Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 6, 1941 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 6, 1941
Page 1
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M { •< "The Stars Look Down" Now at Loew's-Poli Now ourrent 1 . at tho Locw-Poll thculrn IH UK; lutOHt pori oft'ort of A. ,L rironan, author of "Tho GIUi- dol" tho UUo of this ono being "Tho Stars Look Down," It Is a Htory of a man who In tho urrns of a woman, whoso typo he Plrj uot undoi-stuml, ho oomplotoly forgol those who had trusted thorn, MraUiml in thu loading rolofi wiioh I'avorltoH HH Mlohaid Kodgravo, last soon in "The ..Lady Vanishes," Margaret Lockwood, of "Night Train" a/id Kmlyn Williams of Major liarharu." . , On Iho mirno program Ks a thrill- laden 'notion Him of • piano subo- foiirs, th<! title of this ono 1 holng "KmorKfiiioy handing" and for those •\vho Ilko tholr thrills, lights and romance all mlxr-d up In' ono Mini, horo Is tho Idoal [deturo. Friday, brings a chungo ol' program and In knoplng with tholr avowed pollry ol' prosontlug tho host Obtainable -tho Loow-Poll Ihoatro proudly pcoHontH, what appears In bo tho Him of Iho yviir In (ho c-om- ody Mold, It Is tho world's most famous Htago anil soroon, comedy "Clmrloy'.H Aunt" ami with Its star I tha Kroato.Ml. omnodlun of all Umo, Juuk Mutiny, so taking a groat book and a grout star, milling thorn lo- Kflllif'T, Komothliig out f)f Iho ord ary has lo bn Uuvi'OHtiltMuul lhal Just whfil has JmpponoU In this NAUQATUCK ^ 6 1941 Next 3 Days at Gem If you think lhal Honny Is funny, by hoarlng him on llm air, to HMO him, on tho Horoen drowned In woman's clothes and inasquuradlng as a Woman, chaperoning two young Imliu.s nnrj bolng tlio i'w:lplunl-or Iss'o you oan Imagltm II trout lhat IH In store for you. O •I tin samo program will bo HIM To Kill." Uir. Famous Film. "Slmphrnl naughty, .quickly switch' their. tentjon. Old . Uielr wliut? Scour you—take oft re of yourself'. groat t you Spood Idiot — ,; Ilkn tliIs I you'rn nllvo? Passoiigor — Glad Isn't tho \vord. I'm aiuu/wd. ~ You way you noad FFICE , Most mnri havo tsvo ambitions If J. To own a homo. !i. To buy a car lo tfu't away from . Hoboi't—Sam Jaoobs trlml lo boat a' train to the crossing. , Samuot —Hid ho got across? but Ihoy'ro making OIK! for him. • Korty-onn por 'oont of all rcglsl- (M'0d motor vohltilos In thoUnited aro on farms or In towns oi' liisM than y.IXX) population. • When, yon walk on unllgtilerl roads at night: I. Walk on tho lot'l, t'uclng oncoming oars. .'U, . Woac somolhlJig wbllo you oan—U rollocls light. ,-^.j ; Oon'l llguro on tho .motor automobllo parls, lady? Woman Driver— Yes, I'm sure wo do. Tim englnu doesn't nearly fill up Uiu hood. Tho stow hallod a tuxl and fell in lo Iho batik soul; Drunk — Shay, driver, drivn 1110 around Iho block a hundred llmosli Tho tuxl drlvor was startled—hu ho obllgocl .Just the same. Aroimc and uroiiml (ho block ttioy wont. Oi. tho Hlxly-ni'Ui trip tho slew loaned over to the driver, hiccoughing: Drunks-Slop on I't, buddy I I'm In a hurry. Whoro can wo line! a pump as por- foot as tho human heart?" If Iho boss Iroals It right, it stays on tho Job for moro than 000,000 lours, making 4S2.10 strokes and >um.plng l, r ) gallons an hour.. • Wo have no lolegraphlo mcclmn- srn equal lo our nervous system; 10 radio as u ill clout as the .voice and .ho'ear; -no oamoru as perfect us ho .human oyo; no ventilating'p'lant 1 is wonderful as the hose; li.ingrt-.ancl klnv'iuul no ulootrioal .switchboard an born pure -with the spinal 'cord.' - prospective Uuyor (of a very small car)—lOr—how -does- one. get n ?;•'••-. ••'.••-. Suior-muuH-You don't got into if,, IP, you put II on. ., • , Mvory school teacher should carry • God's G.tVrdeh : ,. Ood-sprinkMKlVUi6 ourth with human seeds; . ,' : ,- Soino grew into I'nen — the o.Ll'iers, 1 weeds I ' . ' S; HAS SENT WAR SUPPLIES TO THE SOVIET UNION Ho—Couldn't you care for a'chap Vnc ? ,, She—Yes, if'he wasn't too much like you. . JESSICA'S (. UU)KM,\(, Thjs Is the short and sorrowful tale or .Jessica Jenkins Jones, She planted a-package of seeds with pride, " " Wh'iio her -dog looked on with' his head on one side, -,. . ; And 'thought: "She's burying bones." So Jessica's garden it does not grow, Anil Jessica's dog is cross,, and so, Is Jessica Jenkins Jones. Boy—Say, whatever became of •hose-GUI-fashioned girls who I'alnl- •itl^when u boy. kissed '"them ? Gh'l—Huh! Whatever became of lie ..old-fashioned boy who nia^le hem faint'?-. • •.'•'• READY FOR A CRUISE i b the holiday f urb of Lucille Ball, whoie latent picture i» "A Glri» A Guy and A Go|»." Her next will b« M Look Who'. Lauihiitf,'' inufkaJ coniedx which will ttbo feature Edgar B«r|«n and ChaHio McCarthx, Fibber McGee and Molljr. On The Air . camera catchc* Bcttc Duvta in. her striking role a* the unscrupulous Rcginu Cidclcna..of **'lTic Little Foxc*," whicli SamueJ Goldw^n produced .from thr fuiuoui Ullian IlcllniAn pliiy. Directed by William W r lw, the film offer, the *titr in • cb«r«cletv iMition which »he ha* lonjf been umbitioua lo play. She U teen In thb weariac ou« of the Huthentic 1900-modeI co«tume« created by ' '.':f::',,'-••::,'•'.• • Orry.Kelly. 6:00 p. in. •' \VBnV-WABG~News,. \VI3AP— Scores . • . WJX— Del'ense News .- . '• . NVOM— Unolc Don . '. NVriG— News, Weather . . \VIGC-\VATItr~j\ews • • - ' , ' . . C: IS- jj. in.. • . Qn" ; WiLh. ijhe'.-Diinco.' : AVUllam .Vyirt> served as attorney, general of the United States longer than any other incumbent of the office. He held the Office for 12 years. 1817-1829, overlapping ^the> terms of Presi- .dents Monroe arid' John Quincy ~, _ ,; WilX—Tennls"- Tournaihen.'f;' .."i...^'"'; 1 .^^ ; WAJ3C— Hedda Mopper's iroil'ywood \VICG-\VTrc;-WATH~ Sp'dijtis -V» \": ''' Ntw Auto Economy Record ' A new (economy -record for Atrior- 4tocljc c^ir^ 2f, 06 milei! Rer gal- \9i\, \vas ,»cor«cj' In the OOOimile Los ireiulti ahnpunced by the American f \VFJRY-\yABC-^-Th"6. World.; Automobile aaioclatlonv reveal. A W-.EA^'-^Vaul : I WUlys- Americar s«t the/rie'Vv irtark I \V iagvintf-a fleW of .23,othcr:carg, &^<&t' !«ilnf :42.'41'mii«» an'hour over?'th« Anpther, car -of thif WT-lG-^Siilqn "Orch. '•'•••• '•- ' ^ ' v ' ' -- L! \VATB-H1 IV and Bif,s ..*•••'•• If a bronze cent were to rep- 'resent the mass !• of the 'earth. .Saturn could be 11 silver dollars, Jupiter 37 silver dollars and the sun 750 times, the mass of all the planets aiid the satellites together. .; '.-•'... *'*..• ^Noah'Webgter-.was the first to ; .take-;adyantag:e:of the. then new .U,-S V , copyright.. Jaw,. -His Gi-am- matical.;. Institute, of the. Englisf- .Language, published in 17.83, wa JAPANESE SHIP UNREPORTEDIN SEVERAL DAY Washington, Aug.' <>.— (UP)— Author! hi five, sources 'revealed today that the United States has sent, its' llrsl, shipment of war su'jv.illes to the Soviet Union, fultllling its pioilgo of immediate assislauee against Oor- nany. .The Tphlpmonl. inchidoil ormnnionts aniLvindustrinl^ nuichino.i^t' Thc:-!al- ter ^vas ordered prior to the outbreak of the Husso-German wnr out tho United States had roouisil.idiied it to bolster its own defense production. " * ; The Russians will install tho J,IKI-, chinery in munition.s A'jotorii-s onst of the Ural mountains, it .was understood. Soviet, olllcinls havo advised this govern men I, Mia I. l,!iey- art; prepared to defend fhal ) % e- gion ovon if Iho Germans invado vl) 1 - tunlly nil 'of \\'cs_torn Hussia. For Uiiil, reason, t.hey said, the Soviet Union dosirV\s to uxpnnd war indus- I.i'fos oasl, of tho Urals and Aiuoric.'in machinery and certain raw materials are needed-,; •II. was 'us^mod hero i.liat tho war shipments are going by. way of Iho despite .veiled tlireals of interference. Tho. Japanese press has hinted l:h.-«J.-'any ship- Mien I. of American munitions 1'o't'hi* HiissTiih port of Vladivostok might » W V ^B^^W^^B HOW .droen Mountain. Rills,;' Colo,,. 1^ ()—(UI 5 )— \Mce-Prcsi<l^i^,,JU\^^, A. 'Wallaoo said yoslor>lii.y ; iMiat Washington fools l.ho NiiKJ.-ljccglme Twill break-.down ; -fronv i»l,ernai »troubles if th'o Russians can hold•_out., until Autumn. • ; - , ^,.'^,;.^;.>''./-^ "1 won'l.. olaliprjUe orC-ijt:.. but. y onn draw.ydin* own -conciiiisJohs," he Said. •-.;.; Wallace, ii? yac'altpivj^g In ^'log calSln oil ,111.0 '-. niounlaJ^s'idt' >iear here, talcingVlife,, casV'a^d dodging visitors'. ; ' ' '. ' ' ,.'" '" ' . ' the' united might of thv^ <^>mn^aTic nations. , "Australia, the p.l.lve'U-WttUiJiois ; of MK? British commonwoal'h Of nations. China, .live Dutch- , and as standard utiulprnbnt a rear-vision f , u PfyM 'cpuri^-' AnQther^car-(?f ''jihif whon mirror. . • .. ,| niake wps |^on<J;'ahdi a^Nash ; . 4j 600'* . . . . ; . flnjIiKea^tMri^'^ \otprlsl, Pychologlst — : When children are ftUon at 42.00 miiei'ah bpUr. \VICAF—_Youi; irdllywbod -News Girl W.T^Tr-'.io'.sii' ' 4oth.e'ncouJ 1 l' t s • Hand).V ; ; • WIGtJ—iVlusicai' Boundun : - ; ,. Vyoij-Y—Cn'imcrl. -Hall ! plM.h,e Ah- ;SVIDA;l^\VTlC^Mr;- -Dfs^ka -Attoi'iicy A\MX-\VICC~No\v.s,' Hero and AJ.troad WAI 1 !!—Tp.' lJfj ; aMiio.un6ed : ": ; '. ' ' • W,]'X' r WlCC— Basy • Aces-' VVA : HG—'Anibs antl 'An'dy l -i T r~\ 1S - ' i ~* ' f i ' ' v 1 l i ' • i VVOR—bport.s •" v- WATl-V—IS'Cws : •'."••• • ' '<' . 7:15. p. in. VVRRY—Music hy Gugal VVABGrr-tanuy Ross- W The Good /JJJAhVWTIS— of "(,]ie>;>V6i:Jd; ; '\r/i" V\''l CG-^Ti.'ac e r • o).' ; I j os, I; 1 Pe Jjspnfs : '01V-C!oii(Ifentiully Y.oiirs.•''.''•'.:'• ': /: '' 1 ' • . , ... ;, ,. . BRYr^OJ' MikeH and.- 'Movies/ ; i..v ^i. EAPrAVaMC— We--.l?ruseiil/."^:vV •"'•[. WJZ— String. -Serenade-. . • '';'.'"- 'l-l : - t : ^ :\\^G^Mbot/i\Ir,'jvicek-' . .-.••"!•'• ^ \VOR-\VATB-Lond "itangei^ : :- X-- : ' •'.'.... . '. ,.' '8':00;'|i:''.m. ••'• • • .'•"-',- '-.-V WBRY— Muslo- Salon, /" • ' W^AP Thin- San Francisco, Aug. 6,—(UP)—T) " liner As;ima M'nru, flagsh of thr,'. M Nippon Yuson Knislm lin was duo today with a .$3,000,000 sil cargo, but she. has not boon ho;u from since last, •Pridny nnd'-tho mi 'iiio .oxchfiniro did not post her n duo'|,o arrive.'* "" '"'^iHm Soino • shipplng men believed sn ;id tu'rnod ba'yk !,o Yokohama ratlie ban risk- Iho incident which a ss od' h o r • _s I s to r ,.s h i p,.' tb « 'Po l-.i i l, t • Dospito frozen 'Jnpnnoso 'cred i Ls i n tb Is conn try. l,h o Tn ti 11 if b a ( ;l.o unload n .•jiS/WO.OOO enrgo—$.2,500,- .000 .of'which- 1 .was in I'/iw silk—before sbo,could sal), jiist Monday.'Importers .had filed J8 libels agninsL. hei ; -'Most of Din,'s ,„,.._.,. n ,.,,., 0 ,,, ''off,nt Hon'olu'iu.'.'' tlio'last .'port,- at Avh.icb sbo. fiocUod, rai.bor than -face .tho.' possjl.iflil.y of being 'carried' back .to,. Japan, 'There 'sU'l 'woiio 0,8, pa.s- snngors,^ 41 '.of. tli'om Japanese of •American birth, aboard., ,when ishe failed last T-iriday from Honolulirfor Sao 'J^-rn.ncisco. ••- ••••• • ••"••• •'<•.•->• 1)1 ICO SUDDENLY WABC— VVATlil— GUI ;Tinncy ' , v : . •'. ;; ' ; - v •'•' ' ' '" -' "' 1 - ; ••• To get out and dig in the garden is oiie of the iiiost Batisfying of pleasures. And it's nearly time again . thank godness! Soon you can put in that border of lilliput zinnias and dwarf marigolds ypuVe been planning all winter long. r The seed books are bursting^with-iie^;'flipweF|.; about your tools? Need a new rake this year£ A And while you're checking up .. . do t^ ppr^hi chairs need repainting? Should you gcrt any new screens? v Now is the time to buy: The . •• ,-p m- .; •••.r-.:.. BRY— banco" Fancies'" V ',! L -v'-v 1 v ^ JZ- WIGG— Maiih n:fctan a f, ;> MlVJn ig'h t, I5A l^Wt!C;--Plan trttlQii ''vly^ '-;•'• w w \v WOR-WICCJ-WA.TR—RaS ; mond' .Gram WCM-WATIt—Boukc Carter" •'•'<<. •9:00 p. in: - v ' • WBRY— Radio's Daughter WK'AF-WTiC—OuIxzer 'Baseball ' " WOR—Oabrlol 1-Ioattof ' • ; ,:• • WJX-W1CG—Hemisphere Reyue ' ' : WABG—Treasury. Hour ••' . "' '.-. I WA'I'R—News. Moonlight Sohitta;-> P ..•.. .,. \VBliY.-r-SoMiiy". D'ijnh''s Orch. ' : West liartfoi'd, Conn., Aug.'r>.— (.UP) — Stophon W. nimick'.'-.Vico,. pro.sidonl of tho. small arms division •of Gfolj/'s" Patent '-Piro Arms -Manu- Cacturing 'Co., died suddenly . lat last night,. . ' : bo considered unfriendly boe.ause of Japanoso obligations as the Axis partner in the Pacific. : U. S. olllcials woi'o inclined lo min- imise the threats, pointing out '.hal .Japan would not be likely to take action that might .load to. sonuiis dinicull.ios with both tho United States and Russia. ]p this connection, Paul V.'MoN'ntt, former high commissioner to the Philipp.inos, said in an interview that ,1 apftii, i ts . rocou |, agi?i-«ss fvb a •>. Lion's, had "welded her neighboring ppwers into an effective united front against herself." ' ".lapan, 11 ho said, "Inevitably the United States constituJe a mhlnblo barrier to further .Uip..... aggression and they'kMouhl tnljo^d- va n la go .,'o/- ; their stratoA'tifpositioVK •'Those' " powers .confront .la'pun from almost every direction. In the north, Ihoro Is Hussia 'whoso-national interests now lio In (h'o same diroei.ion as ours. There-Is. Only one logical policy to be followed' at. present,—Jnpan must l)c v madej.6 un- dorslnnd llial; sJio can : move',.no -.ft "1 ilo not "think'"she will-'eb'oos'e if any, of the' an-lvHl' of l,h«? r hea vy- Salt, Lake City in AuKlraila, on" what the navy Oupa pinion I. iloscvlhod as a "routine training cruise. n < • . ; ' Although Russia- has enpuHh ''cash l.o ^ N :iy for its \yar orders and doi>« n U^eastt,. *,sUMicCi' : Ui c Soviet government is using, ! curement.. service,, -QJlV^Mi/iiJl^^.^..^ agen<?.y to speed-the lldw^of needod Supplies, adniinistration 'additjon, a.ssing Russian 'ship))ing-,, re- ]uiromenf,s to (ie.<,erm[ne,Wi*3»<iiri|i)uiU l.onna.go :that i \vllI-ViVc-^^r'le^ to the war .supplies. GEM THURS;FR!i \.VJX—Dolly Hawn-'s Orcb. \VARC—lluss Morgan's ditch. \Vine~AJ Christbo's YV'OJV—Xavicr Cuu'al/s Orch. WATH—Al •Donahuo's Qi-ch. -.12:00 . „. . ... - . \VB,nV—Sign oft 1 G—String-'Rnsbrnblc.'- . " VVI3AK-WTJC—Mows, Bob ,-lhfi.stor's WlGCrWATR^Woathor ' Service ' WO 11—Ml toll ol.l Ayrcs's- Orch. VVJZ-WICC—.Bonny Goodman's Oi-ch cburn's' Orcli. WABG—Nows, Shop. Fields' Orch. ; TODAY — THURSDAY MARGARET SULLIVAN and CHARLES BOYER •-."'•• •!'.-: "•: ''•• •-. . ' in '• ' •• ' . '• newspaper are filled i^itlv^ ^ chases. Study ihem careJFully. . • . . - ,.'•••• ' ' v ' '•' • ' '.'' '.'•'• j •,_ • . •'". j"': out waste, both in your time and your money. -. 'V. '.',:•"•',• •• *•.'•{'•:'•• ; )-'; : - ^ ',: ':• . ; -.'''-::•• "^..••;-V--.\;, •••.;:.'• "^' .;«:• .; _.; ...;.,,^. '>./'.• .;,'•; M J..-,.. /: 'v : -:'' ; ^'"/,.•.;- : . >- !y.-''\ : '...,y". ; f .: ,..\', ; — Plus . HUGH HERBERT in << MEET THE CHUMP" Tonight Only "MAIL TRAIN" and ^THE Also Pop Eye the Sailor Cartoon'£ "LAFFS" ± HERE'S THOUSANDS oft* THE GAYEST GAL OF THE YEAR! Auspices of the •' • ' ' ' ARA^IiPplii \K ^1 ; ; ,^^^;M|ip ijm -.i-Xv. W-i A-j-^r-V*:-:^-? r>:'.<v^&UA&fl .• :>• V.'A 1 ."- ^^M 'tdmund Ow«nn Reginald Owtn Chilar«ti •trJetlf Co«ch Tr«!n« Saturday August I6t moss '","'7*.v :- ^•.-•.••?»!»-,T:- -• VFfifS&fyt »;• ?V CHEtBRBW^D iia^lf'S. ^ .»•«' '-'_,_" i* " •- 'ji\ ".-','*.>"* • 1 .lKf« i " r?j(H'i'--'Jk t '? "^ '. : v-'^' ^rr':' : ".^;. ; :'l , ,'',-; i ', : SJj» t'.'i.J .

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