Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on October 20, 1941 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
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Monday, October 20, 1941
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PSV i K," !>, v' I 3 NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS, MONDAY, Naugy High Shines In Torrington Win Rough Game T^ken By Garnet By Score of 13 to 7 Saturday was the first day of tho hunting season and the run thai I of NauMittiiok- III Kit pr'l/.o of Ihe day by Ink? oyor'tho gridiron tussln with 13 ,lo 7. c drew first blood In Ihe ,1'lght al'tor Ihe U|okolT whon '/Mid Cionta ran the hall for •OHMuuiillvu first downs lo lite To.rrm-gf.on thirty-two yard , line. Ifyldlo Marino then chucked a thirty-two, „.; yard . touohdosvn pass to '"Uillny'Lonwii to set up the first NuUK*atuok; scorn. Massa's fnr 1 .' 1.11/i nvfiMi tif»h for' the extra point waH .successful nrwl ;NiuiKolunk led, 7-0. •'.T.n the'/second period Xaugatiu-k a«a,fn dorhlnalod .the play Jjy parry- lity- tho Imil 'lo tho dlglit yard lino but'\va« unah[o to buck UiaL Tori < jnKtpfi.,Une. This drive whloh was «{.a'I_(ot{, : Jiqgnn wlusn Charley ty^lntei-eojited a Torrington pass on htyVavv'ir ton und ran it to the thirty, '6oinntoto pannes from Mariano to 1 ;iCp^urly hrruight tho ball to the olght. yard line whore the Torrlng- ton "'.Uno stiffened 'and reslstod tho Naugatuok attack. .''••After receiving the. klo!u>ff to Hta'rt tho Hooorul half, Naugatuck wUh Dtirlctj, MuHsa, and K-onur-ty dqlng tho running mixed In with a n.Urko aerial to Ku.vlt brought the 'hfjjll/.tb tho Torringlon llftuen yard lino :,whore the march was .halted, TcnM'liiKton hogan a Hiistidnod march i'rom tholr own Iwonly-ono yartl Urio with Mole doing the pitching and Trbvol the .oatclilng they ua/- rlod thu . hall to tho Naugatuck twelve ..yiu'd lino, when a lino plunge fulled, Mele dropued hack and .-.throw, a touchdown IW'HH'to lil.s hattory mate. Aiulorson out the goal In h'alf svlth a placement to up tho game. received, u Torrington on tholr thirty-^;yard stripe and whon a Torrlngtod' : player paid up altoiillpn to tho Hlgnal for a fair outph' by -Mariano they .wore pena- Uzodv/nt'teon" yardn ..\vhlch brought tho hall to"tho Naugatuok forty-dve. OlVM'loy, l^pgar^y-'^r.\ij fc - f pcuo' Miwatt- oar.rmd.'lbo ;hall to the Torrington i'orty-tw.o^frpi/). where Mariano whot a,." .p'qrjinlotO',. [jiiHS. |o, 1-Jddlo Sohi'ul .who? paught • U' v on ili» - nrioon; • A Nau^alupk -parfn was Inkireoptod by Tlh,o on. tha following play but'he fum^lpd It'on his own fifteen yard Jln6..arifl-^NaugatuPH -wan glvei\ «ui- oUior ohanou, Unu of tho niost'dim- lt cleolMlqny; to .imiUo/lu foo'tluxll tfio Intorforonbo on a pans which augutupK wan granted when Tlno Intpri'ered with Schrul l(i his to garner the pigskin on the three yard line. And after a vivacious discussion on tho part of the Torrington boys, play again was resumed, Un the very next play Burke ploughed through the lino for tho touchdown and the .victory. Massa's plunge for I lie extra point failed. AH-or receiving the Naugatuck kickoff Trovel tried three passes but didn't hit the mark on any of them. The sagacity or quarterback Mariano svas evident when lie kept possession of the ball in. the waning minutes of play,by having Massa and Burke hit the line with those time killing plays. It was not a revamped NaugatuoK team that won this game but a rejuvenated one. . . EASILY DEFEAT DETROIT LIONS drops dismal paid rich day — a the Inclement weathci iirowd of about four hundred turnout and they wore rewarded I'oi their'fa 1th by a thrilling NaugaUiok vlotopy. A group of Torrington fanatlcH came down on the bus to see tho Kiune but. they will Just have to May like l.(ip Dodger rooters have been saying for ... many years, "Walt'll next year." The cheers ol' Beverly Munson, Jane Baldwin,- Moreen Sweeney, Hetty Ryan ami Marjorlo Millet ainjdst tho rain dividends on this victory. . U my memory serves mo right, Natowltc.h and Kdclle Ciiner played tho role' 1 of the "Iron In the last two contests. Nice Wddlo and Joey, keep -up the •work. ("Umrley MataxeskI started Ills first game and played a very good one at Hie guard position.. He also Juul u share; In. 1 tho offense as' ho ran back tho •opunln& i ..kUikolT live yards to the llfty' yard ilno. Keep up that hustling. Charley. Don't forgot I'ans that Naugatuok will battle a good Shclton eleven at. the Hooroation Field next Saturday. NVc' might say It rained pennies from heaven Saturday meaning pf course, that well deserved Naugatuck victory. So long for the. time being but don't 1'urget our appointment, noxt Saturday ut tho Recreation tflold. '•• The- lineups: • • ' ' ' •-';;• Torrlnfjlon . '. ,,,. - Joey have men" Kflng good Pond Kovlt SohwurU Carey Sllvoriwlo flronuok . Smith ,-,Mele 0 rosso . Onder.onk U'asilo. , L.G • G. U.U. H.T; •'. U.K. • rm U 1 B 1UW. Rung B.uyllss fs'atowitch ... Loman Mariano Massa ... Costa ,... Burke' Now York, Oct. 20.—(UP)—Moans and groans, echoed ..throughout the National Football League today as rival clubs considered tho wreckage and humiliation being cause by the Chicago Bears, tho grldlro juggernaut without a conscience. . Completing their conquest of Lh West, the Boars, slapped down th Detroit Lions;-'at Chicago Suncl»> •49-0, before -20,080 •— the li crowd of the day. It was the Beui fourth straight-.'-win.- and ran the! .scoring- average to nearly 44- point a game. . . . The New York OJants, only otho 'unbeaten, pro eleven and the tean oonsiclerod most likply to moot th. Boars in tho title playoff, -had close struggle for a half with the Pittsburgh Stoclers before 24,004 n tho-Polo 0 rounds before winning The first real upset of the season came when' the'Chicago Cardinals, beaten unmercifully by the 'Bears u week ago,:, trimmed tho Brooklyn Dodgers, 2Q.-G, before 12,004 at rabbets- Kield. .With Marsh nil Goldberg leading the attack, tho Cards . gained ai8- yards to the Dodgers' J70. , . •Tho -Philadelphia lilnglos had Washington beaten, 17-14, with only five minutes remaining before 1.9,071 at Philadelphia but Sammy Buugh msod the Redskins to a. 21-17 victory, / . Don Hutson's field goal from the 17-yard lino in the final minute gavo the Clrcen Bay Packers a J7-14' triumph over.' the Cleveland Rams before 15,080 <?.l Cleveland, Cecil IsbcH's pnss to Car! Mullen- oaux scored one Groon Bay touch- flown and Clark HInkle punched over for tho otlicr. Tho Packers 'gained IJOO yards to the Rams' 237. BEGIN'4ZMl (Lfnik$d Press-• SIn it ('.ort-espondijuI,)) Now Yo rk, 0c t. 20, '•— (U P) -^Pr.css.- b'ox pattei 1 : . '. * . ' - : Brooklyn's Larry, Mfu-pliail, most' active of tht! . rrmjpr .'league- ning-' in-buying and /selling, 'baseball players, has" no intention of letting the ,1»4J -ol' l;lifj\,Dodgei's rc- 'turn to the diamond Vioxl; season unchanged. They won'the Na.fionnl League [lag hist iv 'gr battle with tho SI,!"-Louis' but all indications point -'to- strcainiining oJ" the Brooklyn ou'!;^ /It. Pitching sl.rength, noedod almost always by all clubs, Will come up In tjic forni of Ifld Head and Ghet Kchn from Montreal in the Th tor- national ^League, but a new third basuinan, ....another outllulder and some catching strong),!) lo help Mickey Owen will be 'necessary'next- Year, in Holders Pe.te Coscarart and'- "lookio may go on Lho jlock with pitcher .Luke Manilfn Coscarart and LavagetLo ai'o poo? litters, while Hamlin owns, flic ipest home i-un ball in the majors. Out In Philadelphia, the baseball lubs are always having trouble-- artlcularly in winning, This tinip cnorablc Connie i\Jack of the Ath-^ etics is troubled by the possibility i'at the army air corps, .soon' may uinm'on one of his star outllelcicrs, .1111 Chapman, it' ho goes, Chapman -ill leave a big hole oh .Mack's club Htt early reports',say that Connie 1 is trying to swing a- deal • to bring out/1 older Roy Weatlferly oi' tho Jndiana. to bis New York Americans And Columbus Bulls Broke Even FOOTBAEGEm WHY NAMED; FOR WILLIAMS A-rying?- to,- a void being tackled or run out of bounds by Mosley (5.0), Yale-ften'tcr, Jere Maupin, Army halfback, wound up standing oil his head, but still clinging to the ball. Maupin played a stellar role as the West Point eleven defeated Yale 20r7 before 5G,000 spectators in New ,,•-".:• • •;' ' •• . . Haven, Conn. (Central Press) A, F. of L. Record The American Federation of Labor In 1939 had the largest number ol '• membership'^ its history. Toirrington yubs.: Priscoll, Trovel, Dasquln, Tino, Huska, Yanolc. . Naugatuok subs.: Fogarty, ^chriil, Solilinskas, Ruccio, ."Johnson, Sol 1 /' ' •• Statistics of tjio First down '.. J..,.. ;.;;; Number: of kicks .. Total'••yardage ", . •Ave, ';distanca -per kick Yardage -by rushing •.. Numb or. of-passes Passes..-completed .. Passes,- intercepted ..... Yardage by passing .. Fumbles .-........'...... Yui.'dagc. ' lost -by penajil^cs i. Ganio To IT. : '10 • ' 9 20J '20 .42 10, Q: 2 10-1, ' 2 Nfuifj. ' n- ; 7 2/i I. Armchair managers .in baseball's Mot Stove League have .always spent the winter in moving ninnugor Bill Terry of the : No'vv York ''Giants Into different; jobs. For--a, uiiiie,- Ire \v:u!i scheduled to'go into-the front- office of- the- Giants, .in an . execut;i ; ve. spot..Thcn..h : c,>yas to-go. tp-'tjio Cio- ve(anil Indians , us"-;•• Vnan.age'r. • Ap- pomtinont or iioger.- Pcckinpaugh scotched that one t.]iou'gh..Now the. grapevine- 1 says thai, Terry, may 'go to Cleveland to replace- Cy Slap--- nicka who resigned,:-froin Jn- •'dians' front oi'ilco. Mo .'mn'y get 401.110 competition I'rom Pcckiiipaugh- •'o'ii tiiat, too. . • New England Is Without . . •-., . *.? . • or Eleven Harvard Now Appears to. Be ''Its : Stronest 50 AMPFJRE CJORNE From the N a I, I o n a I • Football League, we hoar' that: Duvo Parker,^ tho Brooklyn Dodgers'- rookie end'- front Hardin-Siminons, '.has never owned a' pair of shoes, A cowpuncher and rodeo 'rider, he prefers high-heeled bqbls ut $25 a pair . ,--. Clinton - (Hod) MuClain, the lit.tio. stick of dynamite in the'New York. Giants back field, paid it.Is own. way up from .Southern Methodist'to the, training camp at Superior, ^YIs., and 1 asked for TI tryout ... . Mis person-.: ality Ayon .him a'' chance and hls f > lino smashing got him a job. '"'. Colleg-e ,.-.'.;>• V By TOM NOONAN (Uiilfed'- PIT.SS SMaff. Cor respondent) ••-, .Oct.'m—(UP)—New LOng- • l.and- wl'Viel^ 'produced the ItMO. lOast- 'BiMlV'gridfrOh. 'champion is without V;Ui.ti.;).Jnto.caton major .eleven before the midrseason mark -as result of. 'Dartmouth's-surprising Joss to Harvard;. . / r rqj ( further complicate tho topsy- •turv^ ''-aspect, -.Harvard, last of this seei |ii o i J'.- V H ' f o o th ti 11 p o wo rs to w i n a -g'a.m.o,-' now,appears to be its strong- : est... l/dam-; 1 """" "-''••'"'.' Hai-yai/d might"'well- bo ci:lV today'/if ;it 'had stuck uo.1. .early-season, list of ami- :s,e't,ups ..instead of scheduling ILrt-1 tougjjos'Ji,-.''array of opponents'in uiKiei'oat- to' its us- warmups IMHTAIOU'I'II WI,\S THOP1IV Cambridge, Mass., Oct. 20.—(UP)— Dartmouth's dinghy skippers hold tVio Jack Wood trophy after sweeping, the last four events of a. seven- race regatta on the Charles river. Massachusetts Institute of Technology was second in-'yesterday's competition with Brown third and, Harvard last. - •» * * IIAHTIfOItir-llLUES WIN Hartford, Conn., Get, 20.—(UP) The -Hartford defeated Iho Codarhursl., L. I., Vvolverincs, -12 to 0, in a professional -football hero Sunday, before 2000 "fans. Minneapolis, Minn., Oct. '20— (UP) — Tho .nation's football foams this season are llghling for. a new national coHoRiatt! championship award, established by - a group of athletes. The -Dr. Ilonry L. Williams Memorial Trophy will ho awarded for (he next iO years as a' successor to the Rissman ami 'k'nut, Hockne national football awards/ Any college winning l.ho mythical national Mile- three times will gain permanent possession of the trophy The NYilliams award was cslab h'shed as a memorial to the Minne sot.-i coach who was.Uio l.ul.op-.o Bornjo Bierman and Clark Shaugh nessy. The Hqcknn trophy was retired by Mlnncsoia lust season after Mio Gophers won it in in.'M, JO.'JO an< 10-10. Tlie earlier l^issman trophi wn.s iv-tij-ed by Notre Dnmo . \vitl nn'tlonul championships iji li) •1929 and J930. . Williams was the original or of flio Minnesota shift and coacJied the Gophers from IpOO to J022. A group of Midwestern sports writers will act in an advisory capacity in the presentation of the award. • Game Called One Fantastic; Flops iron History of Most in Grid- LESLIE PAWSON, MARATHON ACE, STRUCK BY AUTO In tho .Middle. "Sycsj;: j,j,o,^ their, football bands' scripusly. r l)he 175 - piece .'sity of scheduled a return .engagement year at. . the ' Npiro < Da'mo-rJIIinpls football game. '• II, ..Will be the ; oiily trip mn'dc by (,he cplpi'fLiI -unit ;aii.d a special ruling was ob.tainccl to keep airplanes away 'from the stadium so fans could .'get the 'full benefit of the music. Atlftntlo FJywa.v Mississippi Plywny TO ; hidden, In hllndsi, potholo stailcihK, or pass shooting all along Ilio,''.PaoIUo coast this fall, In the StAto of Toxas'"and northward to oon.U'a 1 A la.s k a, along t h e.. MI SH Iss i p. p i H.vor, utul ; 'ln4ho-sali marshos of. the AlUx'|vl'lo''eb,'aij l t, ;prol,ud)ly \v(ll be re- w'o.rdc(lvvNvtth''•• plpi,)\y: ; qf ^yKd-fovvl. pl'0.qpQct8\Ar6 .unusiuuUy. bulglit. : :• 1)Vi^i'(n; : -.iioi".wbpiu bupso north and HoulfvxitUQ8,-'a8 In years/paat,.there'll ho* fpw' dnoks- and gooso uw i lng; and thoV slxolfsun .'erithyrtlnst ..nmy na woll du^oto .ihlaX^.J^o,',ta souroh 6i"cither Kftmo. r 'Tlia - IhiOvH -.waver•' considerably, It la troo, aud :;none of thorn arc In ft tuuot north ar\d south direction, but the -'looatlohs • IndUmtod, broadly •' : ;»ptffiklnjs, mark th& four tsroiit v ;\va,torfovvi Uvways oC North Amor(QU, -\tind 1 •'•It Is along ,these air t'0.utc$r*MiQ 'Paol()u, opntrul.:' Mlsals- slpPt ''wvj Atlantic—that njost oC Uio svlld-fowl will bb'bnggctl, V'l.tQ' A^" n ,^ 0 '^J'syay Is n strip ex' '.spiithward filony .tho ooast \vqat,f,to i tlio 'AUcKheny' v 'n\OurUalns; jt ,Joined by novorul tributary from, tho Interior. The O.N- 3oat6riV'.Uoq' of (light kmda JV^'^ioast from ..'tho eastern i;i9lapdfif^n.nd; tho obnst; of h'^onland.. It Is along this lino that Iv^gro^tor;'SIIQW- gooso, tho At- inUp'i; bi'nn.t,' 'the blacky duck and iid^'Canadft^gAosprvtrfivel'. ••-,.•• llautos, .-aro Canada great that • ciorlyo- from -tho northorly In.'•• ••.'••• ':.-;. ' ~ •'•.•. •.'•„"• '".. , : • terlor of the continent. Ganvasba.oks, rodheady and blucbills, none of which:. nosl in tiio eaatorn part-.qf North America, Join Lho -eastern Might In middle Atlantic coastal waters, and (hey arc often accompanied by gray ducks, pintails, .teat 'anci puddle ducks, or surface feeders. One tributary'of tills Atlantic:'qy- Avay-,' it -Is- noted -by'•.Frederick'; C; ''Lincoln, Moral, biologist, stnVts in tho Boar ('Ivor mftrshus<,of OruaLSalt Lakei IHah, nn(|. l.y-.apparently-'liisod oxoluslyely, by ' redheads. •• Banding record^ sliow. that- ma.ny rcdhoa'df? banded as (luckllrigs-start Iholi-,fall Journey by ^Irst (lying, north across, southoastorn- Idaho and northwest^ orn Wyomlng.^turn eastward across Montana, the Dakotas,. Minnesota, \Vlsodnslnuuid Michigan, and Joining others'or.'lnpU 1 route, out of .tluvprnlrlo.'proyin.eps, cojitlnuc-to, tho Fl'iigor: Lakes • region of.western Npw York, or to the opasts of Maryland and Virginia, thus traversing ''ono of the most remarkable migration routes of.uli North. Amor-, lean waterfowl." Those redheads crossing from west to-cast through the middle'west are actually Hying at right., angles to. others, of their own kind that are following routes from the north to the Mississippi or central Ay ways.' -• : Mfcllnrd Houto The oaslorij boundary of, the Mississippi llyway runs through southern western Lake !3ric, thenoo across Ohio and Indiana, to Iho 'Mississippi valley, where It Pio.aply fQ'MQ\yn Hie river to Us J moulli. The long lane of. travel ,.-This'.ny-W4y, spmotliiics/caUbd t : - l .!hinlUirci'. J ;r-o.uta,'V. also: swai^ms .wi starts on the Yukon Flats in Alaska, .'traverses tho valley-pf.'the.Mackenzie .•and the.great lakeland; prairie region of central Canada,--running son-. :orally from iiorthwosl/ to., southeast 'and. entering tho United States on a broad, front; frdni Mon'tana; Wisconsin; coiistrlci'ing- as H.-.procecds ' south ward.-,- the ith ': i)In,taUs,. • Canada; '•;;!gp'ojiti,.': rjngnocks, s.blMcbllis . .and-'. ijun'ib'crs..->,of-;v':putkllo .cluoks'.•. .CpiiiiAg'' : from.^th'oli 1 ; breeding, grounds; In :wcsLoruj,Oiitario. and MiPhigah' nnd i'romVWIsobnsin and Minnesota, a oojisldcrable;.body of black clucks proceeds across. Illinois by way, of the Illinois.-river. • An- otlior contingent ,of this,'species, together with Canada, geese,' pomes' in :from"'-,. the northeast- from $ western Quobep .-and Ontario and Michigan, .leaving their o6mpna|pns;"bound. for the Atlantic coast in ''the. general vicinity of Ayes tern Lake Erie, and proceeds, across northwestern Ohio and through Indiana, reaching the Mississippi near the mouth of the. Ohio. '••••, ^ . '.-';. > Gltftdf -traYcl.qrs.; on .,'thp". central- (lyway, west/of the••''• 'Mississippi route, are redheads, •.cinnamon, teal and •pintails,' •Ayhne.; the .Pacific : lly- way accommodates, many 'widgeons and pintails as well as the protected Ross's goose. 1 f Talk about your busy men. Lloyd Larson, former"' University of Wisconsin star now of Iho Milwaukee Sentinel, who was head linesman for tho Arixona-Notrc .Dame game, .left Notre Ha mo in his officiating clothes, ate his dinner, en route ; and drove into Waukesha,"' Wis.'./^o'uV rninutos. before the'start of a night game he was ofllciating. Mo'-tan-led hero only Jong.-.onpujgh to grab n handful of notes on Lho game, kepi, by a.Htudenl,;-. I'L-ptn which -lie wrote his story for Sunday .morning's paper, Whew! , : yji I'd's "glory p r o b a b I y wi I i i-livc'd for the Crimsoi y'v".rated tops in the En iflgfj this Saturday. On its one win and two defeats 'appeal's to have slight oha'n.B^w^nl'nst'• the- Navy's batile- wagoiK;w;h'oili has swept foui' en- SagoiYi.o'nts'.'' decisively and yielded o'nJy (Ayq points. Tho Senior-stud- ;ded CrinYson line, howevoi 1 ',' is capable o I" •offering- almost any forward 'wair in tlio" : na'tlon' a stiff argument, and perhaps the team has found itself offensively. . • ' Two other -tussles this week-end loom largo from a spectator standpoint. Boston College which .clinched its claim to the tiastern crown a year ago in a J'J-IS thriller with Georgetown moots the Hoyas again. lvy 7 Leaguo. rivals. Dartmouth and'tsb at Now Haven,, Conn. The ISaVles and Georgetown will be.:"jusl, another cou.ple of teams •seeking .winning-records, this time. Both, liavd split oven in four starts an-JclsliQwed; signs of emerging from tiic.-;.'.'do'ldrums this jiasl, week. Dai-l- mp'liJJi-,attempts . to snap back from its..-.disastrous defeat while Yale hopes for ^i victory after two straight setbacks. ' Brown, aided by a light schedule, guns for its fourth win in Jive tries against Lafayette, and, Holy Cross rebounds at l.ho, expense of Now York University. Blanked 1 by- Pennsylvania a'nd Cornell, a Harvard team that hit a now high in spirit and- eni.husias/n 'bottled up Dartmouth's running at- .tack with comparative, case until : thpi'/lnn.l .minutes' and emerged' with a-7-0 victory Saturday. , : Tho Crimson muffed throe scoring .eh,-.mops- in tho second, period, bul; 'sensational spot punting by,.end Loren MacKinncy in 'Uie.V third -.quarter servo .das a shot in .Iho arm as well as a grounrl gainer. Cap!,, l.fran-.Lec started tho payoff drive with a 10-yard punt return Lawrence, Mass., OcL 20.—(UP) Leslie Pawson, veteran Marathon nco and winner of the J'.Ml Boston A. A. grind,' nursed bumps am bruises today, a I, his-Paw'tuckct, H L, homo after being struck by an anto during a .W-kiJomeicr race from Salem to Lawrence, Pawson, running (.bird, was lilt while running through Middloton yesterday. Kjiockcd down, he. suffered minor injuries to knees, shoulders and back and was given emergency treatment at a. Young Krod McOlone of Boston won the race in J hour, 55 minutes, .12 seconds. Johnny Kclloy of Arlington, former B.A.A. winner, was seuonrl with Joe Smitii, Medford milkman, third. after one of .MacKinncy's kicks pushed Dartmouth to its doorstop and. finished- the 2-i-yard surge with a three-yard slice off tackle on ilic second play of the fourth period. In other New ICngland encounters, Boston College whipped Manhattan, -l.'}; Yale, was upset, by Army, 20-7; Holy Cross was smothered by Mississippi, 21-0, and Brown walloped Tufts, 28-0. Tluit odfl piece of iiid n buyer if you lied medium. furniture niifjht use the Clnssi- Ohio State Tops Purdue, 16-14, Before 66,000 A *fi\-\ , 'j <• M, *"., Vl ' RAMS DEFEAT TIGKItS Bridgeport,. Conn., Oct. 20.—(UP) —The. Rams odgod the Fair/icld Tig-ors, 9 to 0, in a pro football game Sunday. . . Uy PAUL' SCJIEFFEl-S ._'..; (United Press S(a(r CorJ-ospoiul«iH.) New York, Oct. 20..— (UP)—Ncvy York Amcrlciuis 7, Columbus. Bulls 7. .,-''. In that short sentence' lies one of the football stories of tho year and it's n honey. , The way tho details were worked out would shame a mbyte molor drama, Tho limp was Sunday aJV ornoon. Tho soUing was porfcpt-- Yankee Stadium, "homo of champions. The weather was Jdeai-r bright nnd sunny. The-crowd tlioro~2n,385 paid with Mayor R If. LaGuardia ready to throw oiit.-th'Q ilrsi ball. And the cast was ' eolossal—wlth 'MaiTui' John?* K.In'ir brough n?iil "Terrific Torn". Harmon, most'famous of 1940's gridiron Ail- Americas, '.-.. ICvcry thing dovctailori (JeJJght- fully and a new page In football history npeared ready.' to be written. At the last moment, somebody must, have switched scripts because what, started out to he /the most sensational display of pigskin prowess since tho : days of • Red Grange became onq of . the most, fantastic Hops in gridiron '-.history.' . The .backers of Ihe 'New York Americans—l,he team' \vhloh -hopc^ tp : give Uio National -Professional Kqpibiill league a light for mgtro,- poiitan fans' ffivor — \villjiaye.vt3 Jvcep kimbrough and Harmon on r l.b<? payroll for long at the rato'• tho glamoi- .boys came through . In tho yards -"gained and tpuchdownsr scored columns. •''.'..'• Har.inon coilecjod $1.000 for y his sl.inl, and Kimbrough pul.led dowu Jlaj-mon's playliig time >vas^ 27. minutes ,-ind 39 secqnds..JIe haiullpfj tho JKIJI 18 times, in. '12 rusJies.-'ho oti '33 yards for an. average qf a try. Mo passed six times. Four Kisses /were incomplete and .Ihe other IAVO .were Intercepted. His, pel, cosl;'wns' j<S9 per slrldo, .- ,-. ; .;. .-Kfmbrough\s mile.-ige \vns priced even higher'.- He, played ,33 ml nil IBS. and handled.; the clfdhe^J#;.-.-tin}C3, He. gained 25 yards foiv'a'-2,-7-,0,av,o- .rage and threw four, .passes. ..One 'was- completed; for J2-.yards, t\vo wore incomplete and the 'pllj'civ In r tcrcepl.ed. His 25 yards, cost.. $CO each. . .... Kimbrough currently Is«pfl to. be aujte some shucks as a hard-. pldin 1 ,; cowboy :Jn ' a western .movie and' Har-mph;'s UVsIc as a bro|idciister is so far •'supply^ ing him with meal/ and,, potatoes/ jii. satisfyhig .aunniities.,', 'Bo.t,h "\ycpo pJomaUc in post-game stal.emdnl,s. llarmon: "Pro football Is.' every bit- as-'tough as college' football:" Klmbrough,:' "H.'.sunh was, a. pleasuah to play with Mis lull Harmon." Average fan; Censored. . P.S.—Oh' yes, Harmon scored the '\mcrlcnn's only touchdown. o~ Today's Sports Parade (Hog. U. S. Pat. Off.) Hy HAIWY FKHGUSON Press Sports Editor) o— (Address on, fishing, camping and .similar out- dopr nptivltles tp Jack \Yelch,, oaro of this paper, enclosing stamp.) Hy a nnrrow'inni'fiin of n t ilrsi-porlod safely, hifili ly-foiilcd Ohio, Slnlc •bus, Ohio, lipforc GG,000 fans nnd remained in ( 41ic j ranks oM ( lio uiHlcfcafejI;: whose siicctncuhu 1 runs ' were , a hi«hli(jin of "the"-'ua me*, is shown sldrUng. Purdue's end nt Colum 'a'- 'J5 : yard.. gain. New Yoi-k, Oct. 20.—(UP)r-Mon- day morning grid-irony: Well, Tom Harmon and John broijgh did thch-. stun.' for the York Americans agai'nst tho Columbus Bulls at Yankee Stadium • yesterday. T|icrc wore two great b/xcjks. on the field; one of them was Bob Davis of the Bulls who formerly played for Kentucky, the -other Charlie Armstrong of the cans, a' hard-running, shifty geni from the University of Mississippi. Harmon and • Kimbrough were outshone -by these comparatively , unknown ci.l.ixcns . who--, wore unimpeded by press clippings or. movie contracts when they started to run, Kimbrough made a net gain of 25 .yards rushing .and three four .passes. One .was completed^ one•'\vas-. inierccptcd and two were'Incom-' . plcte.. . '• '• Harmon, made • a net gain of 33 ;yards. and threw four passes, two. ..of: which.: were Incomplete and two 'intercepted; . , 4 ; At,'their- current rate of pay of $1,500 and $1,GOO per game, Kimbrough charged $60 a,.yard for : lhe ground he gained running and, Haiv mori.-'§-59. • The only thing that can be said in the boys' defense is that the Americans 1 lino 'is not likely to make .Stonewall. Jackson turn over in his grave Jn envy. .Player of the week-end on college gridirons: Jack Jenkins, VanderfoJH< back. 'For- two years he has been doing, the blocking for the other' boys, but-on Saturday they gave, him 'a-"chance to carry the ball against Georgia Tech. He scored all his team's points in VanderWit's: JA to 7 victory. He.cracked the line for .,IAVO touchdowns, kicked both, extra points and was a toXyer of. strength-oh'defense. 'I Ujiseb of the week-end—Indiana'^ 2i' to'.. J3. .victory '.over Nebraska., which was a heavy.favorite. Un^I th is week-end. Nebraska had 'playi'd. Indiana 'five times and never lost.-, Nebraska had -'won two consecutive games this' year; and Indiana hud lost three straight. BilMIlllenhrand^ Indiana's sophonipre flash,' began; to live up to his'repuLal-ipn'and before he gol througlv NchraskiL's chances,of going, to the Rose • Bosvj- again were gonpi-\yJUi " " •- - • There game between". 'Kforehead.. state 'teaclierg and .RJb;,Qrandc Cpllegc. The scoro. was. Mo^clieai* ;jp<i;. .Rlp : 'Grande' 01;" Michigan \voivThe. l)all ; g.imc, hii"t" Northwestern vypn every th liVg : North western made 17-. li'rist' downs tp, MieliJgzin's -'.).; gained 169 ; yards' rushing tp- Michigan's; 128;' cpmple-, ted -12 forward passes to MichiganV four. Np'r-thwestern knocked at 1,'hc door for a touchdown -twice fn Uio third peripd, but boili limes there was nobody.- nb"me k > "Plnal- score: Mich f gan 14, Norijrwcstern' 7. men ... irarvard^;Sflrs|, victory^' over life -rro ^^^ ' '' once mqr<>, ithat-; .Crimson coach.i.always )- •\iorfcQnQ •"""*' the,' can/ lift a - HWiYIS DAIL and Liquor License

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