The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 29, 1952 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 29, 1952
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS New Cookies Add Zest To Summer Snacks By CECILY BROWNSTOXK Associated Press Fnort Editor Here are two neu' cookie recipes Jor tummer gathering.';. Served with ftra*'berry - garnished lemonade they'll make an attractive snnck for porch or indoor eating. One of (ho recipes combines corn meal nnd co- Babies in Need Of Soothing Food 'One-Hot-Dish' Rule More Important for Infants than Adults The "one - hot - di^h - for - each meal" rule Is far more Important for small folks than for urowrmps., To babirs nnd todrilnrs, warm food is com/orlinir, .soot hi rip, l Wit ness that, warm bottle at nap lime.> Little ones seem to thrive on moderation, both in scasnninp.s nnd In temperature of their daily food. Food so bland that Dad terms ill 'blah" just suits their limited rfipes- '• live powers. Severri^rs and fond' make a hit when they are warm or room temperature, never ice cold, never hot. Babies accustomed to worm cor- f&Is and soaps may balk at (he first serving. 1 ; of strained fruits, not only because a strange food of different texture Es being offered, hut because the unfamiliar food is cold. Dnrtors often advise taking the chill off the introduction by warming the fruit slightly. Come warm spring days, when the family graduates happily to bowls of crunchy salad or cold plates, It's especially important, to fee that Junior pels that one hot dish, hmchUme included. to manage, too, by checking extras In the refrigerator. Often the daily vnriety program of two or three chopped vegetables for the toddler's dinner leaves FV few spoonfuls of carrot-;, green beans or spinach. Put them all together, strained or chopped. In a quickly •made cream soup usincz a thin cream sauce base. Or warm the veegtnbJcs in n buttered cup nnd • drop a poached egsj on top. Pleos- mnt disguise for youiiR or old. Here's Two-Way Sandwich Spread fiandu-iches are Important items in the American home, Thev'n* nft- «n the basts of lunch, supper or evening, refrpshments. If you "TO fond of pardlne sandwiches. you'H like f.hem even better with the nci- dlMon of crisp, perky tnstinj? baron. Use this bacon and sardine sprrmi ac a fiUin? for hearty run n-sized wmdR-ichefi or HS R spronri for dftin- ty open-face sandwiches. Bnron-Sardlnp S^nilwloh Spr«;iii M cup cnimbleri crisp cooked bacon * I-3U oz, can sardines, drained 1 teaspoon grated onion Mayonnaise Combine bncon, Fardincs (which have been broken un finely> and onion. Moi?ten with mayonnaise until of .^prpadine consistrnry. conut (o gi\-f! intprostlripr flavor and tcxturp. A rccont survey turned up thn fact that nslnc corn meal in rooklf* Ls near tht> tnp of favorite homes uses for (his good prodyict. CO UN' MKAL TOCONUT C'OOKII'S Ingreflienls: 2 c»)>s .slftprf flour, J cup pnrlrhrd corn nioal, '-itpaspoon bnkinR po\vr!rr, ] i tpaspnon Imkinp .^rjrta, 'i (prtspoon salt, J '^ cups firmly-packrri nroun .supar. I cup shortenfrTR 'sn(t), 2 cs«s, 1 '•prispoon vanilla, ] 1 rup milk, 1 nip roocnut. MclhiHl; into mixhia bow] .sift flour, corn meal. b:.kine nowtl^r, baking soda, nnd sail, Atld rrrnnin- in? InprodionU oxcr : pt CfK-onut, Stir MJitH inpri'fliont.s ;irr \vr-Jl hlrndPd, about 2 mlnmr.i. Fold in coconut: snvc p^rt of rornnut to .^prinklr over tnp of cnokfr.s before, liaklng. Drop hy tpaspnnns nlxmt 1 JT^C>I rpnrt on creased baling .^Jirrt. FAakr in mnrierFilo O50 FJ oven 12 to is' minutes or imlll lirownrd. MnkoA i about 51 rookies. J OATAIKAI, T(M- KATS Tnjtrniipnts: 1 rup siftrtJ flour. \ cup, 'i tcnspomi 5^lt. '-i io,'t- spoon mace, \ cup shorlenlnc (foffi, 1 rui!, 1 t/-,isponn vanilla, l cup iinconkrtl cjufck rolled oat.s. \ cup finely chopped walnut, or per an nie.its. ] Rfx-oimcc packapp semJ- swcpt chfK.:nlnte-piecp,s. I tablespoon water. Mcllim): intn mixing IKHV! sift flour, sngrtr. Rait, and mace; acid short en Ing. TIIR, and yanilln, T^cat unlit smooth, sbnut 2 minutes; mix In rolled on!*. Shape in small ball.'; about };-lnch In diameter. Roll in chopped nut mrnts: place about 1 inch apart on tmRrcasprt. bakini? .sheet and make Jndo«tatjon - Ait>i thumb or teaspoon tip in center. Bake In moderate 075 F.) oven for 5 minutes. Press Indentation m cpn- ter ngnin: bake 3 or 4 riiLniilc.s longer or until a delicate brown. Meanwhile chocolate with water In saucepan over hot water; fill centers of cookies with chocolate. Makes about 4R cookies. THTJRSDAY, MAY 29, 19W CRISP PICKI.E COLESLAW l« a flavorful filler tn* this mo!d«I . ^leoiato isple lout aiirt adds orlglnalllj to your summer party. Bored? Try This Sporeribs Dish i Bored with the same old foods? Then tinick try this recipe for sp.irerlbs. uslnir sweet mixed plcltlc*. It's a 7f.sty surprise. IMcklrrt FUrl.rrnrH .Sparrrlbt (Makes fi aervinKS) Threo to 4 pounds Bimrerlhs. 1 lensriorm salt. 1 cup dilll snucp. '{ cup chopped sn-eet mixed pickles. 2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce. l r i cups water, 1 teossioon salt, 2 dashes Tabasco, Place Rparcrihs In n Inree pan: sprinklp with suit ajid hake in a mndernte oven (375 degrees F.) 45 rulrmles. Mrann'liile. combine re- ninininK ingredients In a saucepan; briiiR to a boll and pour over spareribs. Return to oven and continue baking until leader, or about one hour. Frequently bnste ribs with sauce duvintr baking. USE T-4-L FOR ATHLETE'S FOOT BECAUSE— It prrl* off the outer sVIn and PX- porfpR burled fuiiKl to kill It on ron- inct- IT nnt plrnsrd IN ONE HOUR with ln*tnnl-rtrylix T-1-L. your 40n hnck at any drui; storfn. Toriay'nt Ktrhy Bros. Dr»is, ^".•..?-A;.-WJ;V^ i*&4Mtttt'4£ '~~\'-•'•'•&&&'>.# i&$M% PLENTY OF FREE PARKING! End Cuts Lb. 19c Best Grade 6 fo 8 Lb. Lh. Lb. SALT MEAT ' SLAB BACON PURE HOG LARD 't.E"6 7i POTTED MEAT PANCAKE MIX Toste 3 Good for Aunt Jemima Gal. 5 Lbs. 46 oz. cans 4 Fo, Flavored CORN MEAL At-pak-co, ORANGE JUICE PRINCESS CRACKERS u HODGE'S CASH & CARRY GROCERY 4|/ 2 Miles West of lily _ Half Moon Road Pickle Coleslaw Is New Summer For a snjipcr party, ynn'|] like tills new rrrlpe. it m^kc, 1 ? n hnnd- : 5;o]iir apiiearanre nnri KofS inlrreat- iiK'Iy wjih rold rut?: m»i mll.s. ; Ttinialo Aspic l.nnf rillnl uith I'icklc ( nks1;iw (Alufves l-fi srrv(nas) Tomnto A spin } Two envp- lo[ics unflavored cflaiin, 5 1 > rups touinto juiro, 1 tonspfmn .salt, 1 rup chopped rllll picklr-s, RnftC'n ppJafiJi iti "< cup rokl tn- niiitn jni:-i> 5 minutes. In a .snuco- pan, brinci i^mainins tomato iuirr lo a boil; add soMenrd t-pl?ilin nnd finlt. stirrlnc until dissolved Conl and when mixiiirp bruins Lo thicken, foUl in chnpprti dill pick Jos. Turn Into oilrtl 0 x S x .1-lnch-loaf pnn and rhiff unrfl tiem. Unrnnld aspic on Inrcp plat tor. Urine; a paper pattem about fi'-. x 3 inches, cut n rectnnetiliir hnl<* out o; the center of the aspic lf>af. Fill with pii-ktn rolf!.<.)nw ;i»rf serve. A.c- pic cut from center of mnld may bs cut into cubes, rcfriprrntert and xervcA next day as Jellied tomato soup. 1'irkfe Coleslaw: Three rup> shredded cnbbnt;n. 1 Final! onion thinly .sliced. 3 dill pciklr^. chopped, '2 cup FYenrb drfssJny. In a bowl, rnmhlne all in-iTdi- cnts and toss well. KliTncy IVan Sunday Supper (Makes 1-fi srjrvliiKs) Tv-n taljlpsponn.^ huttrr or font- as Loaf Filler Supper Treat (Ird man-ariiif. "J cup finely nbop- pnd onion, 1 cup coarsely chopped celery. 1 No. 2 cnn rerl kidney beans, 'i cijp sueet pickle relish. I fea- spnon dry mustard. ! - teaspoon salt. freshly Krourul penper. In a saucepan, melt butter or margarine; atld onirm and celery; i=:iul<r until soft. Add remaining in- sreclienis and hrine to a boil over low Meat, stirring occasionally. Serve with frankfurters and a crisp salad. Perfect Frying ABC's Are Offered by Expert Luncheon Meat Scores That handy helper, ready-to- serve luncheon meat, scores again. This lime srind the loaf and pile il on bi£ hurts. Broil until the meat Is toldeii urotni sud serve ft-ith « thick choose Knucc. A big batch of fried chicken, a boat of gravy, mountains o( mashed potatoes and a dish of ereon veaetables — that's n wonderful American Sunday dinner. Hut for best results with broiler- fryer "a])" chickens, now .so plentiful and relatively inexpensive, let's take a quickie refresher; i:o'..T:;e fn frying k]lou--ho'A. The Pouliry and EBB National Hoard gives these rules and the Hoard certainly should know its chicken. Fried ChkJien Chicken fries best when disjointed. Have It cup to order, buy it by the piece ncr.orrtine to taste, and needs, or buy frown, cut-up chicken. Here are the ABC's of perfect frylns: A—For each pound of chicken, Wend '', cup flour. I teaspoon paprika. 3^1 teaspoons salt, <-. teaspoon pepper In paper bag or shallow bowl. Shake chicken. 2 or 3 pieces at time, in bag to coat evenly, or dredue in flour In bowl. Save any leftover flour for grnvy. conking fat loll or shortening! about ', to Vlnch deep in skillet till drop of water si7zl:>s. C—Start browning meaty pieres Mich as drumsticks and thighs first, slipping less meaty pieces in be- tivern R.I chicken brown-,. Turn occasionally with longs or two spoons for even browning To avoid crowding and to save time, use two skillets to cook all piprps at rhe snnie time. Save pan drippings for grnvy. L) _ When chicken is uniformly browned-15 to 20 minutes—reduce heat nnd cook till done. 20 to 40 minutes. It chicken was large, neighing around 3 pounds, ready to cook, and durmstlcks are thick, cover sklllel after first 15 minutes. Remove cover during last 5 to 10 minutes to recrisp skin. Flour, hrown and cook giblet.s with the chicken. If desired, before serving cut neck In 3 sections and Islce gizzard, heart and liver Into thin slices to serve all In gravy. B—Test far dontn&s. Chicken Is done when meal on thickest part of drumstick cuts easily and there is no pink color visible. Note: In the South, many good cooks fry It In 1/3 butter and 2/3 lard for extra flavor. Some soak It in salt waler before frying. True Southern-fried chicken Is never fried in batter, this is Maryland, or more accurately. Baltimore style. Today's broiler-fryer chickens need no pre-cooklng of any kind before frying. Read trourler News cnssltied Ads Patties Make Control* Serve meat patties In thli casserole combination. In » baking dish, first arrange a layer of sliced raw potatoes, then a layer of whole kernel corn. Top with meat patties. Add a can of diluted condensed tomato soup and bake in a 300 degree P. oven for 1V4 hours. Hei-e't Old Favorite Barbecue meat with rlc» li in old favorite. For a new twist, barbecue "meat sticks" (ready-to- serve meat Leftovers) and serve on a bed of steaming rice. Helps You Overcome FALSE TEETH Looseness and Worry No longer he annoypd or fetrl UI-al- rr.^p hcrmiRo of wobbly fftlse l<V!h. FASTEETH. an tmjwiwt alha- Une ([IOI\-ACUI> powder, sprinkled on your plates holds tlirin flrmrr so th«r for) mor« mm/or t ft hie Soothing nn,rt mount; to unms marie sore by pxces- slve aclrt mowh. Avoid embHrrRssmpnt. cnuscd by lor>?p plates CJet FASTEETH mdHv at any rfn:K score. DELUXE MODEL RO-70 TWO-OVEN RANGE Truly Ameftca'* most beautiful, mosl convenient household range \ Cash Price COMPACT "THRIFTY-30" MODEL RO-35 Only 30" wide, yel has giant oven thai bakes 6 pfes£ Cash Price 4 226.75 Model RO-30 M85.75 WONDER OVEM MODEL RO-60 BoVe o CaVe I Bfoil a Sleakl Same Time — Same Oven Cash Price '389.75 Model RO-50 Ask about easy terms I HALSELL& WHITE Main&Div. FURN. CO. Phone 6096 MIRACLE WHIP PI 29 Set one label from any at th?ss products. Entry blanks available htri. CHILI. TREEL 49c TAMALES__26c 47c BEEF STEW 49c CORNED BEEF HASH 42c DEVILED HAM_ 19c CHOPPED HAM __54c VIENNA SAUSAGE. 22c LB. Armour BOX Cheese -PLUS- LB. Princess BOX Crackers Both For CRISCO 3 POUND CAN Betty Crocker CAKE MIX 2 Boxes 59c Maxwell House TEA i Lb. Box 47c BOLOGNA Armour's Star All Meat Sealswect G'FRUIT JUICE 46 oz. Can 19c Armour's ALL MEAT BOLOGNA Lb. 49c. FLOUR GOLD MEDAL LBS. FREEMAN'S MARKET 2016 West Main — Across from the Mox Theater WM. Sp*<!al Pack l«H ARMOUR SUDS 47c A Proven Fact: HOUSEWIVES SAVE at FREEMAN'S! I* I

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