Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 4, 1941 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, August 4, 1941
Page 2
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DAILY NE^-MONI)AY, . ''. . " .. T - - , ' « '.' K1940 >'3?$?*'-^ »£;•&» ' '•ivVv.-.'c.,' V 1 T 1 1 T* Yankees lake Iwo x Inexplicable Nosedives They Lose Two Games to St Louia Browns; Scores, G-2 and 5-0, KIHKSIOV By I/.-P. V Ncsv York, Aug. 4— (HI 1 )— A female, .fan 'from Fhithumh wandrrr.d Inlo _Yan.kf;t) .stadium Sunday and had the .Hum of hor llfo yHIInK suuh Insults .«;«'!,hoso .at tho Ki'eal- Yankees: '.^'-'Illl it/ivor WMiiKKlo'H hoad!" • : '"Watoli Umt Khush Uoidoii KUIII II. at tlioso Ynnkou bums.—they oouldn'.t hit It [uwl UK; pllcher!" , "K(iock that lipcl Huffing onl of them!" \'_ She yelled 90 scorned ovury- boily In tho park oouUI hear IUM- but 'tho royt oT the o.rowd of .'JT.MI!' Hotline! bank with (!0in,plol.o confidence that the- Yankees could mur- dor tho lowly-Mrnsvns and make- Liu; lady from iMalbunh Hnuak out of the prp.i.ulans. • .Hut the 1 gal from Hrooklyri got louder an<j loiuloi 1 . At Ui« Mulsh sho was posll.lvrily raucous with hor tai|iUs. And not a Yankee fan could say a word to shut her tip. You Ht:e, the Hrosvns, who start- od tho 'day in last place, played like ' ' ' \ arid on the. Yan- Iwkuj, W untl 5-0. Thn Yanks, who had Hcorud throo successive shutouts and liad lost only twice \-\\ their lanJ, 47 slarls, did ono of tho.Mo liuixplUuiblo nrwMUvuH for which there's no rhyme or reason.. •Jt was a cruel sight for Yankee runs. Tliuy sal -for :.iho boiler part ol' 4 \-2 hour* waiting f<U' the Hro/i.v . Ho'rubory to; uxi>io<ju but nothing . ovor happened. .Johnny Nlgge-llng's kniioklu hull balTlod the Yanks in • Win oporuu', Aftw allowing t'our hit*, including Hharllo Keller's 27th horn•-.or,'In the llrs.t throe Innings, Nlggul- : 1n# hold tlio Yanks liltloss the rest .of'.Uio route, rot I ring IS IMOM In or- .;dor, Hob Harris improved on this ';>»(.'•!'ronivttiuxj in tho nigh! cat>, allowing only two lilts and rutlrlng i'J >.iofwn<.uiUvo imU.oi-H after Sturm led oft' with a double to slur I thu Yun- (t waa tho -. ,)r», :IWO '!.iii\l ^oublchoador. i^t l-lnio..s>.luno. tho Yuijks loyt a Tho Urowna did It lliut day, with iS'iggeUng and Aukci In Liu: box. Harris 1 shutout was' the' second for Iho Yanks this season, Klokey I fan-Is ol 1 the Had Sox registering Lin.! alher one. Joe UiMaggio was hold hllk'ss In both igar.ncs. end- hiK his new streak al JO straight Kfimo.s; It was the first t lints since an.'that DiMagglo had boon blanked In two straight games. The Yanks six hits In the two games were a new low for them. Hud HiU'- ,'ln^'s loss in Ihe uponur was his first since May J Valid Broke his nirie- xaiiio winning streak. Hob Fuller camo out of his slumn and pitched the Indians to a 6-3 victory over thu Athletics for his 20th vlclory bul Ihe AlhleLlos.copped the Wi' 4-<i, to gut an ovon break. Kollur allowed only throe lilts be- n throng of a'J.GJS, largest U» i Park history. Lyons had a day for himself, vinning his HHh game anrl gutting our hits as llio White Sox crushed Washington, U-O. The defeat dropped Washington back In the collar and tho Browns moved up again. The Tigers and lied Spx each' madu II hits but Detroit capitalized on theirs lo boat llosto.n, 0-3, as Dick News01 no was kno.cked out of the box for 1,1 us second straight time since conquering Bob Keller eight days ago. The Cardinals picked up half a iramo In the "National league race by grabbing a pair from Iho Phillies, each by u tXl score, St. Louis now loads Brooklyn by a game and a hull'. Tho (.lards got a shut in tho ariu when Mot-ton Hooper, making his (Irst start siyoo his arm operation .1 lino A held Uiu Plill-s lo six hi Is and fanned six In the opener In which Johnny tlopp had u perfect day, "JJ for !i." Lon Warncko- hurled a flvo-lifllcr u rid won his .iutii game In seven runs Jn two .gtinion. Ui tin; night 'cap. Johnny Mix.e drove With Ys'hit Wyatt going tho ro.uto for Ihu ili'st time slnoo July C), Urooklyn slugged tho ,Cubs, :10-2. Wyatt allowed only seven hits and yvon his Jjlh gaine. The Dodgors made suven consooutlvo hits in tin: second to six runs. IMUsburg came from behind twice tQ.,bo.,at 1 tln;,CVif 1 inf,s, •§-$ ayd, <\OrA (0, In- , nhig.s, called Sunday lu\y), moving l.nto third place. Ken Helni/'/.ehnan & TOPNOieH DEFEATED, 2J A base on balls,, a.sacrifice, an Pri'- rpr .ii.nd a sciuoe/,e >; play. in. the ninth inning gave Shelton Pautiiers. a r.un Hud a 2-1 viclory, over the Palis' TOP, No.tcli',.ie]irn.. at Siicllph Sunday. The.., had 'Llir.! tying run oh third "base in ( W;in^n.intli but poor Abase running ruined- their scaring cliancc. Tho score: • •.. '."', SI i el ton I'anthers .,.- . »h h (.irandis 2b .; V.. to rl'ia'm c Georgia 3b Noders If rs'pders cf -:.... Ib.o [) KHz HS , ..,...', Ott ib Wyso.1 rf .,..........,,. Ghause rf Totals r l'o|i Notch O'ski el 1 rf . WlHiicski (.'.I' NaUjwlch 2b Karabiin ss . Xukowski of Only rf .'.... Do box, 3I> .. Xedlanl of . Go^an :lb .. PI sun I o .,!. iVkU'OlT p — Garyon I •/. ... Totals ........ .... x— iVpno out \vlion \s"i!? so.orcd. . X— Ilan for . Karabau .in Sopi'o by innings: Top tfotoJi ..,,..., 000 PanLhcrs ..... '..,.. 010, stui'.tod games but was Unookcn o.ut in'each. AlLopez's .single woi Uic first- game while a i-'i-hit atLacl olinohod the nightcap, Tho Braves handed the Hods double setback, 5-0 and 3-0. Jin Tobin oulpHehod Elmer RUUHo ii tho opener and Johnny HuLo.hingH Bed CastoJl' trimmed Bucky Walters in tlie nightcap. The Bods made only eight hits in both games, and gof, only two runners, to third, both in the opener. f^i RAt^s. Alo.ui Pobk ,CARgi Wood Defeats Ghezzi And Wins $2,500 Purse Today's Sport Parade . . <l\cp. U. S. Pal, Off.) n\ HA any i KiuaisoN (UuKod Press Sports ISdltor) 7 24 winning run Yos to rday \s He i-bcs—,J oh n n y Nig- gellng and Bob Harris, St. Louis iSr.psyns 1 , pitchcr.s who handcuffed '.'. c\:: Ya n K s to,, l\ a n.d. -t|h p, 1 QII g u,e - l.ead P rs. •tfiplf; ,/lr,s^. do.ubio loss bj.' thu season (5-2' a'hd' 5-0. ' ... tfOSf g£f.£C?iN/l2-.VoUAl6 BISHOP IS NEW .'0- How They Stand WHERE SHALL WE CO THIS SUMMER? What do you choose? 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LIngland-- amateur golf .'c-h'ani'T )ibn, and. ho won .'the. title vay. '...-•' • :••'•". • J3jsliop, ,who liasVbeen ... u ...^. .. v vin . tli is- tournament ^i'or si.\\y;ears, nally came through "Sunday, "tie-; Mft.ndI'yi ,1 r., Wethprs- 2, 'irr a 30" lipie' Ylnaf over . tlic." Ne\y 'Haycn co'iJrsc. '' - ':;' ,'.'•.'..""' Mandly en tercel' th.c ' fray. thb--. fa-J yoritc because he alro.ady had \yon .the Now ' England title twice •was shooting to .b.o.cojiie th'e player to win If : three 'Uin.cs. Bishop,- former Mjjs.sachuseits' champion, didn'(,"icl., the -caliber, his oompcLHIoir -sway h,irn. . He cfirno from be.hhui on LI I.S to become 'all 'even id;'the/ the first round, and. LJicii•'.gradually swept ahoacr until. the/n'mtell : e.ndad on tho Ml!; Ijolc. •BJ r Hiio i i);s| 1 arted ; in ragged fashion,'"bu't,, : .}?'|^ec-j tacularly.. '' . .''•''. ,';••.•',•-.'•;' ,. -. .'••' •• / : v He was. three* dbwii' stij.r.tlng. on- the Kith"hole 'of^tjio'.'/Jrst i;ou/j ( d, Uicfi won. 'tjjreo hoicy.vln. _a; ,ro\y; iw pull even.- He never, was '''threatened after .that.. . '; •' 'Bishop, lakes over the* crown hold last year by Leo. AJarthi, .\yc.ston, LEAGUE Yesterday's UesuHs l .0, Plii/adeJpjmi 3 (1st) /i, Clevelaud a (2nd) ouis 0, Now YoJ'.k 2. (1st). buis.-5, NQ<v.-Yor,k 0. (2tul) ago ( 9, •Washington.; 0.' DeirqU jj, J3os.Lon 3. ' . '". ."-" •'••' ' "' * " - - _____ LOSE OUT 8-7 S.t'." Sf. ' Tlic ...... V"ew; York r/i6v6raiifi -I Boston .... •ihioayo .. ' Detroit ..... St. Louis .. Washington W. 50', 49 -iS 47. /.O 38 I/.32 4,'3 •'18. 52' 51 55 5'.) OS. Pel, .(W: .570 .5k .48f .485 ..'i()j .4.04 .aou and- first' B,y..t of, . Today's tinincs New'York nt Washington Philitdelph.ia at. Boston .(Only games' .sohediilod) ; NATIONAL LEAGUE Yesterday's Hesulls /i (J,sl) /• (2nd) (1st) • Mu'ss."- \v'h'o \vis first round.' '/- In ttyci WIN FROM PI'.lIl,sb,iii ; gJi i p l .JS l ow Yoj-k 4 Pi-l;-!,'sibur«H : "i6'V New York Boston T> K C'ineinimLi 0 ( Bosl/oiv.3, Cincinnati. 0 (2) SI,"LouYs -(), ; ;Philndelphia ;». (isj,) :St.' Lo'ui,s'..P, ..Philadelplila - 2 (2nd) ' 10, Cliioago 2. . . -Johnny. Desjardins. proJlted by an early, lead,- s.ui'vJVIng u .late uprising by th'e Bluebirds.• to- heat -Ai;o ])ur- pUe Sunday. A J'our-rnn" fouj'lh inning won for ; t,he pace, setters" bul, irfoiiiv'i'.un'; by,the home team brought'••!(,. I)ftok iiil.o (,he g-;ime Ucs- jjifvlins \v;i.s touohc'd for- J3'Jilts, foui by ,1.0dmond AvJib • batted- in three .runs, .Qi'vsini' ,liit ; ;a^h'6me ,run- 3. on for Oiikville: in the I'ourtli score : • ; . ' ': Oakviilc •with . The Starry. Jb. '.. Palrnoi 1 . If. . Vaughn.'-- cf. ,2b Garangclp. .c l-ieauty rf . l^enn-." ss ' ..', Orsini. .'Jb :..., 'J'otals ab 3 5 5 4-' 3, 5. 5, 4 4 o 0 3 o J. J2 0 0 o 38 11 27 JJ \nufiatiiek Tlie St. Louis ... Brooklyn .. .Pittsburgh Cincinnati .. New York- . pi i ioago —• Boston • ...... Philadelphia W. (55 (J3 53 53 '40 44. L. U5. .30 ''/5 /l8 57-. 72 PoL .050- .U3(V. .552 .541 -.480 .444 iJuLchQ] 1 ' cf .. Sdrn.onds 3b ,.tlvus,ri: .. \Jariiino.-:'ss us I' 'C ••.".... Gun.iipud .:ib.. Alien', 'it ..;. Dui' p.".''. ah •55 5 4 ' 4 4 4 4 4 h 2 A y. r i o 2 0 1 it 0 and 'Uio Ward 'Street Qi ants. "hi fide , Jt. two slriilfiji t over- ' )3il'l . ,. Bauka t'a- Braves Kriday riight, at. Ward : pounding out a JO to .7 victory Inv.lnciljlc Pete J3reniia.ii miide sti-niglit In his viotory- 'column he. \vas;jiovor -in l;rouble .after early load given him' b niates. •'. Albie .ni.iy.tkwi.oh ; - started oil the mound- I'oi; . .tiic.'.'Bravcs,'- , giving, way- to" rRayJCuiTitir' •In: tha] . foUrUi; inning." Neither. 'pitcher 'could. cliccV thc;ohslaught'-of'UiC:Gl(in v ts'- hi tiers;' p. Mini^,uoel.^connectcd.;,i'or^,j, ; tipn c^jti'tcs!,..•,; IDi^icJjiTiijiJkey,'• of .football, ftinie/ a(>iiieyc4i l ;; ; Ui'3,t ; . feat durmg Luvt'tin'tf pr^,iic.e.;^Kijvse^spn, 'but. no otlie.i 1 ' pfayeVrv be/ore :v Sc'hppp r has, dl •",tj^c^arnije'r>'- riii-; •>&'- :Y;egular ^anTp. ..... : • \,^ ; ; , ; ;^i:...D.:;.',- -.-.•[• t ••.' '•' The Criants'^odgc..'might 'have been; largeiv\-lDuJr r '.?bi : /;^ ... r-> _ ... - :'a Gnnios New ; Yoi' -Brooklyn.; St. Louis at/-'. Chicago . Pittsburgh ,ut•'GincinnnU (Oilly Raines, sehcdulcd-) ' " '" 'Totals: ..' Score.' Jr Qidvyiije ; 'Nau'gaLuck J3 27 8 innings o'rs;;': Jack H.ackett. made ; a. s.cnsa- tlpnal; running catclr, olN-a; line, drive- over second • and- Frant vKlqnpski ,.vc.nt.?back against.jth'e .qcritcrVflcJci? fencC'-to. niake a spectacular'• juggjing- catciY ; ofv Mihiciicbrs';' lo'rig fly| v ' ' Minicupcl turned .'jii": h is '.second uiiassistcd;,vdouble ; pJa.y ib •. as ' many ;anics,:yvhile •Arnolci 1 aiid : So'hppp also Uu'reo: 'defonsivciy.' Bill Baukat; regained .sonic. of .his old-': time; form, at; : tlmcl base;."foi'v the 'Braves, and; yi!tlj' ^Va^Lk^yJch /.a.t.'-slibrt;'. stop";'', pro.-, 'idod'a .strong'ieft; side./of; the.i; TlVo JVigli •'•point.-:-'of : th6.'ga v ni r ,,_ .... , . ;Aug. 4— (..UP)4-; 'SSttari 1 oy;,'4 oh n son,' former:.. ''National VAtf%-,^'.tJ.'•-' l-laVninor-thrpSviiie; charii^' fp'i.phV:'''to : day-. Jed--the race" for 1 ' capt 7 ur- ; 'ihi? the': scasqn.'s' largest Tuna in : .'iVfainc''. \yaters ; after landing a' 700- .Dound blue'fln on a haricl line. .'•' A'formed track and; 'football star, at Uniyersil^of Ma.ine, Johnson. \vji$ 'HsIVing frpin an. open dory yesterday ' Xvbca.'.-thc 'iuna struck. AfLCr. a . 1)0- battle. Johnson brought "the • Now.'.. Haven,'-.;. A ug'; 4.— -Connecticut and . N.e,\v ;-. York; m iu'/ si tngers will sluTLreV honors - in J]\:c/fca,t ; ure bouts o f' Dj ok- .G i:a y 's . \ypclt 1 y: "so; n'l -p rp b ox- l;ig'sh o:\v. at- t}iG.".,>yh'itc.;Ci ty stadium, Savin Book, .tompXi-ow night. Five lii.or.e, .piat.Qhes. will ro.und .out the .p'rogr r a'nY cxpe'clcrl -tp Y surpass, tliose bf'^the past; few . \yccksV. •• . ' .i/PliC^JiilQVrStntc. .pairings will be ns f.6l]o>ys: ]rish~']3obby TvOgaii, Wcstcr- ')y;-H; ^..Vind. Tommy 'Burke ; Tommy Gili;'\:sye'' :iriiyen, : vs; ".Bikflfi • Gans ; j ly n t, : i : New-' .Haven, 'n ml. -Fred \M^ci.\s-f'^ .xVill^take^ .oiij Hawk;' Wright; "and .] i m in .y"''"R pge r.4,'.' ) 13 r i'd gc p.p r t, will go. .ujjajjipt;- Billy ;Aya-Hhinglon'. ';TI\c- last ;ni}med'.'in.- eacli' bout "iu'e menibcrs of. .tli c- : Nfiw . ;.'. Ypi-k! . teani , . . • . = ; Figlltcrs "if rpiii:/ \Valerbury, Mei-i- den,;.-Middie\o\ynV Derby, New London, •arid.' Now ITa yon,"- yvil] ' compete jn the remaining, b'outs. ' ' H.v IIAIIMV FJCHCLISON (United 1'i'cs.s Spuds ICdilor) >'f'-w York, Alls. -'i-~<UP)— Thous- «mds of words have been wril!,-;j] this so.'ison ;«boiil. ijonsoouliv ting slreaks and marvelous pil.ching records, bul no one has devoted lh<: proper atlonl.ion to (he for in;in~Loc Tho Orissom, who holds tho world champion losing streak, lie is Ihe same, hill, raw-boned loll h;mrk»p wlio looked like n whirlwi.nd about, four years a,!.vo when ho. was .'browing for I ho Cincinnati Bods. .Sinco llicn lie ha.s boon on I ho haso- ball morry-iro-round and h;is almosl •dropped out of sight during hi>- l.onnro ol' olllco with the Now York Yankees. M on iron 1 of the Jntorna- lional Loaguo and the Brooklyn Dodgors. 13ut this season ho hooked up with Iho. Philadelphia Phillies and im- •nodial.oly ]io camo into prominence. v\bonl. ovory five days you will no:tic,e n lino near the bottom/of the 'Phillies' box score: "losing pitcher, nrissom," : So I'ar this season Grissom has llosl Jl straiKt games and his. aver- igo for Iho soason is .OOQ. lie has yet to broak inlo I In 1 , victory col- iuinn. No ol.hor pilchoj' in Die major 'eagm.'s can claini ,lhis distinction, Mild Grissonr.s admirors insist, ho Is lust gcUlng slariod on a stroak l.hal. J.hreafens to bocomo as lamons as lo.e DiMa^'io's liiU.inrt 1 in 50 slruipihl ^•arnos. '-With a good l)rcal\ in- tlic Avoathor, Grissum fans — of winch ,-your agent, is one of tho most .'ir~ '•fienl—insist lie can run his losing .streak to at loasl, 17. lie might— •knock on wood, quick—be able fo .make the magic circle of '20 There is no deep, dark secret 'about our hero's rise to prominence, •on the surface, ho operates jusl liko. •my ol.hor pi Ichor. Me throws a fast bail and a curve and ho walks mo) occasionally, lift docs so-em lo.hav.u a talent for rmUIng walks nnd baso- hi,ts togetlior, an- accomplishmon thai usually sends him l.p the sliow- ers about tiie JJiird Jnnlng and Uc his slreak intact. Grissom's losing sh'eak hns changed the strategy; of (.he national league, Last Saturday, for inslanei ho started, against Uic St. Louis Cardinals and vy.ns in his usual form, lie gave up 'two walks and two tn- )les in l)ie ilrsl. in.nin.ij. Then and Jiorc, Manager J3jlly Sonl.hworlh of ,lic Cnnlinals docidod thai no mat.- ,oi l what, happened tt to Iiis pitchor, loward Krist, lie -would leave him there.- With Grissom pitching, Soul.hworlh figured he couldn't loso. He was right, too, o.von though Grissoni had to- J)o taken out In the second inning because he couldn't rel.iro oven ono num. Krisl.'gayp up 1.0 hits, and the Cardinals niud.o throe errors, bill,, even that xyoel'vil di.splay coii.ldn't Jose the game and tiie Wx, scoi-e, as usual, I'ead 1 "Losing 1 pitcher, Grissom." Jl, is one of the tragedies of baseball..that our hero.-could not Iiavo lingered longer wit.h IJio. l^odgors, for lie Is ]iourod riglit from their niouhl.' Besides being loft-handed he occasionally exhibits scrowba.U ton- dencics that would endoar him 'o l,hb cusl.omors al, libbols-Field. During a (lood in Cincinnati a. few years ago he got in a rowboal iuid went, paddling over the cejitor JJclil- wylJ of Crosloy J'Mohl. Asked what >yas the purpose of this maritime advon- l,ure, -Gri.wspm replied;:- ; "Jus,t-\ya.nted to so what happened .to thc.pjtcherjs National Open Champion Rules Today as Unofficial 1 World' s Golf Cliampion.' OinmK Ohio, Aug\ :J— UP)—Na- l.ional 0})on Champion Craig NVood nilod today us unofficial "world's golf champion," bub ho' sought a match with Byron Kolson ol' To.Idlo, J,o cJear up any disputes 1 concerning his "I.IMo.° Wood, blond champion from Mn- maronock, N. Y M dofeatod his former pupil Vic Ghc'//.i, POA champion, r> and 'i, In their 72 hole match al l.ho, Mahoning tionnlry club course yos- torday lo win a .1=2,501) winnor-take- all purse and nndlTic,ijil chii.m to tho "world's champfoiiship." "I'm ready to moot NoJson al any limo," Wood said, "in fact Iho soon- Iho. bolk r r> alMiougli Tni willing to moot .anyone. . "Bui 1 probably \yon'(. moot Nolson until 1 play wil.h Bobby Jones' earn against tho Budor Cup loam m :)olroil.Th.en,. of oourso, l:tu) malcli vill defend % on chance. 1 ' iio. Jonos-Hydor loom match will DO held Aug. 2.V-M for l-ho beneJH i.hc; United Service organizations, n member of Iho Hydor Cup: team. Avhlie Wood will play wilh .Jones' team. .\olsoji, coiKt'n.erod by Ghoxxl, professional cham))ion from Deal, N. .1., in the recent PGA tournament at- Uenvor, hod announced ': that ho \vould cluilkMige Wood if lie \von Hie t.ournamcnl/. J3ut he Josk'lo G.hcx/J on the 3811] holo. ', . ' MELVINDULONG QFWOBURNWINS SWIMMING RACE Melvin tflly (— 2\vAl J DTsJHn . . 13osl.on. AUK. -i~(UP) — (SliD.DuloiiK, L ; 0, of'Wp:l)urn vtl lo his jo)) . as. a J'oaUior shipper .l.orJuy al' his, tb\sl..$aJt;;W;Uer dip of. (.he season netted Uiiur . the 37th -annual "jO-miio l3"b"^|;o' l ii ir ''likht swim title. -' Ouloiif-c, who j)ra<jtieod. .In fresh watcj", battled l.hroujgh J'.og T+M] icy seas to rea.clV' tli o shore jn Miroe hours, J7 minutes— a ji honjt, ahead of John J-ox.iei 1 of Norwood \viio' placed .second, Jjill JJanley oJ' South Boston. winner four years agp; was third and Alike Hynnc, GO-year-qJd Lowell Policeinan. fourtli. Th.o. oUier Ovo nU t'uiioiJ to Jlnisli: AIL-STARS IOSE IN NIGHT GAME mound," Anolh.or.legend, is lhn,t, 7 -iftor .Lefty.;. Groy.e,,lj.n/J a ; few .ir,oub.].csp.pie, l,(^i(.h extracted, Orissow went to. iL.dcntisf. and l) i son _ ; >yii n i, =AVU s r B'P odV f oiN; a gccij ')«; U^ ho House of David b.-iseboll I.eani i an e.-isy lime in defenlinM' the ignlnek All-Slurs ,'it, Bocreatlon Pji.'Id Sal.urd.-iy. night. J>y a" acoi'e of t) to i. The contest; W.R.S one of Ihe f;lrsl night Barnes played her.e in several years/on'd .atlra.cte.d iv'gpb.*!, crowd. : Bob M;jri;mo "was. on, ,ljie n)0".»')"' for the locals and pitched excellent ball bul n ••.string of eight errors by his. !.eapimates i made victory easy for the visitors'; Mariano '\vy,s. relieved in the eighth b'y Muleskl after the Whiskered Gents had scored five runs, in thai, stanza., ..- .;. 'Tho scpre by Innings folJoyvs: H.. of-. p:;,;.-.-;.;..;; , ooo: Joi 250—070. 000 010—1<>8 :for. )iim, top. ; l ^\inM, ; sbV' pur liero denies, it. lieV sayk' "l : g6l, Ijjoni : ''' ^"^•^.M^-V _ All-Stars Appreciate . i'flsli; t<X bqat.,buL was unable, to -land ;it:!b'ecausc lie had no. gaff. Ho finally-' ^hailed- a passins witlr ; tliG boat and aid of. landed ! ; '.Tohns ton's catch 'placed, him in. the: 'lead for "th.e trophy /o.rfered-'annualiy •by Sea-; aiid.' Sh ore Pish eri es Com m i ; s- Greonlcaf foir, the taken by\Harpoon,"'. rod - larfiresL ,Tuna taken by-;Harpoon,-, rod ipr:ptliei 1 '.mpans t .The state;rncord for; iTujia;;: ta'keii Jon: : v.odl and; 'reel.; is:-.^65. s.. "m ge t. th.Q., Be aeon. JPal fs ; ...- l , :J ,vv-- i'reyermulli Bb'aoon -Falls: toniglit. iTo. lhp. ; E(Jl.tpr of The. Ne\vs.: : ..'/ The management "'of.' the Naugatuck AlIrStars/Ayislip,s,. to. : 'takc;: this op- 'pbrtuziity to th"aiik-;thc'-bascbnl) fans of;' VNaugat,uck' and:;;;^surrounding '.i.t.pwns.-}wOVo" at tended : ; pur con lest Saturday :eycning.'-.'with'.;'.the. MoiTsG -; of David; team. Wo also 'arc indeb ted Lo Fire Chief^Va;]id;^fprmpr., garden •Joh!];'J;';Shcrjdah,for officiaily bpcn- ; , ing thergamc^ foi^us^ll, is-.the first ; night;lia|I;game' that, has/beeitplay- an'd we' h o pe .it' >y i 11 sport f^i]s^Ayhp ; :,are unable, to at• tend : at;Kicticy evenis'-'d.ui'ing"'thc day to/.lhjo: rusli./.of'Ayb'i'rk'- MI llie local '''•' Cabbie Mjke >lcCapn has a hearty laugh "at nesy» of the yasolioo cui^cW ordered by Oil Coordinator Icke». You,see, Mikc'« c»t> if,powered by A horse, and H'&h r?o shorta^of hay, >Ii)ce'8^s ^ood time* ahead. Mike'* stand is in front of the Hotel Plaza in New York pity. - - , . . -. ' (Ctntrvl Pre»»/

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