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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
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British Films Lauded By American Critics By HELEN BANNERMAN NEW YOP.K films. whi are often riif'creni from th pirxHi' in mo'xt, and type of story, anrl aluavs in thr.r stars and backgiound hwn 'ausin? much discussion arn ng American movie critics, producers and irertnis. The ronsnnsi sT rtis to rw VW'hat'H wiodx Willi vvi I himself only, hlt opinion may be Boslry Crowther, New a sign of the times. iTimf! critic, plunged into the rii He said he thought British films fusion with this: improved because "most of all We can indicate whether havP stopped trying to Imi wnnt to see more of them tate us." pictures), whether find a re The Notorious A. freshing variety in the nature of Arthur Hank production just re flii ir stone; and their stars.

leased in the Cniled States, is rail "Take Henry and Brief En. Counter, two decidedly contract Ing films in dramatic content and expression the first a sweeping and classical spectacle and the second an intimate drama on a modest personal them. The eral observation of the audiences has been that they are different from anything that Hollywood does. specialized Ri'iti'h pictures at Johnny Krenchmnn featuring Montrealer Taut Dupuis. on loan from CBC) and The Haider (west exn Approaches renamed too.

open up vista of live cinema tfcnl we might wish to be further exploit ed." Hollywood producer Samuel Goldwyn has also put his blessT inq on the Increasing popularity of British films in the United States. Although Mr. Goldwyn maintained that he spoke for 52 OAN FONTAINE MARK STEVENS "From This Day Forward" Addrd Hit (Adult) "SHE WOLF OF LONDON" JOHi HALL RAYMOND MASSEY "HURRICANE" Aluo Ol'LT Col. Effingham's Raid" JOAN BENNETT WILLIAM FVTHF CLARK CREER CABLE CARSON "ADVENTURE" Plua I Adult) "DOUBLE RHYTHM" "I iJ NU I it. tlHti' BAXTER iwii mm1 hum dvoh ULLl PALMER (mm GIRL RFVUC 15 Tr "ALEXIANA A S.Jo vantriipqui.t and 8 Card Manipulator VJ2S fSJ "HELEN I 'K I WALTON" Y.

tm Favorita IJ. fi B.C. Singer VVVV 'PEPHER HALL jX ty, mm Acrobat and Ot ffi RContorlloniit B'JOAN A JOVCt Duo Tap Dancing Wy Styluti Sf A REACON aaS 1 iu. MELOOV Wi I MAIOS 1 Jj, ON THE SCREEN lj "TELL YOUR CHILDREN" Alia (Adult) r.J Lson Errol Pi I "RIVER BOAT RHYTHM" 61 mm I 1 I ing forth reviews varying from rave to puzzled. 1 ne fust are prompted by the pictures' excellent irting and complete lack of stere optype.

The others are puzzled because they find it hard lo turn from the Hollywood formula of tailoring the part to fit the star to the British one of handing a star his part and letting him act it. In this rase Rex Harrison, also to he seen in Anna and the King of Sinm, was handed the part of a heel jand plays it dashingly, rharmingly and with complete conviction, 'Comics' Technique jHclps Farmers To Rear Turkeys NANA) Tons of printed matter go out from agricultural extension and other agencies to improve the social and economic lot of the people. But is it all under tanriable to the people for whom It is intended? At Alabama Polytechnic institute here an agency has been set up to make sure that it is. "We can't wait for everybody to learn to read belter," says In. Paul Irvine, director of the research interpretation council here.

"Too much valuable information is lost to the people who need It most." The newly formed council is intended to serve all state agencies. Jts fir it job was the revamping of a page booklet, giving information on how to raise turkeys. The council, by its formula, determined thnt on'y 20 per rent of the farmers in Alabama could understand it. Therefore, the Council and the author simplified it so that at least 50 percent of the farmers could understand it all. And they also fldded a few simple cartoons and illuMr tod facts along the comic book idea.

"The farmer can have his funny bone tickled while he learns," says Dr. Irvine. Cornish Lihrarv Shows Films Tonight Three films will he shown at the Cornish branch of the Winnipeg Public Library this evening, commencing at. p.m. The films will include Newfoundland, Sentinel of the Atlantic, a color film, and two musicals Songs of the Danube and Second Hungarian Rhapsody.

1 1. thf: wiNNirrr, TRir.rxE AT THE THEATRES FIRST flUN PICTURES C.APITOI Kay tr. Wed. eoir.Mv; rtart it 2 3. i2, 1 es.

2.1. Selected DOMINION I irir Ai'1. an; fiirlf in P.fud. a.Mit CARRICK Hramji. art af 12 Kit.

2.. XV 4. to. 7 lf. iNIa rmir adult.

LYCEUM The Will rama Tlimbllns lirama; atarta At 11.21. 2 00. 4.40. 7 l.V 1 Innny r.nmt aUrta al 12.45.

1 A ft Ildll.l. MfTT Tar and gpari. miislral: atari at 12 10. 2 l.V 4 2ii. 2.V Tribune Gnu 00.

la. rnmplfta ahow 05. Halectad abnri. raneraj. OD EON flrnll'mjin, drama; carta at 12 15, 2 lo.

oo, 7 IS. 9 30. PMrrUrt ahortr; adult. RialTO Tne 3ft ni p. drama; Phanehal ttura.

drama: adult. RIO Affairs of ceraldlna. drama; atarta at 11.30, 1.40. 3 5(1. a 00.

8.10. 111.20 Colorado Pinnaera, weatrrn; atarta at 12 35, 2 45. 4 55. 7 05 9 15, adult. OTHER ATTRACTIONS ABl INGToN Ttina tr.

drama, Tha Fifth Chair, comedy; adult. Af.flN tmi rtolltlran drama: liivrr Roar Rhythm, adult I BIJOU Hiirricana. drama: Col. Efflng ham'a Ram. drama; adu't.

CLASSIC lithtriillr Your tomarty; i Monitar 'A tkrr, drama; adult. COLLEGE Nona But tha Uinelv Heart, drama; China fcky, drama; adult. CORONA House, no 2nd atreet. drama; Tha Tnwn Went Wild, comedy; adult. CRESCENT Murder ha flava, comedy; i Fowared.

drama; adult, i DELUXE Spiral Stalrraae. drama; Blonde Fever, enmedv; adult. FOX From Thl I'av Form ard. drama: She Wolf of I ondon. drama: adult, i FURBY So Ooei My Love, drama; Torrid Zone, drama: adult.

GAIETY Courage of Tjinete, drama; lerted ahorta; general. KINO'S The Harvev Olrla, mnalcal; lerted ahorta; adult. MAC'S Ancela Dirty Farea. drama; Three la a Family, romedv: adult. OSBCrRNE Inve hrr to Heaven, drama: Kelected ahorla; adult.

PALACE Mildred Pierre. flrarr.a; Ten Centa a rmnce. muelral; adult Paris FriHitier rial, weatern; ron Juan Ouilliaan.y romedv: adult. 'METROPOLITAN STARTS fRiDAV RECORD YOUR VOICE! The Magic of Recordings brings your individual voice to your friends have your family rfcord their Xmas wishes Vocal Initrumtrtrat Messages, etc. Day and Evening Appointments NEW ACCORDIONS LESSONS REPAIRS LOWES ACCORDION SCHOOL 318 Kennedy St.

Ph. 96 021 I 'nurn'ODiJ Law KCmlm mm lot ym. mum ill MB small V) 96oio; PA' Doll Fare, musical: Man A comedy: adult. PLAZA Th Mao In Orev. drarpa; The FUtrj Chair, romedy; adult.

ROSE Pardon mv eoT.tJj; Parger nua Pa lner. ama. adult. ROXY Theatre Viht. ii'AflLANn Adventure, drama, fieoted ahoris; edult.

TIMES Captain Kddle. romedv: She Went to the Race, pomedv: adult, TIVOLI enrak Preview. TOWER They era Expendable, drama: Tha Crlmarm Canary, drama; adult. UPTOWN Sentimental Journey, drama; The Peautlfu' Cheat, romedv: adult. VALOUR Winced Victory, drama; Gentle Annie, drama adult.

WONOE RL NO Too Younr to Know. drama: Return of Frank Jamea. drama; adult. 1 CONGRATULATIONS DECEMBER 4 Mr. F.

B. Woods, Gilbert Plains. born Covington, Kentucky, 1859. J. D.

Duthie, Winnipeg, horn Stonehaven, 1861. Lon McCALLISTER Jeanne. CRAIN "WINCED VICTORY" (Adult! Jamea CRAIG Marorle MAIN "CENTLI ANNIE" niiniC 220 Rrcvanrher Ava. fnlf la Phona 201 212 Yvonne DeCarlo Rid Cameron "Frontier Cal" (in Color I (Adult) "Don uan Quilligxn" ON OUR STAGE TO 8. TO C.K.S.B.'a Radio Amateur Show ajvCS IV a time, i3 MUSIC Productd iittf Dittcted by OTTO PREMINGER MY I A GENERAL 3m 2 WEDNESDAY.

PKCEMFF.Iy 1. 10 1 Love Changes Van Johnson HOLLYWOOD. Love can make a man do funny things and it's cena nly changing ret klc faced Van Johnson. Up until a few weeks io, Van was the quiet type. But since he's been going places witn Evie Wynn, estranged wife of comie Keenan, things have changed.

Van and Kvie uere at Giro's the r'ther night and were the life of the party, If not the who)e darn place. Van topped it off by going on stage and singing Somewhere in the Night with the or chest ra. caught in the flame of a fiery romance JEAN KENT oj the doncing gypsy, J. ARTHUR RANK presents af I it A Btieicc rA AN EAGLE. LION RELEASE wlfK ANNE CRAWFORD DENNIS PRICE ADULT FEATURE 12.20, 2.35, I TJ Judy Garland chn Hodiak "HARVEY GIRLS" In Ttchnicolor (Adult! Carman MIBANO A Vivian SU.AINC Oennlt O'KEEFE (Adult) "DOLL FACE" Pal BAIEN Elian DREW "MAN ALIVE" Doors open 5.30 Pulitzer Play Revived For Judith Evelyn NKW York George Kclh's Craig's Wife Pulitzer Prize winner ib is In I'e revived later this season with Judith Evelyn, of Winnipeg, in the leading role.

Now In the Chicago company of Slate of The Union, Miss Kvelyn was seen on Broadway last year in' the short lived The Rich Kull Life. Her New York debut was as the terrified Mrs. Manninghnm in Angel Street, which ran two enis after the Canadian actress'! ROB'T. KELPMANN STARTS AT 4.55, 7.15, 9.30 CLASSIC (can Powtll Ralph lis amy "DELIGHTFULLY YOURS" Ralph Morgan Wanda MacKay "MONSTER MAKER" Adult I litor BRENT Dorothy McOUIRt "SPIRAL STAIRCASE" Philip DORNE Mary A8TOR "BLONDE FEVER" IS 1 Ik ii I (Adult) La show 8 50 Park Thurtday "THE HARVEY CIRLS" Datui Thursday "YOLANDA AND THE THIEF" (Colored) hvtei ii nl heroine won rm nntii e. for the melodrama.

Some of hr earlv trainine was! received at Hart House theatre in the University of Toronto. Give Famous Players Books 5 as TONIGHT! ON the THE TRIBUNE QUIZ" LASTTIMES TODAY Tlie Happiest Alfred DRAKE T.CHH.C0t0 sneak i aisrS PnEVIEW "MURDER TQNICHT ATg.iQ HEAVEN Tachnicoajrl rife 5ATi Tomorrow pi. rtu, Rl(hpt "Two Sisrcrs Sltcd Short Subjtcti PhHla Broom (H) a. s.oo m. "High Powered" '''''lifcaaaBSSaaSSaMSSiSSSSS SMMMSHSMSSSS4 "it T.

HE Ji VJ mm JAMES LYDON mondwalun oonaldm tmnznr Phona 03 010 "SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY" (Adult) BzjrJ ine Beautiful Cheat i i i as prion, tl a 00 Fr4 MacMUBPAV Lynn BAPI "CAPTAIN EDDIE" Jamri Craig Francia Gitfnrd She Win) lo the Rices adult Phona 64 sso Joan CHAWFOBO Jack CAHSUN "MILDRED PIERCE" Jant RAZEE Jimmy LLOVO "Ten Cents A Dance" (srlultl Joan LESLIE Rohart HoTTON "Too Young To Know" Mtnry FONDA Otna TIIRNEY Return of Frank lames adult mm si tte Cary Grant Ethal Barrymora Nona But The Lonely Heart Randolph Ruth Warrtek "CHINA SKY" (adult) I Phon t4 122 Rohart Montgomary John Wayne "They Were Esuendable" Noah Baery Jt. Loll CilMar "Tha Criimen Canary" adult Sons of Italy Elect Sinatra HAriTPOKn, Conn, Doc 4 AP Crooner Krank Sinatra is scho HtllpH tn hiirnviie an hrtiini ni her nf the UJUIIt II VI IHC Sons of Italy. Venerahle Felix Forte am Mnatra would be initiated into the order when he returns to New Jersey. of Gift Tickets for Christmas Hit of (ho Year! Janst BLAIR Marc PLAIT Color Ciirtoon! Silent Tweetmtnt Screen tinepshoii Looking Down no Hollywood Sport Reel "Army Football STACE ar 8.00 p.m. $326.00 in cash prixes! Starts Tomorrow "TARZAN AND THf LEOPARD Genera! woman I 1 If Vnu Should Corn' i DON'T I nurlnn tha Lait T'V Plrtura PLEASE DON'T I AM Luvr.

7HEWAU5 I'M BMP imtt TUMBLING BOWMAN tMMOTE CHAPMAN EDGAR BUCHANAN fiFORGE MMEW Jl i i i iii in mv unv ISIIRT "Mil" iw'la au I 3pn 1 P.M. Daily Phona 30 04 Myrna LOVDon AMtCHE "SO GOES MY LOVE" Jamaa Ann p. ICAONEY SHERIDAN O'BRIEN "TORRID ZONE" (Adult) 1 1 1 I I I 'Phona 10 sap i maria iwontai Praiton Foatar "TANCIER" Jark BENNY Frad ALLEN "The Filth Chair" (Adultl RPTTTT Pnon tot mo Margart Locawood Jimei Maaon The Man In Crey" (adult) Jai Bnny r'd Allm "Tha Filth Chair" MPT Phona 601 214 "Theatre Party Tonight" Protaada In aid of Eaat Kildonan Scholarthlp Fund Snaclal Screen, Staga Preaantat.nn Pin 1 21 in Frtd MaeMurray Matg. Cttapman PARDON MY PAST" Jamt, CRAIO Slgna HASiO "Danjerout Partners" 1 1 1 1 snertrooka 4 Eiuca Jamaa CAGNEY Pat BHIEN "Anfels With Dirty Fates" Chaa. Rugglaa Marjnria paynolda "Three Ii A Family" (adult I.

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