Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on October 11, 1941 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 11, 1941
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TIRES WITH WHITE SITUATION UN RUSSIA IS VERY THE "RED" FORCES TODAY The Weather Fair, -Cool Tonight, Warmer Sunday. A Paper For The — Home — Clean and Reliable Vol. XLVI, No. 298 NAUGATUCK, CONNECTICUT;. SATURDAY,. OCTOBER 11, 1941 TWELVE PAGES Price Three Cent* COVERING —BEACON FALLS BETHANY BRISTOL TERRACE •COTTON' HOLLOW MIDDLEBURY MILLVILLE PLATTS MILLS: POND HILL STRAITSVILLE UINION CITY ISOLATIONISTS ARE (NAZI DRIVE ROARS PROTESTING STRONGLY They 'Object to House Committee's Restrictions on Arming- of Ships Hearing 1 , CALL ACTION 'OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS GROUP OUTRAGEOUS Vote for Lend-Lease Fund •Clears Way for Action on Neutrality Act Revision, Hy .IAMKS K, SHKI'LKY Pms.s Slnfli (lorri'-spomfrnl) Washington, Oct. II. — (UP) -- IloiiHo administration leaders, olear- lug Lho docks I'oi 1 quick action on repeat of tliu prohibition against arming American merchant ships, provoked now Isolationist oppoul- tlon today. Doclnlon hy the houwc foreign affairs committee to restrict its heur- IngH lo two clayy, conlhH! Itself to • Uiu. ono Huh.joot-^that ol' merchant ships, and conduct tho hearings In •, pi'ivato, touched olT a storm of pro- 1 ' tonl frou.i , IsoluUonlstM who oullod v Iho atitlon "ou,trag(!OUH," :'•''• The committee's. decision last V; night followed a -aliow' oi' powerful VadmlnlslrntlOM' 'Hbrcngth . in thO' ., h.oiiHo'H ptaufntfb'.of- tUo' nuW $5,985,^000,000 lend - 'lease /appropriation, LOCAL YOUTH TO GO SOUTH WITH ST. LOUIS ^housu tuUl't'oJoptpcl.'LGiao'^t/uiVd'fi- attornpt to bar aid to Russia; Passago of tho lorul-loaso fund •-olourod tlio way for house action •.next woak on neuLrallly law rovl- slon, Tho foreign affairs committuO wont to work promptly Lo got the Hloom, thu comwltU'.e votuil .12 to hilt ready. On fnotloft of Chairman Sol 7 to I'osLrlcL the- hearings and tho , soopo ; of. thu measure In -tho In- torasts of quick action. IHoom ruled that rcconunenda- tions by 1'rosidont lioosovoll, for iil- ''tlmatu removal of provisions barring American ships from combat /onus wore not germane to the Issue of arming inurchanl ships,, which thu President spool Meal I y~ requested 'Phis was designed to forestall an> opposlLlon attempt Lo ralso the moro controversial combat '/one issue, which admlnl.stnitlon supporters fear would clolay authority; to arm ships, It was iiiuloi'slooil that adminls- trutlon .strategy Is to Jam thu ship nrmlng authori/atlon through tlio houso without dotay and then add tho combat xouu ropealor-by amendment In Lho Senate or offer It in u separate mcwsuro'. Such non-lntorvontlonlsts as Reps. Hamilton l«Msh of Now York, Ouorgo lloldon Tlnliam and Kdlth Nourso Rogers of Massachusetts and John M, Vorys of Uhto—all republicans—• . laft thu oommlttuo room vowing that they would redouble tholr opposition Lo any'revision of the neutrality law. Tlnkham said tho committee's action was "outrageous, a complete millllloatlon of democratic processes," I'Msh, Us ranking republican inetn- \}$v who said Thursday that ho was limlljKui to favor anting ships so • long' as -they did not go Into combat xonos, did not indicate whether luVJiUd changed Ids mind, .Bloom iiii'nounood that four wit- nossos—9oo,rotarj, o,f Slalo Gordell Hull, Suciiiitary of tho Navy Frank' Knox, Cliairinan Kmory S,' f.nnd of •tho nuu'ltlimroornmlsslon and Uhlof of Naval OperaLlcHis Admiral linrold l\. Stark, wilt bo called, Much \yllnoss, he said, will ho nskotl to proparo a fonnal statumonl for distribution to nowsmon, who •\vlll not bo penulUed lo hoar their testimony. N Houso Majority Loader John W. MoConnaolc, ;D.V Maks,,' Informed Iho Ilouso thai/ It could antlolpato two days of general debate, starling Thursday, 'Ho Indicated a might ho roachod lalo Krlclay, .Gnno Cznplieki of Union Gll.y, for/Hoi 1 NaugaLurk High baseball, football and basketball star, who spent Lho past season wl ( th GIUTK Maryland In the Southern has boon signed by Lhe St. ho u Is Cardinals for a baseball train- Ing trip south next Spring, it was luarnncl today. It Is hardly Lo bo expocl.od, Gxapllekl, after only one year In organized baseball, svlll stick with Lho Cardinals hut hu'is expected to wind up with HocliosLcr, only a few steps removed from the majors, The Union City boy IH one of tho driest competitors in athletics that Lho town has over produced. Cool, calm and colUjcLc-d umlur llro, "Chappie" .soonis Lo bo able to do Ills bos't when the blue chips are down, a most achnirable attribute for anyone particularly a person who hopes to: make competitive sports his n vocation. .-Gxupllckl, In-local basebal Iclrcloj? played every spot in the infield, in- olu.dtng a Imriil'aL.'tlic- pitch Ing. post and was a. nnlshqd performer at. the various ppsltloiiH.. . v. . •'•.".,-' v .-.1101100••..lU.AYa's.' QulLo .<R> 'sur'prlse locally \v.'hou tlio 'youth. \yas. shifted t;o, Liu; outfield at 'Gam'b.ridg'o, : .SvhOVo his spbed'aiul sure .liancleclnoss soon won htm a regular post In left Hold. Tho southern Loam playing- practically all night games put G/.aplicki In a tough spot, Lhe local boy not being ' usud to ..playing under the arcs. In consoquonce the former .Garnet slnr's' hatting average for the /Irst month, was a palo .100. Finally getting usod to Lhe peculiar oircLiinslanccs of play 'undor Lhe lights, whoru fast, ball pitchors with } a low dollvory, shine, Gxajillckl's batting mark began Lo soar, and ovun w(Llf LhO' poor showing, i'or the first month, -'Chapplu" wound up the season with a most creditable Russians Throw Every Resource Into Battle Against Admitted 'Mortal Danger' FIERCE FIGHTING REPORTED TODAY ON THREE FRONTS Japanese Watching for Opportunity to Take Advan- of Russian Position, tage COTTON BLOSSOM SINGERS HERE 0| OCTOBER 17TH lly ,1013 (Unileil Press -Adolf Ifitlnr rolled forward aerial ban-ao ALEX oi-eiun News 's greatest offensive behind u Lromemloii.s Loclay toward; Lhe gaLeft of Moscow and Lhe key. cli.y of Rostov in Lhe 'Ukraine. ' . Tho Soviet Union throw every ro- sourco—l-nnks, arMl.lpry,. airplanes, infantry ' rosorves 'and . iYppa/idntly'.: a nl,| 1 H;' fignnsi;: ; ;iil- flnngcr' 1 ':;l.p 'lirilain lo.'- pIsL-ol—iiiLo ' Die '••} miLI,i)}|, "hiorLa'l; cap! La I" nnd' urged aL l.ljo'1'o'e. ' ,.'' ' ,"' ; "" .' "• On. 1,'ho I'rojil,. l.i/)o.s,..Russian'.Laiik.s oountor-attackod ropaa'to'tlly"; 'rcsdr- VOH rushed" IiiLo. breaches forccYlby Gcrm'nn : Panzer uh'iI*-'; 'civilian^ 'NVOI'-Q •siim.mpncd' 'to 'hurlvlrbLlrre's" '•pf > '-';g(i'.ST ollnu 'aI. (Miehiy .•iiyecl.ianlxoj:]/-i( til I laS • 6L1L '-'(II-' I-' 1 f 1 -'TS-'Ji'vl .Vi'n'n n .' a' 1 r p'liin GS v 'l o ; f.Ly.'tli 6 u s'a n c1s-;Ju p'oh;h tli 6 u'r ' ; . Jl Is said that Lhe part, of G f /.uplh:Id's is tho fact thai, he hitter, every ball lie squarely, with few most important baseball, setup Is a line drive hPs being mot of the weak dribbles on the ground through the Inllcld, Thu .Cambridge manager Is reported 'to. have been very, loud In his pralsu of G/upliekl, and indicates that hu sees a bright future in organixcd baseball for the local youth. GRAVE THREAT OF ACCIDENTS IN LOCAL PARKING A grave throat -of serious automobile accidents ts centered in tho parking of automobiles nights, on Meadow street, and lower Hlllsiclo uvoiuic, where It enters Moadow llpflplfls.i , : - :V '• " But' the 1 -'onoliiy ; slllfi-'.'c'amo^'oii.' Moscow despatches, 'aclniULed . thai; Lho Germans Were ? making gains and "it 1 sOOinorl -.-ccr.U.iin 1 t.fiut'' IIILfcr's legions wore- wi'thhY :IOO';miIos ; 6T Lh''e capital in Lho Tula scicLoi;. and. AV!thin 40 miles or less, of. I^Q.sLo.v,. .Lho great center of J^U'is'siiur'war' production in Lho south. Thuro svoi'e Lhi;oo .. i'r.ohts on which cluspatchos 1 '-lo'lcl 1 -: Q'f; LorriJlc llglitlng and new l/lussiah appeals by I.ho-Hed Star for a 'coordhiatod Brl- tlsh-Mussian niass'-b'low. 'against- tlio enemy indicated how ' surious was thu Ciunnan advance in an efforL Lo, surround Moscow. The fronts wore: Vynxina sector—Horo Lho Russians said they were still lighting strongly 1 aboul. lyfj Lo :!.')() miles west; of Moscow, in'lliotlng Lorrlb'lo- losses .on Lhe onoiny despite .some breaks in .tho linos. Tho Germans admitted- stubborn Russian resistance JniL rcporl.- od that Lhe main Soviet foj-cns bad been cnLrappod and were I'ap'idly being destroyed. ; 13ryansk-Or6I sector—The Russians admitted tint,*,, they, had failed to sLop Lhe Germans north.:of Orel, 210 miles souLhwest, of Moscow, and It was indicated in other reports LhaL Lho Naxis had stabbed, on Lo Tula in a "mad -and desperate"- advance that carried them Lo within ;IOO miles of : ' (Continued on ;Pago Two) An excellent evening's entertainment is in store for. fhosc who'at- tend the concert by Lho Cotton Blossom Singers which will I given in Lhe Sunday school, room the Methodist, church on Mcado street on Friday evening, Ocl.obc :l7Ui, at 8 o'clock. The concert Is sponsored;, by ;..l,h League of Uie .church anc Lho iJi-ogram will include spiritin and planLation- melodies and di'alco readings.. There will be-. a silv.c offering and Lhe public is;-invited/' Local Banks Will Be Closed. Monday In observance ol' Columbus. •I)ny, which willihc celebrated •on Monday, Oclohcr"iJJth',. Iho Nan|jaluck National Hank and the NaiifjatucU Savings Hunk will In;closed all day. libraries will he closed and no sessions will ,he held in the parochial schools—SI., and St. Hcdwijj's. Photostatic Copy of A ' •/. \ Priorities Order Made In Rubber At Chemical Plant Last of the White Sidewalls on ,'MIJIvMIo 1 - : ay(?h'uh. : V;'3!hl8v;p;t at" (•'.•'JO-Jns'ir ev'onjiig'/;;; During ' Lho -. "evenl'iig,-.-unLH midiiigh'I,-,-- tlio-post'whs in. chiirgr/pl Norrls Po'lleLL• and 'AVlljIam^.Kal'oj 'and Jso'voral other 1 ' loglon'a'lros f re- porl.ed "al, • Lho': .station during :Lbo oven ing. . ; •>. A' (light -of six pianos wns ropdrt- qd..a,U.9;35 o.'clock this inoi-ning -by obsokvers - : Sid and W.illiiVm. Davison, who aj'o on. duLy Today from (I a.m. unLil noon. ; .: siNo, l.csls-.are -.scheduled,- Cor,' Sunday,, but they will bo .made.on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. -Observers for .Llicso days/will-; bo .announced by Frodei'lck Trostrail, commander of Lhe iNaugaLuek,,- post' of tljo American: Legion. • . - ; ; . LOCAL 45, URWii TO HONOR HERO Polish- residents, as well, as other, oitixohs' of'-thc borough arc colcbrat- ing; "Pulnski Day" today in honor of General, Casimh- Pulaski, Uie Polish army ;'o.fflcor who became famoi during the Amci-ican Rcvolutionai war. Kxorcises \vero held yesterday ii St/ JTo'riwJg'fe parochial 'school ii Union Oily and' the -Polish societic in. i 'Uifi:;boj 1 'ou0Ji will sponsor a mns mccLing.Jn Si; Hcdwig's ball tlii ft'L- 1 7130 o'clock. L. Oruchncz;. a Jteprcscntri. Live "of. ••Lho Polish Unii!," in, , the Canadian, a rrny, will deliver Uie .piiinci- pa'J ;addi'pss and there w'iii bo-'othei i'pmln'ent sp.ciilvers. ' ; , . .' ; j?(affs,,.;!\ycr'p;'. : '' displayed; -Von-'. man> Tomes • '..-in':, • Lhb:. tjo; f .cj.utf|i;- ,'VtQday^', in '' " Order Vulcanized Into White Sidewall of the Last Tire to Be Made. WILL BE PERMANENT EXHIBIT IN MUSEUM IN WASHINGTON, D. C. >; WIIHam, Price, who m'^e the first wjiltesidewaM^tlre,: Is Ing, on the^ last-of this'type/; toj be- 'manufactured!,by.; United Spates ;Rubl>erj Company: at> It* -Detroit ;pjant;^ .OPPjIt order signed'by;K/'Rlr Stettin Iusifdisw tire* .wa'srvulcanfzed. intb^hevvyHite^sidewair oMhiii tire. From^thls vacuum ihaping;machine the,tirejgoes to.the curlna room for. r At a. regular mocling, of- United- .Oubhor. Workers oil.••Amer.ica,' tomorrow- afternoon' at' 2 o'clock/in St. George's hall, .fcindon- Par.k,- Union City, • th'o , possihllitics of tak-lhg • a chock' on receipts 1'or 1 dues' of the nicmbcrs at tho factory gates- will ho di'HOius.sed. Other importani "mh. tors will be brought' before -11 meeting. ' .. " Labor Leaders on Way to Court vole .E KATALLY /• / CJonn;, Oo't. l.l,— (,UP)— NloholaH Kantlanls, 10, Danhury, WJI.M Inliired fatally Into yesterday whon'htH autpmobllo ovorturnocl on , |,ho pnnhiir.y-Ne.w , ^111 Corel, road. ••/• - — !.'.! .>» » — = — -• Cost ol .Cosmolfqi Due to..Lho largo number of doctor's onices in I hat particular area, tho'parking of cars on .boLh .sides of those, .sl.rpol.s, and particularly at, tho above rnonLlonod point, is very hea.vy ami sets : up a danger-; ous situation. Ono night o^ily recently It 'was statrMl/oars wore parked directly on tho, sou I horn aiid northern corner of H(,lo and Meadow and with oars also parked directly,across tho street, .it i \vas ; almost Impossible for an a u to 1st Lo drive out of Hillside avenue. i Auto's It, is. said are .still parked all night on b.oth sides of Hlllsiclo. a'vomi'oY' ha's't' of- Lhe high school, making the last curve InLo Meadow, street a purtluulnrly haxardous Anothor Thb spends; lotions, ; M.ll « month ^or cronnns, por/umos, Upatick and_ beauty Ueo.t monta, ^ . .;•". favoriLo parking . spot •with local, poli'Llcians, is Church- yLrpot at Lho, Green, dlr- ocllywost jot 1 tho Town Halli This Is TJ dallnUd.- "no parking"- spot, and with the aul.o congostlo'n on Gliuroii strooL, such as II 'is, taxpayers really boliovo that public>-safety -demands that the long parking, there. shpuld bo. brokpn up,,Many .persons. fo'el : thai. omoi)geiicy' ; sto|)s at "no purklng n Vi)ointfi-slvould iipt be the subject of. promptI'.pollco activity,: ljut u dpllberato\,nfu'ldrig < for long ppr- '-• {otls-In' those aiTcas. is,•another• niat-( tori .'i •' 'A '-\ .-, '.:•', '.'-• ' -';••'. Browned (left); president o^' the:, plbyes-.uniqn, is'shoVn^with^•^iliiam v Bioff^ l ^liis;:west;c.pasi^r: ^. IM . , r . ( . tive^asfthey,arriv;^S at feideraljiCpurtjtNe^^York^wherejtKey arebbeiiig^ tried " •'..... ..•...•--... A1 .^«,«« rt v,., : ,_.... lT T^n »_'j, , John -Murphy,' former, ,exccuLivei Lhe United SLatos Rubber Com-. any. plan Ls. here, who so venal 1 years, go "was. transferred Lo thc.Provi-. once, H. 'L- braiich of.. Uie company, 'ill be a division superinLondent at ic- nh\v : arms plant of Lhe "U, S." Des. '"Mo In es, Iowa The News earned. 'today. • • "•" \ Mr. 'Murpliy and bis-family re- ded for several years in- Highland.. role/ and he made hundreds of ; ' fciids during : his. 'stay 'in Nauga- Luck. • .• '•••• It was'. sLaLed. today that there will bo'-;- three- division '-.supcri'n tendon ts . a.L the : DCS iviolnes plant which is: ;iio\y.. under-, cons truc'ti on;' Ono- of Lhcso: pp; sis',. will 1 be; filled - -by Lloyd : Sariiniis,' former local- U; S; ' Rnbbei* Co. executive- who has 'already left . for" 'Uie. -West. , '. -"-.."." . • Mr. ,-and' Mrs.".' Prank-; \McDonakl, local. United- SLaLcs llubbor Company employes arc also: slated for Important posts' in, Lhe new Des. Moines plant-, it .was learned- today-. , ..(It -J's: : expected -,that.' actual, arms produ'cUpri.-, at Dos : Moines will be under- way: ; .about the first -'of, the year;, '.'..V-:;- ; ; -.-' .. "' ,. •' '••.•..-' AT mm HOME Gnmbi-irlge,- ^fass: 1 • Ooi, ,1.1.—(UP)— Ann Slierifian,- selecLed'.liy^Lbc. Harvard Lampoon tw.o-yeprs.ago as rrnovle actress 'MGasI, 1 likely, to -sue-; -ncc'ci," ' l.oclay accepted' an honorary cdftorship of .the--Harvard. Advocal.e, a.literary magazine.. -';'' ••''•'! .;'•-. ; In announcing Miss Sheridan's acceptance,,Advocate .Editor, Marvin. 0. Barrett, of DCS Mollies, In., described' :hcL i : as> "an attractive and intollfgenl,, :young gii'l.with. literary; ambfLions." He said she promised Lo attend -Lire ';75th anniversai'-y ---'punch 11 -, banquel.. hci-e Novoinbejv.-.Spj'; when she would' be .inducted into office.-.-. •. As an h'onprary,,editor, of. Lbo Ad- .vocaLc, Miss .Sherlrlaii/'will: fliul Jiprself: in . flis,Linguishcd co/npany in-, eluding President: ..-• James.- Bryant- .Gonanf, of .Ilai'var.d,"University...' . . Concluding-.-hejsj/telegram-, of ac- •ccpLance'i.Miss, siieHdan- said : ' /'And jf.','t.ho -.OVpnorary. edi.torsbip, carr 1 es^ wj th-'..-j t , ; :'.tiic"; *pri v \\ cgc,' of a., literary 1 or al/_ least; legible contribu-; Lion, 1 .should lilybHo subnTitV.sbme- timc- a 'little essay -air.-, etiquette'." Editors' of-Uie'. Lampoon, Vundc.r- gracliiaLeV hunlp^^piiblicatjoli, ' said they.-.would• deal'.with:; il the SJieridan incident"'in th.oir .next Issue. '•' The meeting of.' the .. Garden Do- •panl-meht of tho-'Naugntuck'.Woman's club on Monday afternoon, October J.'JLJi, will be, held a I, :) o'clock al Iho ;home of Mrs.- George R. Cronln, 5fi Rockwoli avenue, instead of at tbc 'Children's Library as previously announced. Bol.b '.the" IloWnrd WbiM.c- more. Memorial library and the Cbil- dren'fi-,library will be cl'osed OJT Monday in" celebration -of .Columbus Day. Tin's.,wilf be-''Iho first meeting of the Garden club of the Fall, season and will' be opened with an exchange tif- : practical'ideas''for gardening by 'the. study, club .under the supervision of Mrs. Eric Kcrricr. . 'The study club" will be followed by an address by Gerald. T. Bowler, a graduate landscape architect and horticulturist of the Water bury: park department. .The speake will be introduced: by Mrs, Wailc Lnmson,;-chairman, of l.he.,.progran commiflec. Manufacture of. Black Wall Tires Only Will-Savs 6,000 Tons of Crude Rubber. ', A .of the'original order signed by 10. R. Sl.oUinius, director of.. priorlLies . In . Wnsblngtbn, In which Lho office of I'roductlon Management, proiiibil-ad. l.he manufncl.uj'O of .whl 1.0. sidowall tivos ^aftur-rnJd- nigbL, August;23rd, do'signod lo. save in ore ,tlian ; 0000 tons of. crude, rubber-annually, \yiis, taken, fronv Mio .Nation's .Capital' lq the plant of, tho Naugatuck t Chemical company, where facsimile copy ,\vas made ; in,rubber. The j)jiotostat .was; then forwardod to-Dntroft-by air. 'nVall'ln^Umpr'tpi bo ^oured'. in tq ,tho.» \yli I to ^sido.wanj. p£ • U\o JM -li Ailfei 0 ^ W, 'I : iS^!^9tiO*®^' : -^fe'-' order- and special 1 eng^ylngs,;-Sylll bo pi-cscn Led Lo«i.)jc, 6mitlisonfaiV;"•)ns.U- LuLo in Wnshfhgton as, a pcrmanbn'fc exhibJL. It takes approximately"two pounds more of crude rubber to niakc a white sidcwalM.han an ordinary black tiro."...''' At its-Detroit plant, United-States Rubber company mado history when it Look the last wljitc sldcwall tiro out of a specially engraved unit vul~ cancer on the stroke- of midnight, August-23rd, tborejjy ^producing Lho whitb side\yair til'u In the Unil/ed 'SLal.cs. The tiro- was built' by ShcJLon Granimill, sbapod by Wll~ liam .Price, and cured by Raymond Dumon. 'Both' Gamin 111 and /rico worked ou tlio 0rsL white sldewall tire made by United States Rubber company.. • . ; (From U. S. Rubber News) • ;!" Hoote. on Iho March! MKCHANGIIN ATP r"i ico r>A AT GLASS W. ldj; Pacma/ : H6llingwortiv -b u sy^iad ay: an s we v I n g-;' lie r' :; fa n ijT^theV-hu'ndr^ds'y\of : -; JctLors:' re-, : : Ab qu t seven ty^fl v.o.-.f ri ends;' o f \Yi 1- liam; Rainier- gathered- at. Sullivan's In .GoLLon; ., Hollow Thursdn^ 1 night'at a.: stag; party. In honor of Lhe former, president of. Llio Naugatuck' Young club : wjio w i 11 b G mar r i ed»• o n D 9 Lo b or 25 ; to ;vreply.-personally^toi.each |-:^ if f' RIorencG-.'Skiblnskl ;.of ;• -iJiick- .'.^-.vV.-.-.. 1 -.. •.,-:-• r^Vrhnilh-iyr.^: • mgbam -:street,-.;,-/.-Watcrbury. Mr .syin.paLnueis j; pnJn(Gll jg sc , ct , Gtrir y. O f v , the New Hayen; co u n Ly. You ng^ J.Vo p u b 1 i.cans. He. ..was'-. prescnteV);.' ; -\v.l Lh/,a purse, thn prosentaLloh-.',;; being ' mndtj: .by B u rge'ss-'. .I.; Riidol pli 1 ; Ander.sp'n ,[. - ;ou is Lockwoorl'•..'officiated as master- of !ieao]ied;;.Ramela;de-L cerGmonJes . anf |VHppeclies .._. r . t , .,..-..., ., ,. _ ^:;Micv;enyelQDo;:)3pi:e hjy/]Tcnr>C : ScliiiagenvX3rci;:' 4 preSldcnt pUner;.-namc/;n^ the,.'- local "Ybu.n ;: ; plctujve;:: ( /QiD ber: ; tlVat - ; th e : ; f Pamela, Marilynl;Burke as .No definite agreements 'were reached, according to- reports, on the Jabor- slLuntloVi al, Lhe 'plant of Lhe- Naugntuck Glass Company at : Lho conference between the strikers' commilLne and Uie factory management in l.ho ofOce of. Carmody, Laj'kin and Torrcnce In Wa- torbiiry.. morning. Another conference is r scheduled, for n.ex.l. \veek'._ ..] \ . • ; ; "' .The, sl.rikJng employes of tbo concern are still picketing"the plant, apd claim they wi'll continue^ 1,be practice and rcmahv'from \vor3c un- iil a con tract, ^satisfactory J[.o. Uieir interestSj.-. Is-ncgqlinAefL W.. S, .>yitber\va\v .presidcnl, And treasurer of' the Glass company could; not be reached at his' office today. ''••,:•.-.- > •.--.--: cpmplet'e, i n vai csi ccn'ce ; b e f p 1^0-•: gio i H'g^ to; ih pi r inni'p' 1 liv ^iVh'n'rl\v intincioKlri 11 '' '^•.-•••••"•^ •. as-they, arrived at federal!,court,tN,ew/:York,;.wnere.tney arevpeing.-^ciecide^wh'o'--should share on; chargea^'that they; extbrteclf ?55piOOO-:fi;pm^pllyyoQd;;;mp^ie > • rq\yarcl offereci; by the, j ~.^^^.(-^^ ; ;.v- .•.;!' ''•/•.''.^oin.panieSj'.'"'- 1 ' '. .'.,';l i '^^ :v ^ i /'(;^ i ^^!*.''^^*^ ' finding' of "Pamela. • ; .,..-.•.,/^,, r ,, : .-.:^,. : \,,\-.,. v ,;..^ *, ' • ^ t ; •' ipojitted(£^ ,vinh ivi « r; ''"'»V" siVo'u id : sirar <r i n th e $500 < tall y" -'l a t e" y PS tdr d ay , \>Ui en -I -s truck; state for, the I by an automobile 1 pn/^dV' liighway/ near his* home. '., FATAL ACCIDICNT -^ . ; •Cheshire, Conn., Oct. 41.— (UP)— •••Joseph Telcsca, Waferbury, was killed late yesterday \yhen a I ruck '10 ;\vns di-iving oveiiurned on a high- >vay afteiv skidding. , V Thafc^odd.plcce ol turnitttr' Ind. A. buyer it you u*e tho lc«] medium. Women's rubber. boots are on Ibo- march ! Gay new, U. S.- rubber boots which have put wfitterproof footwear In l.he style class arc being featured in fash Ion- pages of 'magazines and newspapers from coast l/o' coast. U. S. started this new sf.yJe, two years ago by introducing /Jampus boots in bright colors for wear over socks. College .girls f.ook to them at once,, today co.nsfdcr them ; a "musl." for college '\Vardrobcs. Higli school and graminar . school ; ; girls who'd pracLica)Jy ; .s/)cd- '.walerpropf foolAvoar followed, sui!,, askod.- for these boots to pull on over BJioesi So In Lhe fall of JO-iO U.;s.;brouglit out Lhe Grenadier boot for weajvovb'r. saddles and moccasins, other, ^boots' for business girltf arid ))ousc\vlvcs id. wear over higher heels. ,,. Magazines and newspapers balled the new, style —stores promoted It. 'The Naugatuck plant couldn't make, boots 1' enough to supply the demand! i ' This year, U, S. adds ill ore. ; cplpr and. more .styles,, and; follows^ stylo trends by originating : the . dashing- Buckaroo— a. cowboy rubber boot— and the Martial, a still bigbcr boot ' with trim military lines. Grammar school, high school and college girls ire buying boots because they're" such a jaunty style, business girls : )ecauso they- keep stockings; freo from ugly mud spots, older w&tnov- jccausc they 'protect ankles and legs' rom dnmpness, bclp ward off colds,; )rotect health. '.:13ut young ' and" old! alike admit they're 'wearing. U. S.; ubbcr -boots' and foremost be-. a.usc ibcy.'rc tbc style! , , ! These wonicri's rubber boots lanufaciured '• In . ..,o.wiv; ^a Jai?t and arc sold to dealers tbrouglir Mio footwear division.' "JncIdenLally; ; they're popular in- our own "sales-! room. • ,- ., : , . •-;, ",- .: - ' ••;'-•• - : - > *»'.-.' .' •' -;• '. '.' '; HOME' DESTROYED aro- East Haven, Conn.,; Oct. 11.—( —Mr. and Mrs. Stcpbcn Deglovan- nantonio and their/seven; children: were homeless today after,, fire destroyed Ihclr home'last night. Dani-' age WAS, csUmalCflJal'' $4000, In tlio; blaze \vbich leveled .tUeiiv,t\vo-8lory,^ home. ' N l t

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