The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland on June 1, 1945 · 3
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The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland · 3

Baltimore, Maryland
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Friday, June 1, 1945
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THE SUN, BALTIMORE, FRIDAY MORNING, JUNE 1, 1945 PAGE 3 MAN TAKEN BY CHINESE Offensive Against Corridor Now 43 Miles From Liuchow Chungking, May 31 (Chinese troops were reported tonight to have captured the South China rail town of Ishan. 43 miles west of the former United States airbase city of Liuchow, as they dug deeper into the narrowing corridor leading into French Indo-China where thousands of Japanese are isolated. The Chinese high command had not confirmed the capture of Ishan, but the Chinese troops yesterday had fought into its outskirts in their converging drive on Liuchow, the enemy's most important road hub in Kwangsi province. Other Chinese columns were reported 55 miles southwest and 40 miles northwest of Liuchow. swept by fires apparently set by the retreating enemy. Certair. Of Withdrawal Lieut. Ccn. Albert C. Wede-meyer. United States Army commander in China, declared the Japanese were without question withdrawing from the transcontinental land corridor connecting enemy forces in China with perhaps 200.-000 Japanese in Indo-China, Thailand, Malaya and Burma. At a point near the Indo-China frontier the corridor is now only about 100 miles wide. Wedemeyer said he was ."very optimistic about the military future in China," with Allied supply improving in contrast to the enemy's deteriorating position. He said China was not yet ready for a grand counteroffensive but "we are around the corner psychologically." Battling eastward through Kwangsi province on an irregular 250-mile front the Chinese were attending their gains above and below Ishan. 40 Miles From Border At the lower end of this front they had reached the vicinity of Suilo, approximately 40 miles from the Indo-China border, and 60 miles southwest of Yungning, (Nanning). Chinese troops by Monday had completed the mopping of enemy remnants on the south bank of the Siang River opposite Yungning, a stronghold -which Wedemeyer said the Japanese destroyed before retreating and carrying with them all able-bodied Chinese. In the drive northwest of Yungning one Chinese column had bypassed Pinyang and reached the area of Chienkiang, 55 miles southwest of Liuchow. One column was attacking Pinyang itself, the high command said. Northeast of Ishan, . on the Kwangsi-Kweiyang Railway, the Japanese were reported withdrawing from a number of localities, including Chongon, 40 miles north-vest of Liuchow. A few prisoners were taken in r?cent clashes," Wedemeyer said. "They were a discouraged group "ho feel Japan has lost the war. ."hey say that. Some are cognizant r th3 terrific damage caused by ; .r attacks on their homeland." To the northeast of the Kwangsi ! -iillefront other Chinese troops ; U.ncking along China's east coast ' ad penetrated beyond captured Illnsteh. 45 miles north of Foo- how, to the southern bank of the Iliao tiver, after killing and wounding more than 200 Japanese. Only twelve Japanese prisoners were taken as the enemy retreated toward Siapu, 75 miles northeast of Toochow and where an enemy naval force landed last week. The American chief of staff to Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek ' promised increased aerial support to the Chinese ground forces and the Chinese announced that Chinese planes shot down ten enemy craft Wednesday in combat over Nanking. This was the biggest bag ever claimed by that airforce in one engagement. j Censure Motion Fails In Australian House Canberra, Australia, May 31 (JP). A motion of censure against the Australian Government, presented by Opposition Leader Robert Gordon Menzies. was defeated in the House of Representatives by 38 votes to 15 tonight. The Country party, one of the opposition groups, supported the censure motion. Menzies, former .Australian Prime Minister, charged the Government with: Failure to deal adequately with industrial lawlessness. Failure to adopt an effective housing policy. With an attack upon responsible authority of Parliament by refusing to permit discussion of the San Francisco conference. Stifling debate on important legislative proposals. Failure to adopt an efficient food-production policy. Philippine. Traffic Changes Manila, Friday, June 1 (IP) The Philippines broke a 400-year-old custom today when horse-drawn calesas, caribao carts and motorized l-affic started traveling on the tight side of streets and highways instead of the left. JAP KILLED ON OKINAWA This Japanese soldier was one of several killed in a suicide attack when they landed on Okinawa by plane. In the background can be seen a wing tip of the wrecked plane, being viewed by a group of Yank soldiers. (Signal Corps photo.) TOKVOB ii? i 1 1 "ANCHBN 7 CHirta l i CHONGON) -1 f " S lNPO-CHMA &! UL :v. Chin &et SSr ' &in NARROWING THE CORRIDOR Chinese forces arc reported to have captured the city of Ishan, important communications center in. South China, in their drive to take the former American airbase city of Liuchow, 43 miles to the east. Arrows locate other Chinese attacks against the Japanese land corridor bisecting China from north to south. Black areas are Jap-held. Superfortresses Included In Force Doolittle Heads Washington, May 31 (JP) Lieut. Gen. James H. Doolittle, who struck the first air blow against Tokyo, will have B-29 Superfortresses as well as smaller planes in his 8th Air Force when he hurls it against the Japanese, it was announced today. Doolittle, whose carrier-based attack on the Nipponese capital three years ago thrilled the nation, now has more than 3,000 Flying Fortresses, Liberators and fighter planes in the force which played such a part in toppling Germany. Announced By Arnold Gen. H. H. Arnold, Army Air Forces chief, made known that Superfortresses would be added to this array. Arnold is head of the 20th ( Superfortress ) Air Force and it is understood that as such he will retain over-all direction of the giant planes which will operate under Doolittle. The addition of these craft to Doolittle s eth Air force means that three B-29 outfits will deal British Advance On Shan States Calcutta, May 31 (JP) Tank-sup ported British Empire troops gained IVz miles east of Toungoon along the road into the Burmese Shan States and now are more than 13 miles along that escape highway toward Thailand, a communique an nounced today. The Japanese, fighting a rear guard action, temporarily halted British armor when they blew a 90-foot gap in a bridge. The enemy also was laying down an extensive artillery and mortar fire. In the Mokshitwa area, 14 miles northwest of Pegu, a growing con centration of Japanese was showing offensive signs and a minor campaign may be necessary to clean out the force. These Japanese daily are being augmented by stragglers coming from the west. I KaAGHiHisirs We are in URGENT NEED of experienced machinists as Model Makers in our Engineering Experimental Shop. Pease apply: PERSONNEL OFFICE 1231 E. Lafayette Ave. WMC Rules Observed INSTRUMENT DIV. Bendix Aviation Corp. blows to the Japanese. Those al ready operating are the 20th and 21st bomber commands. : Robert P. Patterson, Under Secretary of War, commenting that the shakeup in the Japanese naval command was another reflection of the setbacks Japan has suffered, added: "American power will see to it that no newcomer will do better than his predecessor." . 58,000 Tons In 3 Months It was disclosed meanwhile that Superfortresses based in the Mari anas dumped 58,000 tons of bombs on Japanese targets in the three months ended May 30, with the bulk of the explosives and incendiaries falling on Tokyo, Nagoya, usaka and Kobe. . The 20th Air Force said war f ac tories in six critical industries in the four cities had been hit. In addition, the B-29's also have shattered dock yards and seven transportation centers around the Japanese capital. During the three montns, tne zuih Air Force re ported on the basis of photographs an estimated 51.3 square miles of lokyo; 11.3 square miles of Na goya, 3 square miles of Kobe and 8.1 square miles of Osaka have been destroyed, a total of 73.7 square mues. THE MAY CO. Daily Hours 10 AM. to 5.30 P.M. Thursday 10 A.M. to 9 P.M. Non-Rat'"cd Jouettes YAMS ADVANCING INTO OKINAWA LINE Japs Being Killed At Rate Of 1,000 Daily (Continued from Page 1) " hill yesterday 500 yards east of Chan village and another elevation 300 yards northeast of Chan. The 7th forms. the' other large arm of the pincers on Shun. Chan is 1V2 miles south of Shuri. The strongest resistance along the line was met by the 7th in driving toward Kamizato town, little over a mile south' of Chan. For the first time in several days, the communique reported a complete absence of Japanese suicide plane attacks on American" ships, due to heavy rains and electrical storms. Despite the adverse weather, escort carrier planes of the United States Pacific Fleet got in some blows on enemy airfields, bar racks and installations in the Sakishima group of islands, southernmost of the Ryukyus. Strike Out From Shuri With 1st Marine Division, Oki nawa, May 31 Marines launched out from Shuri castle today in an attack on Japanese near Shuri town. The Leatherneck fighters ware supplied by a line of strong-backed, mud-treading fellow Marines. - The 1st .Marine Regiment, com manded by Col. Arthur Macon, of Washington, P.C., started the northwestward assault. Mason s regiment took oyer from the 5th Regiment, which captured the castle yesterday. Lieut. Col. Richard P. Ross, Jr., of Frederick, Md., sent patrols south of Shuri castle and one spotted a Japanese force moving south. Lieut. W. O. Sellers, of Ken-nett, Mo leading the patrol, called for artillery fire. He got it "right in the middle of 200 or 300 Japs" he reported. Ross Long In Pacific Lieut. Col. Richard P. Ross, of Frederick, has seen plenty of service' in the Pacific area. Thirteen years ago he was stationed with the Legation Guard at Peiping, China, and in December, 1941, he was aboard the U.S.S. Oklahoma when she was sunk at Pearl Harbor. - JAPS ATTACK IN PHILIPPINES Counterblows On Luzon And Mindanao Repulsed Manila Friday, June 1 (P) Japanese forces have attempted widespread counterattacks against Filipino guerrillas and American infantrymen on Luzon and Min danao as well as against Australians on New Guinea, but a headquarters spokesman said today they were "almost uniformly unsuccessful.' While the actions were small in scale, with the Japanese attacking in company strength or less, they were persistent and ferocious. Attempt River Crossing On northern Luzon guerrillas re pulsed several hundred Japanese troops attempting to cross to the west bank of the Cagayan River on rafts between Aparri and Tugue' garao. The guerrillas previously had pushed the enemy out of the rugged mountain country onto the east bank of the. river, and thus maintained control over the area they had fought to .clear. At the southern entrance way to the Cagayan valley, where the last major Japanese force now is being compressed by the 25th and 32d divisions, the Yanks cleaned out 32 Japanese-infested cave positions 1 mile northeast of Santa Fe. On Sunday and Monday nights the Americans fought off a series of banzai charges in hand-to-hand clashes. Patrols In Valley Advance American patrols were reported in frontline dispatches to be already in the Cagayan valley, last major enemy strong point in the Philippines. On central Luzon, the 38th Division followed up its conquest of the Wawa dam by driving the enemy into the rugged Sierra Madre Moun tains to the south and east. Americans fought their way up near the slopes of Mount Lamita and Mount Ayaas, about a mile east of the dam. The Japanese have formed a new strong point for the broken Shimbu line atop neighboring Mount Purro. Formosa Bombed Again A spokesman said Maj. Gen. William C. Chase's veteran outfit was now within 1 mile of this objective. " Gen. Douglas MacArthur's communique today said troops on northern Luzon, with strong air upport, were liquidating Japanese emnants in the Santa Fe sector nd in two areas of Mindanao. Formosa took a 520-ton bombing Tuesday and Wednesday. Escorted jberators concentrated on the Kee-ung and Takao waterfront areas. A medium cargo vessel was sunk it Shanghai and seven coastal ships vere destroyed in the Hong Kong irea as heavy bombers patroled the China Sea. Break Interlocking Defense The 24th Division doughboys in the Davao sector of Mindanao drove through a tight interlocking defense system of pillboxes and machine-gun nests 2,000 yards northeast of Mintal. This brought them to the Bancal Mintal road, where they found an enemy minefield sowed with aerial bombs and covered by. mountain artillery pieces. The minefield was cleared and the infanirymen con tinued their advance. The first important Japanese line of resistance on Mindanao since the capture of the Syre north-south highway was encountered by the 31st Division, which beat off two night counterattacks Monday night. Louis Azrael Reports on Maryland Troops and War in Europe FRIDAYS 7:45 P.M. SUNDAYS 1:15 P.M. Sponsored by Sherwood Brothers Inc. Marketers of BETHOLINE MOTOR FUEL SINCLAIR PETROLEUM PRODUCTS SHERWOOD OIL BURNERS SHERWOOD FUEL OIL For Children 2.50 to 3.98 Save a coupon with these hard-wearing play shoes for little girls. Gay colors and cunning styles. Infants' sizes 5 to 8. Children's sizes 112 to 3. Jhe May Co. Shoes, Fourth Floor Hear RICHARD EATONMonday thru Saturday, 6.30-1.45 P. M.,WITH Music to the Ear! Here's news you want to hear about summer slacks.' We're ready with Good-all Palm Beach, Leedo and Sunfrost slacks. Cool luxury fabrics, distinguished tailoring. 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