The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on December 7, 1946 · Page 54
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The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada · Page 54

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 7, 1946
Page 54
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i - u.i.i,i i ii . i ,mmm n .. mi loin .i.ui i n n wi" n.ii i n . nw.ii i.n i i. hmi. i i m m, ...ifi.mi. i m , 11 11.1111 n ,.i .in. n m 1. 1. m. .1,11. """H" 1 " 'iw - ii' 1 SATniPAV. DECKMDER 7, lf15 the wiN'NTrnr. Ti;ir,rrn r,r,E Flagstad Outcast In Native Norway Kirsien Flifr.'.tad, for many! years hand, Henry Johansen, a war pro - one of Norway's idoli.ed artist!,. f.ifer and economic rollcnorattr is reported an outcast in hor na - with the Nazis, are still under in - tue country. .She is literally im - vesication. mobilized and silenced, end i.v Johansen d.ed in Oslo prison living in seclusion in a liltlo im. In Southern Norway, according In trial as e collatora'tor. A corpora - ! f.dwin A. I. ahey, U.S. foreign serv - tion he headed duiing the oceupa . Ice reporter. tion made a profit of more than There Is no charge of rollahorn - S.l.dirfJ.OoO doing business with the tion against the once - famous opera Nazis. n :ei. vviiose voire used to t'irill, - - audiences r.t the "Mel" opera houe i i . n in New York and on conceit tours! U lO irGSGnt but fli gucs. - ed wrong and rame , , back to Norway while the Nazis CnOrQl COflCGrt were occupying the country, Latieyl itates. I Two prominent Winnipeg vocal. She did not even sing In public is,s - Gladys Whitehead and My - during the occupation, but the very, fanwy Evans - Peppier, will appear fact of her return hes made her 8 guest artists at the University persona non grata with her'coun - 't Manitoba choral concert, to be nem in the Auditorium early In Concert to Aid Red Cross Lodge trjnien. and she could not com mand an audience In Norway today. Mme. Flagstsd cannot cet a passport out of the country because the affairs of her late hus - Mme. Rose Rosanna Keller M.iio - Sopuno Tetcher of Singing Italian Bel Canto Spetl.liat In Italian, French 4 German Phont 403 210 January. Richard Carroll, recent addition to Winnipeg musical circles, is In charge of the choral group of 200 voices which will appear. Orchestral accompaniment will be provided by a string group of 30 players. I The program will comprise mo - i ctern and classical works. Major presentation will be extracts from Gluck's opera, Orfeo. iff i i ; i it m m I " V I 1 ... I 1! 4 i ; - k A lot of freh glami.r entertainment has reached the local CBC j studios sini . Vji. - cle i.a Fleclie has been Icaturrd or. tne air. This ! new star is a definite find and has a personality and style that is bound to make tier a head liner hefoie many months o by. i The nioe lines were published in a Toronto paprr some months j ao about 10 - year - old tiisele La - ; Heche, violinist riauliter of Dr. CJ. M. LaFleche and Mrs. LaFleche of faH9 Bannatyne ave., who went to Toronto lour ears ago to stuuy iwuh Kathleen Parlow. Since the lines were written Mi.s LcFIeche has been engaged on Vvo other CEC programs and is ! gaining tremendous popularity on the airwaves. The odd twist to the story is the Special Service At Charleswood There is a (SILUJIB for at the Even though there Is a waiting list for membership with physical privileges, you may obtain a social membership which will allow you to join one of the following clubs. Ch.ii Bridge Emblam Silvir Y Muiic Mala Forum Camera Choral Phalanx ApprtciatitfK Voic Choir Public Speaking Saturday Night Craft Shop Y'a Men's 2 Toairmaittri KERR WILSON The special annual concert, held under auspices of the Wednesday Morning Musicale to benefit local charities, will be held next Wednes - Hflv Avianintr Hi fl'.tn A'clncW in St. The thirteenth anniversary of: icHomv Th mncrt u nnen Charleswood United chuivh will beito the treneral DUblie and rjroceeds ouservea on aunnay evening at ( will be donated this year to the o clock by a special service of Red Cross lodge, Deer Lodge hos - thanksgiving. pita, The minister Dr. Philip Barker The Kelvin Girls Graduates' Will be in Charge. His SeriT.On fhnir UnrW Hi reel inn f topic will be The Man Who Never Anderson, will sine two and voral with Louise Roy, young mezzo sorrano, daughter of judge L. P. - Roy and Mrs. Roy of St. Boniface. Mitt Roy hat been ttudying in Toronto with Dr. Ernetto Vinci. The two young women will give their services to aid the - scholarship fund of the S:. Boniface women's association, Xa Patronesse fnef that chn ie ni - tunlt,, a inni - or I dps Art: eoltutnt ornun ti - hili wuiinisi ana lias neen inaKing vast piuviuca aiu lor young artists ol strides in lur chosen profession. At French speaking descent. The con - the present time she is pursuing cert will be held Friday, Dscem - her studies as a graduate on schol - ;her 27 in St. Boniface College au - 'arf.hip at. the i - Vnior School of ditorium. John Lemieux, brilliant 'Music with the Toronto Conserva - ' ung Winnipeg pianist, will be as - itory of Music. She vfas chosen Isisting artist. from 26 competitors for the scholarship. But It It at a pianist and chant - enute, tinging her own improvita - tiont of tongs and original composition!, that the it becoming a popular star on radio. Mitt La - Fleche's story is the tale of sue - cett in reverte! i , ..: j At Knox United At Knox I'nited church Sund'.y morning the Lord s Supper will be ohssrreci. Tv. Ciossley Hunter's setmon topic will be The Unseen Woild. At n'ght he will eontinti' his serirs on The Art Of Loving and Living Together. His topic will be Rocks on Which Marriage 1? Wrerked Lost Heart. There will be special music by the choir under the lead ership of Mrs. Beth Laing, the soloist being Wes Taylor. Dr. Barker will also preach at Sturgeon Creek United church on Sunday morning at 11 o'clock, taking as his subject, Gerasene Thinking. The Black Spot will be the children's story. On Sunday morning December 15 a number of members from the confirmation class will he received, into full membership In the church. At Grace United Dr. W. G. Martin will preach at both services In Grace Church on Sunday. His morning subject will he And Don't Be Afraid. At the evening service Dr. Martin's subject will be Reversing The Verdict. At the Fireside Hour, which follows the evening service, soloists will be pupils of the Bornoff School of Music. Community Gospel Singing will round out the program. It all started about a year ago when Winnipeg's charming young violinist attended an informal Gladys! function. She was asked to sit down choral, at the piano and play and sing groups. Eileen Arnold, pianist, will; one oi ner own songs, jean Beau - play and 'Cerr Wilson, baritone, det, CBC music supervisor, was pre - will sing two groups of songs, ac - sent, and struck by the girl's unu If w Appearing in joint recital next Monday evening in the sixth Celebrity concert of the season, will be Freda Trepel, Winnipeg - born pianist, and Robert Kitain, violinist. Mr. Kitaih will be accompanied by Armando Olvera. Freda Trepel appeared in Edmonton in Celebrity solo concert two weeks ago and scored a tremendous success. Mr. Kitain gave a recital in Vancouver last week and the Sun reporter stated that "Mr. Kitain's expansive mastery of the instrument reached its most dynamic expression in the breadth and rhythmic sweep of Paganini's Concerto in D major, an illuminating performance." PIANO SALE Each Instrument Rebuilt Sold by Our Written Guarantee of Satisfaction Christmas Delivery AsL;ed If You Flace Your Order tarly Stylet and Priret to Suit Every Tatte and Purie TERMS Ph. ti 474 Portag at Edmonton companied by Thelma Wilson. Following is the program: M "Si PUno Sonata in E flat Op. 81, No. 3 Sf her?.otto Mlniitto PfMton eon fnw E,lffn Arnold Hons Adelaidt Krr Wllnon Thtm& WlUon at th piano Choir Prncnslonal Orirlitmaa Fv 1 Hrr. (from th Frmch) Amid th Winter'! Fnow Sir John fto Whil Shnhrdi Waichfd W. Prastnnm How far la It to Brthlrhem O. Hhaw O Men from tha Fiflda E T. CJiapman Kelvin Oirl Gduatea Dlrerted by Gladya Anderaon Rinna Miranda Rlrhard Haeeman Tally - Ho Krftn - o Ionl Thla Pay la Mine Harriet Ware terl - Jertcho arr. Robert MacGlmaey Kerr Wilaon Thelma Wilaon at the plane Ptano Jeind'Fau Rave' Prelude In O Nfainr Rarhmanirof flugftestlon Piahotiqua Prokofieff Eileen Arnold Choir There Roe a Spray to Glory M Praetorlua Jean Ramblno Pierro A. Yor A Chinee Chrlatmaa Caret Bllta Wlant I Realde Thy Cradle Here I Stand J. R. Rarh O Holy Nlt Adolphe Adorn Receaslonal Silent NlRht Gruber i Kelvin O'rl Graduatea Plrerted by Glariva Anderaon sual talent, arranged for an interview next day, Soon. Miss LaFleche was launch - Beethoven , e(j on a new career but NOT as a violinist. Under the name of Gisele she provides a quarter - hour of original Beethoven entertainment on Tuesdays at B p.m. over the Trans - Canada network, - aired over CBK. Returns To City 'lis 1 , 5 1 ) 8 cAij( I J 8 Snftnumuit 'i j hi Ukeleles In Attractive colors of Brown, Creen, Red, White and Blue. Xmas Special $4.95 Auditorium Size Cuitars, highly pol. ished finish, powerful tone, iturdy construction. With. pick, guard. Xmas Special , $24.50 .nd $28.75 Standard Hawaiian Xmas Special . . k Ts Foisnerly, a distinguished concert and operatic singer in Italy, Mme. Rota Rosanna Kellner, has returned to Winnipeg from Re - gina. Wife of Dr. Joseph Kellner, Mme. Kellner came to Canada as a war refugee In Octoher, 1944, and lived in Winnipeg for a time before her husband accepted a position on the staff of Re - gina General hospital. Mme. Kellner gave recitals over the CBC while in Winnipeg. She was horn 'in Hungary and appeared in Italy in opera, including Verdi's 11 Trovatore, Bellini's Norma and La Fiamma, the latter produced by the composer, Ottorinf Respi - ghl. Her career was abruptly interrupted At the time of the Abyssinian war, when an edict was passed forbidding any race other than Italian to sing in rhat country's opera and concert houses. & 4SMMMBW ' f ... 1 ' J GISELE LAFLECHE But her violin Is nowhere In evidence. She sings her own versions of novelty song and accompanies herself, in improvisations of her own devising. Her songs are sung in bolh French and English, and one ot her specialties is render ing Calypso ballads Into French. On Sundays. Miss LaFleche may be heard over the CBC - Dominion network at 7.15 p.m. The program may be picked up on CBL Toronto (74ikr. Jt is not broadcast locally. On Wednesday at 8. p.m. she Is heard on CBC's London by Lamplight program, as featured vocalist with Geoffrey Wadding ton conducting the orchestra in a novel program with scenic locale in London. Miss LaFleche sings songs in French and English. This program is carried by CBK. Mitt LaFleche ttudied with Flora Matheton Goulden in Winnipeg before going east. She it coming home at Christmat time, by plane, to appear in joint recital. violin m 'i' i iiwa. a TO AID VIOLINIST: To encourage the musical development of Glenda Simmont, young Winnipeg violinist, a Glenda Simmons Education Fund was recently established when a meeting was held at the home of Mrs. Beatrice Brown, 298 Charles st. The fund received its first financial support from a donation by the Booker T. Washington Memorial fund. Further donations have since been received. Officers for the fund are: J. R. Hudson, Jr., chairman; K. C. Brown, secretary: Mrs. Jean Danyleyko, receiver, and members of the committee include Mrs. Beatrice Brown. Mrs. Marjorie Harris, A. R. Blanchette and W. Haynes. Honorary members are Mrs. M. Gootch and Alderman J. Blum - berg. mlc than the Fire Bird or Pet - rouchka. It Is somewhat surprising that it should have fn led as ballet, It greatly resembles them "In its exotic, sonorous qualities. As an orchestral suite, it Is ..,, - . 4 In its orieinal form. Stravinskv'. M"'1 '.ny to srana Desiue mem, Sing of the Nightingale was anibeen too long delayed. I unsuccessful opera with a story Victor now remedies this neg - I aB. 1914 ) In 1917 Diaghilieff pro - ',erfl" mnme b - v h"me ns ipased to make a ballet of it, butjflnd the Cincinnati symphony orch. the composer records In his auto - l estra. The sensuous delights of biography that he was not taken1 this early Stravinsky have been , with the idea, since the "some - l'u'ly captured. RP. iwhat static character" of the1 music would not lend itself to dancing. Nevetheless the tone poem which he had based on the music of the second and third acls of h s opera, was produced as a ballet in Paris on February 2, 1920. Another unsuccessful attempt to base a ballet on this music was made by George 'Balanchine in 1926. Although the mvsic is less rhyth MHCTWN 'RID M. ttf I AUDITORIUM Q MON. DEC. ROBERT KITAIN Violinist FREDA TREPEL Pianltt Seata tlill Avallabl II. IS 11.10 IOC at Wlnnipeu Plane Co. Ltd. Ph. II 121 only YOU CAN MAKE SOMEONE HAPPY Story letters to children signed (imaginary) Aunt, Uncle, or Pet Animal. Newsy letters to invalids signed A Friend. A weekly letter service. 5 Wki. $1.00 11 Wkt. $2.00 30 Wki. $5.00 6end namea; nlcknamaa, and peraonai detalla with remittance to "CORRESPONDENCE UNLIMITED" P.O. Boa 112 Winnipeg. Manitoba (Registered Winnipeg Better Buaineia Bureau) To Give Reading A dramatic reading of Dickens' A Christmas Carol will be given by! D. R. P. Coates, of CKY, at Trinity Baptist church Friday at 8 p.m. Admission will be free and an offering will be taken. TODAY'S OFFER to you who suffer BadGotmis The first spoonfuls of Prrtiixnin MUST promptly relieve mien coiigns or money bark. Tor years thousands of prescriptions hnve been tilled by druggists - it must be good I Pertussin not only helps relieve your coughing pasm, but it loosens and makes stirky phlegm easier to raise. iSal'e for both old and young. Inex - 'LeunSeAny - pertussin; - mS& rim mi Fingerprints all look alike to the average man, but examination by an expert proves there are no two alike. INSURANCE NEEDS DIFFER, TOO! No two men have identical responsibilities and ambitions. Let a friendly Crown Life counsellor help you draft a savings and protection program that fits your individual needs. Branch Of tie: 210 CURRY BLDC, WINNIPEG ESTABLISHED 1110 mwbj IL: Insurance Company i 7 I I Vi mm HOME OFFICII ) TORONTO, CANADA Size, mahogany finish or Spanish convertible. $11.65 MUSIC SUPPLY 660 MAIN STREET. PHONE 28 008 WINNIPEG everafjedi! will eWmzMe tide Swedish Musical I Club "Lucia Day" j?j The Swedish Musical club will " celebrate Lucia Day, (first dty"of Christmas) when it presents the December concert next Friday at 8.30 p.m. In the Auditorium of the Y.W.C.A. H. P. A. Hermanson will give an address on Swedish Christmas Customs The John Norrhagen Violin ensemble will play CureUi's Grnso Christmas Concerto No. 8 The Danish vocal ensemble, under direction of Mrs. Carl Lursen, will Ing and Mrs. Mlna .Bartholomew will conduct a croup of songs to be rendered by the Norwood School ensemble. Other soloists Include Mildred Romer, soprano;" Patricia Larsen, pianist; Myrtle Ruttan Patterson, pianist; Mrs. Carl Larsen, vocalist, r.nd Doreen Vermette, violinist. Accompanists will be Mrs. F. G. Allison, Shirley Sackrlson and Bruce Pippy. 2,000 Children to Sing At Carol Service Two thousand school children will take part In the second annual Carol Service In the Auditorium, to be held on Sunday, December 22 at 4.30 p.m. Choirs from Junior and Senior High schools will sing. I The service Is sponsored by the M.R.M.T.A., Winnipeg brench, of which Mrs. B. Violet Isfeld Is president Be.ides Mrs. Isfeld other members of the committee In charge of arrangements, include Mary Clark - Merrihew, Cecile Hen. derson, Beth Cooil and Gertrude Newton, convener.. Members of the Manitoba Schools orchestra, under direction of Glen Pierce, will accompany the nineins of .the carols. Ethel Klnley. music supervisor of Winnipeg achooli, Your Favorite Carols Sung by the CITY HYDRO CAROLLERS... r - . - nar. .. Soloists: Cora Doig James and Fred Smith , fTfir i f rii ri n ri n r r i ri itoJi , izL y, 2,4 t ,w JJJ k20 : - ' '..;' : '. A I - - ' A L EVERY WEEKDAY MORNING Except Sunday (Mm FROM 8.35 to 9 a.m. Above Agns Forsythe. musical director, and the Carol Quartette. CiL 6

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