Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on October 13, 1941 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, October 13, 1941
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MANY ATTEND FAREWELL TO MR. AND MRS. The Weather Fair Tonight, Tuesday Cloudy, Rain Tuesday Night puts A Paper For The — Home — Clean and Reliable Vol. XLVI, No, 299 NAUGATU-CK, CONNECTICUT, MONDAY, O'GTOBEK.13,. 1941 Price Three Cent; COVERING —BEACON FALLS BETHANY BRISTOL TERRACE COTTON HOLLOW MIDDLEBURY — MILLVILLE PLATTS MILLS —- POND HILL STRAITSVILLE UNION CITY SALEM LUTHERAN HONORS YOUNG COUPLE Fire Sweeps Massachusetts Defense Plants Mr, and Mrs, Rohs Will! PRETTY Leave Wednesday For'™ 1 ' 111 DesMoines, la, | TAFlAY AT ADDRESS BY PASTOR AND MUSIC PROGRAM FEATURE OCCASION FRANCIS CHURCH Popular 'Couple Presented With a Radio and Beauti ful" Bouquet. Ono of the. cHilslandlng events In tho history of Iho Salem Uilheran ohuroh occurred yesterday afternoon \vhon tho pastor, llov. Win. H, Krond- borg, und his parlHhlonors gathered at tho church In a farewell jmrlylo. Mr. and Mrs, Kldon llohs, of (julnn Htroot, who will leave iVauga- tuok WodnoMday for Den Molnes, Iowa, whoro Mr. iloha will tako up his now position In the plant of Ihu Unllod Stales liuhbor oompany The toHllmonlal. roo('pllon was al- torulod by over yOO frlonds of the young couple who havo contributed HO much time and effort lo Ihu affairs of their ohuroh and tears woro In ovldonoo aa many of the ooinmiinloanlH of the ohuroh bade farowoll lo Ihu guests of Uiu occasion. 'The guo.sls of honor, Mr, and Mrs. Kldon UoliH, Mi 1 , and Mrs. Vlotot UoiiH, Mr. and Mrn, Conrad Uohs, Wind Hohs'and Mr. arid Mcs. (i A^ndorson, closer frlomls of -tho, pop- ftlaroouplQ woro- «uatod at tlio head InWti, Ttio ImU^VaH toslofu.Uy fau t ii f i in•', fo'l Ja'g'o"it ritl" p.rd- vory attractive appearance. Mr. and Men, ftohs were osoprtud to tho tnblo by Joseph Noyaok and lOmll Anderson as u riuwbor was rendered by the children's orchestra With Herbert Molilln, llio church organist, presiding at tho. piano. Numbers woro also rendered by tho oh u roll choirs, Tho Itov, Mr. Krendborg oonduol- od a devotional service and oon j oludod with an address of woloomo to t.ho guosts of honor and their many friends preswil. Tho Doxoloxy was thon sung by tho congregation and selections were sung by the oh Huron's olio I r. OMloors of tlio various sooletk gave, b'rlof talks commending Mr. an Mrs. Uohs Tor Iholr Intorosl and as slslanoo in all ohuroh affairs, Thoso who spoko wore; Krlo Ga lirlttl.soii, soorotary of tho ohuro oounoll, Gottfried Sloqulsl, Jr., pros Idont of Ihu Brotherhood, Mrs Adolph fs'ulson, president of th KvmiKOlino Circle, M^-s, Mlmar San ford, prosldonl of Iho Dorcas soolo ty, and Conrad Hohs, brother of Hit guests of honor, Mmll llohs, thol unolo, Vlotoi 1 Hohs, father of titdon and Miss ,/ulia Amlorson, SAU'JM M/TW'IUAN A musical program was pi'ovldt'.r by Iho Uorry ' trio, composed ol Joyoo Merry ul tho pluno, Mllos Hurry and (Joan Horry playing cor- nels. Herbert Hohllri spoko for tho musical organisations to which Kldon llohs bulongod nuinoly: Iho orchon- tra, nrothorhood ohdrus, and Iho Senior oh oh 1 / I Us' was often soloist at (ho ohuroh affairs, Tho gift oommltloo, 1. V, Olson, Arthur I'oarson and'Wallaoo Johnson soloolod u beautiful tablo-model radio \vhlcli was prusontod to the. (•.onpin by llov, Frondborg and u hnii((iiot was glvou to Mrs, Hohs by lltllo Kllso l^otorson. Mr. HohM was doaoon of Ihu ohuroii, Sunday school suporlnlen- dunt, oonduotod blblo olassos, was a inoinbor of tho board of administration, tho Brotherhood, tho Con- oordia, and Luthor louguo nnd look ohargo of ohuroh sorvloos whon Iho minister was on vacation. Mrs. Holts, his wife, was a mom- hor of thu fOvangollno Glrolo, Son- lor oholr *und Woman's Missionary sooloty. Tho Board of administration spon- brlda Mlss Cathorlno M. Talbot, daughter of Thomas Talbot of Park plane, booamo Iho brldo of Clarence Greun, son of ,James ,1. Green o Torringlon, in a pretty Fall wee ding, at St. Kranofs' Chiiroh th morning at 10 o'clock. Hev. Alboi Taylor united tho couple In marrlat, and celebrated the. nuptial mas which followed. The brldo walked unescorted I >iho altar, whore she was joined b Mr. Green and his brother, I'oslnuus tor Frank T. Green of NuugatucK who served as bosl man. She wa proceeded by her sister-in-law, Mrs Joseph 10. Talbot, matron of honoi and by William Groon of .Now tlu- vt'ii, brolhor of llio bridgegroom and Thomas Talbol of HurJInglou N'ormont, brother of the bridg, who wero ushers. Miss Talbot solootod for her costume a while slipper..satin gown fashlonod with a train. Her gown had u heart-shaped neckline and long tapered sleeves. Her fingertip veil of tulle fell from a tiara ol orange blossoms aixl her bouquet was of white gladioli blossoms, with bouvardUi and stephanltls. i-ii. Talh'ot was dressed in a gown of .tur^mpj^o ; vujv.ajj,. ..prinooss. stylo, III •ibng'SlrhTQd ;slooyosr- .Shu a llnra of'blossoms fashioned wi't'li a voll to niatcli, ; aiul carried. Picardy gladioli'and napluro roses. •/'• A roooptlon' i'ollovvQd at Iho Llft- rho-[>atch Inn, Mlddlob'ury, and the couple later left on an unannounced wedding trip. They will reside iri Torrlnglon upon their return. The bride wore for 'travel a leal blue oscmble trimmed with squirrel, with accessories matching, and a corsage of yellow pompoms. Gutof-Lown guosts Included roslclenls of While Plains, iN', V., Torrlnglon, Bridgeport, 'Walurbury ami surrounding towns. . The bride is a graduate of tho Man.bury Normal school and was a local toucher for several 'years. Tho bridegroom is u- graduate of St. Honavenluro's College and Is proprietor of tho C. H, Green Funeral Homo, Torrlnglon. ••_ 4 « » • • ' • of Police Gormley Has Made Trip Edict As Fairest For All BRITISH ARMY FORCE SAID TO BE IN RUSSIA Conveyance Will Be- Used Practically Exclusively to Points in State. Pfionephoto' ' Fir* propelled by repeated explosions raged out. of control in four plants : of the F.irestone.RubJber A, Latex Corp.,' Fa.ll' River, Mass., as 1,000 workers fled the flames. This is an air^yiew of the scene.- Firemen' from seyen,Massachusetts .and Khode Island-citiea .helped'battle the bla.ze, vyhich : for a time threatened " ' ',' the entire community.. The company is' defense 'work.-. . . ..-• V/ . ; TWO KNTU&MKS .HALT Augusta, Kus., OoL. t 3— (UP) — When Hood waters receded from his land, farmer Hoi.) Ullohio went ou to do some long overdue plowing Ho found Uiu flood had left ha! the farm In mud loo soft lo plo\\ Tho other luill' was baked Loo hare Ho gavo up. Damage to Firestone Rubber and Latex Product Co, Estimated at $13,000,000, CRIPPLING BLOW DEALT NATIONAL DEFENSE PROGRAM MUSIC DEFT. TO But the Report From Stockholm Has Not Beeu Confirmed, MOSCOW SAYS NAZI OFFENSIVE HAS BEEN STEMMED •Germany Admits Russians Ar,e Holding-.: Off Nazis : ' Forces Around Leningrad. - . , .•By.-JOE^ALEX. (Un i(,e<! . PITSS For<»Jj'j'n i\o\vs .Edi<or) Arrival of a oxpodiltonriry force, lii Iho Soviet Union wtis reported from Slo.clvholm wilhonl conflrmrtlioh lorliiy" ass' Adolf-;:HH-lcr's ni'mios 'f\l;lem|3led:;..a. vasl, cnc'ircle- mGnl.j-alf.aolc,; lo 'swoop,-nrqu'pd.: reh)- f b reed' So v i e i;.'. d e f o n s c ; 1 j 11es,; ,a u d> J«ili r .e Mnfip.nw IVnrn ; l.lin 1 -i> -'"••' l ' •: ':^'~' Moscow, from ; the 1 , I'oa HERE THURSDAY Blaze Fought .by 700 Firemen From 75 Communities; 2,000 to 3,200 Em- ployes Made Idle. SOCIAL and PERSONAL SPICNT WICKKICND WITH Robert Dawllng, u studenl ul tin University of Connocticul, spun I Hit vuol\-uml with Ills parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Uowling of iNorth I loud ley slreel. (Continued on Pago Tliroo) Meetings Tonight and Tomorrow Fraternal Order of Eagles Gontonnlal Lodge Oruvol Lodge St. Francis' Soolety OCTOUKU M nautfliter.H of St. George Liberty Club GontonnUtl Lodgo Bulldlngg Afcso- oiallon Knights of Columbus S«loin Lodgo THAN«FK«UKl).TO DKNVEH Juiuos Miu'lor, son of Mr. and Mrs. II. S. Marlor of Kafrviaw avenue, an da pilot In Iho U. S. army ah 1 corps, IIUH hcon translurred from .lolToi'sou Bui-racks, Miss., lo Lowry Fiehl, Ponver, Colorado. MISS UOTCHKKSS, HOSTESS . A special inoeling of tlio Pnst Musters and Lecturers association of the Reacon Valley grange-will he hold Tuesday evening, 'Oolober .j/i, at 8 o'clock at the home of INllss Ida Uotohklss on ^'oocl street, Union Cltyi All mombers uro urged to be pcosont, . . . ins no no\oiuii) Kxorcises, both by Polish residents tuul 1'ollsh soototlcs, as well as many other citizens of Nnugatuck, wore largely attended Saturday In uclobra- Uon of "PuUvsUI. 'Day," lo ; honor the Polish Army ofdcpr. ,vvho ocou- plos a niche in tho American Hall of Puma for his 'participation uVlho 'YVur of Iho Revolution. (Continued on Pago Two) IT 'AYS TO IN THE KEJWS Fall River, Mass., Oct."13.—(UP) A vital division of the national defense' program was doiill a'.crippling blow today as result of a $j3,000,000 lire that roared through the Kire- stono Rubber and Latex Products,Co. plant for 24 'hours, destroying 'gas musks, barrage •bulioons, machinery und 120,000 tons of • crude' rubber Already 25 1-M3I agents-' were on hand, systematically..choc'-lcing all em- ployes and poking through alilJ- sjnouldorlng rubblo of scvcni domol- .ished buildings, In an'• effort' Lo do- tenn'lne if the blu/.o^ resulted from .sabotajjfu. Described as tlie niost dlsnstr.oijs fire in Kail River hjstory, .the hlu/.e wus fought by- 700 '(Iromeiv from,75 communities/'after 11 wus disoovcred on the third'floor of one. of the buildings, late Saturday night. During tho baEtle to .bull the flumes, U flrernen .were hospitullxcd and more than a .score woro •treated, for' ..burns, smoke Inhu.latlon and other . injuries. , Thirty .liromen nar- oVvly escupod perhaps .".fatal Injuries vhon a huge .brick .wall of one of he buildings collup.sed, showering wide urea wftlr'tons of stone and j urn Ing embers. - - ''. - '...,'.'" Thousnnds, of spoothtors', jammed nlo the urea froniv ...surrounding ornmunitles and 1.50•' state guurds- len u fried 250 state Lro'opcrs In. h'old- ng the curious •behind lire! lines; Roger S. Firestone,. .presjdcnt of ic. company and son of the late larvcy bMrestone, ' said . thai from ,000 ;lo 9, ! 200 employes had. been ui'dc idle by Ihc blassb. ' However, 0 sold .he expeolecl 'Ihe manufu'c'- tui'e "o'f ^thc vital 'defense supplies could be resumed within a few days. Firestone' said niore'rlhan.'PS.OOO,- 000 worth, of-'.machinery, was, lost as ,\ a building Tlesoribed as ; one of the nallon's largest rubber slorc- houses. This' building'-had been Jllled with .cargoes,of'.•riitb'.oi;'. from slVips -and; freight; cars' whiciivhayc boon unloading there more than a •yoari. ; ..'.". •••••-";.."''-' : -' : --'^\-.".; t ' v ! : •';• '' Twolvo.Ayatchmen• wore• on duty in Iho "darkened •'• buiIclings' • tiiut""cluster a quarter-in lie. -,along s , the : .Ta union river when • tlio flames were disco v••''"•'•' • . . :.' ' "... i- ..- J 1 (Continund'oh/vPngo; Five)/.'•..; . The .Music Department o'f..'.the IS'augaluck NVomniVs Club, will ni.ecl on '.Thursday evenjng- of this week til the home of.Mrs.' Adolph iS'clsd'n aL 50 Quinn street. . This session was otJJgihaliy ..planned..for ihe' home of Mrs. Saniupj Bristol at IJristol Terrac.e but. other arrangements have since ; ocon completed.'. - ... . '.-. The leader on Thursday evening will bo Mrs. Harold, ti, "Ghill;enden and the chairman in charge .of rC- : fresliments is. Mrs'. ,/p'Jm .Hayes, Jr., FMAPPEARS TO HAVE BEEN ., Joel,: C,. Clark of the. 'Medical .Gas Division ',of the Thomas ISdisqn, Inc., wiJrbe. in JSJiiugaLuck Tuesday night ; to. , con duel; a deinonstrabion 1 at the MtLplC; Strccl, ]:Io'so 1-J.ojuse of the, new rosu'scltator whicji' recently was prc- scrit'pti ' to. 'ilie.j'horougli. by Howard Ensign, /'/former ' local resident. " The; 're'sLi'sci later- will' be clomon- slraled to -local police and firemen, and^.any" oLhcrs ' among the • loyal public:. wlio ; '-may be " inlercsted in this "typo of iji'er-saying ccjulpmenL. ( Themachine will be invaluable .in gas,;, smoke and; drowning cases, and is. said 'la'.have' r a nunibcr of. uses .valuable." to.' anyone expert .in., its | Eall. Ri.vcr, Mass.,. Del. :I3-r-(.UP-)— ;A: sa.bolagc . ll:icory .yii'lually /oliml Jiatod today b'y ' Investigator's, of ^13,000,000 lire' which swcpL;Hie-Fire- no,' Rubber" &• Latex i products';';p9 ])lanl,.n.nd donII, a crippling blow' lo one phase of the National dcfehs'c program..-. • ;. / -'-.• • .'•> ,; -. Although RBI agents and. .repre- scntnii.vos of Iho Stale•FircaMarshai's office conlinuod Ihoir.-.. inquiry, a high Investigating.- official, lolcl.' llic Unil.od,Press; ', • , : .- ; - • -' : '- : "AI! .Iho .oyidencc galhcrod'-so. Tar. ])0ini,s lo accklonl.'"-'.'.;-' /.'";.: ;''\;v ;, /Backfiring, of a hugc.coolting o.vch was bolieycd', lo .havo starlo'd; ''tho conflagration which fed, on .highly inflammable and /volatile', rubber, compounds and which, though long since controlled, ; was-: expected) Ho burn 1 for a week -or 'more. ;.• * ...;-.. WlXllCvliaJf of. Lho.v.'coinpany's;-.';!^- buildings: were .deslro'ycd'oalong Avi tlr gas masks, barrage balloons, i'fta^ 'cliinery and,• .120,000, Ions of ,cruclc .rubber, officials said partial- opera-, lions \yould bp resumed: lomorrow- or Wednesday.;- '•..••••';••. ••'..'-..'•..:'•• : ''^.>i. "'i ; . ; : Tlio prudo. rubber.; c'omprised a ; ;r.e|; servo .supply;: >yl]icli'; .to- ; have; boon used i'ronY .i\vo ( K:.lo.;/l.vo ; -;:years' lip.n^.o • • "Ih . \vns n\vnf>rl'. h'v.' Rnh-- II, expected' i;huf/ l,be machine wiiji- be car'rler.r;us a pernianent parL of, lha life-saving equj on the Naugaluck 'Community Ambulance. -When; the ambulance leaves Naugatuck,,. : .t(io i-esusciLaLor will be'de- taubc'd; VaJid- - J'ef t til the. local, hose liouse,' so : . that ':il may be available if- ....-airy,'.;. local' emergencies should. arise.' :, : : •'•'.."•.'• --.'.. • NaffilONON AI ^ Iho, • regular meeting of - the Uni-ted jUubber, ^yoj-kers.-.-'of; Anierica, Lpcal;:;No... 1 455, C, L 0., ul Linden Park priy. Sunday; ': only 'routine matters were. : tnken'-up;-: ; •- ^ ;: ' : ^,.\ .. ' 11 i.s'.;expectcd • that •'•much important usiness ,-:pX.; th<j .union, 'including inlor T unrp"n\ : : mailers : Avill^ be j'J.h'at.'-.a-.l'atcr; date;": :•'.•".•., ... . Joseph'' Kcnishca, ; .delp- Lhe Nalipnal. U.', R.; ; .W. A. 'con- fa'ncl^ 'ciVt.p;n, ;; >hlw; cpiTi'iii i tie e,' • niade a re- )ort;'pn'•;lhe: pariey .on Sunday. ' ' •" ' •'" ' '•' pur porIqdly: hnmbci'ln'gV,.' "sovern'!;'; LCJIS of 'lhousnnds' i: of nioiY bad* Idmle'd; : a; Archangdl, ficehc- ;< of ; Amori'cdn : military opcralfons after Ihe war, lo. supplomenl'. Hie. llov^, ot^'-alr lied war materials' ,to Hhe, hard- pressed Red- 1 - army" -. ' •' • '-;\ London declined^' lio^'cbYi'Vmlnl'''Vf tho report. Canadian headqnurlcrs ul Ottawa also cl'eclined comment bn siig'gesLIons thai -Canadian Iroops were involved, in Ihe reported ex- pedilion; bul, wide : speculation, was aroused by disclosuro ; Dial'ihe Cun- aclian defense:minister and chief of staff had arrived^in, • Londqii, probably for confcrcncQ.s.-on ne\y \vlir slralcgy. .The British wore knosXTj lo bo bending every energy.-toward kocp- ing- open Iho supply, route to?Russia's northern: porls lo mainla'in- Iho Waslern front lliroughoul the winter! •• -. ' Training of allied forces including. crack Norwegian- /-winter " forces; Canadians and olhcii; units .has -been 'lin progress in -Scollahd and if an :.c\pedilionai'y) force- has boon dos- -palchcd ii .probably; would, be -.units specially trained for,ilghting JnVoold and snow. The. British. "ComiVumdo"' forces being trainod for assault landings, and raids, however, would not be likely to,, be used -fdr- suc)i an cxi)odilion. A number of. Br.IUsh- troops li'ain- o'd in Iceland have boon released by t,he United Slates "occupation .forces . tlici;e find . pj'c'sum'ably would be suitable for an expedition. Into''nor- thern regions: , . . . The urgency of 'British' aid lo Iho Red army—demanded loudly by the- London press' last \ycfik Jiut since sofl-pcdalcrj — • was by war front clespalches telling'of..des- POSSESSION OF OLD GUNS COSTS RESIDENT $36.26 The possession of two old pistols,, one a model dating back to 1853, and; said to bo useless as far as actual use is concerned, cost ICdmorid Maty- •jasik of 57 Johnson street, ^'25.00 and-costs, a total of §>30.26, In Borough court today. ' ' Tiro .Johnson" street man's car is: said Lo .have broken down on .lolm; street', which, is just off J.oiinson sti'cet, on Saturday night, and Maly- jasik is said t,o have gone off and ;left it. • '. ' . " " • Local policcLliparing. of the descried car and- on yie'.»Jookput: for ^stpjen-- inacjifhes, 'invest)gated r arid , : pf J1 tiers. Wa 1 ter' i/yslt 1 ewicii aJicl;AX ttl 'r irris^BuMe^'iaiih^ I a'soor tai h "own pr 8h I pv"d 1 siyo ve r ed'' Ih'ti "pistbls,'one antique, the second 1 'ah old''.^2•caliber/' .,'.'-" ' '." "' Both "-guns were empty-but Mafcy- ..ja$ik -was. arrested for violation, of the .sial.uLc.covering concealed weapons, section 2G7Ii ' . Th'e.'casc is one of. the most uii- usal-ever'noted here and will probably, make local collectors of an- .tiquo, \yeapons think : twice before 'transporting these relics about. TWO INJURED AS •OLD AMBULANCE HAD BEEN SENT ON MANY LONG TRIPS New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island Hospitals Believed Out. Severn) \vcohs ago the Naugaluck Board of \Vimlen and Burgesses tackled (.he. problem of Jus!, how^ur l.ho community ambulanco should be allowed' to go in Its errands of mercy. , ...,., After much pro and conning, It .was revealed that .In- the past several trips had been made lo out of. the stale hospitals lo take or bring- back Nfuigrtjuok residents; ..... After more discussion in the. nial- tcr the- question wns left. to tlie dis- Qi-elion of Police Chief John J, Gormley, whose ' dopnrtmenl : has'dlreot .supervision over tlie ambulnnce.anU whose officers. --serve -tts, .drlS f er'8. :% ; .The IS ews; learned 1 today, that Gbiot :Gormley: li«s decide^ upoii,u :7. r )-mJ10' limit .for-U'lpH -by'the bor.oug7i um- , ONN.H.ROAD . \yill not ^akc v m uh i ty ambu In nc,c;.' ou.t ; . of ' in .most, eases, ; duc-J.o th icn) locnUon oft thd; 'jiospitulrf. -1i|' Rhode Island; New , York. ; an s d Massa r chusetts. • . • H is believed that where a • Nuu- gfttucJc palfcnf, is in, a hospital over 7f>-mjJes away, i.h.e' local ambulance will go 1,0 the end of its run; and at u selected town or eity make 1 a pick up from (.lie ambulance, usea" to transport, the sick: person to that point. , Chief Gorm'lcy is said to have reached his decision on the 75-mile trip as the fairest to all local residents, 1 practically all of whom contributed to\yard the purcliase of tho' conveyance. Mr. and Mrs. Prank Naugatuck . avenue, hence. It ber , 'P.rcspryo Corp.,' ; rcompgsod io'4. ;lhe,ReconslrucUon KijnancG';Corpora-? •tlon and'. '/I've, major 'rubber •.com-', :pahles.' ; : • . • •-.' '• ••'•'"'•''•,.•; .'.'.,. •*^*.* > .'•>.<: TR1 ••-.,!• . ' ••--:: INv.THii'NEWS;,: ..Wednesday cvpning at : -'• i; ""' ' : : ~-' : -' '-hall.; :- v ;^'; .::',:•.-•;,•-•:" dej3arlT- ey^of / G1 as Vonbr-ancl;; : ;the;;eparl-: mp^n b?" ; c 6 m m a n d cr Ar't li ii r7' Go li'h e 11 - ;: 6 'f•• Mjdtojnr^.; y:s>;ilkj3e;;OielcI;;:a't:Xthe/ * Hoiei;;-iaoncl::Jn; : HarlfprdA -on Sriiu'r- ',-.. i •'••':'; - ,•; ; d a^jQic l^obor ;,iiS:^!i6sc : w h o: • expect' ii./ &'.'.!• s "^ .^IjQ.^al^ncp^aiejX r^j iies led^ l^a * mftlco' ApA- ! ;'."- : V' ; : ; ; ^ftrvaiii'ons:^;- : h Q pialerbSljlia'n;. : ^ed-.• •/: .',' ,v^UpSC!fl^ : J.0^|^ .^V.rf-"-'^ i'r-^ -^V peratc flghling.; \vithin GO LbV 00^ miles of MOSCOW; ••"• '•:'_ '•'/•'" •; . : " v ; QMic dcspatclies .reported that; '. Central Front"-— Crnck;Red army reinforcements, according to : Mos. CONY, stemmed-- t-lie ''-advance, of the •-Gei-man offensive.: : after 'inflicting ; heavy', .losses on mechanized. units, infantry, and ; pai-a troops drop pec: be.h 1 nd th e Russian: I in.ej?., B u t" Be i\. I'iny reported '.that a;; great Clerman pincers operation had. been., .started in . an , effort to, encircle- tlie. entire : Moscow 'area and take the.,--caplUil from bfliind aftciv capture-: of . 350, 000 .prisoners 'at'"'Vyazma and J3ry- ansk. ; : ' ;• '.'.;-.-'. -,,'.- '. •These- reports, indicated that tlie German armies ; massed ;nort!nvest of' Moscow (of Syhlcli nothing has. been .heard, recently); had started: a •thrust; toSyard Kaljnin,. [• about JOO miles from. ; the,. Soviet capital, in an effort to, close v 'tlie •'pincers; o"p- : orations..- -, •'-;•',''" ...',;'. •..'•>• ,.South " of Moscow-, the .German spearhead . Avas; '.repdrtcd-;;:striking eastward; : froni <Tuia, about 100 miles from"' the' capital^- ' • . • ; _ ' Nortliern>.Fr6utx--:V German Majeski of Easl Haven wero seriously 'injured in an nulo- .'mobile nccidcnl, Saturday night about, 8:15 o'clock on' Iho Now -Haven road, near tho Pcl.or Paul Inc. plant. . '•" "Nauga^uck police report, Uial llio Easl. Haven couple driving soulh, were blinded by Iho,lights of nn oncoming car, and Majeski lost con- IroJ x pf his machine which wont off the roh(l and ovorlurnodi Passoiisby wcnl, lo the. aid of the. Easl Haven .. couple langlcd . in., the debris of IJVeh: badly smashed car, and Ihe Naogaluck-Community'Am- bulance w;is brought lo tiro sceno by Officers Wilfred. - Bvori' and 1 Goorgc Smith. .; On aj'; Mary's bpspjIn 1, MajcsJfI was '-found 'to' have 'a .broken lefl log, and cuts nnd bruises al)oul the head and face. Mrs. Ma- TWO PARTIES IN BRIDGEPORT WILL NOMINATE 'jeski's nose was broken In-the , crash and she wns also cul and bruised, about Ihe bead nml.facc. "•; No charges were preferred against Majeski, local-police deckling that ],I\e accident was unavoidable, and probably due in a large purl lo un- familia'riiy-v\yilh .tli'c • lur.ns :'on .the Ne^ r Haven road al ihp point of the crash.- ' . • • Bridgeport, Conn., Oct. J3.~(U,P) — Rcpubllcnns 'and.. Democrats • hold nominating conventions tonight,:, to mmic mayoralty cnndidolcs lorpp- pose f,hc flfllr lerm'liid of Socialist Mayor-Jasper McLovy. if ; Democrals,-who ballol Jn a/pri- .niary first, were cpcolcd f,o npmin- ale Mjllon M.>McDonald; weJ]-ki) l own union leader, for,'mayor. Republicans, probably will name Nelson A. Parker as. ..their candidate. The Democratic primary battle' was one of- Iherbiticresl Jn years, A. coalition of leaders Js seeking to ovbrChrow* town, chairman .lames J. Whelnn, and, according lo informed observers, probably will succeed. Lca'dcrs of the opposition group include State Sens. Albert L. Coles • and Cornelius J. -Mulvfhlll, and At- ; lorney - .John T: Cullinan; recently :< ' appointed to the common, pleusi I court bench. • • ;- ' •. • ! --7 FLIEHS GET PEACOCK -MASCOT ..Calgary, Alia., Oct. J3 — (UP) The/men,..of No. 2 wireless school,. R, C. A. P., aren't sureAvliether they should^b.e.. pleased, or 'insulted al g'ifI that. was received. It was a Jiighly-colored peacock. Th'e^anony- mous donor said the bird was to. be used "for beautificati'on purposes/ SOLDIERS OF Batches aiclmitied!- that '•the'- Russians. were . holding;; ': off •..-. the^Na/il s varouii(l ; f : IJenitigrad^ reppr led. : new;; counter/ a't'taolvs; woun- cow, had ^(Gpnlinued/: oil;:- Page Two) TRE ASUK>-.-. BALANCE -\Vcishingtbn, O'ct: IS'.—(UP)—Government expenses and receipts for the current Dscal year through Oclo- le'r 10, compared \ylLJi a year ago,-:. This. Year /Expenses Last Year ?5,77G,,487,336.29 $2,0,03,098,251.1.7. .1, Defense Spciifliiify • $3,940,2^3,519.19; . $718;592,260J3 " : :f,.-- '.-' _. : '::.-' Recei|).U:' . ,/:. ; ,':. •• . Net Deficit' •"•'•'• ^3;609,901,094.58 ;; : v ' ; : "$951,200,517.0cj Cnsh Bnlnnco ?l:;769;017^n3;87 i ;:'/- - •. •'- i?2,257,710,231.00 MOVINGSOUTB Font Dovens,. Mass., Oct.; 13.-r(UP) -Thci 1st. Division's.. i5,OOQ.J soldiers 5 moved south in three columns frorh!- : here today toward Candor,. N: :; C.jV/i where tliey will be bivouacked dur-' 1 ing southern; war games. ; :•:,;,; .The three' 'units, traveling drffcr-:V cnt routes,, \vere to r.each th,clr>/v North Carolina camp. .Thursday; ;• .night.'The"division was. expected ^ V return here carly'Un becenjber.:;/ .';..' Wlilie. tlie troopsVAvorkedi-Vestcr-":-'rj day .-.•.;: loading: trucks .Vang*packing *£ equipment, ajj; ' estinijated ;. : O^OOO;?;! friends and- relatives, thronged" tlie fiT post,; for" fa'rewells, ' , .'.-' : ." : '.•":'••'•,''•*''^-

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