The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana on March 6, 1926 · Page 30
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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 30

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 6, 1926
Page 30
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66 HUNTFIX'Tfoe.News.OO Prize Contest Starts on This Pa see MONDAY Employment Help Wanted - Male pes ebsnces; lead furnished. f.rtUM ropruon : must own automobile; 60 per cent. wmn!inn. Advance EroMf' Co . $wi - 4 E. Washington at. SALr - aMEN To nso4; mn attract - tin f of asphalt rorfU - e - . omd " tho payment P'sn Add l" - - V953. '" - .. SOLICITORS For newly utfnld kitchen tool. Sell on sigfet: 1 W pront. .! nprinc sod territory yoa can handle. Add Brt7073. l, - - TaLE - MAN WANTED For specialty work liny c - iy grocery and drux - trade. CnmsiiMim bast r - ? - rnjc. age sod rrinK. P O IV 1 gS. - Salesman Ws esn use t bixh rrsde Ford sale an. Salary and commission to the rght man. Call Mr. Gaunt. Roio5pa 6 - 50. for appointment. NORTHWESTERN SALES CO. Authorized Ford Dealers. ' 1 ynrttwxi - Tl n. st aotH. IaIXSMAN Radio 'La sod partt., Midland F.iectnc Co . Transport at 'QQ beg. . Salesmen Two ajrfrressive, high - gTvde rpe - ei&lty men. capable of earning fbJOGO to 510,000 year; now em ployed; a - i references require. Aire 27 to 3a years. The National Cash Register Company 125 South Meridian St. 4 A L j M N" H a ve a good proposition lor 2 mm. Want men that - ran prod 'J M aj - wi'hr.x to work. Raodolt h 973 bo - 1B ft and 7 p. to. f A Li.; MAN Part or fuil t - ie. Ambitious, "Protestant. See m Sndar between 5 and 4 p. m. Wf day. 8 .30 to 1 P. n - Lead fumiihfd. Doubt your tDm. No fwa - f1Kww. Room C5?f, 17 N. Meridian. Salesman KEAL. WORKERS am iitral ?hnar fSorfcla ornt rr in Indiana. T. aao ata4 for old rwiiawe wmpany Mr, Wna - ht. H'jm - XiMit3r bkir - wrrit. Ouarant twrnntfr or mwT tc tt Slr. Rpd rrtmti'n. Ejtro aty. - w t?n!t Co.. Olir RadkI. la A Li,5 .'J i N To r'jarn i mo'a nU rs1 trteoat at 1 13 50. S',J m r'rtt. Iirral 'Iraw.' mnimnii. Earn S75 - fI2 wkv!y. ProttJ territory Wrtt tor tr MmpM outfit. Kennedy Salesmen. Two On rTinfniMi1otj Drfrb!y trvr 25 yar. with rr. to aril antoinabtl ln - argm, A real pporto - nity ' IhJa apri tw arortrf . Se JTraok Xetsrer. S07 Varanty iwj e t p rVtvd in !iira: tb farm trmAm. Erint opprtoniiy for man who ran "jfy. Th Inno Oil ad Paint Co.. aTiToe 8AXtifrS rrw fimAr inmmm - liirr . omn a. rhilrt m aioa inrt to wrarrr; nmpVt tn: avrtuai jni.!; atrani . - ioiDiaiona. Bloomer hw C". Alton. 111. Tool and Die Makers Marhlna ofrratora marnencrd on tool orlt. tir fuiJ partumiara in ftrat kHtr. Tn Cola. Vim. Tool and Jtacitia Co - C - ' Upholsterers Wanted M rood rtuff ur - olaf - i - ra. Plain atraJfh l overstuff worV. Steady work yar rfjrx1. JM - t ma at Waahfnarton botfl. Jrid.afiatKiUa. Ind at S o'riock Tuaaday feumt. Karr P. for fuU p!sjna.Uon. (SixoMl) K. It. I Bob) An. imno. atraicht ltm yar thrtittrh War t ohoUtfrtnj - Compwiy. S43 Si. Xaio at, r""!. I". - "Tor flown town offt hkSf. Call Iln 34!7 iDVT Jn ior onrrallon: : enarnod: to - aJUon - j i np to at mrr S120 TRtSTATK EMPLOYMENT SERTICZ. t'T t National CUy Bank bk!r - kEAfc"E - TATE. Expartrnwd MlR)M in old ratablxaiwd g nrl oBi to tak rharr of aalw partntn. Oood opporlaruly . Addrea Bo DISTRICT SALES. MANAGERS WANTED TO MANAGE DIRECT - TO - FARMER SALESMEN : Only on in a crrat white ta tbm pmpoiUon ofTrrnd of ral laattnf mart l that ftmn wlUt It opportu Vttr for itraaant, rrofi labia year - round pioyront. If ru run fit thm followtny pl - fS' - ationa and w aJwt joo. It will ovran frilirr in nr w Arid, yrt on of th laJ - fat and f aaloal growinr Indctatrtrw of lh prawmt day. and a a manarrr nM front tha atari. At rliranta mu.l Jlr or mom into Urr ttortra outaido of Indianapolta. Thia Trry altrartlr ajd proHlahl Hrl4 of work In manacina; a rrw nf tnn markrttnf mtnrraJ forda for th Moorman Mf. Co, who m - il direct to tlofikman awily. Spciflttona: Totl mnat ho ahWfto . p you ara thoroothty hont. afaady, do not rhany poaitiona often aoJ have rral mnarrta4 abtitty. II la not nrxwMary that yoa hao had aia nanannt or rrao acthnr rf1ni. Ear "iprtn ta very fWiraMo. ae ail of r product a aosd dtnwt to fm wn. If you fryo ran morl tno tonlro enta. WIlrTE H. K. MComh, 8131 IlUnoia at, Indtananolia, lod. BRANCH MANAGER trrt nmn of (ta kind In lha world baa an orntn for a ae taonrd so. nil, lrorf praoni produ r. per. rwwd In rteotlrc trajniny and dlr n n forrw of fnunf mtrrn to ii - t aihnr to eon.imer under a le plan that neree falla: rvtabhahrd offioa with thooaanda of rtmtoteera to tndianapoita; man nul prore aNftty and cbarartrr and Snannal rnt!iWii; nvnwettAR ta permanent nd la worth J7 AV rraHy to rtyhl tno for inte taw with fartory rvsnrcaeotatlva fuij aeeoanl of riperteoeo . refe neea, addreaa and pfeon. Addr a Box 7073 w. - , JIti.IV eTSnx pi enabtea ait with pra . twal laniiwpe. rarriemnr. real ei te cm - ire aeMtrr expel arH of SA.CH Wfl a ye r. Ijindtrap plan fa nd free. IrKt maearer prvpoat ton aei'Me. wnU tm ijatly. Rw RrvlSe Co.. Ceea. S, T. . rnAWJMICtWMtMarhowlU manafao. turer warsta the aerr t.i of a reliably o - ommeft a n't u - - e.'ul apenaUy ae. man. The prMvt la a new enmponnd for tee aim atonotlve brake bmnr: t eaaily aooited. and rapd?y newninx an acknowledged pe aaary jtem of equipment h tirhout tHo motor fleet trade. A new eotooer la alwaya aeaoreil of aattafartion by the eondittonal a!e elanae and 1 not reouired ta ako aalanoe atepomt. Thia t a fft. wuad moimtaeioo proposition and. eyeira la abort pve - of tune lolo a K;rMy remnneraKra ant permanent eon - ' enHiM. Adiipeaa ti. M. Virlua. 213 Eaarx t . rVnaton . MM. for REMVrirvSni f largo I ra. Apt't tn I'd!! Wpr., AUTOMOBILE SALESMEN W need a few bh f raVs men in our ned car denartmmu A wonVKnl propoaaKon for mm who are wiiiinr .lo n - k. 5 Mr. llayn. Haynes - Schmidt, Inc. 17" n W. Sort at. General Machinists and Iathe Hands, Internal and External Grinders. Allison Engineering Co. SPEEDWAY. IND. t itr icT M an a li E'riTSrowiirTrSK: ll.UPH will appoint A few tnexperenri aten for rity work: permanent poatbon with steady in o sod a thorough trau frg given lo wore? while een; can aitrt, So a Jr and no acmrdrnx to stx.iiy snowa. inquire 134 E - Market at.. JSooas 4C5. - itC LI 1 V E Or ) hoe "aalraman. Large emcern Ks cpenmt Jor hastier esiUn on xrnerl atwrea. hardwa and var ty (! e - . jell tiura'Bam, glass, enamel ast e - ,jeei5wa ; a!o beet lino of pre uu deal on the market. Attract ire free advertising for merchant. Liberal c nus - s'ons paid weekly. Only proven uW men need sppJy. Eagle Sopp'y C. St. Louis. : MO. 3555 Tinner ACUs. a. helptr wanted. 32$ . J - Employment Ilelo Wanted Male S3 tTTXE&At AGENT Young, 'ree tn trsvel. ssiary and niwmn. Mr. Zook. WiUrnn' haul Satrmiar Sunday. WAVTLD A boy lo to 18 year - of axe for tn:Unr departi - cot largo corporation. 'Apply by Hiw. AdV Bo 7w News, New Car Salesmen We have several positions open for men with successful records of selling; wonderful proposition. See Mr. Hickman. Haynes - Schmidt, Inc. 120 - 22 W. North St. TAk't ORDERS For coffee, mgmr. Hour. meats, canned rood. staple xroeer tea. also paint, radio set, tire. uto and Tractor mi. No capital or borvj rvui 1. We Isrrr avf - j; - - t - P m it boMiw. Kx r.y. W - tl - at nc. Ultcbock. - KlU Oo rrt. 3C2. O i' - ato. iia DAJL.Y Wa atatrt rou ta auto twa. E.rtaiie territory. Motor Prw?Mt 0.. Lul ,Chito. bINoUi. MAN Aiwi rouoter e - rrww - e ; 1T refrni - AfMre Bo 6o.W. Kewa. fc!NciL MAX On mtaa'd farm. ? aotJea onstk of IrxJlanapolia. R. B. 1. Box 44. Fono Sonthport 4 R - J. Men aniraoted J40 weekly acalnat mtnmiMtona. Retaiie hfe - wj novelty. nood nm make JtJOO - D. Applet an C ra - fe4ion Co. CHtr RarHd. Iowa. WAJTEt - ateat lanatf - M - t. tTwctor equipment and t anda on rrain rent aharea; , aectton lOO mlkw north. A Aire Box 7015. Seal. ' " Fifteen Good Boys - With or without bicycle. Apply Mr. WU - aon, IS V. Merl.ln. ' ' PAIKT SaCESMAN W want ooo roan of peoen abty in Hty alea and wh - M wtlilnc lo tnreet S7CMVS1.00rt to a frow - trr tmwnew. Addre Box 7052. roCR Men wtUiu to work under lev troK - fioas from eapnbio manager on nr - CTliUon eric in oty. BO experteri'O neeary; poattion will pay S34 woakly Dwaed on prodoeuon: alao oeod ooo experienced duo an aeaiet it maaer.Caii today and totnorr ow. Room 427 Feopwa Bank hilr. - - ' ' : FIRST - CLASS GLASS BEVEL MEN Experienced on small work. Best of earnings and work ing conditions; also steady employment. Write, telephone, apply in person. Em ployment department. Chrysler Sales Corp. Dayton 0. : ACCIDEST IXSLRAJiCE MANAGER Wanted for mootniy payment iwuon otit. So eatabltabed boaineoa. The man wo want niiit be abl to corn fi.OOO n rear or more. 1'nuauaJ axenry mrr ttifenwuU with TaJuaWe homo offtoa aatatanoB i sffemd ta rta - ht oarty. Homt off ire rfpnv entaUro will ahortly TWHt territory for rarpoM of maklnc appointment. Girt all oarttcola about yourseif. Commer - eal Oaaraitr Inenranee Co.. Kewark. H.i. KTTYCUrtt N'GCSM PAXY A whlto drirer. Ford dellrery truck, ex pert en ceo to aoIiUna new buSneax: no outer apply Arid .a Box 70&4. New. MARRIED MAN On farm: "not airaid to work, wanted, at onoe. w mim wm Stop It. Qteenwood line. Mr, Howell. Experienced Top Builders l. i.i...Tt. J!.. on jjaDnoiet uoaies. Robbins Body Corp., Division and Morris Sts. Double Your Present Earn ings With Me win train S men hero for pera laoeot Indiana territory. Salary, bonua and ex - penaea te etart: Rlbt man onaJirioa lor niatrtct manaxer ahortly. Wnt men will - iny to be bonded. With tnacbino prefer ably. Ko eolircunx. "io yoanxe. oniy truatlera need apply. Telepbooo C T. H ra . Uneolw hotel. V AlvTD - - Firat - ci aa aticker hand who ran art tip. rrtnd fcni ana operate ma - rhino. None ether need apply. Add aa Hot 7014, New. Young Men wo tike to draw and hx ond eloped talent, chance to make money diirtsc naro tloie. Add re Rex RO01. Nawe. WANTEI A rood anechante who playa a aaxopbooe and xnowa - metninr aoooi amp hone adjustment and repair. A rood cpportuniiy ta open to warn a man. Write rlrtnC eafci New full detail. A4drea Box Sol icitors. Canvassers. Aftnti S AGENTS WRITE FOR FREE SAMPLES. Sell Madtaoo "Botter - Mad" eaurto tor larr aaaoafactur . hrort to wwarar. Mo rarxtal - or expertaneo raptured. Many aa IlOO weekly nod bonua. Mndiaow MuimX SO Broadway. New Terk. A7TEKT5 $S00 monthly eaay aelUn mar - K rn: nw dtacorery; y I box eoualo 3 ra'lona caaohoe: proeen mertte: roar nam pn cana; 300 per cent profit: wrtto quick. P. A. Lefeb o A Co.. Xpt. U. AViandrta. Ootorto, Canada. AftENTS MaVo a dollar an hour: aell Mendeta; a patent patch; Inatantiy mend leoka tn all utenaii aamplo free. CoUvtta Co, A ma tend am. N. T. KTROOrCE - - And aell new paten tod pec - taltiea to f araxe. etore. factory tnd build nT wiwra completes onaitty Itne. n - tionaiiy adettaed : aeila readi ly : liberal pay ; diynifted work amonf boatneaa awe ; no door beil nnrinx; rood for 3O0 to JnrtO monthly re fere nco rroaeated. A4 - dreoa Manufacture r. Dept. , P. O. Box f - Dayton. O XT"S TSW oodrrful aellrr. new diacovery; Mar rubber re pair for tire and tube; upert'e to ynn - mnlrtnx: owt oo cold at cry little eot; utlaate tlr or tube: ael'a to erery auto owner and nccraao ry deaier; ayen,.lf yn want Mr peofita. made O uK - k . write for portlcula and free eam - t - io to Waithaot Rubber Co.. 69 South .. Walt ham. Ml Co"lNTO CRXSI'ETTE Business: every - body likes Cnsnettes. you can make a lot ot money: Gordon. New Jersey, made $4 OCH) profit in two month. . we start voi write f. - - facts, lon Eaktns, - 510 ttxhst.:SpringSeld. O. . . Q f lT Ri c g .nx doorbells. I mad iVW monthly; eo sonmting: no goods to buy: why wot you? Details fe. R McNown. evii W.'ktnaon. Paiaha NeH. N DlLLTTt M'fewSeiflng food, peopie most est - etersl distributor make btx money: 3.00O yearly and up: wo capital or espeneo needed: guaranteed aaleo ; wnaioad roods an ay be rrtu ed: wo furnith you with lt - o : your SIO alanine anW sent on trust: f sample to cuustome : m - tt cid - ve stre: excivs. tertltory; aak now. Federal Pur - Fowl Co . 1 4. e e . ft - lvr.RV AtiTOtST W,il buy auto aula du.te COO profit: sanpio given. Na. tttoat Fjber p sm Co. St. Loa s. Mo. blRECf VsctSry sgeot. thiaiounty, In - to route; no se.hox. jt diatnb. and collect - : en. unae or: shouH net sal ?," weekiy it a B" TOt Newa, E VERY "BiY Eats. ex profits ntrodiic - tng Wekcc o Food.: selling a ad easy: voo xt v SV"pre a t)um with ea - t $1 sale. Vftroeao Food Co . Harvey. LI WEAR A styliih aiurt aod double your earuing.. fee aelUna - oatf.t: fetewt ae Slee; a - od lor proof. Fsafctoo Wear Shirts. Der - mer t TX. Cinnnat . O. XKKP An agent to aril dealer eaiiy mini., giun : lara profit: expenea e os - nec waarv; free samples; write today. Milton orvion. 1414 V e St.. On. - nnstt. OET - Cur fre sain pie ao toiiet arttce perfu and rpecaJl ; wood tul'y pro fHabJ - LaDer ma Co. Department ITS. Ma ft Walnut. . lnw Mo MIRRORS Rrm Iwo d at hoove. t - a s - iuar foot; you chart coeta leoa Tic las - meiise rrofit oiaUor Law oew. brassv: w m - olf auto parts, reflectoea.. tableware, stove, etc. Octftts furnished. Detatlr tree. SpnrkV. Palee. 4. Marlow. Ind. GLEAN Cp Swc to' $1 e.i sais: paid iu - eaediately; no deli ertng. lirc or stock ne.vesarv : fee o part'CUis . M:soa Factor I 5IS N. Hal.t - .i. Oirsro AGE NT - 53" comsnisajon ; f all lias gor stlk bng - no and ruar. bossery. soill t wearer; lowest pr ors : gv particuiara. Wr h t B sie ' MU.. PttiTadelphia. Pa. AGENTS - - S115 earne. 2 days." wnu - x Westf5H: marr. newry pst. be peers.; sell $3 5A - nehm. demar1 ; n usual prop - m tma 27 Lobl Co, MwMVboro Kwt MEN - Wintcil to sell oty new sutrtiinv proof inner tabe: oemoostrata by dnvtsx nail into tires: in tests hsve riven good service after having SOO nail holes in them: double v.m n - iieare. m - hx uit f - .joe - Nscsj - 4 X nt : btx w - o ey rvl exclusive te rrtory; free tibo offer. White H. M. X - burn. 33 W. 47Uk St - Ckcw. ' Employment Solicitors. Canvassers, Agents 35 TAlLORLNt AEVTV. Sell SusptoB new J vlrrn wool, uraon Riado la order eui ta : rommmnn in advaneo; exrlaatya te itory: rtc outfit 175 aamnlea freo. Write E. E. Steetu 83 Adam. Uepartment 17, Chieayo. ClfflCK ACTIOS MEbur S40 ao.1 5 - J men a dotbea vaiuea at S74.75 takina; country y atorm: your profit S4..5: trll u nil about your If in reply and we'll enu powerful ariiinr outlit Immeuiateir Ereo auit to produ ra. A moid Swift. AGENTS Botlio Ufe tonio fro: wondfr - ful anedKvo: baaj - repeat : btf pro Sua. 1 . l 4. 17, UOttUk MO. Sitnations Wanted Female 36 COOKS Gen. houaework. Laundry cloanin eip. women. Smith Am rr. Ken. 2721 Cooks Matda." laandreaaca. week, day Bootft. Ltnjwe.j Emp. Areocy. Qrcle 33oG. COMPANION To n elderly or yoonc per. on. iTrnnajv t or for toe aununer . Ad - dr Ho 57. Uewa. CURTAINS TO LACNDER. Mra. J. hnta. Cirrie 6613. CI.EA N ING aahioc or trooinc by day. Kairdolph I3!5. t - KEiS MAKING Ladiea. why wait for Eaatflr Mako extra oent now at your Botne. Experienced - Handolpn 7Qt3 DRESSMAKING Plain aewtny. cbtldre fl'a ejotnee. at your borne or mine. o. 9oo DRESSMAKING Or aewinc by day. Tour noeno or mine. Kenwood 4683. OlRXr Xeot. eoioeed. wanta poailion aa maid. Harrlaon Q124 - W. G1RI - Xeat - c torr.1. wanta work: atack ' girl or chambe rrr ad Kenwod 1567. Ladt M iddie - arrd. aa bookkeeper and typirt. Add a Box 69M. Jfewa. LAUNDRY To brinx heme: atrictly first riaoa wort. Kenwood Z41i. SX RSE Phnidan a reference: all taken: care for ehJ.'d n. Kenwood 4791. P. B. X. OPERATOR DAYlOSrriOX. Rtley 5Q14. STENOGRAPHER Thoroughly . experl - enced. competent, wanta half ly employ - mul. Kenwood 54 C3. STENO. Experienced, deatrea poailton in hm'I offi . Humboldt 2335. tTPING To do at borne: apoed nod accuracy maranteed. Pre xel 2tll. MAII Prirate homo, care of children. experienced eterator firl. Band. 6P93. A - l BOOKKEEPER Can make Xlnanctal atatemrnta; 12 year.' expr. Web. 4507 - R. WOMAN Wanta laundry to bnnx home and day work. Kenwood 1S47. GENERAX. HOUSEWOBK By colored woman, gn borne nirhta: city reference. Uneoln 1SH7. L.AITNDRT - Or elcamnr. day or hAif - day. Referee icea. Riley 2403. " . WORK Wednesday. ThurwJay. faat worker who know a how; S2.65; reference. Webeter g7f - J. 1 Laundry wui aell intcreat in mocern. up - to - date laundry, in city. Cle phone number lor inter lew. Add - - ae Box 7oSS, .t. . OrnCE POSITION Bookkcepinx. typinx or renermi ofrtoe work: part time or half day, by refined youcx lady. Addre Box Newa. ITXPEItlENCED Paatry cook: no Sunday; hour I to &. Hamaon l - l - l - vy. WOMAN Colored, experienced cook, want w - trfc . liarrl aoo OC37 - R. KOBnORKPrefer cierlcal: P." B X. and feneml experience: hirh acbotl rraduate and aomo colle re work: can f nrmah the best of ref erenco . Addrea Box 6BSM. Newa - HALF - DAT WORK By week, or care for children; colored woman; refere nc . 3WW. IRth at. ACCOMPLISHED And re lined younf Swod - h woman want pomtion to aaatat in home. n ... . - - . Aoar U ror lunner miormation. j . COLORED WOMAN Experienced; reneral houeework; referen a. Kenwood ZOIS. WOMEN Tounx rtrle. experienced: do all kind of houework : day or by week. Ken IQ FieMa E ploy ent Arep . Situations Wanted Male 37 BOY 1 8 year a old. exper in larminf. Call . at 2528 H. Olney at. CHAUFFEUR A 1. 15 year" experience; city relerew - e. Addrea Box ,7091. New. CARD WRITER And window trimmer. open lor pomtion; beat referenoe. Mam 7M4. Farm Hands We hare aexeral rood applicant fiated. ootn married and atnxio. CL1FTS HOTEL, AND EMP. AGENCY", S22 State Say. and Trnat bfclr. Un. 77S4. SERVICE FREE TO tMrUJl ES. HARDWOOD FLOORS Refinished. wall pa - per cleaned, interior paintinf. Ken. fPS - 3. SODA DISPENSER And drux atore ex - perlenre ; boy aye 16. Incoin lftg. WANTED FARM On eharea: larf the better. H. D. Pollard," M7 x Ma. are. Bf ELD E RLT Experienced man. in tak - lnr cara of furnace, lawn, rarden. cows, chicken, cboro work on a email place: 20 year experience with chicken. Let me know what you hare in first letter. Addre. Box 70 5. News. GENERAL HOUS ECLEANINU WallpjP per. hardwood lloora cleaned and poUsbed. rtif re nor a ted. inside paintlof a special - ty. Ltnooln 7PC0. PAINT OR WALL PAPER LMucated y"unx ni v - experl - wioed in nar.awt rairt and paper. dctrrs ooaition in lire wholeoalo t r r tail deportment. Addrea Box 7iirl. News. REAL ESTATE Axe 22 years: eoUere edu cation: of! tr ex per ten 2 V years: atcnor - rapher : willlnx to work: mut be food, re ponjible firm, with chance for advancement: bet ref. Addre Box 6S3S. News. CtiLORED A firt - cianoueman "for a private family; miduie - axod. Call nth. at On7. I Need Work Man, younr, high school rraduale. re - tiaMe. hard worker, bookkeeping, factory and aellinr rxper lence. execUUve ability. Will consider anythinx. Good relsrenocs. Addre as Box l7. News. I Financial i i " Basineaa Opportunities 3S BEAUTY OPERATORS With toUowmx. Booth spsee for rent. ClrcVe 185. BARBER SHOP Small down payment wtU handle. 3924 K. Mlcfitgsn. Baker" and confectioner t ut. log rooms: nest mention: tborouxhty equipped: dolnx splendid business: term. O. Z. ORR ft CO. 310 Loot bard bMg. Lincoln SISS. CONFECTIONERY And tiru sundxie. 4 blocks south on mala street. This ts a real coxy placo that any one would appreciate own - nx Terms. O. Z. ORR ft CO. 3 If Iwr ibsrd bids. ' Llneoln 8S5 COAL YARD Pnlit Ii - r 21 numtU.. S12 00O - prtce . $l.00. ant invoice coil. O E. TAMM. - '" - 'I ' mofce. Rn - y lti.t. I CCSFEinTONERT. A real bey Own r. i irele 4ni2. COAL TARP Excellent location, north: on Mooon R. R ; switch track on pron - ertv: rood office, scales and coal bins. McMsstrr Realty C. Riley 2171. COWrCTTOlTE k X AND LUNCH One oi th best place s ta oty; meed rirht: easy terms. IbIoti atatton call Web. 533.1. CIGAR Anil oonlectionery store: located in good town: worth law what we seat. Mutual Brokers. 704 Nf! CUE Bank bUg. Riley 2787. ; :. CON FECTIONERT Fine location; rent only St 2 per wwwsth: money - maker. Mo - tti.I Brokers. 704 Nat l City Bank. Rtiey 787. CONFECTION ART Fine, north aid oca - tno: verv fe l h - H maim wen t. Frre onlv $2 OOO, half ewah A real boy. Advance Proseear Co . tno - 4 g. Wash CAFETERIA Get rv ar for SOO mule race and too ksl trade by locaUor n one of I the 14 lorstioos tn speedway oty. Close - to snain gale WiU tske ward car aa part rays - vriUtams Calet ns IHtn aad in. Speed w ay. tELICATE'SS EN or saie", otters esi7 lent opportunity to make money; reasoa - bs on aad te a is. Main iua Oo'pb QSSSl . ' - in . ; RT"G STOREooth side: daily average. $7. Rent it Invot . Other h - t ne t. Address. Bo 70SO, News. GROCERY STORE Fine ocatn: cheap i Molual 11. - . . TOL Ct. R.l bdxRle e - tlROCERY And meat market with poviaf Mt'nn f.i On4 15". Garage In (deal tocabty : PO - r apacity: fully eouipperl: amnt tioo baniani. C'i at 112H P st't st, Ak for Mr. Miifftn. GRCSERY For aale. - rtbihea low r l; Kargam if sold now; sicknes. )Mto w. Odm t GROCERY Good pay iC pr opoatioo. cto - ty seat toww close to lmrfianappti. Will sea alt or wilt take partner it ho under - stands bustnr. Reason a. have other bomneso. Addre a Pox 7flJ, News GROCERY Stw snd Rtr - a. $5 - for OCH - k sale. I rtogtoo 43VI. Riley ?2 GARAGE DotsMT gocnl iHuiaos: C - l Diet fro o i IndiaaanoUs; barrtiB. Adiirer Box 7l'il. News. GROCERY AND CO N F ECT ION T353 W. McCarty. - . V.ROCERY lota kesLvt low nt; rw. csesn '0 - A aixd Astares: SO0. Tr If Bargain Lincoln' VJOl. HOTEL 6ms 1. oowsujws wiU ri! heap on oWW Ol SK - xne. Z - J.. HOTEL SO roor. 1 l - Vvn froas postT e - Iioa. Terms. L24 L. New York si. , ' i L iff Financial Bostaesa Opportqnittea 33 HOTElr Ha roonta: tlx k of JStirthouae modern; lull of momrra - aeeraxtnx S3 - 40 a monuu oee tIAf lbK. - HUO JK. Waan - Inrton. 50TE 3d room, downtown; cheap rent, on rood leaae. Alway full. Why wait when you can buy auch places aa tola on term i O. 2. ORB, A. CO. 3IO Lombard btdr. Lincoln 8S5S. HOTEL. WANTED Want to buy or leaae rood hotel tn town of about 5.O0O or food rummer report. Addre Box 7POO. Newa. Moving Picture Theater Fully equipped, beautiful place: dolnx xooa buaineaa. Owner baa oln er tntereat. Mr. Kahn. Lincoln 1632. LUNCH CAR Seata 14: tin - to - date: bar rain if aoid at oooe: owner aratrtnx town. tail at 443 Indiana are. Ire. 31QS - 1. LUNCH CAR Seat a fifteen, new; up - to - date. Terms. 1307 N. IiHnota. LUNCHROOM FOR SALE. Dotot rood tnutitxaa: rood location: chean rtrt : lony leaae; rotac reaaon for neuinar. Ft. Wayne UiocU . 14Z1 Cxlneun rt. wayne. Ind. MEAT MARKET Lebanon. Inrt.. makinr b?r profit, at a real barrxin. Caab, term a or trade, o. E. Tnmm. 322 Lemckn bklx. POOLROOM Fou table, fixture: iooS netxhbornood; cheap. Call at 23 W. Me - v - ry ai. BOOMING HOCaE Verr deairabla hooao. wiia food Income; bouae will man all aaea I or .email lanuly: most oo aeen to be appreciated: reaaooable teraoa to r eponeibie rarty. 4Z8 - i. Alabama. RWMINO HOUSE 12 looma: 2 bath; watkinc diatancje: north: caab. or pay mente. Owner. Lincoln 2529. ROOMING HOUSE 10 rooms, modern: rent S35: eioso in; money maker: cheap. ount ot Ul nnaitn Owner. Or - r?e RESTAURANT Beat equipped in dty; "hit one tn Diocm 4(MJ E. Waabtnrton. i. ,or ty property. Owner. 40o B. aaninxton at. RESTAURANT For ale: located 206 In n''' Arpiy 360 Indiana . RESTAURANT For axle. t231 E. Waah - tnrton at. ROOMING HOUSE lO room, rent S&O ait, i or lOiO; a money maker; S3oO wtU nancie. . O. 2. OBR ft CO. TfO LorrVard hHr. Lineom SS5 ROOMING HOUSE 8 room: tor a ale cheap. ; Riley 5703. Restaurant Near ahopplnr district, flno little place, established trade. Can be bourn t wortli the money. WUI pay lor aell within year. Inrcsuxato this. - Burkhardt Audit Company lOOd National City Bank bldx. Tel. Circle 4517. ROOMING HOUSE 22 rooms. 400 block nortn. Tbi is ooo ol tho oldest in city. Income $320 month, with rent only $65: think of it. and terms can be had. Same owner 7 yecra. Nerer baa a racaney. - O. Z. ORR ft CO. 310 Lombard bid. Llneoln MS5. ROOMING HOUSE Id walkinx dUtance: clean: full of food roomers: rent only $30. Small down payment. Mutual Brokers. 7Q4 National City Bank. Riley - 2787. RESTAURANT Close in; rood lease; daily receipt $45 fuaranteed: $400 will handle. - O. Z. ORB ft CD. 310 Lombard bldf. Lincoln gffSS. ' ROOMING HOUSE: IS rooms: well furnished, on North at. Rent only $o0 and has income of $250. Taik about n money fetter, how t this $500 will handle. O. Z. ORR ft CO. SIO Lombard Mdr. Lin In S6S5. koOMING HOUSE 12 rooms. 700 block north: alway lull. By owner. ; Phone Lit, in 351S Call Mr. McKanna. anO. stiOr Gooa stand. o28 . BUe - fontalne. START BUSINESS With 2SO letter head. ZSO enrelopes. prfutcd. S3.40. Other bni - neas bcosters. 340 M s chuwtts . TEAROOM Very at tract! rely furnished. Prt reasonable. THE WOODRCFT COFFEE CUP." 1714 E. lOth st. Opp. Woodrnff Place. SALESMAN AND DISTRIBUTOR Finan - cially responsible to market new a tors nc eessory: sella tor $15: territory 20 counties around Indianapoha: rr cry store s Srospect. Sen Mr., Linden hotel. larch 4. ft. 0. 7. GENERAL STORE Clowi to Indianapolis; $7,000; half cah, balance terms; profit in 1at 11 months. $3,474. O. E. Tamm. 3?2 Lc eke Mdr. Riley gn3Q. ; BA RG A1N Film exchanxe, Indianapolis. money maker, aame owner for years, wsnts to retire. Address ... owner Box 7f5. News. OPPORTVNITT For a man haxtnr a re - tail route to sell a hlrh - rrade checao prod - . Call M. J. Koldyke. Dr. 3oo3. Riny 4 LISTEN $10O reward If you can show where any man ever did what I am doing after navtnx mado bis and becominx old and forced to retire, then takinr honest men of but small capital in with him aa equal owner, set him up tn nigh - grade, well - estabushed busine - s for htrufTIf. w1i big income, receive and handleMll money, take out big civ" and send me small end; no experience required, complete sue ss. safe aa any bank. I take the nek. Factory running. "Some have already made thousands and going right on. Full investigation required. If open and not tied down, mean business and can go south or west, state your reference and amount of good faith "Capital in first letter and meet your surprise and chsn to rite in 'the financial world. W. Nole. Hotel Roose - Teli. Indianapolis. BUSINESS Showing $15,000 annual net pro fit. Sell stock at invoice price, about $10,000. No good will to buy. Address Box 6479. News. GENERAL STORE Invoice about S3.5O0: small town. Low overhead, food business. Address Box 7Q17, News. Manufacturing i Indianapolis Boosters Add another factory to your city by flnancinx a patented nut lock which, baa boon tested and aoproved by engineers. Tho one positive lock which can compete tn prion with tho spring - lock washer so commonly used. Correspondence invited. Details by appointment. Deal direct with inventor. Address Box 7062. News. SALESMAN To distribute food product to retail grocers Must bo financially able to take over good paying territory already firmly established. Must be married and thoroughly reliable: Phone or see Mr. Dougherty at Linden hotel Friday, M - ov or 'Ttie1sy evening a Iter :o. AGENTS Wanted to advertise our roods and distribuU to consumer: PV an hour; write for samples. American Prodaeta Co 4436 American bldg.. Cincinnati. O. ADVERTISE Tn 30 country newspaper . 28 words 510. Keator. EirUnl bkis - Chicago. ' , Florida Hsve lust returned from Florida after cost year a trsretinf tn sll sections of etste. Win be pleased to advise any one on any o u ktioi. as to cbesp trip, or inrestmert. Don t be afraid to ask si - esttons. have noihtni to sell. This ts toe the beneftt of Orlando. Fla.. the city beanti.f ul. Jmes Malool i. Ciaypool hotel, Indlsnapoas. RESPONSIBLE Owner of profitable grow. nx business. yieldnx return over $10:000 last ve.r: w.itnx to sell oat: snoot sm another cbmate. Do not reply unleva you can pit oo $7.oOO cab. or $1,000 cask and SOO tn bankable paper. Addro Rox i3. News Wanted. Proposition to , Finance A - 1 . prosnotor will take oo good pro p - oi t oo to ftnanee by sale - ot shares on tksl can or will eo iply with state isw u. Add Bo 70S. New. Chance of Lifetime .Wsnted man ,or womso with from $7 lo S.V to help me Saaner propo - sitMMi that ts needed in e.eiy bocrae in tne f. Add Box 77. News. DO YOU WANT To sell your b.r. t Call os. Want to bay See Us. Any. t - rWT TW v " . - Uvr, f - nn.vs. LIST TOfR rCSrNESS Or real - tor ate or trde with us Qnlck act n raar nteed - Ad van Bm sersrs Coxay yo... sji.w JIV Inre - stmrnt. - stocks - Bo gut 3 i"'TT"'irrt ' y T " r i i i si n i i i - ft nnn t i"" : - .' al. se - m l rs rl fl Lm Hi" f llf t W - Lfruti f. I Jr 31.! N N"v - J - rry r Urn. 3 V. Money to Loan Mortrew 43 AUTO LOAN CO. - Losn to car ess legal rate. Mr. Se iwtt. 122 W. North st. co - 'n 7STS. Automobile Loans up to S300: long tone to repay; em all aonLniy payments; legal rate. Capitol LoanCo. MIS B - Waab'cxtoa st. FiRsT M. RTGAGE l AN" On laUsst a - tx - a real estate; per cr nt Interest: prtw sv s vxce : low cost. Ti $caw Co, E Ohio t. ' Min CI 33. liu.N.V Tt LC'AN - On need cars: no de - lay; ouscn runt. Indians polls Anto Loan Co, 40 N. lafiVoL Gpei err, aad Sanday. Financial Money, to Loan - Morixragea 40 NUttTUAUt - sirs t and secoiXi. on lndi - rapolt and lndiara n - al eatato. - R. bv Wilson. 1101 Nati - Mial City Bank bklf - inoianapona. t.tncoin unit. Used Car Uroans . RIDE WHILE YOU AY . Ketlco rate of Interest for maaiaa $ 2S.OO loan for 6 mo. intorss t. - .$ S 06 60. OO loan for 8 mo. interest.. 6 IS 75 00. loan for 6 mo. Interest.. 9 IS 1 0O OO wan for 9 mo. interest 1 St A fOO OO loan tor - mo. inter t.. t4 SO ZQO OO loan for 6 mo. Interest. . S6.7S Loans mado that yon pay book ta naii payments irons i moutb to x ysa - No delay. Caah tn IS minutaa. Open ers. until 7 p. m. Sat. until 0 p. aa. jmcoin auio ixan u. 203 W. Wsshlnrton st. STAKDARD INT. AND SECURITIES CO. 80s V. ol p. bldx - . discounts real estate contracts on reaaooable term. Ma. 1845. IF YOU ARE IN. NEED Ot a farm loan and want , prompt action, ret - in. tone wtta as. CI I T TRUST CO. - IPS 112 E. Wash. St.. Indianapolis. Ind. $10.000 To invest in real estate tracts. 127 N. Delaware. Main 1TM QUICK FIRST AND SECOND LOANS. Contraete bouxht. An to furniture loan W M. SOLTAU. 32T BOARD Of TRADE. SECOND MORTGAGE Real Estate: 7W. K. g. Hysom. 1015 Merchants Bank bldf. Second Mortgages and construction loans. We finance builders. Prompt service: ready money. ' OOLtJMHIA SECURITIES CO. Lincoln 6334. 152 N. Dels ware t. BUILDERS And instalimeo t deaie 1T - nanced. Realty contracts bouxnt. Wrifht. Isncoln 5533. 6 Mortgage Money Meyer - Kiser Bank 128 E. Waahinxton. LOW COMMISS ION And tntereat charxes os second mof - trx under $1,000: first BOrtxsxes made and real estate contracts purchased. 127 N. Delaware . Main 57w. We Buy Real Estate Lease Contracts ashington Company IkWa.h. at. Main O703. We Buv ' Real Estate Contracts Commercial Credit Realty - Co. 223 E. OHIO. MAIN 6216. MONET TO LOAN On first and . second saortxares . Indianapolis real estate: liberal appraisal, promnt service. JP. B. Griffey. 102S Wnme - Mananr, Main ,VI7. Chattel Loans 40A MONEY for any necessary purpose or need available for ail worthy people. As we have rendered this serv ice to thousands of satisfied "customers since 1904 we are equipped to crive you business - like, reliable and immediate attention the sama day you apply. WE LO AN ON FURNITURE, PIANOS, AUTOMOBILES, RADIOS, ETC.; ' . Allowing up to TWENTY MONTHS to repay, tn small monthly payments, with privilege to cancel at any time. Legal rate interest charged for just the time you use. Careful consideration given every request. - . CAPITOL LOAN COMPANY 14U E. Washington St. MA in 0585. Y LI ncoln 7184. : YES1 WE SOLV5 T0CB FINA - tCIAL PROBLEMS. ; $100 $200 $300 ' Investigate Our Easy to Pay - METRO PATMENT PLAN LOANS. Get f SO. pay back $ 3.60 month. $ioo. - $ r .oo , - . "$200. ." $10 O0 - - $300. $16.00 M " With Interest. Paysble Monthly. PAT FASTER IF TOO WISH. tLESS COST) Ail buslncM coafideetiaL . . Vfs loan on rumltur . piano. Vlctroln. etc without removal, Ako loan oa d - amonda. METRO LOAN - CO. 1 f form erlyl LND1ANA COLLATERAL LOAN ca . Bonded I ide a. ESTABLISHED 1887. 201 LOMBARD BLDG. 24 1 E. WASHINGTON ST. MAIN 2S PHONES MAIN 3286. A MESSAGE OF IMPORTANCE We want you to become aeqrialnted with our SERVICE should you have occasion to use money. W loan any amoral ay to SSoe on your f u - nitu . Sxlur . pianos, amass a Mlas. allowing you from one to tairty Booths' ttsao to repay loan. Pay all or any part of loaa at any tints and paiy b argen lor uas actual uaa t Easy Terms Total S 25.00 6 Months.... 2 - 64 504X0 5 Months.... 6J2S 100.00 5 Months.... 10JVO 200.00 5 Montha.... 21JU0 Ail other amounts aaaao proportion at u nsoaso. sotiy American Loan Company t 47 Bankers Trust bldg t rsnnsyivsnis snd Ohio st . Mam 243. MONEY IN A HURRY loans oo Knrnitore. . Pnvale and confidential. Ask for Mr Mitcbe'l. IXDIANAPOLIS FINANCE CO. SOI Nauonal Oty Rank bldg. tiO E. Waaamxton st. Ti Mau 2251. .7 LOANS v ON HOUSEHOLD GOODS $25 to $300 Quick and Confidential Service COLUMBIA LOAN CO. Lincoln 6335. 152 N. Delaware. SET US FOR MONEY. S25 to $3O0. LINCOLN LOAN COMPANY. 515 Meyer - Riser bldx. Lane in 6324. spy " L I - i - Financial Chattel Loans 4 OA Popular Methods a th Small Loan Bosinsos. 1 $10 TO $300 : ON HOUSEHOLD GOODS PIANOS. XTC.. WITHOCT REMOVAL. Ten year of lntenaf vs laveatiration have proven that this buainee meet a real ecohomlo need. Indiana passed a law setUnx a fair rat of tntereat and lleons - in th lender. Loans are mads for thousands ot different purpose. ' If yon need money in rmerx - ncy do not heal late to call, phone or write either of onr office. Repayment arc arced tn essy monthly la - stallmenta of principal and tntereat. Loan can be reduced or paid in full any una. Interest c ase Immediately oa svary doV lar repaid. WHAT TOn PAT ON PRINCIPAL: On. $20 yon pay $1 per month. On $60 you pay $3 per month. On S 1 OO you pay $5 per month. On $200 yon pay $10 per month. On $300 you pay $15 per month. With lawful interest. Popular Finance x Corporation 106 E. Market St, Rooms 513 - 4 Lemcke BIdg. ' Main 1278 NEW RATES. NEW PLANS LOANS To housekeepers. Be sura, to ret onr rate and plans before borrowinr. It win cost nothtnx to. obtain a detailed explanation of our plan and not very much if you borrow. Our offices are eouas nieotly located, easy to reach, and strictly private. . OUR SERVICE MAKES 'FRIENDS. We also bar a department for maklax mm on waDoaai tnat you will ux. INTERSTATE COLLATERAL J0 AN CO. SOS ODD FELLOW BLDG FIFTH FLOOR. CORNER PENVSTLVANTA AND WASH INGTON STS. TELEPHONE. MAIN 3130. WE. LOAN COURTEOUS STRICTLY TREATMENT CONFIDENTIAL Our business 1 thst of loan - ..r - tng money. W make loans from $10 - to $300 on furniture . piano, vlctrolas. sutoa. etc. The so eui - ity reai sins in your possession. Our Rates Are Legal I Loan mad nulckly. Term to suit you. . No charfs other than th legal raU of lntersst, ' Ton pay Interest only en th unpaid balance each month. "Let Us Be Your Banker Ws loan you money th sam . . ee a bank do a business man or firm. STERLING LOAN CO. I 70f - ll ROOSEVELT BLDG. Cor. Illinois and Washington at. TEL. LIN. 4065. ABSOLUTE EFFICIENT PRIVACY SERVICE WE SERVE PUBLIC WELFARE LOAN 7 S30 Occidental bldf. Main 6220. Southeast corner Wash. nd 111 t. . LOANS ON HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. Rate 2 Per Month . on balance due each month. - Lowest rats in city; below legal rste. . 9 SO loan; I month, total cost. ... 9 JM 9 50 loan. 10 month, total cot..$5.50 $100 loan. 1 month, total cost.. $2.00 $100 loan. 10 aaontha. total cost) 11. OO Other amount ta proportion. Loan mad for SO month if dcxtrsd. You pay for only actual tim loan runs. Ho extra charges of any kind. LOANS On furniture, piano and victro la: (HA In 24 Honrs. Security in v. a Loan Co.. 1.11 N. Delaware. Un. 50. ' SEE US FOR MONET. $25 to $. - LINCOLN LOAN COMPANY. 615 Meyer - Kiser bldf . Lincoln 6324. TWENTY : MONTHS TO PAY i $100 200 $300 W win lend you any amount up to S30O On your furniture, plsno. anto. etc. A1J ecunty left la your possession. EASY TO PAY Get $ 50, pay bc1c $ 2.50 a month Get 100, pay back ? 5.00 a month Get $200, pay back $10.00 a month Get $300, pay back $15.00 a month With Interest at the Legal Rate, Payable Monthly Pay Faster if You Wish - One to Twenty Months Special Terms on Automobile Loans Call, wnte or telephone. Costa you nothing to investigate. Commonwealth Loan Co. 206 Odd Fellow Bldg. ' Corner penn. snd Washington sts. Phones: Main 419. Lincoln 3151. FERONAl, L6aSJU - J1o to 300. Ko in. dorsers. No publicity Household Tinmnrm Corporation. Main 2923. 4Q4 Kresgs bldg. ToTNt UP To $3oo? COMMUNITY FINANCE SERVICE. INC. 207 KRESGE BLDG. WE Refmanw suto loans. redu'O your monthly payments. Lot us explain our plso Lexal rates. Capitol Loan Co 141 Vs X. Washington st Instruction Correxpondenfe Course - 42 DON'T PREPARE or sny ottl servir - ex an itnstion without seeing our free est - !ox. Colombian Correspondrnce College. wi'rpni r r Local lastroction Classea 43 iiAMofcRlNi Men and latites. iearn bar - berinx Uad tn o week. TriCtty Barber Colere, froi E, Washingtos .. Circle 0757. GRAHS BEACTT ACADEMY $35 for course; ploma awarded. Pre clinic. 440 Century tkix. Central Beauty College Pioneer college of beauty culture. We give our entire attention to teaching and training girls and women for this profession. Diplomas, awarded. Tuition, $T0. Second floor Odd Fellow feloV. Circl 262 - 2161. y REE CLINIC. PsrnV.nll Panlv Q - Kr.l - I ENTIRE BEALTT tTLiCRK COURSE. Pers naneot waving. electroJyais included.: - 1 N. Peon. Aetna Trust bldg. LAn. 21 40. : ICRS 9 SANITARY BARBER COLLEGE Earn while Naming 472 W. Washinxtoa. C"" - ' - 4 1 4 yv,e la;es al r t MnicaU Dancing, Dramatic 44 uA.Ki R.iittKjtn step er - t clse. ELITE DANCING SCHOOI 4S N. rvnnsylvanis. Liocpiii 611. OfL' - AK fiiU kLilC Tauxht m Zti e - $1 per leason. Crk - Lo - ss School. 10 W. Ohio st. Circle 832. - Private Instruction 4S PVPfLS tn pitiU log too O220. cbroe art. Waali - I ' ' To y( - i Live Stock Drj?, Cats, Other Pets 47 A I RE 5 A LE - &a. - iSmoel h"i "old" - Woe d erf u Id lapoa i u on .fhe a p , Jeb 1 7 1 S. BL'LLDOG Heautlfuiiy" marked. aTa dog - bouae Sft llerwyn T ve 2ft4 fcANARfES Fno atnf.; Iteoa; br.aa rea. breed, raxes, atands, sup ; best seed 1 tt )b. i boy heoa. Sneeta 2541 N. 111. Hs. 24lO. CAXARl ES CioiErjf out stock - Enli"a7t and Roller btrda. Reriatered stock. 717 E Ilth st. Orris 2'.'24 CAlTARlES Day and" r Isht "sir y a; fins fem. for bree:. Drex. 0m lf f. fi. Mer. CANARIES Fin slaters naated pairs Stewiier. Ft - d Far .nil Oraeeland a vs. WANTED PARROT S ts to prio sTm! breed, must be reaaooable 6972. News. Addre box - AT STUD "Beowulf othe - Heights" REGISTERED A. K. C. Service Guaranteed St nehoartilood lirea. CALL inVINOTOX 1164 - J AFTER . P. M REGISTERED Female setter; 2 years' old"; well trained: no pUce to keep: will take any re eon a pie offer. I'bono Washington 353. 4I4 CarVollton. PEDIGREED BOSTON BXTLLS & month old; beauties. $20. - $25 and $30. 53 Lay - man ve. Irrlnrton 155. : T6T FOlTTERklET'UPlS 33il Bethel are. Sylvia Rueeell. ORANGE ANGORA Fecials cat for b eT - tnr purposes; reason able. Lincoln 3187. 121 E. Vermont St. BEAUTIFUL CANARIES ind $5. . Webster 71QO. BEAUTIFUL Pe.lireed ""Boston bvll. 7 months old. 4710 Kenwood ve. Hum - boldt 68ft. THE FINEST SELECTION Ol guaranteed Imported eananee and ail suppite. aaod - jerately priced. Ward s Pet Shop. Horses. Cattle. Vehicles 4S COW ASP CALf fe R. No. 5. Box 127" HORSES Four bead . for sale. Belmont 4828. Rlnc I. 4 GOOD WORK HORSES Team of btx 5 - year - otd mules: nice spotted pony. 1129 W. Udell Randolph 0113. TWO WORK HORSES Weight 1.200 or 1.4QO; also barn a. Resr 1215 . Illinois. GRAY MARE Cheap. Ben Mayer. Stop ft interstate bus line. 4th house west. F RESH COW Part Jersey; food mik - her. rvinrton ?01 - R. 4 GOOD MARES CsJi at ysrds. 13d 6. State. Batnrdsy or Sunday morning. HARNESS FOR SALE. BELMONT 0993. ONE PAIR Of work mules snd double harness. $140. Good work horse. S10 Msdlson svenne. 4 GOOD MULES Saturday sllcmooo and Sunday. Rear I10 E. Ohio. 3 MARES 1 horse, harness and wagon. Webster 1 30. IeTeraL Largs tesms: severai ets of good harness: several "A J ax" dump wagona. good a new. Washington 0842 - 2. Williams Creek E.tate Poultry and - SuppUea 4 COCKERELS Buff Orpington. A. J. Rook. R. R. B. Box 33S. Randol oh t039 - d. hENS 30: Single Comb Whit Lrghom. Purdue strain, good slock, need brooder houao a pace: $1 each. Belmont 03S5 ring 4. p. m. Weateobarger. 3d house oaat schoolhouso. Nauonal road. Bridgeport. ind. itA - V CHlCitw R. I. fesd. B.rrsi kocWs and others: 15 sack. Cataloru frs. H cosier Chick Uatcbsry. Rilsy 507. Raav dolph 7047. COCKJERELfi Rhode Is, and Red. and setting our - r - exel foil. WE A HE Now open at 25 E. Market at. Ws hsve on sals bsby chicks and class tounUUD. Borers Hatchery. 25 E. Market t Indianapolis. Ind. Boyeia Hatchery. Thomtosrn. Ind YOUR EGGS Hatched in aanitary. dialn - feeted. Septra le compartments. $5 per 150 eggs. Blood tested chicks. Our ninth year. riuffydown Hstchery. 3102 N. Sherman drive Webster 2104 - R. READ y TODAY. Severs! h u ndred R. .L Reds. 15c each. Hoosler Utilcx rtatcnery. 642 Eugene st. Randolph 7047. Riley SOS7. Baby Chicks All varieties, oa sale daily. EveritCs Seed Stores. ftATCHING EGGS White Wyandotte cock erels, chicks, hesvy isy. sir, itei. .na - w. BARRED ROCK Sitting cgs. lncubWe. lots. Phone Soul nport 7:W - 3 . SULLIVAN Quality ciiicha; all' varieties: .tsio s - we - lited: 15 pure bronda; IO live delir. Get our price before purchs. Oualitr Fsrms. Bo 161. Well.ville. Mo. BROWNXEG HORNS. 25 RoysfTan - cred White Leghorn cocsie ie; Di ooo tested slock. Irvtngton 0204 - J, klTRTfii 6TRAiyWTS Wfannstts cockerels snd eggs. Webster 43S2. Brs. 325 Nichols. W K l - Vat A mnni hens and nuUcta: pro - duction and exhibition stock; cockerel free: a bargain. Hart. 211 N. Addison st BARRED ROCK Cockerels. Call Webster S4. 3002N.Emerson in. , fllOROTlGH bRED LEG HOR,N 3ii tMillets. good laying and 3 rock: Incubator, liks new and brood., elec. 1717 Bllefoiilslne. CTiO - AHTTE l7r7iHOUN pulJ.kTs - T cadi: .150 soWcted bre edinx hoi v $1.50 each.: tf ,,coal" brooler Steves with mv asine: other equlnniept. Smith' lrghom Farm. 1. ratlea west of Broad Ripple, on W4th. Wash. 510.12. BARRED ROCK - CCC E E R EI J $5 : ' halih - ing egg. 15 lor $1. Bred to - lay strain. Ttjtctow. - 0'T' - :M - ' M'v ,k '"' ' 6lEr"TR"i;STY Incubstor. 120 - rgg; good" condition; - $7.50. AW. 60 - egg snd brooder. Webster &0B8 - R. 654 K. Oxford v , FrtAtT S"'BLTTRMlLK olARTING FOOD First esr just In. Start chicks on the best and walch results. Ask dealer or fhwwHlM P . Pre vl g50. Merchandise Article for Sale SI BhBER S O LT fl "f H i iTTiridc. hk new'. Onlv $5. Harrison 1115 - J. BAliT CLOTH fc5 A nd " koop. "good condition :resson sr. ie. stii uoiiege. EaBYSTRVOLLFR Co"t $3f.0. scflTof $IO. 624 B. Minnesota CINDER Special reduction on 1 or mors load. Ksndo'pn wiin - . CTNDES Best prices; prompt tielivery RandolDh Oi5. C I N D ERo ? - yrd losd. Phone Randolph 721 ETSDERS Good aulity. cheap. CsII Drex el Inlf CTSTJe rI - eTe V - a h b"IrA f " n AN. 27tS W1HJA M GREENE. rintHH ..' Une'nal pries for, more than load - special attention given t. driveway nod ' ntrsctors Seypert, Bsndolph 2 17. r:A.sM hElSTE"il Used: guaranteed; store futures of sll kinds.. Payments. Snraxuo tirhino. zrz . nio St. jssin woo. YTTiTfiER AND DOORS Pns very lo en good new material. You II money br. Phoenix Lumner to. wep. otin. POOL Billiard sapplles: we repair. Xing' Ind. Billiard Co . i'ri s. - n. POOL TABLES Cheap; cash or psytoents. King's ld . Billiard Co Dre - ei :,7m. SHOWCASES witJ.fAIEI STORE FIXTURES. Both new snd used. Spe - iJ ftatures built m. ri Terms if desird. Save - money. See osjytnrsjnti buy, fl.. N.l apitol ve. SHlOA "ES Three lO - foot Tio cues, eo sipped with Inside fisi ire fir shirts or rap which are re movsMe if 0 - sit1 ai bargain. Krsuse'Bro. 205 - 207 E. Wssh - rngton ; r , iT WC E RE W TS G l MACHTnE Good on - d.ton. Csll 1C2S Leldlow. ft EST A L'R A NT Furr rttoro cheap, show. , - saa rssn gister. srhsirs. t stiles. I box, stools: used thirty days: a 'so electric In rubaior. 2.0 - cgf: brooder, AOO - chi'Jt. 77 Retctism t FOR f LE Unmounle . Italian the iiT fall Wer - ter zm. REED BABY BUG(S Y Good coodiUon 3043 Central. L'Sr - n rrrRE FIXTT'RES. ' TOT - GIIT AND .OLD. 312 Vtmn - s vc Circle 4U4. ft uArTpECU t On giais' rsd.o "i - mI nets. SS sod tit : giae panels. S3..VI and ip. replacement ito pvls. trsf - fie truck ;arLs. new. .cheap. Unroln 49i . 1 4 K. Wa.n - ngtO'i rt .. - NEW Latest style Murphy In - s - door bMis: never been used. Wash. 1S50. 225S N. Merldl so TB. E LE - - S COO - IE R - - T w o wells! fher - ...tic: 1 extrs larr fern.. Weh 60:t. EIECTRICAL ATTACHMENT pt sewing ciaz - tiine. fit. any make Wash. 2.t4. 77TaTNTINGI By rerogtusoi European sr3Ihe nsn nve. WebgS. rTTO 8 ACCO V si r'.'h, Good oUl Ksn I homo spun sm omng. a m. ri; m, ?ijw; SO. $. . Oira ring. 5 !o., $1. - 5: lO. S2.40: 20 $4 "5. Mud or stout.: satisfaction guaranteed. WiU Iech SedsllS. Ky. fOLEI - O CnP'Jtiny seal. sorinftes f 2. ' Harrison 431 3 - R.' K'ol Udell. Earge - ir gton. - Restauraot range. 253 K. Waab - McCray Ref rigerators . For butcher, grocers, delicatessen, hotels, restaurant, households; refrigerator built to order onr specialty. Cash or pay - meals. 2ZH TL. Ohio at. Main 04C8. K f G Merchandise ArUrle for R! 61 FOR SALE At the Unclaimed Freight Station of the Big Four Railway Co., Capitol Ave. and South St, Indianapolis, Ind. Wooden doors, various as n4 prices; f roll hotljo - rsp nap, tike sll st 3 - per lb.: snow snowl,, t ew; sheet Iron stoves. S.XKJ evi; 1 - .1 part laundry tray. 7&c; forrg Ironing board. SI, fx ean : 1 '; drums 'sweeping ompMind. I.Im) each: 375 pie a plats gls ahetvirg. ln.lMI; 2 Kiifn door.. 1 lt a. - i : sweet pickles. - IVgalion kegs, tl8 each; sour picklr. 15 - gallon kera. S5.P5 each: 1 mivtwWI slop sink sd base. $s: 1 port tru - nwin gre sac. $4; I Urge Iron kettle - $5: 1 Prln as clothe wnnger. ; 1 po 1 lining felt. $3: 1 corn shelter. ; 2 ank. $1 ea4: elolhe hamners. C.vs each: washboards. 10c aot .V - each: 3 opper wash hollers. $7 each: 1 ctn. stick randy. $1: Sun Maid raatt - - syrup, $4 SO esse of 2 581b. cans; 1 Martha Washington sewing r - aie. $rt: radio ksibtnel panelsl Oe. 1 Ac. each: 1 fiber fernery. $l; 3 nil. tre eo. $d.50 each; .1 pads. M 51 each: 1 floor lamp and shade. $7; 1 wardrobe trunaa. fid and $.5: 1 dresser. $15: 1 dreer, 'J0: 1 dress - ser. $28; 1 radio table. $2; 1 tsnesiry" covered srnu - bsir. $12.75: gennioo . bnolenm mrs. f 1 0 each: a few vooim and C her rugs, for Monday only, at CtKi below coal: chlWre n s doll furniture. &Oc per pie; men's fins quality shoes snd oxfords. $4 pair: travel' tng bags. 7.V - eacb; 3 Chevrolet a'to heaters. $.1.75 oach: table lamp. TV - each; men's straw bats. 75c and 91 each; ladle' heavy underwear, flfx, per suit: flno Qiial'ty ticking. ?e yard: 1 drum plastic roof cement, 5e gallon by the drum: 1S.7S4 It - , onld rolled aheet ateel. 23 Xauge, $35. i. K. VANCE, JR .t Storekeeper. Store open daily S a. m .. close 4:30 p. m. Close Saturday 11:30 a. nv. Barter and Swap 51A Lexington Touring Car Seven - passenger. Bne running order. fr, diamond or good vacant lot. Bert Wil - helm. Pre xeS42 3 B AMILTON LAW LiLRARY 12 solum, like new. for Ford car; no junkers. Ad - dress Box nln. News. 5 1 A Oil ES No in - iinil.rsnoe. gnud nit - ov er tinibrr lard, in liases county, Minnesota: 20 acres almost ready f cftltura - - ton. Viii trade or sell. VShst hare you Add. - e.. r..x iiroo. News.. - WILL TRADE 3 tifn radio for 'conoe or cssh. Harrison 4f7 W. t W 1 LlTTf R A fi"E P ai - rTTaiitinr on a Tori! roadster. Address Bo ?.. - News. 1HE0 UTf Y I n neai ly new"liorinIsssl ; paved si reel, ear line. Rented $50 month. Payments. $4.Y Owner. Hsrrt.on ??j - Wr DENTAL WORK in o - hng for paoerl tnr. cleaning or print I n g, Hu iboldt 4 5 . Caw Books A - dboo"k case, traie for car, lot or eoulty. - oWashinrton 011. tfrXXEY - ROW TftEDDI,uis - soring like new; 4 - burner nil rsnge, aidehosrd, dresser. 2 tables. SxlOS rug. Wrb. 2555. after 8 p. m. All dsy Sunday. WEriVE Some miHlern and senii - moJT rrn bungalow and doubles on whf - h ws can tike smaller property, a good used car. truck or diamonds as part pay ent. The Southern Lumber Co. Main 01O7. Whlngf IOTP. 3rt DlNiNG ROOM Sl'lTK Lik - uew; take pviii small car. or whst have ottT l.inoolr 327H TCCA rc'R Wf A R M For trad lor aulouioUie or city lot. 1 Oalt sve. - N .fI - - lube radl - lor CltievroWt or Tori. Pav differ. 34"'l W North ntiildinr Material 8S - BRICK i f Delivered anywhere In th city; $ per thousand. RELIABLE WRECKERS Yard ? W. North st, Ijneoln S"n1. "" lXMnER77OOK. SASH. Low prices on everything; dimensions, sheathing, siding, doors: all new stack. Come in snd get our pri.w. You 11 bs ronvlnced. Phoenix Lumber Co., 1414 Sheldon. Webster OslO. ROOFING AND PAINTS . Rolled roofing. $1.25 to $2 - 2 par roll; ready mixed nous paint, $l.r3 gallon: 23 colors to select from. Lichtenaiiar Bros . 111 W. Washington. Pel. 34H4. pERF ECT 1 OhTRO ME WATER'S YST KM Are bt. Sold on payenle. Seo diipiay. t:o W Maryland M1 - s Uvsines il Office Hootp m 54 BACfi! BAR Cash reflster. new carbons lor: cheap. Kenwood 47fl. ailonal scales, show. rase, counters, con re urn cii.nes. v. iiy Caah Reg later Exchange. 1 - 7 W. 11th. aTlDA FOUNTAIN And csfonator; XI condition bargain 1 ae 3Ald. SODA yrtt'TAl. - TO f..tTe Yw cnen. Faay terms. AdVlress Box 7f77, Ncsg. ptione Wa.Mnston .1'tSl. UNDERWOOD Typewriter. No. 5; ust vers liltle: st a harrs'rt .It'.'O W. North.. RfcmingtoSI TY'rEWRtti a Nno - ;i5T rood condition. unoin fitpo. llESKS. CHAIRS., SAFES. FIUNO CABI NET Entire olfl. rquipment: new and used. Msity bargalna. .15 N. Cap) tol a v. $5,000 Worth of Extra Fine FIXTURES Auction sals; extra flno fixture for - dry good store. Maat b sold to v scats room. t ! ' Tuesday, iMarch 10, I P. M. Sharp BR00KVILLE, IND. CHARLES B SWEARKNOIV. OWNER. - MOORFSVIM.E. IND At Auction Mond.y. Marh 8. 10 a. m .. at Galveston. Ind.. 9 miles northwest of K ok oral. Ind. Well sell th tocl and fixture f the Hyslt rtore. about h00 slock of . merchnlise. - gars. lolnooi, drug sundries, almo - t new HoWtnib A Iloks pon - corn mainline, rash register, showcases, iron saie. Ice ere a i tb'e and chairs. A good sale. I.. "A. Koiige Auction On. Rile SOlSIndlanapolis. - d lld - FOOT cecliorial aiel,irig. 3ioi iir. men! cabinet. - ;i countera: sll n: 4 floor showcase., National legi.ter, larra mirror, I - cated Converse. Ind. Writ W, H. L . Mnnftn. I nA fO R sX7E One locoTii mn electrli B iir - roughs bookkeepirix machine - al most pew; will ,acrfl Wbtrr O.'tOd. R O LET O P D E . - K - o"" hs i rsTTu .cs.hre! islee, small showesse: must sell, looulr .'HO Illinois blog. . . U&MAH?MUNYTvfi and" oi'ss7 raaea: must be sH at once. Hamilton Jewelry Co.. n S. Merioi.n. btttHr'Pr. w & it k A." ,s o. b Us . .'I5 Wen.w 74 7. , ' - r.N f K K'XU,liZ?rt i w ritrr. yo. 4. Ksa - co'nh 117. ATIO'S'A L Caen reg liter! Tk aw; chesp for f" - wl"lpljiVl. lit' FfAt, KKNTll, R ATT. 1 WOODSTOTK TTPEWR1TER CO. ,S rerf.,rr i.l r T - 'n 4Ttf " " - ' Household Cioods ANTIQUES , f a!), kind. Alhertsn Furniture Ccta psny. 2f41 Centrsl BED New Simmon com p let. :oeo Kuctilo st. BABY BUGGY Practically new. r a son - si. e Irrlnrton .OA1 K. Dttr;SER, $." A " h"k". smtsV4e tor h' - me or office. 0. .Ton v. Wl'newts tUNlVii SUITE f5 pT - e. $ - V). daveno. chs.r. librsry table. rneui. .Even nf or S'tnd,y mommr. hf4 Sutherland se. ITvTng ROOM TABLE r hai'rs. wrvln laoir. i air ice roi, mirnm ep!ni, sew. tnx - mschire. Hoover sweeper, l.k new; d - see vsl,nrton :fS4. IilM.VO RTmiM SUIT r!ro. - i soli. iMri.l. electric wsshrr, (weeper, sewing machine. 1 canaries an I rip, etc. I'm leaving city 12 S. Harris. CAS RANOPi burner; gool conll t i oa. Harrtwn J'.'WW. A S RA NT. E Iiargain t"T nuick Sals. fC'l N. Denny. GA5RA Nil fc Detroit Jewel. 2 good ras - ers. chiffonier, bargain. Main .1.V GAS RAN - K High oe tlart JewrL chean. Irvngton 1P..1. GAS RANGE With litfii oven: much snd oak sideboard; si goo - l condition. Bsr - rison 1 175. . vANfc - useo, ihoroushur ve - bauled; 4lO and up. L ivsrd aad eoo cted i bsrle Koehrinr t Virglnl av Ice box Sclflor $s. cor$is.sir C Minnesota. SINGE ing machin. drop - head: sews , Lk new; $7. 1107 Iro.pct st Monday.

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