The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 29, 1953 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 29, 1953
Page 2
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TWO BT-YTHEVIUE (ARK.)' COUKTER NEWS WEDNESDAY, JULY », 1MI Dior (He Brought'em Down) Raises Women's Skirts in Fashion Trend draping — to make obsolete last yrar's wardrobe. Obsolete, that is, if the "Live Line" rrvoliiUoni/rs the nun IMC i^.. XV^Y", •;•.""/: lv fashion world as did the "New Look" shorten lliem again, this time he introduced in 1947. PARIS (AP) — Christian Dior, who brought skirts down with the New Look, is out to nearly to the knee. The famed designer christened his new skirt length — 16 to 17 inches from the floor — the "Live Line. Test of Power It all looked like a de-liberate tost of strength in the middle of a qutet season. Other showfnRS on far had unveiled few changes in length 12 or 13 inches, from the floor and general line. Apparently fewer than And he tried to make sure that «•"••• -<-i j ----- -•••• ,„ .. ,, „ .. the usual numbers of American buy not only will the wolf callers lw«i| wi were on hand> up at (he additional cheesecake. He D - or , s ^^ may dpp , de wh( , ther decreed a whole new cut — more ; the ladies still look to Paris for the besom, different waistline, new skirt' final word on what to wear. For his new silhouette, he draped most waistlines loosely between the bottom of the bust^nnd the top of the hi p. Bosoms were exaggerated and Iwo kinds of skirts prevailed — tight shenths and inflated bells. The former he callr, "Eitfel Town," UK; latter "Cupola." Then, for variety, he whipped up some cocktail dresses in direct contrast. They sported hourglass waistlines and skirts rounded like a ball. Again, though, the emphasis was on the bosom. "Agile, dancing, full of life." were Dior's words for his new clothes. The Pro and Con of Gas Rate Hikes By SAM DAWSON NEW YORK (AP) — Gasoline price hikes just now snag the pockctbooks of many a vacationing motorist. They puzzle some congressmen who can't see how higher prices fit into the law of supply and demand {supposedly restored with the end of price controls). The supply of crude oil is kept so closely tailored to demand as to look like price fixing to some inquiring congressmen. prire-cuttinR. Without conservation regulations oil miRht be pumped too fast from a given oil field, so that the underground pressure needed to force oil to the well is quickly expended nnd a major part of the oil may be lost forever. Oilmen contend price hikes are necessary and just, find in the Jong run in the Interest of national defense. Their arguments run like this; The price hike In crude oil, and in gasoline, fuel oil and other products which followed, was base on rising operating costs. The search for oil Is .becoming more expensive. They have to dri! deeper each year to find it. The cost of transporting oil, refining it and distributing the products to the public keeps going up. And in the interests of national defense, the oil industry is main tabling a reserve of a million barrel-a-day capacity from which it gets only carrying ccwts, no revenue. Earnings statements of oil companies show tha t profits for the lirst half of 1953 are running behind those of a year ago—a trend contrary to that In many other industries. The oil industry expects the recent price hikes to reverse that picture. . Biff Ifs Under the law of supply and demand, however, operating costs can be passed along In higher prices only if: 1. The consuming public will accept them; and 2. competitors don't under-cut the price. That's where oilmen have to bring up extra arguments. Because the law of supply and demand in their case is frankly tailored by state laws to see that only enough oil is taken from the ground to meet current demand. These conservation laws prevent waste o£ the nation's reserves ol oil. They also incidentally put a stabilizer on prices, legally maintaining a balance between supply and demand, and thus discouraging The nation needs these oil reserves. For defense it also needs to encourage the search lor more oil fields. More than 47,000 new wells are being drilled this year, record. Oilmen insist that to get men to take drilling risks (they strike oil less often than they end up with a dry hole) there must be the incentive of profit. With operating costs rising, prices must rise, too, or risk-taking will drop. Girl Will Shoot American POWs SEOUL f/P)—A woman will "shoot" Lhe men when American prisoners if Communists nre returned begin- iinK next week in "Operation Big Switch." American Red Cross photographer Dorothy Kniss Moore of Chicago ns been assigned the Job of pho- ographing each American prisoner r hen he is brought to Inchon to oard a ship for the journey home- The photographs will be. airmailed o the families and should arrive be- ore the men get home. Author Seen At Panmunjom The longer t he distance over r hich you are making a lonfe-dis- ince tclephont call, the louder you talk. Speech volume Increases about one-nncl-onr--hnlf decibels for every 1000 nir miles added to the length of the telephone connection. PANMUNJOM (/Pi—Israel Epstein, an author who has lived for" both in China and the United States, came to Pnnmunjom today from Communist truce headquarters at Knesong. Epstein said he witnessed the Korean armistice signing ceremonies Monday. This was the first time he. had talked with Allied correpon-1 dents- | The author said he arrived Inj North Korea five days ago from Red; China and expects to remain only a few more days. Epstein said he was born tn Poland but Is a stateless person. He told newsmen he lived In New York from 1945 to 1950, when he went to Communist China. No Japan Stop For Dulles TOKYO W - Foreign Ministry sources said today U. S. Secretary of Stale John Poster Dullee was not expected to stop In Japan on his trip to South Korea. UiiiJps Is scheduled to leave Wash ink-ton Sunday for conferences with President Syngman Rhee of Korea- Foreign Office, sources based their Kt-aU-mrnt on n message from Jap' anrsf 1 Ambassador Eiklclji Araki to Washington. No Religious Garb In Idaho Schools GRANGEVILLE, Idaho WV-The Ions controversy over the right nl touchers lo wenr religious uarb while Ipafliine In public schools has ended for Idaho County District 2-11. The school trustees decided not to hire Catholic nuns next year. i The 3-2 vole against the hiring o nuns for work in the predominant, ly Catholic district came last nigh after a stormy session. One trustee said (he failure of Idaho's attorney general, Robert Smylle, to give an opinion on the right of teachers to wear religious habit In public classrooms prompted the action. The trustees asked the Stab Board of Education last May to seek a legal opinion from Smylie on the employment of nuns. Kalamozoo Can't Go KALAMAZOO. Mich. IFi~ BeciUM of unsettled political condition! In Berlin, Kalamaroo will misi iti chance to present the typical American city exhibit «t the Berlin Trude Fair thin fall The city was chosen for the hon or In the spring after State Department representatives conducted nationwide survey. However, the department now has Informed Kalamazoo officials that chaotic conditions in the German city make offering the display an Impractical move. By Air, by Sea, Too Thank the Lord GROTON. Conn, l/Fi — Air Force Cnpt. W. O. Siever of the Bronx, N. Y.. took off in a jet fighter on an "air alert mission" and ended up in a .submarine- Flying about II miles south of Westerly, R. I., yesterday his engine failed and he parachuted into the waters of Long Island Sound. He was rescued unhurt by a submarine on a training mission out of the naval base here. Texas hns an annual mean temperature of 74 degrees in the south. 56 degrees in the north — a range from sub-tropical to temperate. Quick Relief for MUSCULAR ACHES T«t STANBACK yourself . , . fabled or powd»r> . . . against any preparation you'r* tv«r used. Hie story of Jay Gould's daughter She had more money than she could count, ynl she taught her adopted children to get by on Kk a moi\th. When she was arrested for speeding in her 20- year-old rar, she refurnished the Police Chief's office with Oriental rugs. The August Ladies' Homo Journal takes you back to the iSWO's to meet this eccentric: and lovable little old lady and explore the fabulous world she lived in. Get your copy today ami road 11 dun. Gould \Va» My Mother-in-Law. Democrats Hit Debt Raising WASHINGTON 1*1 — Key Democrats said todty President Eisen- lower will be Uvitlng; a major debt If he proposes an Increase In the 275 billion dollar debt limit In this session of Congress. Senators George (D-Ga) «nd Byrd (D-Va) Joined Democratic leader Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas in predicting the Senate will reject any Increase, at this time. . And Sen. Williams (R-Del) said in a separate Interview that unless the administration can produce a ot of facts he doesn't now know, he will oppose lifting the statutory celling. "I don't believe the administration can get any such proposal through the Senate," Williams said. Read Courier News Classified Ads. HEARING SERVICE J. C. Cowen, Mgr. 1327-29 Sterick Bldg. Memphis 3, Tenn. Is happy to announce that Mrs. H. L. Harp, of 910 Walnut St.. Blylhevllle, Arkansas, Phone 4448, Is now associated with us In the distribution of RADIOEAK HEARING AIDS throughout Eastern Arkansas and Southeastern Missouri. She will be able to jive you expert assistance with your hearing problems as well as supply you with batteries, cords and accessories of all kinds. Phone 4448 Mrs. Harp or go by and see the newest Radioear, All Transistor All Magnetic Hearing Aid. Phone 4591 Save from $ 30 to $ 50 Now REG. 42 '-95 HOME FREEZER i7.8 cu. K. n» 399.88 "* Ai>011 ' r "°" Take advantage of the low sale price on this big double- eompartment Home Freezer. Sale-priced now right at the beginning of the home-freezing season. Stores 624 Ibs. of frozen food. 2 wire baskets and 2 dividers make it easy to keep foods sorted properly. Raise lid, interior light goes on automatically. Freezer walls will not sweat even in the most humid weather. Convenient lockina han^k Other Home Freezerj priced from.... tu 95 . 50g g3 324.95 AUTOMATIC DEFROST 9 cu. ft. 787 oo -ZOJ.OO ak About Ttimt Now completely automatic defrosting at this low sale price. No buttons to push, no plugs to pull, no pans to empty. Refrigeratoi is set when delivered to defrost automatically at the time you choose. Check the outstanding features: big full-width freezer stores 62 Ibi., twin food- fre,sheners store 27 qts. 4 full door shelves keep small Ifpmr ; n easy reach. Adjustable temperature butter keeper. 354.95 AUTOMATIC DEFROST—11.2 cu. ft. now 304.8& J TIRE All Passenger Tires at Cut Prices WARDS DELUXE—Strictly an extra-quality first-line tire. Extra-strong carcass, extra-long mileage multi-row tread for extra safety and extra "Stop-Ability"—Buy now at these low prices—Sale ends Saturday! 6.00-16—Each in sets of 4 6.00-16-Each in pairs 13.85* 6.70-15—Each in sets of 4 6.70- 15-Each in pairs 15.95* WARDS RIVERSIDE-Full Size, Full Non-Skid Depth; Full Tread Width. Every Ounce Strictly First Quality 1 Fully Warranted to give Satisfactory Service. Save Safely! 10.95 L 6.00-16 6.70-15 *Plus Federal lax. and the old lire from your car. AS LITTLE AS 10% DOWN ON TERMS NO CHARGE FOR A^OUNTING-ALL SIZES NOW ON SALI J

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