Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on October 25, 1941 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 25, 1941
Page 1
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DAILY- NEWS, /SATURDAY, NaiigMuck-Shelton .ft",.» • * •'. > Expected''To"' Dray/ I^arge Ctyawd To Recrea- ;': ny 'MACK r«'i«:iKawo\ • /AVIth .cirmr HUI(!H overhaul (i n«ur oiiiuuijty- orowd Is i-x|mr,l<!d to .lain nooroullcm KUild thin aftm-noon to thrilling dliul that IH-UII- itvVfion' Urn Shc.lton (ial- .lonlr Gaols ••ami tliu N'uuxy Jnulommil w trowd rlown lust woii w'tli Hiiimy Hkln.M overhead a tfr m'psycl '-will wulolr another ' oim tlipqa ' thrill pnukml ' hut • Tho Nailgatuplc High School hand uruUip tho direction of musical dir- ou(,or Leon U. UorllHs will Hurnnadc Ihj).' i'afi.s with prfi-gariH 1 rostlvithis rtrul'-tflHo lu'tsvcuw tho hali'H. The iNwigutuok band always udds that liilioh nuedod. ublor ;iuul li no&s to. tho Huino, Tliu ohoor.M will ho handloil hy those oufriibio.'iil-iMsi 1 loaders' who an; Baldwin, Hovorly Mimson, Moreen Sfvyijonoy, Majorin Miller, aiul Holly Ryan, .All In all tho fans uro In Tor an oritorlalrihiK al'tornoon us woll as NOOlritf a good foothatl gaum. I don't think Larry MolMiuil oould top,tho IIHHUI, rlo you. • Ttip ••• prohublo NuiiKatur-k lineup wj||,.oonHl.Ht ol'.Gharley KY-vit anil "Jimmy" 5 Ionian at thn ends, "Joey" Natow.loh and' I'Jddlo (ihn.'r at Iho JOildlo Hung arid Ohnrli.'.s kl.ut tho guards with Spend at von tor; In Iho baokiu-ld ho Poppor Mariano at q'mtrtor- iWasmt and Lou 1 Costa at FOOTBALL STAR RELATED HERE Donald May of Brooklyn, N. .Y., a nephew of Albert Mai, Sr., or Mill- vllU', s is a motnhoi 1 of tho. Dartmouth (jolliigo 1'oothall toarn dm; to face Yalo this afternoon in .the Yulo Howl, Thu father of the Brooklyn youth, Max May lived In iNaugutuok some y{sars ago, later moving to Brooklyn,' iN. Y,, whoro ho is now a prominent manufacturer. Tho Dartmouth student is a bauk- lleld man and carries l.lju number 7-'i. Alhort Mai, .Jr., cousin of tho Dartmouth player, will ho among IVio hundreds or looal football fans at the Howl today for tho Indian-Bulldog classic IH ono of tho highlights ol' tho football 'season in this pai'L : of thu country. Today's Sports Parade: (Reg. Uj,^ Hy HA It'll V Press .Pal. Off.) ; i FttltCUSO.V Sjp.oi'ts 1 ' ICdilor) 0 'I'lint odd piece of furnlltu'o Iliul n huyor If you use the (Ihissi- ilud incclhun. G By JACK WELCH tin] halfback posts and with Burke taking oaro, of thu fullback slot, riharloy Fogarty one of the roes of last week's ,\vln Is l(fd to sou plenty of action as he Is Nauga luck's climax runner. Jt should bo a groat battlo. fans. *o don't miss it along with those other all star attractions. Tho opening klckoff is slated for VJ.'IJO p,m, ORNER New York-, Oct. 2fj~( UP)—Scattered paragraphs containing seat- to red thoughts: The talk'now/Is that Duke, Texas and' Kordham a'rc almost sura .shots to got Howl invitations if they, keep rolling. Duke has a comparatively soft schedule 'and 1 -' should come through undefeated. Today find next Saturday Will' tell'" tho story, about Korciham, for If the Rains' oan; beat Texas! Christian and Pur-' due, the rust will be easy. Texas has- Its work out- ,out' for jt. All tho boys have to do "is handle R'icc, Southern, Baylor, • Tcvxus Christian, 'Tcxafe A. •& M., and Oregon. • •' • •Tho way Her I Diwis, new infieldor of tho New York Giants, got star tod up the basjebnll ladder sounds like a inovio script, lie and his'hrothcr were playing with a semi-pro I earn in Pennsylvania and' a scout showed up one day to havo a look. Red played second'base and his brother, Bob, played shortsLop-. The scout 'liked'the shortstop -and sent him a contract, "but-'Bob deckled ho didn't want to play'baseball for a living. So' brother Rod grabbed, the contract, signed Bob's ilomc to it', and reported next spring. For. two' yoatV he played under his brother's nnmo; and then resumed .his own 1 name— John Humph ray Davis—when the social security records became oo'n- THE NEW CO ACHES 1N THK SOArlKTlMK- this t(i'« of beating through corn Molds With u flo/.on othor pheasant hunt- oi'H, 1 pi 1 glilvorlutf in a duck blind all Clay 'with guns booming from ail tlU'ooUoua, lako u trip to thu woods after .'fl(|ulrrols, You'll soo moro of nitturo lit repose, -and perhaps enjoy a inoru tntot'osllng day than many a "IIWHH hunting' 1 trip will nffqi'd, Ono congenial companion IH ploi'Uy, or Just, a dog, or if you urufi'l' loo gruKurtous hy naturo, go nlario, Nvltli gun and uunioru. It- posj.slbln chooser your squlrrol- ml.M In 1 a rather thinly- farming community, whoro HOina largo, quite cluusoly timbered \YQoi'|lotH ,"|uUar o'uU 11 Into areas of s'cl oaks, booohoH, maples and hardwoods, with ''perhaps somo oornljejds not., far distant, it' HCHHU o^ tlfo 'trees, uro old and hol- ibv^'-'Ho much tho liottor. • Go Into tho doo'por part of tho woods In tho early morning, llnd youiwlf an easy' real ing piano agulUHt a stump and .prouoi-d In make your.solf oomforiubjo uiiLlj Air. Gray- Squirrel appear* on Iho .soono. greys oinoi'Kc. from tholr .sloop- quut'tory at sunrlso and rotiro about 10 a.m. Aftor .10 o'olbok pv6pQ(Hl qulolly Into the moro OJKMI ar'6iv of scuttornd troos, and lluiro, If .you're Uioky, you'll got .somo HhotH. at fox squirrels, which, he- Ing of nUhor luxy disposition, don't IHit.lfl un .appoaranco until lalo in tl\o forenoon, Huvo MOO Trained 'T^oy romalri on tho socno un|H about 3 p.m.. whon you• .oan return to tho gray Hquirrol hatinty. Tlii.s I'i'ilc us to footling llmo Isn't a Imi'd finci n\yt ono, of oourso, Hhmo the 'grnya, may ho . Hcump'6rlng about nil day In a warm autumn ruin, and Hpinjti, old, i'ox sqiilrrolmay gut luin- g:ry "and show up boforu sohodulo. r^ivltUOr Yftrloty .Hkos high winds voi^y Avoll and thdy'ro Ilkoly to stay duHng gtilos 'and near- Courtcay Fonns.vlvuniu CStuno (1UUCT HUCTOH oak autumn, If you ,If;,you tako a dog ho suro he's 1 ifainod well onougli to 'obey 1 com- itiaiUW,' or. lip'S tikoly to \varulcr- qlt (in*..hunting -oxpodUlons of hi.s o\yn aiuh^siC4U'o :all tho --gainn.• • AVhllo ;!n H'OITIO parts pf. tho oo.untry-.doga a'ro - ahvaya uaocl (n iiursuit pf whence It's ImpOh-'slblo to- roul It. Tho da'y-s of "smoking 'cm out 1 ' or chopping down a trco havo long slnoo pussod. A dog that will slioic oloHo to you, howovor, is always a good companion, whether ho airis very, much in tho hunt or not. Primary factor in squirrel hunting success is to move quietly, whon you. move at all, poor' to all skies as woll as ahead of you,-and If you soo your quarry -at a tll.s- tanoo do somo caroful stalking until you got within range, There's a shotgun" school of squirrel 11 tin tors as opposed to a .22 rillo school. Thu former arguo'that not Hourly as many squlrrois., aru wounded and escape only, to die l.C you uso a shotgun, that unless they, uso a scopo not nmuy hunters cap hit a Hquirrol In tho head consist-, ontly with a rillo, and that M- they're hit olsowhoro they'll bo pretty woll Lorn to pieces. . Thrlvo in Cycles Tho riflemen insist that It's more "sporting" to use a .22. Pcrhun ovoryono should use his own judgment, but if you shoot'with a shotgun bo suro to , uso shot lai'g'o onough to ponetrato the squirrels' lough hides.' They 'arc not so easily killed at «'iO yards or more niul'TiJs or O's are plenty small. In somo''slatbs the season's on now, In othors Just jirointd the corner. Ohioans have quit huntin^ bii.shytails for the ycar» but the oonsorvn'tlon clopui'tmont'of tho sta(o has ooiuluotqd a sqiilrrol study cluv- l»g' this 'and -past'. reasons,, that throws spmo. IHJW and., interesting light on tho .little, animals'' pom ing and going. '•.'.. '•''-. ', ')'• The rosoareh has rcvoalocl thqt stiuirrol^ thrive n,nd wai^c in. cycles, just 'a:s'rlo rubblt.s u' 'grouseronly tho ' squirrel oyolo l^ pf live /years' durallon as oompfjrod tho sp- voit Or 10 years, allotod Uic othevs, ^Tho'ro Is a gnnoral. biiild-.up qf Sftulrrcl population '•until- a p.pak ' Is reached, then the next" year- thc'r'c •are' few,- evon : tlvouglr thcro 'Is a largo nut' crop,'- 1 -' ; tho- department; say^s. VSQ me times it Is necessary far' squirrels/ to 'llvo on p'hib. coiies, ancl and svhon Ihero are "not 'enough qf these '•tho'. • anirnnls - may- "migratp' oomplotaly-out'-pf'l.ho- area In soarcji of food ', olsQwhoi'O.' Thlsi hasvtyiir/*-. '/.'kid him tors who A havo, seen: plonty 1 a f ,1 sc (u i rrbls.: bof pKC;'..-.' tho ; :: : • soas'o jy .QiVoiiod; U u t none t\\'he'n ' This is going to bo a tough day for. your agent who uses tho hunt and peck system on the typewriter when covering football games. I'm going to the t^ordh urn-Texas Christian game and all •!' have to cope with In the Kordham line-up are names like Rltinskl, Sabasteanski, Iludacck, Pieculcxvio/, Aiulrcjco arid Flflpowlcx. Help, Help! • Carl ^-fuhboll- is drawing, near the end 'or the road as' a pitcher 'and the feat be" will bo' remembered J'or chiefly is- that he once struclc out five straight American'League' slug- go i's - i n an • - : n 1 j-s tur '^-I^.ii tb, Oehrlg, Foxx,- Simmons. and'/C'roriin. A no tlio r • groa t J p b h c. did tb n t j s : jipi" reinembored'.,by"'many, .was'..- the ••.\y'o. ho sta'rtod ..out 'against. Lho/Wash ing tqn Senators"' in. the' -J933 Wpi.'!. Series. ••' Ho. fan'ncr.l ' the first tbre mtJn' Tip' in;'the.' first innlrig~Myej Croslin and • Manusii. Tncidcntally the dope, is that when Bill. Terry starts rebuilding the Giants .be ha permission to sell or-trade anybody on the club except Hiibbell, M.ol Oil .1 o J i ri ny R u oke r' h n'cl 13 a be Y o u n g. 1 'Ambng the 'to'p ; ;passers 1 of the na- l,lon' % plbhso put''.jl'ttlc 'Jl'm'my Bioh- arclson i'o Marquette... He has completed 21 of 27 passes' 'this season and, most remarkable, hay not- hoc oiip intercepted: 'lie oomp'letcc seven out of nine against "Wisconsin and was responsible for two touchdowns.' ••-.-• On Air Today '- '-V': 2:01), p.'/nu / ; i. ' .-. \Vl-jAl'"-iI s i0rdon .Tenftin's,'te'hS \\MX-Bonny Goodman's Orch. ihSQ p. in. \\'KAK-.Tp be aimounoed \VJZ~-Hay Kinnoy's 'Orch. ' ;):()() p. m. WBHY-WABC—rs'cws, i'ootball game \VI-X-\K—Campus/Gripers' NN'.IZ—To be annoinlt!C(| :J:I5 p. in".' \VJ-:AP—PaM.i Chapin, songs W.)^—Football game 3:30 H. in. W1CAI-' 1 —Golden Melodies \V;IX—Muslo of Iho Americans WOH-WAT-ll— Fool bail Yalo-1 moulh game *:(]() i>. m. c/^iirnin D TAH A V SCHEDULE TQDA Y By NVOll Orch. on \93fT Annenberg's J.3J. the pros tomorrow Giants over the Dodgers. Boars over tho Stcpicrs. Packers over Lions.. (A)— Englqs over the Chicago dinals. ' " -." "'••'•' .Redskins over".' ' the . ploveland Rains. ' ' " ' (A)— SJeenor. ' ... Car- TRY A CLASSIFIED IN THIS NEWS AD o- PALACE .•'A. •M, b. G. 1 . Biggin V., '.B'owcn.y.'.'V •'Bahdursk'i. Totals ..;.. Lakatos, .., Si tar . .'....." Pronovbst Hopper Heavens ., Totals -'..... Simmons, Mak'Owich Average ..,:'. •War ago Average' :'•;•.... Totals I; Sweeney, Kalqsky . , C his we 1 1 Fredericks ' Anderson : I, I, r. r. Totals.; .._.;. Schiklgen . Mac Donald Mlknlihus GOPHER GIANT . l)IO jctici '.'•',77 . 8i .. •'75-. 75 , .f); ••.3frf- io,->; •<$'i : • : M • ;: -S^ /i12 ih 7,1 80 71 «j</*-/ i '.'.- V • ' 07 '.70 , 7r>' 75 •7i3 •••nil;;|. : £-?i5f ^ /®'»423 ; 72 81 .73' •OQU .I.J iJl !' . ' V ' • '• ' '. SO;'- • -.> ,102 ... •.; •.••"•7'ry-" ' ••'• .- : -75-*- ; - ! ?»-'••' . ! ^|7. : ,,.m-i ':88/ — f'' ''90'. -.•'•'< 1 ••{)()':• •'•-'•• •M: : • \ /i 22 t2f^ ' ( J ' J2S '97 85 ick Sords 3.QO Hiunpslni'o ...-. 1)7 :I02. ; . .-. 82 : Sfr .... no-•"•'si) ..... 92". SO. '... 75 : : 75 1:184 87 ' 78 03 82' 75 • 430. /i 15'1-289 •• .Unemployment Costa . to : the -National Re- ( ___^.-committee, .unemployment luri'n^ytHeV^ tlie • na- .ivii-fSiA'A^-^A-n "OO'OOO;- •whicli included WAR IN EUROPE A YEAR AGO, OCT. 25, 1940 0- n.v UNITBD PRESS .-• French-'Vice' Premier Pierre. Lnvnl conferred with lla'linn .Foreign Minister Cqnnt;' < Galeimo. (jiano. Germaii• bombers-returned to. Lon_ (loii r'aids"- after 'a 'brief'• pause. . The United ''Slates asked Pr.inoc to state..its' attitude toward German aims. Berlin bcgnn evacuation of 00,000 school children. ho British Admirnlty announced the loss of-the .destroyer Vene'tia,. he Chechoslovakian goveninient n. oxilo r sign'pd a military pjvcl, With Britain. '• ' ' ' .'. : Hocky Conference—Colorado (P) vs. oming, Colorado.' State, vs. State, and Denver vs. Ulah. Conference — Idaho-Willamette, Montana-Montana Slate. Wy- Utah Kon- and It's estimated that it will cost ^25,000 to rid the national capital f cockroaches, Thal/s either a heck of a lot ol' cockroaches, or a typic'al New Deal spender's estimate. a, New Prospect? \V\IZ—News 4:15 p. m Teddy Powell's 4:30 p. in VVBin'-WAlJC— i "—A- Boy, A Girl and « Band WQH—Teddy Powell's Orch. NV.lX-Wlcn—Club Matlneo \VATK-~mck Barrio's Orch. : 4:45. p. in.' \VOB-WATH~Dick Kulin's Orch. 5:00 j). in. WBHY-WABC—Tommy Dorsoy's Orch. WJX-W]CC—Mii^ic for Wvcryono WEAK—To bo announced NVATH—MeKarlainl Twins' Orch. 5:15 p, m. WICG—-News'and Music ;">::)() p.m. \\ 7 BnY-NYA15C—Tommy Dorsey Orch; SVBAK—i^ecitai Period G:00 p. m. \VBRY_WABC-Calling PunVAmorlca \V1-:AK—M^sic b? Shrednik WJZ—Muggsy Spanicr's Orch. WOB—Uncle Don WTIC—N'ews and Weather • ••• W1CC-WATR—News G:15 p.m. W13AF'—News W1CC—Sports Roundup. WATR—New Time .Time .... .....; 0:30 p'.-ni. • ......:, WBHY-WABC—lilmer Davis, News WliAF—Religion in. the' News W.JZ—Lum and Abncr 0:45 p.,in:. WBRY-WABC—The World Today WEAK—Fqolbull Scores, Three Suns Trio' . ' : , Wpn--Horo's Morgan- • '• • WA TR— i?b; d tba 1J Sop re;', Con tes t ; :,7:pO p. m. " " . WBRY-WABC—Peoples 'Platform WI'JAP—])efcnse for America ' SN'OR—Stan'Lomax, Sports. ' \V.fZ-WICC—Message of Israel VYTJC—Grand Old, Glory WATR—Designed for Dancing 7:I,Tp.- in. WOR—Charioteers • . WATR—Torn my Tucker's Around the Ring. "•' 7:.'10 p. m. WBRY-WABC—Columbia's American festival • . • V1DAK—ICnima Otero, soprano IW-.1X—Little OV Hollywood "' WTIC—Three Ring Time SVOR-WATR—Confltlentially Yours 7:45 p. m, WEAF7-H. V. Ivaltcnb'orn, news analyst • ' " • WOR-W1CC-WATR—Inside of Sports Jack Stevens ' ' : . 8:00 p. m. WBRY—Saturday Nite Swing Club WE A K-WTJ C—Kn i ckerb ockeu PI ay _ ))OUSC W.JX—Boy. Meets Band : WOR—To the Victors'- -'-••: WABC—Guy Lombardo's Orch. • WATR—Soldiei-.s Quiz 8:1)0 p. m. WEAF-WTIC—Truth 01 Qucnccs W,IZ—Bishop and tho WABC—Hobby Lobby Xews WOR—Song Spinners WATR—Hawaii Calls S:45 p. m. WOR—Red Barber, Sports .9:00 p. m. WBRY-WABC—Your Hit Parade WEAK-WT1C—National Barn Dance WJZ—Spin and Win WOR—William. O'Dwyer WATR—News, Johnny Messncr's ; : Orch. '. fl.:15 p. m. WOR-WATR—America Preferred • . fl.-.'JO p. m. . •' • '. .WJ2-WICC—Frank Black Presents '9:45 p. nv. • WBRY—Dance Orch. •• WABC—Battle of the Boroughs' 1 WOR-WA'TR—Chicago Thpater of ;-'•.•". the Ain-" ' '•; '10:00 p. mi WEAP-WTIC-^Spqrts HighlIgh Is WJZ-W1CC—Hemisphere Rc'yyc •'.'•. . 10:15 p. in. WBRY-WABG—public'Affairs. W13AP.WTIC—.toe .Golllcchio's Qrch JACK GUDOY (Unito.d pres^.Smn' Correspondent.) Now York,, pot. v>5vr-(UP!)—Oulck ;kicking .Iho 'f^p't^'out of; today's •football prognim:' llanncv CSamo. .Minnesota favored al, $-.1' over Michigan at Ann Arbor, Mlqh., with crowd of 87,000 oXpocted. May ultimately decide l^ig, ton l.i),le. Would fop Gophers 1 cjghlh straight victory over Wolverines in "LlM.hj Brown ilDg^ sorjes. Only niajor! contest, matchjng -perfect-record,' rivals, although 10 tennis rjsjk. Unsullied shieNis.'. The pcrfocls' \vlll. bo dis- tingulshfid b.olow with a (P). Odds given whon available. ! ""• Midwest. Three other excellent, gnmns in Big Ten Cpnferenco, with' \\ilsconsln 0-5 over Indiana, Northwestern *2-.t over Stale .(P)),,nnd Purdue n-5 over Iowa. . nig: Six~rNchraska vs. Missouri, ptMcc-niakei^ disagree;, and Iowa Stale vs. Kansas. Non-confer- enc«—San Lit Clara (P) 3-1 qvor Oklahoma, Notre' Dame (p) 5-1 over Illinois. Marquelle ^ °V cr ^ u " quesnc (P), ISnsI, Fordhnm (P) -'i-l over Texas ChrislJan. Columbia (>-5 oviir Army (P). Nnyy (P) 3-J over Harvard. Duke (P) •'<-! over Pittsburgh. Pcnn- sylvanfa (P) .'»-J over Maryland, Boston College 2-J over Georgetown. Cornell 6-5 over Colgate. Dartmouth. 5-2 over J.'] 7 5 over LnlViyeLto. oyer New York U, : vs. Rulgors. (P),. Penn Slate- vs. Lo- hlgh, and,Carnegie Tcpli. vs.;Geneva. South.- ' . South on sf.orn Conference "-•— Ala- bnnm.G-5ovor Georgia, Tulnne .'J-.'Jl over Mississippi, Georgia Tech 7-5 over Auburn, and;'Lpulslana Sl.ul.o '-'j-l; over .IJlqrida. : Soulheim Con- feruno'rv—NoiHii ^ Caroliiia-Wakc Korest-i" PurmanrD'avidson, Richmond- y'jrginhi MUiiary, :Washington and TJoe-yirglniVi 'Tpph.'' Non-Conforenca —VandcrblJt; ,(P) 5-1 over .•Prince- ion,; ._KCJILucky-Wesi; Virginia, Tennessee- Cincinnati, Mississippi Slale- Unjl'onyyrand-'^.'NprlJ) ' Carolina Statc- Yale. Brown Holy Cross 5-1 Also Syracuse . - , Pacific C<mst. . Conference— Stanford even. Wnsli- ingtqn, Southern California 0-5 over California, 'Oregon" State d,'J-5 over Washington State, and 'Oregon 3-1 over Uclft. . Non-Confcrenoe—St. Mary's- Loyola. . , , ',. Conference— Texas Aggies (P) 1.3-5 over Baylor, and Texas '(P) '3-1 .."over Rice.' ' ' • ' •• . ,•••'•• : WOR—Tommy Dorsoy's Orch. W.JZ-NyiCC—Paul Whitcnian's Orch. Conse- Gargoyle Elmer 'Davis, ^ 'well .taken car^e of here, as ^red Graf, hal«bJck;-'gives J Co-ed'Dorothy Hart of fevy tips on' how. to thrp,\y/?a pass, toward' Thanksgiving Day When]-th« n^A r.vni r!nse. ! In-'the^SOthf'anniver-! ^Bfcti^^ rival, Case; in- the *50th; "anniver^ WBRY-WABC— Juan, Arvlzu, Songs ' 10:45 p'. m. ' • WBRY-WABC— News '' M:00 p. in.'- .; • WBRY— Harry James' Orch. ''. W.J2— News'; Loii r Brccsc's Orch. WABC— News • ' v WEAl^-WOR-WJCC-\YATR~-Ne\vs nnd Weatlier • - ' ';'••'' ( 11;15 p. ni, WE A K-WTI G—Vas.s l?tf m i Jy WOR— Teddy Powell's' Orch. . WABC— Harry, James* Oron; : . WJCC-WATR—Musfcal Interlude 1 weather reports : 11:30: p. m. ,. WBRY-WABC— Vaughn Monroe's Ore?). ..... 7; ': ' N > •-• ; ' WBAP-WTIC— Riyerlioat Revels WJ^-WJCC-^Art.Jarrett's.'OrcJi. WOR- WATR— ^liffi.i'Ja MpJoclips .', " ' SIGNAL: Grasping: of one,wrist VIOLATION:: Holding:. This comes.under Rule 10, Section 1 on the uge s of hands, arms and body "No player; of the team in possession; of the ball may help the runner except, by interfering for him, there shall- be no Interlocked Interference." PENALTY: Loss of 15 y^ards. For illegal use:of hands : or arms by p)ay«r»! V of, the team'not in posses- of the iball—losg of flve yards, illegal use; of Hand^t or.arma . the baHfis; free-^ball goes . , to; offended team.' r»-.. WBRY— Sign O IT , , W E A #L\VTi'G~fes - f rom • Frisco '' ' r v .;^--.f i ".'•. J Water ; Street r I)AILY DINNERS SANDWICHES QF KINDS A License

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