Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 8, 1891 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 8, 1891
Page 3
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I ESTABLISHED In order to reduce our vast stock of Alaska Seal Skin Garments and Fur Shoulder Capes, we will, for a limited period, give a special Gasti Discount of 15 Per Gent off present reduced prices on every purchase. Correspondence solicited. Illustrated:Fur Catalogue sent free to any address. Highest market prices paid for Raw Fur Skins. Send for Price Current. AT WASHINGTON: The FreNldeiit and HHHIOU arc not making. Capital lor Democrat*, And All Will be Well Between Tliem In tlie End. Mr. Ofvcu'H Brilliant Success—A Half- lOHf of "Shipping Bill. D. E, PRYOR The Druggist handles the purest drugs which the market produces. — PRESCRIPTIONS A specialty. 516 E. Broaday st. PAPER HANGINGS INTERIOR DF1RATORS. FRESCOIRS CHURCHES, I- ...,*ll RESIDENCES, iC. We invite visitors to call and inspect, Correspondence solicited. W. P. NELSON & CO., 193 WABASH AVE., CHICAGO, ILL. Real Estate. For Sale orTrade In all parts of Logansport. Residence and Business property. Sole Agents for the "West End Addition." And Johnson's Riverside Addition. Vacant Lots, on Monthly Payments. Bargains in lands close to city. E. N. Talbott & Son, Real Estate. Broker, 3t. Elmo Blosk. Broadway Grand Palace Hotel. 81 to 103 Nortn Clark Street, Cnicago, 4 minutes from Court Honse. Both Plans. Wcoklj-, $8.00. Transients, 50c up. Restaurant by Compagnon.late OhlcagoClub.CheT. POPULAR PKICES. NEW HOUSE. Cut this out fo'-fjrther "reference. feb!4dlm DR. W. D. SNOW, OFFICE »nd Residence over 201 Sycamore St. LOGANSPORT, - • • IND. Special Attention Given to Acute and Chronic Diseases and Diseases of Women and Children. Consultation Free. NIzht Bell Promptly Responded to. MONEY TO LOAN! ind Notes Bought In any sum over J25 at lowest rat<w Large amounts 6 per cent. GEO.B.FORGY. Daily Journal. SUNDAY MOUSING. MARCH 8; ' Beecham's Pills cures sick heaa ache. d6t THAT HACKING COUGH can be so quickly ouredby Shiloh's Cure. We guarantee it. Sold by B. F. Keesling l I guarantee thafyne bottle will cure your face'of pimples, freckles and blackheads. Price, 75 cents, at Kees- hng's drug store. S- AS THE CASE STANDS. Dear Journal: To Indiana Republicans the most recent interesting and puzzling political event here is the resignation of United States Treasurer J. N. Huston, and the reported appointment of Capt. J. A.- Lemcke, of Evansville. After searching dilligent- ly for the facts I am am able to state reliably that the resignation of Mr. Huston was tendered to the President last Thursday or Friday. It is said that during an interview on the subject the President became very angry, and • -lost his head" to an extent that seems incredible. On the other hand, the fact that the resignation has been in his hands several. days, unacted upon is scarcely consistent with the reports of the interview, given upon high authority. At any rate, as no nomination of a successor to Mr. Huston has been sent to the Senate up to this writing, Tuesday evening, March 8, it may be assumed that if the President was as angry as he is represented to have been, be has wisely awaited the decision of his cooler judgment. Treasurer Huston has been trying to set out of his official position for some time past. It docs not suit him in any respect. The responsibilities are enormous, and the pay only §6,000 a year. He could not get a syndicate safety company guarantee for his bond for his entire salary. There is no patronage in the office and Huston would like very much to be able to do something for some of the Republicans who have worked with him. Mrs. Huston does not like Washington as a place of residence and so domestic influences pull the bright Hoosier politician and successful business man back to Indiana. The President has wanted him 10 stay in office. Superservicable friends have probably meddled in the matter and so some feeling has been aroused. Mr. Lemcke was here a day or two since and talked the matter of bis acceptance over with the President, but un less his nomination is sent to the Senate in the last hours of Congress to-night or to-morrow, and confirmed with unusual promptness, it is not probable that he will accept, even if the appointment is tendered to him. The bond and responsibility of the office are too great to be subject to any uncertainty in the matter of confirmation by the Senate. It would not surprise me if some arrangement were made under which the resignation of Mr, Huston would be withdrawn. If he goes out, however, he will not go home to "sulk in his tent," His deep interest in the Republican party, especially in Indiana, crops out in all of his talk. If he goes home I am sure the effect of his presence in the State would be made manifest in Republican activity and energy. If he and .the President have had a bout of hard words, and are even -'at outs," that will be a matter between themselves. They will not parade it before the world, and Republicans need not be concerned about it. Both houses of Congress have been hard at work for several days past, and more has been accomplished than was expected. 'Hon. W. D. Owen engineered his immigration bill most skillfully through the' House, and expects it to pass the" Senate, but on account of the severe illness of Mrs. Owen he has not been able to follow it up in the latter body as he would otherwise have done. The Shipping bill was defeated by a small majority in the House, but a "half loaf" of the desired legislation oc this subject was secured from both houses in the shape of a fairly liberal postal subsidy measure. This will establish American steamship lines for a postal and passenger service, including likewise a large amount of commercial freight on the slower mail vessels. It is a beginning that will demonstrate the value of the ship subsidy policy/and stop the blathering of prejudice and demagogery. PERSONAL-AND OTEERVTISE. In my letter published in the Journal of last Sunday the Congress just closed is spoken of as the "Fifty-second." I wrote it so careleslly and did not realize my error until after the letter was mailed. The.i I consoled myself with t le thought that the error would be discovered by the proofreader, but that good friend was oblivious to it, and so I am badly caught. The illness of Mrs. W. D. Owen, above referred to, has been quite serious, requiring close attention .at her bedside day and night for several days past. At first her ailment was thought to be neuralgic, hut I was informed this evening that it is now considered a full developed la grippe. I have changed my boarding place and postal address to No. 227 D. street northwest, where I find a pleasant home with a native Hoosier from Jackson - county, named Hor.ni- day. I find it good to be under his care. I was called from my room in the Census office to-day to greet Mr. James S. Wilson, of Richmond, Virginia, and he took me to a carriage at the front entrance where I found Mrs. Robert Connolly and son, of Logansport, and Mrs. G. W. Stevens and son and daughter, of Richmond. They were driving around seeing the sights, and were kind enough to pay me a visit. It did me good to see them all looking so well and happy, and to make the acquaintance of the bright and beautiful children of Mrs. S. Mrs. Connolly and son have been visiting her sister in Richmond for a month past, and are evidently enjoying a good time. They drove from the census office to the depot, returning to Richmond, The weather here has been cold and "raw" for several days past, and a heavy, soft snow last night and to-day, with 1 a cold drizzling rain this evening has fixed things for inauguration day to-morrow, if it was inaugurated this year, in about the usual style of concentrated cussedness. The backset to spring, however is probably a blessing in disguise that will save the fruit and flowers from too-previqusness aud late frosts. AD.JOUKXED. The Fifty-first Congress adjourned at noon to-day and has passed into history, having made history. The closing days have been exceedingly b'usj and unusually quiet. The appropriation bills were all passed and provide for a large but necessary expenditure. During these last days there has been quite a struggle between the Civil Service bigots and the friends of the Census Bureau in which the Civil Service tyranny and fraud was finally vanquished. The arrogance and usurpation of the so-called Reform are working, the downfall of that Mugwump idol. No one wants the restoration of the so-called spoils system, but even it, with all of its sins, was pure and white in comparison with the despotism, corruption and scoundrelism of the existing Reform. It is a matter of general comment that the Republicans in both houses of Congress were in high spirits duriffg the closing hours of the session, while the Democrats were subdued and reflective. The former had the inspiration of duty faithfully, and in the main successfully performed. The latter could only contemplate opposition and obstruction. I have faith that the Administration and Fifty-first Congress, in all' the larger measures of our national politics, will gain more and mure of the approval of the plain people as the measures they have advocated and enacted go into operation and are developed and understood. I also predict that the Fifty-second Congress will, by contrast, immensly i magnify the splendid record of the Fifty-first. Now let Republicans everywhere be up and doing, educating and converting. In all my political experience I do not remember a time when so many and effective arguments could be advanced in behalf of a great political party as are now at the command of every intelligent and well-informed Republican. J- T. B. Washington, D. C., March 4, '91.- flui Flower Bed. Flowers constitute an essential part- in the pafk; they beautify the scenery and add significance to the same. Through the absence of the flowers the appearance of the park garden would, notwithstanding the beautiful grass, be single. The most favored and suitable place for tto.ver beds is on the southeast, south, and southwest side of houses, groups of trees and bushes, which are also a good protection for them. Located near houses they usually receive the shape of the architectural style the house is built on. The Greek style of flower beds should appear in the formation of triangles, squares, stars and lines exactly geometric. The Roman styles has the singularity that the same are laid out in circle form and show difference from the Greek simplicity in greater manifoldness. The Gothic style consists of bows and adorned shapes which are filled out through squares or circle forms for instance the shape of a three or four-leaf, the figure of a bow, or of a flower. The renaissance style interrupts the straight lines through bows of eliptic shape. These lines may as well exist in borders as in squares. Every syme- tric arrangement must be built of a perceptible capital and side pieces. The most simple forming of such flower bed group coasists of one capital and two side pieces. The latter usu-. ally harmonious with the former. Location of a group of flower beds can be very different, in front of a sitting room window, of a veranda, near play-grounds, etc.; the same maybe also situated around statues, vases, basins'and fountains, The sizes of flower- beds cannot be assigned, for it depends on the height of the plants anyone uses. Borders are only needed if beds are incircled by walks for the purpose of keeping them clean. The construction of- flower beds in our modern time is, to cut them out of the sod and use low growing flowers or foliage plants for the borders, also artistic figures produced of iron, glass and clay, are quite a decoration if they are surrounded by the grass. The planting must be so arranged that we, as well in the spring as in the summer, find plants blooming. The art of the Horticulturist is to know exactly the culture, the flowering time and the size of the extensive flora which is kept in green houses for beautifying purposes outside. JULIUS MATTES, Long Cliff. IF YOU SHOULD TRAVEL OER THE WORLD I AS FAR AS YOU COULD QO, [A BETTER SOAP TtyvN SANTA CLAUS 1 YOU'D NEVER qer TO Kjviov/ CHHSHESTEH'S EHOU8H. RED CROSS THE ORIGINAL ANU GENUINE. The Ottlj £ftfc, Sure, *"•' • «~*""" • "-; 10,0(»M 1 «UmiraUl«. Name fafur. CHICHESTER OK"""-" 1 - »"•'•• ™ -i_. . -• Sold by till Local Itntgclnt-. POSITIVE CURE; FOR SALE DISEASES. laivnld 'oclins, low spirited and despondent, Tvith no appa- yumt. u . .». . w...., , i ^.^se. ^digestion, hemlachc. pains in the bock, pains across the •^^ r~51—,, 0 ig r'M.-irsfiTOTitj'is in re"ion • f ovaries, Bladder difficulty, Frequent ttrina- SBSSSi^ ese by a th LOCAL FE SOME SYMPTOMS;;: all tlie«c symptoms a ternoie nervous ^ these ova thorough process of absorption. • • inn « I * nni 1 fl ATl fl J] Perfectly harmless, which every lady can use,.herself Mod- 4 LOCAL ArPtluAQyii JciiiestJLteninternallrwillnever-reUevethemany forms of The remedy must be applied to the parts to obtain permanent .relief nd 1 ^Ti" i nrVl'l |T TnT» n"l CC ^ °i"r circular. Ask your drugerist for one. or send two A PLAIN TALK TO LAO I bo cent stamp to home office for sample box and circular. EVERY LADY CAM TREAT HERSELF. 0. B. Pile Kemedy. $1.00 ray»4»BN'g;S B V!! AT " E » T ' °'j E .'A. ta Mca r LL, M. D., & CO., 2 &4 PANORAMA PLACE, CHI8AGO, ILL. SALE BY B .F. KEESMXG and JOHNSTON BROS O. B. Stomach Powdern. 0. B. Kidney Oouea. FACIAL BLEMISHES. The if gat ciUkllihnnnt In lh« world fat th« tr«l- meutof Iho nkln nmdie»!|»,«ci«mm,nit)lf».w*iru,iiipi:r- fliumilialr blrlhm«k. »olb,lr«il«..plmi,lei wniit- ]•., red nine, red Yelai.olly »klr>, «ne, t»l»ckb«il*. bsrben' Itch, Kan, J>lllIn K ». liowU.r mirki. IiwiM development, elc. Connlllallon Free, »t nlTiw or by I.lK-r. 128-page Book on nil Skin a d Sculp AllK- tloui and Ibeir Tr«»lm«nt lenl (iealej).fur Happy JFIooslcrs. Wm. Timmons. postmaster of Ida villc, Ind., writes: "Electric Bittei: has done nore for me than all othe medicines combined, for that bad feel ing arising: from kidney and liver trouble." John Leslie, farmer and stockman, of same place, says: "Find Electric Bitters to be the best kidney and liver medicine, made me feel like a new man." J. W. Gardner, hardware merchant, same town, says: "Electric Bitters is just the thing for a man who is all run down and don't care whether he lives or dies; he found new strength, good appetite and felt just like he bad a new lease on lite. Only 50 cents a bottle, at B. F. Keesling's o drug store. JOHN H. •. D.rm.t«Io £ l,l, 125 \F. 42d St., X.-V. CHy. For Sale by Ben Fisher, Druggist, Woodbury's Facfal Soap For (lie Skin and Scilp. Prepared by ft Dermatologifit with 20 yean** lexpori«nce. Highly indorsed by thomecli-- cul profcuiiion; anoqualed as » remedy tor ocsema, iiciildliead, oily skin, punplw, flesh worms uRlv complexion, etc. Indi-pens- ablc as a to'ilot article, and a nare pre»«at- ive o( all diseases of tbo »kin and «alp. At DrugB'Stsor by mail. Price BOc. Mow's Thin! We offer One Hundred Dollars Bewnrd for any case of Catarrh that cannot bo cured by taking Hall's Catarrh Cnre, F J CHENEY & Co. Props., Toledo, 0. WV llie undersigned, Imve known B 1 . J. 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There is more nutrition in this flour than in any other made.- We are now prepared to grind corn for feed in any quantities declld&wtf D.& C. H. UHL. We have tested its virtues, personally, and know that for dyspepsia, biliousness and throbbing headache, it is the best medicine the world ever saw. We tried forty other remedies before Simmons Liver Regulator, but none of them gave us more than temporary relief; the Regulator not only relieved but cured us.—H. H. Jones, Ed Telegraph and Messenger, Macon, Ga. toS Tames T. Gott, Carnil, 111., Says: He-paid thirty-one dollars doctor 1 , bill for his wife in 1 one year, and one bottle of Bradfield's Female Regulator did her more good than all the medicine she had taken before. H. DALE. Druggist, Carmi. 111. Write Bradfield Reg. Co., Atlanta Ga.., for particulars. Sold by Ben Fisher. toS .THE REV, GEO. H. THAYEK, of Bour bon, Ind., says: "Both myself and wife owe our lives to Shiloh's Consump live Cure. Sold by B. F. Kees K*£ ___— 6 CATAEIUI CUBED, health and swee breath secured, by Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. Price 50 cents. Nasal in jector free. Sold by B. F. Kees ing __ 3 For Rent, the 2d floor of No. 312 Market stree Apply to FLANEGAN & CKISMOND feb22dtf f* ATARH C ATAR R It . COUGH. -BRONGttlTIS. ST, ii06AHSPOKr,lN». 15* I For The undersigned offer the following pieces of property for sale at low •ates and upon liberal terms: House and ot on Smead street; between 16th and 17th streets. Lot 4U by 165. Lar^e mill property at Adamsboro, comprising mill, residence and two tenement houses, and thirty-five acres. Buhr flouring mill, known as Spring vreek mill, in Clay township, 6 miles northeast of the city, comprising mill, building and machinery in good running order; residence and thirteen acres. , Eighty acres pasture land, witu never failing stream of living water running through it, in Richland town ship, Fulton county. Well fenced. One hundred and twenty acres improved farm land land, in Richland township, Fulton county. Eighty acres improved farm land in Tippecanoe township, Pulaski county. Or I will trade any and all these pieces for Chicago improved veal estate. Call on or address Fred Munson, Logansport, Indiana. £eh22d&wlm For *>ale. ^ The two farms formerly owned by j| Robert McMilien,. deceased, situate4;S in'Noble'township, the one. onemilejj and the other two miles northwest of?S Transport. Terms reasonable. For| particulars inquire of R. M. McMiUen,'| on the premises. ' $ R. M. MCMlLLBN-, _ jj W. S. STEIVAET, ^ j Executors. ": febld4tlta\v ? CIilcaK" Keal EHtHtc. - ^ Do you want to double your mone; the next year, if so, call at »he Mur-, dock Hotel aud see the sub-divisione of S B Gross now on sale A; H. Hale. Office hours, 12 to 8 P-. i and 7. to 9 p. m. feb25dtf W. Tbrousrh Sleepers to Kniisa* City Commencing February 18th, the Wabash line will run through Pullman and Wagner palace sleeping cars between Logansport and Kansas Gity with two elegant reclining chair, cars (seats free) already on this train. The "Cannon Ball" passing .Logansport 3:45 p. m., arriving at Union depot, Kansas City, the following morn- inn- at-9:20, makes it the most desirable and fastest in the temtory. Sltol 0 Dr. Koch, with the assistance of the German government, may have discovered a lymph that will cure consumption, but how' much better it would be to prevent it by the timely use of Fine-apple Syrup. It will do it, as well as cure your coughs, oolds and sore throats. It acts wonderfully in cases of croup. Mothers should not be without it. For sale by J. F. Coulsbn & Co. to8 THE RE! WEBSTER JUST PUBLISHED—EUTIRELY HEV, WEBSTER'S INTERNATIONA^ DICTIONARY A GRAND INVESTMENT ! i Springfield, Mass., V. , S. A. 3 Cantionl -Thcra- liaro t^^^l mareb8d&w3-w

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