The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana on August 21, 1925 · Page 20
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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 20

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, August 21, 1925
Page 20
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20 TITE IXPIAXATOLIS NEWS, FRIDAY. AUGUST 21, 1025. AN INTERESTING PAGE FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY $11 J round thpoiun reJlndrem Imoqenei FASHION'S FANCIES BY SPECIAL WIRE TO THE NEWS CROSS - WORD PUZZLE J rj TV rT" z - " - 3s """ ' - 3IT " " ' . ,. - 3 02 """"" "" : 55 mmmmmm i sj SET 37 """"" ' 47" " ST" U 35"" " : f" 1 Vegetable. J2 Title, Mistreated. rl Wear away. 14 Flowtr. 15 Pinch. If Pertalnlna to cheek' bone. It Beverare. f 10 Symbol lor tellurium. tl Murderers. SS State (ab.). 24 Prefix mean Ins; before. 2$ Chain of roek.;4 BuceeeJeL 17 Amend. 60 iree. 29 Bait of oleic 152 Occurrence. , acid. 164 Cornea into. II Soak. 65 Barters. it Separated? 34 Losa of speech br paralysis of muscles. 3 Dry. 40 'Stomachs of animal. 41 Royal Academy (ab.). 42 Beams. 46 Exist. 44 Province of Canada (ab.). 48 Be erect. S Pardons . 7 Receptacle. V f Pronoun. 9 Station (ab.) 10 Fish (pi.) Vertical. 1 Middle. 1 28 Rporh. 2 Great lake. !20 Prefix mean - 3 To be pendent, j Ina; three. 4 Man's nick - Freedom on name. ! word of honor. '24 Rubber. 135 Clever with I hands. 3 So be it. jS7 Pantry. 11 Sprinkle with 38 Those who act flour. 13 Entire amount. 17 Sheltered side. 18 Aeroplane. 21 One who knits. 22 Teeters. 24 States. 26 Falls short. for others. 4 2 Soon. 44 Sailor (col.). ;45 Part of skele - I ton. 47 Add (coL FJna - .). 49 Married. !51 Prefix mean - I Ingr apart. 53 State (ab ). MUNICIPAL OFFICIALS O Answer to Thursday s cross - word puszie: TP ASSEMBLE AT GARY 500 Members of Indiana League Are Expected. FULL PROGRAM OUTLINED OART. Ind., Auarust 21. Elaborate preparations are outlined for the convention of the Indiana Municipal League here A u rust 24. 27 and 28. when the city of Gary will play host to more than 500 officials of Indiana's citlea and towns. It will be the first convention of Its kind held in Gary. Banquets, boatlna. luncheons, sight - seeing trips, pageants, fireworks, music, 'trips to the dunes and swimming are planned for the visitors. 2VeaTsles Speak. Addresses will be made at the three - day convention session by Governor Ed Jackson, United States Senator James K - Watson. Richard Ueber, director of the state department of conservation; William Dever, mayor of Chicago, and E. J. Buffington. president of the Illinois Steel Company. Wednesday afternoon. August 2. A U a It A 5 T A T E fo E A J - Ej l L - S xTljl T ep ft S U E SjMG r 'igjAHl Z Z X . j a & f R .2L Jl 1 o HI 7 2 J 2o.B.flJL. n L c g j t Ja r m e P P T IE IS Regular business sessions will not begin until r rlday. The remainder of the time the delegates will he en tertained by the city. Dinner will be served Wednesday evening In the $250,000 lake front pavilion and will be followed by a band concert. To Btasre Pageant. Thursday's program includes a social session, a luncheon given by the Rotary and Lions' clubs, a trip through the steel mills. a(banquet given by the city of Gary, and an historical pageant. In addition to two business sessions Friday, a luncheon will be given the visitors by the Kiwanls. Optimist and A. B. C. clubs, and n motor tour of Gary made. All convention sessions will be held In the lake front pavilion In Lakeside park. Meetings will be presided over by C. B. Davis, mayor of Terre Haute, president of the Special to The Idinno!l News (Copyrtcht. lPZo! N"EW YORK, August 21 - The appearance of fullness in fall Bkirts is deceitful. Many of the skirts are as slim and closely cut as ever, but a deep band of fluffy flowers gives the appearance of a belllike sweep at the hem. One such gown just imported from Paris is of cyclamen mousseline de soie. with a tight bodice and a gTeat frill of huge mousseline de soie roses posed about the skirt. THE NEW VELOURS. Men have more to do with women's fashions than they imagine. Englishmen this year abandoned the straw hat to a large extent in favor of the lightweight felts. The women have done likewise. Nothing is more popular at the country house parties and on the Scottish moors than the featherweight velours and felts, which are waterproofed and proof also against crushing. NIGHT INTO DAY. Pajamas are being worn in the afternoon as tea crowns. The iackets are slightly longer and more voluminous than the ordinary raiama jacket and the silks and satins of which they are made are heavily em - Droiaered in gold and silver. The nether earments are close fitting. do not come lower than midcalf and are devoid of ornament. TUNICS FOR AUTUMN WEAR m w V By Cleaner Gaum) T THE risk of seeming to harp on the Importance of color, it must again be given as the all - Important consideration of the new as well as the current season. There Is infinite variety and murh juggling of tones to produce new and stimulating effects. The violaceous shades, heading the preferred list for spring, have been foree'd from their premiere position by blue, running the gamut from turquoise. Mediterranean and navy to sapphire and all that goes between. Having keyed one's appetite for color to a point where only the most vivid shades will satisfy, we are reminded that some blues are brilliant enough to fill the vacancy purple has created, and red crepe dresses are as smart as either blue or purple, though slightly more restricted as to use. . Typical of what is considered, smart Just now is the overblouse and finely plaited skirt, the blouse embroidered in the new cubist motifs or even beaded, though beading is more generally confined to evening wear and appears more often on silk net than on crepe. French tunics are of such great variety and often such charm that one can never weary of them, since they always are presented in some new guise. The addition of a high or turned over collar with long sleeves coveys quite a different message from the tunic sans sleeves and with a bateau neckline. Fairchiid. ) .AS Z. '? 5 - itrjt. rmk r TB i i isss s laaSILT - - n 1 r i 1 - - , r - n - w - i i They call it "water polo" at the Salvation Army camp. Croquet mallets and bare feet serve for polo mallets and ponies. A fellow doesn't mind that, however, when he's spending a vacation in the country with his family. One can't have everything, and the children and mothers who receive a ten - day free vacation through the generosity of those whd contributed to the Indianapolis Community Fund, feel that they have much to be thankful for even if the ponies are missing from the polo field and the bathing suits are not a perfect fit. NDREW, do you do your exercise every morning?' asked Imp - A gene. Surest thing you know, answered Andrew "I never - mi. "Have you ever thought of dieting?" he asked. "Huh?" I "Honey, you axe getting fat," declared Imogene, bluntly. "Oh, I don't know," defended Andrew, "I am six feet two and weigh a hundred and ninety. I think I have a pretty good figure. "That's just an idea," flouted Imogene. Your belt cut a plac in you almost like the division between two links of sausage.. Your weight is all gathering at one place. "Oh well, cried Andrew in a sur - ly voice, "I never . posed aa an Apollo." "That's you men all over." complained Imogene. "You seem to have the lea that a woman can love anything." "You expect your wives to starve and diet and exercise and go through all sorts of agony so they will not. get fat and homely. You demand they should never lose your royal favor by becoming unsightly. &rgta - Hla Walalllaa. "But you think you can gorge yourself three times a day, make raid on the refrigerator at night The bathing suits, too. "come in enjoying their first outing, one of oSre artw molTth - oM a - nd set so you look like the first EhVaUrha.ep'arate room V0" Jn (.,atr , ana Hill 11 i up iu urn i jm ed I hills : Rnd look UP to 'ou 'h11 th world mighty handy." as one young vacationist expressed it, during the swimming hour, for boys and girls both large and small share the 'swimming hole" in Indian creek. The Salvation Army camp, east of Ft. Harrison on Indian creek. provides a vacation spot where mothers may come and bring their families. Some mothers come with as many as six saoall children, others bring two or three. There are three babies now at the camp time he was doing: something about it. and yours ts beginning to b very noticeable. - Welt I'll be darned said Andrew, looking down at himself la terestedly. . (Copyright. 19SS. the Xcjrattgal Syrxtt - cats. lix.i Sues Husband's Employer for Making Her Golf Widow In one of the attractive V m r m Tsr fn tka tpaa.aKat around the camp, and meals are t fu! of slim walsted young men served In the spacious and breese - swept community dining room. The health nurse and social workers recommend the families most In need of rest and good food, and the Community Fund provides both these necessities through the Salvation Army camp and other summer camps. MndDdiih the Sfafe (Oopyrlrht. 1025. Any reader of The Indianapolis News may ask Eleanor Ounn about her clothes problems by sending self - addressed, stamped envelope te Eleanor Ounn, in care of The Indianapolis News. league. Mrs. Bessie B. Ross. Gary city clerk, is secretary. To house delegates in the event weather permits outdoor sleeping, a number of tents will be pitched In the park and deleicates who motor to the convention may sleep in them. Preabyterlate Leader Dead. NEW YORK, August 21 (A.P.) Dr. J. C. R. Ewlng, president of the GREENWOOD, Ind., August 21. Old - fashioned family gatherings are still popular with Mrs. Sarah Jane Stevens, of Greenwood, familiarly known as Grandma Stevens in this vicinity. Mrs. Stevens, who will soon celebrate her eighty - fifth birthday anniversary, was the center of a family circle of about seventy - five at a recent reunion picnic in her honor. She had ten children, eight of whom are living, thirty - one grandchildren, and twenty - one great grandchildren. She has watched children emerge from the day when they were "seen and not heard" to the present flap - Lper state, and rinas tnem gooa aw along the line, she says. Mrs. Stevens is a familiar figure to hundreds of friends throughout the state, having been born at Acton, and having spent her entire life In the vicinity. Her husband, George W. Stevens, farmer, served for four years In the civil war, and during that time, Mrs. Stevens ran the farm and cared for the household, spinning and weaving the material for their clothing, as well as attending to countless other tasks of a large household. In her early days she was an expert horse - India as I woman. Her mind Is still clear and lk been . - 1 1 i. . knlgh by the British government i nu "v'J uy a rew years Derore nis retirement ol "v1 ' - " j 1 - from active missionary work. I Mr. Stevens died in 197. and Mr Presbyterian board of foreign missions. Is dead at his home at Princeton. N. J. Death was due to heart failure. Dr. Ewlng was a missionary in India for more than forty years. tie was Known in Sir Jatnes Ewlng. having been t - s - tl : mjj.aegssissni t ;MtW - ' ' IF" 1 w. i 1 A MRS. SARAH JANE STEVENS Stevens now makes her home with a daughter. Mrs. Ida Paxton, fh Greenwood. who look like Greek gods on Mount Olympus. "Do you think a woman can continue to love a wheeling, puffing mountain of meat just because once In its youth It had the shape and form of a Brood looking man? Are women more likely to be faithful to an ugly shape than men f Are we to do all the charming? "Nevt time you go to the Country Club look at some of the sun browned athletic men, slim walsted and shapely, as they come off the golf course. Then compare them with some of the veranda sitters who weigh around 200 pounds and ask yourself If you were a roman tic woman, which would you love "Women are romantic.. They lova to think of their men aa heroea. They like to Imagine them on horse back topping a fence, to dream of them cutting through the water Ilk a.ula If na. Ha t r - , thorn ! from drowning, to think of them ; striking out straight from tha ' shoulder and knocking down some j atreet loafer who Insults them. Tm Hard to Imagisj. "Women have fertile Imaginations, Andrew. They can cover with glory a mighty poor specimen of man. They can weava romance around some very funny looking members of your sex. But thinking of a lithe horse taking a fence with 200 pounds of fat on It Is much too much. She doesn't want to mount her hero on an elephant, and an elephant can not take a fence anyhow. It is easy enough for a woman to imagine a fat hus - hnnd floating around on the water like a poisoned whale, but when .It comes to his cutting through the water to save her from drowning it is too wide a stretch for any woman. She has to dream of climbing up on htm and waving a flag of distress. "It is very well for a man to hit he is young and strong, but for a Into the face of an insulter of women would only make the villain laugh. "If you want me to keep on lov - inp you without an effort you better add a few bending and stooping movements to those morning exercises and cut out potatoes and sweets! "I don't want to criticise you, An drew, but when people are conscious that a man has a stomach it is high CHICAGO, AsjgTMf tl (AJP.) Ola player eagaged her hasbaski ta eae getf and eard parties, eharges Mrs. Heiea Lealse Itaai a, wha has sasd the eaa plerer, Henry A. Tsritwassa. fee SiOO.aogr damages, alleging aUeaaMesi ef affeettoaa. She alee aeks separate saslateaaaoa fries r. Ta. Daadeae. the hsjshaad. Mrs. Da - ea. whe was ssarrled ta ISSS, alleges she aad her hashaad were happy aatu he eatered Tars tens ea's t atapley. Tha s player, she alleges,' la' aadlUoa ta keeptag her hatband asray e parties. Tsrred htsa te flveree her aa . helac seeurty laf ertar. TnrsU ea ts vt prwdeeat af ch 9. A. Teteu w i r - - of eoia park Bobbed hair looks wonderful wit the tiny tint ef Goldea Glint Shampoo. Adv. ASxrPEnioR TOILET nnnn A N - tv7nT7fllilSnl aa aa - e'v' I !! W w WUUU ' YOUR STORB IS v. Here's. a contest that will be fun mlll j r 1A1AS ifi ) W ttussiy You can hare lots of fun making so many different dunes with Premier Salad Dressing. Sand - wiches for picnics, salads for bridge parties, cold meats for little Sunday night suppers. It's so easy to make these dishesyou can win and play, too! j A Ulrful UttU fceolirt wiU Mfsf f, eg - wpou WfracsC r IS the easiest thing you ever did. If you hare used Premier just write us a letter telling the different food uses you have found in each bottle. To make it easy for the competent judges who will read all letters, number each separate use (namely, 1, 2, 3, etc) for the number of different practical uses is the deciding factor. You may have used Premier in devilled eggs. Or as a delicious dressing for fruit salad. Or with Filet of Sole. Or on cold meat for Sunday night suppers. You may have put it on sandwiches tor the picnic. These are just a few suggested uses and you may have discovered many more. 147 Prizes $2,500 in gold TT arc awarding $2,500 in 147 different prizes from $250 to $10 each to thosa who send io lists of the greatest number of practical food uses from one bortle of Premier. Any woman may send in as many lists as she chooses but only one of hex lists can win a prize. This contest is open to those who have used Premier. In case of ties, each tying - contestant will be awarded the full amount of each prize tied for. Contest closes December L, 1925. Address rKANCXS H. LZCCTTT at COJJPANY. NTW YOSX CITY ' premier ad DRESSING cvf Ptrfect SWayonnais WE FEATURE QUALITY ON EASY TERMS sw - biiwssi a n r - .. litjj: J.J - 1. - 1 - g.a - ji'. r - r - t g t f llrJu Fall Styles Satin and flat Crepes, in LI... - A 4 other shades; all models and trims. QN CREDIT! THE SIMPLEST TERMS IN THE WORLD I ADVANCE STYLES Women's COATS OToats BOY'S SCHOOL SUITS 7W Pmmtt $Q.i50 Up! Young Men' SUITS TWO - PANTS $22.50M Mm J PEOPLE' CREDIT CLOTHING CO. 46 north Pennsylvania St B. HT .. M . ...... Th. St.M. VtlwM OPEX .SATURDAT EVENINGS Going up ! The daily demand for Kellogg's the corn flakes with the marvelous flavor that no others can equal. KeHoffsT ready to serve. No aticlcy pot and pans afterwards. Just fill the bowl - add xnHk or cream. Especially fine with fresh or preserved fruit, For sale at grocers everywhere. Served in all restaurants and hotels. ' 1 CORN FLAKES ALWAYS Klltft m( f ea aawer aaWea mmmtitm ssrepei p. I hm itmmmr mmd Steep thm sleliea fty - risp. An esWaei XsiUgg eear a 0 a . II I 1 1 t7.'W m Taste thai weaJerfsiI flarer fotand only lm KmHosb Corn Flakaa. Cosnyaiw it with mmj ready - to eat cereaL You'll know why ntHIioaa stamapd JCallof ga CORM Rakes 1 rz - r 4 I I - I B i

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