Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 8, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 8, 1896
Page 8
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i^:£'' <&f! : ''-'.v.-' Monstrous alf CJleaiapee '-;••'. ";•.'.'•" ; : .V Safe of JSeasonable Merchandise. EACH WORD IS WEIGHED. ALL STATEMENTS ACCURATE. •'.-,. •"•..' ' v ' ' ' • ,' Tn save vour time and money we fit the plainest words to this announcement. The high intelligence of our customers dictates this Dolicv and the worthiness of these statements commands your attention. We begin our half yearly Clearance Sale Wednesday morning TII iJrath This sale means business; it isn't gotten up to order. Itis a real clearing sale-a sale to clear all the spring and summer stock of Drv GoodsSuits P^asols etc. There is much to be sold, In making preparation for our fall business, it means -Clearance". Time and room is precious. To accomplish this, it takes a quick, big loss, to do so. Therefore be on hand early as This Sale is Now Going On. THE GOLDEN RULE SCHfHTT & HEINLY. To The LadieS This is the season of the year when the unpleasant but necessary work .'of Jfouse-cleantag claims the attention-of the housekeeper and not a little- depends OB the appearance of your lace eurtaini as poorly done-upeurtalni spoil toe effect of a well-furnished home quicker than anything else. .We hair*' sspericnced help In this class of wort •wfco do nothing else and wo it now we can- give you perfect satisfaction. We are also making a specialty this year of laundering Bhlrt waists, being the only firm ID the city using machinery excluslyely for the purpose. We will Appreciate your patronage. Campbell Bros. 439 Market St. Fire Works t The largest and moat.complete assort- »ent In the city. Parties Intending having home dls- f lays of fireworks come to us and we •will fix you out We have all sizes of flags, bunting, lanterns, etc. Burgmau Cycle Co Are You Out of Employment. Have you a horse, buggy or other .personal property, or vacant lots • you would Ilko to exchange for a business that willglT* big returns? Call at 703 Jlichigan Avenue. DAILY JOURNAL. "WEDNESDAY," JULY 8, 1806. Pay your natural _gas bills before My 10. " '.'•.'•. Bobscrlbe for the Journal, 40 centt per month. -; : ^ : Call on us for ladles' low Walker & Bauch, • You should sec our ladies' $2.50 ^ shoes for $2. Walker & -Ranch. .•.".-''''/ Strayed—Sunday, morning, yearling 'Jersey heifer from home 'of Oltie Bech. tol In Jonwalom,, near the river. , . The Humane Society will meet this afternoon ait 4 o'clock'at.the Murdock fiotel- parlow. A good attendance is de- arired. ' . , . The landlady of the' -Logan House .tailed yesterday at The; Journal office and : stated that the trouble between Beunlbg and.,Stema'han Monday night occurred in front of the boarding house, and .not within; its' was stated. The'com-: batnnts were nclthor of.them boai-ders •at the house.. ••-., • .;••.;- ••'-', The oonsolldatton of Hie Natural and' JLrtiflclnl gas com^anlos, makes'the yaymerrf of..bllto for consumers using .loth kinds of gas mucli more conyenl- «it. The person paying, for natural joa who lia'also a user of the artificial «aa novf pay both bills at the same time «t the- company's office, 817 Pearl street JJ1 Mils ore due and collectible on the fnt of each mouth trlth customary ten a' grace. BISte for July, ISOOi now MOST LOVES HIM What the Leading Anarchist of the Country Thinks of Altgeld SAYS HE 15 A "RED.' "What a Pity He Can't be the President." 'The National Democratic convention at> Chicago presents -the humiliating spectacle of a great body of representative American cltlizuns ruled by an anarchist. Joliami Most, the leading red of the country, whose business Is the hatching of schemes against governments, has been 'Interviewed by a reporter. It does not make any particular difference to thte class of men. what government they are against;.It is sufficient that there is a government for them to be against it. 'Here - la what Herr Most says of Altgeld:. . A reporter found Johann Most, the anar.chiist, at his office In Kraemer's saloon, on Park row, yesterday afternoon, aad had a talk with him altout Governor Altgeld of Illinois. Most 'sa'ld he was very glad to be able to 1 'speak to .the' public wth regard to the sterling virtues of the IlliMtiB goyfii-n'or. ' • • "Mr.'Alfcgeld Js a-'great, man," said Mast, "a most wonderful man. I have observed .hljn many years,-and I know him personally... He to my very good friend, and the friend of every man In the world, $o long as that.mnn is honest It -matters not whether he be anarchist, populist or republican." "When did you meeb Mi Altgeld Mr. Most?" "It was two years ago to.-.Chicago. He is a member,of a society there to which many, of -my: f rlends belong, many socialists and •individualist anarchists.". "What did.he say?" " "Oh, lie was v.ery pleasant. We sat at a big table and drauk beer, and there was tt lot at talking" by . everybody." .Mr. Moist declined to state the subject of their conversation." He continued: "From knowing him so well, and from my 'great gratitude for liissewkes /to uaanarchlsts, I am able to apprecdato •him fully.. There are fe-n men like him TMs country Is full 'of commonplace men. Al'tgold is not a commonplace man. ardlvtets lore, admire and respect Altld: for his services t|0. .them- in the p.iist and for his good judgment in deal Ing with their cases. "He is not known here as.he is ln:tbc •west. He Is a noble, intelligent man. He is learned In : the'law : and so;-was very able to know the rights 0-f oiu martyrs hi Chicago When he signed their pardons he had been for only fi- e minutes the governor He did not liesi tate; he knew what to do. "Altgeld Is not an ambitious man W-lint lias he to gajin' He catfnot be president. It is too bad, It IsTerv nmch so, I think. : 'for he Is an unusual man and the friend of anaichlst* He Is afraid of nobody aud nothing If nil governors were like him then we an- lirchists could not complain, so much But other governors, nh, they are af laJrt o£ this old custom and that one, e> aie afilad of what this big lawyer will say, or that big banker or Bome- l>ody else Altgeld cares what nobody saj« or thinks. He acts after his own consldeiattous, and his consldeiattons are based upon tire gieat wisdom^ which ho has— wtiioh. be showed out so plain " ill liberating our meii; iiufl_•'. hi (loins justice t!o those that' 1 were, dead; .whom- lie was'too late,to. help.'- He Is a bbrii i-Linibkan,. not MS Jiu'ioHcaus say It'; but' us the Frwich say .-.It--a reel; lie is- for the' people -ami against 'their-.oppressors. .•••' ' •" ••••• ••"?' - '-•,••' ."" , . "No,- it is no surprise at all to me to see .hi-ui .coone to the front and to see. rliat-he is the great central man In the Democratic convention at Chicago. He Is "a 'studient ofthe'people. He knows what tiio people Avant. 1 .or -better yet,what they "tliink they want Altgeld, he- cares', no thing 'for-silver, . What IS' 1 silver to him? He says to himself as you.auy and as I say 'that the-peasantry/. in" the'-west, who-know uotlilrig abovjt silver, are ail crazy'about ft." '. -•• '.•• ••'.. Most became greatly excited.. HJs- f uce became even redder''than; It usuallyj Is and he pounded the table before him•] until the beer inugs.rattled. "He says," j he shouted, " 'what-.der holl ish der.mat- tor here •; tn -America?; I. ; will., take'j thorn when they are crazy and .lise tlieir crazLness; for a means, 'a -means io; get .everything.In the right' road:'.'. •;' -.,0 ';;'£ Most leaned back; in\',hls chair ; aliJQ-* calmed Mmself, while, ho .explained; some.what breathlessly:. ; . ; , : •;.'.'. '•It is 1 like this:.,To become a great leader, one; must .take,.! up the popular cry. Altgeld knows : h<>w toibe a leader, and lie will, use bJS,prominence so 'that some day we pan.electjouriprealde'ttt/':. "Mr. Most," tl»e reporter iittteiT.>galied, "are you a Democrat?" ,{;.. ••;-.-. :,...? "No! 'No^xmeblt-r;:-^''-, -.'-'...,,'•., ,i ; : . . "You 1 are not -a Hepubllcaii.?" .••.'. \ •;" "No, .1 belong to no 'party oiv : partles that are now in'existence. I am aafi arcWst, only an ainarclilst Arn-aysjan; anarchist Is that plain enough 'for you, now?" "Tlien when yo,u-:haye, elected .your president, Mr Most, what -sv ill you do''" Hcrr Most glanced;at;Ma Interviewer, ont of the comer of hte eye "That Is not -what we>werejtalking about,'?.,ho said/ "you were/speaklng of Altgeld: Itls a pity that-he was bohi In a.foreign land. I.have not d<nibt atiall-tlmt If he. were a native of. America they,; would nominate him tor president jand elect: him, too. For he Is a gieat man and a good man, and honest from the top of lits head .down to.hls shoes, every Inch. His record.shows,,that.; It;,Is U great record for a new man'to make; And he is j onng j et, the best paH of h s life is-before him and:he Is.not yet as great as he will be He ls^ a white ciow among politiidans Undoubtedly lie w 111 be In the cabinet He Is too sfrong a man to be leXt out." "Wltat office In; the ^cabinet' should he ha-\e, Mr Most?" "He would be-mlalster,. of.; foreign 1 affairs best, I think, secretary of state, the Americans call It Then his hand would be IB everything He would, show his full po'were there," "How a.bout attorney .general,?,".-. : 'Tliey wouldn't give. Mm any chance. He would be handipapped'.by the judges* In the courts and by monopolies every where. He could not do Justice to himself there In that he cannot be president the country loses He IB remarkable, among all American statesmen for his feailepe honesty When the go-Tern* merit soldiers were seat to Illinois among the striker^ the governor could only meet them by Bendlngjnjt militia to fight with th&-.go,vermnent soldiers; • He wanted to do It—1 know that. But it wasoiot yet ttaiej We^nrast wal<:" ' TAKESOMEPILLS The regular irieetlng of the W C T. U wlil'be Held atthe-home of J F Getty, 1109 High, street, /Wednesday, July ,to!t 2 30 p mi Sharif, after Tvhleh re- freebments will be served untlT 0 p jn Those IntereBWd'J^cooie^^y ordetol President. . :i That's What Kokomo Needs to Regulate Her Baseball Liver. THEY'VE GOT IT BAD Can't Head the Clevelands Off'-,"... National League. .'it looks very'much os-pbou'gh Kokomo ball llends. were" wounded to the death iThoy cackled and'laughed when It. was 'stated by-The Journal that Statts and Lyen. would retucrm tn Logansport, and saiid: '."Not on your life. will, they return to:-the .'can'; town.". Then .when 'these; two players -did come back, they .'opened 1 up their spleen and let loose of 'a/lot of ;green:stuff that'had been troub- ,;lirig ;them : for.some time.; ,They, said ,„... ?thelr' teami 1 was better .than ever since -Statls and Lyen had .gone;, that .they could well-do without- them.and they •didn't want the.mr anyhow. . Of ; course" it wouldn't do to .mention the old fable'of.the sour grapes, but it Is ihopod that after those Kokomo people •hive -gotten rid- -of the load of bile that ;-beems to affect their livers, and get their system' In proper shape,, they, will feel better and will be.ina position to enjoy life once more.":.Here is tlie latest bit of ; : greein froth' from the Kokomo. Dispatch: •' -. : -'-' ''-'• :'.'. . ..'•- •-. ... •''The Logansport Ottos do not seem to have bettered theli desperate con dltlon any by the 'tolling back* of Den uy Ljen and Harry Statts the ploy ere 'canned off the team' by Managei Kel ler Just before the Rockvilles visited fhis City they beat the Ottos three stialgkts In Kokomo the KockviUcs were beaten-'•• three straights. In the flist game they escaped a shut out by narry Statte's errors at second In the second game after Lven and Statts had sneaked 1 away from Kokomo, they,were saved from a shut-out by a lucky hk In the-seventh-Inning, and the-samc-thing occurred fri the third game, WhichKoko; mo took by a score of 18 to 2 At Lo gansport Sunday, aftei tueli thlid de feat in Kokomo the Rockvilles foi the fourth time beatthe Ottos, the scoie standing 13 to 5 So humiliated were the Logansport bluffers that they did not permit a report of the game to be sent out to the morning papers Aud <.an you blame them' A little more of this sort of playing and the Ottos will have kwt-'tne-feonfldence of even Austin Tansler and Fred George Then will the City of Bridges rise In Its wrath and 'can' the whole booze-flghtlng and back- capping aggregation off the face of earth-;" Well* If the } "desperate condition" of the Ottos pleases-you, "It Is a pleasure, sir, I assure yo'ui" as a very courtly Ko- Jcorao gentleman to In the habit of say tag, and the expression of Joy can be said to be mutual, for Logansport is very weH satisfied with its club as It stands As for "booze fighting," It Js 'charitably'suppoeed in Logansport that the repoct tnat the IJokomo playets are required, to "trade out" part of their salarle^cr "booze" is not so THE NATIONAL LEAGUE Spider^ Can't be Headed Off—Baltimore Loses, Cincinnati Wins There's no me^ In talking' It the Cleveland* do not go all to pieces be- foWthe end of*l»*eason, tbtf pennant; V I» an good 1 a» won to them nowf Ouppy ] • OF ALL THE PANTS DOWN SALES that Harry Frank has ever originated and carried out, this one will surpass and will positively be our Farewell Pants Down Sale. To give you,, an idea how extremely low we will sell theri we quote a few of the many lots Our $6 and 6.50 Worsteds now $3.25 Our $6 and 6,50 Fine Cassimeres 3.25 Our$5 and 5.50 Poe«kin—..« ...2.75- Our $4 and 4.50;fancy Chftviots- » 2.25 Our $3 and 3.50.F4" v C)r ; Ca»*inieres 1.75 OurSI and I ;25 Cotton Worsteds 75 Our $ I Cotton Worf iWs ••-•.•• - 68 Boy's Long Pants 43c In fact every pair in the house goes at 60c on the Dollar to give every citizen in the country an opportunity to help themselves. 313 Fourth Street. pitched jesteiday and won a game that should have been Brooklyn's. The score, 6 to 5, was close enough to send the shivers racing up and down the spine of a pitcher with, any, less nerve than "Little-George," and.lt Is a victory of which Ills friends may well feel proud. Following are the scores of the games yesterday; At- Cleveland—Brooklyn 0, Cleveland 0. At Cincinnati—Philadelphia 4, Cincinnati 14. At Chicago—Baltimore 11 Chicago 13 At Plttsburg-Wa«hlogton 1, Pitts burg.5. At Louisville—Boston 10, Louls- vilUe 1. At St Louis—New Toib 12, St Louis .7. STANDING OF THE CLUBS Clubs' Cleveland Baltimore Cincinnati Boston Plttsburg . Chicago Philadelphia Washington', Brooklyn •Won 41 41 .45 38 34 .36 3? 30 31 New York 26 St Louis ...15 Louisville . .12 19 21 24 25 29 34 33 30 34 36 51 48 .683 .661 .652 603 .540 .514 .500 .500 .477 419 .227 .200 GONE TO THE COUNTRY. Charles Shanahan Forfeits His Recognisance. Charles"ShanalianVthe tailor, has gone to the country to visit relatives for his health Not that hte physical health Is bad, but the air of~the country-is a little more free! than that 'of tb\ ^ Just now. Shanahan Is the tnauv^vrao Rmashed John Bennlntr x>if gan House on Sixth, street Monday, night There was to have been a trial i .of the case yesterday before the Mayor,- 1 but it did not go When time \M» called Shanahan did not appear. He was released from custody Monday on his own recognizance,; and. It that It was not a very good .bond. police say there is a hereafter. DAUGHTERS OF LIBERT!. There will be the regular meeting .thtev afternoon at 2 30 o'clock In Wade'a halt A good attendance ia desired. By order of Councilor.! 3.40 For Choice. WOMEN'S LOW TAN SHOES, AM, Lost Per Ct. ^THREE-PIFTT AND FOUB DOLLAR GOODS, TOUE CHOICE FOR. TWO FORTY-EIGHT ($2.48) AT FILLING'S: SHOE HOUSE; BETTER THAN 16 TO 1 SEVEN TIMES- ARE FILLING'S: BAR.! GAINS IN SHOES— HIGH < GRADE GOODS! AT LOW GRADE PRICES. THREE DOLLARS AND FORTY- EIGHT CENTS TAKE OHOtOB OF ANY TAN SHOD IN , MY STORE., _ _ i PILLING PLEASES THB PEOPUD WITH POPULAR , > PRICES: Thl« sale is cash, and you will appreciate the low prices if yon will only can am} »ee what we have to offer you. - Uog, the alioe man, 412 .Broadway., at the Lo- Locanq^orlr, lad. , x v \ V 4 /^ ' y -. > •*$ ' *,<f, > r >. a* *A i

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