Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on October 28, 1941 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 28, 1941
Page 1
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Eight NAUGAT^CK DAILY GUNMAN KILLS HIMSELF IN NEW YORK .Now York, Dot. 28. — (UP) — A yowriff jainmnn- who ho/mlod that hn .Mover .ho. taken alive sliol and hhiiHttlf today -In" th« donorlcd IriUlro.brli, of n mldtown hotel afM (j 1 Wild ohfwo In'which liu wounded an'' onlonkoi 1 " and put u bu.llft Uu*qugh tho,coul.ttlucvo of H iHM'su- J'vvQ p.tlau 1 . mon wfiro arrontcd • l>y ivuH 'who worn. MoiicohliiK for t'h'o-.. -..HJayoi-H of Aho HohoJ'ilAk, I)'^dh(klyr\ policy king, murdorod last 4:ijy.<i>t.t,nt< iiftor lie won 'IhoimamlM CJf'-dpllftra ,ln a dlcn game, 'r'J'ho.-aulodJc'g tinman was Abraham ftjlftij',' ,. 2'<, ' • •ft»i!i i loii»Jy svoundod IH Wfllhlrn.. Orlmflwi, Oa, of Dull-oil, oornppaor, llioatrloal rrmmitfur ami liudband of HMO Marvunga, op Bfai'r -Mo was drawn to tho window n'f frjfl liolftl— flio Viol or la—by tin) ohOTO/and Hitler Hhot him in IWHS- If.iK, ••; : ;^ DpjLoo.llYo Kymo Lovlna had hlw oout Tlppod by u hullnt but ho and tWo" jHropklyn dotootlvoM micouudori Hi -nrroHtlrig Samuel Kublonaky, Uil, and i&uimul Kovruu 1 , 28, In the hotel COBINA WRIGHT AND PALMER T. BAUDETTE TO WED ; KoVnor, ...\ya« ploknd up llrst on .ny and lukon to bin room at Irtft ;Abbr'y,. Tho dutou'llvcs waited ; 1H'orb-ftnd 'Jlmiliy Knblonsky and r/ililod Ihii doorknob, Tho Hollywood, Oct. 28,—(UP)—Cobhif \Vrii<lil, Jr, and Pfilmer T, HwuulcUi will b<! married Monday at Hlvm Hide r.liuroh, Now York, in a forma aftni'iioon st-rvlcu, Jt was announcoi horn today. Tim Hodfily actress said .she am IHM- mllllonalru corporal—a weinbci of u prominent Detroit family—haf d<!(!fdcd hastily on l.hc early wod- dlriK date bucauso of his appointment to an officer's tralnhiK school. Fernanda Wanamakor iSlunn will be maid of honor and Diana Harr mor(! and Kdilh (Hark rnalds of lonor. MriiiiO lUiaudette will be his H'othrr's best man. Thn couple will tako a short bonny/noon in (Jnnncujllmit before she rolurns lo Holly wood, and lie to the army. began with Kablonsky soon trapped in a dwid-ond corridor. As sppuial police armed with riot guns arid soarohliKhts Joined the hunt, Hlllor ollmbod throiiKbia terrace window and shot Orlmann. Then'Jie disappeared. Some timer lator n policeman polntiul his searelillght Inlo the dark recesses of Ibo ballroom. The beam picked up a body—Tjltier's a .'<& call- bur revolver nearby. VISIT TO MRS. F. D. ROOSEVELT Noted Traveler ... . •.-.-. " • . • • ''.,-> Warns America! (Continued from Page ,One) joct was- "Good Neighbors With-, Our South American Friends" aridj her knowledge of .her subject, STATEPLANSTO WILL BE IN THE MIDDLE ; Taxes are up, values are down, and your / estate may be hard hit by this double ?< /flank attack, s-;.. Estate'taxes are payable promptly, in y"••'•cash; If necessary, estate assets must be ;,;. .sacrificed to raise the cash! Heavy losses ,j"v v 'can^'result from such forced .sales. i ':fr LIFE INSURANCE TRUST can ; ,,- .jnake 'available the needed cash without Lr'•••' Sacrifice of estate, assets. The plan is sim- 'pie; .we can explain it in a few minutes, JtlAUGATUCI/ NATIONAL BAN|% Washington. Oct. 28.—(UP)—The AriHM'ican-born Duchess of Windsoi called on Mrs, Franklin D. Roosevelt today lo discuss United States civilian- defense - preparations and American and Hritish welfare woi in this country. The Duchess '.visited Mrs. Roosevelt at Imp headquarters In tho of- flco o? civilian defense, -where tbr first lady J.s an assistant to nalJoml liroctor. Florello 11. La Guardia. A. White HousD automobile took .lie Duchess and Mrs. noosovoH's wo socralarlos to the OGD," where he first lady and hor assistant. Mrs.- Honry jMorgonthau, Jr., greeted hn royal visitor. Wearing a black velvet coat with nl>las and a "beanie" hat, the )uchoss was escorted through n rowd of sc.yeral hundred OGD-cm- loyccs (o Airs.' "Roosevelt's ninth oor ofllcc. ' [ ' • • They talked briefly with hcwspa- r men and women, and Mrs. oosevclt pr.escnted the Du.chess to arlous OGD- officials. The , Duchess'.;;'was. asked what American activity she considered tho mos.t. helpful-'for. the, Bahamas, whnro the Duke Is governor. "Tim infant welfare w'Orki saw hi New'York." tho Duchess said. "I alsq consider i\\n British war relief work here absolutely rnagni/i- cent." . • . ; . . . iu Mrs. Roosavolt .ami thn Duchess then motored IQ the White Mouse, whore Urn Duke was awaiting them. Mrs. Roosevelt, al'ter .chatting with them for a few • minutes,' Jel't to catch a plane Lo Chicago where she will deliver a lecture contracted.for six inon 1.1 is ago. The Windsors went to Iho British ..embassy to wait until time for their return to the Whlto for luncheon with the President. gained from former visits America and her recent year; resulted in her audience, dress. Miss Avcry to .South trip .last keen attention by throughout her ad- MAN TFI IS irlrtn 1 Ltl^L^j KILLED WIFE Spring-dtild, Mass,',' Oct.' 28.—•(UP)— plori of guilty, nislrlcl, Williain .I.'- Ciranflcld 'today wilorod n plea' of jnnocoiiL and ordered London' Allen .Layr, 2H, .'held without, ball for l.he' .December Grand Jury on a murder; charge In oonnocLion \vltli" ilia, death of Ills wife, Pauline, 2-f. Ij.ayr, a former Ludlo.w town. ern- I't 1 a ye, s trb I led i n to no I Ice 11 eadci uar- l.ors here yesterday and'ann'ounce.d calmly-that ho. had Ivi.Ued his Nylfe. In his. downtown apartment,- clo.te'c 1 tlvcs found tlie body, stuffed into a bedroom. closnL. ' . Modloal-lilxamihcr 'W. A. R. Chaplin said 'death was due to a throat wound which bayr allegedly admitted inlli'eting wil,ii a hunting knife al'ter 'first having attempted 'to' .slrangic. his 'wll'oV ' . Authoritlos said Hlie :slaylng' cli- maxud a-'quarrel over money. ' ' impressed, upon hei" hearers that the-, world situation to-i day not only requires -the closest] coo ire ratio'M bel/weon North and, South America but of all the American nations in its combined flghti against, the policies 'of Hitler and) those who''Support them; She ; stat-"ed 'that' the South Americans were' opposed^ to t!ic Nazi,'-policies- for .a< long time- but>,eouid : '• not declare themselves-.until'-, the."United States; of America definitely announced; that they would../support . Great Britain to! the limit and would do' all In Its'--power to defeat Hitler in his dreams of world.-supremacy; The speaker said that few. 'realized at the outset:-of-the prcscnl European'-' conflict 1 ; 'tira't.riHitlpr; ooul.d accomplish his "aims,..but that developments In tlie, last six months have convinced many.'U.,S. .citizens, including- pqliticians of Rational repute who had opposed, the Rqosc-. volt policies, that we are faced with a very 'serjpus situation aqd. that- the quicker all of u£ realized, pur predicament and. united to defeat Hitlcrism, the. you.ths of our nation in .the; various services, of the government and'the nation.-Itself would bo saved considerable; grief and expense.' '••'/'• Miss • Avery emphatically stated that the policies of the'.German nation today-arc-'not directed by the- people and their representatives b.ut. by the leaders in the army. She said .. that these policies are controlled by one Prof. Mouseover in'; an institution in -Munich, German} in which, he' has the assistanoe/oj. over J.OOO experts in warfare anc diplomatic procedure and that no major Gorman .is;'made- by the Ntt»i f d roes • u n ti i '..i t' li as been ap- ;proyed by this institute. Miss'Aver} said that Hitler is definitely Pan- Germanic, and that while',' Ire-was a student artist, before 'his sudden and fantastic .rise to power in' : the Gorman nation, ho studied under. Prof. Mouseover and had, and stilt is, practicing the teachings of tho Mouseover principle's. . : . ••' • , ; Prof. MoLiscoyqr,;' Mi's'sT Avcry said; believed that world/d6ii>inatibn : ".by Germany, depended upon' an' ail-land force _ invasion -rather.'' than/ by an ^all-sea force. •;•'; -.';,' • " . ••'-•/ /The subject, of Miss.-.Avcry's 'next Jecturc • .will . b'o,'/"Russia, "-What wcxtr 1 '• ' •' ,• / ••'. .•' / .,.-.' • ... .. .... . •»•*>•;/ ; '—- ; Hartfbt'd, .Conn., Oct. 2.8.—(UP)— '.The state pier commission, if, wa learnedHodayr was prepared to the 00-acrc : . IDastern Point estate o thevlate ^Commodore Morton .Plan ancrturn it over to the governmen its 'the'site for a $2,000,000 training school ;,foi: navy and coast g'uart R'ctty ohlcers. .'Th(3. commission, it was said, hac $85,000 to,.pay for the land, which has been more or less abandoned for years. • • . ..''"The. school, according to government piansi will graduate 900-ofn- ccrs every six months, and will Ijave 300'. instructors. Men from the ranks will; be "given an opportunity to ^yprk. for ratings through this speed-up program. . • Oh/the-property is .the old plant ,-homestead and several greenhouses. .The latter were said lo be valued at, ; abput $80,000 and moved to;''various state institutions. "'Tlic pier commission obtained an option on the property some time ago from its own funds and it was understood that when the deal went through with the Plant estate, the land, would cither be given to the government . as an outrieijit gift, or. leased at $1 a year, such as was done with the Windsor Locks air base which ^pst the state $2!i5,000 early this year. "'The appropriation for the school alrea'dy has. passed both' houses of •Congress/ -and awaits' presidential , signature. • ,.. . •• ONE UNION PARTY SLATEi&BARRED FROM BALLOT Hartford, Conn., o£t. 28.— (UP)—A decision by Common Please .Judge Vine R.. Parmclee today barred from the ci.ty ballot next, Tuesday a union party slate submitted by Joseph Dawson, who ' claimed to be town chairman of the -party. Judge Pa r- mclce; ruled the slate was Died a day too- 1 late to be legal. Judge Parmelee.said he would deckle tomorrow whether to permit the union party slate submitled by Brands, who .also claimed to the party's town chairman, to go on the ballot. Stephen Ulman, Stratford, slate chairman, asserted Dawson, and not Coiro, was the legal town chairman. NEW ARMV TANK TO BE BUILT SOON IN SCHENECTADY pIAGESWERE i REPRIEVED BY -Ado I?" Vichy, Oct. 28— (UP)— Adolf Hitler . personal, orders reprieving .100 'French ^hostages who were held for ' warned 'that this "is the: last ; oh'ance, to cooperate in tlie solution" ,or-ant1-iS'a ; '/J-; terrorist crimes, it ;was announced .today. . ; The Vtchy government was noti- -flcdi. ..pi'.-; Hitler's decision , by Gen. Joachim SfAiclpnagel, German comma nclei*. in' France, who said that he liaU;'; ojL'cIorcd. the- execution' .of the h.o's.lages.';'suspcndecl -'in accordance with ''Hitler's instructions;-' Schencctady, N. Y.,. Oct. 28.—(UP) —The American •• L'ocomotlve Company announced today that work will begin soon on a new army lank which will be powered with a dicsol engine. Announcement of tho new weapon .closely followed President Roosevelt's announcement that. Congress will soon be asked for funds to double the nation's lank output. All details of the new model, the M-4, were withheld. WiliJam G; Dickerman, chairman 'of, the. board, announced the first pilot models would be turned out in the local plant under authorisa- tion of the army ordnance department. An innovation will be a medium tank with a cast-sloe! hull, he said. "Prom our pilot models these new designs will go to the various Amor- fcari...defense.' plants, for mass production," DJckerman 'said. BODIESOF15 MEN RECOVERED FROM MINE TODAY Our "Prep Shop"~second floor—sizes to 4O—shows a great zip in covert coat at $29.75—that has already gone to town. It's a wonderfully tailored garment fashioned to fit the tempo of this fast-stepping- age and geared for high speed dressers who know their topcoats. Our Aintree Covert suit is another top section headliner suit at $24.75 that has this town of young men going Covert in a big way. Oil Burners Range and Fuel Oil D. Thurston's Sons Ice Col RUBBER AVENUK Tel: 2269 U. S. NAVY TM I'OUTANTl You cnn «t!ll luiy A Nunh fur onlv ono-tlUrd duvvti, In III month*—your proHont nnt n\ny covur, nr will «Pl>ly (U full tnulo.In vnltio, on <Fi« ilowu Rome,' Oct.'..28.'.— "(UP)— Premier, Benlto MusHO.l.lnl,' speaking from' the' balcony, o'f. Veiiic'p;- Pnlacn, Lolcl--;n- cheering - throng, olV 50,00.0 PascisLs • tonight that the United States and other anti-Axis.' fbi'ces will'• b'n .crushed by the Axis. ' • Mussolini, appcai;cci- qn the balcony of the palace in response to the shouts 'of the' .'uniformed Fascist, demonstrators who carried placards and posters denouncing the'. United.' Slates and' President' Roosevelt.. .; Th c o o'cn'sl o'n Was th e. 19Lh an n!'-. vcrsary of the B lacks fiirt march on Rome which put • Mussolini into- po\yer in .Italy. ' ' \ Tlic Italian throngs, stream 6cjL through the stre.ets ' toward Vcnico Palace in late afternoon. Their po.^t- crs included caricatures of Pr'esi'r"' dent- Roosevelt and''savage attacks on U, S, aid' to Russia. '' . .; -\ The palace I'laci/. 'b.cen^ dccpnitcd, with Italian flags,- bunting and Fascist emblems. '.A r few,-ho.urs before Mussolini, had- addressed / Fascist leaders within the palace and called upon- them to work/hard hi'Italy's "decisive hour.." . ,,, / . ••• - , •- ; siwpipps INNEflNfitAND ARE PREDICTED PAYASBONUS -. -.Hftijtfoi'dy-, Conn., Oct. tf 28.— (UP)-, /J/he' Aetna . ft'ire Insurance Co. today ^grrihicd, .220Q employes , a month's ipay, -a'S| a\ b.onus to • meet the rising ! .cost:-'-of ; -.iivir|g.- nnd inorejiscd. taxa-r iitioh; The. bonus will be dlstributecj 'in Decerniier. ; ' ;• A;nb,ti'cc .to -em ploy es said : ^.•'i-S^e 'su'ggcst you estimate the I amp 1,1 n t. ' of taxes you will b c ca 1 1 cd o'ji'^to/ipay -anri set 'aside out of this . extra; .sal »ry ;.• th e i^iccessary am ou n tg ••to at, least" meet. the increase in the s taxes.'!'".. ..-"-•• • • , " '' ' • Norton.villc, 'Ky, ( Oct. 28.—(UP)— .Rescue squads, pumped deadly KJISOS .from th.o- Dnnlol Boono mine ipdny ant.l recovorofl tho bodies of -in explosion: victims. Th'e'squadsV working- In shifts o.f .21'men, . had lowcrod themselves thr.ouprli 'the 'mine's' nirshafl, on a blenk hillside.' to rnp;iir l.ho vcnl.ln- ting system-and drive out the gases hn.mpcring M.ieir reselle efforts. The dead, badly burned, were in a l.imhel 120 feel, bolow the sui'f:ice and '1,500 feel/ from, the air shnft. I^orty-dighl; nlen, w'cre In l.he mine \viipn Uie. explosion occurred at 7:J10 |>;'y'oslcrelay; liut .'W wore rescued ! hours .later/ PRAISED BY GOV. HURLEY . Greenwich, Conn., Out..' L\S—(UP) Governor Hurley, f.ojd a moeUng of ,lho Navy Kongno of Mm lJMil«'d States last night "tiiat the Nazis havo docidod to challenge our navy. : ... in a deliberate,' pre-conof>fvo(J, reckless plan to destroy l.he freedom KILLED TODAY IN Big as it is, il delivers 25 to 30 miles on a gallon of gasoliuc- or as much as 600 miles on tankful—al highway speed! Not even last year's sensational Nash can match it—in economy, steering and parking case, pick-up or performance. 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II., Oct. 28,— (UP) —Two ; United States army Iliors were killed early today wiien 'their attack .training plane crashed in, a sparsc,!.y 'iscttJed area near Vaughn, N t . .M:', air base officers hero ' announced. ,.TIio victims were -Second Licu- LerVuh.ts. .W- H; Carpenter and G. 'W.' Jones, both from Kelly Field, .Tex. ' The fate 9!' three air cadets, be- l.ieycd to' ; have been passengers in tjbe,': craft, 'was unknown. ICIEST PLANS TO SEEK DIVORCE Hollywood, Oct. 28. — (UP)—Mae West will seek to di.vorcc the man she married- 30 yenrs ago and then "forgot," her attorneys said toda>' They snid she 'would flic divorce action "perhaps today" againsl Frank Wallace, vaudeville hoofer, A WPA research worker three years ago found tlie record of tho license issued- to. them April 11, 1911, bul until recent months the actress denied the marriage. Wallace recently lost a suit for #1,000 a mo.nlh .temporary alimony from'Miss West pending trial of his suit for separate maintenance. YOUNG WOMAN Crew Escapes When Vessel Hits Rocks Hotchkiss St. Garage Phone 4888 NASH , M Thrae New Series ol Fine Motor Cars SIXES AND E1CITS " Says Untrue ...,„.,. . , Va;, • Oct/. ^Sr^CLJP)— 'Mary. fierce;... 26-y ear-o I d' .d i vp reed wjf.e^.o^Va ; >nrgjnia' horse .trainer, and ;dau|h.ter'::,;.of/-a- prominent; 'Boston, .!-Mass.v•'Business man,•;.-'went : on -trial in; ; ;,•Girolire^/GburL tp- . New .-, .York, ; Mb rga n , /lescr i i) ccl;;. : d !,Ju s i o hs . ' to 1.) y. . •-. ,7 b li n; : ' b : ;' \ '' I:. o\y i s ,' : ; y n 5 tod ; Workers^ p rosl d on (';••' i ( ri : a President Roosevelt, as "utter bish." ^ ' "What titler rubbish," said when !he loller Avas ' t ' ; rub- Mjorgan' rearr to' the him by lelcphonc'/la$t (i hi&ht. I'Ti T 1 am 'one, of [ ifhe Directors of, Unilcd Slatqs v Ste^r cprjprj.atloji, b^ul, Mr, Le^Yjs 1 s 'letter J,s -untrue." ^ ^ <: ^cij6injng;;farhr;v died Jast May : G, six •AvecksV^litep^iie^liad; been brought, to . avifosp i taiv i n^air'au to mob i Ie: *']). y^'Hiss ';'-; Hc;Avas ' suffering . from' a Gay Head, Mass., Oct. '28.—(UP)— A]], four crew-members .of the Gay Head fishing schooner Beret J. escaped^Ji^ a dory: today \ybeh theii 1 21-ton .vessel crashed onto rocks at Squi'bnOckot Point and broke up. Coast-guards' reported that the schooner aiid '.its J7,000-pound fish catch' .would .be a total loss. The schooner was valued at about $8000. •'••• -;• '' ;-. . The. scliooner the: l Jlsiiing. : gro when it strayed' from its course and struck tlic rb'cks about ,1'our miles south of the Gay Head coast guard station. , . • .'•'. - . ' was cnroutc from. to New Bedford PLANE CRASH 'Santa Fe, N.' M.,' Oct. 28.— (UP)— New Mexico state, .police reported today an' 'army air corps plane, believed to be a bomber' with several men' ' aboard;" had/ crashed and. burned- about '30 "miles, south of- Vaughn, N.', M. . ...".-.. 'rK;! i Si>i '[ . vf.ql- .is : t li e ; . clau glHcr of ^ hecn ' farming In' Clnrko oounly" siacc her divorce from'Ted .1 ones', horse' Iraincr. J Miss Plprco iias boon free since her mdiclrnen! on n bond signed by Mrs.' W B. NVatkins, w>fe of a for- mr>r> Pluladplphin, Pa Vi spprLsmnn. t/ Miss Pier the 5 lime t'he v Winchester hospital. - BODY FOUND ' .Cbrin., 'Oct. .28.—(UP)— The body of Clarence Kitredgc, 2J, an iron' tcst'en aU'the Fit'/gerald Man- ufaeturirig^t^D;^ was 'found -al-. .tlie .;pla'J3t ; 'ibdh"y' by.- a/wdiciiman. It was believpd '.Kltjie'dgo was, electrocuted while working on lest/ing apparatus. oui- Sn o w II n ]< u 1J i.scu i t s Cinnamon Slicks S'ul, Hun.s Fruil, Cluslors IIur/1 Ci'ispy ropp.vstM'd Rolls Pnrla.M'house Rolls Raised Risen i Is Kuhn's City Bakery MAPLIS ST. TEL. 3078 — FOR SALE — Brick Building and lot on Woodbine Street, Suitable for Small Manufacturing-. Business Naugatuck Insurance Agency, Inc. Room 9 Neary Bldg, Phone 2080 of !.he - seas." "Lot us face the fact \vilhouL fear," l.bc governor said, "because ship for ship and man for man, our navy is Iho mosl, oouragcous, oill- oiont and modern Dghl.Jng .sea-force in I.Jio world l.oday," Great Oak Farm MILK — CREAM — BUTTERMILK CHOCOLATE MILK POULTRY Daily Delivery to All ' Parts of Naugutuck Telephone 5049 eliance Is one of Mm most valuable or personal (,rni(,s. The rfjjht, nicn- (ni nlUl.udc is a powerful factor foi- success. A Srtviiifj.s AccounL Is the Kvi- dcnce J.h'nl- one i,s workinu lo* ward Mint end. NAUGATUeK SAVINGS BANK FOR »OMnER -,I3ound'ary f^ottage, Afo.,'OcJ. (UP) —A ri \ o rgoji i zed sen r c h ieree made no* s'la'temenl at near Ihis inloVnallonnl border oui- * she" brought 'Moreland to post Jodny* for a Canadian bomber which reportedly crashed in names. IMMEDIATE DEUVERY •* 1942 FORDS—NEW THE BEST YET 1941 MERCURY—NEW Late Model Used Cars 1941 Ford De Luxe Sedan '' 1940 Lincoln Sedan 1939 Mercury Sedan 1939 Ford Convertible Sedan It Will Pay You To Buy Now — THE — i Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 Church St FORD OPEN EVENINGS Phono 2219. -M2RCURY — LINCOLN

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