Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 2, 1941 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 2, 1941
Page 1
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Pig* Eight NAUGATUCK DAILY TU$i>AY r SEPTEMBER 2, 1941 FOREIGN VIEWS ON SPEECH OF ROOSEVELT London, >^.'^ " said So pi. to'day 'H Labor Urn 'most svar-llki! htil -'Unit ho would .— (Ul')— ^'<:ws|'» thai, T'resldei May speech \va> ho has yet made have to cnnvimu Imml- Mm 'American people of the fiwr.i(J«. of 'UKill. 1 [HH'll, ' Tljn said the- .spw'ch should orul-u tundcncy, wb'lch 'bad begun lo Mi/iVo-yltsoir foil, oir both sides oi thir! Atlantic., 'lo ; nuns lion IMn of American help In I HI.lor, as well as " flolonnlnatloii by which it .Is Hpi red." Tho Dally Mall safd there bet-.n' a growing nervousness over, Indications that tins llrsl, Amrif'liian' ofilliuslasin I'ur the- allied oniiHd lias not been malnlafiH'd In mu'-nl-woiiks," But now, the news- pupor said, Mi 1 . Itnosevtdl "once again ' prmiiistis I hat America will lake'part In oiuiHhlug the; forces of iMHJtiiu vloluiioi!." IL said, however, that the American pnoplo were "mil yul fully convinced" of their peril. NIC "the In- had HIM Home, Sept. 5d,—(U I 1 )—President. HoOHtiVult'.H l-abor Day speech Indi- uutnd that at least some of the Ariuji'lonu people; are for peace, Italian commentators said today. They said that since the speech WUM ail appeal Lo labor, It might be HHHiiriHJV.r that thoru was an iinwlll- IngiuisH among workers to support^ Mr. Uoosi'vetl's "war program,"" ly,- ' The PniHltlcnl'M 1 afimission of Axis vlolorlen probably foreshadows I'ur- Mior demands upon Congress and tlid Amorloan people, Italian sources wild,Among the views expressed here Tli6 speech primarily was an oc- Daslpji' for Alt'. Roosevelt, lo explain tliq\o|Klit point program ho worked Replace Men in Philadelphia Gas Stations Because of the replacing men while C, P, Phonephoto he shortage of .men..caused by the. demands of the Army and defense industries, girls are, i as attendants in Philadelphia gas stations. Berget Hollman is shown filling up the radiator, ilc Sophie Boychuk tries to convince a customer that his car needs more oil, out with British Pi-line Minister NVInsloM Churchill at Uie Atlantic conference; The lack of any direct attack on .Japan IndicaTed an effort by Mr. Ronst-vell lo draw Japan from Uie Axis; Mr. lloosovolt trier! lo miidmi/.c the importance of Adolf Hitler's con- I'cronce willi Benito Mussolini last week by falling to mention it; As an appeal to United Stales workers on Labor Day, the speech stressed the gravity of strikes and other labor troubles In the United Stales: x 'Mr. lloosovelt used the language of the [iead of a.state at' -war. The morning newspapers generally, played down the speech,-publishing only a .brief summary from the oflleial news agency on- the back pages. . . • .. IVY/I STATEMENT- Berlin, SepL;. 2.— (UP)— A .. Niw spokesman asserted today tha President Uoos'Cyell's Labor' Day ad- dross revealed him as "a new Kor e risky who is trying to woo In workers' support and at. Uie stun .time acting as a pacemaker . To Bolshevism." -rn UK to ner; uo xne oesc JL can. I'll think of something which >vill spare you both as mucti agony as possible." , ' "Thanks, my good friend, but it is I who must tell her., I-owe it to her, to myself, to our love. No one else — not even you — can do it." "You are a brave man .and a good one. Once'you said you knew you ;could', count on .me whenever you : . needed . me, whatever your need might: be/Yti'u-spoke no. more than the truth, Whatever happens, Harry, I am your friend. Hold fast to.' that thought. 1 You . must lose Beatrix. You .will not lose .me." Beatrix, playing tho, piano to soothe her jangling- nerves,' looked up and '• saw • her beloved standing at.the window. She rose and went swiftly-.into-'the garden. : "Yo'u don't have to explain- any- 'thirig, my dearest dear,". she said softly as she put her arms around him; "I', know' ttiere' was some reason you couldn't ,come tonight. STONY So FAR: Dr. Jekyll sooretly into a «l»»kvi^r orcaturo ,'ceilto "JSydv" <mct thvn back to hia normal volf, Resentful becauso fijr • Gharlvs JBmory Hi* (Uiuyhtcr Mvatrkv, who enyayoil to Jokyll, to tho 4«r« hv chanjyca to "Hyde" .'<fml rents an apartment for '' VarmaM Whoso H/o locomcs tor* bocanso of hla cruelty. Ho boon in complete control of ohanyos in Ms personality tho night his financeo rc- to Lrtulon, On his -way to r ho is hor>Hfiod to find himself "Hyde", Ho noes to. tho barmaid ana Mils nor, Vnablo to ontor his laboratory and tako 1htt potion whivh will make him Dr. Jokyll, ho loaves a strange note at tho'homo of his good friend J>r. Lanyon, \ Chapter Three 1 The hftndwi-itlng wag Jokyll's bo f ond question «o X.nnyon roJJowod lio directions. Aa ho entered his garden on hla roturn, "Hyde" jump•U out from behind a bush and Or. Harry J«ky!l \ Mr. Hydo f Ivy Potci'ton . Bna«rix Kniory . Sir Ch*rlo» Emory Or. John Lsnyon . Sam K!ggiits . The Bitliop . • Foolo « • Wri. Hlggin* . n Or. Heath . Intern* Fenwick . peace of mind- sanity oven— ' "Stop, that wild raving! If you tako ono step toward the doox*. I, will fire." "Vary well. You will havo no reason to fire. But remember your professional vows. -In a moment you ivlll bo a party .to a secret you aro sworn never to rovoal." Ho 'lifted the glass and drank from it. Lanyon, in fp.sci tinted horror, watched tho ovJl stranger become hKs best friend, "I tried to spare you, John," aaid Jekyll. "I warned you. Rcmcmbo: 1 —oven when I was not Harry Jekyll —I tried to keep this horror from you." "Those experiments — ,tho one? by which you hoped to wipo out !vil — did they load to this? Yoiu ccret is safe with me—you must enow that. But,you must put .an .... _ -. nd' to this tampering" with ,tho '•emandod tho viala, l»anyon Insist-') [supernatural. Destroy the formula . jd that thoy go Into tho houno, ^>o more. Wipe tho thought of it •when thoy wore In-the study Lan- rom your mind .forever. .yon began asking questions, Jekyll hesitated a moment be"Of courao I know Jokyll — I'm fore ho 'spoke, Ho would have ••no of his oldest frienda. And my saved hla friend more suffering imm« — .not that it is any con- if It had boon possible, but he knew cern of yours ^- ; Is Hyde. Stop o must tell tho whole, the'brutal my time ftnd give m.o whp.l truth." ... "There Is more to the horror, John. Today. I tore up, the formula, -f sworo by my love for Beatrix— tho most aacret oatti I could,- taho =—that' I wo,° 'done with all, .this forever, 7 have always- made' .the change' 'of volition'. But this' evening..-•-. this evening when I .was going to" 'Beatrix '— 'the change cnmo without—" his'broken words stopped.' •'. '•'/•' ,, , , ,. .!" "You can fi^rht 'this, Harry," said •Ad up t ed fro in t he Me tro« Goldwyn 'Mayer Pictii re by LUCY HUFFAKER CAST.OF CHARACTERS . Sp«ncer Tracy Ingrld Bergman • • • Lnna Turner Donmid Crisp • . .Ian Hunter 1 Barton MscLano , C. Aubrsy Smith • Polar Godfrey • Sara Allgood Frederic W or lock Tmnncn iurnea to gv oacK, wnetl'he felt the weJl-knpwn convulsion coining on. When it, was ended-there waa'xto. more hesitation, ' "Oh you did come! Everything'^ all right and—" her- happy -worda ended in a scream, as she felt th«> strong amis of "Hyde" around her, He dropped her : as he. saw Sir, Charles coming in answer to his ciaugnter's cries for help. He raiseci nis stick and- struck .Sir Charlea such a .blow on the..-'head that ho fell. The beating, continued, until his stick broke.; "Hyde" ran from the garden just as a.servant and a, policenmh hurried toward'.the .dead man and the sobbing girl. "Hyde" reached his haven-befpro his, pursuers caught up with him. He crashed through a window and ran to the. laboratory. Dr. Lanyon had started for hia club when' a sudden -fear gripped him. He reached the- Emory's just as • the pursuit ...started. '. He joined it. :When-.the'running men reached the l^use they clashed through- 'it.' They stopped at -the door of tho laboratory. It .was... bolted. They heard scurrying feet and the crash of a cabinet. ' • •, , Jokyll was just rising 'from th« floor when at last 'the door was •forced open, ••-••• -..- • . • •: ; "A maniac'burst in and attached rivr.," said Jekyll. "Ho went out tha, back door, ;but first -he ; knocked me senseless for a few. minutes. That is why...!' could not; open tho door for -you." •,.>•.'• •••,'•'•. . He had. .not upticed that Lanyon was in the room until he heard his voice telling the policemen not to go. ... "We must get our man," cried one -01' i.feo.'.'policemen. "Ycu have him," said Lanyon* pointing to ' Jekyll. . ' . "Talk sense," said t&o policeman. ."This man. is Dr. Jekyll." "I know. Nevertheless -he ig your man. Look .at.him!" The policeman stoo^l motionlcsa for a moment. They could lievo what, they were seeing-. Th» convulsion .was a short one and before the men could move r ''Hydo lp stood before them. Before they could roach him he' threw a big* jar at them.. ... 'They made a brave effort to catch him but he overturned furniture, he threw bottles of acid at' them, he knocked them down. As if ho were some wild animal ho, you havo been ordered to .give me," ••VNot IK> fast, ilr, la Jokyll all tight? Do you know where he iW ' - - • • v . . - ' *Of course I know where ho Is." " will tako mo to him tanuxllAtory.". Ho opened a drawer H. hiii doak .and m that second 'dc* grabbed the vial caao. Ho pot.make n dash for the door, •ow«ver, as Lnnyon had him cov- '.•fto >wtth .a revolver, .! ' • .- Iht last time, Pr, Lanyon, ^ „ let me'out "of hero alono?" **For »the la»t time — no!" With a hideous laugh, "Hyde" $!>•...vlMf and began lh»lr content!,, Lunyon watched htm Intently, convinced he waa ad. Wh»n Mh« potion had and •teamed a mlnuto, raited It but did not drink to had one nor* plea to make. t 1 ? *wr your take I plead with y«u ; to 1ft me) take ihlt and go «nfttfy. Jekyll will explain U lo jKm tafer, Bo you want to Jive on have or to you want yonr T wUl not be I unleashed! LanyoR, "I will! oonauorod'by'the t> I w,*!J begin as of this—" tho words died , en. his .lips.-.. When h0--«pqke again ho-was holding his hands out and Booking at them v/ihh horror, "John! With these, hands — tonight T — I — I choice'd. a girl to death •—' with those — rio not these,.— not thoso . hands!" -i When .Lanyon could apeak he "What about Beatrix?" i, "There 10 only one thing to do. '' 1 ' ' I never Uoubted that for a moment feped on high shelves and pelted. I never have doubted you, I novel will." There was a deeper note in her voice as she went on: "Something more' I want you "to know. If ever there should be anything to forgive, I will forgive it. I love you so that — ." . "Don't, Bee," he cut through her words. "Don't make it harder fot me to say what I have to say. You mustn't forgive me any more. You must make up your mind' to—" he stopped, unable to. go on. "Tell mo, darling, what's wrong?. I am strong .'because of my love. I can stand anything. .What is it that I must make up my mind to do?" . "Never ,to flee me again, We can't .-be ' married now or ever. -If \*ou -ever believed and trusted me, Relieve and trust me now. It's for your . happiness I am saying .we must never see . each o.ther again." ! "X don't understand, , unless ;you're trying not to hurt mo too much.. pbn't ^try. Of course you are free if you don't love ' me any more am not a child. I can happen, such things , . . "You don't understand , at all. I can't explain la that must separate us.' In the name of our love, Bee, I plead with you toilet' me go before I weaken," / . "I . i.wUl not let yo.u go, if- you love me." , m •• He held her close for a moment. then without another word walked swiftly; from the garden, He heard her cry' to him 'to come back. He could .resist no longer, He had the men below with anything he- could lay his hands- on. He jump-! ed to the floor only :to bring the' shelves down with him. He ; growled: and snarled and laughed in gloei every time he eluded ' the police- ,' men. • . ' ' | "Shoot him!" cried Lanydn to one. of the men. . • . ••' ••'••' "Steady Dr. Lanyon. We miistj take him if we -can." "Shoot him,' I say! -He —.Dr. Jelvyll I mean — would want it." : Just as tnernen seemed tp have, "Hyde" cornered at last ho 'leaped: toward a . set, of surgical instru-^ ments and pulled from it a; large knife. He was : striking out as ,he edged around ; to -the . door. In a moment he would-be outside) and, could make a dash, for freedom. • . - , Dr. Lanyon, who had been stand-* Ing aside, too stricken to take par* in. the struggle, was ; suddenly, galvanized -into action. He wrenched the ; revolver ^rom the .policeman who had refused to use it, •_ ; • |. The first shot went straight to, Its mark. •• -' ' . . . :'- : V.'-;.,. rr ' '";:•" 1 "I have kept my vow to you/ , sobbed ttfuvyon as he looked down; at the N dead man. ^. .' V., ., u- j: It was the face o* h|e friend h« saw. Death:, which brings Its own, dignity vhad wrought .the miracle. Dr. Jekyll rested in peace. THE END. 1MI by Lo*w f § to* prlnUd la V. ft A. ThpusiiiuU arc belter women today boili pliysicully and menially because of her. tcicn- lific uiidcrstanding of figure prpblcmii. Take udvitntagc of this opportunity to have a'^FREE i-onsultution and leurn fuel* |U«| will help you .to boiler health and better appeariince. HIT NOW AT Waterbury PUKCAUTION : ' ;/. ^CToronto Globe and Mail) . j, iM'ussoiini, has forbidden chorus girl's.,'to. dress like Italian soldiers. If IhJs 'order had not been issued the Italian comedians, might, have been soon going Lo wor'Iv on the heroes of the ZSorth African campaign. ; "On the one hand, 1 " the spokesman said, "HoosevelL is making use of Bolshevism Lo forward his im- periali.stiti ambitions \antl on' the ofcUur liaiuMic speaks of liie sanctity oi: 'religion and of everything that is the negation oC Bolshevism. -"This" discrepancy is rcJleeled through on I, the .speech. "Roosevelt spoke regarding workers'-rights, forgetting, perhaps, that the highest and most sacred right is the right to work which certainly is not reflected in.the United States •unemployment figures. . All in all the speech contained no . now for- 'eign political ideas. Jts internal political perspectives are characterized by the problems mentioned •ubove'." WAR IN EUROPE A YEAR AGO, SEPT. 2, 1940 (By United Press) Giant., 'four-motored German planes made, their first -appearance over Britain. Speculation rose a* -to whether Germany was making plan* to land Croops by air. British bombing of Ch.irtrcs, '-Vance, was reported by t,erma vy Famous cathedral wa-s said 'to have boiMi narrowly missed. The British sloop Fcnzanee was torpedoed and sunk. The Danish merchantman RISC was sunk by a British mine. The new taxes arc to be paid, at least, in part, by. thoso- who bave not been asked to pay up to uy. present time. 'This, -.loo, is as i should be. •Everyone should be made to pay as he is able. CAMPFIRE CORNER By JACK WELCH THIS umourrous suM f isn Pum|>kin-sced Sunfi»h 1—Spinous portion of doi-sal fin. 2—Soft portion of doraal An. 5—Caudal fln. v -t—Anal (hi. 5—Pectoral fin. 0—Ventral fin. 7— Mandible or lower jaw. 8—Snout. 9—Operclc, or gill coyer. 1<>— Lateral Hue. 'TJ-Mfi SUNlilSlI In one or more of its various forms and color com- ulnaUons is probabl'y known !.o mare p.eoplo in America ' than any other member, of the tinny-elan. Young li.sho.rmen.' are "broken in" on the. sunnle, and childliood memories . are • likely to- linger up. .hrough tho dry-lly-casting : for-trout ala'gc of. -the a'junc. At .least 'live, ffenera and 11 well- known .species of 'si/able .sunfish arc, ixativc to. .tl\e United States and hoy 'are'so- well disti'ibuled that one or. more of--thorn' can lie. found in -iilmosL- any -region where there ire : Jakes, poiids or streams. ; ' '•'.Tliree 'of-' the live Kenera ' I'P;MI- tiqned. 'b.ut one species each. yne>of the-'better known of these is 'the '-Ilier 11 of Virginia ponds, jijlso /buiid ' so'u'thward /into l< A loi'idi(. and Louisiana, and in . lessor quanUlios some distance.' northward up the Mississippi- valley. The Ilier's a -jrp0nish sunniu, with dark bro.wn spots,in lines along his sides. No's :i'-'; 1.111,1 c fe 11 ow b u t ga'i n c y fo r his -.1 intensions and an acceptable pan- lish. •'..-, . : Kinds of SunlLshcs r rhe mud sunllsh, distributed Llii-ouKhout sluggish, streams of- the Atlantic coast, from New York lo North. Carolina, is another siimiic ,vhicli'ha.s an entire, genus to'itself, t's dark green,"'with .darker- longi- ndinal bands along caoli side and i black spot on each gill cover. The nuddur' isn't ' highly esteemed as 'ood, ranking low among .the pa.ii- islies. . The -green 'sun'llslr, belonging to till another genus; is 'the )n/y member of his 'clan.' l-le's a ilraiigcr to Die Atlantic coast, mak-, ng liis home in lakes and streaiiis- vest of the Alleghenics, from tho ."ireut Lakes f so.utliwa.rd. He's the 'blue - spotlcd punkin' - seed" of Jouth Dakota, Nebraska and Kanas farm bo,ys. Good 'eating, too, jf r ou have enough of them. Many of our common sunllshes ribe, .Lopo.inis;. pallidus,;. ..the bluo- re.members of the genus Lepornis, leatled:, b.v that' leader of all: the ;lll-.'. (jrinic as,, any . bass,' when he caches his maximum sixe, palatable as any trout when properly prepared, this aciuatic beauty bo/.; tiisls the skill of the Jly lisberman and causes the small boy's cup o joy to overflow. His rod and- rec 'weight record 'J« : two pounds 1 ounces, and lie sometimes grows ./ well over'a foot in length'. '. A roil- ant'artiUoia! lly. used witl a very -small 'spinner is'one of. the bcsfbets for the lly fisherman' whei he's 'after 'bluegills, and of the natural baits the. Hsh. prefers Uio common old angleVvorm, .although on uccasion he'll fall for crickets grubs or grasshoppers. Besides being - a .bluegill- h.o's a blue bream ordinary bream, blue :sunflsh, dol- lardee, or blue pei'cii, according to the region..whence he hails. And Uie Others - Other familiar/ members . of the genus Lepornis arc the long-eared sunlish, the red-breasted bream, and the red-spotted ' The longear is one of the-most abundant, oJ' tin: family, being common from Min- nu.sul.a- eastward' anil- southward, lie's a brilliant blue and orange fellow, and'he's distinguished from the other' sun'Mshes chielly by. LI long and broad gill cover,, with pale blue or red margin., He grows to» a length of eight inches. The red-breasted', bream is usually sumcwliat HniallQi', and- ID'S belly is mostly orange red. The rod-spoiled .sunllsh. is--round, from Ohio westward lo South Dakota and southward lo iTexas: lie's-blue- in genHrai.-a.ppearancp and his. sides are mqM.ied- wi.lh ^reenJs'h spots. Th:c co in n i on-' .6 u nilis h, o r p u m pk i n - ueed-v )s - thevAmeribah boy's lish pre-- einiiicnt. 'lie's found in ; the north- en?'.- Mississippi - valcy,; eastward to Maine and '.sout'h.ward to Florida, uul h'o. hardly, i-enuii-es any description exceptrthat h'e" can, be identified by 'a bright, scarlet mark on, the lower part of each giil. ( cover, or opercular "/lap. ' ., .The•"•soiith.6riv slicll cracker, McKay's, sun./lsli and the red-eaVed sLml.lsh all belong to the stime genus as -the' pum])kin-so.od, .Hie .Buponio- tis. The accompanying sketch not only shows what the pu.mpkin-secd looks like, but gives the ..names of various exterior^' parts of this and other:' fishes. .•,.'... - • TOMOEROW —- WED. MRS.E, A. £;•' HUXTABLE »ervlce S. H. CAMP * COM PAINy v *vill be here to n'rv* you scientific acivi.-e •TABLISMIB 1M9 Come and get them—boy*, young men's and women** fine shoes—all one price, $2.95—formerly $S*OO to $10.95. All sales final—no approvals— no exchanges. We must make quick work of these shoes — we're pinched' for room — and the carpenters and decorators are howling for more room. Junior rugby wool school suits— sizes 6 to 11 — some suits with shorts, others with shorts and knickers, 5$.00—£rom $10.00. Transport Plane Reported Missing * (Continued from Page One) oi' State Cordell Hull, iiiKli SUVITII- nicnl ol'J'icials, ainbassudoi's, inin- isl.ors and proininenL llgure-s in New York ;ind Washington sociely attending. •Among t.he ol-licr passengers was Dr. Robert, B;ilin;iin Mowal,, ono of Oreul, Bril;uin's most no loci l^istor- ians. 13r. Mo_wal,, since 11)28 pi'ofes- soi- of history at tho University of Bristol, is the author of many books on European and American history, most of them doaling witli Uiuloniutic relations, lie .served in the secretariat of the-war cabinet in i'.HS-J'J.- The'Belgian diplomat flew to North Amci'Tca from Britain two or three weeks ago ami went to Nuw .York on a ..special mission to I lie Belgian embassy's offices there. He left New York Aug. 25 and boarded Ihu Ferry Command bomber at a Canadian' city .where, it was bo- Jiovnd, tho plane took, off yesterday. Col. L. Ji. AVraugham oC the British imperial arniy, E. Farnsborough, Hants., teclinical oIK'icer. British try. Dr. Mark Benjamin, - Wembley, Middlesex, Kng., attncbed to U»n central scientiHc office, Was!) ins- ton. Jladio Officer Samuel Walter Syl- cnham, lCi.lmonton, Alt. First Officer Oooffrey L. Panos. Tonbrklgc, Kent, ling. Kenneth Garden,' Google. Sydney, Australia. . . Dr. Mowat, who In 11)25-20. was a visiting professor of history at tlid University of Wisconsin, returnc-/ to tbe United last Novcmbe; and lectured at several, colleger and universities under tbe auspice of tbc Carnegie Endowment for In- Vichy. Sept. 2. — (UP)— Versailles hospital authorities said l.odny th,»|. Piorro Laval and Marcel Deal, wore recovering so rapidly from bullet wounds in Hided by a young anl.i- coll.'iboralioMisl. Frenchman ) a s I; week that bulletins on their progress would be discontinued. Taylor of • principal •air" minis- SAYINGS icCGUKT Mutual savinus hanks are 11i« svrnhol of cnrly ich-as of (In-ifL In (.he Colonies lliclir.sttho.Mjht was (he- of . |y.c(J in isiG anil I)»«1V arc tlohui hu.sin'.'S.s l(Ml:\\. NAUGATUCK SAVINGS BANK David Lawrence says "the right !,o .strike should be .surrendered by labor in Uie war emergency." 11. is not. ncocssary lo surrender l,he right lo slrikc, bul, i(. is (]nil,c nccc's- saVy not l.o indulge that righl, in order Ilia I l,he propMrcdiioss pro.'grain may proceed a I. high speed. I.ernaUonal Peace. He appeared al, the Universities of Wisconsin, West, Virginia, South^ Onrolina, Arkansas, Indiana., Culi- .fornia and Michigan and at, Rollins : 13eloiL college Bcloil.,' Wis. .Snowllake HiscuMs ItuMcr Kolts Devil l''oo<l C:tke llaisin Ih'CJul Trench Apple, IMos Lemim ^lei-innue l*ies Lemon Coroanut, Lnyur (^iikes Kuhn's City Bakery IIAIMJC S'l\ TEL. Great Oak Farm 0X1 OHI> HO Ah MILK — CREAM EGGS — BUTTERMILK OHO'COLATE. MILK • POULTRY Daily Delivery to All Parts of Naugatuck Telephone'5049 — FOR SALE — Brick Building and lot on Woodbine Street. Suitable for Small Manufacturing Business Naugatuck Insurance Agency, Inc. Room 9 Neary Bldg. Phone 2080 CARS YOU WOULD BE PROUD TO OWN 1939 Ford Station Wagon 1940 Pontiac Coupe 1939 Mercury Sedan *• 1940 Ford Deluxe Sedan 1940 Ford Coupe 1939 Lincoln Sedan 1939 Plymouth Sedan 1940 Ford Tudor Sedan 1941 Ford Tudor Sedan ' STOhiirchSt OPBH EyiBHINOB TOED — M2RCURY i- tlNOOLN

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