Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 8, 1941 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 8, 1941
Page 2
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'''''"" ' ;: " "'; l^aai&tt. JOLY8,ISM* •* -'"* •'• ••'• '••' '7 *v»^ Occupation of -»h6ulc Into .the •nglaiid'pi nanJpfDcials;ln ;Dorlin%arc ox l.\^o: T coimriolr(t •• • la'tof, -Coday. <C ; Qtifcr6Mr6nal •^upportorH': of ad- ihlnUtrhtlon 'policy v and • HP'mo mid- ii '~*~* ^~'~~i(l men 1 su'jh us Ghalr- .K.V.Goprtffj,,: p.i oa., or foreign ; re.tulibnH , oon.v- nmiff?, ;«n<i S<1 n.\ Arthur \H.-'Yamle.ii- iftjf ,i R/, •;Mich,, >uru>'Qrlecl; - If 10 ad- $'. Jljtfre : *wiiH v ' ( no Indication < that tho :lfl*torid' Jiioldqiil'.,wo.uM lack '-.innjp.r- .^^(orii-oh'.CapUol-'JIlll.ln.iiuiu- I Wholly " iwtlHfaplo'r.y .".;to Mr. teitellV <Gb'ngreri» '..opijorluidly ltw\ (iplnlbn. Svllf oo'iiju '' " n /Of••;$«*,;:Pl l C8i- _„_ . r Muth.oi:lty,--to ox- m«/;' tMp'lomHtlc, ''-/runt'ewrilalives r Iceland, *rio>v,' rceogjilxed ';Infor- y,'•*.,,ail J^dwpoiulon.t •' fttuto, Ilo red naval 'foroes 'Ijilo: tho..lsland i^l^|.aulho/l^.;.'.iis..-if'9 | fj rnunt ' ol '" !| .f" »j«f. ' HduH(i icatlorri profrtlsod early lion'7inV';tno feciuuHV f6r a, dlplo- 1 \> '••'• :.. • 1 V-leu i a mi,'.'.' H^ncrR/jn^hQ^Vortt^afliqlnltiphoi'ii •&' mt>H Citill*hftiruf<n itiwI^/iVir^lhnr. .'urn 'as, /trusioo I,. »,i,» c» n? w IH ' HOjiiDff v".»^ «>-', "SV*',*"-"•' ;p/tt»W>vo' : 'iin(l'proieotv Juolrmd.'.. 11 ' if'kVyoooupylng 'brlfrjjtj^ovo'r Lh6 'j f Ki|( II t.»«»(» t o v ' obc lijfiy A-ith (| v • Aaorj.'s , • ()ii c erd(! lHl»rMl«;%rid, v .thc Ma- 49^'|ijenW: ihail 'Hlllor ^-gQJn'B>Vo take ft* m' $n te : • f or >*r«r'o$ifte p>i ppAsos,'' K.^Afco'jhploTo .oyaslftrt^'rvthp'j'ight Vf ,Cop|jrcw* alono to i^jifrhu'ovsvttr and tfrrttrtmount to u do^la'fiUlqiKo.frwar;V' 'W|tr.'llflpvV^faii.k I \Mo6fe-D» l VMi'oh..-. ;-. ; orrne8JMj(<;8 between )'•-; UIVI tod that Ruins of All H6llpw?s?0hurch . 8.u>Glt .explained, irKitf' • . V "••••' :- v .'-," x ' •- ^'- : • D'Ilv.:JH OM»,ontjal . <\\\t\l .- Gorman y. -' - '-s'sffiif- to .II.JIL- Hilo.-^u^ps'sffiy- to 6s througjri-'sudd -n ' ' the' ifflo ;>«tj, ,') . ulh ;; AiUinll'o.a'nd'.,liv : ;tlre -Nor-lh ^^^^••••-'--.•t^r;^:--';', 'jjr-'ii- nhijtlfln' iolm'l .oh^-Alay:,^, lo0iA) V^t' ^m.t' .Hp'ooj '0««C y. ;>vi iu; "A i- M.(t«i- JirsHnSy-'. «HHUrT\nrf - 1 : Ular, Our- iiV r?^NW^ (1 >M^ : »r*M -.p'owor to. ujiy ^ 'r^palh/ and ' Ptit^gftl ;;a»ul |,o. tun'-!^o,t- s pnly-^^i^Nac:t. '' v otf^»fid-r 'the. , the. i.'v I >u t «» IMP" il W .A |-;Uf " 1 1 u 6>H .-of- pttkfti'/iintl 1 Mio •\t\nu\. mil- Vicar From Ancient Church Here Sunday •;•• (G.Piitlnuoct. from Page One) • oast-wall, vvhleh -stood: until -this year. \vhcn It; wus almost entirely destroyed/ , , ; -. '.;.'''*'•";* *'••'."?..• ""».'>• '•• •" • ••' ' , : , ', '.,- ','*• '•'•?' '•',' •'"• Oti.swlw's Memorial ", ; On tho ItH't side of the church 'is thu ' Gr.usadors' chapel, \ylierciftli6. heart :of pilchard Gouw 1 .,' ,do' Lion rested Tor :15u -years. . Tho' Black Prince, ; king, Kdwar.d 1U, U.ved Just 'outside of llallows :iuid ' worshipped .in -.tlie cUurohi.'and Jn 1088. the- bells of the church joined in .the- wurnliug i>oal rung' when' another . invuslom, rtia't of men; of the .Spanish 'Ar-.. nuclu, Avaa reared. . ",'.:.."" ••I». thu 17th cuntury <>V,llU£ua, Penn *vas iiupUiiOci Mr 1 tho. cmui'p.h,; haying le'uii born .aUthe prdsen't;..vloarage, i*> Trinity Square. .' ; •;.,.•>s. -"• ';;/- .Samuul ,Popv',s, noted . .diarist . of the time ot' Ghurios II, ulid-during his'viifo.'-tlrst locd -of thu • Adnil.r.iiU'y,- hud ''a-, room In . the tower. '-HI s. room'' and 1 ' the. eonri.ecting,.aUilrcuso are-kijown to the. present -day,."us Popy's rqqiir 1 '' and , Pepy's s'tul'rcas.e;. 'The 'Great -I'Mre of 'London, 'lOGU;. 'harUly-,, touched. ,thc ,anqipi.U,'yl.iu ilcn . wh'lctv,'lias; ittHrt'ar.ctl'' so -iXvplI x/'l.u-" tho pL-osenl: tlevaslatlo'h 'Of; thu' Krri-' plro,;capltul. ,' ' • • -. ; ... .;.;• '.'• ',', , posts of tlio .now -wprld—tho'.-'Axorus. and : .G,apq' Verde Islands."-.•; Tliat ad- dross was Interpreted us it • warning Lliat Iceliind, ". 'the -Azores'. and tUe flap'e': Ve'rc'le 'Islands,, but-- not-'Dakar, might have lo'ljc du'funded'by'Utii't- c;d Stiitus forces!' . "'.:.• ' ; ' ; ./ ' -Tho 'Uniled'-SLaU'-s already had;; assumed 1 pro Lection of, CVi'fonUuul and long'be fore the .outbreak 'of^var.'fMr. Housev.e'lt- pledged the^l^nit.etl, Stat ..s to del'qnd .Canada. % And-.'in.- pre-wtuv clays- he "circled the western ••• hqmh qVhr'u-with fi. li'old defenslvu 'Uric and invited, tbo sist(.iiv republics '.to. help Uoreiicl .it. v ThaL line',has . I^een steadily pushed eastward in tb.e *At- lanllc.- • . ," ' .-... •••;•;••.' ••'•'• Other features of All 'Hallowscare the' JGth Century ••organ, ' built-, by Anthony Duddington, 'noted in /his day as .".the authority: on bellows- 1) t|i Id I ng,, aivd : 1 n trioiito - woodciirc- i'ng ,of font, pulpit and pc.w-cov- ors, ex'eciiLod by Grlriling, gibbons-, acknowledged'as the /greatest; of which ..was Insured for 10,000 ICngjisIr Avpoclonrvers. .The organ, ••poumls : rhas-been entirely destroyed and.,;np"t a''"'penny ^cuu rbev-'Veopv- "oro'ci- for'.''Insurance .. in this ; case is'not, recbyerablc for war damage ;'• Mr; Golem'an served during 193519,77 ,'as c6mniissioneiv. .lor , To'c-H in : western Canada, and h a traveled hf^thc Dondnioi*- on hum erousy'o.ccasiohs. His wife .Is. 'the former"' Mary King, daughter .Ganoii ll.-;"G. 'King of St. Paul's church,''Vancouver'.. .' , ,The ,; traveling .lecturer f r p m -bombed ' London received his earl} ed n ca t i o n' ? tit B r ad ford" school, •, .Uerlishire,. England, and then spent V year 'at, .Oxford. He left to work .'for the London, Midland-and-Scot .tisli -railway.- for several years where he rose from the Job ,et- collector.;, to . secretary 'general superintendent. •'. ' : - He. ; .decided to enter the however, and we'n't to L i n c o 11 Theofdgicar'.cQlloge i'or hisM'cljgiou ,'ecl.iicatioii. 'lie graduated from; Lin of tick of the church '.ms";wife;- and daughter,. !Rosc- 'mary.' wQnt/tp. Canada"'- last August iiiili >iis';Sy-l,f9 Wa'supon -the' point of returning:;'to Khgland In "Kob'ruai'y wlien - Mr,' /Golcinan: oarn'e .pver; : -.'• 'OWCE;. ,-; -, '• Sa l.orn, "Mass., J.u ly- . 8.—'(UP'j —Tl.ic j'ncbntested'.divoticc; petitibn";of Mrs (Uadys' : 'I'\ - Cohen'-' of:. Beverly on ,de- SCirtToii jrroun.ds wi^'.'".under: .advisement -ijr'probale;:;coiri't' today -ai'tei In; test!lied her hiisbantl, liyniair of <ew Ha von';..- GoniK,. .''we,nt \ t"o y the , leaiib rs '1 i n • .1035 ''a'nd : 'n 6 yor re tu r lied • V " *" ' '""^™ ^*V ; ' '&/: oiiiuEns ;, wai- xlepiir tnbn t paiiics "'to' bogiii ^ wqrtli '/ of air", corps '."orders'; : perid .ing avyarcl .of ^formal fcontricc'ts. '."."• ., ,-'. can't appreciate y/hat.* GAS:WAf|ft:H!^ER you'until you use one fora iurnm0r: Exjrja pathlr washingi; company idishesi all me^ri mb^ uw ?for ^6t; '.And you siirriply can't believe How 5 roiich itime,vand; •ffdrt continuQui hpt water ^savei in ^ AUTOMATIC GAS WATIIl HIATiN« ;.-.;;--.^: •::,;.;..,-.} '•!',-• ''' •'-' ' • • v ''"• •' •'• ' - •' ""'* '''' l ,' • " ' ' ' '" " J " t mott homti, coitt -Uw *H«n «_package of hoi -water --.f or: one; 'e^how''-much'-|ime;jand/H;^ri> ; ^v : : .' *• - '•-'')•': •"••'• '- : -",-;.*'-- : ^,-'^\-^i^v:]'^-e:^: v -^ nfjl^yo^kiyi^lt^ ; ; .-. - ;.';.,v"T'"v:-'-' v ." r "•' -r V: \ }^-'y$&<x--^-{^i$:~-\ • UIATIMA '• '. •':-.-:: ,- -' >':V^:*y.-^'-^-^'.v ohiulfYour . , OR f HONE OUR' REPRESENTATIVE ' CHEAP HO? WATER ' ' •" •/• ' • '•' '^^^^^Q^KQimsBdEAdAftXal^ftiASB^Bifi^^^^^^H*" ••'>" v:: >i-i-i' '"--•;.''•;•'•;-- n public's musical tastes,'i, -singer, -said after .al •.:.•'••• -•• •"";;• ;A; New York,; July 8T--(UP)-~Goricern!: over the war is' haying Ii-s-' effect the American ,Gene Austin swing across the. cquntry. Right now, ;wjth I;war . ^talk oh;( everyone's lips, SNveet, soothing mu-, sic ;is in demand, because It has a." restfu 1, .rel.aNing, •• liifluence on tlrcd^ nerves, Austin; reported. . '. } "Musical tastes change: with the/ temper of the people," he sal.d.i "Surprisingly enough, 1 have fourid^ this to... prevail Jq .every sectiorr of', the ^country .1 have visited during; the; past several ivioiriths^-froin So-; attle to Cincinnati,..',Kansas ' Gity to.] MJarni,! and 1 Atlanta to New' York, i "People want to'.soft'iuu-j sjc, Hhe relaxTng k-iii'd'"that brings release, from carets : and',-worries. 11 Austin coii'tends ^hDft.the spoth T ing ert'cct of- soft .-music, is apparent on-' the faces of dancers and. listeners. Unfortunately,,,'..". lntcr.missiohs bring .a rccuiTence of talk about the affairs of the moinen't^ 'V Barn storming around the/ country for years has . tuught 'me',.,to expect certain' types of rniisic adapted^ 1,0 f.hw' niihiij'.'ss ?tinni.n I- af.l;i t.iifln . of • the if SEEKS Washington^' July'; 8.-(UP)--The :state . departmdiit, aided by -LaLii rAmerican^ envoys, today sought to halt the- undeclared war between Peru and .Ecuador, apparently, con Jvinced ; that the- hostilities were in •Vpi'uQd;" parti ally'at least, by forcigr Agents attempting to upset, hemispheric solidarity, ' if-.-'is.- believed that . the U n i tec 'Scales, Argentina ' and Brazil. wouU renoSv-tlic offer they made two months; ago to mediate the bound ary dispute which led to the con' . . Acting .Secretary of State Sum- r \VeJlcs indicated concern -o'vcr popsibility of- foreign agitation ' '' mental-, attitude • of „,,„• rnpmcnt," f he said; "For example, you will-recall that jazz'hail its birth in postWorld war days when a good many..inhibitions .were cast aside.,. Then- during '; the .depression, there . was a general .demand for. loud music—as,.if those , \yho were. su rrcring illiiaiicial losses ^wanted to "drONvn-'their sorrows 1 -J.n .the blaring music." •' : -' : . : .; ,'M -.' v v\:".'••-. LAWONMOF . •'of. 'the. ''Issue by -quoting an old Span- 'ish. proverb, •"•Pishing is- often very •good in muddy, waters." He . rc- i't'used -to elaborate at a press con- |f(crence; ycstcr.clay. pending 'fuller rc- - '"'•''•" LITTLE FIGHTING '. Quito,, Ecuador',, July' 8.— (UP) — 'Fighting between Ecuadoran, and ^Peruvian 'tr.oops along the disputed 'border' lias; been ..reduced to isolated Vine •shots, dispatches from -the. frontier indicated- today. V JP,er.uvian planes were said, to have made reconnaissance (lights over the 'iluaquillas yesterday afternoon and Peruvian. troops were reported to be conccn.trated less, than two miles tronv lilie' frontier in the Zapotil.o 'area. . • ' ' Washington, Ju)y•> 8^-(UP>—Con- grcsslpnai; Icadprs. indicated today that statutory restrictions on use of national guardsmen;.,ahd .selectees .outside the \v,estei:n hemisphere will ,hot be repealed "-'^unless •President Boosevclt str6ngly ; i urges It. : They,-expressbd^a' sh'bilar' attitude toward another-C ; propo.sal ' vyhicli would- authorize, the president to retain both the guardsmen and selec- tees . in trulning\fpr more than .a year.' . . '•••'..." - : ;---,. .• ."' ' '••.'"". Both steps were recommended- by Chief -of Stall'.. Geoi.'ge .'Gv 'MarshalI. to:Secretary .of ..War.- Hcnry : L. Stimson -as .necessary- precautions against •".the"-' coldly .calculated, 'secret and; sudden action,.that ni.U$htrbc. directed, against'us.'\ . ; -'"..•-'••'••. "General ". Marshal 1's . / suggestions:, certainly .do -not appeal tp. me," House- Majority Leader.-John W. Mc- bbrmack (D) Mass./.said.. "1 see: no reason for them at this, time." Another source said-congress might be willing to retain the -guardsmen; but not the selectees, beyond the statutory Mimlt. of, a'.year, , •, . McCormack;;saw,no .possibility ot Marshairs recoinmendaWp'ns being offered • as artieudnVeitts. •tp/'t-h'o-- selective service revision bill-which the house considers dqmpr.rpw/ The. bil;l wus. to haye;;cpiT\eMJp: today, but- tjio ' house adjourned, because of. the death' of Mp: Stephen /Bolles, (LU; The measure would defer automatically men : who vwere 28 years of age or older on July 1, The selective service already.,has mstructed its 'local b-ourds'. to ; defer men of this classihcation.) ..V • /-.'-SHOOTING OF .\-'Was]iing,tpn, ( July 8.—(UP)—A na- lo'feiise.'mediation board .panel jicar-'ings x today on the threat- strike at, Cheney Bros., South ; Manches't;erFConm, The •> firm manufactures' parachute fab'rips- and nia- fqhInc. parts for plane ''s. this'dispute, ; the Textile Work- oftv'Arncrica.- 1 (CIO) asked for • in- c'i:e'ascd wages, .vacations' with pay find • a- o I'oSed shop. Th e d I sp u te i n - 'yol.ves! 2;300 men':.- • - - - !;:1pn the. panel are Frank Graham -the. public, Roland Jjiimllton for 'employers and .Hugh; Lyons for ' L\U.>Y. UVJMIW.WJ..*'—..T. , ' • - -.,.^-»i- •'• -Alfred punkley,:fl5, ;; of ; 213^.Nors- .riind."a-vcn'ue, Brooklyn, N 1 ,; V,,. \yas ,1 • custody -of "rciatiyes Vhjorp today as authorities prepared , ; for. an, in- lucst • 'iri^lHo).; falal. shotting, of :/ hls „. . .: ;-z•;LI"-\_^..,'«•!«•: T n'uian Turner-oi 1 Mel rose! :.,-•:...;,-;•' '-••'•••; ,-••',:, -,, .The ! boy,, - allegedly:'--QPiifcssccl: last ight. tO^ASSt., UiSl...- '. -V; "won i'noci- iSSta'n?^ Penigese Island : hoiiie, of lier;; -grandfather, Cap I.. -I.arry Tuvncr,'uluririgv,;a •recital of he-adycnturcs:fpr^Franki'OBrjingf'bi.n; iet'. forr.Thursday:^ :^',^- '-\ '• j u; ;V- Loui^ey'nrs;t : f\va8^;belieyed ! to ;,have ' •'"•',. _ r j«'"i'll 1 i • *t-.' rt A M*. . ri' I I fi f»lr n Q PP.— icr headvstrucK^a/ iam|j^ija»vK .•• v» tutopsy-^hpwevei'iv.''cyoalcd{She had jeen' sho^ib^hij^;thepleft; eaif T and; that' tlie f biil rftt;^.rt^f god? through:; li/3r • •ight'^ear.''•..•••'; •.:',:} /SlvivS*'.'-'-'.'-.?;'' ; ,,'T- • •"I.didn't knoxy^i.t.was. loaded, -..•no.' >v~as quoted as "telljngf; Itarrihgton.• {.I 1 ; dlcfiTl eyeni-.-.•knoSyj I was' ; pointing ;i.t itviipuiscV.- -•"'.It-:;'-\wntV;;pTt^:-''-;Iv:-V>'asj ightelied. 1 :,;,:.-,,-',.•'•-; ; ;-- ; - : .'', The; v boy' .Had;; gone ,to•.-,,the, island.; Tiino q 7 to | ^ r >' ri h la.. 'iini'JeJ'ACaDt.. \.:: \vlip .^^1 s^v '' . u i imi,'... \\iiu .-':•'f ^i.-".•v i 7 i i. v '-•"•?... -,;•, —. ,-• -i . i tale/.B I rcl; : f- SanbtaRryX;;^Pre.>;-;-Th^ i dr^;«aVl'' v b i e(j^tt^rpyv yitfr-''? h;cr'.> ; ' mpUier; ^Mr^.^V-RlpHa?^ ! ^chei ; i :a;dau^ter;Vpin; : Ga^^^ f «.' „.. t'i^ »» ,S «'-• :'<a ni \ H ?': i 1-i ft'- IVh V v'-l! O'l fi •''. h 1 ITl: l;.,Hartford; : "Gonn., ^July 8.—(UP.)— Highway,'.'Commissioner William J. S:.,Gox itoday announced he had ap- yciu'as tils deputy at an annual salary, ; v ;bf. f^pso.; 't/,, former acting WPA state admjri'istratpV'. who - recently '; > was: tninsfeiTcd',to. Washington, will take : p(Noe -Jatc';-. this month. .-'-.'•in. announcing, the " appointment, Gpx' said,-Upman- "has dcmonslratcd .i'flu'alit.Jb's v .which will make, him, a A'cry valuable man in the Important Ji.bst, wliibh he-ha's- accepted: y Upman is 38 years .old, a'graduate p'f Unjycrsity of Virginia, 1921, and' conduoted a ; contracting business at >Vasliingtdn between. 1925 and: 1030. He entered, the federal service in 1933 as dcputy-?admlnistrator of the M.ccl-''-cbnslit 1 uction section , of the. NBA,;" ; ami . subsequently became i^'EBA'';- ftciministrator'-' for . the state (Df Nevada. .Before bcooming acting dii-ector for Connecticut he ,was regional,.-. engineer for the VVPA in charge '•'• of a.ii.'p or t and highway projects for the New England states. IFFORTMADETO ARE ANNOUNCED BY GOV. HURLEY ; Hartford, Conn.,' July S. — (UP) Gov. Hobert A.. Hurley today announced appointments to several state boards ami commissions. They included: State Board, of ..Osteopath Registration and Examination: Foster E Glark; Torino-ton ; '-Nestor* N. 1 lotch- 'kiss,. Westport; G. Raymond Watts Hartford, 3 years from July 1. Commission of Opticians: Leonard Biclimuii,. Manchester, and four i e- iipp.plntm'c'n'ts for 3 years from July State Board of ICxumlncrs in Optometry: James P. Houlihan, Torrington, a-years from Oct. J. Israel Putnam Memorial Gamp Gommission'f'Mrs. Catherine G. lOek- erman, Bethel; Margaret M-cGlynn, Ridgclleld; Mr.s. . Lucy Conlff,. Dnn- bury;- Wiifreil MacCumbcr, Slam- ford; Miss-^Ada Calkins, Monroe, and two reuppoinlments for 3 yeai-s from July i: ;• -...__ .- • . REGISTRATION PLATES TO BE MADE OF STEEL Hartford, Gonn.,-,luly 8. — (UP)— Because .Qt.thc scarcity of aluminum, Connecticul, automobile 'registration- i3l.' will be made of steel in the future, it was announced today by Motor Vehicles Commissioner '.lolin T. McCarthy. The state began issuing life-lime aluminum plates* in. 11137. The new Heel plates- will be •coated with, aluminum paint.';' BY ZIVIC, IS IN HOSPITAL New .York, July S. — (UP) — »AJ .Bummy). .Dn'yis, severely beaten in lis light, Wednesday nishl. with Welterweight Champion KriUie XJv- was under observation at Kings hospital, today for what s said was possible coii- ussion of the brain. Davis, whose real 'name is Albert \ Davidof'f. was taken to tho hos- ounty fi-i.e'iKls at 1 a. m. and placed in the I'cceiving ward. Phy- ).ital by '•••! P .ritii.'Wi »•• w.. v ... sicians said he appeared dull and • drowsy- bu'li that it would be several days 1 ' 'before. his exact condition could be diagnosed, • M They said his condition WHS fair. Davis -is a private in the Mth Coast Artillery, Camp Ilulen, Tex. Me was given leave to light Xlylc who knocked him out in the lOl.h round, lie was-to have returned to cump this. w.eek. , « • • The friends who took Davis 10 MIG hospital—Jack Cooperman and Ooi'shor. Wpstein, both of Brooklyn —said they visited the boxer last night, and found hjin' suffering pain Forty Million American Men Can't Be Wron*— They're Palm Beached from Morning Till Night—a Comfortable Picture of Summer Delight —$17.75* Cool as a cucumber—calm as a clam at high tide, this glorious Palm Beach fabric suit at $17.75 is first aid to the wilted with its specially woven sixteen hundred tiny air windows to the square inch, air-conditioning your,body and keeping your mind, temper and disposition on an even keel. •in. the head which kept him from His mouth .and eyes still were swollen as a; result of th.eZiv.ic bout, they said; . • . (V REP/BOtLi^ DIED OFflEART ATTACK TODAY Washington, July 8.~(UP),— Hep. Stephen Bolles, R..,. Wis., died after suffering a henrt'attack at his home today, his oHlce announced. Bolles, la- resident of ' Janesvilie. is counted in pennies, not dollars. It's apt to; tie farthest-coitiers-of the earth, sbpw you unusual scenes; and interest- And; you ^can haye lit nX)f far .away home-— : at the find that short vacations; at the^movies will relaxjrou in niind and body .% . and tide 3rpur-family over until you; can get away vacation. ^ V w V i j •-« *« v , T ie^vacation today?. On pajare 3 of 'k Newa ybii'll find; the most element list- the off erings of Naugatuck an^pity^ thieaters. ,••:"•• '7V--/'" v -.- ; -;! : ^-.'-,-"'iH"^>' •>•'•"•?""' ,Wis., had l)cen slightly ill for two days. , - .. Mrs. Marion Bolles, his wife, was present when he died; Bolles was HeeU'd to the'70th Congress in r.WS and , was re-eleeted last, year. lie was n reporter on the Toledo Blade in JSOO, latei 1 becoming num- nging cdlt'or. At the' time of his death he was .publisher of the Jan- esvilio, Wis., JDrtliy Gaxctte. From Toledo he went to -Uric, .Pa,, to publish the lOrie Dispatch and .sub.seniteiil;)}' was mamiging editor of the Bitff'alo, N. Y. Times, Sunday editor of the Buffalo News and publisher of the Rochester, JS\ Y., Daily. Times. Bolles took a keen Interost in graphic arts and was'chief of the Graph id Arts Exhibits, a I; the.'St. Louis Universal lOxposition in ,1903 and was President of the Internationa! Jury of awards for Graphic Arts of thai, enterprise. SIX HURT IN AUTO CRASH ATNEWTOWli Danbury, Conn., July 8 — (UP)— Six mcnibcrs of an Allentown, Pa., family were confined a I; Danbury Hospital today, one In a. critical condition, as result of a three car collision at. Newtown last night. A trailer truck, skidded on the rain soaked pavement and smashed the cars of Dewcy Nelson, Allentown, and James Vaughan, Linden', N.- ,1. Jean Nelson, JJ, suffered a. possible skull fracture and at the hospital it was said she had failed to-regain consciousness and her condition was "very poor." Nelson suffered a skull fracture and his wife a fractured nose and ankle. Three cither' children, Barbara, J5, David, 10, and Robert, 5, were severely hurt. Vaughan suffered multiple lacer- ations, and his wife, Mary, a broken leu-. < Tho driver of the truck; Hay Liiulg- xer, 2J, Akron, O., was arrested on a technical reckless drivjng charge; A l> 1>OINTMISNTS MA»E i-< Hartford, Conn., .luIy.S-^-CUP)- torney Philip H. Pastprc, New ven, .succeeded W. Oerald Br-yai^ Bridgeport,, today .-as a director o^the Connecticul, reformatory nj Chesliirc: James T. Pratt, Wethers^ Held, replaced J. Edward Kn«PPy. Greenwich, as a member of the Goiin; nccticut board , of examiners of,.enij baimers. . -.—. [j| mui) SIJIM>I:NLV j| Norwich, Conn., July 84(UP)—1^ ward Garter, 7'2, Milbury, Mass., die.r|r of u heart attack laslnight whllje riding in an automobile .with .1 Illicit* cliffc, Baltic, with whom', he ha«l[! been visiting. Carter 1 "is' survived bjj^ bis \vl(Jow and a son, Thomas, fit South Weymouth, I»AHOI ^ OKMKO Washington', July. 8— (UP)— TliSf justice department; arinouuccd to^ day .that \K L; Annenherg, form eft Philadelphia, publi.shor, : has beeliC denied a parole 1 on his threc-yc}i)| sentence fo? 1 income tax evjisioijl The federal parole board rejcctej^ Annenberg's • request for a parcel from the Lcwisburg, Pa.., .prisori^ where he began serving, his terni one year ago. IS one of the most valuable characteristics one can possess. A conscious power within one's self is a requisite for success. A savings account is,a valuable aid to this end. NAUGATUCK SAVINGS BANK I 4 >csh Ithichcrry l*ii:s Frosh IN u cherry Mufllii.s Snosliccn CnkcK Snow Hake lii sen its Old l^itshioncd Milk LdlKMI Kuhn's City Bakery i ST. TEL. M7SX — FOR SALE — Brick Building and lot on Woodbine Street. Suitable for Small -,. '•'£-; IV-».••. -.-.(-.o>-.. .-^ Manufacturing Business Naugratuck Insurance Agrency, Inc. 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