Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 9, 1941 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 9, 1941
Page 2
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Eight NAUGATUCK DAILY ^NEWS; WEDNgSDAY^ JPLY 9 ANNOUNCED BY Hartford, Conn., .July 9—(UP)— CJpv. Hurley toilay.reappomted Dr. Remsen. -.13. ...Ogilb-y, .prusi'dent- .of Trinity Cullc'ge, us. a. member of the stale highway safely commission and announced .six new .members otMlie 'commission, all Lo serve i'or six years.. , ' 1l Tliey were: Superior Court .Judge Arthur l<\ Ifllls, Litehlleld 1 ; Gilbert Kinney,. llrt'enwieli; .Philip A. Merlin n, Wul Mngio i-cl ;.'SLatc Hep. Alfred M. Binghanir Suleni; Thomas Hunley, N'orwulk, and lilugene \V. Oella- vanee, Moosup. . To 1,11e ! governor's committee, on inter-governmental cooperation were nuihed: • . -SUite- Water .Commissioner.. Gol. Sun ford' H. •Wau'li.ams,- Turringl.on; Attorney General Francis A. Pnljot- II;; Budget lUreotoi; Hubert l .l-i: Weir; State .AudiLor.. .Joseph B. Do'wnes, and State Comptroller- John . M, Do'we. ' Russia, Germany Report Gains : • ' - * .- . ^ (•.'•••• '... ••:••• . -.••' ' '''•••• ': (Continued- -from .Page One) : ; Concern Expressed By Winston Churchill MAKES REPLY TO Hai'ironl,.: Go nn : iv -., I ul-y'-. 9'.— (UP)- C5o V".- , 1 1 u I'loy's cri llcism., 'of Beptibl in.' tactics 'dui'.iiVg the V(Mjenl,! leghs- latl'Ve. session brougji L ;a sharp, 'rolorl l.oday.. fru^ii Mepublluaii "Stulo/Ghair- man. '.I. Kcnne'Lli-. Bi'adley. ; . •"(iuvcrnor Hurley's blttor partisan iiLl.nok'-.bri ! 4hu.,lVcpub-llcirn -p.-inly and : on i no- as ; its .chairman, was not. sui 1 - pi'lsln^,' 1 "declared" Bradley;/ ; . ', ". • "NY'lien he ; a!,l,cmpl.e(i'' ; to set i.ip '-a pa'U'6(iage Bracket: •. and a ' "bargain cbuntor for. jobs during -'the- recent session ol 1 the Genera! Asseii)7dy 0 he [•uiuid Lhat' nGilhei' : -;i,he. Republican party no r- 1. X f u>'' l>or K(r ' c> .' ' 1 !Th e i-ocp rd \vl 1 1 s u s La i n, an y c 1 a i m IJial I made' In .the .closing; days of Lh.e' session.".. ? J'h Is record^ will- bp.dis- eus'sed by •'nopuljllcan. ''leaders pa Hie aJi'niursday'n'IgliL," . ' ' . Spea.lve-r III i iU'. Lie ' H.VYIliniiVS •• gton.:-..! h5!un,.Ma\yrnirii: — y (-UR), ',—' said. .approved, .Lite , war. depart- .its battering attacks on the- German' .war., machine,''striking hcavily.-'-'.at; I-iamin, • Muenster, -the L'cunc gaso-j line works 'and occupied zone-tar-{ •gets, apparently fore ing the: Lu'ft-; waffe to shil't some of its nit; squad-I rons back from the'east to the west-.- -ern^'ronl.. • • - " " ""• , 5— The ^'British .reported that Vichy leaders, 'i/i -Syria., were indic.ating willingness to negotiate an arniis'tieo. (although this was denied at Vichy) ; and that,, the SyrJan military .cam-; paign 'might soon be cleared up,, thus; teinporai'ily ending, .one." 1(6 tqiiMul! .Gei-man . threat in-vfJic: ;Near Eastern i flank. _. . -.. -, -'•' ;. ' . . • '.-,"•. : .All .those clcvoio'pments, on"''..-ihc : , surface at least, seemed to .IJritish' experts Lo -present a more encou'rag-; ing picture following' the appeal by.,' 'the foiMiicr: Soviet foreign cuniinis-i sai-.^Maxitn Litvinov," for all of Hit-' ler''s foes, to-, strike, him simultane-: ously and'. withquL'de'lay.' J3uL the British \yere cautious" and warned- agai.nsl; fjyer-est.iniatin"g• the '. favorable side, or developments, :p'ar-; : l,i(Hilarly ' th'e '/present lull, in /the, German-' advance. . on ;.th'e., eastern. MVoni 1 ". v Wiis' lull,, which"might,give the! inipro'ssioni: that;' the great Na/i. war machine Ayas-stalled, was view- 1 ed by London a "pause" .which' Is :encouraging, and probably; means that , the;;, first '.German> strength <has ; been spent by,17.'days-, oMiitensrve .righting. 11' that pause.; can,. Ue prolonged' 1 '!!, .will 1 , he of-^in-'i creasing Advantage, to tlie '-Husslnnsj aiid d-isadvantag'e to the, Gei'tnans,. bill, it should iiut yet. be taken-, to) inc'tirL-Llini;. the Hitler on'ensi.Ve\;has5 broken d;qwii-'oi- Is 1 : . in. Inime'dintei danger. ' ;'_ ' : ' ' : . • "-.=•'. ••-.'•.•'•- • I The Uus'sian resistance has-boen' niuch. better tlian most British-, 'experts • predicted and th man motorized'infantry regiments—"! by tanks—and:; 'fbur b'atterie"s'' : 6n the Lepel sector,; Worth-- of Minsk, and ; that the ;Gcr-. ; .mans had''lost heavily in lighting; in >, . ''the Seb'ezh sector (near Latvia), Jrectly from ; Cburehill and was hand- :ngnr : ISpvo^rad Volynsk, and in the.-f ed to Mr. 'Roosevelt by the state CBbrk : 6viclii /region of the 'front. •:. '••-.• (Continued.from Pago One) to Mr. central 'j department. Early personally •-. . . • • . . . , Furthermorei tlxe.; Russians said their air, force (which the Luftwaffe "reported:destroyed or broken) was- ;stniking with increasing force at the. Germans,, having shot down 102 one-; 's on Tuesday. Ih<a my ; "airplanes: -on .'•bVought t;lic loll reported for this, : week to almost 200 German planes,; ''compared to; a score admitted lost :i by- tlie 'Russians. • ' * 'Guerrilla warfare behind the Ger-' "rritvn 'lines -'In 1 Russia continued in- 'tcnsely, both Berlin and Moscow ,rc-i 'ported:'The-. "Russians, said that the. Guerrilla bands-were large; and were' ['inflicting heavy casualties on..the, 'enemy in addition to hindering, his :e,ffor.ts, to •k' communication 'lines. •. -. .'.'. •>..,.-• ; - ; criticized .Wheel- eV's "action yesterday, prompting a. reply from the isolationist senator that the American people have the '"right to know every step that is being taken by t,be administration- which tends .to; involve us in war." ; Re. Charged that Lhj Iceland incident was a^move by the administration .to- "get us into a shooting war." . •• , . President ' Hooscvclt said Wheeler -case. speaks for itself. the 1 fcnslve ii-' fins m'o'merit'ar-! ily. oxlui.usl.cir the strength of>its men, according:' to .-'London dispatch- • us,', but there has'not yet been/an' answer to the question whether .the Niixls ban , rapidly:! :bringV;Up;>re- serves and; resuine their 'advance-.or sweep iu;quiuK the flanks- inw : seajicli of new holes in, the Stalin- linc;^; The .German high; .cot'ninan'd,.;!.for InsUm-ecy ^ S ' l5tl /merely;;, that.;..opjyra- tions '"on tiie.- entire-'.eastern .front" were • proceeding: sat/i'sTactoriiy;;- •and Nu;as lit: Berliri;;:odni,chdctl tbat; :; the silence of '•officials 1 , on: specifi'c; nle- Berlin,, July 9.-(UP): ~ Germany Complained toda.y that President Roosevelt -had slabbed it ;in the back : 'by occupying. Iceland at the moment >it';. \yas,:'-.flglitli»g.' to- free\th.e world Vj^m,-'the,-threat of Bplshevisiii and: emphasi/cd thiit,.he .would .ip, bqar the •resppnsibllity for. his.; action. '.'•' '• •' ' ,. ' ..' jNij/.i. ngcncies' of publicity -sahl the,, president i had 1 ;, bruta.lly violated' the' sovereignty'; of a small nation bul.; :Siiid-,,.'theV',th.ouglits.- of all' :civilixed: 'persons would be w.lth . Germany SOLDIERS WERE PUNISHED FOR THEIR YOO-HOOING in- in .- iVifo^rma LI On' froui- ' ' It Pays to Advertise in the Naugatuck News iirenl/s recommendations, . to •.exlchd 1:lio. active : sei;yice' of the- iNatibnal L'tuard beyopd one year but opposed rnl,pn|ion ol selectees except those | \\lio voluiilqei- I'or oxlonrlcd/scrvlco p-nveep.- iorma n rou-. :_ Pliel'.ci wore,viip.-'n.q.w: 'cfi'ii ins', : 'liq\yeXet:, f^havi^g^' u l;))'okeIl u . ;; Russia!^»l ;; c^is- ' ''' It's,-; struggle, .against Bolshevism -.behalf ; 'Of,.' the world. *• 'G.'erman' comment; on the occupa- t tioiv;o'f Iceland .;-was delayed- b.ut it 'ba'mb.-.'./lnally in a ll.pod. ! , ,. ;'-,-The 'Tlrst .sl.atciheh'i wds that t|}c Ani.Gr.fcan action, was .a, purely ag- gycssivc! one- whicli indicated President Roosevelt's intentiori of cstab- Jish'ihg- '.-• dii'ect contact - witli l,hc 'Eu'ropenn-,-; war,!; ""i'iopsevelt lias c.on- t? entered, a-biittle area where ;the're':. is,; sharp ''Shooting, " saiil ,' th,e- Boersc/.vZeitun'g.V'The-'reJspoJi'sibility .lies -with: .him,. 1 '.-.!, ,;-.y- ... ;.;-, . '-.-;., : . V ^vA. ; bi'piid caster^ !saJrj.-''-tiveT^ !]r^ "' " '' tunc'e -or' : /of; army, On,' (he saul the 'jn'vtlie : -''Re'd other, hand', the Russians h.ifl wiped out two Gcr- .. .... ,.. : . p. "-''At;; a; ; - : tiirie';when> Germany;': ,in';lhe '.naiiVb;- 1 «o'if . the-.- whole.-. ci vi 1 i xidd v \ Prl'd' v> Every Dai/ -in Every Way ^^^ I is', engaged in war .igniris^ Bolsiie-- A'ism, Roosevelt decide^ to (strike: at JOurope irom behhuK a'uU,sV lie' vlo- lated * tlie, sovereignty ..of '/tiic,. Icelandic v people, 'wlio ai;e':desir;6us.-of remaining independent;.. •";'-..;-.t' : '/,V ; ,'v , "Roosevelt ,haV elected; tq;^ enter the war zone \yhere no Vjuartp'r ";s' given. Europe coivsidersUii's aetip;n : .an unheard- of- ^interferepcc 1 ; uncI^vlM 1 not tolcrcite it." \".y \':'-y.'- '•'•';''!"'..''.'•!''-* <; '1)11 e <j o"i»i m e n t a to r sai < 1.',';,Q o rmiin y had never threatened,- leulah'diT.and idded thai in jio way,.- c.o'uld ; ';-the- President consider Iceland,;a part..'hf ihe Western Hemisphere/,/ ',...-; • .liv a broadcftst\S'hicJi,ji}i;,gr.nie(l,..tlie GeriihurpeoiJle oi Ihe occuiJatibn, the 'Ofllcjiil radio ,said:! ; \ • : ^"J'he { action ' by ( the ' 'American president definitely' constitutes.."aii aggressive step- NO!' diily ; h;is -lio. decided to tear" up the' 1 Monroe doc- 'rine but he has also choseri,to : forget his ^election promises ' (na'de to the American- people -an'dVJio [ has idaced, American Iroops- directly in tlie European Theatre bf War." , IFI Us edilonal, the'-Bocrsei^ Zci-' : t'ung said. ".. x ','. "At the 'moment when the iheart of 'cypry.' civili/,ed being is side., by rsiclb^s'lth-. the German.fighters, comes Heir'-.lVqo.Se.velt from ambusli and 'Bccuples Iceland' after already v'ip- luting'; Greenland. ' . ; '"As" Germans'are. not on. the way l:o, 'America, ; and : as the Western Hemisphere has' not. been touched, by this war; l.lerr Roosevelt brings', troops into ''the,. Kastern Hemisphere., He wants to be an aggressor ..''.••• lie wants to create incidents at. ..whatever cbst'' ; .iiv.order- to c-oine into contact : -with the European war . .. He^ wishes to-; demonstrate sentimental and: battle comradeship with the' 1 'Bolshevists in a... manner as crass 1 as possible,- and .he'does not; hesitate" in piirsuM, of this objective to. brutally violate a small Euro-perm people. 11 .. -.. - .... There was no 'indication, what si.ep Ger.many' mlgh't'.take- in opposition- to-,the United, States action. Neutral observers expressed ; bclief. thai; .the high 'command, would try, to; 'increase the. subrna-rine and air plane .forces which; are- .attacking, shipping; lii...the,, far northern At/ ; " Camp Robinson, Ark., ,Iuly n. CUP)-—The next time the .'iSO members of the JJOMi Quartormasl(M Battalion encounter an elderly am apoplectic 'golfer they'll count H before wise-cracking ~ or at leas! long enough' to give him the opportunity to; identifying himself as Lieutenant General.' The Quartermasters 'limped into Camp las tonight on tlrnd and burn- Ing', feet, 'completing, their penano*, for,^yoo-hooing. alMgirl golfers, who were, 'wearing shorts, .and wisecracking nit the elderly golfer who remonstrated with them. The golfer turned out. to be. Lieut.. Gen. Ben Lear;, Co.mmande'i 1 of the Second Army. ' ' : The incident occurred in Mem phi. 1 Sunday. 'The .Battalion was enroulc 'here from war-games in Tennessee. When it arrived Sunday night, il was ordered • to return at once to IVfempiiis'-'aricl yesterday Gen. Lear tongue-lashed the ofl)cers for permitting their men to "disgrace the army," -required the, Battalion to .pasS through Memphis again "in a more orderly 'manner, 1 ' and ordered •the 'men le.a-yc '.their vehicles and that !in' rqturning to Camp Robinson liike 15 mile's'of the way. : One '• ol" . tlie -. Ba'tlalion's oniccr.s, wli.d would, not pei'mit his name to be used,'said.'the. tnen were in good d, i Tpi 1 .' the : mosf-part, . punlshiheiit good-na- tui'cclj.y... 1 . :V'-\''..;! '.'.'-.'.'..'.-, • "My-' per'spnal 1 opinion' , is that LicuV.;. Gen. .'Diiir.' was not justllled jh.;imposlhg^ k such jninlshmcnl," lie ' '' Paul ".V, kilday.'.(D) And get this big satisfaction along whh your *avlngs . •. the: satisfaction of knowing that jyour Cheyrdlet brings you all the necessities and most of the fuxurle'f of cars costing hundred's of ;dplla.^;'m^^ satisfaction of kndwlng that your Chevrolet Is the leading car In popular demand—first ^g^N«n^41fp^ ienth time In theJaitWliven prp'ss--! annbuiVced to- :iO i : Red* Gross: nursed " \^ •. "V A ••»"•.*, . . * P • ' \ , . ; . .• • *, , , • • •> ^al) : 6ar,d;,'a-;-shiP:> torpedoed''nbout two r\vecks^og6; : ;'G'n'rputc.' to England; still EYE IT-TRYIT "BUY IT 492 NORTH MAIN STREET , INC. NAU_QATU:CK, CONN, .said thai -Ihu four p li rfjcs ; ; -->y ho/; .were . r e'sc u cd' f o u r d a^'s 'iigo,;\hadx bccnydrifUng at" sea about iOVd^iys^bcforc they: were picked' up^ ; Tn'c 'six^slili;- missing: are: •'.....,- '«. Plvyllis,VL; : EvansV Everett, • Mass.; :.,.Morse, .Boston ;: :Nancie pct'nti.'li;';;i:^ .' : -N-';\7\..;;':• Margaret ; I. Galski 11',; IS 1 ;' V.,,and' Doro- ;thoa L.VKochn, Os.hkoshK Wisi" ; ; Tb.e.:-niirscs/ reported; safe are piipip'^Si^iVStiv.j !P|ierre, 'Amesbury, 'Kalakaskni Auburn;:N; -ATbahy. 0_(ijp)__Rcp. Texns, today G.en. Ben . Lear Ills- d'is^pliirary Action against ; mo'h 'o.f. his - second .army ..command, wl;i.p'Svi;iis"t(ed:,!i;t .girls: in shorts on a Memphis, golf coLirse; "gives strong ;evidence.-of : .your- personal displeas- lure aiid desire for. revenge rather •than -disciplinary ac.tion." Kilday,:..'a:'member, of Uic house 'mill ta ry '•'• a'ffa j rs com m l.tlce, wi red '.Lear that he was'."contemplating in: tro.Uuction-. of:_a. resolution "to- in- i vestigate you]', severe, punish men t of .•members qt. tile 351,11 division." !• • Lear, while on a Memphis golf :'course, .observed a passing, column ibf men 'of his eoinmfmd whistling '•at girls plny-lng.- 1 - golf m shorts. He i ordered, thc, ; "cplum'n to proceed to ;cainp-, then return, and march' pnrt • "No\yspaper liccounls all give very ;definite Impression that the action taken by you in the nnme of discipline was.nctualiy to nssauge your - perspniU re.'^ntmQiit bccnuse of re•marks-directed at-you while not in : uniform and. your identity not known," Kilday said. ''"Inasmuch as the. Division is n portion of .yp.iip. command, please advise nic wjipther their misconduct came Uo ; your attention while you A'verc'in IJie Held with your troops 6n. : ;ini'portant-, inan,euvers or while oii- 'a-'gblf' course. ''Also 'give" me -the precedent in military ^his.tory .for mass punishment "of guilty and- innocent alike 'by- requiring^a 'long ninrch without investigation- 1 Io'--determine ihdivid- •-ual; responsibility of hicn and. after .'your.d.o.tcrriiihation of guilt without ^investlgatidn' or, opportunity bo. be •heard.-- -.-'-'•'.- ! •-.- •- - ' . • „ j.; "Parents.-of-^a'-milioh .and. a hull ^members, pf.lhb.orniy should be us- ^urcHl-'th4 : UVcli^sons -arc under ilio fcpriinmhfi-ofjinen wlVq will,not permit M.hcmselyes- v tp.;, met(?;..out,punishment :pr^engagev'-in : .-intei)ipe];ule langufisQ ••L-'.: •'>:.• i j :-.-i'.-..:«..'.-.-.i.j|fv r j (1 .Q; nt of anger. •wiiij. - u». ; MI.*...- House ilodr : . that he k < didh.'t-Vkrio>v,-.Avhcther, r pubhc funds ; .'i' : - -j'-i 'i *''- v - r\f> -il ^li\ r uninP' Kr'OUCllVi - polling bld'-'geneVal to ''dcvcl-bp sourpuss soldiers. But 'for my part, in take', the kindv'brsoldiers 'that.these boys''lU'c',''?:'he, added; .. VIGHY HEPORT •^.Vicliy, July'O; 4 :- (UP) - Anglo- D-ce French forces, attacking-vigorously ;;oVall< Syrian; fronts, were reported'.-: toniglit} to .have captured DambmV-lciss .than, nine of Bcii;uL ,/ ; ', , ...'-' A Girl Can Be As Happy As A Lark In Summer because a Palm Beach Suit at $17.75 i* *h« answer to a Malden^s prayer* This glorious air cooled fabric with its 1600 tiny air windows to the square inch of fabric to keep a girl cool, calm, crisp, comfortable, spic and span, as only a Palm Beach can, is tailored by "Sacony/' the greatest name in women's tailoring, linked with the^ greatest name in women's fabrics, Palm Beach. I -f if RELIEF LOAD IN GONNBCHGUT IS MUCH LOWER, Conn., .Inly 0— (UP) — The relief load in the state's Jive principal cities in June was 5J.9 pur cenI, lower than the- level of the .same month a year ago, according to a tabulation today by Welfare Commissioner Robert ,1. Smith. The improvement In ,lunc as compared with the previous., month,' Smith said, Ws 1'2.(5 per .cent. The affected cities were Hartford, 'Bridgeport,. New Haven, Waterbury and New Britain. THIRTY MEN INJURED IN v miles south SPEECH; i»OStl»ONEI> ;Aijnnta, fli.—(.UP)— Sen. D., Mont,, has iherc ADVBRTIftB pos.lpqn,c0..a•.: scnp.aujou-. ,»IIU^M i»- - tomorrow;niglitrbecause-the America nitlcfl'i;•'•'• sponsor 'of bis ap- ,\vas iiiVnlVle to. obtain por- 'ufle-ihe -oil.y auditorium, Wheeler's ; - secretary, Bailey Slorlz, todayV ; C- 'J..1--——-^—— - Donaldson, Pa,, July ().—(UP)— rblrty men wore Injured, today in a ; iot betweon a-.score, of special officers nnrl ';"j(X) bootleg miners who were -trying to prevent stripping operations at the Correiile Colliery of the Neoho' Coal company. The olllcers opened fire when the miners stormed a steam shovel. - Fifteen of the officers and .15 of the miners were either wcfuiHled or beaten., One of the miners was reported in criticnl condition. The riot cliinnxed a. long controversy in the Anthracite region over 'strjp mining. *-*-*. SUPPUKS FOH KIJSSIA- London, July 9.—(IIP)—British war supplies already are on. their way to Hussia, authoritative quarters revealed today. NEW ENGLAND WILL FURNISH 2,550 Boston', July '.).— (UP)—ftew Knfr land was asked today fo rurniftJ| 2550 men In the army's lofjh ruqulf)!^ lion under the selective service The on]], -issued by Brig. Francis B. Wllby, first corps ai cbmninnder, afl'eeted all .'stales in t area and included.'50 Negroes. i - Quotas by-states \yere: Maine •New.'hire- J.Sii,; Vermon!. Massachusetts 479,- Rhode Island und Connecticut J022. . ' The recruits ,-\yi'l. be i induct nbout August \ nnd will be.sent replacement's to Ifort Monmouth, ., T J r ; Camp Lee, and Camp-IDuHliis, \^|; I'^ort Croft, 'S., C:, Wort; Bra^g,. R l<?ort BeJevoir, Va., and l(on Kno ivy. : '.'. '.. : ; .'-'...- -. .' •'—'•• ..*.*,*.......• '•••"..> ; ; Accom> Rome ; July * J).—(OP)—Italy nn4 Germany signed an. ; accord ^ou(lining the partitlonmg" •':of > •,)ugoslavltt at Berlin yesterday, It \yns announced onieiulJy today: The ; ne\\j. Oerma?|| Italian'frontier wili;ruh from tl)$ Italian-.Iugoslav border to'a poin), south of. Sair'acli, thence eastwartl to a point where, the : Halian-Gcr> nan-Croatia borders meet. ! nuance IS one of the most valuable characteristics one can possess. A conscious power within one's self is, a requisite for success. A savings account is a valuable aid to this end. NAUGATUGK SAVINGS BANK Danish IMsvilf Food Cuke- > Honey. IM|M»«d l>oud>innls MHfl« Ryu lilt nd Kiiicl.)i:rr.v.lM«s tind Kuhn's City Bakery MAPLU ST; TKL. Brick Building, and lot on Woodbine Street. Suitable for Small Manufacturing Business Naugatuck Insurance Agency, Inc. 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