Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on October 24, 1941 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, October 24, 1941
Page 1
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• I NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS;. FRHDA^^QCTQBEIt;24, 1941 Oay Film Is Featured Now Loew's-Poli Joining' the captivating atmosphere of old Spain wllh the .moder- nity.of a grosvlng Latin-America, Havana, long acclaimed by travelers tho pleasure contor of the flarll)- boan, Is a city of romance, glamor and .; ad venture. * . '•It waM with these altrllmtcs in rnlnd that the aOlh Century-Fox Htudto MoloctOjd Ihls gum of Latin- America as the locale for Its third Technicolor musical about our I'an American, neighbors, "Week-Km! In Havana, 11 \vlifiih shows this beautl- fu'l oupltal rlty of Cuba In all Its ncvtural )icaul,y. Many Americans vacation lln-rc— and this Is what thr.y sec: Knler- tho beautiful harbor, one llrst en famed 'Morro (lastle, Him tho. panorama of thu city Linfoldn. Afto.r flocking Lh'o drlvrs through Hie narrow jHoturcsqiui streets to tin: iKuu't of tho city begins. Uld Spa- nltfh architecture svilh KM grilled wlfHlosvM, overhanging balconies ttrul flowor-illled patios bliMid w tho medium-sized .sky-scrapers In Ihp stylo of ni"durn America as orio rldoN along. ' Arriving ,uf, the. liolfl, wlildi IH nn luxurlouH as tho one. John Payne HfHo.cts In his ..efforts ,l,o make Alice I''ttyo'H "Wi'ok-Knd In Havana" now at I«fHJVv'H«l.'c»ii, U'io most pleasant In liar life, one has a choico of things LO (to; , Rul, U,'M night, "and things arc Ht.urting to happen; ..I'.'lrst, lako In a Jal Alal rffirnc—. the fastest In I'liu world - T played w'.|l/li- hookofl baskets attached to thu' playor'H. arm and performed llKhtnhiM' Mpoud. Then, a visit tc) Havana's Ghlnatosvn. And finally, l<hfv high Mpq.l of..Hie night, w«; drl.vo |.o tho .alluring (laharo Sans Souel and fa-ter to .the• H'ei'Q the tropical magic, tho catchy Cuban rhyllims, warm-blooded scii- orltas and dark-eyed llomcos rom- blno to inakt! Havana the, droarn Hpot .of tho world. If. Is 'In a club Hlmllar to that Cannon Miranda dons her famous dances and Cowir flomqro Is luji 1 manager In "Wcok-Knd In .Havana.! 1 • . • 1'Mnlsh oIT''wllh a i\\g\\l cap at Sloppy Jon's, purhaps the most polorful of all tho Havana lilkhl H.PQt.M, Thern you llnd all kinds, and Muvuna night life Is tit Its peak as tho "Slritf-Hallonur UIIU-.H, thu Lor- rld (InncoH and Lutln lovers have l.ho llmo of lives, . Tn non.lunr.lion with this picture, V\V«flk'-Ku'd in Havana," Loew's urn 'J/»K n Hhumba Contest on our Tuesday nlKht, UcLobur ^Slli, '•.-On- 1 f.ho Hrtino (iroKram wdll'ho, flliciWn 'a sooorid smash lilt "Urucn ,C.{u(.iH" Htun:lng Stun l-aurel and Ollvfji',,Hardy. -•fPhl«.ipotnplet,o double feature pro- ^I'Oiin .will; bo .shown at our Marly 'lU'rd Show Saturday morning nt 10:(K) with absolutely no ralso In pr'Joos; ' . AT ARENA SUNDAY Now at State, Hartford h'ny K.vNer, above, leadw his t'anjons, humlj mid hl.s "Colloue of Alu.sicnl Kno\vl(H/fj<'." °'i fhreo eomjjlele .shows at (he/ \ow Haven Arenu tills Sniuhiy nfliM'iKKm and evonlni/, wllh a 'lilj; .s(u(ji) revue preeodinj/ tin) Kysrr .show, "Follies Bergere Of 1942" Now At State, Hartford nosv Jack Teagurdexi . < •,,. •, ^. . *>.; •. • :/ S.undl&y Night At ( , • : "';'- •'.; Haroi'ton Park 1 Jn'ok Toagardon-and his orohostra, "Tljo/.Hand Tlmt Hoally I Mays tho Hliio.8," (jpriioa- to Wnterbwy's luim- lltpn . . par.k pavilion Sunday night (ih'i'ough urrangemonlH .with Wiislo (loi'poratlon 'of Amor-loa. ^roagardon, one of thy moat fa- molts trbmbonlsts In modern musical. annals, IH among the most recent arrivals, to the "name" band dl'vjslon .Having for yours been uo- knowodgod aa. one of tho .outstanding . Imllvlduul stury with many" .orohoHtraH, Juuk haw nooniins- ly Imparlod blH e.X(>crlenoe arid tculi- ' .to .his ontlro- group, the re- ;bo(ng, a stellar aggregation. •Aa'.u .sololnt, Jaok "T" starred wilh. Ued Nloholy, Men Pollack, and Paul Whlteman among tho better known orchestras, Ho mado lum- (|rp(la of records with all tho Mp topiartlHta of thu day, and when HO- loollng jnombers of his band, ohonc not; 1 untried rooi'ults, but dollnlto os- tftbll.^hod stars of the profosslqn. has had outstanding .0.1, inan,y of tho rmUon's best known Hpo'lH, Including tho Ulue hawk^lcstauraht, Chicago; llosoland Uullroorui New York; 'World's Kuir, N, Y, ; Meudowbrook Country Club, Codar Orovo, N, J. ; Uuyrnor Uull- ra'orii, Boston; on tour with Jack Hajoy and Muvy Carlisle In "Tho Star Parado," and In Hing CrosbyVs now /Urn "Ult'th of tho l.ilups," Featured with Toagurden Is Marl- anno, ohur.nUng^ypntf ytylist, Th« Slain thfjater, Hartford, presents the all new "folios Bor^cro; of t'J-V2." 'Word.s 'fail us when U, comes to adequately describing the' most lavish, si)eclacular, and on tor-' Ladling. Kd'l ,musical uojncdy -show; of all time—the. all new "Folies Bnr-. gurc of :1M2, M bi-ought to you .by Clifford CJ. Flschur, the gi'«alcsl,j luune business.,In this now: oxtravaKaiv/a, tho inlernal.iomiljy known producer has "assembler! ' a (UM'Sslou of spectacular production . . numbers,. seemingly endless lines 'of girls, gorgeously dressed or cleverly' "undressed" sensational spoolallies from all corners of l,ho world. The show has a cast of 75 people, Including 3'i of tho loveliest and most shapely girls In the world. It features a down specially acts from different countries, and there art! '15 thrilling, breath-taking spectacles. Among Hie acts featured: are, Hie world's, greatest ; comics,; Arren & .Hroderlck;' Gene Shelton;; Harold & Lola; Andre IliUouclKilT! Troupe; The .lades; MUle Kred and His football Hogs; Frances Urban and many others. The production numbers featured \ In this, mammoth rovun arc numer-. ous and beautifully sl.agef.1 with a. distinct Continental llavor. See; ttuise eyo-lllling, broath-laking, glil- terlng spectacles:- '.'Illusions .of lUirls" with Its da'/xling ensemble of beauties';' "Algeria," colorful and exotic; "Apaeho's" a thrilling revelation; "Minstrels Parls'lcnne, 11 "Jewels" and many others. You'll see all these sUrrlng, eye-llillng productions and maiiy more in Clifford C. Plschor's wrn'ld-famqus, all new 1 ' f li | bllcs"13ci i gbro"" lt or V :15M2" on'our stage,—it's the -quo show of the year, you can'L a'fford to miss because It's positively the most, lavish, entertaining;musical revue ever presented on ,any stage,' • . «.« »—. . St.' J^lcrrc ftiVd ,Irti«uclon St, Pierre and Mlquolon, islands oft thO'southern coast of Newfoundland, have: an unusual 1 history. They wcro French in 1600, BviUsh in 1702, French Jn 1703, British in 1778, French again in 1783, British in 17.93, French'jn 1802, British in'1803;-and French again In. 1814, .since . .which time posses.oion has not chpnpcd. • Great Fbo L ball • ••• .V ; •••_'•' ••-' ...... ..-r- ,'•. .;: Film .Current : Grem •'• .''Scaltcrgooci^icels, .Broadway,"., a • comecly wltli -music Abased on Ihc oxper'iGhces o'fS smaU-town . mdr- : . .chant. in . Ncw^Y.ork, : again stars Guy Kibbee" in "a^ .Budihg- Scaf.tqrgpbd Bailies s'cr'ics" now al .the, Coin../,.... .'.'..". . - / : .ThiSr- time ":'Sb"atlcrg6b'il:"apparent- ly is cau' -flie .toils of .an .' for hei:. '-His sii]3posed" naiycte, as be is. taken '"over. the \jumps" niakes for much of the broad comedy, of tlio,^fast-paced story. ActuaJly,.',pf coui'so, .Scattergood knows w'Jlat's -goins';, ;i .qn':ail-.,(,I}c l,imc..' Ilo. is- not l! ballpci-"Uie:'. i .-vs"ugc.' of Goldriver" for nothing. ;: - ' ' ' ' Supportcd'tb.ys/nn all-star comedy cast including''l^rank Jenks, Joyce Compton .and..l3radlcy Pago, Kibbec. is provided wiUr l;ho chance lo present anollier. faceL of. .the. character of- this popular /lotion and .radio hero. William Henry and .Mildred Colo's poi'tray the ilhn's romantic in- Hallowe !_en .Dance v^ Friday Night At The:Ritz .Hallpwpcn, - .tho night ...madcap? rbig'n,: will-be ceicbniled in all -its pageantry -at- tlic-Ritx Ballroom in Bridgeport on Friday, October 3Jst. Hni-Jcrjuin and Columbine, Micky Mouse, and Raggedy Ann will. all. bo hare . . ,' 10 seek Hie prixcs, one hundred dollars "jn. cash and -'one hundred beautiful' gifts; Tho grand inarch, .pulsating.- martial music, souvenirs, favors ... t.i? ; frivolity will reign. There will be .dune- ing until one o'clock .to • the. merry tunes of the Casa Hilz orchestra . and of course- the traditional cidei n 1 doughnuts will be freely dis penscd. Sunday — Monday — Tues<iay .(Gilford C. KlN(jh(ji-f.s ALL NI&VV 'WOLIES UiilUJI^UC OH" 1 '(JW2" is now On the stnjjuof .Miu .STATE THISATUK,- irAHTirOHIJ,; for (i : ni-enl:days, Oc;((»lmi- l,hrou{jh 2!Kli.. Th'ls. nuiiiVmolh show hu.s'Vi'cns'l. of TS pcoiih;, ih(ilii(li!i()i M of Uie loveJiesl. and MI ON!, shapely (jh'ls In -Mic world. . I| i :l'untur(-.s- ; n do/en .spiM;iaIf.y" nets,' from .dill'enjiil. countries,. nn<I Miurn ni'p ; :ln••(,liiii|liii(f, bnJul:h-lnlvinH . .spnc'liujl.o.s. Amonfj (he sLirrinu, eyo-llllinu prfkl/icUo'iis art!;. "Illusions of' ; l»ui'i«?? with dnx/linn boiuily cnsciuhhi; u Al!jo»'it»V''' ; 6oi.9"'- .fiil ,and .tixoUr;.; "Ajinolu^,!. 1 • UiT-IJIIno rcvchition.s; "iMliN.STHIilLS rAHIft]- ENfs'E," exl-ravaf/an/a'; ( M(-\vnl.s," and many other.s. Tlic ens(. includos: Arrcii'ifc .IJnjdoi'ioki Mio ivoi-Jd's" fji'ijjilo.vl, ooinlcw; Goni; Slieilon; llaroid.' & Uola; Andro-Matoi/c'heir 'I'roiipe; The ,fnd«j.s; Lilllc FI-JM! & • IIKs IrooUmlli' l)o(|.s;' I'ViuicoHv Ui'lwn. nnd many olhcrs. / , ; ^;-,•:.. Abbott-Costello Featured -Now At The Alcazar Bud Abbott and L'ou.CosLollo have done it again I Kojlowing .up their sensational successes in Univcrsal's "Buck Privates" and . Abbolt and Costelio.and: Dioli .Powell in .the JS'avy, these .two. stellar 'cpmodians crash the.scrce.n with even more llijai'i.ous por,Torniftnu i es in the same company's "Hold That Gl.iosl., 11 whi(j}j opun'od today for, two. days at.tho Alcaxar theater. This .llmo Bu'd and. f;pu, .ppoi'ntors or a gas station, (iccidentally become entangled'-wll.h. a gangster and ji.isL as .a'cc Id en tally hecomc his heirs. Their tjhief 'inheritance is a long-abandoned -and '.supposedly haunted tavern, hcadqu' for rum-r.unnors and gambJ.ors-> ; {cluuing the prohibition era. '-••,•'•' l '•• "Hold 'Phut Ghost" opens.;: in-''a new nigh I, club, where Ted Lewis and his orchestra and the Andrews Sisters nro supplying the ciiierlalii- ment, and where AbboU; aii'd' CJbs'- tello, weary of tin; drearin(?5sV of .thoir biishioss, get jobs -as'-"'Veli(}t' \vnlters. ' Lowis and .the • AnUr^'ws Sisters sing several song nu'nrbers in the nitery scenes and in the-gar- dun party-.sequence, that brings t'ho feature's- llnal fatle. '" ••;;•; .•'.,;' r'r^AIJfoqU- a'licl•:-'Gpslollp ai'c.'in ,f,op •fOnn. ; '• thi'oughoul, "H.old: Thai" •Gliost's" ainfokinjL'nf:, leading .their audionccs.- jfrqfri ;laugh'- to "laugh in .an. unbroken.: clniijV. .' Carson, is ox col- lent' as ; the .-.Voting '.doctor, /sharing romaiitjp-lVonors./with the,J}.Cciul.iful arid-. equnll^Lalejifed - lively n Ankers. .Joan .Di,tvis' l: ,,'. < AiJHcha Aucr ami Shernp Hp\vard\run 'a n'eck-and-neck raco-Ioivs^ibiKiary- comedy honors. Lpwjs -nnd; li j's crew are entai-taining .from stn;;'l^;iq. llnl^h, while l.he An- f1 r'c'>V.s'.;SI stJ9/'.s;^.i id w'l'6^b-e(if.e'i v /a'd^an- t'ngQ; Ijl'fiu-.'eXVoj'^JJu'for'c!! •".' if" '' J ' h ter.Iudes. Volcran Christy Cabanne tlircctct "Souttergood Meets TJrpadway," a lie did the' two preceding pictures based . on this character, .Jcrrok Brandt produced for 13 KO Radio release. The leod ill in is the groat college fool ball story Tom Harmon in "Harmon of Michigan.' 1 - HAMILTON PAR iiLlhe nines" Jack Tea^-arden ml His KaiiHH 1 David L l-.vnnc A lion /-«, , C 1 : 1 1 r W Nov Nov. Lorn ir. -i»— II/VL ^ic^Tvius'" iv:; : TRY .A., AD THREE SHOWS 3:00 P,M, - 6:00 - 8:45 After The FOR GOOD' Eat at "'' THE CITY LUNCH B9LIRQQM BRIDO te,r . Egg Shell Water W pgg s)aclis;nrp kept Jn cold wn- ,r, agrt,cl '{tftls; wnier'' used on potted , plants,'; It vyin furnish much needed' llmo 1 to t(i6 v pl.nnt3, s Sun., Ool, 2«th— iS'IUNChs ' Tho' "Unnd o'f" Slur.s Tommy Reynolds nnd Orch.— wllh Alnry Ann Adin, 7;>c \Vc(\, t Old. U!l— I'olhii.v Joe .La/ni 1 /. Orch. Ail in, 'JSfTc', Thurs., -CASA Hi:i —OUCH,— A dm, J10-40CJ r ,— Sal, Ad in.' 50c Wall/es Oct. yi mlo iuid'.'Murdl («rns en.sli and •;!()()• .other prl/es —soilvonirs, Tavprs, Til ;UOO 2—Tpn.v 'as! or SHOWS TC £ ART FORD v ENPS WED. NIGHT For Foods — BIJDWEISER TONIGHT SATURDAY The fizzling screen scoop of the year'., that brings yon the football star of the a mighty thrill-packed drama! with Scrwn; "tyat9)ftil ^ ' 'S;Ko,q '.• - Wa r re h As he ^wf I, Grew V feted- fy CI^LE? BWON V ' -^COLUMBIA ' ' CteTjS;r:tP ; V( L '.i/ALTER'M^ 01 ^^^gl^H!^"* Monoco &.IIAK1DY-'in, . - > ^np^;. ^: \yAtf-. X "i? _.. i _ T . .... _._._. ..invades Broadway to" rescue a pair st'ruclc sweetheart m&eni ! MILDRED COLES ,-,«Hr ^LLIA^^' HENRY^- EMMADUNfi •ft: '• '•?A.HK,*.|EfAK», v . 4 . //JOYCE COMPTON J£ M ^i^|^x^air :: . Boi«d^^ on ^•>"Sco/f«rge>ocrBamei"^6f/tf 'fay* tLARENCE". BUDINGTOKr KELLAND; .^oducecJ-by 'JERRO[;D^T^BP^ kir ' T - ^--^ L -^' t --- ^i'^r-r^y^^^^i-^^-^. ..f>roducecJ; : .by 'JERROLD/-T,'B,RANDT.- Oir : efc>ed'->y ii CW^IS^jGABAti<NE;« ,;;•:. .•!";•• Screen' Play by.Etriel I. Slone: and! Michael- IT/iSimrriorii}' : " ''":'• • • '' ' «: ; ^i|Si0«>Ei^^ Filmdont's Dynamic FRAN_K McHUGHi Directed 1 , by. .' : Rgqgl;VV?dlshl A WARNER BROS HIT FRIDAY and SATURDAY IT'S A GHOSMX),6HOSr HOOKUP1 Anrl vour fayorHe iunsters 'Screen Ploy. Robert tees.' Fred Rinaldo'»Jbhn Gram ' Fred Rjnakfo . Associate 'Producers; Bu.rt Kelly;X ,C3 "' A '" i;i '^ ^'"^'^ -

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