Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on October 29, 1941 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 29, 1941
Page 3
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Bight PUBLIC WARNED CAUSE OF COMMON COLD IS NEGLECT , Pnotirnbnla Is' HllII a rlan^nroua •; .dlsouMo (loHplto lhf fuel, (hat MC\V<T *rfiqthO(lH .of treatment have uccom- d Hpoclnwilar niHiilts In low- mortality, William (I. Woll- roetor of tiio human of vital warned In tho wnokl.y l>l'pU(|<MHi; of tho State Dopm-h/H'tit •orHrtaWrovfT HtiUlod SV'I'IfJ. Cmn- /noi)' : (5old.rt and so-fnilh.'d "Mu," \vhlt;h 'oa'HUy\Hproad from [mrson to por- . noh, .uni rnMjuont rororimuorH of . puounionla, Suoh warning signs Hlipul(l • Mrj hooded Imnu'dlaloly as pneumonia tiiunt ho diagnosed and vtrnatofl (it I.ho earliest possible mo- merit for the most effective res u I Is. .What may be suspected, as a cold may actually turn out to : bo influenza, Mr, Welling said. Gall ynur physician, stay at home and In bod. Follow strictly the doctor's advice and be caroful after the infection is checked. Thu great danger arises from the fact ..that, these respiratory Infections may" open the way for pneumonia. Although statistical signs which preceded the great outbreak In 1U1S aro not present now, concentrations of jnurt in military camps may develop condllion.s favorable for an Influenza epidemic this year unless widespread precautions aro taken, according to Mr. Welling. Any analysis In Inlluenza over a period of years, emphasizes that it is bust to be eonstaiitly on guard against colds, intluenxa and pneumonia. It Is dangerous l,o predict when the j next inJIuenxa cycle may occur. Mortality figures for the. last two yearn have not, Included excessively high pneumonia death rates,- as was the case' before the intluenxa pandemic of 1U.I8; Mr. Welling said. In .IIMO, the rate dropped Lo 40.4' per 100,000 population, the lowest ever recorded in Connccl-icuL. It was •lO.S in jyuu. Pneumonia dcaLbs climbei.l l.o record highs in 10J(i, i ( J.I7 and J'JIS when rulus of i<)7.(>,. JM.S and. ":iJ3.G, respectively, were recorded. Girl Heroine Groes Home IX CO.NWECTICtT Hartford, Conn., Oct. 20—,'UP)— Tlie temperature registered an even W2 degrees at Hartford during the night, although some spots in higher 'ureas reported tlie mercury high, in tin 1 ; 20's, the' weather bureau reported today. The freexing temperatures were accompanied by a heavy frost and ice formations on small puddles. Cold weather was to continue throughout the day, and generally ('renting temperatures were predicted tomorrow, At Freedman's Let Us Help You Prepare For The Cold Weather- Ladies' Dept. . ««••••«••««•••••••—«»••••»-••«•»•«*•-••••—~«^ *u*yi*mm—~~*—~ •«•« Coats Warm Fur-Trimmed Coats, sizes 12 to, 50,, $20,50. to, $79,50,. Blacks, Browis, Bieg-e, - Tweods, Untrimmed Sport and Dress Goats, Zipin Linings, $10,96 to $24,95 ..Wool Sport Jackets, $4,95 up, Ski Suits, Wool and Gabardine, ' - $8,95 to ; $16,95 V<1 Ski Pants, Wool and Gabardines ;'/, ;.'..-• $2,95 to $5,95 Sweaters, -Coat or Pull-Overs .'-.. . $2,98 to $4,98 ; ( ^Wara Gloves, $1,00 to $2,98 the New '"Goalie" Gloves— and Angel Skin Gowns and •,','.. Pajamas $1,29 to $2,98 Robes, Quilted, Ohinollo, Flannel— 'y" ; X.' . $3,98 to .$10,98 ; • ' Wool Scarves, 69o to $1,19 . : , '\yQGl Dresses, $5,95 to $14,95 Bed'Jackets, $1,29 to $2,98 Children's Dept. Snow Suits Wool and "Byrd" Cloth— Infants' sizes, 1 to 3, $4,98 to $8,95 'Sizes 4 to 16 — $5.98 to $14.98 For 'Girls and Boys — Made by the Famous —Snow King" Suits — One and. Two Pieces, Ski Pants, All Colors — $2,49 Up Girls' Coat and Leg-gin : Sets—3 to 6X, , $.5,98 to $15.98. 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Plus Two- way Roller-Steering, new welded body and frame •construction* Any way you compare this Nash—for ' reliability, ride, miles per gallon, you'll find it's by far the best buy!.The -finest Nash ever built— .deliberately planned to be. the most sought- after automobile .in America!. See your: Nash- dealer today and drive this money-saying "Million Dollar Beauty." Plucky I'uiHolii lIolliMfj\voi'(,h, < 5, who sut'vivtjcj (.-.ujlH <l»ys in a wilderw.'ss, is pidhinxl with lici 1 I'til.luM 1 , Jostipli Holliiifiwoi'l.h, ns .she It-1' l.ho liosin'hil hr Lowell, Ahiss., al'liji 1 (lm;e \vccks" l.i'onliuonl, I'or I'rosl I'tM'.L Sho \viis ru.slnMl (o her home in Dtin.s-ltihle, Muss., mid pu (.o 1)0(1, The Fjiiii'i'ly pJiysicitiM .snid she would uo!> he -able I'o wnlk. foi tihoul, (.wo \vuL'k.s'. U.S; WANTS USE OF BRfllSH BASES AFTER THE WAR Washington, Oct. 2.O.—(UP)—The •United -States was.understood lo'day; In liavo asked. G|''BritainJiO, make all British bases- available for American use after |;n'o war. • . , ..'•-. The, request was' par I, of a broad, program presented by the -United Britain and China, in connection 'with arrangements, ' to/-provide.-guarantees l.'or ; - a l.)Ctl.or .world; after the. -war. Post-war, doctrines, in addition to use of'bases, .to which the United. -asked Britain to subscribe worn .said to; ine.ludo ; :l. ruvmoviil; of excessive restrictions. " ' « • . 2. Nrm-diSQi'iniiiiaLion in .'.Horna-, tional commercial relations. i{.. Non-i.lisoi.-iinliia'toi'y use. "of raw. fi .'.- ^Vi 1 1 h i &;n <-,!««"• to pliiis oi' c.oJnnioditio.s terests. of • eon'sumer .. : n^u laic si.j fi.- l.o -.protect "in- nations. and" U Git IS AT SK111ES -15 IIIII L, Ii IAW-T M 01> K I- S In addition io the aniiizing now IS'usli'. 'Ambassador "600" you'll also want to see the famous Nash Ambassador'Sixes and Eights that arc greater than ever this year. Now, engine development makes them' even more,brilliant . formers. .They're, still iu the low- mid medium-price' fields! .'..'•_• . -.- • ..- ' •• : • Dealer.Advt, 5..'liitbi'national: finance to aid .<?.s- sontlal enterprises n.nd-'t.'ontribuLe. f.o oonUnuousaleyolopnie.nt of all coun.- i,rios. ' • . ;" .-''•'• ' China, : it was understood, has been, asko'd Lo subscribe l,o I ho trade" principles, but- has "no.t been asko'd. l.n niako any bases ,or locations for: bases available l.o the United States,' Negotiations' of Lhis program bo-. ; . twoon the United States and the two recipients, of lond-loasc bencMts are. concerned with methods of. re.-, payment for Amo.i'icnii war maler-- ials now bo ing sent thorn. II. lias boon recognized b'cro that i I;''will be i.wm'a'cUca.r if not' ifnno.s L sibli.'. ttvgni! full- repayment in cash or goods. The/ government is- mov-; ing alre.;u.l:y-, f.hore.l'oi'O, to make-sure thai. lasting bone (Its-wit I result fronr this -groat outla.y .of money and ma-, terials. • • •-''.' '•' Jn ,M i o .e.-iso; of Britain,. tho Un,i.te'fl- Statqs wishes to, implement through agreements' -tlie oight-poiril, Atlanti-c •'peace cleclarati'oir. ^ Tli'o. Uni'lied ,fttutps has . asked, "for LliC""'i;igh ; t- use -British . bases - as pai'lv of 'America's long-range," isD. ( alins, The'.most, controversial of'ilisli., bases would be Sin- Japanese vyjio ;hav'e said "fr'i .'hii.l,' they \youl_d- c.onsider--it- ;a cause of "grave concern^.j.f.j.t wore; opened •' ' A'merican, warships. ; ;.!...-. be."'United "Slia-l-es : ls not--SLibsl,itur ing! '.principles,' for-;-the ..lejHd'-rlease. SEARCH FOR ••;:Boston,. , Oct. 20.—(UP)—Search sl/ii.i' .for- an abandoned' fishing : vqssei : whoso crew' of eight was •'rqscuei.l during n coastal .storm." in which ' three other ships, went aground,,-and n fifth suffered', motor dani/igo : 'Lhal, left her wallowing helplessly off I.lie New Hampshire coast. " '.. • At- Torino's!,• of Owner Angelo R, Capone. of . Boston, coast -guards hunted the jiS-ton Hope Leslie'soma .'{fj,., inifcs southeast of i\'o Man's and." in Vineyard Sound where sho \va.s abandoned afl.or'lier bold Jlllcc rapidly• yosl.e.rday. Her crc\v,; rescued by coast guards from the Cut:, ; yliunk station, remained at New Bedfoi'd,, awaiting definite word of' tin. 1 , ship's 'plight. . '..'•• The; coast guard cutter CJuneral reont. 1 .,; fog-hound during l.hc night near'"Onpc Cod Canal, hnsl.c'Hed .to \ycs'L Tisbm-y where l.hp '". 12-ton. 'I'b.vinc'etowii' fishing drnggcr j An; ; olihe. svas aground, . He.r two-man •crew'-requested aid'in floating* the ship. .-'Coast guards today -removed the ,'JS-man crew from the OOOO-tbiv Bos; Lou •-collier Newton which; was beached at the oastorn end of- the canal yesterday after springing leaks while onroul.e from .Hampton Boads, Va., to Boston,'with a coal cargo. . : Meanwhile, tho 2:1 ton Gay Head fishing schooner Beret ,]. was described^ as a total loss after crashing,, on Hooky Squibnpckot' Point. MAY NOTREPORT SINKINCOFSUBS, SECY. KNOX SAYS Washington,- Oct. 29.—(UP)—$ fil ,._ reLary of>. T avy Frank K'nox said today that the- United States Navv may follow the policy of the British and not announce sinkings of any German submarines thai arc destroyed by U. S. forces. One objective of such secrecy wonkl be to keep the Gorman nnvy juessinjr as to just what happened ,,o submarines that failed lo return. MCnox told a press confo.ronoo. ih.u he IS'avy would bo guided "as any other belligerent," in determining ngs. He-made the observation when ngs. He made theobservation when [uestioned. by reporters about ru- nors that submarine's already ));ive cen sunk in the North Atlantic by he U. S. Navy. "Great Britain has been in the var-a Long., time, combating sub- larines,. but you have not • read bout many of them being «sunk." e said. "Obviously, there have been lot sunk." K'nox said that the-.Navy would bo uided, in making amiouncemcnls, what is best for the safety of ic Meet and our own interests. Ho lid that any actions between tho cot and German surface?, raiders, owever, would be made public. Asked if. his explanation moans that there will be no announcements regarding German submarines, K'nox replied: "You may make any inforoneo you want, but don't make any rash ones." When asked specifically about, reports that three submarines have been sunk, Knox replied with a "no comment," / •TAIUSHID I IMF *? Our "Prep Shop"—second floor —sizes to-40—is showing a wonderful bukharan camel hair coat by "Sampeck" at $33.75. This Camels' hair coat is the answer to a young* man's prayer—it has everything- a good coat should have and more—it has to begin with the softness .of a. kitten's ear —the fit drape and casual air of a coat that knows it's good and willing to prove it—a coat that will live up to its good looks because it's tailored that way. SHORTAGES ARE CAUSING LAYOFFS IN CONNECTICUT Hartford,. Conn,, Oct. 20.—(UP) Stale Labor, showed .today thai,' material shorl.- iges are' b'egimiing lo urnck down on. defense employment at Bridgeport, Harbl'ord, New Haven, and SUml'ord.and that the situation nmy Become -incruasingly acute. Unemployment compensation clams .for the week ended Oct. 25 to- -uled 8^20, the h/ghest number-'since VJai-ch 29, .HMO, wheir Uiey ;imo»n- ccl to 8670. Since Juno J. of this year the claims have increased from 805 l,o 8/120. Firms-. ;it Bristol, Danhury and I/nomlpsohvilFe i-eportcd improved JinployinctH conditions in recent woks.. . •-, . Reports indicated today that the shortages might result in n sizeable layoff at Sargent & Co., New Haven within the next few days, but official confirmation' was lacking. SILENT GLOW Oil Burners Range and Fuel Oil D. Thurston's Sons Ice Co. RUBBER AVENUE Tel. 2269 W.ncfos. l,o ho tpiihfid ;md (,o prepare for-nny-emergency. . . "Every cJLixen, oi' ovory walk of )i!'(.', oJ 1 every c.-iJJiJig, oj; every race and crenel inusL become a volun- lary ovorlinio worker in America's wl.ionnl defense program." Inbt •entirely..' BuL -ibis' government vishes ito ; acc6ni"paiiy its 'ari> A >' lon.t.s 'for' repayment.''.of." the. l.encl- se debt '.at, : icast .wi'th •.•guarantiDosj; !io!f,".'- econoinic"" nValddj.ii.stmenl's;. r: c^ ;; , 11 c; v oj d wo rid |. wj 11 • no t be . per" n 11 t'f- hi... the 'iiew'.;V, r ; ••"'•'"T''.' ' '" \ ''•"• '•' The ••.;'• teaUiti'yq ••. l pla,n .. now "is, laj-jc • L'I'P tli p. "iVbs't-war .cone] uc t> o £ (i ..:-.fol,i:oib,, Oct." 20.—(UP)~A: strike ;.i3T.vJ : f-1 l 5D;.Unl.'!.cd'. A u Lorn obi Ic' Workers 'iO;lQ,)v,halted: production of machine giins 1 ;''.today;.•' at' the koIsey-Hayc's! \Vheel. Company's. .Plymouth,'• M.'ich. MAN IS BLAMED FOR ACCIDENTS Winsted, Conn,. Oct. 29.—(UP)— Bonald ID. Shekion, 34, • TorringLon, one of three victims'of a multinle automobile collision October J8, was helrl criminally responsible for the nccidcnl.s today by Coroner Lester W. Sch.'iefer. •Sheldon's cnj-• • crnsbed hendon \vith. another operated by Kdward Michna, JO, Torringlon. A third cnr driven by 1 John Lockwood, piled up on the wreckage. • Michna and .Mrs, Thelma Hodorslci, 23, an expectant mother, also died 'in collision. Consignee Dickson, sister of. Mrs. Hodorski, suffered su- vrq-injuries! The coi-oner .found that Sheldon was driving on the wrong side of the highway.' GOV. HURLEY GIVES SPECIAL *AWAIU)EI) CONTIIACTS Washington, Oct; 20— (UP)—Army contracts: ScoviH Manufacturing Co., Walerbury, Conn., fuses, ,$J,27.'3,- '.Xir); CJinse Metal Woi-ks, Wal.crville, Conn., brass rod, .$325,r)r)fi. SnowMakc HiscuiLs Cinntunon Slicks .j\ti(. Huns Fruit, Clusters Crfsjiy Porjp.ysccd Rolls l^irlioi' Iloll.s Itni.siM) Hiscuits Kuhn's City Bakery MAPLK ST.. TEL. M78 of Dry Ice Dry ice weighs approximately 81 pounds per cubic foot, Great Oak Farm .OXFORD UOAI) MILK — CREAM EGGS-— BUTTERMILK CHOCOLATE MILK POULTRY Daily Delivery to All Parts of N&ugf Telephone 5049 r'-.'/LMio-.- strike was called; al/.midnigh Jiytwoj'koi-s v, demanding, a /25-bcn li q urly wage i n crease and .discoiili n- .i.nVMCQ- ]5y., ; ni;in'agom.e'n!,'. oil- -a/; pdlicy ' . . ortd;-a«spcin;M(Dn^J!.:: : na'f,jOTIS', : :As-^Lh!q" ego'Li on's* ^p^ross^ -it... \yas. ; :J3e! i.c.y-;. ci.:?lf-i!i|J ;j\n\(J:r(Jr:cii2Ln|l&%'.;siic!i:{:ft\s; s i| i v itationVQf^armhi'iiicnts and; an.ianse^ oij,is for.'-in icrnalii.oiia]- : ; tradb ayrcc- ''' '•• • '-•• which, women' repbr ted ly are ,Lo .-:;. replace : mcii' -al,: lo.wci \yfiges.,- r •.;' •, •..,'' • . :••'..•".•;.'. : ''.-''•'• • ^An;; ; appcal f'o conl.inuc, wpiik during' negp i;ia(,ioiVs;" signed : liy . I-ticharc ,'-regionar:UA^W-GlO- di- pj,h e r . .lq)^o,i; : , J.eA.c) e)'s -' \vas i;ead ! Lq^yyorkcrS; over .a pu'W li'^Ss. 1 :- sy'sle'in -V last/ n i'gh t;.-.'iif .: wen L ' ' :ilv. .and .. state efforts 1 'to .obtain" .aii. ; agi-ee- ;fm.c.nJ/Voii-• wago_ terms "were.'"iinsuc- ;cessfLii,-: _sc. ( hcd&'iccl\another meeting Ty.n;h 'co.nipany-.'and':union';, negotiators.''during, "the- forenoon:.' .; '••'• .-; '.':'.. \K ;r rbe '.?p,Sp6,06.0'•'. plant, •isrocluces (50••caliber., machine .'gunsvioh^nghting .. 'It-is_'one of.Jo.ur.fa.ctories i.ji the ^couiUry devbtect only/' Lo : ma; cbihc/gun .production.:;:- • . '] ; : ;-/Approximately 3,700 workers lUift^CQmpaivy's --tliree; • Detroi t in vj Uf Lh e-. A ni e r i can Thiee New Series of Fine Motor Cars 'GttiJrs^ ' NAUGATUCK snld .^yaribiis ; i^pbinLs .'-•.K : worked "o.Ut,. ;/ : : '/;' ; .''"'v' I-I.n.rLfoi'rf,' Conn., OcL 20.-~{UP)~ Goy.'Hurley,. in/ft special message, l.oday callcjfl upon Uic people ,- Connccticut lo p'uf, "eounLry above. self 1 'and dcclai-crJ "l.lic Lest of good 'ciii ken ship Is Uic abiJiLy and \vill- •ingncss- we .show l,o follow thai; — FOR SALE — Brick Building and lot on Woodbine Street. Suitable for Small Manufacturing Business Naugatuck Insurance Agency, Inc. Room 9 Neary Bldg. Phone x 2080 The saving's instinct manifested by our grandparents may be responsible for some of the com-' forts and advantages we have today. With many of them the home was acquired by thrift and economy, the children educated and given a start in life. Naugratuck S a v i n g s Bank : The businessman, housewife nnd worker, he said, "each'.has'a part; to p/Ay.;in the tasks .ahead, each has .a service to give our country. > ••• "Businessmen niust understand that 'normal c'onditions', and 'business as usual 1 of; necessity arc in suspension' for the duration'. .'They must understand that victory'is not easily bough t.. : They must'; understand •;that tbe'y are; in'a-grcat civilian army which is flgtvting a bft'ttie of production a'gaihsl;'' the combined capacities of all the Axis powers. .. . " -must fa^e the facts calmly/ Househojd;,luxuries, will be. sacrificed in increasing, amounts, to the. needs/.:of. ; defense production ; com m odi f-y- pri ces;wi 11 rise; the' .dangers? from" without 'will;'. be".'felt, in. every American - home.. But :the' spirit.,of America, .the undying 1 de\:'o t i oh '•' to, • freed o.rn: aii'd <> .lib e r ty,." m u s t' )C' kept alive, and growing^ 'and- t)i,is be'^prie : in : 'tbe r homesl 1 And iousq\yives '-top-.•'rnu.sfc find- ;; llic.- : tinric : i to join;.and..cooperate %yitb the : nu- IMMEDIATE DELIVERY 1942 FORDS — NEW THE BEST YET 1941 MERCURY-^NEW "T Late Model Used Cars \ \ 1941 Ford De Luxe Sedan 1940 Lincoln Sedan \ 1939 Mercury Sedan 1939 Ford Convertible Sedan It Will Pay You To Buy Now ; " ' — THE— '*"..' ' 87 Church Sfel Phon^ 2219 LINCOLN

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