Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on October 30, 1941 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 30, 1941
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ALL-TIME HIGH RECORD r-.-.mi. .s •*• GERM HAVE STEPPED UP THEIR The Weather 'Occasional Light Rain Tonight and Friday Vol. XLVI, No, 314 A Paper For The — Home — Clean and Reliable NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 30, 1941 Price Three Centi Lewis and Taylor Meet Over Coal Strike COVERING — BEAOON FALLS BETHANY BRISTOL TERRACE COTTON HOLLOW - • MIDDLEBu"RY DEFENDERS OF CRIMEA ~ REPORTED RETREATING PLATTS MILLS POND HILL STRAITSVILLE UNION CITY Military Throat Brought I N °el Coward Is Fined Nearer To Russian Fleet I $800 In London 'Court Base At Sevastopol 1 'REDS' 1 SAY THAT CASUALTIES OF THE NAZIS ARE HEAVY British Royal Air Force Bombs Tripoli For Nine Hours London, Oct. 30. — (UP) Howard, playwright and author, was lined tf«UO and #80 costs today by the Mow struct court charges of violation of c u r r i! n e y regulations on three war-time Involving ,!OK AU<;\ MOHIUS I'ro.s.H Kui'olfjn iN'cw.s Mdllor) Tiio Gorman armies st.npi/o Ihoir attack* wi MOMUOSV today am drove deeper Into thi! Crimea, bringing u military threat clu.-uir to Iho hlK MiiMNlnn Ml««k Si?u (loot ol' Sevastopol. Russian reports admitted dangerous iN'uxi jiri'HHiiro on thu Orel-Tula, linn, 2(0 to 100 miles youth und MontliwuHt n!' Moscow, and Indicated that l.lio dul'oi/dor.H of Crlnuui are railing buck al'lur a ten-illo huUle with the tlormaiiH, In which 20,000 oaMimllloH wort,; In/Holed. Hi-ltlsh oxpurt-M HiiKtfCMted thai, the (ioniums tiro opening up with what may ho a dual attempt this year to hroak lulu Moscow ami obtain warm svintur cjuui'lorH Cot 1 Ihu hundreds or thouHundrt of .IroppH now flghtl.nglon'th.o.'rlntf of Moscow clo.~ I'onsos; :? • ' •" •'• • • Thoy fotd loved If "ElicfJliml ol'forl fulls ttu! OunimitH may hu forced lo withdraw tlu> hulk of tholr central armies west of ?> and other IdiMHluti oUluM to Lho roar, liwvln'tf a powerful mohlle arinoml guard close to Mossow to prevuut the llusslans from raiding. 1 Mxoupt on the fro/it from Orel to Tula Uiu (UuMiians did Hot appear to have made substantial progress In their new attacks on Moscow and lUisslan eotwtm'-atlacks wore said to IHI Hooking to "wear down" the Hermans In an effort to tuko the punch out of the offensive. ' On tho Donets front the Russians olaimod tho rouapturo of strategic heights before Don and It was Indicated that Nii'/.i progress In that „ ami temporarily had slowed down. Humors of British hit-and-run raids on the European continent came from London and Moscow, radio station but lacked (Uiy olllclal eondrmatlon. Mowover, tlu\ Hoyal Air Korcu In tho Mlcldlo Kast launched a series of heavy attacks against the Axlti, bombing Tripoli for nine hours, and blasting four small towns In South• urn Italy In a blosv at Fascist i'uu- torlos, gasworks and ooimnunlca- lions lines. Uoborto Kurlnaool, minister wlth- .' out portfolio In Premier Honlto ;' MuHHollnl'H cabinet,'/assorted in an •' article In his nesyspaper Uegitue FtivSolsta, that tho Axis IH now In an actual state of svar with tho United 'States. Greatest Herman progress appeared to be In Crimea where the HiiNHluK reports loft lilLlo doubt of tho seriousness of tho Herman threat. The Soviet dispatches told of many days of terrific lighting In j which '-20,000 Gorman , casualties wwo Inflicted In the last week. Thu Hermans were admitted to bu advancing southward along tho road to Sevastopol, tho groat Hu^ian Hlaok Sun naval base. Warships of tho .lUaelc Sea Moot wore reported aiding Crimea's defense. MoHln said that Nazi fow* aro streaming south across tho .Hat lands of Northern Crimea, having finally crushed the defense linos on the narrow Porekop IflU.»w«ui, Uu««l«n reporls Indloatod that I he Cit*rinan« now hold Orel, 210 miles .Mouth of MOSCONV, or at least l.ho greater part of the oily, Inolurling th<> airfields which have been transformed Into Luflsvaffo bases. About 100 miles north of Ore*!, around Tula, tho Hermans am also attacking strongly. In tf,io Oruf- Tula sector tho Hermans ure said by Moscow to have lost about. 5,000 casualties in the lost fow days, farther north on tho Kara river The court accepted Coward's statement that he was not awure of tho currency regulations and brokti tho rules unintentionally. Coward svas lluhki to n maximum lino of #17^8 iindur the charges. CENTRALlVENUE PUPILS PRESENT THE CONSTITUTION Pupils of Tirade School, presented 8, Avomio a sketch entitled Tho Constitution," hr the form of broadcast Wednesday afternoon at tho school. 'ho east was as follows; Announcer — Jane Rucclo Washington — Cioorgc Classoy Uenjamln Franklin — Calvin, lloadley Chorus of Voices — Houort T'eck, Thoresa Acfimvla, Italph Daml/ino, Wlina Trallcanti Pct-pi" Aprdklan,, Jqnnlo Pandoll'c. TJireo. Vol(}(jK— "" •' '. ". f«'lr.H[. Voice— Hoherl, Pook Second Voice— Peter Aorklnn 'hi rd V o.i ce — Kalph Damlano Tiie Hrown Farnjly — Mrs. Hrown— Max (no ' Shaffer 'Mr. Hrown — Jamos Sweeney I'U'lly Brown — Manuel Alberta Ann Brosvn— Marcel la Mariotti CENERAWELFARE CENTER TO MEET Chamber Of Commerce Compilation Shows 9,441 On Local Factory Payrolls "CAPTIVE" COAL MINES STRIKE ENDED TODAY Union President John L, Lewis Orders Resumption of Work, After Conference SAYS DISPUTE IS ON WAY TO FULL SETTLEMENT In a historic iwjotinr/, Myron Tri.vlor (Ion,), of tiic U.n ilod.,Slntos Stool' (voi'ponUion,- and John -L ol' tho CIO Uulled All noWorkers,, confer in. YViishhifi ton in a final, ofl'ort, to-, und Urn 'slrikc employed in "enptive" coal, miiies operated hy tho stfjul. industry. 'I'ho sti-ikoi. throal.emmi (ion,, was called hy 'Lewis, (o forci; a. closed shop. , '""'<•.. ; . ; . .'. Phoncphoto Lewis, )icad f• o3,000 \vorUers defense KILLED IN PLANE CRASH Northwest Airlines •port Hits Ravine •Making Landing Trans- Effort Being- Made While I TQ Prevent Strike FORREDCROSS Myron C. .Taylor ' of U. ,S. Steel Corporation Helped To Negotiate Truce SATURDAY, NOV. 1 Hans Nlssen, president of the Natigaluok Oiuncral/ Welfare Center, IKIH annouiieiul that (.hero will bo a mooting Saturday, November 1, at 8 p, m,, at tho Ham I ('ton House. A secretary will bo elected to take tho plaoo of tho la to Thomas Sweeney, and other business of Importance will he transacted. All members arc rcquostod to ho pro.sont. . 4 » +, ,.,. PILOT 'CLARENCE BATES ESCAPED .FROM WRECKAGE Many of the Victims, .of the 'Crash Were Burned Beyond Recognition SOCIAL and PERSONAL (Continued on Pago Elgbt) .siiowtiii A surprise shovver in honor of the Misses Ann Paulblnsky, and Harriet Payne was given recently at SullL van's Jnn. Attractive dinner acts and traveling hugs wore presented to tho guests of honor. i Allss Paulblnsky will bo married to (iustav lilulil of Wn tor bury on iNovembor 14, and Miss Payne will bo wod lo Robert £U. Jean of \Va- terhiiry, Saturday, November .1. Attending.wore: Mrs. Vivian Vcr- HiioUes, Mrs. Teresa Blboau, Mrs. Mll'/.aheth Kosokos, Mrs. i'risoilla Mil- k'i\ Mrs. Gertrude Phillips, Mrs. Louise Aquavia, Mrs. Genoviovo Dorso, Mrs. Junolto GrlHsiinl, Mrs. Helen Styors, Mrs. flulli Duretto, Mrs. IfldTtli Woortaklo, Mrs, Oonovlovo NVhltehlll, Mrs. Mario Joy and the Misses Gongvlovo Pureoll, Uorlha Phillips, Gladys Hood, Hoso Kara- banosky, Alice \Voavlng, Joan Salerno, Caroline Uagloy, liorniun Gau- thior, CJonoviovo OkloUowskl, (.Iconic Hlbeau, Anne Kiincas, Thelma Oulmby, Mabel Harper, Luoillo Vest, Hoatrloe ' Leach, Florcnoo Ilouse- knet'-ht, Hoso Crlstolla, Gladys Du- rello, Ann Solborg, Ulna lOngle, Marlon Tomaski, Shirley Motohklss, Margaret Calo, Tootsle Manglne and Ha/el Sloan. Hy WALLACIC MITCIUSKL (Unilod I'rcs.s Slnfl' .(lorrosiion Moot-head, Minn.. Oct. ,W—(UP)— A Northwest Airlinos transport hit a ravlno 'while.making an instru- mont landing in the dark early today, caught (Iro and. carried l/i nien and women to Uamihg dbath. Tho piano ouino down through HOO-foot .ceiling of clouds thi-ne 'milos from tho •'Fargo, Is 1 , 1.)., airport and, all tho cvjdoncc indicated, would' have landed s'afoly had it,not boon for a ravine, 50 feet wide and 25 doop, which cut through the otherwise level prairlo. ; One man escaped .I'roni. .tho /burn*- ing -wreckage. ITIot Clareiico- Bates of Minneapolis' crawled thi'ough an emergency- ox 11, and tried.- to ..'aid tlio others lyil- was so. soi'iously injured that he collapsed ' and wils taken-to a Fargo.- hospital. "All l' can say,". Bates told authorities after regaining- consciousness,' "Is that ' was' making, an Instru- 'inuiit 'approach for,'a' landing at'ft'he Fargo airport." ,;.•!' The co-pilot, sl.oAvai'dess and :I2 passongors wore killed, either by the impact when the piano pan caked l.o oarth-;across tho ravlhi or in Ore. . • The death list'follows : , A. II.'' Brown,-Billings, Mont. L. F. Carr.. Higiiland Park, • C. NV. Kiiruji, Grand Forks, .Mrs. H. Fordi ..Fargo, .N. D.' J'Jd King, Fargo, !;N. D. H. J. Klopp, Spok'a'ne, Wash. F. R. Lowell, Sprlngileld, 0. W. A. iMit/ger, iVow York. Mrs; J. Packard,'Atlantic City, N R. W. Ramsey, North .Canton, Hartford, Conn., Ocj,,' 30.—(UP)— The state board of mediation and arbitration mot with. company aiivl union representatives today in an endeavor to avert a threatened ;strlke of more than 400 workers at the Bristol Brass company.. : A contract with the m'inc, mill, and smelter workers union (CIO) expires iS 1 ov. j., and employes .have voted to go on strike unless a now contract is agreed upon by then, Incorporating higher wages and a union shop. Thomas Burns, of tho 0PM', sat in on today's conference inasmuch as .the concern was working oirdofciisc contracts. . . A goal -of ."M.OCKhOO has : been set by ..the U. S..-Rubber company for l/hc ...Rod- Cross cnmpaign, to 'start iip-thc; local plant Monday, Novcm- her-8.: ;.• ' ; Jhihes 13> Nitis, safety director, will ^ charge of the campaign 'which appeal this. be ; wlll appeal this, year for a dollar membership from every employe. :-.Adyanpo publicity was launched ;today, with the issue of a bulletin Describing/'the clone by tho .local'-clinpter, 'and the posting of Keel Cross, placards -through-oilt tho plant. . 4 J3x .'.anticipating the Naugatuck /•oil call which does not begin-until the U. S. Rubber oom- expcots. that confusion over :.diYpljcato .collections may. bo avoid- PROMISES TO BE ONE ML JOKE HERE Hy LYLKC., WILSON (Unilcd Press Stall' 'Correspondent,) . -Washington, Got;. 30~(UP)— I 3 ]-es- idenl, John L. .Lowls^-of the United Mine Workers Union JeiO) today or r dcrcci resumption: o( work in, 1-lie'naV f.ion's" captive-coaj^'mJiuts. "and-'snid tiiat. the labor. ; ciJSputc..; wiijch Closed tli'crn •Coiii^-du'yis-afep; ^IS'/'oii. UVc/way Co oombletc-' seUlemcnLI'V,..' '. •;." In a jolnL press ''cqnforbnbo wiHT' yi'on C. Taylor, a director.of;U. S. Steel•'Corporalii.on, who helped lo, negotiate.;the truoo, Lewis said i.hal* sonio of. llio mines would open with .he night;shifts torifghl,- and' the otli-. ;crs as- soon 'as ,;"arrangcmcnts can;he made toeally;": ,.,. I Lewis sald'j' thaf- UMW distri-ct leaders, summoned',' hero for an emergency meeting: .with Jjlm, had accepted the /arrangement0'1mlleaIV cd 11 toy President ; Hooseveil, that the union niui.iLhe-.stuel. companies wijicli own the 'captiv.e mincis submit the clj-spute over the-..UMW's union .shop •demand toy the \)u'dgm'ent .pf the full Defense Mcidlal.ion- Bbai'd!' • - . Lewis expressed "gratiLude" tliat ,"the matter is op- the way l,o com- •pleLc settlement witlioui, substantial inconvenJehoe to'tiidl'Gminry. and ihe Defense program," Mr. Roo'scvell, proposed yesterday in a conference with Lewis, Taylor ami Chairman William H. Davis of the ' Defense Mecll'aifjon. Board, that the miners return to work pending a recommendation on the issue of tho union shop demand, of the UMW by the full' MocJIation Board. '"•i .Tlfc Board's, rocommbndation, New Social Security Tax Plan Being Made WaslTingtpn,. Oct. ;W.--(UP)—Sec- rotai'y of Treasury llem-y Morgcn- thau, .Jr., said today that a Treasury plan to increase social security taxes would be ready for Congress before the end of tho year. Morgenthau told a press conference ho did.not know whether Con- gross would consider the proposed now social security levies before Jan. ], but that tho plan as dovol opud by the, treasury is p;trt of ;u overall revenue study which will Jj( ready within two months. The secretary said l.'he 'social security changes wore merely part oJ a broad program to get' enough money to linanco skyrocketing defense costs. ....,..., «L «..*,'. ••'•::•• Harold P. Baldwin and Raymond W. Paul Named Election Committee SAFETY FILMS TO BE SHOWN HERE NOVEMBER 2, 3, 4 Peter Paul, Inc., Hits Highest Peak On 'Sales For September HONOR GUEST AT BIRTHDAY PARTY Forty Friends of Miss Gertrude Leonhardt Gather at Oakdale Tavern however, would not bo binding on i.lio union; or. the sl.ecl com- wii-ioh operate l,lic oapLivo Lo N/D Meetings Tonight and Tomorrow Naufmtuolc Hay Nurnory As.soola tlon .' \'alloy prnngo HKTUHNS TO. IlAHTFORl) Miss Graoo Dunn, flauglilor of Mr. awl Mrs, Lawronoo Dunn of Culver straal, has roUirncci to .St. Franois' iiospllnl, .In IFartrord, whoro she Is training' to bo a nurso, after boing .tho guost of her parents for a few VIS1TKI.) !t\ Hobort Thurston of Homestead avenue Jius returned l/omo after spondliig a few days visiting in Providence, H, I. A. P. Siinonson, Oijancj: I'^orks, N. D, Nod \>'olls,-Kargbi;, N/^. - , Alden Onsgard, Minneapolis, copilot. • ; .- ' Bcrnicc Blowers, AVelcomo, Minn., stewardess. Many of the..bodies wore, burned beyond;-recognition.'- 1 Among eight rein p vo'tl i n • th o f! rs t' f o u r h o u rs' a f Lc r the crash only one could bo 'identified..]!, was that of ,E. A,.King of Fargo, president". \of. : . . the Dakota Tractor and Equipment Qpmpany. Tho crash '•occurred , at .3 a.m. 13STM." Tho Douglas,, hnd lc(M. Minneapolis'" a I, 1;J3 .a;m.' I3ST en route to Seattle,. 1 Minn. IL-Avas; duo' Tho Naugatuck .NVomnn'.s Gliib will hoar a - lecturo -jjy Geof'rey O'Hara, composer, author and lpc_ turci- at a mooting Monday;.'Novom- bor','Jrd, at H. p. m., In. Masonic hall. Hi's subject will- bo "Now Songs and. Old," and it is :oxpcctdcl thai, a-largo-; audionco' will"onjoy his colorful talk. '. ;. There are. few .-men/ or. women* singers who have not at one-timo foaturorl. in their concert' program tho works of Ooofroy , O'Hara, ''j'or his .songs arc gonuinciy appealing 1,0-' ail '..;. :.:, .;.-.'.•.. Some of his best; known..'compositions arc: "Gi'vo A '.Man-ai'liorso. He Gan, Ride," "The Wreck:.pfHhe : 'Julie Planto," "Titoro Is.No: .Death,V.I'Thc, Unknown Soldier,'" and'..', "K-K-IC- Katio; 11 - • Those numbers:;Jiavo: -bo- oomo almost as folk songs in American music-lord. '; •'": ;;.:'.:. Mr. O'Hara spent four-years .working in. a bank when ho Avas .a' ; ypXi'ng man, after -..which .ho /'.wont/; piv a tour with a theatrical company, on- gaged- .for ;tne Roith .circui't.'.; > : Four..years of -this oxpcr.ipncc gay.o him a schooling on. how' to. get're- sults that*. Is ..refleeted -in a]Iv-of;! : his songs/"' They inovitably click ,witji the au'dionco to tlie^dolighU.'.'qf concert singers'.,-.;» : ••'•i^J't^^-; '^^•••:. , During the •season--- \v'p'f';. ; .;-:i9ivi'?:Ip; O'Hara spent;some;.time.'as a musical; • Bi.ll' Joyce,, the: well known Now I ••Y.tfrk-.'Jn (\ us trial' 1 ' 'ph'o togrn plior, is a t the: plants' of the-Naugatuck Gh'oin- 'ioal Co 1 , "here • .this week 'taking '|sliql,s" of. the op.-rations in l,ho ro- claimod. rubber, doj.irirl.mont, the rils- io'iis . s'octioh,.- tho lotol, spction aiul. th b - va r I bus' ch pin i ea I procossos h'iV!. : tlie-.:cliejnlca;i'.cnyision. ' . Mr.; Joyce is..'raiikc'd- highly.riif the wdi'ld of photography, and .has boon the chief/photographer foi many, years, for McGraw-Hill, worlri famous . publisher's, of ..'Industrial oa.tal.qgues, etc.! which road in, the maiiufactur- •p ; er(oclicajs, are^-Syidcfy: •hal'dv.a. similar position 'with orcl-. Mo tor. : Company, at -the >'o i-k "* Wb'i-I'd 's "Fa i'r . wire re ho phbt.o'srapbcci .many 'of .tire celebrities,; of: the world, who visited the- .,F;dt;cl .bui\Uihg ( ..-'j\ ; liv- ! Joyce has ' also beon 'awarded: ntany prizes: Jn ya ious liho'tographic-competitions'held arid, gained "valuabjbT _...,..„,._..„„ „„, i i s :T la ter : w.brks". \yh en- • N6 \yl o n i.: Baker,; appointcfr-him r one of^th.e ' n -* L ' J '-- '• song leaders.'?, ':•:! \'^ .i • .TJiox\, ; K T aii ; ^a.tuclc'.., ; Wom 'eels 5f.-vwi 1 r;.'bo"'a',Vni t .iY.iIelffe^tp/lfea]^ (Con tin ubcl o n: 'Pago ,-.Tw.o) ; fpiiward; with-inter,est-'tP:-yliiis v cdiri ' r Oct. 30—(UP)—Gov- :.ernmpnt expenses -and j-ccpiiVts.; for t|iG^cui;];eht,,nscal|;yoar thr.ougli !0cr tobor 1 28, com parcel \Vilh a year ago YEAH-C . -ILAST YEAH— §871^(53^920.37: '' ncficit : -Giisli' ; nnimicc oilhor jmJi i.cs inincs. Tho Board'wi'M,moot tomorrow begin formulating 'its decision. Taylor praised , L'OWJS' "broad, and cooperative attitude,; in a 'difficult- situation in a." •time of national peril" . . ;. ' ;..-. ' : The two men. : shookUiandS: at the close of --the conference.. : '•'.. "J have to ''announce/ 1 -.'Lewis said In- opening the . -press conference, "that the United^Mine Workers conference on : my, recommendation, has accepted tho arrangement indicated in the President'.^ letter of. last night to Mr. Dalyi'sV-' • • j "The Min'es will reopen just as fast as arrangements'^ can bo made loca/ly. The night-shift in many instances will reopen tonight. ' "1 may say ; tjiat-the''entire basis of this agreement' was the confer- once between Mr ; 'Taylor and mo yesterday. Oiico 'again Mr. Taylor and I.'-Jiave been ,-abie- to re'nder.-'a- service at a time when it is in tlic nationa 1 intcres't, and in '.a .mannor that has socurod 'the gracious, approval of the President. : "It may .be .,recalled that seven years ago : Mr'. -'Taylor .'and- I settled the Captive Mine controversy'-of .103^. . •....;..-".' . •'-.. .'.-... "In later* years wo "sub'stantiaily negotiated- the .'contract covering present relation's in the steel Indus-, try. - r '•'•' .-.:.'. •--.. ' -\t lhajr time I stated In a. public statement that .Mr. Taylor is an inr dustriai,.statesman'.'. of' farseeing . vision. I reiterate that today. v ,, I want-^t.o 'express."my;'gratitude' thai the mattpr - is^on; tlie way to;, complete ^eUlemont. without sul) r stantla? 1 .; i n con yen ie lice tp the coun- tny .and.- 1 the defense' program.": ! , jTcHylor, who . stood-, besidci in;" the':, : ;''sm'a'll;rv. : .JidteI. : .: sittin : g vv.herc./ tlic> ; poh'ference; was shook liis;Hand;^saying:;,; , Miss Gertrude Leonhardf,, of .\ 7 o.w 1-favon, a former rcsI/Jenl, of Naugatuck, was honored by nbout forty of her friends at the Oakdale Tnvoni in WaJilngford last- evening on tho occasion of her birthday. Tho gathering enjoyed a turkey supper and during tho evening Miss 'Lconhanll, was presented with a pin-so. Mrs. Timothy Kearney of New Haven was tho hostess. Those attending tho party from N'augatuck wero Mrs. Max Leonhardt,. Mrs. Olive Greenwood, Mrs. .John BrodoriekvMrs. Margaret Bran- neis, Mr. 'and Mrs., .lohn .Thurston, -Mr., and Mrs. William Thurston, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sullivan. The following wore present from I\ 7 ow Haven: Paul Kearney, Mr. and Mrs. Moore,' Mrs. Daniel O'Connor, Marion O'Connor, Bee llayden, Mrs. 1L Hughes, . Mrs.' Mario Veu, Mrs. Ann Reynolds, Mrs. Rose McDonnh Sadie. Barry, Mrs. Catherine Bra> den, Mrs. Catherine Griffin, Mr. am Mrs. Timothy Kearney, Nellie .Lynch, Sarah llayden, Marion Koar 'ney, Gertrude Loonhardt and Will lam Shady, ' <AJso attending were Mr. and Mrs Wiffam. liaukat of Beacon Falls, Mr and Mrs. Edward- Sheeny and Mr and Mrs. Mark Tlcrney of Waterbury and Mrs. William Erwichcs of Bridgeport. RETURNS ARE DUE Thomas P. Grinin, head of the Jn- 'ternaL Revenue Office hi Waterbury, has announced that tomorrow will be the last day !,o file returns on federal amusement taxes. Under the .new revenue act, in effect since October 1, all- operators of places having slot and pinball machines, billiard tables 'and bowling, alleys .arc required to file lax .returns in the post office building. 'A' yearly tax of §50 will be| expected on each slot machine^ and $10 each oh the other game devices and bowliing alleys. ' Figures on employment compiled by the Naugatuck. Chambor of Com- morc'e revual an aJJ-tfujij high n.Miord- for Nn ugntuck, with ,-» l.oln) of !),.!/,}. worliorw • engaged - in local industry. Harold P, Baldwin and; Raymond AV. Pa^ul havo bcum-namod as iho election coinm-Hloo by tho Gh.-unbor of Commerce to bnvivcharge of tho. ballots cast in Ui«j prinmry ol-ocl.ion of members of the boani'o'f dfroc- tors on November :i and will also conduct the Una] o.loction which will be held on November JO. Miss L. Squires, secretary of the. local chamber, announco;/- today that invitations havp boon issued to members of:..tho Pross, borough ofJU ftinls and the. Chamber Safety Committee to attend a private showing of Ih/j safety, JlJm "One, Two, Three —Go!" at the'Gem Theater tomorrow afternoon at J o'clock. This Him wiM be co-fentur«ii will) lh<> "Our Gang" safety Him on November 2, .;} and h at a public show, ng in the interests of l.rafllc safety. Among tho items in Iho Chamber of Commerce News which was issued -oday appear Lho following: 3 lfiTBK PAUL, INC. Peter Paul Company roaohcd its i/ghesUpeak of. business in Sop torn- )er, J'.MJ. All selling records wore Broken in practically ovory division. Their ividio advertising, which is on a na!,i:onal scale, is now boing extended. Til 10 J. M. RUSSELL MPn.-CCv Kortunntely, Iho lUis.soll 1 Company has contrncls wil,b such government agencies as tho Army in connection with buckles, and l.ho Navy for chain to be used In ship construction. .Despite 'Ibo drastic curtailment for civilian use of such scarce metals as steel and brass, l.ho firm is enabled to maintain opor«lion,s by tho aid of this defense work. Till-: BRISTOL COMPANY The Bristol Company is supplying a number-of .Diesel tingimj Pyrometers . for battleships, submnfines, destroyers, cruisers, sub-chasors, and seaplane tenders. These aro new typo pyrometers designed especially for Navy requirements. Tni5' UNITED STATICS RUBBICR CO. In line with Presi'donf, Roosevelt's message urging a reduction of the accident rate In ihe interests of national defense, tho U. S. Rubber Go. plant has intensified its safely cautions. Inspections by the Safety Director and by local and stale officials pro- v.kle a continuous, check against health and safety hazards. Bulletin boards are regularly supplied with posters and informative literature to help the employees improve their record as "Ihe safest targe rubber plant," In the country. —BUSINESS SURVEY— lire- September JO : U Telephones — August J!MJ. .'},000 September 3,582 TWO- 'KILLED. ^oslol Receipts' $8,283 ' $7,202 $0,7,30 avings Deposits— : $8,009,0)93 $8,035,582 $7,180,002 Gas Consumed (en. .ft;)— 7,522, J 00 .0,851,500 7,5M,800. Rlectricity ..-(k\vh.)~- f^'i 't fit^ri r:oQ F 74^* /n/ jn/* «>/-/,,)JU .3io, ill) 'l!M,1l)lJ 'iG Real Estate Transactions recorded. 0 New WAtor Services Installed. 9,44J .people employed in .-Nanga- tuck's industries. r MOTOIUST AIWESTEn ropn -.;•' Saugusi ; .-Mas3s.,;.0cl.. 30.—(UP)—Returning from a horse race track, William F. Cbardon, 21, and Edward F:: Brown, -23, ,.both; of Winthrop, were kijled' ; .instantly when .their autp; struck two steel; they attempted lo. round; a bigbway 1,raf- Torrington, Conn., Oct. ;30.—(UP) —Donald K. Bentley, 35, Harwinton, was held today on charges of criminal negligence a'hd evading responsibility, in-i connection with the hit•run,-.'death Monday night of Omar- Gouturc.. : ,I3 on t.l ey was traced: through, a. ^JDroken.-.JiGadlight,, aiirt; allegedly admitted/ li(i*>vas. of: ill c,: car. ;^££^g.' ., :.- ; ;;-:t : fe:^^St;i^^ "^i;^^

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