Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 5, 1941 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 5, 1941
Page 1
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NAUGATUCK DAILY 5' 1941 SHIRLEY TEMPLE HAS RESUMED HER MOVIE CAREER Uy KHKHKHICK (',. OTIIAIAN I/, I*, llnl/yivood (lorri'sponiJi-nl Hollywood, AUK- r>— (Ul 1 )— Shirley Ti.'iniile emerged t'rrjm a l-'i-rnonl.Ji rollrernonl t(»day with c.h brown and. a slTuum-llnm! ll.tfiii'u to resiiuH.' her cnr»M;r as a blK--l.i|nc riibvlo actresH. You'll never rec/og- iilxo her, ' Tim KM'car-nld Mjyii Ti'mpk 1 , who enters high school' ' this Scplc and only vagtH-ly resomhles tin' child ol' years .ffini at 8 a. rn., to oar-n $MW about six wi-t'ks work bct'nrt "U Is a woriiicrl'ul vac(UIon," sho "No school, or anything, jusl run, like It usiid to be." Shirley has made to datn armmd SlSi.fKlO.fXW for hersell 1 . while her J'if- tures have grossed better than $', J (),- (HX),(X)0, NS'heu she. llnishcs her oiir- rent Mhn, she goes over to, Kdward Small 'studios l.«» make two mons I)lctures, and tlH'ri she moves to Paramount Tor another. These will make her Jfc'AlXJO '-ac.h. "Hill, she will move slowly," said JNfrs. (reorg<\ Temple, hf'r mollier. "She will not work as hard as she used to. She will appear in only two pictures a year. The rest ol' the fclme Him will be in school. She goes Into the ninth grade this fall and no oh lid ever was more thrilled." i\ff'H. Temple .said her daughter's hair began to turn dark about a year and a hall 1 ago. Simultaneously she started to lose her chubbiness. "U was Just baby Tat,; 1 Mrs. Temple said. "It kind of slid off, but Shirley helped the good work along by taking dally exercises. Now she is four feet, U inches tall. Shu weighs 100 pounds." While Mi's. Temple sat on'a : stool beside the camera of Director Harold Unwind, her daughter performed with Herbert Marshall, I,araihe Day, and Gall Patrick In a Him called "Kathleen." ft Is a nnw kind of part for the Hollywood .child who ' has "earned more money than any other, "In all those other pictures at 20th Century-Fox," Mrs. Temple; 'said, "she was busy saving the Indian garrison, or Great Britain; or something. In this one, .she's not saving anybody, except perhaps herseTf." Airs. Temple, who has been sitting on .sound stage stools ever since her {laughter could walk, said she has heard reports that Hollywood, considered her the villain In Shirley's tumble from the 20th Century- Fox Plnacle. Most- of-the latter Tompie pictures then,- were on .the dullish side. When they. eeaSed to. earn money, the, studio handed Shirley a bonus of $,'100,000 and everybody shook hands. The general idea was that she was through In rnotio (>J« Lures, < "Bui, I wasn't the heavy," Mrs Temple .said. "It had been -said tha I was responsible for selection o Shirley's stories. Hut that wasn't so "I've never had any say about' her pictures, their stories, or their casts and 1 still don't. It has Tiurt to r.eai that I personally was responsible t'oi her Dims being' bad." One other thing: There have beer numerous reports In the past that Shirley was a M-year-old, 'midget that her- head was shaved, and thai she worts a wig. Her mother would like to announce that Shirley Is really 12, that she never, used peroxide In the days of old, and that hei brown locks of the moment got that way naturally. It's her own hah too. Faya to Advertise Wanted: County-wide, two-Inch rain; slow and steady. Max Stone, For talcs, N. M. WithJn twenty-four hours an all day rain answered Stone's classified ad in a Portales newspaper. , IIT'S TRUE! Now at Loew's-Poli Gomes to State, Hartford WEAK—Col. \v,- \YT1C—Airing . \YOR-ConfidentiallyYour*. \VATH—Phone 1 ' Ybirtv Answer J^ 8:W IK-MI.; ..." v; ._.^ \YBRY—-Modern Music 'Box -.- ^ \VK A K-WT1G—.1 ol) nny" Prescn I* :^ \\MXrWICG—«5bixipiv--..1«nklnH' ( WABC—Aro; You, A Missing \YOU-\YATn—\Vy t lie Will lama ' • '' ' ' 8; 15' li. m. . '" .f ..'.•• • ,V- "ft' WOR— -Sonn WATR— Cluy "The Stars Look Down" Is Lead Now at Loew's ROBERT $T£RLIN6 (CASTASAVOUIHfl/l IOXEK WHO IIAFES THE'FIGHf CAME) WA9, BORN IN NEV/CASrLE,PA..ON NOVEMMF, SOT-HERN .REHEARSED 4 HOU&S .. ' EAC-H DAY FOR M£R JITTERBUG NUMtf« SHE PWOMfl IN«6MfWM6«DEMAI«'l (CHAMPION HO/«$T« IS.HW ^LAP5I£-MAXIE ROSENBLOOM WHOSE FISTIC, SCREEN. CAREERS &Offif /J/^/>^ i^> ANP6ENESOLOW ^,3/HAVaWPJTrENANEW ^**5f SCREEN WAY CALLED ^("T^Ct/lCACOMErilODI (GEORGE JUSrCElEKRAlE HIS BIRTHPAV...ON / NATIONAL FIGURE, ACFS JULV4* ^ \ A5 MMCRT-STEMING'S TRAINER IN THIS ' NEW YORK, N, Y.-"1T'$ TRITE! that Ann Sothern's mother, Mr* Annette Lake, has just received an invitation to be a guest teacher of piano at the McPhail School of Music in Minneapolis," aayi Wiley Padan. "This is the same school that the M-G-M actress won a scholarship irons during her high school days, for .original musical composition*." STAR-OF-THE-WEEK A. ,1. Grohan, tho. noted. English ufllior v vvlio gave, us "The Gltfidol" low has -CvTlUun anol-hot' 1 '.Hlor-y; Unit ,as bon rn-oduood I'oi 1 the.screen anrl Ival.s In every detail his ronnoi- uoooss, the title ol 1 tho n'ow olTfit 1 - ng Is "The f Sl,urs Look Down" al- eacly a best Holler; It promises to oar to n.ow ,1'ialghts when-.this film ias boon gwu.jni.lly released: The, )lcjJ,uro ope/i'.s today 'at. the Loow- ^jJI theatre, .and will-continue iinti Muirsday-. night as thc.-hear.llinu at cactloy on,' the/'Ic1oiil)le-l'oati.n'u pro ram that has-as its'-Hocond'roaturo hrlll-ladon adventure of. tho 'met I' the air' and this bears tho'tltlu o lOmcrgency Banding." The greatest ol 1 .our,.tjmt lakfjs' Ills bow,-'on • the screen ol le -Ijoow-Poli,-' Krldiiy--111'• Urjini Thomas' Immo'i'Uil u'oniody; "Gh'nr- (oy's 'Aunt' and the'Vnau" who. 'starred is.'nonp 'other, tlkui our- old t'rieml of th'o a'lr'-\va.vos,.•,'JaoU.)3onn l v He Is cast in tfio title roJo,,"of this long time favorite, .'and' this rblo promise's -to b'e, tlie ..'innst : hilarious and': oi'lglnal : of liiH-....e'areor. '• ' Tho ''story Is that. 61-'a'Toll osv who helps'Out Uyp\ ol'./Ills .(ioM(ig(i ; -.pttl.s by rna.squci.'fullng v as : tlio* friend's' aunt. Whiiu oo.lthoa as thq. aunt;, ho (ihaporonos'.two "young .ladies (ui| receives. twb. ; j'/ropo^als'. of 'rnarrlago. Then- at tke, heigh,tv /oJ' ..his 'imp.ur- sonii.tlOh,. tltp 1 ' real; aunt ; . conies, upoii tho ,stiCfic. t 'HQ\v })e.,/ind 'hi's'friends got-. ou t '••of:' UieIr:,lVrc'dfuanien t, inake for. ,bf Hhp ItiniiJest'^comedy ollma.xtis.' - ••' ':. ; •. ./' Provlow.'.a'ufllfliiccji 1 .Ij'ave gone.. In to I'i'ivoH . over 1 ;' Jiiek'' v - Bciiny's ^ /performance and 'have callod- hiin- the.''fi.ih- nicali. thing.'in..aUirtH. -Kay/Kranois Is tlio real aunt''who turris'UP nt the wrong '• thnO;--mid . v with. Reginald Owenj Jrtnies; 151 lisoiV,' 7 Arlee'n :\Vlicliiiv and •othe'rs 1 . hii(0vb |: ijp' a' very., im'iires- sivo cast, : .'' ; " •'''•''•.,', v : "-'•.'"''.''"• • ! l-iei^' Js ; .oi^Cv fl'liir'' th'at- ; gi'yos. yni.i x tho ^ptfrfoi/t- blond, : 'of .a f}'i'ca'l/..(ioiij'er.!- lan, :: in ^t..gre;»t .ebmed.vj somotinVes a. ohn'iediafjV-'tries 1 . to---? ••piny drama tin ivolos and' v.lec-versa, d)ut "in; this film .•everything Is tried.-to get all the laughs, possible, and ho.w. they, have suceoQclcfl. • . ;, 'On the sumo program ,mailing .a pert'etaiy. balanced blllis Lloyil Nolan ln'."Drossed To.Kill"/ action Him of the first water. ••'•••" • Top Billing at Gem Theater ilown to 'the Gem theater,; where 20th Century-Pox's. _ne\v comedy, "Dance Hall.'.' From the - nioment- Gesar ,Romero, as the Gasanova of Paradise .Pavilion, ."moots bJoiuJ.c l.i c a u t i f u I .Carole L. n n d i s *; ''' '; u \ii \ l'- y th final fade out, audiences howl -wit glee. > -.; ' v-i TMe-stpi-y .is packed with- Comedy situation's. Romero','"the ma'n'jigcr o n dance hall, is the du girls. At tho slightest cvo.i'y .girl In .the .jijlaec .comes, running. But one night bis ego Is' upset. A pretty blonde /refuses to'have anything to do. with .'hlm.x ' 1-Ic"' is deflated / even, m'o i"c that n! when this same glr gets 'into a crap'.game wi'tb him aiid cleans him out'. • To', make-, his humiliation cvciv /more, 'cojnpic'tc, she, announces, that' BhoHs-' u Ve'nufii" the now entertainer atrJiis pavilion. : At this.'point Rbmoro 'decides to even' 'matters with"iV/mus : and- 'the filir. -begins' Iir- earnest.•• Director Irving. Pichol '.has' made excellent use of "this situation to keep ""tli'e action 'mb' a:steady .pace., .;•• ! Gesar Romero,, in a role similar to llYnV wh'iclV 'he' had' ' i"n •'"Tull, Dark- -and •Marids'Oine-,"g > lvQ3 a ste.r- ilng performance -as..Duke.. In addi- tion'to hahdllng-his comedy,-Romero .swings, out .with sc.voral of. the .latest .iittci'bug tlaiicc 1 ' steps. • / ../ Miss:.Land Is, ..given.:,: : .an . 'oppor- timii.y to sbo%v her; 'vocal talents, promises, to •become-• one of the screen's '-line 'singers. 'Sh'e puts' over "There's.. A Lull, -in'. My: JJfe"- and "There's Something;. In.- The; Air," \vll,li (luesse and'assurance. < ' ll lior First Boau" and -Wie March of Time are additional-leads. ' .'S.-. '•', wolfVaml n .'yiml wide, Cesar Homoro is (ho Ijjsanova ol* in. his ^lalcsl. !ii,t. "DaiMM 1 Hall." Itul hlondu. T.urolc Landis poHi'ays V«nuV (vvith ni'iiis!), h-actn.'s him' you ea/i never lull u'l to in«<5t up "with a lady. who '•The stor.y dfiiils with a millionaire pli.i Ian th r'bptet/- cam paign i ng to feed 'starving. Europe ^vho through'.'-an indiscretion, 'becomes cninushod in d-. bla'clvmail. pl.ot-Nvhiclb ends, in the murder o/^a--.beautiJ'ul'.girl. A lost. gioyQ, found by.a reporter on a sen- sq'.tlonal. newspaper,' furnishes a cl;ew.. .Mis vsoc'hilite d.-i.ugbter, aided |)y- her '/lance,.-, a-newspaperman, turns, amateur, 'detective .to pin the crime on tlie. real culprit, and clear her/f[aUier. ''. ; . ••'Ann' ' RuthorTord, . who. plays i\iickby,^w.ccl.|icju't In l.h s e Hardy pictui'es, .borfielf' as a,;;Supei'b actrVss - in' s |;hc .romantic ljQad.,..iind.-.r <1 riink Morgan gives an dramatic -performance';.-; -.,. . t . f - ... ;otKcL;...' 1 .young /-players- ,dis- (\ figqisli v .thonis.oTvcs,. . J.ian"'' ."Dai ley' .1;.Virg).i)U\ .Grey, wbo as/nigh I. ,\Vhen/.tlifr.qiH'stioning dins our enrs "What were yo doing thru all th day • When we spill, our blood and ou . teal's-?". - "•Dunham's Orch. Lomlumlo's Oroh. 8:,'W |K m. NVnn.Y—Shall---Wo. NVallx •. . : \VI2AF-WT1C—Horace Ht W.I Z-W1GC—For America \VA»0—Kir-sl, Nlghl-pr \VOR-Can Yoii^Top.' \\ 7 ATR-—Nod .1 ordWn" }):<H) p. in. \VBRY—"Lost Wo, Porgol," -offiho. aiiious its Kiiomy" 1 mil in slio\\\ \vfir aniH'iir • » I' 1 -' 1 - soii \vllh his orcln'Stlra and show us (lit- llrsl, slum?. uMi-mMioii al lh<> !•«•- 0|K>ninfi of <ln> Slafo tlicatrr in lluHforil, Friday, Aujjust ±2n«l. This eiMI'MM-iiiUMl, will (MMilimu; for six/days. Hartford's S(a(e ((water is air-corn) I iiniHMl. WAHC—Wc Ihe WOR—Nows \\ ? ATR—Xows, ( M:I5 p. -Music Salou J?eo|)le ..... •', , :"-';' ' - l)Ufr,v\s ' Oreti. Now answer a .fpenman' can \v<: plea As he bares his soul l.o The iniiti who 'die 1'or u J't'uc How minimize our shame? the flam a, land .thai. Tliiif, .we c;iynpf,jieruj the OJ' kindred Million \vp;icUo< (^.Ul^.Vla.nper.SMierf.oi'hi viii'. : a- sjiectacn- lttr-/sE;Vnjence:.\' ; .inrnctii^tcd "Uy.. .'an ''.'A^'ulitllince'-V'"' A 'staged ':'..'by . .-..A-n n c . 'VjMJss-: ', Grey in-.;-UiG' plot.-', • Mtu-dy" ' of )!i : e;;,sc.i'een',: tijpiis, -."0 1'h.m'ou LV 0 i rl " as '(ilailiQ:;.\N\ifc. 'Xee • Bow'.'''play$"'a, deboni'iij.-'; reportor. ;i^y' : ;dpuhV. i it!p>:'rb.IOs.-'i ; Fay'VHolttoif ; thfi^'' ' ou.'ts^.Onljrpy ; .p : jSon '.- 'prsc- d \ji\, o P.; '•• a n d .' ,1 qn/l i 1 1 g- : - : i n fi n • ii'o n o i ; s .a i 1 : p • oiiTcd;.:..iVI' : 'cl!i'> r i- is ' .com-'- / Washington .•>. ^ ! Melodrama" [ . . Thrills (joinody TJieatier • and suspense, and a group - rprhancie, TRY A CLASSIFIED AD 1.1;, younger jjlayers on the tjireshold,,p'r,star(lo'm, appeai-iiig. in their nTbst/^;jnVi).pi:'t.a'nt roles 'to date, •'•mark ''.'Wnsh;);jigton Melodrama, 11 '-tense '. cletec tl,y.e-. r mystery ..laid a mid's; world; e.yents In -America's^ capita^ nosy^at'-Mlie Alca/niv-.thnafcr.- • . ''./.. ;. '..; ''' v .' ;•'•-. eln'astrblclty^ V-and-'-Olaf-; '$$L ton:; "pon M? I ]) u tes.V "co;m cd y:.. \ . a .& • tlVe ' $'11.^110 (i\cV--J)'d-f'-iG.t'i4' ! ' ••.••'•'••,- *.••'/ • -•"•• - ^^lijQirBflVtoA-M^okife Is the,.land, of our blrl-h so sl.eeei in gahv cry d in pain a murdered baby's cry,? Kor the tirfe will ebb and tliG/wbrld • .' move, 'o'n, WG. must watch it go, \nd. how- shall; we- treat with the . Devil's, .spawn'--- 1 When our-.staunches!, friend'-lies ; ' ] 0 W ? M ,Jn New, York, :nnd'Iblian' : being- ivxainin'ed- in •(7oiirt • after "app'ly- Ing.i'or eitixensnip; llo nnswercrl correct I'y.i I. ions as -1.6- the liniiie-'of the.Pivesident anil, the capital of l/c United-'-StnteH" Theii oarne 'tills': ' - OlTlciaJ—Could you -becohie' pres- iilent of cihe-Uniled •States?'- ' -' Italian—No, V . ' ;> " v; " '•:•." . •_ .QniclJil—Why.: not? •.. * :. , '., Italian—You. pieasa excuse, 1 •:very busy rjyht 'jiow: ; selia de ' ond'lead; 1-fqw Oii: the Cat oi' with us, who ,livo. blorited laud, I]'-(-Oye,i'se;is,,.lr])ons are those wlro -.give Th'eht val! to,v\yil.])s!.and\the damned ? In^,tbA- ycars.j;!.^ conie v what shall we •.A,: -'.npnb-too-woll-prophi;c(r ,appli- •Jiifi t; for. a. -civil ••service .a'ppoinliiient fpunrl '[,hp fo'liowingvQuestion on his ,e\an)in,'i : ti'oii'. papci:':"ilow near-Is t)fe rno'on f.'o the oaj'tb ?"• . ,/ r • : lie-'replied: "Not near 'enough to bother'me'in my woi'U, if 1 get this job.". On The Air Today fi:00 |». HI. NVB B Y-WA BC—N PAYS \V.I X—Do t'onse Nows WOK—Unoli! .Don \VTlC--News, Woather \VR:C-\VATI\—News , . .,., . (5:15 p. in. WrmY-W/UK:—Jerry Way no, Songs W'ISAK—News \V,)Z—ISnstorn Tennis Tournamonl, WiCC-WTia-WATH—Sporls G:;K) |). ni. WBHY—News. '• WIOAF—I3r;i<i Reynolds, Tenor • W.jy.—JosiV Betheneourt's Band ' WABC—Paul Sullivan, News W1CG—Musical Roundup . W-'IMC-—Salon Orch. WGR—News- . VVATH— Hils and Hits "' .. : ' (>:<i;K p. in. ••:,'• WBRY-WABC—Tho. World Today 0 " WKA-P—Paul Douglas. \VJX-NVICC—LoNYL-1) T'honuis"*- * " 7:00 p. m. WBHY—The .lill.orrttes ' " WEA1MV1CC—I'Voil • Waring 4-W1C10—Easy Aces • WABC—Ainos and Andy WOn—SporJ,s ...... TR—Piill.on 1.PAY is, ,lr. .. 7:15 p. in. YBRY—rUdin' Tito TVmtfo VIOAIMVTIC—News! or l.he World'' V:!X 7 WJCC—Tracer of Lost'Por.suns VAUC—La nny.-Ross YOR—Sliep Fields' Orcli. ' ' V AT K—News • WATR—' Srtceo,: Song* llc.'W |». in. \Y n R Y—Lew isoli nr Stadium W 1C A) •-W T} C—H a p Ha /.a rd Show. W,l/~-NY.\vs IIopt) arid WABC—Reporl; to the WOn—Tli n- People's. WATR—Clj tango Symphony C 10:00 p.- -in,.' •'* • W BR Y-WA BO-^G ton n Mi ftfcr'i WISAF-WT1C—A >l)ftle' >y(M» W.IX-W1CG—Gis-inL^ark-Cbii« JU Affairs - ./. won—Nws, v T-h«,..;\yaij..v at Soun-,ir£ WATn—Your.- Defense .Rcporlcr'^ 10:,W|>. m.. AgvjEu..,.. ;(\ Humor W<m-~Vio and Sade ' ;f -• J WICC—Olia'rlJp. 1 'Agnew's OrchJi'"M WATRr-panee Orchv : '<;{ .' ; 10 :i5^rt..':Mk.-"-•-•'• ,'»$' WA B C~->f ews • o f Hip AVdr Id W.IX-W1CC— Story 1 %Vm*N WOR— .Ramona's v Tuno SVBRY-WARC— i.os \\' WA 1---ANM X-WTlGrWOIVWICG- WATR— News • ' .. . , .I5A F.— Music ; . You "Waul, I ,^- on-~is.ii : - iriixgeriiidv ... ••.-•.• -y*^--, ICG-\VATH'-^WiiJi}' Soi«vlee r - >;t< " v w.i-: w Lprjhg-W' • Oreh. .", ;^ .:•'•.'_ ^'^//"-""".r./yn N\ ? IC"AP—liby<J- tiabliu'ni's ; Orch. 'v 1 ^ W.I'X-WJCG—Dolly . Dawn's Orcli.-v. wno^-poiish; orchi- :•:• ••'• ••'•i WOH—Your". 13efenHp V(|>Qrter^ '>;;• \ym\Y—sifjifotf . WOR— ,\\ 7 I)I Orchv Orch. ... WABC— News, OrcJi." 1 ' Charlie Wife—Do -you think., l.he palmist, will really, toll my fortune .Jack.?".- Ht!.sba.n(l--Yes, if you giyo her a chance to- talk. ,• . ' r - The mnn who. llrsl, said a plel.uvc was worth a, thousand words, must havo. been/trying to write. a.deso;ip- tioiT of a e.ork screw. ' " • ' She—Why D'b(ilo)', you told.'me l.o sho.w; you my tongue, but you haven't even looked at it! • .:'"' Doctor^—No . . it was only to .keep you quiet while I wrote out the prescription. GEM LAST TIMES TONIGHT I OFW'C POI I 108 ^^^^^f* •• v w ^^P M ^^^^^^^ ^^H • TONiaHT ONLY LOVE SE'ORETS OF JL MILLIONAIRE'S DANGEROUS AGE! , V Intrigue — my&tery -—adventure ."• most; dramatic, city! ii WHO. V/PB the .millionaire whio paid $10i60Q^f6r a;kiss? WHY did a, sftplen. romance Iea4 ; to the-murto of r tiie; : beauty in-- 1 ?The Mermaid's Pooli;? : ' : ; WHAT happens when international/''big; shots" take • • timv oiitfor love?- ... -.- • -.-; .,.> ',.-• .:- : y ; --.V ! .;>; •-:4^^ FRANK MORGAN — ANN RJJTttERFORDi ^ ,KIJNT TAYLOR ^ ! DAN DAILEY^ ^fR; ^ S LEE BOWMAN — FAY HOLDEN % VIRGINIA GREY ll Also 4 < MEET ;vS>i, " BAICK STREETS On* «f tk« mml promiftinK-ditfcovcrie* at th« M-G-M atudio* In MMj !• PfltricU ]>ane, the younjrtter who Moral In M 2" "" AH important part in "Life Ifegin* f«r Aadjr ludy Garland and Lewit Stoat. •_. '^ HERBERTi ^MEET THE CHUMP Xfff\ &ty\ fffm SifflS ••m "HE DIDN'T KNOW MUCH ABOUT WOMEN OF HER KIND... IN HER CUNGIN8 ARMS, HE FORGOT THOSE WHJJ TRUSTED HIM".., Here's a blazing new triumph by A. J. Cronln, the author of "The Citadel A m Kv ••. Esi. 1 'K, \ to*/"Th» Lady Vanish**") Wli^AE^ LOCKWOOD / (ol "Night Train-') " WILLIAMS I . (of "Major.Baibarei") »,: ;$j$j&' <""N*IJ'!'*'5 | M® CAROL m sff\, A^.J'J Ik** 1 * tiBnt»l»t In H« AhT to JIsM^ m '— Also — "HER FIRST BEAU" and MARCH OF TIM1 mm m> $&• m$$ ; : <!::•>>$•;* WEDNESDAY MAIL TRAIN" and M T Also Pop Eye th< -, ^^^^u^^:^ ; )^^

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