, chairman, Louis Comiskey, Thomas O'Connor, Prank M.ulesky, Alex Schmi Is?, Andrew Holland, Edward Aurisch and Thomas Norton. Past Exalted Ruler James M. Wrinn will be in charge of a reception committee composed of Past Exalted Rulers. AUXIUARfOF LEGION WILL MEET TOMORROW NIGHT Tlie regular meeting of the American Legion auxiliary will be held Wednesday evening, November 5, in Pythian hall at S o'clock. Reports on the parley luncheon .held in Hartford-recently-will be given and. plans made to attend the district meeting in Seymour on Wednesday,. November 12. Mi;s, Ann Norris is chairman of llw' refreshment committee for tomorrow's••'rneeling and she will be assisted by Mrs. Ethel Simmons, Mrs. Beatrice Sears, Mrs. Vera Hubbell and. s Mrs. Frances Crowley. All members are requested to be present.- • . -: •' ' —, : » « » — TRY A CLASSIFIED AD ''"-. " IN THK-NEWS.' There Was ISTo Loss Of Life Or Injury Among- Personnel ANNOUNCEMENT MADE TODAY BY NAVY DEPARTMENT; The Vessel Was Without Warning, Eeport States the warning, a Washington, Nov. -i N'avy announced today Naval tanker Salinas wns off Iceland the night of bu(. managed to roach Pori^nfW'VMW,-^.; There was no loss of life''o^^MrV : ;^ ious injury among personnel;" ••>v.;j:..' The Salinas was an oil t 10,800 tons and carried a ment of 107 men. Tho Navy said that attack came with on I. day before the attack on the destroyer Reuben James, which was sunk. No details of the damage will be released, as it, "will be .of no yahic. except to the Nazis," the Navy said. The Saliims,, which.was in a con- voyrwns able; to-'r^acir^porO' dt?spttxr serious damage, the Navy' said*' The master is Cmdr. llarloy K. Cope, i^c assumed command of the on June 20 this year. His is 4706 Palmyra -St., New Or- La. Tlie text, of the Navy's announcement: "Tlie Nnvy Department today announced that the U. S. S. Salinas, Naval oil tanker, lias reached port, in safety despite serious damage incurred when the vessel was torpedoed without warning^ during- the night of Oct. 20 to 30, IttU, southwest of Iceland. "There was no loss of life or serious injury to personnel. "Announcement of l.hc attack was withheld until the vessel reached port in .safety. No details of the (Continued on Page Three) LOCAL ACCIDENT CASE CONTINUED tanker home leans, The Naugftl.uck borough court has continued until January, j!)V2 ; tho cases of the three drivers who were involved in the :i-car automobile crash on Riverside Drive early Saturday morning and which put two Naugatuck youths in the hospital. The three drivers who will appear In court in January are George Chisek .of; Beacon Palls, Harold Murtha of Olive street and Edward Farren of .Cherry street. It has been a puzzle" to local police as .to .Hist who was at fault in lh,c crash which badly damaged the three cars involved. H is said that one of the machines, south bound, hit the rear of "another car immediately ahead of it, and rebounded into the path of the third auto coming in the opposite direction. INJURED YOUTH RETURNS HOME John. Enamait of Gorman street who was .Injured in V 3-car automobile accident early Saturday morning on*Riverside Drive, returned home today from St.. Marys' hospital where he was lalten after the crash.;EnamaJt was badly cut about the face, and at one time there was some quoslio'n as to ; whether or not his'head was seriously injured. Edward Farren of Cherry, street, the driycr of the car in.which Rn- amaiI was>riding, is still a patient' at SL ^ary'j? where he is suffering from a /fractured jaw and a dislocated hip. Farrens jaw has not as yet been set., Dr. Edwin R, Curran who has, ; charge of the case.-Slaled- today, but the dislocation, of the hip has v been /reduced. The youth will probably be & Irospita) patienl for some little time It was indic'atcd'lo.- day,, _• •• ', •'_ ..'_ ^ ; ; ; ? - :J J

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