The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 30, 1953 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 30, 1953
Page 2
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FAGK TWO BI.YTHEVir.T,?; (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THXJKSDAY, TOTT W, IMS Red China Could Get a U N Seat by Block of U. S. Veto By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON (AP) — Only lime will show whether Secretary of State Dulles wa right when he expressed confidence this week that Red China could be kept out of th> United Nations, Th« test won't come before late Jail, it the earliest. Britain, which had favored U. N. membership for Red China, said yesterday the question can't be considered before the Korean pence conference opens. That will be late October. Newsmen asked Dulles whether the United States, as a last resort, would use Its veto power in the U- N, to bar the Chinese Commu- ' nists. For some reason of his own, he stopped just short of saying pos-j Itivcly yes. But he said he felt this country's influence, plus the support of enough friendly nations which felt RS the United States did about admitting the Communists to the U, N., would be enough to keep Red China out. Only 17 of 60 Only 17 of the 60 U. N. members so far have recognized the Communists as the legitimate government of China. Among the 17 Is Britain. It's possible, if the peace talks go all right, that enough oilier nations occupied by Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Greece, Lebanon and Pakistan. Approval of any issue requires a vole of at least 7 of the 11 members. The Council handles two kinds of problems: substantive and procedural. The Council decides when a nuttier is substantive and when it is procedural. The distinction could be of the utmost importance in the case of Red China. In the past, in all cases where a country was .seeking membership in the U. N., the Council considered it a substantive mailer. Others Vetoed That was how Russia was able to keep them out with a veto. For insinncp, it vetoed the admittance of Ceylon and Portugal three times, Finland twice. The reason: any one of Hie five permanent members has a right to kill any substantive matter with a veto, even though all other in members approved it. But when men! should be recognized as thi legitimate government of Chlni and allowed to hold the U. N. seat Suppose the Council chairman d elded that, because China nlread> is a member, the question of which government should be seat- d is a procedural matter. (The H Council members rotate the chairmanship monthly,) Suppose further the 11 member. 1 voted on his ruling. There is no veto on a chairman's ruling. The United States could be outvoted. Then once the matter was established RS procedural, with no veto allowed, the United States coul.* be outvoted on letting Red China into the U. N. If the question of admitting Reel China to the U. N. General As- lenibly arose in that body, there's no veto there nt, all. Approval on n major question—4Red China would be a major one—requires a two- thJrcta vote, 40 of the 60 members. will swing over to give the Commu- I the Council decides a matter Is nlsts U. N. membership. j procedural and not substantive the The only place in the U. N-where veto can't be used. Approval can this country could use its veto pow- be given with any seven votes. Fly-In Movies Now BUNDLES FOR GERMANY—Citizens of East Germany and the Soviet sector of Berlin gather in the Kreuzberg Municipal HoII to receive clothing donated by U. S. occupation troops stationed in Berlin. The step was one of the first taken by tb.e U. S. troops to aid people living behind the Iron Curtain. is in the Security Cuincfl. There's a chance If might not be able to use it even there- The Council has n members. 5 of them permanent: the United States, Britain. France, Russia and China Uhe Nationalist government of Chianjr Kai-shek). The other six seats rotate among Tliis is U'hcre the importance of the distinction between substantive nnd procedural matters arises. Unlike those countries whose applications for membership Russia vetoed, China (is a country is not asking membership. It. has been a member from the beginning:. The question on China is whether Army Tries New Egg Preservative AMsr-An T ,„ v MI h WASHINGTON M - The Army, of the present 6 months. The pres- ANSGAR. in. M>,_ you will bo: ami the Aericulture Departments ent storage method also involves able to BO to the by airplane; arc having a packing company test; dipping the eggs in oil but until in St. Ansgar soon. , a process [or preserving whole i now the oil has been uiiheated Fly-in and Drive-in egf, r .s in the shell longer than with' Cool Air Mass Said To be on Way By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS A broad mass of cool Canadian air today continued Its invasion 01 the northern part o(t he nation pushing south and enst to extend from the northern Rockies to the Qreat Lakes. • Scattered thimdershowers hit the southern Great Lakes region early :odoy but brought little rain, wide- y scattered light showers nnd hundershowers also were reported n the southern and central Rock- ies. Early morning temperatures generally were In the 60s in the sections blanketed with the Canadian air. Readings along the West Coast and in New England were in the 50s and 60s. Elsewhere, temperatures were mostly in the 70s I and 80s. I The Theater \vill soon have a lighted air i present methods, strip alongside the theater .so that ail-craft can park, and (he nci i-haL j An Army spokesman said today j treatment, pants ; a new system now being tried out i The stud In either method, the eggs must ' be kept under refrigeration after ' tudy is being made by the the remaining 55 members of the j Chiang's Nationalist government or different chemical compounds - U, N. At present the six seats are the Chinese Communist govern- : made up of hydrogen and carbon. LOW COST there's a reason why,.. , - - -- • — e can watch the movie without get- involves dipping the eggs for about Worlhington, Minn., branch of ting out of their planes. 15 in mineral oil which : Swift 8: Co. About 96,000 eggs are has been heated to 132 degrees , being processed in the experiment Fahrenheit. - _ _ _ With this method, the depart- John Jay, of New York, was the mentis hope eggs may be kept! first chief Justice of the United fresh from 10 to 12 months instead States Supreme Court. Every gallon of presnet - day gasoline contains from 3500 to 5000 Railway Express Gets Rate Hike WASHINGTON (.-PI _ The Interstate Commerce Commission has voted 8-2 to give the Railway Express Agency an average rate In- creise of 15 per cent, expected to •ield about five million dollars a 'ear. The agency had asked an avcr- ge rate increase of about 23', oer ent. Not counting yesterday's boost, ' the commission since 1948 has approved express rate increases averaging 94.4 per cent. HEADACHE ON'HAND-Pvt. George Abanavas, stationed in Bambcrg, Germany, is a billionaire, but it doesn't do him much good. It's all in Greek drachmas—15 billions of them —which he learned he was heir to when he visited his parents in Greece recently. Due to Greek money regulations, he can't take his bankroll out of the country. Here he looks over a handful c/f drachmas, which are worth 30,000 to one dollar. New U.S. Casualty List Released WASHINGTON I* — Newlr «n- nounced U. S. battle casualties of 1.274 have boosted the total to' HO.- 548 In the Korean fighting, which ended Monday morning. The 1,274 were killed, wounded or declared missing before the last shot was fired. But the process of reporting and checking battle losses and notifying next of kin held up announcement until yesterday. The Pentagon Is not expected to have a tentative total for the 37 months of the conflict for at least another week. Meteoric Dissipation As meteors come in contact with .he earth's atmosphere, the fric- ioii burns most of them up. Othen slow down and cool off before striking the earth. Water Shadows A shadow on water is visible only when there are enough suspended particles in the water to scatter the light before it has penetrated the surface very far .If the water Is not too muddy, it may show some reflections as well as the surface shadow. Formosa's Workers Better Off than Reds TAIPEH, Formosa (g>) — Stalled workers in Free China are better off than similar workers In Russia according to the labor officer of the Mutual Security Agency in Formosa. Willis R. Etter says it takes a Russian worker 575 hours ol labor to buy a sewing machine while in Nationalist China this required only 322 hours. Etter gives these other examples: A radio—Free China, 183 hours; Russia, 225 hours. A wrist watch—Free China 46 hours; Russia 535 hours. A bicycle—Free China 345 hours; Russia 466 hours and 40 minutes. Pair of Shoes—Free China, 92 hours; Russia 108 hours. Cloth for Man's Suit—Free China, 460 more women cook on Magic Chef than on any other range! 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