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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana • Page 18

The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana • Page 18

Indianapolis, Indiana
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IS" FRANK KEEGAN, 62, DIES SUDDENLY ILLINOIS Indianapolis', Dtvzz' Was Visiting His Daughter FUNERAL ERVICES FRIDAY Frank St.r tro. a drwcjit Indian polls for'V tfefrdl ef dlrd gd4nJy Wednesday of Wart at' the Coles county fal.srrovad at Charleston, JIL Mr, had spent a eri wki vlaitfsr Oetttge Newman, tola of Cnsirleaton, nd na4 ror to be fair wiifc relative. H4 had tn ill about tmr, ffee oody wm Lrounht to this cjty fr fcurial Pta fa Mr. was born in Vern Is If and educated In 1h Para the Banker IJiU public aehools. II was tho son of Mr and Mrs.

I'rter Kecan, JHofikf JIUL lie tCKlnanapolis Id ISO. and, for Tr2l ream wa employed aa salesman in varioue tirvK etores. The first drujr sfor fse atfwl was at 1'lna street and Knarliah avenne. Iair operatt a pharmacy for severy! years at Capitol avenue, and old Fifth street. 1st ill later ha tools over tha lntr ta of (ha Hyd Park pharmacy, at Thirtieth and Illinois etraete, wntrb he operated for tw ty a yeara.

He retired from aetlvo ownership of th astabHabment three years irn. lit wn a rnember of Knight of Jde v' Harried fa ladlaaaaatie. Mr. KaairaB, in JIM, married Kiss Mary KnaJIah. of this elt who.

with his daucbter. briber, ftchoyler Keeg aft, Indianapolis, and a sister, Mr. Homer Ilaytiolda, Marion, aor lv. Funeral seralr In' the'eharra of tha Tiev, C. O.

Wtfeer. paator of tha l'rUn rhorh, wJll BO held at 4 ti rk riav at the homa tf Mra, J. K. ilil Collar 1 vnu. nut i mi witi bm in ciawn Jiill! iiufj "TO TAKE UP IMPEACHMENT i MfnM IIm Coaaaaltfao Ca rtad far Mlarttr, VT AmiXGJQU, S'Ptambar '14 Tha houa JudkUry eommlttaa today waa ratlad to maat Saturday to eon aldaf nirattalia KalJar'a lm T'aihrriant charra aralnat Attomry.

lat4gbrty, Mr. Krllar will la itk4 appaar lha Com tnltta, ltrpraotala Volataad. halrma. annoMiicrd, Many Mor than 400 ptwaona attndad taa weakly hmrvrnm i tba JJl'm Club la Uta Traarr Horn room tha Bolal Llnla Wdnaaday tnn 1i haar fjlgtr Cuatt. tha poi, rHt a numtiff lua prtrjM.

Mnbwi at tha KtfH. ftoiarf, imfficju. Ejrohanara and Traffa Oiity ra Mra. at, rtmt. rtl Iho Ltaoa Tno a oau Ask Tour Daala for TT Ilardvatcff lOoap It is truly vcnerful i riemstitcmng l2c Pcr Yd.

ItTak and whlta otton thread, furntahad. Bat tnna and button. holaa mada to nrdar. I SINGER SHOP Ik 723 Maaaarhaaatta Aaa. Tlie Quality Store Where VALUES are as portant as PMCES.

ncliabf clothes for men, women and rjiildrcn at modest prices and oo a generous Credit Plan. 118 N. Pennsylvania SU Vstcr Sst3 Given Avsy Eevcral hundred Lux Water Sets are goinjr to given away on Grandma 'a Day, Sept. 15th, for Graruima'a Pottdtrid Sompt Grandma's White Naptha Soap and Oval Pearl Soap trade). narVa.

Ask ar7 rrocer about the offer. Also on that day yon three full packagrea the oaps named above for a nklsf! from any grocery atore. thus uet tine two free. FIRST QUALITY fabric tlrea. Erery tire is fresh frora the factory and absolutely guaranteed to be first quality.

Get yours while the gttilhg' good. il Sen ator Edge Engaged WALTER EDOK. BATH, He gptnor 14 Mr. and Mra. Harold U.

BwaIJ. tht city, haro aoaoanead tha tjrarnnt of thair daoghltr. Camilla Loyall Aah to Sanator Waltar Evan Edara, of Stw 3rmmf. Tha wadding will tak plac In "jbmary, State Fair Prize Awards Final awarda of 15 rat prlxaa mada at tha Uta fair war a aa foUowar CaaaMd Fralta aa4 fralta Mra. CbHatta Vohrman.

IriliX)fH' blarfcbrrrlaa. Hm. H'nrr loar aian, Irvliaaapolitr Ura. K. E.

te tt. Vrm; niruiU, Mra. baatin." lcboooa; rMMitMTtea. Mrs, J. H.

Drak Io Furniture and Rugs; FBICKD RfcAioWAm.18 TUB THAI1 AMOITO. Ltferal aft CUaiy tllwm. MARVEL ffiK! Tpmi'AY PIAI10S Prices caRsst TEIHVAY a SONS 4 IV. PaarWaati NOW TIME kaaa yoar old fara ra jlamaad aat aaada tato aww aha paa at aaaaa prlraaw AH work araar aooal. HARGROVE'S Mim.

aaat Drlawara at. i 1 Tf TRUSSES Hz hly trained apedaliata mnA fit PHACO Trusses the individual needs of tha wearer. That in itself is a compleU i (ruarantee of your entire satiaf action. Wr.H. ARMSTROiso CQ JhstruntentyfouM 'f; EataaUahad 1SS1.

II Waal Ohla atraatT; taduaaoaaav Canaplaia Ltea af r. atckraaaa Spti A SAFE I1WESTMENT: our first 1m0iitg age REAL ESTATE CERTIFICATES A Five Years Interest Semi AnnuaUy R. F. CUPTINOM. MtT.

Baa arVANa WOOIXSX frMllaM STATES 2 Cn a. DU i Ortr i 9 rwaallf. pay tk po taa FIRE AfJD RUBBER CO r.l PAN 211 South Illinois Street Si Cor. WaahinrUm and Delaware St. Two Pairs Ladles Hose, of fine cotton yarn.

OK Special. A Sensational Price on FORD SIZE si aaAooUa; Tr. A. T. IVorri.

Aafli i aaai Wait je bea. Mr. W. W. Boatis: yriiow pebV Mr.

Ctn Iobraaoa peara, Mra. AJecrt ecyVr. Cr fsTilIi pliire. Mra. H'iry LBtunsn: black raaofaerry Mra.

Henr Looraaao: of tacjaed Irult, Kra. C. Orwr, AraVpraoa. Vrtttriaii.hsbart. A.

1 2Eorrlar aa rrinn. OerLin fahrmaof ataa9 na Mra. Esry Iottraa aa: toarte. Hrau At bert 974er. eoT.

W. W. Brtaka; gr roia. Mra. D.

Coo3r: pea." Iy hratta: cpiati or kt Pa. Mra. C. xm rr: mmttt. Mr.

W. W. Bnni a poinkJj. Mra. D.

Cor ar: aosp Mra. E. nrrf; tplay jsatkood rta4leav Mra. I. C.

Cotsaer. 1 Jelii Arr 1 Mra. BsnCar tIa hrrr Mra. Er. CooitrT W.; yfrrfi Mra. E. BBtti rTT. Xr W. W.

fejt 7 Mr. T. Tfeomioara; pluow I rtinw. IwHaoipoiia Oft r. A65 XiU; rpTy, A4eii tif.a; Mra, W.

Baatia. Ctiry. Braad VTb ta. yeaat. Mra.

D. C. Cott rraoam. AW5 Dana: aait naie. Mr W.

Bactta Boatmi brova. Mra. Albert ny drr; Mra. C. A.

RorJa. kwfcana ba: aat brd. Mr. Cotir, Mra. C.

Borir: rjm. Mra. Muwrte H.rt'n. Farxar bokaa ralia. Mra.

w. r.tin htt roi. Mra. Crr. Iarfim.

Ita; rsM. Mra. C. 0t bailn pow 6r tMM oita, Mra. W.

W. iwntta: laoaaeooa Mra. Mifitwa Hra: nouftina. tr toa Harnia eoTt ru. aara.

Lenf Cat Art food. Brnioe H. Bar rrtt. ro tnli: Owit'a food. Mra.

C. Breo rucjrr, Iixbanaooiia tirht frnst. Mra tarn HaKtmi 5ara fruit. Mra. UiOtutt la; marbta.

Mra Minoia HarJia: nut Mra. J. Sawk. taa aoapolia: poa4. 11.


WliiUm. Iwi asapoiia: arfaa. Mra. Mumsa Bardiai; 1 nr (Wtftud. Mra.

Xuan'O Hrd' yar fara ihnonit, Mrt J. M. Saw; tlaycabrrry. white itic. Mra, Ira Robartaoo; ooairBt.

Jfra tuamer T. laataaaroba; aaon. r.y. Mra. Miobio ErJi oramra.

Mra. C. Wijaiaja: rtbtaew. Mra. J.

rkita. S'Uaa. Mra. i. M.

w.K.1'. Ht.J'lTT. Ir Botertaoa; wtllt. a at ils 4r. Mr.

J. M. Stooea; arbtta. aaraart aii a. Mra.

J. M. Xoaeti Cooair mcBata. Mra. Miamia FTarOn.

fnsit. Mra. Murosa Harrtaa; Mra. Stanm; aaararoona. Mra.

MiaJ HwSi jH. Mra. J. M. RO.

oauoaai. Mra. W. W. Ecauot aoar.

2 Con arifr. Mm tCir Hfc ta baaae I assU fuKT Harcia. ia Afs Mra. w. w.

bwuk fttrb. fct5 C. Herttoaaa. lodiaaaTWiia: rma, "Mra D. C.

Coojrr: eivaotrt fclX.e C. Hxazaa; esrr C. Hr maa: rowbem. Mra. Kory Loferrcao; iosasoa.

Kra. fDerr nr. Mra Mio Hara: wa, Mr. T. Mtl'Mm; pism.

Mra. Manma Han rjP a. Mra. J. S.

Carr; pinoapple. Mr. T. C. or.lfoo"!T and Cmot'or rrm rrmm.

Mra. J. Soaorai; lorlate ra. 1 1. liwl mat mum.

Mra. C. A Brt: fkoti rutUrr, Ina BarJ hoWVr. IwStaapoli; peooenau tawk; lTlanty. Mra.

0. COoirar: aaaort asiota. Mra M. noek: toeata frot bara. Mra.

X. M. Saaork; But fcar. Mm. J.

aodt: rnj lemon or oraoea pai. Mra. Miauo Haras rryataJtaad niita. Mra. Mia ua Hardta: aaaortad too.

Mra. S. BreualJjraa. COOartloo. of Tartraratod laaX plaaf.

mri araarana. ratl or alwaieppMu tmr)'a tootao. Fahl rtoral Coaapny. lar a. urismi icrss ana ins tUAcn An atyi.

1019 li.Penn.SL MAin 8668 rkl' Hoir Colarlaia aad Txetr la Blrk. Dturk. SfHaa anal Ui. Sa Aha far fmi im XnwrtaaoC Maav Drwr Saawaw. taty FURBJAGES CHARLESfKOEHRING tcnoow Awr rottroRt.

saafwaawa, Couraaam d. Rural, Garland Pipe Caloric Pipeless 8TS 8SS Vlrtrtmlo TsREPARE yourself dow for this honor Tr abtaydigaiawl and arcH paidpTO! lUnda rgartan, Pnmary Ham Econoan ica. Di mmm Manual Arts, Music, taught try teachers with prmeticmi experience. A standard mh mal school pf bighaat standing. 'A Write fmr tetmUg ESaa A.

IHakat. PiaaiJiaa 23adaaaf AUbMMiSta. INDIANAPOLIS Twelve Dependable 'Drag Stores Expert Prescription, Service Francis PharmocyrPenn. Ohio Sts. FINE'' 7 1 n' iM Vatits tb in Extraordinary Sale aoa Priced On(y Ilaxora made from the 'highest grade imported steel, hollow ground, full concave, finely tempered.

An unusual purchase ef fected from one of the largest cutlery houses in the country. In Assorted Widths and Points. 1 Razors designed for ever7 typeof beard, for the soft or wiry, for the light or heavy. Handles of every descriptioncomposition ivory, cocobola, trans parent amber, black robber. Altogether a perfectly, balanced quality razor, that barbers will recognize to be of 2.00 to 5.00 value.

$1 for Your Old Stropper With a Purchase of aTwinplcx For. this week only. Your old stropper is worth 1.00 at Hook's, on purchase of a new 5.00 Twinplex. Brick Ice Cream 35c Special quality brick on sale Friday afternoon from 4 to 6:30 o'clock. In these flavors Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate 4 Remedies Of ten Demanded We have many calls for these remedies because they' are reliable and tested, 'and because we offer them 'at lowest cut prices.

xSe Denatured mi J5c Aromatic Spirits of Ammonia, oa. i 1 fjc tic Bay Ram. 1 1 tie 5 So Camphor Splrlta. oa. S0c Camphorated Oil.

4c ISc Carbolic' Acid. J5c Caator Oil, oas. JSc Formaldhyde. 4 Glycerine, os. lOf.

Glycerina Lotion. oa. 1fc JSc lodino. os. Ic MnriatiO Acid.

oaa. 3 So Oil of Cltronella. oa 2So Peppermint Essence. os U. Sac Sweet Spirits of Nitre, ounce Turpentine, 4 SSc Vanilla Extract.

25c JSc Witch Hasel. oxa. Cocoa nut Oil. oss. 2 a c.

Powdered. A.lum. aa. 15e Vanity. Boxes Compacts of the new preferred ahapee.

round, arood lookins caaea. filled with powders from ho beat Combination 91.00 Mkry Garden Oaal Compact Garden Court I araje Vanity .1.00 Three Flowers, 75c Three Flowers Lare Compact fl.t?0 QuelQuas Fleura Compact OSC $1.08 I.Orla;an Compact. Urf Oe tuxor Compact, Mary Garden Combination fl.e Mary Garden Vanity $1.6 DJer Kias Compact. Roncllla JSe Cream of Tartar, I tie Klaa Seed. I TniRS WC LjaTea.

IJ 3Eodered. 16r. Licorice Compound Powder, os 60c Rochello Salts. ta 3ic Rock Candy. 16 Bioarbonate of Soda.

IS Sulphur, oss. 60c Cuticura 2C Ointment. :.,.4 lc TOe Sal 7. SM Syrup Pepsin. S5c Hand'a Infant Rem dIf" 2Dc .50 Phillip' a MUk of Mac An1 39r 0o Pluto $1.10 Atayr Stomach Rem edy Hygienic Dilating Spray A new Sv indestructible sanitary' a y.

wonderful im ment over the old sprays ask" your "'doctor about it. We will be glad to show you this marvelous spray. Stop in any of Hook's stores. opo2i.r tm r.aBt VmaifloaTtaa trpa. SVoapiui yioral Comixnr.

IndiBAapoii: avf aaa. kroli. Roepko ruaral CompoT; Boatoo trn. Teaptrlwr. Inrtianapolta: aprrt nfld adiMt oja isiaeatoaa.

Susakaano A Baara. IndsaAapoIU: ioral ajTorwnait Rorpka Fiorai Cocssway: aaa oarav Boka floral Contpaay; wraavtk oo aaoal. Pahnd Tlonl CoaaQaer: fiiaplar of dafeilas. E. T.

Wi rrsaoo. LotuaviK c. Ky. Otkcr ftrat aw by Ena TnntxriT. IrxSaoopos.

raw of Cot yiowrra Red Ro, JEdarta E. Ttmiw let pink roaes. JoaTk HiU A Co. RjcKmood, wbita roara. Boepke rioral Com yriiow rw.

JoT EKU A Co.i aworiM waaj. Hill A whjtr rttrakauone. StiRkoj A Eaoer; fiek rk caraattooa. tiara pink Edvia K. Trtapariry: ml eare tna.

Edaria B. TaoipT 3r fitly aaaorvrd caniaaarm. Stamkaaap aV Boorr. CHICAGO MAN TO SPEAK. Will mm Hp aalar MmI Coo araTBftow Proarraaa.

Spar til to Tha Ianapoha Kewa) CXlLLBtTS. Eeptambar tt. A. H. Crohn of Chi oar a.

a mamfcor of IfWinter Comes yotrIl aa4; your at one. Hara thorn raraodalod into the lateat atylaa XOW and aara time and roooay la tar on. natt your old fara look, like nw. Lyono Fur Co. "Hoaawt Valaao la Twni 101 New National City Bank Bid.

The Home of Two Trouser Suits College Men Like the Snap and Service of McCarthy Clothes tha International Sunday School Ai sodatioa. will ba one of tha apaakara at tha Bartholomew ounty Sunday acitool convention at Hop. September SS. Two state Sunday achool worker, Warne G. Miller and Miss Florence You oav.

both IcwUanapolia, also will ba present. A BecnnSna: next Monday. twrshlp Jfnnday achool conventional wilt be held at tnterrala until tho date of the coonty coorention. Thea itiwt Ir.ira will be O. VT.

Ellis, estate Sunday arhool worker. A Martj to SHrare. American Jjtgivtt Weaktyl "That aopeara to he ad ae, obaerred the TjaW. i TesT. aereia the Inaaa asrlun ra poor tihtm iw year tmnr to fwl nt whi rra Ilr hanpeo tf aa mtib5e toave hit an immoTaMe body." DIAMONDS In buying a diamond, it is always best; from every tan dpoint, to obtain a quality stone.

My diamonds are quality atones and I sell them for less. OSCAR N. ALLEN tVeideotat ItelMlaa "atloa limwi far 1 Axminstei Arc 'Specialized Here McCarthy's OUR 17TH, YEAR IN BUSINESS ajtWjW ERE only Axminsters oi the best, most dependable qualities are carried and the imrortant point 'is that their prices are less than is generally charged for identical arfa even inferior qualities at other stores. New Axminsters are constantly arriving: to complete our fall: and winter collection, and their prices of $34.75, and for the 9x12 tsize are extremely lovr for such hih quality. We have them in all sixes from the doormat size, 22Hx26 inches, to the larfre llxi5 foot room aise, and all are priced proportionately low.1 Rug and Carpet Co 109 South Meridian Street.

Third Door South of Maryland Phone CI rele 6SiZ," USE AC WANT AD IN THE NEWS TIIEY BRING RESULTS 'The Home of Two Trouser Suits I w. Waaw aa. awa aaaw. a. aT Open Saturday Until 9:00 A couple of weeks ago a man, who is the mechanical superintendent of one of the city's largest organizations, came up to my shop.

After I had taken his order arid delivered the suit, he told me this: TX i y.r. i. "I have been reading. your advertisements for the past two years, and several times was tempted to come iup and see if you really did do what claimed. I didn't believe you could.

I was told that the.kind of suits you advertised would cost any tailor for material and labor jiot.less than $42.00, and 4 that to make a profit the suit would have to sell at not less than" $50.00. 1 4was even told that you had your clothes made in a Cincinnati sweat I Imow now that last statement is untrue, because I have been throuy our. shop and talked with severa of your men. The first statement also must be untrue, because I am sure you could not sell clothes at a loss and continue in business. The suit you made for me is equal in every way io the $50.00 suits I have been buying and I intend telling my men to come up and look over your line." 1 TWO display rooms Both Open Daily Until 6 p.

m. Saturday, 131 E. NEW YORK STREET 143 N. ILLINOIS STREET (Xorth of Lyric iTheaterl Common Sense Brought About i Troaser 5a to McCarthy's Specialty I FO FALL AND WINTER Fine Fabrics Latest Models Smartest Styles 'Wonderful looking suits!" That's what everybody says for OUR SPECIAL FALU INTRODUCTORY SALE has brought together sorrie of the finest fabrics, jnodels and styles ever shown at McCarthy's; 'it Every garment of wool, hand tailored at the essential points. Look'at the big window display.

Then come in and slip into one of these suits. You'll be delighted with the quality and tailoring AND THE PRICE IS only $25, With extra trousers. Other Fine Saits $29.50 and ap Open Saturday A Evening Until 9:00 Vhat You Get for $32.50 For 132X0 I will make to your individual measure a suit of clothes or an overcoat from identically the same materials usually to be found in $45 and $50 custom made suits. The suit or coat maybe of any style desired. I will srive you choice of more than 160 all wool fall, and winter suit paterns.

I can make good clothes for $32X0 because I buy my woolens direct from the 4, mills at mill prices; I do nt iHve; credit; my rents are low; my output is the largest of any tailor in the state who caters dirrctly to loeal' trade. These are some of the reasons why I can and do srive lower prices for good clothes. NOTEMy Uansl iron clad guarantee holds good on every suit or overcoat that I make for $32X0. 17 1 a i It took me two years to convince this man that it was possible to make a really good suit of clothes for as little as $32.5,0. How long will it take me to convince you? 'T.

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