Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on October 27, 1941 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, October 27, 1941
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NAUGATITOK DAILY-NEWS^MONDAYS-OCTOBER 27;; V 194i Scores / 4th Win of Season 'Garnet "11 M Moves Quickly In Second Period 'For Victory Over Shelton his ll.v 'MACK" KICIl Nuugaluok High by striking hi Ihr MOIHMMI perloil hi two touohduwns iind then holding off u Sholton Ilin-at In the Waning minutes of the .mime enabled Ihom to gain a well deserved victory before a small wowd at He- ortwllon Field. (n tho, latter part of the opening purlod Kildlo. lum# slopped a Slu ton Ihrout by hitereeptlng a (tits ftru'l cunning to rnldtlold lo" star Nnutfutuok off on IhHr first touch down nmroh. With. Kddle Alarlano Uui'ko, Massa and (losla us bull oar- i'loi'M they brought Ihu hull to llu lwt'/il.y->»lx yard line of Shelton as tho period ended.. flouoh Kole'y 'dentonstraled Mtt'utogy by sendlns" In Charley l-'o Kftrty, the Naiigaluck speedster .it Ihu start of the senund period and ho came through cm the llrst piny for tho ooatih by sprinting twenty- Hlx yurds for the touchdown. Clone Ntu.Ssa'H ' lino phliiMe for.4hu extra point failed and iS'auKat.ue.k led (1-0, After slopping a Sholton drjve that "Hoonfod headed for a U)UdikU>wn on (.ho 11 1 seventeen yard llno1)$N;uitfn~ tiipH onue again bogan lo roll, l-kl- (Ho Mariano shot complete passes to J.Oddlo .Sohrul which brought the bull -'!.(» the. mldlleld stripe. He then Lossud u twenly-llvo yard pass Which was almost intercepted by a, Sholton player but tho alert.Char- ley Pogarty grabbed It us It bounced off his fliiM'ors and ran Iho re- ffiftlnlng dlHUuKio for tho ttnir.h- down. Oene Mussa's plunge for Iho (ixlru point was successful and won I, Into the con lines of clubhouse leading by the snore larkle svhale for a fourth went posJIIon and he played a of a game too. ICddie GiniM 1 have L'omph'tod his Ihird In a row too If It were nol leg Injury suffered In the period. The .Naugaluck High School I3and put on a colorful act during U HI Inti'i'inlsslon between the hall's of I he game.. In the background of soft music, Ph.yllss .Johnson, the tui'k h I K h f-ontortlonlsl Miniugh some of the most ,• stunts <d' that art. There contrast of colors at the Heorealion I'Meld with the Garnet a/id Grey of the high school band, the Orange and Green of the Shelton band HI a background of lawny leaves the trees which had changed fro their summer colors. The only thing laoklng in U ^anie WHS a 'good crowd but 1,1 Tans I.ha.I. attended, saw a footba that was a thriller to the las i,e and the colorful high schoo bands of Shelton and i wlile.h put on a splendid THE BOMBER - By Jack Sords IS PUTTING UP was a perform ion'1. forget, fans, Iho next iS'aug iluek home- game is on tap o; Xovi-mber 8th and Die opponcn vlll be i\e\v Haven Commercial • el.'s iimk<! this last home game ; uiM-essful one. and give the lean real sendol'f for thoir Thanksgiv- n,4V day garni', with Ansonla which s the big game of the NaugaliK Kuvll. .lod.' dip for' tho of 1«:0, Hogmed In-adeil for an touoh'down In the third per .'but. Us uttaak howK^'d down. Kd- Mftrluno" Mretl a pass hilt-iidoi Ko^tu'ly on : lho Sholton twenty h'lit, It'Ayus Intorouptotl by M luui ho ! rtin olglity -yards for what aphMrod nUouiiltdowu, . Uui v to the joy of'-tho'NiuiguUick funs UK» i»luy wrt« iuili(I.U«d hoi'auso -of a Shelton ol'fsrfdo whloh jtcuvo iNuuKutuck a Hi'Ht'dovvn on the ''oiKhtnon yard line, NuutfUtuok 'however wuwn'l equal .lo task of , scoring anollior Hrst do<vn and Shelton 1,00k over on downs on their own eighteen. On Iho Hdoond down Mnniisllk wlm pre- •vlo'usly had ran eighty yards for Lho (i.vorolso now won I- elivhty- yarrln for u HoiiHallonal lotioh- down Juunt whu-.h stuniUMl the Na.irguluok -funn inoinentarlly bu brought felicity to the hearts of UK Sholton cohorts. The line plunge h> NownkowHkl I'ullod and N'aUM'atm lod UJ-l') whlcti svas to be the uMI- hut't Knd Li-ft Tackle Shelton .... Da I ton HolnlcowskJ Alalaxiiewskl BayJlKH .... Ci,i.iat'd Center Hun .\ a Low lull Spoy Preec-.c Otmrd .\rarlano High t Tackle "flight lind " Husshelinei I'arbfjll Costa Hurke Quarterback Loft Halfback 'iVight 'Halfback Nowakowsk ,. Turvis Garbcin Munustik Kill I back SlnHsllus On The dune '.Naugntuok She lion KIl'Hl. dOWIl.H <\0. Uf klljkH Total yds. kicks. Av. illsl, kicks . al-l.omplod A rojuvoniil-i'd She I Ion 'eleven Ihroul-nnod In the l;i>il. inu'lufd wilh MdnUHtlk and iNo\ya,ko.s,V(<k| carrying tho pigskin to th five yard lino hut. ft tfulliinl tuo'k -Hue with some -brilliant]' baek- In^. up 'by Uurko ln-ld a])d A'auga- ttlQ ; k took ovor oh downsfTTho game tho lino pliinfflnjyf of Hurku garnorod th'cin two con- Ili'st downs and started Uio'nv'on another drive us tho llnal WhTrttlo blow thus ondlnK u \voll- playpd gurae In which an agyrosslvo Naugntu'ok toam scored Its fourth vlolory Of the season and richly ovory part of If,. to Walorbury I. tho liV.q 1 Hluo It should be n llooords don't 217 intercepted ii Yards gained by rushing !!.'!,',',' I2H l-'umbles '2 Yds, lost, penalties 25 substitutes .10 K1 27 fj I 0 (i 2-17 0 •JO — Sohrul. Hui'i'.lo. (' Sc.hlliiHka Sho.llon substitutes Johnson, Tangrudi, Tuo'vaj Sutowskl WIN Hartford, Conn,, -uul,, 27—(UP) The -Hartford Hit IMS profos.slona football loam won Its itth gamo ir '> starts Sunday by defeating t Sprlnglleld, Mass., ClluirohJils, V\ to Before ft.OOO funs. travels next- Saturday lo nut* team' of 'Crosby and of a suoh traditional and Naugaluok Bruinor Nulowloh played his third moan h thhw whon us Crosby Personal ranking of teair.s; Minnesota, Texas, Duke, Kordham, Notre Hiinio, Navy', Hcoommcndcd this Saturday: Pennsylvania, versus Navy at Philadelphia. THY A GLASSimO AD IN THIS INMSWS Off For a Fordham Touchdown Hy TOM iNOONAN (Unllcd I' Stall' Correspondent) Boston, Oct. 27— (UP)— A King! victory in Tour stalls isn't mud of a record, but II falls to toll In story of Harvard, a spirited Loan of iron-men rind one of tho lighted defensive units in the ISash. In l.hrj past three weeks ngaJns as sLrong opposition as the 'IDast has to ofl'or, flarvai'd's sonlor-sluddec line hasn't allowed a touchdown rushing. Tho only touchdowi against the Crimson in that strc-tch was fashioned by (Jonioll on a cou- plo ol 1 first-period forward passes. Harvard definitely stamped itself us a giant-killer Saturday by gam- Ing a 0-0 tie with potent Navy to spoil the Midshipmen's pot-foot record with the vicious display of tackling seen at Harvard stadium in recent years. • It wasn't the familiar case of a team being keyed for one game ellhor for the previous week Harvard had tumbled Dartmouth, an odds-on favorite, from the ranks of the unbeaten by a 7-0 margin. Navy,-a 4-1 choice with professional bookmakers, entered, the game with row straight wins and its goal uncrossed, but It failed to reckon with the masterful defensive strategy of that gridiron magician, Coach Dick Harlow. "- was all so complicated," noam.'.d Navy Coach Swede Larson U'ter "the game, "I don't think well sure what happened until we ee the movies of Lho game." Commented Cone Flathmann, rat d one of the nation's best tackles was enough to drive a mat imy. You'd look quick and the larvarcl man would bo there. You'r. again and he'd bo over on the ther side. You'd look a third time oggone it, be wasn't even in sight. 1 Paced by five linemen who played ore than three quarters' of the game, Harvard limited Navy, which had scored J29 points, to one sus- Ininod march on/0 yards and tackled so hard that the future admirals committed sevon Tumbles, , by Marnaclo Bill Buslk, an All-America candidate who proved Just; another halfback. And his back/ielcl /nates weren't any more successful against the swift charges of guards Chub Poabody and Dick Pfistcr, whom Navy Coach Larson termed magnificent. To really rub It In, Harvard had the best scoring chance, recovering a Muslk fumble on .a punt reception and-promptly pounding out a llrst down only to have question-' able play-calling terminate its big two scant yards nrom a touchdown, Uoston College rebounded with a l'i-(J triumph over Georgetown after handing the, Hoyus a gift touchdown In the first throe''minutes. Dartmouth surged back from its -Harvard defeat by marching 92 .yards to score a fourth-period touchdown ror a 7-0 'witi*ovor "Y-ale. Jn o'thor 'inajbr djat'tlos involving New -'UngllVnd ^oa'lns, 'Holy 'Qro'ss poundod out a -:!'3-0 decision over New Yor-k 'iLJnrvors'My ; b'n t\vi'n . -tftt- Ih.'s by -'.loo -Bbl'atyn, anil. J3l'0'wn troLinoed Lal'ayot'te, '13-0. Harvard will be favored for the first time this season In its visit to Princeton this Saturday. Top .game In New Iflngln'ncl \vIJl be Boston CoJ- iege's clash with undefeated Temple. Tn other games, Brown (4-J) meets Yale (J-3) at New' J-Iavgn, •; Conn.; Dartmouth '(<M)' opposes William & Mary (G-J) at Hanovor, N. H., and Holy Cross (3-2) travels . against Colgate (-2-3). er Plays Brilliant Game For Brooklyn Team YALE ElOTt TO PLAY BROWN NEXT SATURDAY Football Star Leads Dodgers to Victory Over New York Giants . College All" But 12 Gase-Hardened Elevens Tumbled- From Hig'h Hanks U.y ,1AC!K (United Press Sl.nfS' •Com;s)»6nil«nt.) • Now Yoi'k,. Oct. 27. .— .(UP)— The south and tho east took command of the ratio for the mythical nationnl 'o'otball cbaniplonslp- today as eight nore major powers were marked ip among' the missing after l.h'e storm lost wook-ond of . caso-hardonod, perfect record " ' ' ' the 10 tlemlflteU *,.- moved anolhui'; slop, closer aiid keeplnijr their slute im- mnblcd all but 12 elevens from the ranks. With, Tour woclcs of action ahcn"d. here are. the ...survivors of.'the -"/Irs I. half of a season which has leveled the ranks.of the mighty in what appears to 1)0 record time for. the course: ' .: The South—Texas. Texas A.AM., Texas .Tuoh, "Ouke 'and.- Van dorW I'l: The J0a^l,--Pordr Tiiim'plo, y\'l'ln'-y 'n'iffl •JDirg'u'e'jVne. 'The Mid lands' •—' -A'J'i'nnuso'lia •Noire MDfiinb'. • ; :' ^ha.i;'s .iJic oOmplb'Lb 1'iKt (ih'il sigh's o.f 'sectioh'al strengt)]; in;e clearly mai'ked. Of the even 'doxcn titans, five 'belong to Dixie and flvo in'oi'o to tho A t'l an tic seaboard, To make the case even more complete, the ,only two major learns- \vhioh have not been defeated but are tied also.' belong in the same /divisions— Mississippi State in M IC South aiid Navy In' tho Kast, . • The squads joining hundi'eds of other .hapless clubs already 'out down wore Santa Clara, Clomson, Ohio State',. Michigan, Detroili Villanova, Rutgers and Navy—the latter losing its honor position • through a scoreless tie. In. all bul two cases— those , of Rutgers and - Michigan— the clefeuLs were 24-caral upsets'.. Hero are the devulopincn'ts by sections: ' ,' - . . . :• . 'The .—This conference gets banner billing:: for the-., might of its ' two., top,: •teams; Texas Aggies and Texas. U., .who''became' the- na- 1,1 on's leading,, scorers by; crumpling Biiylor and : 'Rice, VjS-6 aiid 40-0; They have scored 200; aiid 19(1 points i;e- s'pectivcly and are 1 , tied- in Conference stiaiHlings with two. victories and no defeats. Outside the Co'n'for- ence, -'Texas Tech retarncd its per- .feet rccoj'd,. too, by whipping'Now Mexico,, 80-0, while thrice-beaten Arkansas knocked over unbeaten Detroit,, 0-0. The Midlands — Minnesota took a clear lead hi tho Western Conference by shading Michigan, 7-0, in .the "day's top' game, anil thereby ratauiAd. its. position as one of the ndt!;qh's fpremost elevens. .Within IJi^j : (^pnitroneo 'j\orl,liwosl,ern top- plG'd!;Glj;iq-:staf,e, j/i-T, Purdue shaded. 1 o.vytt',-; (7rGi, ajul. Wisconsin o u L-scorei I Jn.di!in.a?-27;;25. Notre Dame liumili- in.u'is,; /19-:J^ 'for its Ilfth ; triumph, and Ducjuesne up- .set,.iViaVrmette, 81-1'i. in tlie Big Six, Mifipurf'i whipped JScbraska, (5-0, and •Kansas broke its losing streak at the expense, of Iowa State, i;j-0. Ok- ,lali6ma toppled- Santa' Clara, "Jfl-G, {rtnd.-.T.uJsa.defeated Oklahoma A.AM. flG-0. : 1 The. I3a.4l, — IVoi-dham continued I a to]-) 'the, inrJcpendenl.s and j^e'nn :-al,op the Ivy League. The-Mams re- Spoiled Texas. Christian, ,28-W, and •Penn whacked Maryland, Army fashioned its longest winning streak in. years by upsetting. Columbia, J, r ]-0, while Navy's guns were spiked, 0-0, by Harvard. Penn now has a "wide- lead: in the Ivy League,, where Dartmouth defeated Yale, 7-0,' : and Cornell, topped Colgate, 2.1-2. In oRiQ):-.pftniqs /I'em.ple won its llflli 'straigh t; defeating' BucknelI,'. .'d-l/i; Syracuse ended'RuLgdrs' brief'.spree, 49.- 7;.;;.-•.••. Boston College defeated ^Georgetown, i>i-G; -Manhattan upset' Yilhtriova, 9-0; and Duke humblerl,.'27-7: ' •-.,-. ; Th o So u th—1 n.. til o" Sou tb eas tern Conference,, Alabama' defea ted Geor: gia, 27rl4.; Georgia; Tecli defeated Auburn ) .";28-:l/i; Mississippi surprisingly whipped Tulano, 20-JJJ; -and liSU toppled-.IfJorfda, 10-7. Vanderbilt, .undisputed, leader' of the Conference;-humbled, Princeton, : 4G-7, in' an iliteT'Kectlonal go. Jn. .the. Southci-ii, .Conference, William 'and Mary vyent, into a tie with. .Duke for tlie lead'by defeating George •- Washington, - ^8-6',' amL South; Carolina up'sol-i.Clemson, HAVE UNION llnrtford, .Gonn-;" Oct. 72—(UP)— Connecticut Boxing Referees, An- no.nnc(3rs' and Tinie_kecpcrs formed their own.union today ami nnmnd'a committoc Jlo urge State Athletic Gommission'cr Frnnk Ooskcy to establish a S2fi. minimum pay' scale •foj; n -night's -work. "-' The boxing. o/Hciais elected Bill Conway, East Hartford, president.,! and John Gluiicy, Watcrbury, secretary. ' Both ai-o referees. .I; Tho group of.-I I met as a result Oj. complaints that certain promoters were paying referees and others fjmnll amounts on picas that gates wore BO small.a pro/It was impossible. Referee Jim Peters, Torrington, complained ho received only §10-for working In a major bout nt New Haven, and Refcreo Bill Taylor, Hartford, said he wns offered $lfi after completing a i-efereo's jolj on an- tfther card. Taylor refused the money. / The offlttlnls nnmo.d n committee to intei'view Commissioner Coskcy on 'iosfablisbing., minim'um Tho (commII.loo included Thomas -M. Mo iCarl-hy, 'I3ns'l, llnvon ; JOG Giirrlc, Nov Mavon; Billy Livingston, Hartford Conway and-.T.-iyloi 1 . C».v Unitiul Press) Yale University's football team, scalped by an avenging band of Dartmouth Indians, began preparations today for the invasion .of Hrown Saturday. The. game loomed ;is a lough one for Ibe Klis for Hrown was reported lo have a fairly strong squad. The Yale eleven tried valiantly but vainly to pierce the defense wall set up by the Dartmouth team, determined to avenge last year's defeat. When the roar of was done, the Indians, who bad been knocking on Lh.c touchdown door all day, were on the big end of a 7 to 0 score. Tho game was the third loss of (be season for tbe Blis, as one victory. In the meantime, Trinity defeated the U. S. Coast Guard Academy eleven at Hartford in one of the most thrilling games on record, J-'j to J3. 13otb teams entered the game undefeated and untied, and the victor was certain to be named the Connecticut small college -champions. Trinity led into tbe final quarter, 7 to G. 'With four minutes to play, tho Cadets went ahead l.'j to 7, and the game looked about over. Hut Trinity began a march in the' closing.-minute or two, and—with two seconds to go—scored a touchdown that brought down the house of GOOD. Then with lime already having expired, Specialist Jerry Boucher Kicked the extra point to give the home team an upsol victory. The University of Connecticut squad won Its first victory of the year by defeating Springfield College, 25 to.8. A mil erst, defeated Wesley an in a "Little Three" game, 16 to 7. Games this weelr include Coast Guard-wrsleyan; Connecticut and Middlebury; while Trinity is Idle. o— . : _1___ n ; Highest JFood Sales The District of Columbia leads in per : capita food sn2es with $128.80, while Mississippi is the lowest with a. per capita food sale of only $17.11. IS-///, Fui-man, Waive Iforcst, VPI and YMJ, all advanced -.successfully and Kentucky and Tennessee won non-Gonferenc'o contests. The 'Pacific- Const—Stanford, was the only team to. survive a- wave of :upsets', defeating Washington, d3 '•to take, the lead, in' the Coast Con; fcer'nco and .Rose .Bowl scramble. Both Oregon teams had their hopes smashed, • Oro'gpn/by UCljA,, :i-i-7, and State .by Washington''State, "M-0.- California upset SoufJicr,n Cal- ifo.rnia, :M-Q. -In the Bocky Mountain acra, Denver, Colprado and Colorado State won conference games and : 'Montana ' arid-' Idaho.'also won without much trouble. . SIGNAL: Siftingr.hands in'-horl- .zorital vplane. ' As Minnesa MEANING: Both; - sides offside, penalty refused^;incomplete pass, >lay to be replayed, missed field roal or .attempt at ippint after. ' .'- ;: -" ."••V" None on this slg-nal; Today's Sports Parade (Reg. U. 1 S. Pat. Off:) Hy IfAItttY FRIIGUSON- lUnlicd- Press Sp or Us Editor) New Yorlf, Oct. 27—(UP)—Monday morning grid-irony: Hero of the wcelc—Krankie Albert, Stanford's All-Amcricdn quarterback, who set up one touchdown with a 47yard run, kicked a point after touchdown and ran bis team with great (larhig-and skill. He was "tile •difference Vetw'emi two. good footbaJI 1 teiims'--Slanfoi s d and Washington—and YnoVl. of Hie credit for Stanford's "J3 'to 7 Vl.clory go'ps 'to 'him, 'Albert dolled all the 'instructions of all the football coaches, who ever lived by running on fourth down occasionally when the- ball was in Stanford territory. (By GEOKGE KMKSEY l l*r«ss. .SiaIV Correspondent) New York, Oct. '27—(UP)— Those pro football critics who've been asking, "Is Ace Parker through?" had Iheir answer today. .Picked- as the national league's mosl. valuable player last, season^ Parker lias been something" lost*.than i ball of lire Mils season. Hampered by 'the after-effects of another of those broken .ankles, suffered in baseball, Parker couldn't, got #oin£ and the Brooklyn Dodgers lost three s-traight after winning their llrst two games. lie got started Sunday and in. one )f the greatest one-man exhibitions ever staged in <the national' league, tlm MS-pound Dodger halfback led his club to. an- astounding victory n) ovep the hitherto unbeaten New York Giants. • Tlm Dodgers were 1-5 underdogs but ,\vhon Parker got. through tho Giants had their eastern division lead .trinjmed to a Ualf game over tins* Washington Redskins. Only last week Parker was jarred badly by the Chicago Cardinals and sent to a hospital for two. days with n.mild brain concussion. At 2!) he is one of the league's oldest pz;o players and even .his most ardent boosters were beginning to admit that maybe Aee's oft-injured ankles and other bodily hurts had just about closed, his career. Hut the former Duke star exploded ye.wto.rday in the, face of. the Gjants. Me gained Otf yards in U attempts, completed five of• J3 passes for 88. He pitched a pass for one .score, sot up (ho, other touchdown and the Held goa). Altogether he accounted, for J8-4 yards;-10 yards more than the entire Giant team.. While tho; Giants went down to their first loss, the Chicago Bears continued as the scourge of the-west with a M-7 victory over the Pitts- b'urgh, Steolcrs.. : H was the Bear's nftli. straight triumph- and gave them a total of 200 points, an overage of almost 42 points per gome. The Bears marched 68,' 40 and 85 yards for three >of their touchdowns" and passed M and 50 yards for two more. Tho Green Bay Packers rolled up W8 yards nnd downed the Detroit Lions, 2^7. Steve Bolichlck, Detroit equipment man who was Cardwell broke his ankle hist week, pressed into service ,when Lloyd scored the Lions' only touchdown on n. 73-yard pun I return. Getting'off lo a 17-polnj. lead the Washington Hedskinsdefeated iho Cleveland Rams, 17-J.-J, for their third .straight four-poinl victory. Sammy BiiugJi's passing and puling (52.!) average on five pun Is) fea- lured the Redskins' fourth straight Ton), K,u/jma vv o£, Mitjhjfjnn, puijts^fro'iii,* Jje,Jijnd,J»is_own i ,(/p'jjL w ljue^ t «s ..Alinnosola; j>J^iycivs leap in a vnin en'ort (o block the kick, A record crowd v pf 85,750 persons wnlclfcd HIP llnlllc ail Ann, Arbor, onn, ns .^linncsota, nosed out M}c VVoJverjnes, 7-0," to" remain in the ranks of 'the undefeated; - j Upset of the week—Oklahoma's jclenncut 1C to I! victory over Santa [Clara. All the dope so far this sea- jso'n- has. been that Santa Clara bad a real powerhouse that could not be stopped. Oklahoma, which usually turns out a good team, was supposed to be below par. In behalf jof. -Santa Clara, the alibi 'is offered [that the game was played in a Iheavy rain and the west coast boys jset up 'Oklahoma touchdowns by i fumbling. The alibi is hereby disregarded. , A communique from Norman, Okla., states that the rain was falling on air parts of the gridiron, that the Oklahoma boys got just as wet as the "warriors from Santa Clara and that the ball was equally slippery for both sides.. He may nol kick'-up much of a slir out in'the country, but here Jn the east the man. of the hour is Dick HarJow, Harvard coach.. Harvard,'.may have heard, is one. of Lbose schools that goes in ro,i ; over-remphasis on. educalion. and the .football nialerial is. not all 'it jould. be.- -Mr.- Harlow takes what s ava'ilable,, waves a magic ; wand, •;ays "Abracadabra" Ihrec limes, before each, game and comes up. with, a learn. Saturday he .held Navy to a ^scoreless lie- an d- ruined the unbeaten, -untied record^ of the powerful Middies. ..If it'is permissible tp discufes^ 'such a vulgar subject as belting; in connection, with Harvard; let it li'C;;k'np\yri• that, the boys who backed .vine Crimson cashed in 'at Hie. juicy price of. five to one Saturday evening. ; There \.will. Ue ..15 minutes, mourning; throughout the state Oregon; today. Seldom ha6: one;sepj- lion of the country suffered the agony thai came lo Oregon on Saturday. The smell' of roses * from Pasadena' was floating over the stale Pijiday^ evening, but Saturday night il { \yas gone. \Vashinglon The-Philadelphia Eagles rolled up a tbree. touchdown lead, and beal- the Chicago Cardinals,: 2J-JV-.Urn. CastigHa scored- wj-q Eagle touchdowns and Tommy Thompson passed to Wcs McAfee for-the third. Fort Worth,...Tex.,, Oct.. 27—(UP)— Marvin Shannon of Port Worth,held tbe "blind; golf: cbampionHbip of iho world" today wiUr an 8 and 7 victory over Clint Russell of Duluth, Minn., ' ' /. . , Hotb mea.are blind. They played the. course',yesterday with aides lining, up cl.ub; beads and giving information on Avind, obstructions and distances. ' Both usually shoot in the lower 9 t O's. : .H was the,second.match between the IAVQ. . Russell won the Hrst on his home course. on ' : of , of , . Oregon "SCafe '0.'' Ucla 14| 'Oregon 7. Those weren't • upsets, they were earthquakes; . MURRAY'S ,> AmocQ Service T,5> SOUTI|;..>rAIN STREET ONE;- FILL Anti-Freeze Lasts All Winter • -r •"•'••'•'.'' .• --.1-.'. :•-..••• . Batteries Charged While Yon Wait All Amoco Products DUFFY'S urant Water Street DAILY DINNERS and LUNCHES SANDWICHES OF ALL ' KINDS A SPECIALTY Full Liquor License

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