Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 3, 1941 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 3, 1941
Page 2
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NAITGATUOK DAILY .NEWS, WEDNESDAY; SEPTEMBER 3, 19*1 BE NO DAN AHER SAYS Sept, « .«{VJ.U;,,,tQ(lay .that. In .ov?nl non-Uefciiso- ,p)ftnts \vero fo reject to clour' through vlaok of rna.tcrlalH,-clu- /enM6: fhduairUtti uoulcf-oAsfly absorb We nearly 50,000. workers who would be i«fi kiio.*- "•".•-. • • Stal« Employment Dfrootor .MnJ. Leonard .l..iMHiOriey.|>rc(llotocl yesterday that ft 'nhortaKe. of rnutorluls might compi'.r JJ^JjnduMti'l on hori-defonuo. proJootH to ibo n«*l fuw montha, . : cominonled today thai at leant . 50,000. hjfo'nJfie workers SENATE GROUP CONTINUES ITS INVESTIGATION w^uld bti nw;dmJ 'between now and bucom- bor, Mful that any layoffs in non-rlo- jfcnse InduMtrlqg would "liMmodiuto- Jy" be Iftkoir •Jn' 'flel'onso plants. ."There Will- bo no unomployhionl, iMvould theisQ non-dcl'onsu lodustrlos be forvcd to shut down," said Dunu- bcr. . ••{-,, .- . • . 16 SPIES ARE ON -Now Yorkj.Supt, a.—(UP)—Sixteen rrion ; ' tioiHisoi} ft's ;ino'mb(.ii's of u Gort(\W Spy t'loK operating In tho Ui>ltpd States won t-on trial hi fed- enil .court 'today/ bnfofro ( tho trial opened bo- yudgoAV.pHlMuir, \V, Byurs In Klyri/'llrjrq^.; do fondants ploadod Kultty to t|Hf,ijrst "count' and 'Iniro- oen.t'to Iho;jt»oc6i,»d count ol' .the In- (iio'Mnoulf brlnklnk the number of Waylilngton, Sept. «,— (UP)—The Senate oil Investigating committee today T|ucstioius railroad ollleials about the number of tank ears available to 'transport gasoline to easiern states. . . . The committee called .J. ./. Pellcy, president of .the Assoeiation , of Arncrkwn Hailroads, to testify.'on staLements that 18,000 railroad tank ears are now idle. He* will be Col- lowed by Halph !3udd, defense Crans- porUillon expert, Son. Harold Burton, II., 0., said tlie Impending shortage liould be relieved ir there are :iy ; 000 available tank ears. He added that the committee "will try to find out from Mr. Pelley why Ihey have not been used more extensively." Tin; committee will follow its re- •vlow of the tank our situation wl i brief investigation of reported-un- wurrantod gasoline prlee increases on the. oast uoast. Price Control Administrator l,eon llMKlerson will testify. : '' • : . Deputy Defense Oil Coordinator 1 Ualph 1C. Da vies granted his consent io tho petroleum and railroad in- •lijs'li'les. to hold .conferences for a possible adjustment -of tank car freight rates. Tho rates at present arc hlKhot 1 than lankur vessels and Uil.s has been advanced as an nrgu- mont against use of railroads to car"y petroleum. WAR SUPPLY COMMISSION COMPLETED I'llKSSUKK J\(!HIO/\SKI) '.Tho (J3 (»rb?gef.l ( rlny meiubors were oab)y;'ln ,)uly -after months fotloi'tti bureau oi 1 .Four" defendants pluiuled. guilty Tho^o 1 .'who entered sim- tdjfltt'y.woro run I; Bantu, an Ir'dn worker^.Kellx .iahnke, a soda clerk; . «nd;;.nhitiard MUvh.enluub, a former : .re^iunr<uU, 1 ,i)roprlotor. ,AH Tokyo, S^spt, a.—(UP)—Powerful right wing political organlxations In- ornused pressure on llio govLM-iiinont l.ocluy, demanding that it take firm •lotion in relations with the United States, particularly I ho shipment of Washington/ Sept. 3.— (UP)— Pres- idnnf, Roosevelt .today completed the membership ,of a five-man war supply 'mission that will confer at Moscow .with the Soviet government and a similar British 'mission Lo be headed by Lord Bea'vcrbroo.k. . The mission, headed by icnd-lcasc HvX'peditor W. Averell' liurriman, -will inclurle: • '• .... Ma.), pen. .lames ' M. Burns, executive officer, division' of defense aid reports, who has- been associated with Harry L. -Hopkins in- lend-leuso work. He is one of the army's- ourt- ritanding ordnance experts. Maj. Gen. George II. Brett, chief of the Army- Air corps, wTio at present is on a special mission to Hrll- .1.111 and the Middle ICast war front in connection with deliveries o'f American aircraft. . Adrn'irul William - Harrison Standley, retired, who served from 1.1K33 to 1M37 as 'chief of naval operations and represented 'this country at l-lns London disarmament conference .of I'J.'M and the London naval conference of. J[).'J5. . • • Wllljiim 'L', Bntt, director of- the new 0PM materials .division. Ho Is chairman . of the business advisory council of the commerce, department',- president of S. K. '!<\ | Industries, Inc., and chairman of the board, American Management association. In addition to (lie /Ive official members of tlie mlsrifon, teelmlckins and sLalT members will pj-obably swell the American party to about 14, Early said. SWEPlBYFIRE Bridgeport, 'GonnV, '.'Sept,. 3.—(UP) —Damage was .. estimated at more than $7f>,000'today-in.-a" two-alarm fire'- which swept the"'.Jennings silver wa re Cac to ry 1 as t' n i gh t. JS'lno 'fli'cnien . were, overcome, smoke. The fire'broke 1 out .juifl, after 200 omployes : bad left J.ho building after completing, their day's work. Cause of the -fire- was undetermined but .NlghT, Watchman Burton T. Osgood said he. heard an explosion in the lacquer' room,shortly before the Ore was noticcrl. United Mirough Stales' war the Sea of aid Lo Japan. Russia <;\i u;n Hartford, Conn., Sept. 3.— (UP)— The Uepublioan state chairman t.o- clay 'culled a mooting of the state Mimli'al.epmmlUee here Sen torn boi 1 8 "foi\ general discussion "and eoririi der- ation '-of -such matters as tlio chair- U. S GETS CONTRACT FOR OVERSHOES Bos ton,. Se p C. :i— '( U P)—T! i e n n n y c|uarteri)!/istei i depot announced to- for J39,- ftro hfiiUirnltel'.-IJhltad' States ultl-| man and committee mumbcrs may day- the' uwiird 'of contracts 2c.ri* born Ir'r.OKrfMuny. . . bring tip;" . . ' ' '301, pairs • ol 1 all rubber, THREE BOYS CONFESS TO ROBBERIES AUJebqro, Mass;,\' ; Sep^ 3— (UP)— 'liree Pawtucket, -'R; .jiv, boys—two i;-.J yenr old, tiie' ; :oi,her ; J-'i—have con fosse rl to .more t'han : .' ; 70 burglaries in Rlio<.lc ; Island;; u : iut' Massachusetts, police disclosed' today when the trio were arraigned•;'in juvenile court. . ' . ; '••"''•' The boys were' arraigned ,on delinquency charges based: on a series of breaks"'iii Attleboro and North,. Attleboro, ''police said they'I'tlso. udrniU.ed ; M- breaks in llio Pawtucket area during • the past year, including flUin'g-"stations, ice cream .parlors and • ; yar.lety stores. "Police" S.Nic 1 v-lhcy, : ';.c'ap.lured tlie boys in Woods at ;.NoHh Attleboro yesterday -when they arrived in' n .stolen auto to obtuin. : .a-;stolen truck they hud concealed^.'- v'. Naugatuck Aerie of ;EagIes Lead Local ^Fraternities in Purchase of Certificates (Continued from Page One) share in the exeellent llnancial condition of the lodge today and who were-, unanimous, in' their .decision to aid our government by the pur-- chase of ^ the Defense Bonds. BUS DRIVERS" STRIKE ENDED ser- J7.000 .Boston, Sept, 3- t (UP)-l3us vice was restored to.some North- Shore- commuters today alter settlement of a three-day strike of -50 bus drivers,/mechanics and clerks of'Rapid Transit, Inc. A spokesman .for the Amalgamated Association of Street, Railway and Motor, Coaches Em- ployes of America (AFL) said the union had compromised on a "iv- ccnts-an-hour wage Tor drivers ;iC- tor demanding 76 cents. Drivers had been receiving 70 cents. The union spokesman said a J5 percent wago increase for all garage . workers also was granted, . As result of the settlement, an- nounned at midnight, J0,000 Win- Ilirop com m liters and 7,000. othm 1 Rapid Transit, Jnc. patrons in Siuigus, Maiden and Mclrb^cT.odo to Boston on buses this morning. ' 10 terday they, had been obliged taxi or hitch-hike. .. weight, six.c 13 overshoes' to the following concerns.: •• V '; Ooofiyoar Rubber' Co,',"- Middletown, Conn,, 5000 pairs at ?2/i(J. each; Hood "Rubber'.Co., Watertown, 12,GOO at $'2.-48: U." -S. 'lUiJ?bcr Co., ; iN 7 augatuek, Conn,, 2/1,000 at $2.50; Scrvus Rubber Co., Roek .Island, Ml.,. 5,000 at $2.50: Converse Rubber G67, : Maiden, JO.OOO at $2.55;; Cambridge. . Rubber Co., medium Cambridge, 279! at $2.5(V.;'. EDWARD J, GARLAND Naugatuck -.-Aerie',.. No. CM : was nstltutqd on February 25, J904 with fohnP, Jones'as. its first president, he late John P. Hogan as secretary and Joseph -Ne'al, its first treasurer. Mr,;;Neal is. Lhc-secretary oL' 'the •aerie today. Many' residents,..- renipmbcr .the' night the aerie .was-"organi/.ed. It;, was .th'C coldest/Fcbruai-y 25tlv in many years, . up : tg. that 'date.'. A ? strqet parade preceded ..the 'opening 'eoreinonio's which.'>ycr'e held iii'tlVo Gem Open), bouse before, a capacity audionoo and members..of- the military band in.-the parade, who played metal instruments, wqrc presented., from doing so by Ihe'scycre. cold and greatly lowered temperatures- on that evening. The first;, mccl'ing. place.-of the- aerie was in the old Ncary building on. 'Water street, and the chartmv-list' ; . of .members n umbered .150,.','Forty-two members, were admitted;' to;-nricinbersliip in the .local aeVle^dui.^^-. the past year. o0Naugatuck' Aorl.c, some .of. \yhom ha-ve'• • t\vp- : or : ' more,"_tcrriis.: ' ' , J-qii'hVl?." VJpnos;^, John : -1.?.. Gubbihs, Samuel^Graht^ThoniaS''^- Foy, Alcx- aiuler - ,T. :> McCarthy',- AVil UaiVi; P.-. Kcl I y the F. 0. Frank ..Emriiet Shea; ilolin- : -J. ' f .0a'rland.-;"hawi'c'nco 'Caul- to Chuntfking, Sept. . .%—(UP-)—The Chinese* militai'y council said toduj I hat Chinese troops hfyl driven Japanese forces of occupation out ol the Important >port of, Foochow south of.Shanghai,, and that heavy casualties were "being inilfcted on rcti'cating Japanese-. New' Re venue BillMay Yiel^ $3,679,000,000 (Continued; from Page One) Let no girl go back to school or college without her "Season Skipper"" topcoat— two coats in one— at the price of one coat, $39*95* ( no.\v; 'state ,organix-cr /or th EO^vT'li'd'nmsv Vu^patrick," J. f qn^srtppi -^ersig.V'p. ; iohn ••• '-,)-. lf .Oa'riand,-;. Lawrence floldv irrank--,].'-Wy.long, .judge John P .'.-* lyio !•) Qn P u g h i , J a i n 6s;- • -, I . - S'u H i-v.a n , Rau)'','P^iseGk, "Jeremiah.. •S.uJMv.a"/. ' Cliarles,;0.;: r cnows, Joscj^h-P:. ano, Johirr^J-.'.BuriVsV'John' Tucker, John- J. :Yictpr l^X' Burkys, - Antho'ay. Fast, dependable telephone service is a "must" for national defense. Busy wires are humming with production orders/ material .orders, transportation orders, orders coordinating the whole defense effort.. . u^rkas/; CVeoi > gc; : A;. ; Keljy ,', n ntl _- 1 lie prcsc : n t- 'i ii ciu m'b'en t' . KdNy ard. J . 0 iir- ' ' TO. ALASKA Tl II NIMBEI OF TELEPHOMEJ ^^|W<|^^^ /^^& ^^^ ^^^ *^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^w ^^^ m"- x " ; "' ^ : -s-""' ^ ^^ y'-^-* 1 '. .. ''''.i ^s jjiNr /^^^^ ^^^ff ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ s ^^^P ^^^W 1 ^fr ^B? ^fr ^Bfr IB&^Kf && ^8* ^B> ^Bu ^B^ ^iw ^Pfc ^H* ^Hf s ^w ^^B 1 ^^^ ^^^ ^^W* . , A iasK H , . Sep t., 3~( U P}— r jivy'b.' ! Russlfin;', 'boats, carrying .'i7: ; R : ussiah techhi'ulans and Anl,l;iony Pedeloy, 'isccrc'ta'r.y.'-'. of. lire . Russi'un OmJiassy ,jri 'Washington,' arc. e^pectcd.lo: leave to'day. • " ' . . ' ' ARTIST DIES IN IJOSTOiN Sept. •..' 3.—(UP)—Henry Hp'li., 1 ."'Jr'.,' 1 ' 52,- .of.'Stowc, Vt,,. artist arotiitool; <ajul : son ' v of the- late New York,,publisher,' died- at a' hospital: here yesterday. '•' A .native of ,New nochelJc, N.-'-V.,- he. -\yris as'soplated with ai'chitectui'nl ofllces .in" New V ; ork'and Monl,i:eal for-several years. ability to-ipay',- it-is,-a hnrri-cold fact itha't the - federal, lax structure/ has steadily become more -'and more regressive and' more a^d.morc burdensome to tho common man," he said. He contendQd-l.hal/the bill adversely affects smal) . corporations. The finance "committee majority made a lengthy defense of the .new- .system of taxing -community, income. . ' The- committee snid -Uinl under cx- •isting law - a mari'ied -person with an income .of .$5,000 saves $45 In federal, taxes . solely .by . reason of being a resident of a . community pi^perly- state. -'On- a $10,000 -income the -saving- fs:-'-,$!M.O; -on-' mOOO, it amounts lo, $3,351.; ,-and 1 .on $500,000 tbe.savhVg. ; is. $28,701,. .'- , . -. ' -Conn ally.- '.has -prdniisecl; to -lead, a /IglH'on the "se : halo floor -against'' the proposed 1 ' change. .".' 'v .-; ••-..;..' „-, •-. Cities it Are Hekyily Bombed (Continued -fi-om. Page .One) and thai,- larger numbers 'of : German ti-dops. were being released-.for . operations. agains.t 1 ; .beningrad as ,, a 1 'result of successes 'in"tlie : B'altic States. Moseqw gave rio specific new; de- Lai Is of tli'e 1)ussi'nn 'attacks' pi'i' the central- and southern; ; firbnts; ••although there - were/ reports of. big b.attl'-.s • near--••TuFI7vTe r --Tiuki,-'250- ; niiles south of. 1 Leningrful, that .nidieated the 'opo'ralibn's; were general : along the- entire line. / ' : '•''-' '- " ,. / JC seemed, certain on the basis of bolh Gernian and Hussian -c'oihniu- niqucs, howcvei:,' that tlie -Mcd : army counter blows had a't-..least succeeded in stalling- the '.gqneraF'c ' of the enemy and- given the, 'Ukraine army of Marshal• •Semyon Dudenny an opportunity to. consolidate new positions on. the cast bank of the Dnieper. The fact'-tbat .the Moscow communique emphasised, aerial.' op- erations..,todjiy. niay have meant that the progress' on" land—-where' tflrrcn- tial rains., have" slo,wcd operations— A "Season Skipper" does work of two coats— does the work well and saves you the. price of one; coat. » v The "Season Skipper" can b<> worn any day in the year a coaft can be worn because you regulate the weight of the coat to the temperature—zip out lining wheitf temperature's high — zip in lining; when low — and sail along on art even keel. i was diminishing or ImHctt The;tn« m;ido . no olllcml •comment on reports they )i;i<l rc- cnpl.ured or were siboul to recapture. Gomel and The British ;>ir raid on ttorlin, Frankfort and oMjor. Gcnn;in Jndus- J,ri;.il cities during |,he niglil,'was Ihc ••50lh of the war againsl, I ho Gornuui cup i I a) and son I hundreds of Uiou- .Siinds of Hermans into shellors for Ilia night. German olDeia] n<J milled Ihiil- l.hc iill.aek was "st.roMgish" and (lispiildics said that thorc WUF a l.rumcMidons "concentration" of anti-aircraft fli-o over the eiipilnl .'is niol.ors of l.hc planes were board. According to London, iL'Nvas not {.lift higgcfet. raid of tliii \var on Berlin but it was one.of the hardest and most effective. New and larger, bomb.ers and bigger bombs were used in Ihe-alUuk. ". In Southeastern Europe, where the Turks have been increasingly, afraid- thai, they were about to J)e. forced inlo l.hc con/lid.,- tbero was concern at : Ankara, over the df?par!,-. ure for Germany of Franz Von Papen, the Naxi ambassador'aiid Ui'e 'trouble shooter" for Hitler in various imnqrlunt diplomatic moves, Gei'iuan Iroops are eoneent)'nted In onsidornble strength in Bulgaria and Italian forces in (j recce and IhcJ Greek islands off Turkey. Hitler has been reported seek'ing' permission for mbvement of nrmed forces through Turkey and Die Dardanelles. . Turks f wired that Von Papon's .dopnrlnre at this time, on the excuse of illness, mi£h I. be' intended to increase the pressure on;them to grant concessions such as I'ighI,"of 1 passage for Axis ships througb l.hc Dardanelles. In fad, they did grant such' right to the Italian oil tanker Tar- 1 visio today hut at the same time refused lo guide the ship through the Turkish mine fields—thus seeking to \ Nearly lour limw .our av«rag« annual growth . . . 40,000 new l»Uphon»i In 1941/ That'* th« job w« ar« doing this y«ar to keep pace with the skyroOketing communication ne«da oi Connecticut. Everybody teem* to b« speeding up schedule* — via telephone, The Western. Electric Company, the manufacturing arm of; the. Bell System, i» making telephone equipment now that would not ordinarily be needed for two years or more. Some have been 1 so stepped up that a seven month job is being done in five weeks, , -.''•, Ovw KAOOO miles ol wire In cable, sheathed in protective covering, wtt b« added this year to Connecticut's telephone network. This cxMHlon lo our lacllitie* — enough wire to wrap around the earth eifht time* — was originally planned lor the next two years. Calls . . . and more calls . , v mean more telephone operators or* required to,handle them., During the first seven months of; 1941, i42l new operators were.employed. Above, a group of operator* in training Is handling practice' calls under the watchful eye of cin instructor. W* ore doing everything 'in our power to provide last, friendly ser- rlct /or every (e/ephone user. Bu( with'-us,' as with all, Americans, lull cooperation with (he de/ense program must come tint, • Mil (mil sn vinos banks arc (he syinhol of ctrly ideas, of Mirift. In. t.lie Colonies (h« Hrst t.hoii||lit.\v«s llu- rhJirfJi, nnxt llir. _s«liooI,'Ui«n. Uiii snvin'ns hunk. Tho. first two of l.hi* l.yiH' "f >»»»i«W \vr.rc'orfian- ixcd in iStC anil holh arc doinfi husin^s.s today. : N A U G A TUCK SAVINGS BANK avoid a showdown, with tilther or l.bc Axis: ' . <\ •In the Far East., Japnncsjo rightist j political organisations wprc cam-il paignlng lo force the goy'epnniont, of;; PreniuM' J^rincc Fnmimaro Konoyji> to UUe the most ih*m' po.sitjoni* iigninst. any concessions to .the UnljL-> cd States or Britain and to sot up.;Ji£ "safety xone" around Japanese w«>^; l.ers that would halt American wjir£ shipniionts to Vladivostok. ' <V Tho arrival of Hussian.. i,eehhle»l/1 aviation mission in Alnslci l)y. tbc| Ai'dic j'outc added to the 'hoslillt^ r ,'\f and suspicion of Japiincsc, militai;y ; H elements, who charged thai, Uiey .'ire.>' being 4 ;oncircled.'* The however,. conl.lnued i the sHence has hardly, been broken since thejj ijtart of negotiations with President;^ Hoosevclt. • ,, ' • • ^ l»nsh'y A|)|Mti SCIIIAIV^ : ,' -llipi'^d IKHif|linu(.s Layer flakes : ' Fudije llrownies Old l^nsliioiiiMl Oi'op Cakc.s llomc-MHdc HrtMid ^ "'.'. . •I*m i kcrl»«»use • Itolls : Kuhn's City Bakery MAl'MC ST. TKI.. 3t7t Great Oak Farm 0X1 OKI) KOAI> MILK—CREAM EC5GS — BUTTERMILK CHOCOLATE MILK POULTRY Daily Delivery to All Parts of Naugatuck Telephone 5049 — FOR SALE — Brick Building and lot on Woodbine Street. Suitable for Small Manufacturing Business Naugratuck Insurance Agency, Inc. Room 9 Neary Bldff. Phone 2080 ;Qur; never-satisfied desire for speed his stimulated progress. In the "good;old;'days' 1 the '-2:20 ^trotter'' was tops. Today we all;"want wiiigs." : Getting things done more quickly has meant more goods, more pleasure, more leisure for more-people. Electric and gas service has provided' "wings" ? f IS^^4W^ does^a full day's work fbr^a few pen' ; iS^i&riies^^ makes for better living at lower cost. ""*•'•.('•:• •:•'•'•:•'• ' -•• ._ •, , » new days" are gas-electric days., CONNECTICUT L'iGM I 1 H POWF R : f " CARS YOU WOULD BE PROUD TO OWN 1939 Ford SUtion Wagon 1940 Pontiac Coupe 1939 Mercury Sedan 1940 Ford Deluxe Sedan 1940 Ford Coupe 1930 Lincoln Sedan 1939 Plymouth Sedan 1940 Ford Tudor Sedan 1941 Ford Tudor Sedan c — THE — Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 Church St OF«N BVBHINQ8 Fhow S FOBD — — IJHCOLH * /' \^m , ,>4"A«

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