Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on October 27, 1941 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, October 27, 1941
Page 2
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': NAU&ATUOK DAILY NEWS. MONDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1941 ; -. . . ' • ———————— BOUNDS KEYNOTE • FOR NAVY DAY PrpHldont Uorwevell sounded Hi" keynote for today's observance of Nft'yy T)uy with a mill for "total ilojojuju" -and willing sacrifice" so Uijjr.lhu United'SlnleB can hail the "frjrcoH of evil" and remain united uruj .ji'noomiuoruhlo. ifl'.ii letter to S«wolary of, the Nafy Kcank Knox ho urged that llm trftflHIorml . 20-yoar-olii day of the navy bo called "Navy and Total fu(JM Day.", Jin makes a 'nation- wido' rndlo broadcast tonight at 10 p, ftu'KST., oyu'p all major networks in ;}iqwn' of the sea avrvl Mr, floosovolt spent tho weok-ond drafting tfiis, address which will ho hlH»(li'8t Important one since September Jl when lie ordered the navy to ,"Hh6ot on Might" >.«ny Axis I'altl- ory lu American defense waters In? the rnklHl of the gj-oatest n arrnanient program In history and of-.jjffortH to buUa a Iwo-duuun /loeli of. (llfimnalonrt hitherto un nonr^l of, the nation celebrated Navy Day'/ Concerts, iiuuiouvers ami a Hoi'jos of ypeochos extolling the prQgf'Qsg In development of sea power marked the-observance, ' Thio navy has JMG warships and W on thu ways, ''Knox dfot(/d that the Job would ho ooriafdorably ahead of the 43 MINERS ARE RESCUED AND 15 AREMISSING NorlonvlllP. Ky., Oct.,27.—(UP) — T. II. Hhodes. assistant'miiin super- lntend(!ii|., said today that /i3 miners trapped by an early morning explosion at I ho Daniel Boom.) Mine south of here have been brought to thn surface unharmed, but 15 men still are unaccounted for. Rhodes said no contact had been established with the men remain- ii\K in the mine. An official check of the work list showed that 58 men on the early shift were, at work when the explosion occurred. Cause .of the explosion which rocked the mine about 7:30 a.m., was still a matter of "guess work' 1 ho said. Slate Mine inspector Moss Patterson was reported en route Lo the scene and federal engineers were expected from tho U, S,.Bureau of mines station at Vlncennes, Ind. U. S. RUBBER CO. GETS NEW ORDER builL nre- flouo Mopsovolt .said Iri Uta lotlur to Kndx,lhat -tho WHSOU -of u' t uhungc. frpfa ; "Navy Day" to "Navy and Totaj OefmiMO -buy"- vyould bu clear to all "right-thinking Amqi'loanH"; Ihrrt 'It Iruplliul. no -oliango in spirit 1'rorn puat navy days which.,ai-o oh- Heaved on 'tho birthday ol' Theodore I\op{JuvolL,- . .-' Ml / "KaUiqr U str</nglli($MJiu,l aplrit in 'identifying. It wllty (Tic .rcrfpcm- albllily of, all of.our.jpuopli/for national dp.fQn»o,"i!}io- 1 Hald, \v . JW pralaoci -tlur navy^qrJlip Ihor- oug.rjnoss with whlp/ffi;u3pw «»- Huniqd a 1 "largo share in that bur(Ion,',' 1 ! and continued: "Ship'for ship, man for man, I am proud ami conlldont In knowing tho naVyr Is' rtw'dy to prove to the nation 'and to. tho I'oruurt of evil Us lo :aHHiirno Hint t'oaponslljll- 0<»l, 27,—(UP)— Tho f[uar- l.nrmaslor depot announond today tho award of the following oon- Lracts for a total of ,'10,000 pairs of rubber hoots, knee length: Hood TUibbni' Co., \Vatcrtown, 80(14 pairs at ifcJ.M; Goodyear ['lubber Co., Middlbtown, Conn., 8700 pairs til (te.r.f); Unltoci Stains Rubber Co., Naugaluok, Conn., 0930 pairs at $2.70; noodyenr- Footwear Corp., Provldenue, H. I., !WOO pairs at $y.70, And so, on this Navy Day of merged with a clay consc- onUod lo total • clofonse, I ask all Americans to salute the navy, their navy, In a spirit of sell'-disclplino in line vyilh the historic traditions of the service Itself, and to pledge to their navy a support. Involving willing sacrifice of personal, sectional and group interests In order that wo may remain united and un- ooiuiuwablo." Senators Debate On Neutrality Act (Continued from Page One) of the Senate foreign relations com niittoe, and House majority leado f John W. McGormaek of Massachu setts.' Speaker Sam Bayburn, who i: out ol' town, did not attend. Opponents of Prosidont Boose velt's foreign policy charge that I, administration asks action that w lead inevitably to active participation In the war. Adminlstralion supporters ciain repeal will not change the .sl.atur of the United Status as a neutra and contend that it is necessary to combat Germany's unrestricted sou warfare. Those are tho broad issues of the debate that may last two or more weeks and may be one of the most Important In recent years. It offers the only opportunity since enactment 'of the .Lo])d-Loasc act for a full dress debate on foreign policy. Both sides are aware that the decision will influence the battle of tho Atlantic and the course of" the war. The bill will he called up by chairman Tom Connally, 0., Tex., of the Senate foreign relations committee immediately after the Senate convenes at noon. If enacted'It will virtually repeal the existing neutrality act by lifting all restrictions on American-merchant ships — allowing shipment of lend-leasu cargoes in American' ships equipped with guns and sending those ships through combat Hones directly to bel.ligerent ports. Opponents plan a nmjor fight although an administration survey indicated that the bill would be approved with about 55 to 00 Senators voting for it. The opposition has not disclosed its plan, although it had threatened to attach a declaration of war as a rider to tho bill thus forcing a vote on that much larger issue, Opponents disclaim any intention to filibuster as a small minority did against Woodrow W-ilson's armed ship hill in .1017 and the consensus was that the debate would not last much more than two weeks. Arrives for TESTIMONY IN HIS DEFENSE r e on- movies legisla- or M. them at Schenck, nc;. He.'said o January natle ol30iiI, arge cash Frances Perkins, American Secretary of Labor, welcomes Major Clement E. Attlee, British Lord Privy Seal, as he arrives in New York by clipper plane to represent the British government at the Inter- national'Labor Conference at Columbia University. (Cent.ralPre&a) CONTNACTS Oct. 27.—(UP)—Wa SUBMARINE IS LAUNCHED AT NEW LONDON MOW Washington, department contracts: Western Oai trldge Co., Winchester Repcntin A i'ii is Co. division, N/JW Hnvor Conn., rlllos, ,155,70:1,200;' Colt's Pal cnt Fire Arms M.l'g. • Co., Martfoi-r. Conn., t, r wi.s$(}.»25,3W; Bockwitli Mi' Go. Dover, N. 'H.,- scabbai'ds, ^V.J.OO >' ,*-vs ?3£3T1S I&PS# & & » 7—SUJ3MArtlNII3 ....... i\ew London, Conn., (UP)-—The $0,000,000 Croupcc slipped olT (.lie I.he ThaniL'H river today Out. 27 sulimmrinp \vaya into JI.H a Nav.> to America's dc- the and Al- Day DOnlribution I'onsc fleet. The Ciroupcr, sister ship of reoenUy launcl'iorl Greenling Cial.o, \v:is (jhrisluned by Mi'.s. bert T. Clun'cli, \vil'e of the I'car admiral'. It \vns the fourth sub to be turned ouL Lin's ycnr at the Electric Boa I, Co. yards, and the &Uh since .v!W,'{. On nearby wnys \vere construol-ion antl the concern had Lun o.Lhers in various courses of ordoi's for an additional 28 under e Navy's expansion program. The launching ol.' l.hc Oroupcr originally was scheduled for October i.lsli-bul, was delayed i'or Navy Day exorcises. ; : SEVEN VIOLENT DEATHS IN CONN, OVER WEEK-END ARKANSAS HIT BY TWO TORNADOES; 17 LOSE LIVES STANDS UP UNDER A WORLD OF PUNISHMENT! NO HARM FROM IUHNIHO CIGARlTTIil IVIN IODJNI Will MOT MAR IT! HOT IRON WON'T SCOKCH IT! PAINT CAN II SCRAPED OFF I In every Frigidosre the entire food compartment, including the inside of the door, is sanl- ill mmm ORDER YOUR half million discriminate Ins buy«r« choi* Frlflldolr* In only 4 months 0*1941 While Stock r aiiab], s tary Lifetime porcelain-on- steGl! Cleaning is a matter of seconds. And with acid-resist- ing porcelain in every food compartment spill-overs do no harm! Frigidaire "lifetime" porcelain, finest of all refrigerator finishes, has stood the test of years in thousands of kitchens from coast to coast. And again this year people are buying more all-porcelain Frigidaires than all other porcelain- finished refrigerators combined! Only Frigidaire offers you' 7 brilliant new all-porcelain models to .choose from! — Come in —see proof that every one is an-outstanding va.hie I ^, (IJ.v Unilde Pi-ess) OonnccLicuL's week-end violonl, tloaLii Loll sLood a I, seven Loday, including five, killed in tiuLomobile acekleiHs, One person died in a (Ire and sun'orccl I'aLal injuries in a full.'Andrew. Konon, 03, KasL, was Injured ('a La My when Lhc light Lruck on which he was riding crashed inLo a wall.aL Hebron. Sl.anlcy Osmanski, 2J, and ISdward Ouxar, .19, bol.h 'of ShelLon, wci'Q injured I'aLully when Lhc Lruck in. which' Lh.ey jA'b'i;e riding sLruck a Lree a I, ShelLon. William Rappopor'L, "5.1,' Bridgeport, was. killed when his-u.ul.o-. crushed inLo a Lree al, NcwLown.. Stanley Howe,. (rj.-.iYJ.anchcsLcr, was ki I led when struck by a lighL Lruck at South Windsor. Frank IS. HcbcrL, 03, Portland, wag burned Lo -cleaLb when lire' swept his bedroom. • , ; Joseph ,1. Gnssjncni f 'y.2,'l3ftsL HarL- foi'd,- died oi' injuries sutTcred -in 1 a fall aL Lhc rear oi' his home. Memphis, Tcnn, Oct. 27.—(UP) Tornadoes struck Lwo points in Arkansas last niglH and early leaving at least .17 persons dead and causing extensive property damage. Eleven were killed in Hamburg, Ark,, where the wind swept in from ,he southwest, leveling homes and wrecking property as U cut a wide paLli through Lhe Southeast Arkansas, community of 1,500. Six others died at Dardanelle and Yew Bethel when another tornado •ippcd inj.o the Arkansas river val- oy in the northwestern part oL' the state/.. The dead aL Hamburg were: Shelby Jordan, 25; Mrs. Shelby Jordan,'23; Shelby .Ionian, .Jr.,. 5; Ulius (C) Walker, /iG; Mrs. Ullus Walker, 40';. Clayton Walker, 20, their son;- Mrs. Dnrlic Kelly, Gf3; Mrs. ; T. B. -Collins,'sib; Travis Sawyer, 2U, and his three-year-old son, and a Negro named Robinson, 30. Raymond. Stephcnson, Montlcollo 1'uneral direcLor, said; "30 oi ( -'iO M others \\crc injui'e.d, some ol' Lhcm ; soriousjy. They were being treated i'n'Hamburg and, CrosseLI, hospitals and in' the hotel at Hamburg. The Jordan home was blown away . and bodies'of the Tain i I.y were found . :l00; yards .r.rom the wreckage, Stc-"- said. Gasoline from huge 'storage tanks Hooded, the. streets aTid for a time fire was. feared. 'j.The,'-!Ayind . wrecked communica- ; tldri/ iincs, homes and automobiles .ftnil; thccc was no direct connection (With, the. tpwn.x. Ambulances from 'Moii'.IJcello' rushed Lo. Lhe scene; . Soldier's from Lhc camp, aL Alex- .andj'ia,;, La., paLroled Lhe town to rcst.Qrc order. Many'-victims were asleep .-and their bodies were blown :from' the'i.r b'eds, Steplionson' said.' A heavy rain accompanied the storm. ... •' . l''oui' .'bodies were. in. Dai'tlaicnnc morgues an'd two others ut" Russcll- •vi'l.jc... \ '•...••.-. The; dead,: ; Mrs. Alfi-'ed McDonald, two-year-ol(.y daughter,. . Jane; iM;i.ry' Bruton, Negro, three-year-old son, Arthur Mrs. Otis MeatbcoaL, 3D, m o Lhor',- M rs. W. G. Price, of New Bethel. New York, Oct. 27. — (UP)— William Bioff testified at his extorlion trial Loday Lhat' he acted as secret •nesscnger for -the motion picture IndustJ-y in . transporting Sl.OOOiOOnjv in .cnsli. across i tinent at a, Lime wlien the we're lighting, "sandbagging tion." . Tlic West Coast labor lender and icorgo R. -Browne, president of tho Intcrnntionnl Alliance of Thenl.ricul SLage Employes (APL), are accused of extorting .$550,000 from four 111m companies by threatening lliem witli strikes. Bloff denied that lie ever extorted noncy.frpm Lhc companies, bul. said 10. acted as-- continental mossengor Lhe hchesl of Nicholas president, of Loew's, Lhat from August, 11)35, or February, J!);j7 ( j u . a doxen dplivnries of sums to Joseph M. ch cnek, ..formor chairm:in of '20l.h Century. Fox Films who is now ap- ealing a conviction- on income tax barges. The Schenck brothers, he said, 'ere fighting legislation inimical to •he movie industry and wore col- ecting expense money from oilier 1m executives in cash so it would not show on their 'books. Ho said Joseph .M. Schenck gave him 8500 expense money for two trips he. made from New York and Chicagq .to the coast, At one point Judge John C. Knox asked : "How much in the aggregate did you deliver?" "1 would' say over $1,000,000," Bioff replied. FIFTEEN WERE FATALLY BURNED IN BUS CRASH VTAILISHID IMf Our "Prep Shop"—second floor—*sixes to 4O—shows a great zip in covert coat at $29.75—that has already gone to town. It's a wonderfully tailored garment fashioned to fit the tempo of this fast-stepping- age and geared for high speed dressers who know their topcoats. Our Aintree Covert suit is another top section headliner suit at $24.75 that has this town of young men going* Covert in a big way. Clan ton, atives of and her bucrctia' and her and her 58, both.. Aln..' Oct. 27.—(UP)—Hel- missing persons crowded two funeral'parlors horc today as police, sough I, to identify victims of,a bus'disaster in which 15 persons wore' burned to death and seven injured seriously. The death toll, was placed it 15 after authorities searched the 3us wreckage and reported no (race other victims. Patrick Alton, bus driver, had muttered before he died of burns that, there were 27 persons on the Montgomery to .Birmingham bus. Linoofficials «aid a check indicated there were W. The only passenger vjcwm identified. J2 hours after, the accident was Mary .Eleanor Kinncy, 24, of Buffalo, Ala. Miss. Pinncy was bead ol' the physical education department at M'ontovallo State College for Women. . The bus side-swiped the wall or a culvert, and the gasoline lank, mounted along its side beneath its body, 'ripped open. There was an explosion and in a split second flames were leaping through the floor, between and-around Die scats. Only those passengers who had bccir seated at windows which happened to be open escaped. The others perished in the gasoline-fed in i'erno. Authorities believed (.hey tabllshed that no other innchinc were nearby when the accident oc cun-ed and : . suggested that Aultimu may-have dozed at, Lhc wheel. The bus was on route from'Mont- gomery' to. Birmingham. it belonged, ;to. the'';Alabama Grcyhouiu company. ... • . BRISTOL FIRE ON MEADOW nNERECORD \. T** MIrn-MisnmB THAT CUTS cUXXSNT COST TO C6NNECTICU IGHT& POWER Bridgeport, Conn., Oct. 27—(UP)— The 25 millionth artillery cartridge case 'rolled off the-,, production line at the. Bridgeport Brass.,Op. today and high .-ranking'.officials' oC the' Army, Navy,- the '0PM and 'Bri'tish. Purchasing Commission were to witness" commemorative eNcrciseS' tonight at Central Hlglvsclioql. ',• The cartridge case was', placed- on. exhibition at a noon-day luncheon' of officials, 'and'.''• 1,500. c'ompany cm-- ployees wei'e to'bc t present at tp r 'night's .exercises. : ;:;-- : : ;;/ " The concern began:''production!;;of.': war andr defense •materials in .Tanr uary.J0^0.;.!';.;' •'•..':"•>/ ; V •; y »...-••• ^ 1 n. "recpgn-ition;, of.: I ts, ,ou tstandfng : ;record; ^tlic^Bj'ass Oom-' Syco'k-' ^ya^; 1 awarded tlje Navy -'.'JDV. pcnnanL: for ; excellence by Navy Secretary. .Frank -Knox, ' , .. -fii'cm.e.n ; ciuiykly exLin- - a • iu'C - in l,he rear bi; .'l,ho •Q'Bri.un .propci'Ly' on .Mcado>y,- sLrecL yes,l,crday"a(iernon I'esponflfng Lo ah a.Ia.rjii.C from 'box 25. ; T.he r ' blax.e ;,' was- in; a she'd on! t,he properly, and .is b'c- licyed •- 1.6 ihave 1 been; caused oy ;. a leal! ancl .-.bVugii ,nre near. Lhc; building. Darimgc Lo. 'LlVc building - was ' ' NEW AGREEMENT . 'V "'A brush-' Hre on Saiurday 'npori. /and. oiie on Sun.cjay •iil'Lqriioon, on, Nor.Lh ! iyJain..slrecL were' cxLin- guishctlrby ;'L)ie dcparLnicnL. ' ">.; J; ' ' '' prorUiQLi'on pany la'sL SOUGHT IlV POLICE . Bridgeport,,•: npjiri 1 .,';pet.. .1,7— (UP)_^; P o 1 i cc. tod n y; s pr en ciy.h;. \M icl e • - ; .'s car cli: for Sylvia Lcduc; :25^J : »ri"yvtucketV r R^ "' I., who, ,l.y Mil''oyciv--.;t;h'c : '^5v,eek^cn^d;;"v;.. ti s e d a p 1 u m b e rs,';:,! ad d e r •. I e.C t • "p n,'" a, ca twa 1 k : -to; escopc^;He^>y tis. ;'p'ed.; June ->-7 Vf o'r-•• spri'li WgXa n -••---••—--'"-' v -' ^and • /"I i • ••' Or"»< Octi... 2/ : n;6r; ; Hur.le>:'; today v callc;d/oipon pf,;-Hhe^:A.mcrica,n;• Iieglbn ; s -j27 ;it<D7^pbialir a^Navy^ciinstirient, (ii^f:.'n]l£Go'n-necl.Ipui's..' quola : -during Nnv>v.;;-\yb61c : .'-- ; .: : ' ' ' : .'.. -•-'•';'..'.. ; '"""'" : ~ L : ' '' h'pn.qrary.' chair.- i 's S fate D e p «\r t- 'i;ya;^and: v a Naval •VcfjeVahVoT: the /Irst; World v\V"arv - Bristol, Conn., Oct. 27-(UP)—The Mine, Mill- and Smeller Workers Union (CIO) today • authorized .0 •strike ut the Bristol Brass Corp., cn- .gagcd on many National Defense orders, unless a new wage and working condition agreement ^v achieved. The Union voted J7H to .3 Sun day to call the strike if present Jicgp- tiations' fail. A meeting will he held Thursday with the- management over demands'for a wage Increase of five cents on hour, an extra week's vacation, union-shop .and a Christmas bonus. The present contract expires November 1st. • . GOV. HURLEY TO REVIEW NEW lifiii v d*n>i!i,vci' if- yoiii useUlie Clnssi : .Hartford, Conn;, Oct. 27—(UP) — Governor Hiu'iey said; .today he would meet vyith New, Haven Arena, President NathaV Podolofr.tbmorrow at 2. P. M., to. review, the cancella- I. i on o f J.h c' A rcn a's box a n d wr os. tling periiiifi '-hV /-^th''^'^ Commissioner- Fran'V'S/Cbskey; '...-.' ',';-.'•" th.c,,])ermit Ocl.o-^ p;ofJ.6io"fr..put on, a In defiance' 1 of: h is VordcrSi: /v;.CosjijP>' r ; : f ^l^'.''., ho .g^vo. Pddo'lbff-^air' opporl.uiijty ,,l,o, ! 'regain; his- 1 if- lie \lisc6i)Unucd; team; \yrestllng ;bui.::;IJic : ; v o.ffer 'v'was;;•re- jected,': ^ ; ;V ;';;'• '•''.' ••-•:' •. _ "•"•.. . •' SILENT GLOW * Oil Burners Range and Fuel Oil D. Thurston's Sons Ice Co. RUBBER AVENUE Tel. 2269 WILL STAKT SKXTKNCIfi Pittsburgh, Oct. 27— (UP)~ncorg-( Frederick Gundclrtngcr, of Sewick luy, Pa., . former mathematics in- si.ruci.or at Ynle University, toda> surrender to U. S, marshals io be gjn serving a sentence of one year and a day in a Federal Penitentiary for sending obscene litcrnture through Lhc mails. Few Passenger Autos Only 300 passenger automobiles were made in Japan in the last year and nearly all of these went to the army. Ohl-K'a.sltioned Molasses Cookies Hermits Danish Ptislry Honey Dipped DoiiflhmiLs Apple DumpHnfjs Home Mmle Hye Ui-cnd Lo))f/ Gcrninn Hyc Hrend Kuhn's City Bakery RfAPLIS ST. TEL. Unemployment Costs According to the National Resources committee, unemployment during the depression cost the nation $200,000,000,000, which included, idle men and machines. Great Oak Farm oxroim IIOAD MILK— CREAM BOOS.— BUTTERMILK CHOCOLATE MILK POULTRY Daily Delivery to All Parts of Naugatuck Telephone 5049 — FOR SALE — Brick Building and lot on Woodbine Street, Suitable for Small Manufacturing Business Naugatuck Insurance Agency, Inc. Room 9 Neary Bldg. Phone 2080 ranee Is one of (he in'ost. vnlitahlc or personal (mils, (aI n(f.i(,iidc j.s i for success. Tiie n'uiiL men- powerful factor^ dencc thai, "one w»mi '(.hut (end. Is Mm EvI- • is working lo- NAUGATUCK ' SAVINGS: BANK THESE CARS ARE BARGAINS 1939 Ford Convertible Sedan . . $540 1941 Mercury Sedan, radio, header'". .$985 1938 Ford Cabriolet, new leather seats, new top ............... 'r-. .-:-... v .. $485 1940 Lincoln Zephyr; radio theater $1195 1939 Mercury Sidan ......... .$579 Sfc OPEIT EVENINaS Phoiw 2219 FOED;.;— ft2RCI7EY i- LINCOLN mi ^"«?iSii

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