Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 3, 1941 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 3, 1941
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USE HADLEY'S CONVENIENT LAYAWAY PLAN REPORT ABOUT DENIED TODAY Washington, Sept. 3. • — (UP) — White House Secretary Stephen T. Early denied today that Premier Fumlmaro Konoye of Japan has invited President Roosevelt to confer, on Japanese-American••relations- at ; a high seas conference'in- the Pacilio.: Early made. this., statement after discussing with Mr,- Roosevelt the New York . Herald Tribune's report that such an invitation had'' been, extended: ... ...'.- '••". ".1. The president 'has,-no invitation. • If the Herald .Tribune, had seen fit to "check '.with the.-White House ^before . publication of the story; I would .have told.them that.' "3. The only plan 1 ., the president has involving a trip on the water in the immediate future is' on the Potomac,river." • 'The unconfirmed report' of Konoye's desire for something "resembling the historic Churchill-Roosevelt meeting in the Atlantic, follows, two weeks of conferences';between; Secretary of State Gordeii' Hull ri and; the Japanese Ambassador, Kichlsa-' buro'Nomura.; ,. . ., nu ,.,., .' Last Thursday Nomura, accompanied by Hull, conferred with Mr; Roosevelt and delivered, a perso'nal.- message. to him from Prince : Konoyc. The contents 1 of--that note have noli beon revealed. A I--yesterday's press conference, 'Mr. : .Roosevelt '.declined l,o discuss^ it and re.ferred to .the State Department',, the reporte'r who asked- whether- he had BY FRIENDS IN BEACON FALLS Beacon Falls, Sept. 3—Miss Josephine Del VecchioT daughter of Patsy Del; Veechio of ; Railroad ave-^ hue, who will be-married-on Septa 13, to.Marip., Fuoco/of Derby, was' ; • guest of honor at : ">a : miscellaneous! shower at her .home- last- evening;] Missv Jennie-Esp"osi to, Mrs. Anna"; Esposi tbv: Mrs.- Florence; Ksposi to i of towii r ahd' Miss--- Vera> Fuoco of/j Derby; •: wero-" hostesses; • -- : •"• • ,V Those; present', at- the party were; Pauline : 'and tiPulse; Del Veechio of" New- Haven; and Rose Gelone also of^j New Haven ; Jda; •'Federlco;,-.Mar-y \ Garofolo, .;Lavina Fuoco, Marie" Grie-; cot Eleanor'Gurofplb" of'Derby ;.Mrs.f Carmela Geloso; Mrs-- Eveline Wolani of Naugatuck ; ;,Mr.s : .- Stanley-Pokosky of Seymour; Mrs. Patfcy. ' Meriniiio^ Miss Maiiy. Merinlllo;,Miss -Jennie;-Es-j positOjj Mrs. Louis -Bspositb- Mrs; 'James: Thrall and' Mrs; Albina Mariano of town.-v. '. funeral of George Clark CLAPPER TELLS OF WpKBY BRITISH WOMEN By RAYMOND CLAPPER ess and COIL SPRING with high sllient, gu /' Get Both F or Only Terms to Sin* iinsweretl- v I"L; The rep.ort Mere of the , proposed Roosovcit-Konoye .meeting:.,wasVthat', Nomura' had submitted it to President Roosevelt last" week before he delivered tfie Konoye note on Thursday. . Despite the fact that officials here disclaimed any . knowledge of such a proposal-;. dlploma-tic-..ob'soryers bo- lieved that such an invitation was not, imp'rob'able. However, they saw many obstacles that, might prevent such a meeting at, the present time. First, authoritative sources have •said that th.e recent Hull-NoriiuruL- Roosevert conversations were v Jimlnary to more comprehensive 'no- gotiations .provide(l-,-a; basis Tor fuij-' ther discussion--could 1 be agreed- upon,. They, painted out thati-the.Unite'd States' posilI/ion ,-81111' stands .on- prin- clp/es enunciated, by. Hull' In; 1937— non-recognition of . territory-\acquired- by- 1'oi'ce; sctlfl.erneht' of .int,brh''i;- tional .disputes biy -peace'ful-'-meuns:;' respect for international; agreements and. for..Uie. rights and obligations ; of other nations; equality of commeij^. cial opportunity .".-To .date there, lias been no evidence . tliat Japan ; would acquiesce to these^biisic..priiiciples. Funeral.' services for George T. Clark, of Burton road, who died yesterday morning at? hiB home following a Hi-Jef illness, wilb be held tomorrow from his late home. The services which will be private -will be conducted by Hev. Craig Whit- "sitt- of Hartford, former pastor of the United church.. Friends . may call .this evening from 7 to 9 o'clock at the Alderson funeral home on Meadow street, in Naugutuck. Announced Mr. anci Mrs. William Seigrist of North circle announce the engagement of tn'eii 1 daughter, Evelyn, to Edward '^.Clemens,, son '.of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smalic. of ,10 Diamond street-;: Union; -City.. • .. -Mrs, .Anna Kuraban-of Main street; .has ..announced: the engagement of her daughter, Frances^ to Frederick Foetsch, sou, of Mr. -and "Mrs. Prank-. Foetsch-. of JtJnipn; City, formei'ly of Beacon. Falls',. No "date, has been sat/ for'' the- wedding:- . ; Briefs London,; Sept'. r *-Wheh I left the; United States civilian defense activities 'there-seemed to be- tending toward imitation of- those 1 in- England.: Com 1 petent- persons-to whom I have, talked!'here think itl'.woiild- be ; a-mIS-, take for 1 .A'nrierioanwomen to copy too" cloijely 'the British pattern. Civilian' defense work here is; pointed- directly at air raids. r Phis- means.- rtre .lighting, evacuation of! women and,children, blackout work, !'and; dozens of other duties growing;'out,. of the fact that the- ; cities .ol' : i England.are- always in danger of be- ;'ing hammered from the air. : ' ;r lh v 'tlie ; United States the danger; of air;' ; rafds~ is as yet remote. It is •hardly- worth- while at this stage to spend--a' great amount of energy .in practicing'blackout driving. There is no need for : American women to form fire* brigade auxiliaries ami to be 1 -constantly on call ; for instant duty, as-women- flre-Jlghters ai-e /here. There is no need to be organ- ylxing households for the supervision ;0f families'- during air raids. •"Jh Knglislv communities women volunteers are -trained under Lady Beading, head of the women's voluntary services, to become neighborhood captains. Each has about f)0 dwellings .for which she is responsible. She knows her 50 homes as a Tammany captains knows his block—how many people live in each house, what rooms they sleep in, whether there arc invalids in a bouse who might have to be carried to safety in the event of a raid, and ail the other information necessary If a locality is under attack. .. A son .David. Patterson,, was- born on Wednesday, August 1 27, all the .Griffin • hospital in Derby, to Mr. . and Mrs. Albert' Rupsis of .the Bethany road. Mrs. Hupsis is the ,- former Catherine Poters.on, H. N., • daughter^ -of Mrs,. David. O'Shea'-of-Uie Belhany; ; ' "' ' ' "' Complete STUDIO GROUPS Including Both the CHAIR and ROCKER! A roomful of furniture at a special. September price! Not only, do you get the large, comfortable twin studio, but you get, too, both, the matching chair and rocker. -A regular $37,50 value! ; Complete 38-Pc. Famous Brand Towel Outfit "FAULTLESS Included with Regular $50 Value "Mullet 1 h motor,- ttluinlnum >vrln- nluiiilnum ^v r i n »r«vr y«>«r thin prle-f. a 'l»rninl (hnt'M value t erm* to Suit Bridgeport, Gonn., Sept. A resolution .was submitted-.-to- the annual s.U ; te convention, .01' heti Gbn- nootic'ut tederatloii of.-labor'' today; proposing peace;negotiations: ,wIUi the -coiTSrcss: ; for industrial- orgun- Thc resolution, still to ( .be*-acted upon v was spqnsored by the cigar makers urii,on- of ;New-!.Hav0n, arid ; suggcs led a . J.pJ n t. ; A. K, . pi'.., L. ; and : G.I.O, convention • nocticul .iir November: "to-... bring,' aboul unity 1 ', between.- the two- labor-' factions.. ;, , ••• '-...:.-.'.- . ;.. :•:••.-> ^ .-.'; In- the meantime^.President • \Vil- Jiani G-reen of thenational - organ i/a-: lion, was expeclod 'to address-''-the]second -session jpf-. the'four-day,-.X5ojH 1 venliofi -lod_ay-.,, - .. '. ;;.,,.; .:..'! ji . lie^canie, before ; 'the cbn,verition;!as]; a civil, war broke out .'.among' '.dele-; gules as'; to .vyhO; vvas .resppnsiblesi'brl the de-feat of labor' bills in 'iHq^re-! cent 1 general assembly',, .espcciallyl the' .measure- creating; a sta'tet'' lab'prl ijelalions'; board in iGohnect'lcut. ., '"•.'; , Secre lary ,7oh'n -JI 1 Bgah;• iri'i liIs' an.-t niial,. report, i said-' ''greed- 11 '' for-' par] tron'ag-e. among: polltltaUleaders aridj legislators "had more-'-.-tp do Itie- defeat- of; opposition that MJ e em p 1 oy or s i n th e State :Sen- .Joseph) }'P. .»Rourkei Di, New Haven- : a;- delegate ;-^o- J the 1 convention, . lmm%Uia 1 tieiy'''- I i«et'0rfe 1 d i . lict would'- protest' -. tb ; Uie- cohveritlon- 1 agalnst= the- niarmen/rin : -which' itsJ program was handibjcl: b'y Egan : ih '•th'e' legislative' session^ which con- c-ludedMn Juhe; ,.. • RourKU.' saUl' ho- witli Egan^si report-;- and: Mrs.;, Benedict Zollo, and ; \ infanI. dauglifceif,' are 'at their home, ori- 1 Felspar avenue. The baby was' bonni al'mo'st lw,o.<:weefes' ago : 'at,St'. Mary's; hospital in Walcrbury. Private Francis Dolron, stationed^ ,at. : F.ort,Deyons, spent, the week-end .wilh- i; his -p'tufenUjt/. Mr. i andi . Mrs. Frank-Doii'oh on'South-circle k Private Anthony Pisani;. is enjoy-' ing: a few- .days furlough- from Fort' Esetis,'.•Va'.- l i?arjd;.is visiting .hjs parents on; •Mai'Jti stueefc.; . • . • •'•• Red Gross-- sewing-will- take place tomorrow.; a.U the; town. hail. Al) those wishing^t/o..assist ar'c aske<l ; -tb; -'coniihunicate witli Mrs. Art-h'ur An-; •drew- or -Mrs. Ralpho Holbrook> • Gonfes^ipns .will 1 be heard- tomor- ; row afternobh and evening'. at : St. JViicl^aer's church-! Th'e mass on ; FrU day morning Will be 'celebrated :<t .7:30; O'^clocki Hply Gommunibrii \vill ji'e given 1 at 1 :7 o'clock to. 1 those who The problems are; different in tlm United Status. The situation there i* not Hkely to call^on-women for tho type of.heroism required here. Yoiing English women who . have 'never done any sort of work before are now on nightly.' duty at lire sta- , lions. Whoii a raid begins they operate the telephone controls through which fire-fighting apparatus is directed. They go out ..and help 1 ' pull victims from the. wreckage. ' They drive, mobile units through. Debris-filled streets to get :first aid in qulbkly. to bombed areas. All this work g.oes on- out . in tho open while a blitz is in progress. American women who are familiar 1 with the problem here believe thai "iciyillan defense' activity in l.Iifl Uiilted'States can- prollt greatly from the nattire i5l' the activities under- itiikerr- should- be modified to rn<iet American needs. One' !;hTn'g/;"sttari)ly noticeable by a ••visitor* is. Uiat -class- lines 1 have been obliterated,', except jh the: 1 sense that-' ladies?,of-' leisure ?who go into fyi* work- Her ; e''must' Show that they .have the slu-lT- before working- class Avives \vi|l accept them around the flrc stations. A- naval ofticer's wife wilJ. wor.k have, |o, leave o.vcr. beforc the' mass, iis, The'meeling.of'the Ladles' ciety of the United/church scheduled^ for tomorrow evening lias, been/ ..postponed: until,Thursday, Sept: 11. TROOPS IN NEW ihdicatedi might :Jead : a.r'flb or; fight, against! the 1 federation, se'crdtary. - : /.'/.'• . .,... '/' | r-i- .0 -v. Hartford, Gbnh., :Sep ; t : .,, ^ labo'r' commlssipneif -Dahah'er' appealed tbyJhy wives and/ children- over Harvest' the 1 - apple"and ; -/peach ^.Growers) h'e;- said;r'were'-; facied, \vlth , Ri.serlpus problem ib -----'"-^ <^**' pickers during the Cornelius . to: Housc- ^to help Fort Devens, Massi, Sept. 3.— —Lti-Geh. Hugh A: Drum, firs commander, praised;, the -iO^OOO'north•- east' -troops; engaged in New Eng-, band's largest; practice war today, for. ip. days' of; cbncentra'ted action' Svlthout'a serious-accident-. Gen. Drum arrived yesterday and. spent? most .of, the?; night ..watching 'blackbut; maneuvers' by'both- tlic de^ fehdlng' Blue :and- the;.Invading Red ; -a ; r m i es. HJB. ' said he had broil gh t 1 . h is. flannel pajamds; because' he iheard''.^^ ../''gets- chilly inlghts:-'up;• this;., way. 11 %en', \DrujTi' planned to leave. today W possibly as a ina'te to,-, the .wife of a machinist. .;Among?-L ( ady Reading's 12 regional i directors; covering • the Bri tish- 1 Islo, there is ; one' womaiv who formerly was a-.-guide:•• Another" was- a trap druinrnqp. One>. Is a^ society woman, another- the wife' of-a lawyer, and still- another •• an 1 artist; The neighborhood captains usually are house- wtve.s,. most' of' whom have '/hover l ;before done'any thing in the'way. of ^community.' work'. The' organisations "are dec'idedjy not;' clult-vvomen's af- j.fairs, but good cross sections'of the "! Whole'- community; , Oiit- of> a. number^ of- .conversations •\v, various, women," both Briiisli ; : ahd American, the chief suggestions 1.,-have gathered*;arc that- womcn> in the United*'States might,-well; give considerable attention to <iirst-<iid training, to 1 communal feeding and to.-., automobile- .transport, The thought, is: that civilian defense j,training in. America' can.,be adapted ;.to work- which would- have peaceful as well as .war-time-, value. . ; ^ With the-? increasing; drain; on- the isupp.Jy of skilled' mechanics- in the United;- State's^ it/ is; possible • that : womeh-.cttn'lie trained \ as : they have '-been .here,-:- to ; dp- certain 1 light 1 re' pair work, to' 1 drive trucks^ and- to ^replace manpower in various other ! way's; • -..-•••..'•• ; . I .. . __^:— +++ -. — ^ " • a ri d' 11' a p i>'ea r» that th e; pVp bjl e hi^can -\ only be solved by/voluleer wbrk'ers' ort' (he' part of« the people who\are not normally in the labor ; marketi— aubewives and students." ^ * Danaher said he had ^heard ^th^t several community clubs already liad arranged for. thelij memBersMo Help with' 1 the crops, and'lui'ii^a portion of their earnings^ oven; to> the club treasury. , .-< ^,4 ^ s. , M •• Meanwhile; the V| rear guard retreating Blue 'defenders continufed- to hamper: the^a'dvanee of 'the.-'.Red.i army vyith| m'ln^r 1 ' '• cburiter--attack8 aiid ; bri;ef airplane 1 raids;; ^ ^ ; , A; V 5 I;IeadauaRters . of, tlfe;;sixth Army Qpriis rep ; or;t'6d':. the ; '• dpfendersi had iilpwnt up ; - b^Tdges','.along, Wjei- Nashua riV;er, '•'.destroyed/, rbajds .-in;.- the battle arear from ^Wao.Huseit; mountain: 'to' gas; ;traps>.ih •~j^ t ' • '.'_.•• The 1 -annual far pf : the Ghildren's ;Center '\y\U L be held' September; 13th • Trom'- t ll' a.: m..lo '6,:30 p. ni. a;t' the '-Center..grounds,' >:l 400.'.Wh v ithey Ave- Jval leys' •.inV;t^ai^a.^Whlte;vstrips;bf; 'clbth- riiarketivdestroyed-jbbjec^ •snipke • andkx*'tear; gas ^. : bombs.'were (used •ipste^^ojf, thev.poisbn The ; spears headed si on frdmvGampr EdwardB, ,>yere- driving the Blue^army troopB back from the Nashua a'iver along a line ex<tending froni .Paper Mill 4 Village, Mass., to Hollirt, N. H „ and' lighting toward the; strategic heights near Towusend. Both armies shitted bat' tie 'position*, during the night. Tax '.The Naugatuck., committee, -wUh Mi's./ .Philip^ Rice ,-as; Qihairrnan,.. is sponsorihg a- 1 booth . at which ; 2J5 cent grab-bag,'packages .will be sold through a' post office; arrangement, whov :\vlllt. .aotv as. post• during .the. dayr are; Miss ;.\Vihibel;- Schaffer; "Mrs^S- Lewis : Hotchk|§8,.•;Nflss/ Dorothy ' Randkl 1. MIsSx Beyerjy^ M4jn»oh,^ Mrs. .ToHii - H. Mrs; Rice: 1 " Naugatiick SEAL CAMPAIGN Hartford, thirty-fifth.. Sopl. a—Plans- for the annual Christmas Seal cmpaign in «Ui is \stafe w i IT "be* 'outlined at an all-clay session 1 of local chairmen and workers at the New Haven Medical association headquarters on Whitney avenue, on Friday, September 5, : according to an an- Inounccmenl, .made today by Miss Mabel Balrd, campaign director for the Connecticut Tuberculosis association- here. More than a' hundred; leaders of the tuberculosis campaign throughout the state are expected to attend and. general plans will he outlined-by Charles L. Newcomb, director of the campaign for the i^7r- tional Tuberculosis association, New York City. . Dr. Joseph 1. Lmdc, member of the State Tuberculosis commission, and Mayor John W. Murphy of New Haven will be among the speakers at the noon luncheon session, at which Dr. Ira V. Hiscock, president of the Connecticut Tuberculosis association, will preside. Mrs. • G. Hadlai Hull of New liondon-will pre- side at the morning session, ami several of the local, chairmen iry charge of the campaign in variouV parts of l.lio- stale* will;take part<fti the -meeting. ' ,.-,."' Out of his own experience with the disease, Sloven Dohanps, nptc'cl American muralisl, .has! designed the 10U Christmas Seal ami featured 4. as his symbol of the tuberculosis campaign, spreading light and leading the way to safely. ^ Every time the American- people are told by Nazi spokesmen that Hitler has no Intention of attacking the United ' States, more" people swing over in favor of still greater aid to Britain, for invariably, aue& statements have meant the exact opposite. • , WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- ' WitWrt OlMMl-AiMl Ytu'll JM» O« W in HM Mwrnn* JUrin' to G« Th* Hv«r should pour 2 pint* of bO« julc* into your bowel* etery day. If this bite !• not flowing freely, your f oo4 m*r »•* 41- g«*t. It may Ju»t decay in th« bow«to. Tlwn iru bloau up your atomach. You t«t oon- •tipaUd. Xou tcel pour, aunk atad UM world took* punk. It take* OIOM gooA, old Carter'* Litti* Liver Pills to get thcoe 2 pint* of bite flow* inf frtclr to make you f«ct "up and ttVk Get a packa«« today, Tak« a» dir»«t*<. E(T«cttv« in making bilt flow freely. Aak for Carter'* LitUe Liver Pilte. lOrf and £ft* r HEADQUARTERS FOR PENS 59c to $15.00 SCHAFPBR — PARKER WATERMAN'S — MOORE, — ESTERBROOK — Come Here For School Needs SWEEN EY'S STORE 1942 Philco Radio and Phonograph combination, in beautiful console cabinet. Only $59,95. SWAN ELECTRIC CO. 15 Church Street TeL 2574 IN FALL ATTIRE AT Breen's Sport Shop 207 Church Street TeL2«87 Naugatuck-Made Footwear Serves You Better U. S. Rubber Company Footwear Diviisloii Jfrlehds' of ' the 'Center are' revested 'tb'leave'dbhitfbns. for ;th ; e - pbist' office ,,bopth^ at the : ; Howard whittemore ^Memoriffl • library^.between 12:30 and !5:30 p. m. any. (lay except Sunday f until ^September 13th. The fair this year will furnish interesting entertainment to children and adulto with iU varied*program of-music,', dances, booths, stunts/ a Bpecial»< luncheon^ at noon, ^ancl a ,and- tea. at- 4 p. m. i '• '-• AT DITC CH Al JSU5 oJ

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